The Role of Intuition in Stock Selection

imageEver have a hunch about an investment? 

Ever get a “vibe” off something when you so much as look at something?

Well, that’s our slightly off the deep-end report this morning. 

Although, as usual, we will be nose to the grindstone and present our typical collection of charts (11 in all this morning) as we also ponder the extremely important question:  Is the bottom in?

Bean-up and let’s roll.

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7 thoughts on “The Role of Intuition in Stock Selection”

  1. The reason for the 250 year cycle is Pluto. All empires have a birth date and their rise and fall can be measured via astrology by the 250 year Pluto cycle. I have no idea if there will be a 5th wave up or not, but for sure the end is nigh for the US as an empire, one way or the other because the Pluto cycle is drawing to a close. For those who think astrology is nonsense, I’d like to point out that it is spiritual. God takes the form of the planets and brings the karma to all through the agency of the planets. Vedic astrology is considered one of the sciences of Indian spirituality.

  2. Assets are being moved into place around Syria now.

    Obama and the neocons(sounds like a crappy rock band) will give the turks and the sunni saudi’s the go to enter the theater and when they do all hell will break loose.
    The crooks then have their get out of jail card for all their mismanagement, outright theft, lies and all us little people get WW3.

    The financial collapse will be blamed on WW3.

    Paper will only be good to wipe with.

    If you need to do an extra supply run now is the time, it might give you a bit more breathing room if thing go south this long weekend.

    Do a walk through, take a good hard look.

    What do you really need to sustain life?

  3. IMHO, one of your best Peoplenomics newsletters in a while, George. Good stuff – particularly towards the end.

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