The “Sell in May” Part

Our main focus today is on the balance of this month and into next from an economics and charts perspective.  Because there is a split – quite obvious when you read financial headlines.

One faction is expecting “recession avoidance” because of the big, powerful, American economy.  The other still sees dead banks walking as the commercial real estate debacle is likely to take years to be fully revealed and acknowledged.

Of course a few headlines and such.  But for this particular weekend?  Making money always helps and we’re pleased with prospects for the period just ahead.

You may not be able to remain “married to optimism” though, and still get the most out of it.

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44 thoughts on “The “Sell in May” Part”

  1. Sure, why not ?
    Sell any all regional banks…Bank of Hank(BOH)? – sold, Fulton?-sold..sellsellsell.

    When everything from MSM/govt. that we are told, is false, aint nothing left to lose..

    Its ALL bullshit – including the much corruption at top of military = fake patriots, same problem we suffer from here in USA. Feathering their own nests at the expense of their fellow countrymen and women. uke war should have been over in 22.
    Deeper BS analysis indicates Ruskies strategy to bleed us/nato deepstate dry, obviously at taxpayer/our expense.

    Strong urge to buy physical metals yesterday/Friday and wondering this AM, why such a strong message was received..

    Then this vid from chuckys coronation popped into my in box this AM – dingding-dingding!

    Be pre-warned – I have not been able to debunked this – hopefully someone with much greater skills of discernment can analyze for “photoshopage” and other deceptions/illusions.

    Does anyone know the answer ? I mean these are all people who are used to seeing dark shit/Human child sacrifice..always requires Blood Sacrifice to attract/appease the “darklings”/dark entities. See Solomons lesser keys from mr Charming himself -

    While were at it – USN promised disclosure when our weaponry was on par with malevolent ETs, tic-tic-tic

    ..behind the scenes mi amigos.

    Got Neural Engagement ? thinx about it

  2. Regarding the sleep deprived cops article, While I agree that good sleep is important I question why the focus of this study seemed to be directed at LE which is why I stopped reading after the first paragraph. Why not include medical interns, therapists, lab techs, etc? No, I would not consider these folks to be “other first responders”.
    My biannual checkup was last week and as usual, the subject of my weight was top of the list. Doc always hits the biggies first so we can concentrate on the relaxed conversation about asking her staff to stop asking me those dumb assed questions about hurting myself or someone else and if I can afford to buy my food. When she asked about my sleep I provided her a report from this damn watch my wife got me which among other things showed my vitals and sleep history to be excellent. When the lab reports were posted I was reading the clinic notes which my wife says I am weird for reading, I noticed where she classified my physical appearance as well developed and well nourished.
    I wonder if she wrote that before or after I put my pants and shirt back on?

    Stay safe. 73

  3. “The best times you spend in life are with someone you love (and who responds in turn) and time you spend with calculators and history books. Money’s just how we keep score.”

    AMEN… and a Yes but No……

    I had always considered the number being the reason to exist..Its how we were taught.. the guy with the biggest number Wins…. then I had a boss… it was silver season.. stock market flying away with huge profits silver was at fifty bucks an ounce.. we were gleaning twenty to fifty pounds a month with electolysis.. because of his new found bounty the boss decided to take the money that the employees were paying out of our paychecks and invest it.. his thought was what are the odd’s.. the odds are on his side.. ( similarly.. home and car insurance life insurane etc.. what are the odds that your home will be destroyed in a tornado.. well pretty good if you live in Oklahoma LOL) so He took that money and invested it.. doing the ole moon walk across the processor floor making coin.. then we were all hit with the one two punch of the fickled finger of fate… one of the other employees had to have surgery.. he was so excited about the new disk camera..,work%20in%20all%20lighting%20conditions.
    It was going to revolutionize the industry.. times were both good and bad.. we were doing twenty four hundred rolls of kodachrome film a day.. and another three thousand rolls of conventional color film.. times were good.. silver at its highest and we were buried in film.. stock market was going UP UP UP.. he was on top of the world.. he pulled myself and another guy that managed days in for dinner and asked what he thought we should do.. I told him.. don’t invest in more equipment.. what we have is doing just fine even though it took longer we were doing ok.. film was getting done on time…. the other guy said.. oh he seen this is going to be amazing.. if we sped up the cine and got faster printers.. a faster paper processor.. etc.. we could manage the film processing at a faster rate..
    Needless to say.. my advice was worth about as much as my rant.. of build solar towers starting at the furthest point and work back.. give home owners willing to have one installed a system secure the grid.. co2 filters at every city street lamp and green scape the cities to compensate with our never ending expansion.. only a moron would suggest such a thing.. instead lets put a carbon filament cable from the earth to outerspace and run coffee filters up and down to filter the air.. or hey lets fling mirrors into space point them back at the sun.. those are much better suggestions .. LOL..
    so he did it..My step kid fell from a tree.. the other employee had to have a hysterectomy.. and he spent millions changing the equipment to compensate for the flow of film and the new disk cameras..
    film stopped we went to a couple hundred rolls a day.. silver prices imploded.. the bill for the kid falling and impaling himself on a branch the bill for it and flying in a surgical team from across the USA was about a half million.. I have insurance..only to discover.. I had a card..the boss couldn’t even afford to buy chemistry.. I went to an old friend that had a supply company in a city.. he let us buy chemistry from him..the check bounced.. the boss destroyed.. I was destroyed.. because of the insurance thing.. that still follows me to this day. even then I thought it was the number.. because of the reagan recession and my having crappy credit because of a hospital bill… jobs were tight.. if you get a job.. they give you maybe a five to ten percent increase.. but that is only a twelve pack of pop to change positions.. especially if you don’t have a piece of paper on the wall.. ( well I have lots of pieces of papers on the wall.. just not what they like.. mine are pictures colored for me by little fingers my van gogh’s )
    Life was a struggle.. I found my niche in taking care of others.. being their strength when they were down.. during the reagan recession .. I had to sell blood.. well the plasma to survive all while working six jobs.. …
    In the end.. I had started to get things back in order.. but my body told me that my work aholic ways were not good and started to attack… my body was attacking itself.. when it got to the point that I couldn’t work anymore.. I realized that.. what is the most important is right in front of you.. family friends and faith.. the joy of seeing what you can do to give another a hand up.. not a hand out.. was the most important thing in the world.. you know when you hit it right.. no mistaking that accomplishment..
    then my father passed on.. from hundreds of miles away.. proctologists and podiatrists and even gynecologists’ were sending bills.. every doctor associated with the hospital sent a consultation bill on his death.. yup he was gone.. pony up the fifty bucks..
    you leave with nothing.. the true measure of accomplishment and personal achievements deals with who you are..
    in america you leave with nothing.. if you plan to give it away you have to what seven or eight years before you die.. so..
    am I a loser.. if it comes to the number on a sheet of paper.. then yes.. but I don’t feel like a loser.. I have more crap than I need.. ( speaking of which.. I am going to try my hand at making a beef ham this week .. getting out the meat press) the wife is going to roll her eyes LOL.. I have never made a beef ham LOL.. but I was thinking luncheon meat.. beef slices.. yumm..
    and making pressed meat is easy enough..
    so are you a failure if your numbers are not as high.. eventually everyone will become a burden to either their children or to the state because they don’t have enough numbers..
    so live life enjoy the chocolate chip cookies and keep a quality of life.. help those you can.. sometimes all that is needed is a compassionate ear to hear.. life will go on.. unless JB destroys the world.. and mankind becomes endangered..

    • Oh.. Beef Ham
      2 lb roast chopped into quarter inch squares
      2 lbs of hamburger
      1/4 cup of beef broth
      1tsp of onion powder
      1tsp of garlic powder
      1 tbsp of knox gelatin
      1 tbs of onion flakes
      1tsp of salt
      1tsp of black pepper
      1/2tsp of meat cure
      1/2 cup of fat ground up.. freeze it then grind it again..
      take your beef cubes and place them in beef broth and soak over night.. you can season this if you want.. but not necessary
      the next day take your hamburger and your dried spices and beef broth and blend it up until it is very smooth.. make sure the gelotin is in there to this is a binder as well as the ground fat..
      then place in a bowl add the ground fat to it and mix .. it with the beef cubes.. put a liner in the pan.. ( I use a bologna chub tube..)
      then place the top on the cooking pot.. and put it in boiling water that reaches just above the mead in the pan.. place your thermometer in the pan.. and take out at 145 degrees.. put the pan in the fridge over night.. the next day remove it.. now hang it in your smoker and smoke the meat.. ( apple or cherry wood) cold smoke .. you don’t need a hot smoke the meat is already cooked.. for four to six hours.. ..
      roas beef ham.. ready to slice and eat.. now if you want to net it.. you can just cook the roast ham in the pot with a cooking bag in it.. then take the roast out of the cooking bag.. and rub it with a prime rub.. then put it in the netting..
      then hang it in the smoker..
      you can do something similar with chicken etc.. pretty simple stuff.. lots of fun.. flavor it your way your the boss on what you like..

  4. “….., our spider-sense telling us “things are a little too quiet.”
    – I had the same thought yesterday. Seems nearly every crescendo building news item has suddenly taken some “personal time off”. Makes me want to lock-&-load and start standing watch. The past two, or three days has just felt kind of., weird., slightly off.
    – Maybe I ate too much chili Wens night.., who knows..,

    • “things are a little too quiet.”

      I get it.. they just can’t have everyone running in circles pulling their hair out yelling we are screwed with panic in the streets.. phew.. its the same reason why if there was missiles launched at the USA.. they won’t tell you.. panic..mass panic….
      the same reason why network news doesn’t cover any of the corruption for the administrations family.. and why the DOJ wants to keep it all covered over.. if we the people really knew the extent of the depravity among the people that lead this country.. how could we ever trust any of them..
      I believe that is why congress refuses to write the bills they vote on and read them.. like one congressman I read that didn’t vote for a farm bill.. they said.. I read it.. if you read it you wouldn’t have voted for it either..

    • Nah. Had to be the chili. What could possibly go wrong?

      Ukraine solution: While Prigozhin is miffed at his former boss … let’s hire the Wagner Group. It’s probably cheaper than fighting them. Give them ample ammo and persuade them to change unit colors, do an about face and … attack the rear. Evil times require associating with unsavory folk.

      So, before Asia opens I’ll try to solve the financial imbroglio,

  5. If you get excited about seeing auroras there’s no telling what we’re in for with the celestial show over the next 10 to 15 years. Ben at S0 had a clip of a video of a tornado ON TOP of the Montana mountains starting at the 1:37 mark of yesterday’s video – Ben wonders whether Earth’s changing electrical field has anything to do with such a show. I’d never heard of a tornado in the mountains like that before – ever. I think there will be a lot of us here that will live to see the Earth bobble and wobble with the stars re-arranging themselves as we watch. I’ve said it before – for such a time as this we were born and probably at our own request, given our souls’ perspective of many lives, as the best of times on Earth precedes, seemingly, the worst.

  6. George, I have followed you for a long time and I have put into practice many of your suggestions. I bring home about $50,000 a year… no fortune. I bought my house for $20,000 cash and fixed it up as I had the money. I pay my credit card off every month(mostly). I have an emergency fund . I live below my means.

    I will be having 4 joints replaced in my right hand next month. When I spent $1,500 on new finger splints the physical therapist said how lucky I was to be able to afford them. When I went to a therapist to talk about my fears of surgery she told me how lucky I am that I am financially secure and can afford her $100 a session fee and that I don’t have to go out and work. I’m not lucky. I planned. I saved. I’m prepared. It is not by random chance that I now have a fund to draw from.

    in my late 20s I was a single mother with 2 kids, working full time and still eligible for welfare. My car’s driveshaft fell off while driving over railroad tracks and I didn’t have a penny on me. I needed my life to change. So i went back to college full time while working full time. I made changes and sacrifices and I made my life different.

    George you also made your life the success is is today. I am grateful for the life hints and tricks and good solid advice over the years. Thank you.

    • Elanor, I’m honored. Thank you.

      George2 and I were talking about Life on the way to the store today. It’s like Andy said – there are just some of us whose Ideas of success and a good life are not sitting on the freeway 5-hours a week for 40 years and then dying.

      As long as you have the spirit and willpower to “own your Life, changing as necessary” then that’s the mark of a successful person.

      Pleased as hell to write for successful people and not the dregs of society!

    • Eleanor. It is people like you, LOOB, Andy and several others on this site that keep me coming back daily. I woke up very late in life and realized I didn’t want to be the richest man in the cemetery. My definition of rich changed and now includes knowing people like you.

      Congratulations. You are a winner in the game of life.

  7. “Don’t even try to understand.,
    Just find a place to make your stand.,
    ., and take it Eeeee – Zeeee.”

      • George, may I suggest adding that we find a way to do away with the ability of anyone to become a professional politician or to transit back and forth between elected official and other politically connected role. We need term limits at both the national and state levels. Right now we have congress critters who have absolutely no idea what life is like for the average middle class person and have special privileges that exempt them from dealing with the daily realities the rest of us face e.g. medical insurance run-arounds.

      • I’m impressed with the first page and am anxious to see how the site evolves.

        We need more voices out here, for the good of our country and for many people who need validation of what they see, know, believe and stand for. – so many feel alone and need to see there is a movement in the right direction.

        Excellent beginning, Brother.

  8. Went to firedin24 and tried to add term limits to your list. Love the idea, lots of work for you. Many thanks.

  9. So what’s going on now with your website, George? I still get the ad blockage notice but now, also, every 15 to 20 seconds the whole page freezes and I have to refresh to keep scrolling.

  10. I’ve started going through recurring expenses and weeding out non-essential subscriptions. I shut down about $55 a month in subscriptions this morning (and added back a $9 channel to Prime). The Prime membership saves a lot of fuel and vehicle mileage expense. I was hardly using a streaming subscription, so I shut it down, and added a channel I wanted to keep to Prime video. A newsletter I have subscribed to for years is no longer on my list of essentials. That saved almost $30 a month. I still do the Netflix DVD’s for movies, and while the selection isn’t as good as it once was, it allows me to get selected cable series without spending a gazillion dollars on upgrade streaming service channels.
    I already made the Magic Jack plunge for my public number. The Magic Jack anti-spam call screening works well. I have already prepaid a couple of years at the $3.50 a month rate.
    My two largest recurring expenses are internet service and electricity, followed by water and cell phone. I am swapping over to an unlimited 5G discount cell phone service this year. It costs about the same as my low data 4G cell phone service was costing, and is more useful.
    That my microwave internet service costs almost as much as my electric bill is irritating, but I have limited choices out here, and I like having a connection that streams reasonably well. I don’t have access to 5G home internet, and frankly, the jury is still out on those services. My electricity bills are low because my house is small, well insulated, and the heat pump is efficient. I am using battery capacity as a UPS for the freezer and comms. I have some low level solar that I can put in service for emergencies, but I haven’t made the plunge into a large scale solar panel installation.
    This summer’s project splurge, the new bicycle, came in. There are some rough edges which will have to be dealt with, but it is a massive upgrade over the old Schwinn. Aside from supporting the daily exercise regime, there is some potential to reduce fuel bills. The bike shop mechanics were going nuts over the Surly.
    I need two 10mm x 15mm x 50mm plastic spacers (black Delrin or equivalent) with holes drilled in them to finish my pedal build. I can handle the hole drilling, but finding durable plastic material in specific sizes is rather difficult. Suggestions?

    • Found some round nylon spacers on the Zon which look like they will work. Worst case, I might have to rasp or sand off a mm on one side. I have noted that a CNC rig would have handled this.

    • “I need two 10mm x 15mm x 50mm plastic spacers (black Delrin or equivalent)”

      If you can use nylon, check out the “hard to find” hardware racks at Lowe’s or Ace Hardware…

  11. “Total carloads for the week ending May 6 were 231,718 carloads, down 0.04 percent compared with the same week in 2022, while U.S. weekly intermodal volume was 240,141 containers and trailers, down 12.1 percent compared to 2022.”

    Yeah… Funny thing, that.

    Treated myself to the local greasy spoon for brunch, today. It lies a couple hundred feet from a double-track. While I was there, two trains passed. The eastbound was 119 cars, mostly car transports and gondolas — all empty. The westbound was about 100 cars (I was eating, by now), mostly tankers, boxes, gondolas, and reefers (none smoking, though) — also, all empty, except for a couple boxes.

    Neither train had more than a couple stack-train cars, the westbound had two which were carrying a single container and a double-stack, respectively, but the springs were high, so the containers were empty…

    • Good reference, thanks.

      I just ordered Azithromycin from Fish-Mox. 60 – 250mg capsules for $195.98. It was about the only thing I didn’t have in my SHTF supplies.

      One acquaintance on my wife’s FB page is in the hospital for what they thought was a bite of some kind on his hand but turned out not to be a bite. His hand started swelling like crazy from the point of injury and eventually they did some surgery to remove dead tissue and insert a drain tube. He’s been in and out of ICU trying to fight it. What the doctors said eventually was that it was a combination of “staph and strep at the same time for a ferocious bacterial infection”. No word as to his Jabbed and boosted condition.

      The more I hear about our local doctors the less I trust them. The individual that died suddenly a couple of months ago was given the wrong medication that should have required a lot of blood tests before being given to him. The same doctor gave the same medication to a kid who was too small to take the whole pill so he took half and immediately began tossing his toenails and having all sorts of problems. So many safeguards that should have been followed for this medication were simply ignored. Don’t know what else, other than radiation, would kill your white blood cell count like that but they have a pill for everything now days.

  12. Just for George, how ’bout a little common sense from a British Viscount:

    3 Damning Equations to Defeat Global Warming Zealots

    -Christopher Monckton

    The true economic, social, and political cost of the measures proposed by governments (in the West only) to destroy their nations’ businesses and jobs and to impoverish every household is becoming ever more visible. At last, therefore, a few brave souls in the scientific and academic communities are beginning to question what I shall call — with more than a little justification — the Communist Party line on climate change.

    Lord Monckton’s days in Parliament may be numbered, now that Charles is in charge of the House of Windsor…

  13. Archbishop Vigano: Soros & Schwab & Gates Want To Build the Kingdom of the Antichrist

    Dear Friends, it gives me great joy to be able to address a brief message to you on the occasion of the establishment of the International Movement of Russophiles. The Manifesto of this association begins with a word that seems to have disappeared from Western vocabulary: friendship.

    • This reminds me of Edgar Cayce’s prediction that Russia would be the savior of the world.

  14. Russia to Build ‘Migrant Village’ for Conservative American Expats

    Russian authorities will launch construction of a village outside Moscow for conservative-minded Americans and Canadians next year, the state-run RIA Novosti news agency reported Thursday. Russia has for years positioned itself as a bastion of “traditional” values in contrast with Western liberalism as its relations with the West have deteriorated over its 2014 annexation of Crimea and 2022 full-scale invasion of Ukraine.

    Line forms on the Right… ;-)

  15. Something I’ve been wondering, George: Why did you delete your header – banner? Newbs aren’t going to even know they’re at Urban Survival, without it…

  16. “Defaulting” on the national debt.

    Someone should sue .gov for mental abuse because that’s what it is. “No cheddar next month.” What is being saved by not defaulting, the next default threat? Ukie pensions.

  17. I’ve got the TV on and Chris Christie is rattling like he always does.

    Why did you Republicans ever support Chris Christie? He was a contender you know.

    • “Why did you Republicans ever support Chris Christie? He was a contender you know.”

      He was never a contender. What he was, is a politician who was not afraid to shoot back at the media and raise as much hell with them as the Leftist pundits did, him. He is a self-serving RINO, and no more honest than he has to be, to be a pol from the Harlem-DC corridor.

      Republicans and conservatives liked him because he was as bombastic toward his critics as Rush Limbaugh on a tirade, and a lot louder, more obnoxious, and more obscene. Outside New Joisey and 10 years ago, no Rightist would vote for him though, and he’s forever pissed that as a Trump 2016 advisor, he double-dealt Trump, who then had the nads to dare to actually call him on his shit, then can him.

      Christie is not very nice, pleasant, or honest. He’s loud, and believes he’d be in line for Prez, if Trump hadn’t disassociated himself from Christie’s counsel. The virtue Donald Trump holds most dear is “loyalty.” Chris Christie is only loyal to himself…

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