The Shape-Shift of Global Energy

Been reading a fascinating book (I’ll give you the title in a sec.) and it makes some amazing forecasts related to energy, some of which I hinted at in Friday’s Urban column.

This morning we consider the economic implications but not before running Paul Ryan down for allowing turncoat Republicans of Convenience to escape being named…which is why he pulled the healthcare bill rather than have the turncoats revealed.

It’s a world of filth, smut, oil, political intrigue and social carnage. Oh, and money, too.

Just our kind of place.

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10 thoughts on “The Shape-Shift of Global Energy”

  1. A small and foolish nation shall start it as it reads in the Good Book. Dump The Monopolies medical and pharma Trump

    • The culture of cruelty started long before Trump. Try WW1, try WW2, and all the wars since then up to and including hills and obummers wars. Typical of ignorant people. Trump gave the idiots an excuse to bray their bullying BS. You all own this. When I see the bullies all over the MSM, in the colleges, on the streets, and in the hollyweird spirit destroying culture sewers, I see you, too. That article is a hypocritical display of shock and awe of unmitigated filth. To think no one ever would have produced this diabolically stain against Obama and that’s why our country is facing this onslaught. 8 years of selling us out and not one article have you produced that states it… So, yes, I recognize YOU!

  2. I am sorry.. I think our congress is the laziest do nothing congress in history.. they don’t read the bills they vote on.. they don’t write the bills they vote on.. they don’t go to work.. they are always on vacations or recess or a work period..
    the fact that for eight years they complained bitched how they wanted to fix healthcare so that all americans can have affordable health care insurance then now that they have that ability.. to make it just that.. they can’t because what ever they did to help the citizens would not benefit the puppet masters..
    excuse me.. but.. we deserve just that to.. we keep voting in the same old people election after election.. then we deserve the crap they give us or don’t give us..
    the truth is the puppet masters are the ones truly running the show..
    limit the gifts limit the time they have to vote on a bill.. make it mandatory that they write it and have to read it and it would change.
    make a law saying that they can’t just give themselves a raise and all retirement funds come out of the same funds that the average citizens funds come out of..
    I actually don’t think they can stop the correction that is coming.. it is just to huge and way to much has been done to insure that it won’t stop it from coming..

    • To anonymous, March 25:
      ‘Make a law for this’, ‘make a law for that’, make it mandatory they write and mandatory they read. Get a clue! Who do you think makes those laws? ‘They’ are the ones you refer to as the problem. ‘They’ are also the ones that you must ask to make laws to bind themselves down and clean up the body politic which ‘They’ have carefully crafted to benefit themselves.
      On each piece of legislation, someone in authority has signed and approved it. You are asking that lawmakers approve rules and laws that take authority from themselves. Power corrupts and absolute power absolutely corrupts. What you ‘wish’ is a fantasy.

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