The New WMDs

Think of them as eWMDs as we fit them into the overall evolution of WMDs over historical periods.  Which matters because in ways, there’s much on the internet today that fulfills the functionality of a conventional WMD.  As we will discuss.

A couple of economic notes on data and that mess of whatever was pawned off as “debate” last night.  And then a detailed look at charts and where we go next…

We don’t care if the politicians want to be stupid, so long as we don’t have to be broke as a consequence.

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37 thoughts on “The New WMDs”

  1. “Could it be America is sick of political bickering that results in things like the House being unable to come up with a usable Covid-relief bill?”

    I think that is the Damned if you do.. Damned if you don’t.. scenario.. Look where the last one went.. it will be the same all over again..
    I know everyone I know is feeling the crunch from the velocity of cash that they let roll on along..I am suspecting that they will let out a trinket or two just before the election and make the Democrats look like the hero’s for votes.. in reality.. its only a small band aide. that will not solve the issues.. they are already dumping cash in peoples pockets now.. how long can you possibly do that before that kite comes crashing to the ground.. the only problem is by in essence giving the kite more string it gives it that much further to fall..
    we are insurance and tax poor here.. what i pay in taxes for household could improve our quality of life drmatically.. what we pay in insurance.. omg.. I would feel like a king LOL with over fifty percent of our gross income going out for insurances and medical costs..and I cannot deduct my wife’s health insurance premiums.. shoot that would put us in the get some of that free give away money LOL.. I am in that damned if you do damned if you don’t scenario myself..damned if we keep that crap damned if we don’t keep that crap..I would love to cut cable tv and cable internet off.. but that would be biblical.. I tried that one already it was of biblical proportions….(In that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth,) but the cost for it is a car payment.. and they are going up ten percent.. so is the health insurance.. groceries.. they say five percent.. but I can tell you it is much higher than that..
    I work hard at keeping things looking normal.. I definitely know no one realizes just how deep the struggle is.. and no one wants to know either.. I bring it up and want to show the books and everyone tells me they don’t want to know it.. just keep doing what your doing..

    • I am very glad I have been making wine.. dam.. the vineyards all ablaze.. my wife was just talking about that.. they were just down to the vineyards for a lady’s weekend getaway and visit with a young lady that is like a daughter to me.. the wife told me it was scary.. the grass was crunching under her shoes as she walked..
      Grape juice is going to go sky high and so will grapes.. dam.. we go through fifteen pounds of grapes a week in this house..

      • “300+mm folks and these are our 2 best ….. all is lost….”

        I am in total agreement Clawsy….. I don’t think there is a fix to the decades of over abuse of the financial system..
        I also think that is why no one has even offered a plausible explanation or plan on how they would tackle that monster..IT can’t be.. you hear we need tax breaks.. YUP america has one of the highest tax ratio’s in the world with less beneficial infrastructure than third world countries.. we have one of the worst healthcare systems in the world we are at somewhere around number forty.. we sat at thirty something for a long time but our ratio declined a few years ago..

        Years ago.. I worked for a big company.. one of the employee’s was working on a very dangerous jobs and the ceo came out and bitched because the line was shut down and had the breaker turned on.. the guy almost lost his life.. but because of the legal issues around it .. they decided to put in a plant manager.. cutting the ties from the ceo and exec.. who did they put in the office.. the guy that could barely do a simple job.. the dumbest jerk on the floor.. dumber.. so does it surprise you to see dumb and dumber running for president.. put the ones with the least abilities to take the blame..

  2. “UFO hunter claims to have discovered ’16-meter tall alien robot’ in Area 51 Google Earth image.”

    I think he should take a look at that image again LOL LOL LOL….

    Its what we would have called SHADOW PLAY. kind of like looking at the clouds and seeing different shapes.. a favorite past time of mine when I am just jelling…. speaking about woo woo.. yesterday I thought I seen someone that I had known years ago when I was in the military.. so I go over to give him some crap he was looking at a cop car and I said.. don’t steal it.. LOL LOL.. they are watching.. LOL LOL anyway he was the owner of the security team and we got talking.. I said dam you remind me of a guy I knew years ago.. come to find out.. IT WAS HIS GRANDSON LOL.. what a small world…we had a great talk.. I enjoyed visiting with him very much..

  3. NEIN BTC Fur Dich !

    Oh what a burden it is to possess such a magnificently superior MIND, that even professor Moriarty& Narrator are reduced to name calling.. Afoot indeed!

    The Blind Squirrel Investment Strategy will EVENTUALLY be correct..eventually – Everyone is expecting a CRASH this Fall – Wait 4 it – its coming -soonly – Right after The INDICTMENTS..
    said Cankles Killary, standing alongside fellow witches at the latest Moar War&Suffering Hail Baal Ritual, help on the September full moon – Octobers Ritual promises to be a real “Chiller”

    Where have I heard similar BS over the last several years??? Oh Yeah Q – The MOSSAD PSY-OP….yeah yeah “ISRAEL is Last”..OF COURSE IT IS – THEY ARE RUNNING THE Op.

    Hahahahahahah – WAIT FOR IT SHEEP .

    Covert19 is ALL about the the ELITES (BANKERS& Their Masters) wanting EVERY single HUMAN Being CHIPPED – Nano Tech U just cant resist = irresistible FORCE, right Billyboy?

    Wonder How & Why “they” planned it out for years, ( See how many Vaccine Patents Fauci OWNS?) – and still cant figure out ANYF_ING THING regards this virus. Talk about a Deceitful,Evil lil goblin of man – I hope the money was worth it to him – All that Negative Energy coming his way – watch the mans remaining Energy Dissapate before Ure very eyes…

    No Worries Chief – Cause Not only do we advocate owning some PM’s and Cyrptos, but Short Term – I just wanna take U higher!

    • C.O.V.I.D 19

      S is the 19th letter if the Alphabet

      C.S. VOID?

      C VOID S?

      (C ) (19 Or Esss) See Void’s?

      SEA VOID
      SEE VOID
      Si VOID

      • Anagram: Covid nineteen

        Convenient Die
        Indecent Vie On
        Iced Nonevent I

        And so forth. The whole list is stunning. I’ve never seen such a dark set of answers from a small sample like that.

  4. There was one big ‘Tell’ last night in the debates. The whole debate surrounded one Question.

    “Will you urge supporters to stay calm during this extended period not to engage in any civil unrest and pledge tonight that you will not declare victory until the election has been independently certified,” asked moderator Chris Wallace.

    Neither Candidate said, No.

    They have already put out the idea the Election is fraudulent. They just put out the idea of a delay. They just put out civil unrest because of fraudulent and a delayed election process.

    Voting by snail male? We have super computers and we have the highest level of cyber security in the world.

    IMHO, our voting process should be as protected in this nation as much as the key codes to the nukes.

    Biden said, Antifa is not an organization its just an idea. Ideas don’t send 10 bus loads of people from Seattle to Snohomish to protest and loot, which the People of Snohomish Washington showed up in Truck loads of people with guns and turned them bus’s around. Or the 10 buses from Oakland sent out to Palm Springs to protest. Etc. Etc.

    You don’t have to be a psychic or clairvoyant to see what’s going to happen.

    What is going to happen IF the economy takes a massive shit before the elections? Which it already has. The stock market is a total fugazi. What is going to happen when there is found rampant voter fraud? What is going to happen if the results say Trump won? Or if it says Biden won and there is evidence of voter fraud? Delayed election process?

    We have the seed of doubt planted in the minds of every American that there is Questionable integrity of the process of the US election. **** which has never been a question or doubt in over 200 years of existance.

    No matter who wins, they set the stage for rampant civil unrest, violence and insanity and heaped lots of fuel on the idea of Civil War.

    Anyone have any matches?

    If you are still living in the city. If you are in poor physical health because of your choice to be lazy? If you havent got a contingency plan for survival? May God help you.

    I didnt prepare, other than being in physical, mental and emotional good shape. I knew I would be right where i was supposed to be. Aint no riots going to happen in a tiny town in Alaska when its 40 below zero with 6-8 feet of snow here. We have an unlimited supply of wild Bear, Moose, Caraboo, Deer, Elk, Fish. Unlimited fuel, unlimited fresh water, tons of Amo and rifles because hunting is a way of life as much as being a helpful and good neighbor. The closest big city is 4 and a half hours away. Only one road going into and out of town.

    I highly suggest, you Get it now or you may not have it. Its not fear mongering. Its called being Prudent and Vigilant. The liberals call being an Aware Observer “fear monger” because they want you dependent and afraid.

    They say Antifa is just an Idea. They say Trump is responsible for the Chaos when they are the ones busing people into your city to riot, loot and create Chaos.

    Biden said, we don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. That just isn’t true.

    As was stated before Trump won the election over years ago. Where I also mentioned Biden for a reason.

    The stage is set,

    The Revolution is coming and soon. Because the integrity of or rights, systems, checks and balances, leaders and way of life is in question for being fraudulent. The Devils favorite deception is Doubt.

    Good luck.

      • Couldn’t have said it better myself. I would not be surprised to see some sort of breakup of the US … balkanization as it were. Hopefully I’m wrong here, but it’s best to be prepared. And that means having plenty of supplies on hand. The supply chain is broken, and I don’t see it getting better any time soon, especially if things go sideways after the election.

  5. George, Where did Terrorism go?

    Where did the mass shootings go?

    Is North Korea still Evil? Did Evil North Korea just make peace with South Korea and the stand off ended?

    What happend to the pedifile sex trafficking problem? Did it get fixed? What happened to Epstines girlfriend who was arrested and promised to spill the beans. Did she hang herself too?

    Are we still at war in Iraq and Afghanistan?

    Is there still a war on drugs?

    What about the genocide in Syria?

    Is Iran still a threat? Are they still making nukes?

    Is Covid 19 still a threat? I thought a bunch of actors and famous people died from it and now they are back alive???

    Why is Ellen Degeneres on House Arrest? Or is she?

    Is that Giant Astroid still going to hit us?

    Are we still going to Mars in 2025?

    Is there still a battle between the Natives and Oil guys in the Dakotas? Is there still an ebola outbreak in Africa?

    Did they open the time capsule about Kennedys death that was supposed to be opened in 2020 after eveyone involved was dead? Did Lee Harvy Oswald act alone or was he really a patsi?

    What about the millions dying of Aides in Africa? Did they all die?

    What about all that debt in Greece? Did they go bankrupt? What about Italy? Did Spain who was on the edge of collapse financially figure it out?

    Whatever happened to those 2 Japanese fellas with a suit case full of American issued Bonds on Paper, totalling $50 Billion with President Kennedys signature on it who were arrested for Loytering in the Vatican? Did they buy bitcoin with them?

    What happened to the gang wars?

    Are we still looking for el’choppo?

    Will the Ball drop on New Years in Time Square or will this be the first year it doesn’t?
    What about all that stuff in Antarctica? What about all that cyber bully sensitivity?

    Did any of the 75 gender identitys catch Covid 19? Or was just the people who identify as Man and Woman?

    Who is John Gault?

    That is just a few questions I have.

  6. Sorry Boss. A few more questions.

    Is Fukushima still leaking radiation in the oceans?

    Did we ever figure out who Satoshi Nakamoto is?

    Where we at on Terrance McKennas time wave zero graph?

    Is all whats goint on karma for Project Camelot?

    If David Wilcocks is the reincarnation of Edgar Casey, how come he didn’t see his website crashing before it did for a week?

    Is glp still a Tavistock?

    If oil is only $40 a barrel how come Gas is still over $2 a gallon.? Last time it was $40 a barrel we were paying around a dollar.

    Did Durnbal Melchezidec ever figure out the 42+ 2 and the sacred geometrical grids under
    the planet to ascend our DNA?

    Did BARBARA MARCINIAK, and the Pleiadian’s liberate us from the evil lizzard shape shifter illuminate? Is all part of that process?

    Did the Fed ever get audited?

    Did love and light win?

    Where is that Matraya guy?

    I mean whats going on George? Where at on the Iron Mountain map of things???

    Or is all this shit going on just a new Meme? Another episode of the reality show “Life on Planet earth.” The grand distraction?

    Did J.R.  really asked Steve “Bum” Jones to shoot him so his “masterpiece” could play out, framing Cliff Barnes for his murder??

    Does Facebooks facial recognition software still identify me when I have a mask on?

    Is gluten still bad for ya? What ever happend to the revolutionary Atkins diet? The thigh master? The shake weight? The shamwow? The California Diet?

    Did skynet awaken?

    What about the scaler wars above you could see with Night Vision Glasess on? Did someone win?

    As I look off the back porch with the Dog. Its cold, raining, i have a hot cup of coffee and a cigerrette burning in the ashtray and it all is relatively peaceful.

    But i understand its not that way everywhere. But alot of stuff that was really big deals at the time,, that dont really matter much anymore. Lol just alot of unanswered questions.

    Nobody seems to care about anymore.

    I guess. Lol

  7. The evil of men after a little green piece of paper. .

    “Right after The INDICTMENTS..”

    There will not be any indictments!
    Remember ole Epstein…
    Remember these news stories from fake news from back in history . All of them covered over instead you see misdirected news coverage to persuade everyone to look at a different issue instead..

    The list goes on.

    Not to mention the stories of small human bones found off of Epstein island..or that every news story covering all of this vanished like a fart in the wind.
    For those wielding that kind of power they are immune to being touched.

    • They R ALL EVIL .

      RE: Head of German BanFin – Felix Hudfield COVERED UP – ANSU JAIN/DB ceo Libour Manipulation – remember the :”suicided” bankers who thru themselves off the rooftops – One even left an apology note “absolving” Jain in the letter. That letter was Covered Up later in another Trial involving Libor.

      The REAL QUESTION IS – WHY IS NOBODY TOUCHING THE EPSTEIN Money Laundering Operation????????????????????????????????????????????? at DB.

      Take a look at Pictures of Lord Chief Justice Ian Burnett – he who COVERED Up Deutsch Bank Bank – same EXACT LOOK as Mr Heath – legendary British Pedo..heard about his penchant for wearing metal claws during his pedo “dalliances’ ? – a very sick puppy indeed. MP Bob Neill covered for Burnett.

      Big Club – but apparently not big enough for Urban Survival readers……….Thankfully!

  8. Last two, What ever happend to the SGF’s? (Space Goats Farts) did they win?

    Is fluoride in our water system still bad for ya?


    Maybe, I need to put an extra squirt of colloidal silver on my fruit loops this morning. Since it used to be the cure for everything. Lol

    Im taking the dog for a walk.

    Later dude.

  9. It Could Only Happen To Me Dept:

    While I was wearing my “MASK TODAY,MARK TOMORROW” face diaper at Wal-Mart,my grocery bill totaled $19.84.

    Eric Blair has got to be Time’s Person Of The Year.

  10. Your bit the other day about Trump being able to handle bankruptcy while in office… bankruptcy is handled by attorneys. However, based on his previous filings, who better to guide us through the coming clusterfuck where everyone goes down that road?

    I watched maybe 15 min of the so-called ‘Comey hearing”… Between the news media outing itself as completely biased at the debate, democrats actually using BLM as proxies and the kid gloves the republicans use with Comey today – the two-tiered justice should be very apparent to most people.

    George Carlin is sorely missed…

    Frankly, I do not see a way out of either balkanization or collapse of the entire mess. Trump is not going to be able to govern unless there is some kind of government douche used to clean out the corrupt congress, FBI, DOJ and the other alphabets. He has made no appreciable headway – ONE indictment against a very minor guy with scads of released documents clearly showing laws being broken. He has had 3 years to do this, as both the DOJ & FBI are in his branch – he failed, for whatever reason.

    Meanwhile, Piglosi, Schumer, Schiff et al are continuing their screaming and screeching of ‘orange man bad. no matter what the issue and threatening to impeach, refusing to negotiate and so on.

    I watched part of the ‘debate’ last night – mistake. This must be another facet of bread and circuses while the central banks transfer the last of the shekels from the plebes.

    I just feel dirty and shit on when I turn on the TV – doesn’t matter any longer if it is C-SPAN or CNN or FOX – it’s all one continuous rolling ball of corruption, half-truths, lies and spin and it does not matter where you look. I always try to find an upside, but this year has truly been a shitshow and the government overreach established during the Covid mess has not abated.

    I got a feeling that about the only thing that might unite America is for government to start trying to take our guns or for the dollar to be refused as currency by the rest of the world.

    • “I just feel dirty and shit on when I turn on the TV” After 40 years working as a TV broadcast engineer, that is EXACTLY why I don’t watch TV anymore!

  11. Capt Peachfuzz –

    Me thinks U, Lenny&Squiggy and the rest of Crash crew took a Wrong turn ..AGAIN.

    R U guyz looking at the Charts upside down? The Market looks to be Crashing Up – must be End of The World (as we knew it) times – Whats Down is UP, and Whats Up is Down.

    Cash – nyet/inflation will eat it
    Gold&Silver – Bankers Call the Tune – good luck with that mobile payment system.
    Gov Bonds – ALL Sovereigns are BANKRUPT – keep printing geniuses..
    Stocks – Its Rigged – UP! how those SHORTS feeling today?

    TRUMP WINS 4 MOAR YEARS – WE KICK ASS – EVISCERATE “the deep state”, and get on with BEING GREAT! good riddance brennan,corney,clinton, podesta and the rest of the septic scum.

    TSS – there was Fritillary that flapped his Wings off beat late last week in Pennsyltucky, when She heard there was new more powerful D WAVE QUANTUM Computer just came on line..

  12. American Politics has evolved into just another riveting episode of Jerry Springer.

    You can quote me on that.

    Pass the mustard, George.

    • No argument Andy! I didn’t watch the “debate”, whatever it was, and have no idea if anyone won. As I see it, people’s minds are made up and we might as well have an election now.

      I got to hang out at my daughter’s place with the cat and watch TV for the first time in years. There are some science fiction series that I’d never seen. Binge watching one series was enough.

  13. Winter is approaching here in MI. Theaters, actual theaters and not cinemas, are asking for bailouts.

    The reasoning is one cannot open a theater and maintain social distancing of 6′-0″ in each direction of the patron.

    A 425-seat theater can ethically fit about 26 folks according to the standard COVID distancing rules. 26 customers won’t pay for the significant costs of putting on a show in these theaters.

    No profit – no heat = busted pipes an destruction.

  14. From an “old” observer: When will YOU complainers understand that’s NOT them who are to blame but it’s
    US the people, either too dumn or too lazy. Sorry! ;-)

    • “You get the Government you deserve”, Is very true. Years of inattention, apathy, tv watching.
      Letting your education end at the school gate. Not enough books read. Ignoring what your Government does to people overseas in your name.

    • I lived in Lake Stevens for 8 years, I lived in Arlington for 30. I will tell ya one thing forsure. I was seeing a girl who lived 3 blocks away from the first case of the Corona in the US. I dont care if ya like me or like my rants. Guess what Prepper D? Which you could be my stalker ex wife who lives in snohimish who still has our wedding pictures up on her Facebook page. If so, stop psycho. I aint interested.

      Everything that is unfolding now??? I wrote over 4 years ago in advance. George and I go way back about 15 years now. You have no idea who you are talking to. Lol I been at it for a long while. I been writing the world you live in in advance for a long time. No bones about that.

      Mindless ramblings? Maybe for someone mindless who can see past the end of their nose. Lol.

  15. Andy: Not sure what they heck you are smoking or drinking or where you are getting your information from…
    and you most certainly are NOT living in Seattle/Snohomish area – because what YOU write is NOT what the local news wrote, nor what the people who live in Snohomish experienced or saw (I live a mere 15 minutes away from Snohomish…)
    Not sure who all your audience is, but can guarantee that they, like I, do NOT have the attention span nor patience to scroll through all your meaningless writings. Save for some quality time in your life and skip these massive posting dude.

  16. Let me see. What’s my observation on the chants down with white supremacy.
    Whether its white supremacists, black militants, gang warfare or just a mean nasty person. If their intention is evil then its wrong.. it’s not just one ethnic group that has evil intentions..

  17. Comrades,

    Slow day at the Bureau?

    The NFL may postpone this Sunday’s Titans vs. Steelers game only a day or two following the revelation that 9 people in the Titan’s organization have allegedly just tested positive for covid-19? So why is there not at least a 14 day delay to serve as an isolation period and to pre-empt further virus spread?

    Speaking of ‘Niners, you’ll recall retired great Montana saved his grandson from kidnappers the weekend before last.

  18. One form of defense against many electronic media WMD’s is called the power switch. I used mine last night. It worked.

    The concept of everyone achieving their own personal utopia inside their own little technology bubble world, and the opposing concept of the new media WMD’s are all just modern updates on eastern consensus reality, applied at the individual level. Get enough people thinking the same way, the world changes.

    Unfortunately, resource allocation is always a spoiler. There is always a hard reality opposing consensus fantasy. The bottomless pocketbook does have a bottom, and euphoria swings to the other extreme when the meds can’t be afforded. Cardboard appliance box living is not really conducive to personal utopia.

    Given how pervasive the internet has become, and the affordability of basic comm devices like smartphones, it is difficult to insulate yourself from the media assault, regardless of how far you slide down the rabbit hole. Lack of deadbolts is not conducive to protection from external civil unrest sent in your direction by those new new-fangled WMD’s, either.

    I’ve had my own experiences with the fledgling media WMD’s, and lived. I think G___’s classifications need some refining, but conceptually, are sound.

    By the way, while we are asking lots of questions, do a lot of homes in Alaska have basements?

    • “By the way, while we are asking lots of questions, do a lot of homes in Alaska have basements?”

      I actually asked that question from my brother in law that works in that area as the one that approves building permits etc..

      He said there are a few but for the most part the perma frost is to deep so no they aren’t very common.. a stick built home is more expensive than a log home..log homes are harder to heat.. and even though there are a lot of homes built in the sticks.. they have just as hard of a time building a septic system.. and they are way more expensive..

    • “Cardboard appliance box living is not really conducive to personal utopia.”

      the difficult part is.. ( waterproofing) but it totally depends on how it is made.. when I worked at a large cabinet shop.. for the national home show we built a house out of cardboard … the thing would put most mansions to shame.. it was gorgeous and you would never have guessed that it was made out of cardboard …they hung a million dollars worth of cabinetry in it and people oogled and awed at the cabinet displays..where they should have been oogling and aweing at the display itself.. right down to the tables where they showed off the questionnaires and pamplets..
      I had been asked once years ago how I would construct emergency housing for victims of a hurricane.. I still amazed by the display we had made.. gave them an idea.. ( they never used it .. but this last summer I seen one made exactly the way I had mentioned that I would do it.. )
      but it totally depends on how its done.. cardboard is quite durable .. its biggest fault is being water proof..

    • “One form of defense against many electronic media WMD’s is called the power switch. I used mine last night. It worked.”

      Yeah, funny thing: I have this archaic piece of kit called a “power center.” It features a row of outlets across its back, and a row of corresponding switches across its front — plus a “master switch” which kills power to everything. When I hit the master switch, my “smart TV” has no Internet connection and draws zero watts and my computer has no network connection. When my phone is off, I don’t get disturbed by spam calls or dumb sh!t.

      I cannot count the number of times I’ve called a kid at 10 AM or 3 PM and they’re grumpy as hell because they got an inane phone call at 0-dark-30 and couldn’t get back to sleep — and so have a bad attitude for the entire day.

      Phone calls that are important:

      Someone was gravely injured
      You just became a litigant in a civil or criminal matter
      You are in the path of a tornado or nuclear meltdown, or otherwise in immediate danger

      etcetera… essentially any news which is immediate and actionable, affects you personally, and without action will become dangerous or have a sudden deleterious effect on your person, family, or fortune is important. Anything which doesn’t, isn’t.

      Gossip or “passing the time” is an exceedingly UN-important way of using a phone (OR the Internet, for that matter.) The “off” switch on a smartphone is the one thing I still do the “parental nag” about. So far, none of da kiddies has acquired a clue. If it’s important, they’ll call back. If it’s not, you’ve got one less thing added to your “time I’ll never get back” pile…

      The “OFF” switch works…

  19. Massive doses of bs spraying from the huge turbine . Gold pumping . Job lies . Covid gone . Trump all the flavour . What could go wrong ! The truth? Truly the most disgusting gangsters ever

  20. Boyz on . Signal is deflation . 25 years of yellow dog and it’s been hijacked by the boyz . And old salty moriarty loves it. The most selfish , neurotic , nascistic of all the salesman

  21. Says he loved Richard Russel . Not the only one pal . The great man would be turning in his grave

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