So, this man walks into the local county courthouse, al disheveled, drooling a bit, and wearing clothes that looked like they hadn’t been washed in month or two.  Reeked to high heaven.

Worse, the man smelled like a hog pen, he was carrying an “Anarchy Now” sign, and most of his teeth had left with the meth he’d started smoking years ago…

“May I help you, sir?” asked the government employee behind the desk.

“I’m here to register to run for office.”

“And which party, sir?”

“Well, as a Republican, of course!” the man replied indignantly.

“REPUBLICAN?” The government worker was shocked.  “Are you quite SURE, sir?” 

The man didn’t look like any Republican he’d ever seen before.  Homeless anti-everything protester on drugs?  Well, sure…

After confirming he was indeed filing for office as a Republican, the man left the county office and stumbled out the door.

Seeing the disaster, the County Democratic Chairman – who was just coming in the door at the time – asked the counter attendant “One of ours?” 

“No sir.  That’s the new Republicans.”

“THAT?”  The County Democratic Chairman laughed.  He couldn’t believe his good fortune.  “What Office?”

“Says he wants to be County Judge….”

“You know, maybe there is a God, after all,” said the County Demo Chief.  “Did he tell you anything else?”

“I asked him if he was ‘one of yours’ and he insisted as filing as a Republican.  Said he’d looked it up and there are no legal restrictions on what a person labels themselves when they run for office.  Said something about how people’d elect a hog to office in this county if it wore a G.O.P. label…”

“Alas,” admitted the County Chair.  “He’s Right.  What’s worse is Paul Ryan and Donald Trump both know it. “

“So that’s why the Republicans didn’t vote on the Repeal of Obamacare? Hid the sausage again, huh?”

“Yep.  Didn’t want the regular people and sheep to know how many of our own Democrats have actually been working for the Democrats the whole time.”

“Sounds plausible enough.  So what can I help you with today?”

“Well, I just came in to file for office, myself.”

“County Chairmanship not enough of a challenge what with all the defections?”

“NO!  Running for the State Senate this time.  As a Republican…

– – – – –

What we are experiencing as a country is what I can Labels of Convenience.

The lesson from Motor Trend

You will think I’m nuts, but two examples must be brought out here.  Let’s start witch the report back in 2015 in Motor Trend which runs down 20 of the lightest production cars in 2015.

“Ure point?”

Oh…what car as the lightest NAME among 2015 cars?

“Err…Nissan LEAF, perhaps?”

Light-as-a-leaf is the MARKETING deal, sure.  Concept: LEAF – light,  efficient, airy and fun.  But says over here the 2017 LEAF is 3,323 to 3,405 pounds worth.  Not even in the same league as the Corollas, right?

What do we see upon reflection on point?  Marketers Lie.

Paul Ryan is in on the New Republican Lie because he didn’t call for the vote on Repeal.  Now, we will never know who the real Republicans are or the Republicans of Convenience.

Need another example? 


OK, take the current national MARKETING push for LBGTQRT plus illegals plus turkey on rye sandwiches.

I reckon the number of genuinely gay people hasn’t changed all that much over the years.  But look around and see what has changed…MARKETING!

The attention-getter party is on.  Trans is the New Gay and so it rolls. 

Why, the same “Me! Me! Me1” phenomena that keeps people pouring days and weeks into Facebook and the other social media scams – so the FedGov knows everything about you-  is also driven by the bottomless urge to self-importance.

Hold a carrot in front of an ego….

Understanding that MARKETING is driving the transgender thing (Me! Me! Me! people) that’s why we bought three large public contractors.  Figured we’d get rich building third and fourth bathrooms.

Not working out so far, but give it time. We’re hoping for six genders per public building minimum is our hope.

The Money Flows Where Marketing Goes

As you go through Life, make this your goal:  Keep your eye on the doughnut, not on the hole…”

Thus spoken, yea verily, it is as true today as it was and ever shall be:  Money flows where marketing goes.  And Marketing Lies.

World without principles. 


Now, if you would all open your phones to the book of Jagger and sing along with the congregation…

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Too Late to Be Great?

Depends how many people wake up today, doesn’t it?

And it is Monday and we have problems all along the watchtower.

Come on by tomorrow.  Fencing lessons are scheduled.

Write when you get rich,

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