The stock market will recover a bit more of its 200+ point nosebleed experienced earlier in the week.

But there are many “moving parts” going on in background that you may not be aware of because they are not as simple to dispense and “keeping up with the class” is more than a 5-second Trump-bash.

1.  NASA has a real breakthrough in life extension.  Supposedly developed to extend astronaut lives for long trips (like going to Mars), the UK Daily Mail reports human trials could begin in as little as six months.

This is HUGE news and not necessarily good.  Imagine, if you can, living forever and if there is enough food and you find the right partner what could go wrong?

Two things:  Age discrimination, for one.  Right now, although Generation Brat seems to be down on  us grays, can you imagine how intergenerational conflict would look if a 100-year old was taking a job from a 29-year old?

Presently that level of age-differential problem isn’t big – though you do see some seniors working at Mickey Dees and such.

But imagine a trial lawyer with 100-years of closing arguments on the opposing side? 

The second problem with extreme life extension is it blows up the economy:  There simple are not enough jobs for recycling the bulk of the baby-boomers.  No way.

Cream on  that?  Sure – try this:  Instead of blowing up the Social Security System in 2037, it could happen 10-years, or more, sooner.

It all comes down to the price of the pills.

The only “fiar way” to distribute such pills would be on a couples lottery basis.  Otherwise, only the rich would have the pills and that means an even more embedded special interest group.

As soon  as the Market figures out that extreme life extension may not be such a good thing, expect panic.  Turning back the clock on diseases and such?  Yikes!

I’d make a small wager on how NASA got to working on this problem of life extension. Astronauts have to go through various radiation belts.  (No one has ever told me why this wasn’t an issue going to the Moon, unless, of course that was… well, let’s not go there….)

Point is life extension – repairing DNA level damage due to radiation – would also do things like reverse previously incurable diseases…

Aging could be on the way out.

I’ll leave itd to you to pencil out the details, but we decided to rank this story as more important than the next two stories.

Healthcare Re-Deal Vote Today

yada, yada.  How many words does this really deserve while a vote is merely pending?

Thank God we don’t have a news channel to fill up! 

Trump Didn’t Lie on Taps – Reports

Faux is out with a report of a “Potential ‘smoking gun’ showing Obama administration spied on Trump team, source says.”

When this pops, I can almost guarantee you there will be n o apologies from the lefty media types.

The issue for us is not so much that Menwith Hill, Alice Springs, and the Keyhole series of spy satellites can zoom in on whoever.

More to the point, however is the SAMOS series and its more recent follow-ons.  You need to watch the movie Enemy of the State more closely, lol.

Back to point, the surveillance of Trump, while PERHAPS technically “legal” if it truly was “incidental” is not the issue.

The “Prison Point” for someone will be “Who unmasked the name of American Citizens in the closing hours of the previous ( Ohbummer!) administration.

Someone needs to visit Leavenworth, on this one.

You know the democrats are getting worried when a front page editorial in the NY Times this morning says “Rep. Nunes Is a Lapdog in a Watchdog Role.”

Uh…don’t like the messenger?  Democrats love to ‘shoot the messenger’ – especially when the messenger outs some of the larger spins of the left.

This is not about “Russian influence” – No, this is about finding the felon who broke federal law.

East Coast establishment media seem unable to follow the story, or so it seems from the peace and quiet of flyover country. 

Instead, we read things like the WaPo this morning opining “Forget the post-truth presidency. Welcome to the pre-truth presidency.”

‘Nother day, ‘nother Trump bash.

A Short Side Note:  As as suggestion to JB and the WaPo, when I see a by-line written by a “Columnist” I tend to look them up in the National Society of Newspaper Columnists member directory.  I like to be familiar with other people’s work. 

Since I didn’t remember the Post “columnist” from past Columnist conventions, I was disappointed not to find the aforementioned Post columnist listed as a member

Why aren’t ALL the East Coast Big Paper “columnists” members?  Never understood that.

Hopefully she’ll join and even enter our national contest this year… 

Hell, even Ures truly is a member.  Heloise is a member…Stu Bykofsky’s at the Philly Daily Snooze a member. Steve Lopez of the L.A. Times…Damn fine bunch of writers. 

‘Cept for that dweeb from Texas, of course. He attends hoping something will rub off.

Third Big Change: Oil

Time to clean out the Nasty Nest of Neocons at the State Department.

Here’s why:

While you were sleeping, the U.S. has become nearly energy independent.

This scares the hell out of of OPEC.  In fact here’s an article on Gloomberg worth a read on point: “OPEC, Allies Meet as Oil Market Warns Them: Job’s Not Done.”

Look, here’s the deal:

Obama missed the boat completely on this because he tried to prevent energy independence by blocking the Keystone pipeline.  And we have to wonder if some of the OPECers don’t shove a little dough to the environmental groups.

Here’s why they would do that:  If Keystone gets blocked then the U.S. has an interest making sure there is enough “peace” in the Middle East to keep the oil flowing.

BUT now that the U.S. is on the verge of becoming a net energy exporter, well we can’t be spun around by the Saudis and whoever is holding our nuts over the oil-fueled fires.

The State Department, though, hasn’t changed since those political chameleons known as the neocons showed up.  Their serial disasters since Bill Clinton has been a study of the Peter Principal.

Now that we have a SecState (Rex Tillerson) who knows not only how to read a balance sheet but also how to drill and run Exxon, the constant war-pimping and regime-change stuff can go away.

Here’s where it leads:  The long-awaited war between the Sunnis and Shi’ite Muslims.

We – the U.S. don’t have to play.  Might even help Russia to stay out of things, since they are an energy exporters to Europe, too.

With T.Rex at the helm, “U.S., in Reversal, Issues Permit for Keystone Oil Pipeline…”

As soon  as the ink is dry, I would expect to see a fair number of neocons shown the door. 

Still, they have survived the transition from Clinton to Bush/Cheney and then on to Obama…so no telling what they’ll pull off to cling to the reins of power.

Maybe they can bake some cookies for Tillerson…like they did in Ukraine, perhaps?

Press Release du Jour

Advance Durables from Census: Up…

New Orders New orders for manufactured durable goods in February increased $3.9 billion or 1.7 percent to $235.4 billion, the U.S. Census Bureau announced today.  This increase, up two consecutive months, followed a 2.3 percent January increase.  Excluding transportation, new orders increased 0.4 percent.  Excluding defense, new orders increased 2.1 percent.  Transportation equipment, also up two consecutive months, led the increase, $3.3 billion or 4.3 percent to $80.4 billion.

Shipments Shipments of manufactured durable goods in February, up three of the last four months, increased $0.6 billion or 0.3 percent to $239.2 billion.  This followed a 0.1 percent January decrease.  Machinery, also up three of the last four months, led the increase, $0.3 billion or 0.9 percent to $31.1 billion.

Unfilled Orders Unfilled orders for manufactured durable goods in February, down eight of the last nine months, decreased $0.2 billion or virtually unchanged to $1,114.7 billion.  This followed a 0.3 percent January decrease. Transportation equipment, also down eight of the last nine months, drove the decrease, $1.1 billion or 0.1 percent to $752.7 billion.

Dow Futures are up 54…so the week may finish with a good bounce from the earlier declines. tomorrow:  The Case Against Marketing and a discussion of how our Aggregate Indices end this afternoon…

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