The “High-Photon Diet” (Part 2)

Binary beats of a light/lambda sort as Bonghan-ducts is our topic of focus today.  Sure, we’ll do the basics of the charts and headlines (full moon, lunation, and lunacy in general).

But the Bonghan (or more properly bong han ducts, may be thought of as the human bodies equivalent to “light pipes.  Except that’s where some claim to have sighted the sanal – which in Chinese translates as “live egg” and this whole study of bong-han ducts arose from 1962 in (of all places), North Korea.  [Maybe there is “balance” in Universe after all?]

Recently, it has been renamed the  primo vascular system. [PVS] Found not only in the skin and along.,..wait!  We’re only giving too much away in the preview here.

After a few EOTW (End of the World) headlines and proof that social media is a disease vector for temporary insanity, and the ChartPack, we’ll kick around why lighting up the bong-han‘s may be a good reason for our Photon-Diet to work.

No podcast today. It’s summer and I need the extra time in the cool hours this morning to get a lot of things done around here. The “hot hours” have been going into research.

We may have some tropical storm residue come through Sunday or Monday. And that means a bit busier than  usual. 

There are  seven fifty-pound bags of compost and a bag of chicken scratch plus a 175-pounds tractor tire to be mounted; all before breakfast.  Not things you want to do when temps climb over 100 as they may as the weekend rolls on.  To the data, then!

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40 thoughts on “The “High-Photon Diet” (Part 2)”

  1. Yo G –

    Are U looking at Ure charts upside down?

    W.T.F. over?

    How can U not see a major UP trend the market has been in for yearz!
    Some minor corrections and consolidations along the way, but this baby alwayz goes up.

    Thirty Thou on the DOW is a foregone conclusion – Crash sayz “SIXTYTHOU On The DOW! howhowhow.. just dont forget Ure Stops and/or Hedges to save Ure bacon in case of a mini correction.

    Its a BIG Friggin KAHUNA – no not a King/Shaman…like big, enormous Tat Fitties!

    Break out Ure surf boards(Bullish ETF’s), short boards w/2-3 fins/ long boards dont work, and catch a once in a lifetime big kahuna…KOWABUNGA BABY- its surfin safari time ..”lets go surfin now, everybody’s learning how, come on a safari with coot.. -bastardized B.B.

    Top dead center of Ure head – dont cover it – it is critical acupuncture point – where Light can enter Ure body – and FILL Ure entire body with light.
    Says here Red, Gold and Purple Light “beams”U will find most advantageous – can and should also be applied to Ure belly button area also..its Subtle baby..

    * Is it Cristobal or Givegacal? lets hope not..

    • It’s not hyper inflation it’s the Fed buying stocks, yo! The dollar is still strong as f! When everthing is going up? It’s a bounce. The higher the bounce the harder the bottom. That’s what she said. Lol

      True hyperinflation wont come until after the yen meets the yang. Lol. Bitcoin is a displacement for a strong dollar, silly. It’s all an elaborate ruse bruheim.

      You got Banks buying companies like they are canasians getting Gucci at the outlet malls. We got our peanutbutter mixed in with our chocolate homie, That makes re-sieze.

      We just has almost 2000 point jump on the Dow. Why are you suprised, you got the government buying up companies via Fed proxy. All them companies been buying their own stocks to make it look like they been busy making money to the share holder. Now the number one share holder is the good sam club, who just boarded up all the windows on them via loot, control. Government doesnt like competition even in looting.

      It puts the lotion in basket or it gets the hose. ROTFLMFAO

    • Why coots its all good as one large media organization put forth,its going to a V shape recovery for everything is booming,utopia is here at last, and Trump adds his two sense its not just a V recovery its wonderful its headed for the moon……….I wonder what will happen when the people finally wake up as to who’s creating all their pain,and you see the politicians running for the airport screaming master wait for me as the 1% flee……

    • I’d wish to understand YOUR language better ;-), i.e. like 200-dma is a demarcation line where bull separates from bear. Simple as that!!

      I also have my thoughts about everything I read. Few successful investors give public advice, because they don’t need to, JMHO!

      Just look at the daily percentage changes; MINDBOGLING!

    • Practical note – covering your head with; yahmahas, hats, helmets is fine. It is a “practice” technique to in-vision(forming a mental picture in Ure minds eye) – the mental practice of in-visioning the light beam (s) is the TRICK..takes practice..and that is why – just helps remind me not wearing hats

  2. Here we are on “Black Lives Matter” protest day. I can’t get a haircut as barbershops are closed. I can’t hug my grandkids because I need to stay 6 feet away from them. I am told to wear a mask when I go to the store so that any droplets from speaking don’t get inhaled by my unsuspecting fellow citizens.

    But I can go to a large elbow to elbow protest with unmasked screaming people because its just the right thing to do to show that I’m not a racist.

  3. Whoooo dude. I been doing the Binary beats thing for a couple weeks now.

    Well, I guess I will make a light crown. I’m already top of the charts. I dont need to be worse.

    I remember when I met Terrance McKenna back in 1994 ish up on Capitol Hill in Seattle at a Psilocybin Tupperware party. Lol. He just would not stop talking about time wave zero. Lol.

    Cool dude. But a little touch feely. He kept saying see the color in music and kept handing me a broccoli wheels from the vegitible tray. Lmao.

    I was trippin balls. Because at the time I was reading Invasion of the Body snatchers and The Island of Dr Monroe. ROTFLMFAO.

    You ever wonder if them Chemtrails they are spraying have nano technology in them? Thought occured to me when I was listening to the Binareal beats. I can have my eyes close and I was looking through other peoples eyes, even birds. Its was trippy. I was flying over this island and looking down like a bird does. I love the birds. Lol. This dude yells up at me and says “fkn bird” because the being I was seeing through this birds eyes and the bird took a dump on his freshly washed Mercedes. Hahahaha.

    Them binerial beats are trippy. I dont do any drugs or drink alcohol. Except cafien and nicotine. Yes, I know smoking is bad for you. Lol. I dont die until I’m over 100 years old. So, I dont care. I like smoking. Lol. If I ever die. Lol

    The nano bot stuff. I hadnt thought about in a while. Came up when I was thinkin about 5G right before I started binerial beats thing. I do know that Bayer is the largest holder of Nano Tech. They own the company that makes it in Germany. Lol

    Que the song by M-n-M, ~ without me~ “two trailer park girls go round the outside.” Hahahhaha. ” Here is a concept that works, 20 million other white rappers emerge.” ROTFLMFAO.

    I can relate. Day-n-Andy. Hahahaha

    • “I remember when I met Terrance McKenna back in 1994 ish up on Capitol Hill in Seattle ”

      Wow what a small world Andy.. I never had the pleasure of meeting Terrance but I did have a few deep conversations with his brother Dennis when he was a teacher… I had often wondered about meeting Terrance.. I think it would have been an interesting conversation..

  4. One thing that I have done George is reduced the amount of oxygen my body requires to operate. I dont recomend that everyone does that. They always trip out at the hospital because my oxygen levels are usually around 80 in my blood they get all wild eyed start talking about breathing treatments and stuff. I also have reduced my blood pressure to 110/50 and my system operating temperature to 95 degrees average. I did it through meditation. So I dont get as winded as everyone else does and if there is a significant reduction in oxygen on planet, my body will run highly efficient. I have been seeing that may be the case for over 20 years. A significant reduction in oxygen levels on earth. I’m still unsure what the cause is…… and I have been wondering lately if that is the reason for everyone wearing masks. Because it reduces air flow like a damper on a chimney.

    Ya see the PTB have an agenda… but even they are no match for “Cosmic Consciousness” , “Infintinte intelligence$” Creative Consuounsess” “God consciousness”, “Sprit of the Universe” or “TAO” or “Holy Spirit” or whatever you choose to call it. Everything works according to its will. Even all the mistakes. We have free will but it’s like a dog on a leash. You can only go so far with it. Unless you align your will with “The Sunshine of the Spirit.” Then you are unlimited. Rememeber Elohim is a Verb. Lol.

    Ya see cancer and all that stuff has a heat frequency and energy signiture. You cant get it unless you are turned to that temperature and frequency. anymore then aids. We are all energy. Living conscious energy. We can alter our DNA at will. Environmental conditions also alter our DNA. Which is funny because I have Dna in my name. Hahah. I just realized that. Lol weird I never noticed that before.

    Hey I gotta git. See ya old people around. In months I will he 50 like the states of America. OM status as the Amature Ham Radio dudes say. Ain’t nothing better than a good ham and swiss sammich. lol

    Funny my Lithuanian princess who is begging me to go to London said my name means Man, who is like God, stone mountain. Michael is my middle name. Lol

    Pass the mustard, I wanna go surfing. Hahah

    Later dude.

    Click 777.

    Infinitely Now!

    Dnandy lol

  5. Hey dude. I just read peoplenomics. My login will verify that. Lol. So when I meditate I move through all these colors and the last color is indigo. Its there I see the moving Rorschach  pictures. Like a kaleidoscope 0f Rorschach pictures. Unfolding potential. Once I set there for a few and I can maintain my serenity they begin to form images of the future. I dont get to dictate anything. They just show me what they show me. Sometimes I see something like a young asian girl running through the jungle with a wild bore chasing after her and then a bunch of dudes jump out of the bushes and kill it dead with spears. I dont know what the hell it means. It’s just shown to me. Sometimes it’s my life and sumtimes it’s the world scale. Every time I force it in a direction by will, it moves back to the Hey dude. So when I meditate I move through all these colors and the last one is indigo. Its there I see the moving Rorschach  pictures. Like a kaleidoscope 0f Rorschach pictures. Once I set there for a few and I can strain serenity they form images of the future. I dont get to dictate anything. They just show me what they show me. Sometimes I see something like a young asian girl running through the jungle with a wild bore chasing after her and then a bunch of dudes jump out of the bushes and kill it dead with spears. I dont know what the hell it means. It’s just shown to me. Interesting about the colors. Sum times it’s my life, sumtimes its something i dont know what it means, sumtimes it’s the world on a grand scale and sumtimes its stuff in books i have never read or other peoples thoughts. Every time I try to bend it in that state to my will to show me what I want to see, it returns to moving Rorschach pictures.
    Hmmmm maybe a light crown will help me with that???

    I do know that the Halo is an altered field state. Divin inspiration. All in intuition comes from the Vehicle of inspiration. later replaced by the light bulb and now the l.e.d light.

    I been working with colors alot lately. It’s part of the language of creation. Every planet has a color. Lol. Hmmmmmm.

    Good food for thought. Thanks man. I guess I will make a light crown. I dont just want to be anymore weird. Lol. I prefer to be a normal dude. I’m gonna finish this menthol cig and head to target to get some lights. Lol

    Interesting about the colors.

    I do know that the Halo is an altered field state. Divin inspiration. All in intuition comes from the Vehicle of inspiration. later replaced by the light bulb and now the l.e.d light.

    I been working with colors alot lately. It’s part of the language of creation. Every planet has a color. Lol. Hmmmmmm.

    Good food for thought. Thanks man. I guess I will make a light crown. I dont just want to be anymore weird. Lol. I prefer to be a normal dude. I’m gonna finish this menthol cig and head to target to get some lights for better vision. Lol. Hmmmmm….

    • That is hella weird. same words but kinda all jumped up. Maybe I just leaped in the middle of my comment? ???

      Nothing to see here. Move along. Lol. Remember: Bananas have 40% of the same DNA as humans. We are all just 60% away from being bananas. ROTFLMFAO.

      That was weird.

    • You sure it wasn’t a ground hog that was chasing the girl being skewered by Bill Murray?

      Wow, deja vu all over again. Sounds like righteous menthol.

  6. The podcast could be done on Friday during The hot hours. It could include anything including ramblings.

  7. I am getting a “this site is not secure” message. First thing this morning it happened on the Urban site. The it straightened up. Now, if I go to todays letter and click on more for subscribers to go to peoplenomics, the “this site is not secure” message comes up again. Also happens if I type in peoplenomics. I am using a Microsoft edge browser.

      • I don’t remember when I didn’t have a problem with your web pages not updating, but my problem is with Firefox operator error. If I quit the program properly and flush all the cached pages instead of just closing the window, then restart, your web page loads properly every time.

  8. Greets George, why do we want no light to the top of the head? What happens when light hits the crown chakra? Thanks.

    • Intuition – research continues! The head chakra (top, thereof) in in a central position alignment.
      The speed crown pushes the other chakras to spin. Want as little as possible impacting resistance to spjnning up… will try both ways and report in a few weeks.

      • Which way do they spin – clockwise or counterclockwise? Can you will the direction they spin with your focused attention?

  9. Hi George , I can not access podcast #22 in the archives . Can you help me out on that?

  10. George, in your chart on voltage driving LED’s, it seems that the title of the third column is inverted. It says MA/V, but the numbers represent V/MA. Unless I got too fried in the sun today, the same is true for the chart underneath, though I’d have probably charted the volts on the vertical axis. I believe you intended the vertical axis to be V/MA. The obvious takeaway is the non-linearity of V/MA as you push the LED further toward the higher current “harsh” zone(within tolerances, of course). The color progression makes sense relative to volts and the increasing current. Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    • It was more a notional than anything: The only value that matters (when calcing J/cm2) is the watts (total) of the

      Use for: Use for:
      Voltage Current Total Watt Half Watt Seconds Minutes
      10 0.01 0.1 0.05 0.004694836 979.8 16.33
      10.2 0.02 0.204 0.102 0.009577465 480.2941176 8.004901961
      10.6 0.03 0.318 0.159 0.014929577 308.1132075 5.135220126
      11 0.04 0.44 0.22 0.020657277 222.6818182 3.711363636
      11.2 0.05 0.56 0.28 0.02629108 174.9642857 2.916071429
      11.7 0.06 0.702 0.351 0.032957746 139.5726496 2.326210826
      12 0.07 0.84 0.42 0.03943662 116.6428571 1.944047619
      12.3 0.08 0.984 0.492 0.046197183 99.57317073 1.659552846
      12.3 0.09 1.107 0.5535 0.051971831 88.50948509 1.475158085
      12.8 0.1 1.28 0.64 0.060093897 76.546875 1.27578125

      Of course, your power levels will vary based on all kinds of variable, but in this case, I use 10.6 cm2

      Hope this helps?

  11. Dear Mr. Ure,

    The government giveth, and the government taketh away.

    Canadian property buyers with a less than 20% down payment are typically a customer for required mortgage insurance from the federal government-owned CMHC, or a couple of smaller, private outfits.

    This past Thursday, CMHC quietly issued a media release that tightens the qualifying thresholds effective July 1 for real estate buyers requiring a high-risk mortgage. Some pundits are calling it the equivalent of an 11% drop in buyer purchasing power in hot markets. Also, the Corporation plans to suspend “refinancing for multi-unit mortgage insurance”. Goodbye short-term rentals and spec investor condos?

  12. I dont know which one of you woke me up last night said you didnt have much longer to live. I prayed for you. I’m honored that you would confess everything to me. I’m not a priest. I’m just a dude. A speck on the blue speck like you. There is no guilt or shame if you acknowledge your wrongs then abandon yourself to God as you understand Him without reservation. Its not God who judges us. It is we who judge ourselves. Ask God to remove all that ails you root and branch. The Ceeator has more power than me. I dont hold anything against you, Jeuse, and God doesn’t and neither should you. Jesus said, forgive them for they know not what they do. Be well.

    Displacements is what we are experiance in the collective consciousness of Humanity.

    As Carl Jung said with regards to a Vital Spiritual Experience. “These are occurrences and Phenomena. They apear to be in nature of Huge emotional displacements and rearrangements. Ideas, emotions and attitudes which once the guiding forces of the lives of these men and women are suddenly cast to one side and a complete new set of conceptions and motives begin to dominate them.”

    Humanity is having a “come to Jesus” talk about the nature of reality.

    I’m not the only worker among the field. I’m an only a worker among workers. All of many Faith’s bringing the herd to the promis land. Right now, we seeing, feeling and witnessing the Huge Emotional Displacement and Rearangement. Old ideas, emotions and attitudes that guided are cast aside. The new set of conceptions and motives will present themselves soon.

    I know this is a very rough transition for many. My heart goes out to them. It isn’t easy for me. However, we must have a Vital Spititual Experiance in the collective consciousness of Humanity. It’s long over due. If we dont? We will all perish and be reduced to one woman and one man again. We must restore balance in the collective. That can only be achieved by a Vital Spiritual Experience.

    I’m just a pebble on a beach full of sand. The Infinite Creator is the real deal. I just work for him. Lol

    Facts, yo!

    Click 116!

    Infinitely NOW!


  13. George, rememeber dude.

    “There is but one infinite game.”

    “The machine is driven by a force which must be introduced from without, the garden is grown by an energy which originates from within itself.”

    Pick up your mat and walk, old dude.

    Infinitely NOW!

  14. For all who have humor…
    A Tourist walked into a Chinese curio shop in San Francisco . While looking around at the exotic merchandise, he noticed a very lifelike, life-sized, bronze statue of a rat. It had no price tag, but was so incredibly striking the tourist decided he must have it. He took it to the old shop owner and asked, “How much for the bronze rat ?”
    “Ahhh, you have chosen wisely! It is $12 for the rat and $100 for the story,” said the wise old Chinaman.
    The tourist quickly pulled out twelve dollars. “I’ll just take the rat, you can keep the story”.
    As he walked down the street carrying his bronze rat, the tourist noticed that a few real rats had crawled out of the alleys and sewers and had begun following him down the street. This was a bit disconcerting so he began walking faster. A couple blocks later he looked behind him and saw to his horror the herd of rats behind him had grown to hundreds, and they began squealing. Sweating now, the tourist began to trot toward San Francisco Bay .Again, after a couple blocks, he looked around only to discover that the rats now numbered in the MILLIONS, and were squealing and coming toward him faster and faster.
    Terrified, he ran to the edge of the Bay and threw the bronze rat as far as he could into the Bay.
    Amazingly, the millions of rats all jumped into the Bay after the bronze rat and were all drowned. The man walked back to the curio shop in Chinatown .
    “Ahhh,” said the owner, “You come back for story ?”
    “No sir,” said the man, “I came back to see if you have a bronze Congressman

    • Very funny, indeed! Reminds me of the fairy tale: ” Pied Piper of Hamelin ” which I enjoyed > 80 years ago ;-).

      • I love fairy tails… the part I love is that there is a message that is included with them.. the way to teach children.. to think about the consequences.. the pied piper.. don’t follow the crowd.. or jump off a bridge because everyone else is.. ( be an individual think for yourself and don’t follow herd mentality)
        I am curious now.. seeing the story that they are going to shut down police departments.. what rather than make sure people that have been known for violence not be in a position where violent behavior exists..
        Years and years ago.. I knew a guard at a juvenile center.. he was also a security guard at a store I worked at.. he would brag about not having to date women because he was able to see the young ladies.. for the cost of a hamburger and fries in exchange.. excuse me.. why hire a pediphile to be a guard of young women in juvenile detention center.. non of that makes sense to me.. Yet he went on to be in the police department.. so instead of making sure that the people you hire are not offenders is reason to say.. OK do it your way we won’t have a police department then rather than do a check on them before they get the job…. that is just throwing a temper tantrum in my way of thoughts..

      • “Fairy Tales were about real people..”

        Dam I didn’t know that.. thanks for sharing.. I did know that there is a lesson that is taught.. but didn’t ever think it was about someone real in history..

  15. every thread has its own character .. this thread is like a red white and blue drunken boom boom party or a cannabis gunya be all good smoke up .. yep back to rayard kipling ..

  16. LOL.. you know I get such a chuckle out of all the people that condem Canada for the long wait periods to see someone.. and have this illusion that in the USA their aren’t any wait periods LOL…
    I just made an appointment for the wife .. now we live in an area that has great medical community with a lot of clinics and some of the best hospitals…..
    the appointment for a specialist is after the new year.. but I was able to work it out so she can get in to see a different doctor because of her past medical records from thirty years ago.. the next step up from the list.. in two months.. if its an emergency.. ( it isn’t.. then go to the ER) we just have to pay a higher co pay..

  17. I feel for ya George.. I remember when they thought I had some sort of weird GOUT.. dam.. nasty…
    I had those issues last week.. thank god.. relief.. Have you ever noticed how you forget how nasty it can be.. LOL its always like a new experience..

  18. Hi George, have not seen you miss a day writing in the last 15 years, you have not posted for 4 days now, and really worried about you, hope everything is ok, and the internet is just down, Love you and E, Tim

    • Hi Tim

      We went to a static IP address for increase web reliability (we have an IPv4 addy you can use to get to the site now).

      In the process, some really bad, slow, DNS revealed themselves as not updating. how to flush your DNS
      In windows it’s going to the command prompt as an admin

      And typing in:

      Ipconfig /flushdns

      Which will say successfully flushed


      Ipconfig /renew

      After about 90 seconds it will reconnect with the Mother Web and you will find there’s a ton of catchup reading to do on Urban

      But, in the meanwhile, make sure you go into your browser settings and flush your browser cache on exit…

      Then reboot and the sun should be shining…

      Thanks for the note


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