The "Jack D. Future" Show

Occasionally, in order to get across our somewhat unorthodox views, we will resort to fiction. We have done this with great success in our tales of Directorate 153.  In that series, fiction gave us great forewarning and still offers insight into what’s errantly called the “Deep State.”

That premise has been simple:  Hidden, within the rural Virginia area west of D.C. yet adjacent to a seldom-used long runway, lays a hypothetical deep underground military base.  From here, a series of high tech tools, including recovered artificial intelligence systems and time-predictive technologies, map America’s future.  And cause there to be changes in how present-day events roll out.  Thus, in the spirit of “continuity of government” offer a more proactive hand on “the tiller of time.”  More so than the former basement levels of the Greenbrier.

This morning, a new “thinking tool” is unveiled.  Which I hope you will find as useful as I have in constructing it.

Which we will get to right after a few headlines, and of course, an update on how the market outlook is doing headed into the post-Trump world.

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107 thoughts on “The "Jack D. Future" Show”

  1. Why George you hit it on the head it must true there must be a secret underground base there in Virginia with some secret potion that they use on the people, how else could so many stupid people get elected and re-elected term after term until it becomes their life career, and like the EverReady battery just keeps going and going until it looks more like a nursing home than a governing seat.!!

  2. …probably the dudes with The Display — which was, and is, predictive.
    Or their successors, with now decades of development since.

    As to the Event?

    Many years ago, then-credible “Scientific American” published an article with an unusually poetic title; “The Arrow Of Time.” In it, they examined if all processes truly were time-reversible, and concluded that there was, indeed, an Arrow — a direction or vector — in time that didn’t fit the then-Standard Model’s math. For the times it was a revolutionary and disturbing article. (I didn’t, and don’t understand it.) Interesting your guys are using it.

    But in large numbers, the behavior of people is quite predictable. If you know who Hari Selden and Susan Calvin are, then you grok.

    The next-week event?

    What would be the Most Amazingly Stunning? “Noteworthy?” “Developmental?”

    My guess:
    Trump — who now stands alone, a complete and total friendless pariah — isn’t Done.

    They know that. They fear that. As well they should.

    That’s why they’re furiously trying to “box him.”

    (To “Box.” A term from the TeeVee series,”Battlestar Galactica.”)


    • a great article as well… it is a favorite..

      Here is another one from a favorite library.. enjoy
      I have a book to.. called the arrow of time.. I am not sure if you can buy it.. it was a pretty rare book.. but you can get it on the arrow of time

      I think I found the book online to read.. besides archive.. here is the one point in time I was really interested in this stuff.. I think my fascination came about with the show the time tunnel..

      the time tunnel..

    • Yo Jorge,
      “She’s saying there will be some kind of HUGE event in the U.S. between January 18th to 22nd that will change everything. Like worldwide. Changing, well… Everything!”
      Could it be the truth will be revealed? All of the sordid, horrible wrongs committed against we the people, especially the children. My wife always thought I was a truthseeker and I have put it out into the future that all truths will be revealed. Has POTUS decided on the scorched earth policy? At this point, I think he has been cornered and could be very dangerous to the powers that were. Finished reading Kary Mullis’s book. Thoroughly enjoyed it, well written. Would love to know what other books are on your nighstand. Always seeking the truth in a rough and tumble world.

      • Like you Mark, I think E and I are a couple of them good hearted truth seeking people.

        Sadly, I have learned too many times the wisdom of my pal Jas: Americans seek pleasure (and hey, lots toss in ego grats!) They don’t seek Truth.

        Could we handle it?> I mean even the little itsy-bitsy on ufo disclosure in the no one read it bill?

      • “Could we handle it?> I mean even the little itsy-bitsy on ufo disclosure in the no one read it bill?”

        A great question.. I have heard things from people I know and trust.. about the incidences of the past.. My thought was that even though there are so many countries that have disclosed so much.. what if…what they would disclose was something we really wouldn’t want to know..
        Kind of like that other issue that was buried.. with a group in the NE and a certain hard drive…

      • In the last years of the Tsarist system in imperial Russia, there was much rumour and superstition afoot in the land. Magical things were reputed to have happened or going to happen. A savior was imminent.
        Much like the US today.
        You expect all your individual and collective karma for past actions taken or not taken, to be just swept away. All will be well.
        You are descending into the madness of an empire on its last legs, at least in its current form. Next up, a real and serious push against “Domestic Terrorists”. Thats you and your neighbor.

    • “But in large numbers, the behavior of people is quite predictable. If you know who Hari Selden and Susan Calvin are, then you grok.”

      And if’fn you don’t, you should…

      • For the laziest (yet rewarded for persistence) we flip to the Asimov Foundation Series wiki entry:

        “Hari Seldon is a fictional character in Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series. In his capacity as mathematics professor at Streeling University on the planet Trantor, Seldon develops psychohistory, an algorithmic science that allows him to predict the future in probabilistic terms..”

        And offer (as our focus in PN was this weekend) the message:

        If you can push the probabilities around with media in advance…

      • Dont need no psychohistory .

        – just grok Ureselve a yellow orion cube.

        U can “scroll” thru “scenes” of future past on one of these devices..

        how do you think the Simpsons creator does it ?
        sec society/mystery school – bogarting the future or so they think.

      • Thanks for bringing up the foundation….when I was young I was an Isaac Asimov fan…. great books.. kept a young mind wondering…Gave me a world to explore in my mind…

      • LOOB, I grew up on Asimov, Clarke, and Heinlein. Asimov’s “Foundation Trilogy” made a lasting impression, and “Hari Seldon’s” “psychohistory” forms the basis of my charting historical rhymes to deduce current and near-future social trends. My method is essentially a melding of a probability table which ranks all possible scenarios, with an historical table which shows past similar situations, their chosen resolution, and that resolution’s degree of success or failure. Animals are lazy — humans especially so. We apply past solutions to current problems because it’s easier than creating an ideal solution. The thing which separates the “whiz,” “genius,” or dominantly-successful from the rest of humanity is not raw intellect, but the ability to see the results of past solutions, and recognize they were not ideal…

  3. Must in Ure mind keep – Grasshopper – we are living in multiple timelines, so we can discern a winner in the future, but not an accurate score.

    It becomes a “knowing”, a general overall “feeling” , for this student.
    The other consideration is how much fuel(Qi) is on deposit @ Ure “lifebank”

    The super refined, golden like intelligent ener -Qi – not sick Qi, need to physically expel that shit..all thick gray and oozy, clogging meridians..

    R U currently cultivating(collecting&refining) Qi?
    ..helping others/doing good deeds, thinking positive thoughts(bright&open heart), virtue being the foundation, in a state of profound gratitude – living like the Christus?
    – taint easy, that is why No One can do it..hardly -just pay an intermediary to try and gain influence and forgiveness..hahahaha what a Sad joke – Forgive Ureselves First – its key.

    Think the war on the ground is heating up – war in the air is in full blown furnace mode – maybe thats why the polar vortex is splitting in two this Nat Gas?

  4. that is kind of scary….. the jack d future show

    It reminds me of when my grandson had somehow logged onto the cloud of a friends ipad… even though my friend had it rebooted to factory specs he had gotten on the cloud.. not only was the audio from their elexa and ceri .. but the video from their camera’s… it was all there.. anything and everything you wanted to know about them was available.. where they were from where their phones were.. to the video door bell files.. LOL everytime I added a photo to his ring doorbell file the doorbell would ring though LOL… and his contact and information all was editable on his phone computer etc.. that is some scary stuff there.. I cleaned it again reset it to factory specs and sent it back telling him to smash it destroy it.. do not give it away again..

    • How is that different from drilling, fracking, shale extraction????
      The phrase you ignorant remedial’s need to really wrap your tiny brains around in 2021 is the true meaning “false equivalency”.

      False equivalence is a logical fallacy in which an equivalence is drawn between two subjects based on flawed or false reasoning. This fallacy is categorized as a fallacy of inconsistency. Colloquially, a false equivalence is often called “comparing apples and oranges”.

      It has been the mantra of Prime time Fox News hosts for quite a while and it is disgusting. When Trump was criticized by anyone with a brain, the right wing nut jobs false equivalency in the beginning was for charlatans at Fox to spew some nonsense about Hillary. Well, Hillary never has been President, thank God. She is not the voice of the left..:Not even close. Many hate her as they hate Trump. Remember, she gave the left Trump. Therefore, that’s a false equivalency.

      Gaslighting electric cars and battery technology by saying we have to mine minerals is a stupid argument. Duh! Of course they have to mine. Once in the life cycle of that battery.

      With oil products the pollution keeps on giving from drilling, to refining to exhaust from cars and trucks. You can’t win this argument. All electric cars and trucks are trying to do is eliminate the pollution from everyday travel. We will always need fossil fuels for heavy industry. People with minds far smarter than all of you just want balance. If balance Is achieved in all aspect of our lives, wouldn’t we all be much happier and productive?

      • And the balance of “ignorant remedials” to the truly enlightened as yourself? Will it be necessary to “balance” that? It is part of the “all aspects of our lives”, right?

      • I have to somewhat agree..

        I have always said use what we have but embrace future energy sources.. be the tree..promote solar wind and still use coal gas.. I am against nuclear power plants.. we dont know enough about it and waste disposal is a nightmare..

      • Mark, you’re the one who is disgusting with your sophomoric stupidity. We sure do need to mine minerals to manufacture car batteries, and if the car lasts beyond the life of its battery, then you’re looking at a whole 2nd cycle for a fresh battery. AND don’t forget the pollution from generating the power to recharge it!

      • West coast…you can repurpose a battery and Tesla is producing a million mile battery. That is huge…there is no equivalency to that on fossil fuels. It’s a one mile for one mile depletion.

        One of the premier EV battery recycling companies is Li-Cycle, a Canada-based company that uses advanced recycling technologies that can recover up to 100 percent of lithium from lithium-ion batteries. In the United States, California-based Redwood Materials and Retriev Technologies also recycle materials from old batteries. OnTo Technology, based in Oregon, is also pioneering advanced battery recycling processes.

        Of course…you speak out of ignorance so…in that case, we will never erase the [gaslight redact] you people until you educate yourself. .

      • I think George should ban you – ignorant remedial’s – offends and the Dude must abide. See how that free speech platform works? Prolly not.

      • Mark, when I challenged your belief about our future energy options, and suggested, the film “Planet of the humans” would provide FACTS, and scientific reasoning as a starting point, i asked that you respond with facts not opinion.
        So where are the facts.

      • Elaine and I watched it – and it was Michael Moore being better at judging facts than I’ve ever seen him before.
        But hey…we just keep adding solar…

      • “Gaslighting electric cars and battery technology by saying we have to mine minerals is a stupid argument. Duh! Of course they have to mine. Once in the life cycle of that battery.”
        With the addition of a new layer of electric car tech, the traffic will just get worse. Unless of course, the “minds far smarter than all of you,” decide to eliminate fossil fueled vehicles by just declaring them to be deplorable and arbitrarily hunt them down and remove them by declaring them illegal to operate. Or perhaps, confiscating them… for our own good-of course.
        [redacted – good discussion of power and electrics took the high dive into politics and I’m sick of that – sorry – G\].

      • Over here, you can see the real cost of “average power” by state. California for Tesla pilots if 18.31 cents while in Texas, the hybrid types are paying 11.44-cents.

        No we’ll let you in on a little secret: This is the stuff Oilman2 and I laugh about all the time when he brings some of that Everclear reinforced plum wine he makes over.

        Remember the Volkswagen Beetle? 53 horsepower. Got about 28-mpg when driven by LFG (lead footed George)

        Now let’s look at a Tesla: If driven in the same manner it would need 53 HP to keep up.

        How many horsepower in a kilowatt-hour? (745 watts is one horsepower).

        Put another way: 53 horsepower (for o9ne hour) is 39,450 Watt hours. Or 39.45 kilowatts.

        Which (times the going rate) is $7.23 worth of energy in California. Less in Texas, $4.52.

        But, Triple A pegs the price of gas statewide in The Lone Star at $2.19 statewide this weekend. While in California the average GASOLINE was $3.46 per gallon.

        To be sure, regulators have been whipped-on in order to provide EV drivers with preferential rates.
        But, what few talk about called source-shifting. Which means people who have to be online at peak time (work, due to cv and the gig econ) are actually subsidizing the midnight car charging class. Sweet, huh?

        Again, the burdens of the rich shifted onto the average. With a sweet siren’s song. And the price on a per horsepower comparison is not even close.

        People all get to make up their own minds on this stuff, of course. But I was part of the team that did the HEV Challenge instrumentation 20+ years ago when EV’s were not yet a capitalist PowerPoint.

        Gotta ask: Can a lightweight electric use less than 53 HP? Sure, leave the lights and a/c off and… BUT a VW can be down-jetted down to 20 HP, too. And what Tesla driver goes 0-60 in 15-seconds, except for obstructing traffic ahead?

        No, climate was, is, and continues to be a making-up jobs deal, so let’s call it what it is. Going hand in hand with making up money. And “load shifting” onto little people.

        I love electrics, don’t get me wrong. But subsidies don’t change underlying costs. You don’t think Ure (or OM2) could homebrew an HEV in a flash? That’s the comparison with gas. It’s a worse comparison with diesel. In case you forgot: diesel produces 147,000 BTUs compared to 125,000 BTUs of a gallon of regular gas.

        Sort of like Seasonal Adjustments to unemployment number don’t keep the government from cutting a million benefit checks. It just all makes us “feel better”

        And by god, that’s what it has become, isn’t it?

        Ure the Bully

      • “You don’t think Ure (or OM2) could homebrew an HEV in a flash? That’s the comparison with gas. It’s a worse comparison with diesel. In case you forgot: diesel produces 147,000 BTUs compared to 125,000 BTUs of a gallon of regular gas.”

        My “angle” (in the early 1970s) was solar/hydrogen/turbine and I may know a little about each. ‘Still PO’d that I can’t get me grubbies on a Lupo 3L, on this side of the lake…

        BTW George, for today’s exercise in “ludicrousness:”

        Twin-Engined VW Lupo With 1,800 HP Is The Ultimate Franken-Car

  5. Is that true about the years ending in zero? I didn’t know that. Lol if so, learn something new every day.
    Funny I stumbled upon this last nigt when I found that rock-a-feller pdf I sent ya last night about the Virus Campaign and reorganizing SOC’s.

    Wonder if it’s the same astrology person on the greek T.V show. Lol

    When a company who bases it’s product on giving a platfrorm to the Masses for having a voice has more power than a sitting US president or a US citizen to silence any opposition voice to its agenda at making profits? That is called a Corporatocracy. Corporations in the USA have more rights than it’s citizens.

    Anyone still thinking this is a Republicans Vs Demecrats situation?
    Experiancing warped thinking.

    I don’t care if ya like Trump or not. I already know, they are scared. One thing watching thousands and thousands of Hockey games and being a player in my youth taught me, “They don’t send the Goons out when they are winning the game. They only send out the Goons when they are loosing.”

    Rumor has it 19 laptops were stolen from Nancy Polosi’s office and others.

    Pushing the 25 amendment 240 hours before he steps down anyway? Those who been on Capitol Hill for a long time? They are shitting their pants. If they weren’t? They wouldn’t even suggest such an idea. Facts yo!

    Cue: ~ Loves what I got ~

    Clique 116!

    • Of course, they are scared I see the body guards of Graham ushered him out of an airport where he was waiting to catch a plane, because there were some red caps among the others waiting to.

      Like Trump or not he’s set in motion something that can’t be stopped and is long overdue. Of course terrorism as Rumsfeld said is good for 100 years that means all kinds of sucker plays are in motion and as they love to say “everything is on the table” except meat for the American people, for that has to go to pay for the gender studies over in Pakistan where they don’t seem to know there is only two genders a man and a woman, the rest are all off shoots that people like to try just so they can say they are a lot different and parade up and down the street, we used to lock them up, but now they let them run free because there’s no chance of them mating and multiplying.!!

      • Congress should be frightened when they pass huge wasteful bills that they haven’t even read.

        “Spraying Alcoholic Rats With Bobcat Urine” Included In Sen. Rand Paul’s “Festivus Report” detailing $54.7 Billion In Wasteful Spending During 2020

        Don’t also forget spending money “Walking Lizards on Treadmill and the study about eating ground up bugs. Guess if the $600 stimulus isn’t enough to provide food, we can eat bugs. Will George provide some great recipes for bug eating? LOL

      • Thank God you mentioned this. Zeus the Cat was putting in q requisition for case after case of Tito’s Texas Vodka and we were damned if we couldn’t figure out what he was up to.

        Found a copy of his patent application for “Spraying Texas Foxes with Cat Urine” as his latest filing. All is clear now and we even understand why he sleeps to much and staggers from time to time…

      • “Congress should be frightened when they pass huge wasteful bills that they haven’t even read.”

        RJ…. you gave me a thought… dam… and all this time it has always been right in front of us…It reminded me of a gent I went through boot camp with.. when I was on my way home I ran into him at the Ohara airport.. anyway I asked you going home.. nope retiring from the military.. how in the heck did you do that.. seems he was in charge of his own records LOL…
        Lobbyists hand congress a bill fill it with all sorts of drivil and give it a good name that sounds good take the congressman to lunch and get it passed.. how hard would it be to hire a lobbyist to write up some profound sounding piece of shizt.. but in it put down that the govt.. like all the other bills do.. have them make payments on a yearly base to an individual…. call it a mobilization to prosperity bill or something.. LOL..they don’t read it.. all they care about is what the lobbyist is going to give them to get it done.. and we could actually have them sending out a six hundred dollar a week stimulus to everyone in the state for the rest of their lives.. and it is just an act of congress..
        I was surprised anyone was at the capital the other day at all.. I remember the day I sat up in the balcony. My plan was I was going to watch congress hard at work debating issues back and forth while they were in session and the only one on the floor was the dumb janitor and the joker at the desk in the front LOL thats the hardest working group of all..

  6. Good article today! A platform for cooperative play, autonomous omniessence. Hmmmm. Who’d a thunk?

    Ya know everyone I have talked to whose had the Rona, says they lost their sense of smell for a few months even after they didn’t have it anymore.

    I still haven’t caught it, and I tried for a while to catch it. Guess that russian sounding chick from the CDC was right. “No Rona for you. You can’t get it.” Maybe. That sperm bank donation I gave is paying off after all. Ha ha ha.

    Later dude. Gotta get while the gettings good. Hit it and quit it.

    I noticed that Facebook made it so you can delete your posts anymore on its platform. It stores them for 30 days now and then they get auto deleted. So I’m not on Facebook anymore. They didn’t notify anyone of a change of policy. They just changed it.

    “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it.” As the masses addicted to the spiritual fast food found in memes find their way to the other church of Parler. Lol

    No thanks. I got a jet to catch. I have moved so much in the last 2 years and haven’t had a license plate on my car in 6 months let alone a verifiable address or a consistent phone number if they go looking for me? I don’t know where I would be so good luck to them as well. Life is always in motion.

    • Uhem. Can’t delete your posts anymore. They go into a bin that auto deletes them after 30 days. Lol wonder why facebook did that and without notice? Lol seems an odd thing to do at this time and moment in history.

      • Less control for the user, more for FB. I read recently that the ability to store data just got better, so it’ll all be saved for future reference, should you ever make an infraction and they need to reach deep into the past to find something to nail your butt with. Theoretically, of course. The US gov wouldn’t ever do that, right?

    • Wife and I had the China virus about six weeks ago and didn’t realize it until we temporarily lost our sense of smell and taste. Merely had mild sniffles and fatigue for about 5 days, no fever at all. We feel great now but sense of smell and taste have been very slow to return. No, we do not see the need to be inoculated at this point.

    • Andy,

      The beautiful people are sorting out the world in Clubhouse beta as we speak. It rocked my day to read Mr. Fortune’s foil, Jenna the Realtor, fly into Manassas to “storm the Capital”(sic). According to the blog “Candy’s Dirt”, Ms. J. was quoted as saying a rich friend had spotted her party the ride to Virginia. His fleet appears to be registered to an address at a historic downtown Tulsa skyscraper at one time deeded to The Boy Scouts of America.

      Ms. J. looks to be pretty riled at her “neighbor”, @maveryleans, for throwing her under the bus on social media. It’s quite the catfight. Maybe Clarisse can mediate?

      • As one of the far-out notions here: Are such events staged in order to spot new talent for HWd, Social, News interviews, and to provide ongoing grist in legal coverage – monetizable up the wazoo?
        Hmmm… Tune in around January 2oth for the next round contestants played by partisan fools from all quarters play the next exciting version of “America’s Got Riot!”

    • If the best you can do for this crowd is offer up some propaganda from CNN then maybe you should just quit.

      • Not propaganda if there is visual and hard evidence right in front of your [redact]eyes to support it you [redact]. Forget COVID-19, being [redact] is the new pandemic.

      • Can everyone pay attention to my fine efforts to get everyone thinking about breaking bread instead of sounding like a Venezuelan chorus line on all sides?
        Did Trump encourage – on tape/video – anyone to BREAK A LAW? I didn’t see that. “Make yourselves heard” doesn’t pass the law dictionary. And Emily Post ain’t around the judge…

      • “Not propaganda if there is visual and hard evidence right in front of your [redact]eyes to support it ”

        Say George.. did you get the video made up yet of the staypuff marshmallow guy tossing marshmallows at that place in Tenn yet LOL LOL LOL…

        What you see.. is not always what is true…..

        none of that is true.. it was a kind of war of the worlds video film..

      • “if there is visual and hard evidence right in front of your [redact]eyes to support it”

        this one is better Mark….. I totally love it.. that is also why I read several papers and broadcasts not just one… I didn’t see DJT ask anyone to go do crimes either.. but then I haven’t been paying much attention to the news lately its all the same old stuff..
        Now I have to go watch the war of the worlds LOL….

      • Don’t feed the troll starve him out for he likes publicity, he posts all over the place and most simply ignores him hoping it will go a-way.!!!

  7. project looking glass concluded that all possible time lines reconverged to one outcome. Those overseeing (the controllers) were freaking out, trying to change it
    @21 min buying /creating the future @23 min he talks about 2 master chess players sitting at the board, THE END IS UNESCAPABLE
    anyway an interesting topic
    on another note why is barky Marky freaking out if he won? Why is nasty Nancy needing to impeach again. Markie gets insider info from Lincoln Project coup traitors, they is scared. Yes I know ,are, is the proper verb, or is it?
    Q is on the loose, Q said military, military answers to civilian control via the US Constitution,,, the sitting President! Evil fears LIGHT and gutless cowards fear the truth, you can not control those who know what you know
    Twatter has suspended all the accounts that I follow except Tom Fitton. Q warned US about the big tech blackout, mask monkeys can bad mouth Q all they want, I don’t give a F. Q has done more to expose the God damn pedophiles and their evil Satanic ways than all the so called news media combined
    I am not using God’s name in vain! I am calling on Him to damn those pedophiles, HUMAN TRAFFICers will be dealth with and sent to him
    STORM WARNINGS, patriots have popcorn at the ready, movie time, Guardians of the Pedos is now playing(CONgress) is protecting the pedos and my senator is one of them guards(bad boy)
    This is not a good time for a sitting congressman to be caught with their greasy mitts in a chinese fortune cookie jar,, like ole smellwell. The majority of our leaders are dirty, that is why it will take the military to cleanup via tribunals. It is wrong WAY WRONG to conspire with foreign countries or the Vatican to over throw a duly elected president[Dominion voting machines is a puzzle piece], tic tok my friends. My money says Biden misses the swearing in, time is SHORT. The End Times is not the end of time, just the the end of a very bad and long era of humanity being owned and controlled. poles/polls do flip, sine waves go positive and negative in turns
    George, is Jack or the sales caller, carbon or silicon based?

      • George, why do you even recognize nut jobs like Other Brother. Do you realize just how deranged he sounds?
        Now, about Jack Dorsey… Google (You Tube) and Facebook all banning Trump and his band of boobs…They are all non Government entities. They can ban anyone they want, especially those that are anti-ethical to the American values we uphold as citizens. If restaurants can ban someone with no shirt and no shoes, they get no service. It’s also a health issue if someone does try to enter a restaurant that way. The MAGAboobs have no brains or no moral fiber, therefore, they get no service by being de-tweeted. It’s also a danger to this country when people tell pants on fire lies for their own financial gain and self interest. When 62 judges, Republican Governor’s, Sec. of States, and top Federal election officials say it was the safest and most secure election in the history of the United States…common sense says…Believe them. Why aren’t those same people storming the Georgia Capital crying foul on the victories of those two Democrat Senators? I will tell you why…Because…That election was double squeaky clean based on the fact that more eyes were on it and guess what happened? GOP list the Senate. You see…this entire election, as proof of the Georgia Senate race was a protestation of Trump himself! People are sick and tired of his idiocy and narcissistic and fascist rule.

        Sadly…Instead, people are listening to whack jobs like Trump cult followers like Lin Wood, who has a history of mental issues. Today he asked the MAGABoobs to execute VP Pence by a firing squad. This is a real Tweet. He had thousands of supportive tweets and likes on that statement. Is this who we have become? Trump and his family called the people who breached the security on our capital Patriots. He said he loved them. If something really horrible happened that was illegal, or a clear danger to the existence of this country, that was clearly an issue based on hard evidence I may be able to understand the Rally part…But each and every one of those insurrectionists were rioting based on false pretenses. They believe despite zero evidence that the election was stolen. It WAS NOT!

        You can’t brush this under the rug by not taking a stance. I am successful at my job because I take stances for the betterment of my clients. I overly research, mentor, cooperatively negotiate to bring all parties together for a smooth transaction. Look at my testimonials George…I base my success on facts, not assumptions.

        The 74.2 million that voted for Trump needs to do the same. Fortunately, most have accepted the outcome, but there are still a few million out there that just don’t have the capacity to learn. They want to believe some anonymous Q- weirdo in the attic with zero credentials. There is no equivalent to this attack on America, so don’t even make idiotic comparisons. This is now!

        And now, we are in the situation we have now.

    • Mark has all the facts and the “Other side”, do not. wow. His own “side” are right in all things. A simple duality. Very Religious in its appeal.
      I am so glad I do not live in a country infested with such attitudes. Your country will absolutely descend into a nasty intolerant Hard police state in short order. You are currently living the soft version. You Mark will not escape the effects.

      • A fair point…yes, we can go Allende or Venz. Hell of a choice. I would have picked Singaporean or Tibetan…but seems no one is asking or waiting for answers…

        Moderation in all things. Cept Capt’n Morgan 100 today, lol

  8. Lt. General Thomas McInerney is entertaining, but I would tend to view his overall credibility as only slightly better than Mark’s. In fairness to the General, I would acknowledge that Mark normally isn’t even a little entertaining.
    If the intelligence services or the DOJ have anything in hand which can be used to throw cold water on the continuing rancor, they need to play it.
    Trying to wring a vast conspiracy and/or patriotic victory out of civil disobedience by a crowd of intellectually impaired wingnuts dressed like they took a wrong turn going to a Vikings game is the sort of BS which has basically caused me to stop believing any version of anything coming from any wingnut source right now. This is what all of it sounds like to me:

    • Lol lol lol lol…. I had a record just like that one N____. we use to put a penny on it to keep it

    • So…do you believe Dan [redacted]

      [redact note: Urban is about a) making money by keeping ahead of long wave economics and b) living the good life while it lasts. I will be aggressively censoring everything now directly related to a principal in news stories involving politics. Reference anything Trump says, or anything Joe and Kam say. But references to third-parties of any sort further the “Everything’s a business model” which politics has become.”

      Namely promising $2,000, delivering $600, and then stooging out with distractions to ignore the money points of the deal.

      This is NOT a site about Donald (short-timer) Trump. Refer to our Site Trump Policy. And like 4-1-1 information used to say “Please make a note of it.” – cranky George who is sick of political shit which has to be read, considered and dealt with while I could be chasing Elaine or playing out on the range…”

      • ” Namely promising $2,000, delivering $600, and then stooging out with distractions to ignore the money points of the deal.”

        Well… Mark. all I can say is all he can do is suggest.. if you really wanted to fix them promoting option 2 then they would have to send out twenty five grand.. or more.. as a landlord you know that if you have a tennant that hasn’t had an income and hasn’t paid his rent in six months that you don’t want him in the office.. it is the same.. you are without you still have those expenses to pay and he or she is without.. BUT .. It is Congress that actually made the decision not to send it out.. and I totally understand why.. where are they going to get it.. what is the ending affect on society.. and the economy.. its kind of like a brittle diabetic.. their blood sugar tanks you give them orange juice or glucose tablet etc.. they spike back up.. which is what a big payout like that would do.. it would rise everything right away push the noodle along.. but if the diabetic doesn’t eat something after that initial rise.. they will tank big time.. and that is worse than before..just like the economy..
        Trump even though you hate him with a passion did try his very best to get industry back bring back jobs and tax incoming goods and services.. he was relentlessly attacked starting before he even took office.. and even though this mess and his personal issues with his image ( he is a narcisist arrogant and boastful with reason.. he has lost it all and learned and regained it all..he can see a negative subliminal even though he may not know that is what he is viewing. He is opinionated and not worried about sharing what he feels.. ).. IMHO.. he has done more for the country than any other president to date. I wished he would have gotten the fence done.. but now we have a congress that will invite everyone to just jump on over and then give them the best paying jobs with the best benefits and they don’t even have to pay taxes…
        the other president I like after reading what I have that tried to do the country good and in my honest opinion was a really good president that had the countries needs in mind was Jimmy.. and he was tanked by Congress to.. If he would have gotten the policies through that he wanted we wouldn’t be facing what we are today..( go ahead bring up double digit inflation.. his plan was to have everyone pay equal taxes.. congress tossed the middle class under the bus and cause the whole thing. But if he had gotten his balanced budget plan through with equal taxation we would have had the tough eighties like we did but wouldn’t be facing the cliff like we are. Of course that is just how I see it.. instead we got a president that sent away jobs and gave congress the right to bankrupt us..paid to big to fail bankers the money…)
        My personal feelings are ,Since we keep voting in the same old group over and over again to congress.. well then I feel we deserve everything they hand us and say.. Thank you sir may I have another..

  9. George…. seriously now… I think you need to ban Mark. Not just because he is a tiresome, rabid, ad-hominem troll, but because he seriously needs a taste of his own medicine.

      • I know you too have a base…but admit don’t censor me…(although you did censor comments made at me) because you are a very brilliant mind with a conscience. Nobody in their right mind can think [redact: he went off into politics again. It’s Sunday. Snow in the forecast. Shop Talk column to writer. Election was two months ago. Done and done.]

  10. Mark, [redact] You don’t know, despite you intolerable insistence, that everything was squeaky clean. Evidence is emerging that proves otherwise, [redact]. As for me, it seems very clear the establishment politicos are mostly all corrupt and don’t want anyone or anything interfering with their global agenda. Sorry G, someone has to respond [redact].

    [G notes: I began with a red pencil, upped it to a red Sharpie, then a can of spray paint, and soon I will be “going twitter and FB’]

    • These comments make our souls dark.

      What can anyone say here that will inspire?

      How about a few posts with facts we can agree to.

      select attributes from people where thinks like @a
      select attributes from people where thinks like @b

      I will start.
      math is fun…
      1 + 1 = 2

    • “[G notes: I began with a red pencil, upped it to a red Sharpie, then a can of spray paint, and soon I will be “going twitter and FB’]”

      I suggest a power painter and 55gal drums…

      THIS is why I do a moratorium on news at this time of the “political unseasoned.”

      Most of us are of above-average intelligence, but the political climate is SO polarizing that it is dominating our thought, to the detriment of all. Why?

      Creepy Joe is GOING to be our President in a week and a half. He has already stated he is going to reverse Trump’s tax cuts and impose new taxes, would like to lock-down the entire Country for 100 days, and may stuff the Courts.

      What are y’all going to do to ensure that whatever the Biden Administration does, doesn’t put you in bankruptcy court?

      This is a FINANCE site and forum. As long as everyone is playing the “my side won” or “your side cheated” game, ain’t anyone except our host offering up any analysis of what’s going on from a financial standpoint, and nobody’s proffering any solutions or potential courses of action. George won’t offer solutions for us, because he doesn’t offer financial advise, and as long as everyone is treating the Election as a competitive sporting event, no one is going to pay attention to things which are actionable, by us, for our own personal benefit.

      I don’t like the Election result or the potential outlook either, but please, get over it! Let’s work on damage control, not causing further damage or division…

      • I concur. There needs to be a cooling off period between now and say, a week after the election. The discourse here is starting to sound like the ZH comments section.

  11. Your epic event Jan 22 -25 could be most intense stock market crash ever seen. After reading Prechter , who insists that market HAS to hit bottom in 2021, and therefore has to start falling asap to get to the bottom in one year, that’s my guess.

    Oh, and ‘Tequisla’ (‘Tesla’ excuse my artistic license, my mind is still on that flaming Cointreau meal that I must try some day) is part of the extreme overvaluations in U.S. tech stock:

    Tequila, 1958, performed by The Champs

    Quake or volcano tiredness??? Mt Merapi more active than ever …..

  12. Please stop arguing about nonsense. In 50 years from now probable all of us readers are gone. In
    100 years from now all of humanity may have been gone, because we are too many on this planet, consuming too much w/o regard for our own environment. Mother nature may have plans in store to end it all for humanity, IMHO.
    Btw. Many who are educated already know that we can’t go on like this w/o suffering consequences.

    • Of course all of this is OLD news that all of us have read and re-read.. but it gives an insight to the comment by choices..

      “The elderly are useless eaters.”
      – Henry Kissinger

      quoted in the book The Final Days

      “Military men are ‘dumb, stupid animals to be used’ as pawns for foreign policy.”
      – Henry Kissinger

      quoted in the book The Final Days

      “Depopulation should be the highest priority of foreign policy towards the third world, because the US economy will require large and increasing amounts of minerals from abroad, especially from less developed countries.”
      – Henry Kissinger

      National Security Memo 200, dated April 24, 1974

      “Today Americans would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence.

      It is then that all peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil.

      The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.”
      – Henry Kissinger

      speaking at Evian, France, May 21, 1992 Bilderberg meeting.

      Unbeknownst to Kissinger, his speech was taped by a Swiss delegate to the meeting.

      “Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac.”
      – Henry Kissinger

      quoted in the book The Final Days

      Now good sir, Dr. Kissinger, do you indeed have no honor? Sir? Who can justify such things?

      Oh I know for certain that the tongue is a two edged sword – an instrument of division and sin, but OH DR. KISSINGER!

      Surely you jest?

      You’d have the elderly starve, Los Angeles invaded after an orchestrated subversive plot, and enjoy the thrill of it all?

      • I’m serious, and dont call me Shirley.

        kissinger – that evil POS -“vrilled years ago..

        rumored to have kept one, “repto”, as a pet..

        -nasty, cold blooded, vicious -requiring blood meals ??

        strangerdayz indeed – or was that montauge ?

  13. In terms of Internet services/resources Trump is quickly being locked out.

    Twitter & Facebook. App stores are axing Parler (too late anyway). Trump Campaign email services are suspended.

    I bet all his online content is deleted soon. An online unperson if you will.

    I wonder if Trump will be omitted from the historic record. Bush/Obama/Biden.

    • It has become a facet of those Nations of the world lately, to use power of media to preemptively bury people.

      Brother Alexi in Russia, mention of HK rights actives in CCP social, and (in the same context) Trump in CorpSocial in the west.

      Peoplenomics subscribers may access out long-ago vision of how social media is a scam by page-searching Master Index II “time circular” as related to business models.

      And here we are: Almost a decade early, but Urban has persisted without reliance – and therefore control – by externalities we didn’t elect to censor the future.

  14. My My it will be interesting when Riot season gets here. I can only laugh when the withholding exceeds the earnings on the Pay Checks somebody has to pay for all of the new Programs occur.

  15. “…it’s looking to us like the Impeachment II drive starting Monday is a distraction from actually working on the undersized “stimulus.” Bait and switch, is it? Again, fools on the hill solving non problems. Trump will be out 240-hours from noon Sunday.”

    No, but it IS “political theater.” There is no possible way to successfully impeach a President in a week, unless the Party in-power completely denies due process to the President’s defense team (they did this damn’ near completely the last time, and the process still took many weeks…) Therefore, there has to be a different motive: Trump didn’t drain the swamp, but he seriously hurt the crooked machinery under which it functions. TPTB want to so-damage Mr. Trump (and Eric, Junior, and Jared K. if possible) that none of them would be able to run in the future and finish the job.

  16. I’m looking forward to watching my Southern neighbors these next four years. As FDR supposedly said after appointing Joe Kennedy as head of the SEC in 1930 – “It takes a thief to catch a thief”.

    I’m adding “How to Change Your Mind” by Michael Pollan to my reading list. Don’t burn the toast.

  17. You seeing this George? Pakistan Power grid failure 200 million without power and the Lights just went out at the Vatican.

    Now, some say I’m crazy. But I think it was a year or so ago I was seeing the Blackouts. And it seemed at the time. Really pressing stuff.

    And now we experiancing power outages around the globe. Anyone know when the last time the Vatican’s light went out? Perhaps it was in The Dark Ages.

    Rim shot! Kids got jokes.

    I’m joyful as F!

    I’m way ahead of the game… Anyone who is paying attention is. Pay attention!

    Wonder if Dad’s Back? Father of Creation. Not the Demerge or the Archons, they were just trusted with creation. This is Dad’s planet. Lol. The Big Kahuna, AloHim as the Gnostics like to say.. the ready just aeons. Lol

    Everyone wants doom until it’s time to do some doom shit.

    Like I said, I’m the Master of my own thoughts. I’m just joyful as F!


  18. Interesting to read the freedom loving patriots (ostensibly) on here calling for an articulate contributor to be banned simply because he has opinions contrary theirs.
    Thank you, George, for allowing a wide variety of opinions on your site.

    • The only thing articulate about him is his endless lack of knowledge, his lack of patriotism, his thinking of what’s good for him but well feed the rest cake.

      This bird is a very useless person he cares nothing for all the hardworking people suffering under the virus while he rambles on about Trump. I wonder who his next whipping boy will be for one like him always needs someone to demonize to try and prove his superiority.!!

      • He is “unpatriotic”? Because he thinks Trump is a terrible president who is self serving and a complete idiot? If that’s the definition of “unpatriotic”, well then, I guess most of the US is “unpatriotic”

    • Its curious that conservatives speak of freedom and truth, yet, their philosophies “mathematically” limit to higher levels of control.

      Name a freedom that conservatives have given?

      More voting?
      Free weed?
      Right to control body?
      Free speech?
      Better porn?
      Fewer prisons?
      Legalized work for foreigners?

      Name one.

  19. George,
    I truly believe that Walking Buzzard’s ultimate goal here is to create so much Hell, hate and havoc that you’ll ultimately throw your hands up and go into retirement thus silencing another small bastion of conservative thought. Such would be a feather in his cap among his comrades. Regardless how much respect you have for his business acumen he’s digital Antifa.

  20. About those UFOs / UAPs.

    Yep. They exist.

    They are not ours.

    They kinda get in the way sometimes, especially when they hang around military training ranges, and areas where military flight activities are taking place.

    But mostly, they hang around, seemingly watching us.

    Sometimes alone, often in groups – pairs or multiples of pairs.

    There are different sizes – small at 6-8 feet, medium size in multiples of tens of feet, and then there are some megas.

    Shapes vary. But tend to fall into categories.

    Terrestrial? Extraterrestrial? Who knows. That remains a key question.

    But at the same time, that’s kinda a “so what” because, we, and the Russians (at least) can’t yet do what they can do. That is, our technology levels are such that we cannot yet duplicate the flight /motion characteristics of the UAPs.

    Should we be scared? Maybe, but they just seem to be watching, and not intent on making us go away.

    Why? Nobody knows.

    When the report goes to Congress, that’s what it will generally say.

    I’m not Q. Call me R.

    • For reasons unspoken (except a useful context here is that I’m a whack job in the woods working on hacking space-time) everyone needs to hear what R. says. Extraordinarily sourced data-based view.
      Makes even Globalism, TDS, and movements totally irrelevant.
      This is the higher context.

  21. And if you want some comedy read Mohamed el guru at the 321 car yard . Hillarious. Hey Georgie boy ? Why did the first sashimi tuna at 2021 market sale sell for 90 percent less than 2020 . Cook up a good story there boy

    • 90% less as in only 10% of what was paid in 2020? Maybe it’s because the 2020 fish are still in the freezer because of the pandemic keeping people at home, or the Japanese fleets are sinking the competition and overfishing the tuna? Please tell us the rest of the story as it may shed insight on similar supply and demand (or gluts and shortages) in Australia or the U.S. BTW, what did the second sashimi tuna sell for?

  22. 2nd tuna I think never reached market. 2 much frozen eh ? No supply chain problem there. Never heard of frozen tuna . A better topic of discussion are bond yields. Like what is the reality of inverted markets

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