Fed Rates Matter – Defunding Cops in Communapolis

Ure has a decent case of gout going this morning.

An artifact of too much (good for you) oil in fried foods.  Being a suckah for “Yukon Golds” nicely shredded in a mix of coconut and MCT oil.  Aggravated by being on my knees mounting the (now repaired) tractor tire.  And by sitting on my butt writing Wednesday’s  Peoplenomics report “Focus Section” Sunday.

Most people would complain about the pain.  And about red light, ibuprofen, and colchicine being necessary.  But send me no pity.

Much of my gout is self-induced because the underlying condition that causes gout is also highly correlated to higher IQ.

ISYN.  All over in the literature.  You might look at “Blood Uric Acid Level and IQ: A Study in Twin Families” as a starting point. But data goes back at to1981 when the article “Genes for Super-Intelligence” noted:

“The results of a postal questionnaire distributed to British members of Mensa failed to confirm an association of superior intelligence with torsion dystonia, retinoblastoma, or phenylketonuria, but were consistent with real associations between high IQ and infantile autism, gout, and myopia.”

Our first bottom line: If you were semi-autistic as a baby, have gout, along with myopia, you may be  statistically -correlated with a higher IQ crowd.

The personal bottom line?  Being smart can be a real pain.  My “intellectual best” is sometimes evident just on either side of a “gout event.”  Just before (last week) and just after (now).  In between?  The learning machine. Consumed three books Sunday.  Eases the pain a bit.

Fed’s In the Catbird Seat

What is a “catbird seat” anyway?  If you’re bright enough to follow your sense of inquiry over to here, you’ll find that “catbirds” – are a kind of American Thrush.  They can imitate the sound of a cat.  Meow!  Moreover, catbird’s tend to hang out in the tops of trees.  This may be where the phrase “sitting pretty” came from.

Which has  what to do with the Fed?

Just as the catbird can imitate a “meow” the U.S. Federal Reserve can  imitate an organization that knows what it’s doing.  They don’t, as we see it. (Meow.)

Not that people aren’t afraid of their Wednesday rate announcement:  “Japan’s economy minister warns against deepening negative rates.” for example.   More moderate fears are bespoke in “Zero rates preferable to negative rates for investors’ risk-taking.”

What no one gives voice to is something I’ve talked about (not endlessly, but close) on the  Peoplenomics side of the house.  Something I call…

Ure’s Discontinuity

Background: In order to understand what’s going on, you need to look at “return on money” in a simplistic way.  Then the problem will jump out at you.

Let’s roll back the clock to 1980-  the peak of the extended economic long wave.  At that time, prevailing interest rates were peaking at 13%, or so.  As a result, Pappy Ure bought as many of the WPPSS tax-free 13.5% bonds as he could.  As rates came down, and plans for additional nuclear power plants in Washington State collapsed, these public bonds paid well until they were “called” at a premium and Pappy did just fine.

Point is?  If you have $100,000 in cash (big money then) and you put it into a solid government-backed tax-free bond, you could net $13,500 per year worth of interest income.

Since ’81, interest rates have collapsed.  Oh, and inflation has gone through the roof.

How Much Is Needed today?

If you wanted to get $13,500 worth of income in 1981 dollars today, how much would that be?

Shocking $37,962!  (The Minneapolis Fed hasn’t updated their inflation calculator yet, so take on an additional 3% on anything you see off their online calculator.)

That’s only the warm-up shock.  Because you know how much money (cash balance) you’d need to roll in that kind of dough today?  Just under $7.6- million dollars!

In other words  the capital required for a base income is now 76- times what it was back then.  Really shocking stuff.

Main thing to remember is that lots of pension and defined benefit plans are on the verge of imploding because of this “higher capital base” requirement which local governments can no longer afford.  The lower rates go, the more capital these funds need.

We’ll get to how that applies up in Communapolis in a sec.  But “defund the police” means beginning the capping of public pension contributions not only in Whiskeyconsin, but also in places like Sickinois  Illinois.

Company Valuations Go Ballistic

Next we apply the same metric to stocks. 

As long as they are not bleeding too badly (and have a suckah-story for the weak financial press) their  valuations will parallel the capital requirement of fixed (inflation-adjusted) investments.  Perverse but real dynamic.

Honest-to-God:  Companies aren’t worth any more today – arguably less, since even the  New York Times admits there’s an unprecedented Demand Collapse Underway.  Not believing me?  Try on “Don’t Lose the Thread. The Economy Is Experiencing an Epic Collapse of Demand.” for size.

Earlier this morning Dow Futures were up 150 223 points.  Part of this is  hopium.  A portion of it is brown-smelly stuff.  Also don’t overlook runaway printing to increase M1 at over 50% per year.  Now plug-in the the “capital equivalency” font module.  (Dear God, don’t tell me you don’t remember font modules, child?  Yes, there was a civilization before .TTF and .WOFF, OMG…)

How the Discontinuity Can Work

Let’s roll up all these “thinking stubs” and bake them into one cake.  Which will be taken out of the oven Wednesday PM when the FOMC winds up and announces [whatever].

Last week, my friend  The Fractal Economist posted a comment on this site (Wednesday, I think it was) where he forecast a terrible Thursday with circuit breakers going off all day and the market going “down for the count.”

I remarked at the time that  last Thursday was too early .  But THIS Thursday isn’t – and triple-especially so if the Fed lowers rates.

Although in a ceteris paribus world this discontinuity should appear AT the zero crossing, it may happen above (or either side in theory) because of the Effective Lower Bound.  (Zero isn’t zero, exactly.)

This is worth noting (because it’s where interest-rate play resumes Wednesday).  Former Fed Chair Janet Yellen posted a nifty explanation of the ELB (effective lower bound) in a blog post back in 2018:

“The increased relevance of the zero lower bound reflects the fact that the neutral real rate of interest (r*) looks to have declined considerably in recent decades while inflation expectations have become well anchored around the FOMC’s 2 percent target.  There is a good deal of uncertainty about both the current magnitude and future evolution of r*. Empirical estimates are sensitive to methodology.  A key paper by Laubach and Williams[2], however, finds that r* is currently only slightly above zero. And FOMC participants estimate that the longer-run normal real fed funds rate is only a little higher, with the median estimate of r* between 0.75 percent to 1 percent. The causes of the decline in r*, which is also evident in other advanced economies, are uncertain, but look to be structural and persistent. They include low productivity growth, declining trend labor force growth reflecting aging societies and an increased preference for safe assets.”

All of which would be fine, but current Fed policy has been bumping along the ELB for a while now and nothing seems to be picking up steam.  Hot air?  Maybe.  But steam?  No.

Pressure to Lower

The Fed seems likely to  consider negative rates not because they are stupid (put a placeholder there, lol) but because there is SOME evidence it would be a good thing to do.

One example is a report last year from Fed researcher Mauricio Ulate in a San Francisco Fed working paper “Going Negative at the Zero Lower Bound: The Effects of Negative Nominal Interest Rates.

From which he generalizes:

“This paper studies the effects of negative rates in a new DSGE model where banks intermediate the transmission of monetary policy. I use bank-level data to calibrate the model and find that monetary policy in negative territory is between 60% and 90% as effective as in positive territory.”

Models Muddied?

While we sort-of like the Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium (DSGE) model, from experience in computer modeling (having written an airline financial forecasting model in 1983, for example) I’ve come to appreciate that as models become more complex, they also become more prone to error.

Two non-economic model error examples may include “Global Warming” climate models.  Why New Yorkers aren’t swimming to Battery Park testifies to error size.  Similarly, we’re still not sure whether our quest to “game an antenna” model really revealed a “Missing Decibel” or not.  Was the “the model” or “physics?”

The limitations of computer models is an extended conversation.  We have concerns that the Fed will – like the runaway climate monetizers have shown – action in accordance with a computer model.

Wednesday remembrer this: Models can be wrong. 

Missing variables (like Ure’s Discontinuity, for example) are almost certain to come to light after the fact when the wreck of America is surveyed.


It just keeps getting worse.  The way we figure it, any district that would elect Ilhan Omar is likely over-the-edge already.

Wonder why I call it “Communapolis”?  Besides adopting a plan that will effectively zone people out of single-family housing in  this evolving Venezuelan sister-city as part of their Minneapolis 2040 plan, they will also be Defunding their police.

Collectivization – it’s not just for Soviets anymore, right?

If I were a criminal, or division leader of a gang, this would be THE city to site a new clubhouse.

The Future is In Books

Now for some important background that has been lost in all this Digital Uprising and Online Insurrection effort.  You need to read an old book to see the future clearly.  Wiki here for:

“The Nine Nations of North America is a 1981 book by Joel Garreau, in which the author suggests that North America can be divided into nine nations, which have distinctive economic and cultural features. He also argues that conventional national and state borders are largely artificial and irrelevant, and that his “nations” provide a more accurate way of understanding the true nature of North American society. The work has been called “a classic text on the current regionalization of North America”.

Meanwhile, though, stories – like zone-banning single-family homes and defunding police rolls through Communapolis, we note  Google Trends shows a long-terrm upswing in searches related to “rural” anything:

Gee:  Look surprised!

While we agree with our West Coast Real Estate Expert about Big City growth prospects, we happen to like living outside the “coop” mentality evidenced in big hive-think urban areas today.

The NY Times asked a very pertinent question this morning:  “The Agonizing Question: Is New York City Worth It Anymore?” For now, NYC is a great place, but bad political leadership leaning too far left is likely “fail-over” into Yorkunism one of these first days.

If the (mislabeled) “leadership” of Communapolis had half a brain (even that much is arguable), they would build their Distopian NuCop Model FIRST and then (and only then) defund the cops.

To a rational person, you don’t “Saw the wings off an airplane when it’s flying” until you have the new ones in place, adjusted, and carrying the load first – then saw away.

Remember, though, these are Communapolists, we’re talking.  Making anything fly larger than a Molotov goes into the too hard pile.  We may have to set up a unicorn farm up there.

The Uprising Continues: – Digital Wobbly’s

Passing gas? Seattle Motorist Shoots Protester, Police Violate ‘Tear Gas Ban’ During Another Night Of “Peaceful” Demonstrations.

Despite our distaste for the take-down of America, we do have to admire the digital insurrection. All facilitated by the hijacking of social media into a marketing machine.  Computers were supposed to be thought-amplifiers.  Not spray cans of confuselation.

Kill the Golden Goose, why don’t we?  The  NY Times is “sounding the alarm” on giving aid to farmers.  Tell me again why welfare recipients get free phones and farmers – don’t?  I’m a bit sketched on that…

You only need to hang in 4-years, though:  The War with China is still on as minor foreplay rumbles in  “China Warns Of Racism In Australia, Issues Travel Warning As Row Escalates.”

Proof of the Global Privilege System spied again in Hong Kong eases travel restrictions—but only for its business elite.  Except hold it!  Why not reward excellence with money, or is THAT being communized, too as the uprising rolls?

A coincident war indicator: China raises the stakes in defending Huawei in the U.K..

Around the Ranch

Hot down here today – 94 and 62% humidity, so off to do chores early.

We dodged (wait…or was that Plymouth’ed?) the tropical storm, but should have lows into the mid 60’s later in the week.  Lawn mowing day looks like Wednesday right after  Peoplenomics is posted.

“High-Photon Diet” day 7.  Using less speed crown input.  Weight is down 6-pounds and working 14-hour days on a variety of projects.

Disappointed Harbor Freight orders haven’t shipped yet…but with the lockdowns and recovery all over the map…sheesh.

Have a great week and ya’ll come back tomorrow.  In the meantime?

Write when you get rich,


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  1. 30 or so years ago I would suffer extreme bouts of Gout. They began slowly but in time the frequency, duration and most importantly intensity increased beyond toleration. The only thing I could use to offer limited relief was a combination of dark cherry juice and ibuprofen. Finally, after a visit to the doctor he asked me if I was ready get serious about stopping the flare-ups. He gave me a prescription for Allopurinol and I have not had a flareup since.

    Wrestling tractor tires at our age, like shoveling snow, should be approached cautiously. Found a hidden “punji stick” buried fence post last month with the rear tire on the tractor. A call to the Ag tire shop in town netted a response of a truck with all the necessary tools and equipment along with a stout fellow appropriately name Burleigh. Even brought out a gently used replacement tire saving me a large chunk of cash. Results were only 3 hours of downtime even with the shop being 45 minutes away and zero medical bills for this old man.

    Get well soon.

    Stay safe. 73

    • Skip the drugs and use tart cherry 1200 mg two twice a day as soon as it starts and gout gone in 24 hours.

    • Tractor tires are heavy, but we lose what we don’t use! I’m George’s age and keep pushing myself to do heavy work. When I have time(LOL), I’ll be changing a track on a crawler machine. I congratulate George on having the tenacity to “Get-er-done”!

      These long days can be the most productive in the year, if we can avoid the heat. Sadly, the best weather is at night.

      If you need something done instantly, then road service comes to the rescue. If not, saving a dollar is the equivalent of earning two of them(taxes, etc). There’s a place for both.

      Good luck with the gout! I’ve been blessed to avoid that one, though I do have other challenges. IQ can be negatively correlated with social success. R=-?

  2. George its only the old order collapsing after all even those have a shelf life,and this one is well over its limit, the 1% is trying to come up with a new world order where the dollar will still be somewhat of the king, a new world order where they can still continue to exploit the people while dividing the people into two different camps, and ward off any attempt at any social programs that would cut into any of the wealth of the 1%.

    This ain’t over by a long shot in fact its probably just the beginning, as it ebbs and flows and the media will form the opinion of the people, be it Fox or CNN who are simply the tools of the 1%……

  3. All forms of market analysis, fundamental and technical have been rendered useless. Price discovery has been replaced with Fed action, it is the only mechanism moving the markets these days. We are well on our way to an inflationary spiral. Capitalism must allow for failures, that went bye-bye with “too big to fail”. I feel sorry for America.

  4. George, sorry to hear about your gout. No doubt just another plot of the Liberal Socialists, and all those published scientists that NASA paid off to lie about climate change.

    Same way in a brilliant piece of reverse psychology those Libtards tricked the Conservatives into toppling the Saddam Hussein, putting the Farmbelt on welfare, extorting the Ukraine, calling the coronavirus a Hoax for the most important 60 days of a pandemic, and beating our kids for a photo op. Best, Mike.

    • Those libtards ARE congress you fool! Only reversal is from the people’s will at the polls to the political swill in their roles.

    • George, I don’t know what is worse,,gout or a libtard making it political! he thinks all scientists must be believed but only quotes those that agree with him. PEER REVIEW is the choke collar used to control them,puppets on strings,,, just ask Immanuel Velikovsky, his career was smashed by them, he would not kneel for them
      I BEST go play in the garden, the plants take bull crap and turn it into something good
      It is going to be great weather, after this STORM passes, it sure is drawing out the anti-supporters
      Back to PEDO-ville, U.S. want to question Prince Andrew

    • Mike- That comment was not particularly insightful or lucid. There is such a wide variance in the level of competence you exhibit in your comments that I have a hard time believing a single individual can be making these comments, unless maybe your meds are cycling badly. Time for a tune-up. You are circling the drain today.

  5. G -uru of Finance,

    Why oh why are we still above 0% on the 10 year treasury bond?

    As I gaze at a (line) Chart of the S&P500 overlaying/comparing to 10 Yr UST bond YIELD.

    – cant help but notice the current WIDE ASS Divergence/GAP betwixt the 2 plot lines. There is a ton more room to push this DIVERGENCE wider – and now the Market is demanding it..come on already.

    Wonder how long it will take the Dow to get to FORTY THOU, 6 moths -1yr ??

    “can U take me higher
    To place where blind men see
    can U take me higher
    To a place with golden streets” – Creed

    But alas not all are participating in the markets, as some believe it is all FAKE like the MSM..

    – how do U reconcile the obummer foundation posting a pic of G. Floyd 8/Eight days Before he died? hmmmm

    I dont recall the level of F-ery in this country ever being this high.. I think we need something solid – dependable – tough – stable and steady like Gold & Bitcoin. Yes sir – that should fix everything..

    “Oh, move over Rover, and let BTN takeover
    Yeah, U know what I’m talkin about
    Yeah, get on with it kerPOWel
    Thats what I’m talking about
    Now dig this
    Now listen Jerome
    U try and give me Ure money
    U better save it, Jerome
    Save it for a rainy day
    I have only one burning desire
    let me stand next to Ure money burnin fire! – J. Hendrix

    No BITCOIN 4 ANYONE Today!

    • Gold and Bitcoin ?!

      Everything I wish the DOLLAR was..1) Scarce 2) Immutable (lookitup) 3) Deflationary By Design.

      Might be considered NATURAL Hedges – in some parts of the world.

      Cherrypicking data – 1 year 6/8/19 -6/8/20 – BTC up +20%, GLD up 16-17%, S&P up 11%


    • “But alas not all are participating in the markets, as some believe it is all FAKE like the MSM.”

      It IS all fake, but as long as everybody continues to play the game, it can shoot the moon. The reason every financial talker is an optimist is no one wants to be the person to whom blame for a crash can be attached.

  6. Yo dude! I figured something out of super importance. Check it out. It came tome early this am when doing the work.

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    • I did it in meditation.. I didnt realize i was doing it until after i came out of meditation. Lol

      Pretty cool.

      • There is more. Like andrewmicaelstimerulereenberg and andfirey, andwatery, andgoldy, andrewindy, andrearthy Aetherndy and Airnday.

        Pretty trippy. I was in a trance and I dont normally have my phone on when in meditating unless it’s for the level, the compas, on chanting or some like that.

        I know, I am an odd one. Lol

    • Andy: I respect your eagerness to dive into the unknown and retrieve what useful information you can from alternate realities. That said, I feel I should warn you that this type of word association is a fairly typical sign of schizophrenia. Diagnosing mental abnormalities is imprecise. Still, as someone who has teetered on the edge in the past, I wanted to warn you that this appears to be verging on a mind that is in danger of becoming “unsound.” I suggest re-reading your writing when you are in a refreshed state of mind, and examine it to see if it has as much meaning as it seemed to when you first wrote it. Be careful, my good man. :) Take Care.

      • Steve, thanks for commenting on the long inane soliloquies and nonsensical babbling.

        Andy, you’ve almost beat BPLG for multitude and length of unintelligible verbal diarrhea. It makes visiting this site like hearing screeching on the blackboard.

        George, could you do us a favor and only post coherent comments in the future.

      • Listen. It’s called “consiouness stream writting” it is a form of mediation, scryin. The Torah which 3 religions find their root in, (Hebrews, Christianity, Muslim) is the finest example of “consciousness stream writting” there is. 304,805 caractures. Written right to left in transental meditation by a left handed Moses. He didnt remember writting it either.

        I dont have skitsophrenoa anymore than Moses did. Are you saying Moses had skitsophrenoa?

        Ahhhh George, now I understand what ya met by Numberd 12:1.

        As God wills it. I would definitely never say anything about Moses. Lol. Or the Art. Just tripped me out, because that was the first time in 20 years my scry was about me.
        Lol its usually about the future of the world when I’m meditating and on automatic writing. First time for everything. Lol

      • Wouldnt say anything “bad” about Moses. Lol those who did had a reckoning with the Lord.

        A priest came up to me in the park and had a bouquet of Rose’s. He said pick one. I said, are you sure? Probably should give those to some pretty girl. He said I was told to bring these to a man in the park. I would know which one and ask him to pick one. He had one of every color.

        I picked the golden one. I said what do I do with it. He said that’s between you and God. I laughed and said thanks. He said that too is between you and God.

        Kinda looked like the Pope. All dressed really fancy. Lol

        Had 8 petals around it. Pretty cool. Not the strangest thing that’s ever happened in my life. Lol

        I will see ya all in a while. I need to finish devouring the Untarian church library lol. Only 3 books left and I got a stack of other books waiting.

  7. @ John C…

    Well, even now, in the middle of the muddle that is Covid psy-op and Pantifas Purge – the US remains the largest economy. Thus wherever we go, the rest of the world follows due to globalism and reserve currency status.

    I got friends in other countries where you can’t buy a dollar for five of them these days – because it’s the last, best option in paper money.

    It is going to be interesting, but as long as your investment is the type you can actually touch with your hands – you should make out ok.

    • “the US remains the largest economy. Thus wherever we go, the rest of the world follows due to globalism and reserve currency status.”

      Ain’t that the truth….

      bulb burning out of a lamp.. a two hundred plus dollar lamp.. I decide to get a new bulb.. what.. no bulbs.. lamps are being made with the bulbs integrated into the lamp.. you have to buy a new lamp..
      What the pandemic taught us.. all of our societies world wide are tied so close together that a ripple in any one sector will be felt around the globe.. we seen how when manufacturing went down prices went up.. a face mask I bought for twenty two cents and free shipping was almost ten dollars a piece with you pay for shipping.. now it is down to a buck and a half and free shipping..
      as long as we believe that the dollar is strong it will be strong.. it isn’t backed by anything except the promise from some guys.. it isn’t even backed by peanuts.. so you can’t say dam I lost my nuts on that purchase….

    • @Oilman2

      Yup, the British pound once held reserve currency status, things happen. The dollar is the current king of fiat but since 1971 has an intrinsic value of zero. When I look at a graph of money supply and national debt, it gives me chills, stacking metal and brass is my comfort.

    • Lol well no not really correct if you rate it by PPP which is the most accurate why of rating an economy, any economy you will find that China outgrew us sometime ago as the largest economy.Now our GDP which includes all the financial fraud and all the rest would be somewhere between $8 and $10 trillion dollars.As far as living in another country and using your currency to buy the dollar,and seeing you have to convert back into your own currency to pay for what you buy you would be back to zero just where you started from.Claiming that people in other countries would rather use the dollar rather then their own currency is nothing but smoke and mirrors.!!!

  8. Slightly off topic, but relevant to the increasing insanity in our country: The current census is costing $15.6 billion, according to the Washington Examiner($107 per person!). The information they are attempting to extract consists of name, DOB!, RACE, and RACIAL/CULTURAL SUBTYPE! What on earth is the point of this nonsense? Of course, it’s all self-reported, but one needs to think about the potential uses of this information. Never underestimate what a bureaucrat can do with a single bit of data!

    A name and DOB is extraordinarily granular. Knowing this, along with a physical address and racial/cultural background allows for finely tuned marketing and influencing/coercion. Personally, I’m leery of answering any racial question and their choices are poor, to say the least. I pay very little attention to race unless someone throws it in my face. IMHO, there’s no legitimate reason to even ask these questions.

    The claim is that the census is “confidential”. Sure, unless you’re in their confidence. Yes, there is a “need” for an accurate count to apportion congressional districts, but what’s the legitimate use of a DOB and exact names/addresses/race/racial background?

    I don’t need more government services. I’m already paying for plenty that I don’t need already. I’m concerned that it will be used to amp up the current racial strife.

    As Morgan Freeman said when asked about what to do about the “race problem”: – “Stop talking about it!”.

    • “As Morgan Freeman said when asked about what to do about the “race problem”: – “Stop talking about it!”.”

      AMEN……another man I totally admire.. he to reminds me of my father in his wit and wisdom.. his sense of humor.. I would totally love to meet Morgan Freeman.. None of us was around two hundred years ago when this happened..there are many ways that people teach hate and the prejudices to the children..

    • Well, ONE dirty little secret of the census is that Barack Hussein Obama ordered his minions to use the 2010 census to put brown buts next to white butts all over America. The data wasn’t updated to the masses until 2015. That’s what the census is MAINLY used for; forcing the races to mix/fight/mate. And making sure the white (supremacists) you know as in white still together families that also work, and try to keep their families together, to make sure that their taxes are used to support the invasion from the South, Section 8 housing, welfare, all the mess of it, free healthcare, free lunches, housing, etc., everything for them but none for thee American citizens. In other words, the UN Population Replacement Program for the United States of America is chugging along. Sorry, if my description isn’t up to Masters and PHD standards!

      And now you know why the citizenship question isn’t asked and does NOT matter!!!

      RACE to the RACISTS, excuse me, RACES!!!!

  9. Here in MI we’ve had communities who defunded the police.

    The city of Pontiac had a state appointed financial manager. The manager proposed shutting down the police department and replacing it with sheriff’s deputies. Transfer the cost of policing from locals to the next bag up the chain. Which was approved. Taxes in Pontiac never went down. Pontiac still has crime.

    So long: Pontiac Police Department closes doors under emergency manager Michael Stampfler

    Updated Jan 21, 2019; Posted Aug 01, 2011


    • A community in the Silicon Valley did that as well, Out Of Work Steve. They replaced the Police force with county sheriff deputies. The thing is…the same cops that worked the beat of that area, applied for a deputy position, got the job and it’s the same cops turned deputies…So…nothing really changed. The county pays their salary and the city/township saved money…That’s about it. County taxes went up, but the city has nicer looking medium strips and sidewalks now…It was basically a rob Peter today Paul deal.

    • Palos Verdes CA. Sort of like the city of London. They have the Sheriffs patrol, no PD. Plenty of A listers in Rolling Hills Estates, an enclave if you will, of Palos Verdes.. Complete with fencing roving security and private community gate keepers.



  10. So G – wheres the “sausage” in the Minneapolis business model for Dis-Banding L.E. ?

    Obviously we have all sussed out the COVERT19 Business Model – in case ANYBODY has not or still does not understand they are “captured” Sheep..

    – I would direct Ure attention to General Muammar Khadaffi’s Speech to UN in 2011..

    -Khadaffi explains out EXACTLY how western business interests(pharma)w/DeepSate – Creates virus’s/contagions and the therapies/vaccines = FEAR – Control – $$$

    “They” ASSASSINATED ole Muammar soon after that little truth leak – cant have U docile sheep waking up to Ure predicament..now can we?

  11. George,
    In response to your observation… ‘Besides adopting a plan that will effectively zone people out of single-family housing in this evolving Venezuelan sister-city as part of their Minneapolis 2040 plan, they will also be Defunding their police.”

    Defunding police make no sense…but that’s neither here or there…People opting out of Single family homes is in contrast to the data I see and contribute to everyday. I have written several OpEds on the flight from multi-family to single family…and urban core to exurban core.

    The last three weeks, whether or not my published OpEds had any affect, my teams buyers and sellers have spoken. 80% of buyers that are now able to work from home for the long term are moving out of the Urban core where housing costs are near $2Million and buying homes in the East Bay…a more exurban part Of the Bay Area where homes are half the cost and twice as big and the schools as good or better.

    When you have 60% of the workforce employed by tech companies and those companies, because of their tech, can NOW allow their employees a flex schedule or work from home opportunity, that has an analogous affect on traffic as well. The distance between East Bay Suburb, Danville, Ca and Mountain View, the home of the GooglePlex is around 40 miles. I have been testing that stretch of road during rush hour times the last few weeks and 40 miles is well under 40 minutes these days…In other words…no traffic. Pre-pandemic, just to travel 10 miles down highway 101 from let’s say, Redwood City would take 45 minutes on a good day.

    An average 2 bedroom condo In Redwood City costs $1.3 million. An average 2500 sq ft 4 bed/3 bath single family home on a 7,000 sq ft lot in Danville costs $1.3 million.

    It doesn’t take an aerospace engineer to figure out where to live. There is a paradigm shift to single family homes in more exurban locations…close enough to the core to enjoy its benefits, but far enough away…for now…to justify a lower cost due to lower demand. That of course will change and demand WILL rise. Now is the time to buy a single family home there…Condos will cease to be in demand, for now. Once the rise in condo supply reaches a historical high, prices will reach a historical low and the cycle begins all over again. Bottom line…the jobs are here and our weather is perfect. There are 8 million people in the Bay Area for a reason…We love it…The pandemic actually made it a much nicer place to live…

    I don’t know where Minnesota Is coming from. Their initiatives fly in the face of what people want. Even the police. Defund…Hell no. Reform…Re-educate…re-train …more like it.

    • Mark, this is an example of one of your most highly lucid and instructive moments. While we have disagreed on a few things in the past, your calling out of (my reference) of Communapolis is spot-on.

      What’s different about our paths in life is that you are superb in real estate and in that game, you don’t go to where future sales WILL be 10-years down the road. You go to where they are today.

      Still, there is a great deal of useful thinking in my friend Dr. Jack Lessinger’s latest book (now several years old) https://www.socio-economics.com/?page_id=96 “The Great Prosperity of 2020.”

      In it, Lessinger (and his co-writer) are that the change in play now is the transition from “What’s in it for me” to “What’s in it for US.”

      To be sure, Communapolis is missing a great deal by planning to defund their cops and run out upscale single-family households. It’s the old communist model: Average ’em down.

      Moreover, the spreading of invective and violence is about the poorest excuse for a “remembrance” and “call for change” that I’ve seen in 71-years.

      One white cop (and 3 others that should have intervened) have been charged. But what about 18-black men and women who were killed in Chicago two weekends ago – the bloodiest yet this year?

      The Chicago Tribune has an ongoing web page that illustrates to thinking people how well BLM and other [tragedy monetizers] have managed to “improve” society’s lot:

      “In Chicago, 191 people have been killed this year. That is 1 fewer than 2019.” As of May 25 this year from here https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/breaking/ct-chicago-homicides-data-tracker-htmlstory.html

      IWhen you drill down, 303 black people have been murdered in Chicago in the past 365-days. Almost one per day. Not by cops – mainly by other blacks.

      Honestly, I am trying to understand what hell Black Lives Matter is doing leading protests outside of Minneapolis (*and based on data Chicago). Places like that are where the problems are. Unless “white shaming” – a Soros kind of agenda – is what’s in play?

      Maybe riots are what makes it to television…not black-on-black crime in the Windy? America now speaks in psycho-babble.

      “Change!” said Obama. Yet even now, there are no metrics, save an angry outsized national lynch mob looking for blood. And a culture who’s lyrics include advice like…

      ““Pullin’ out the coupe at the lot
      Told ’em “Fuck 12, fuck SWAT”
      Bustin’ all the bales out the box…” [With a nod to Roddy Ricch…]

      Mark, that’s “code” but not the kind that Tesla or Google pay big bux for.

      You have nailed it: Cities are in transition. And so far, they haven’t figured out what’s “in Ure face” obvious out here in fly-over (hibilly) country:

      A riot a day keeps the smart folks away.

      We were lucky to get out ahead of the crowd.

      Elaine and I visited Detroit a few years back and to remind you of what we saw: A struggling urban core trying to keep the lights on surrounded by a miles-deep urban battlefield and quickly collapsing industry.

      I appreciate your “clean urban” interest in Tesla and similar high-income generating companies, but did you notice Tesla is seeking engineers interested in moving to out of Kalifornia?


      Naturally, Texas is in the running, too.

      Don’t get me wrong: While Calif and the SoBay are great places, Texas is 65% larger…and to my simple-minded way of figuring things, that means 65% more land to sell.

      But, to each their own local People’s Congress, comrade.

      • About Tesla and moving manufacturing to Texas. I think they Should. Not everything can be in California. As a big brand and now the #1 luxury car brand in the United States, they, like other car companies need to spread their manufacturing to other parts of the country to help engage in consumer loyalty for the brand. GM and Ford have been doing this for nearly 100 years with auto plants in states all around the country. There is a local pride knowing that a car is built in the back yard of that state. When I was a kid, my dad supplied Ford with conveyor services and parts in Kansas City. Guess what car company had the number one share in Kansas City at that time.

        There are also more manageable economies of scale, lower shipping costs and varying and lower state by state hourly wages, than there would be if everything is made in California.

        But, Tesla headquarters and their Fremont plant will always be here in the Bay Area…Just like there are the original Ford, GM and Chrysler plants and headquarters are in Detroit. Thats just good business. I know people like to spin that it’s another company moving out of California…It’s the opposite…Tesla hiring here is at an all time high…As is Google, Apple, Facebook, Twitter, HP, Intel, Applied Materials and the thousands of other tech companies here. They are EXPANDING to other parts of the country. That a huge difference than moving out. Now Musk recently threatened to move out during the SIP, over not being able to open his plant when he wanted to, but that was a staged threat to get his way. It worked and everybody kissed and made up.

      • One other thing George…While Texas is a bigger state, it doesn’t mean that it has Land that will actually be in enough demand to sell.
        Texas just doesn’t have our weather. No humidity, very little to no Skeeters, no hurricanes, and both ocean and fresh water, great fishing, hunting, hiking, camping in the mountains desert, Joshua tree, Big Sur, Sierras, Yosemite, some of America best skiing and of course world famous beaches separate us from anywhere in the Western Hemisphere. Yes, we have a little wimpy trembler every once in a while. I grew up in the Midwest and had to scramble down to the basement hundreds of times when the tornado sirens went off. I will take a little house shake over that any day.

      • Black Lives Matter?

        Refresh your mind by looking up “color revolution” or “flower revolution.” These were all Soros ops (most with partial funding from the U.S. State Department – USAID.)

        Soros’ M.O. is always the same. His organizations infiltrate the educational system by establishing an extracurricular club or organization, making it extremely attractive, then using it to disseminate propaganda to secondary school and college kids. This establishes an “army” of Soros-ites, 5-10 years out. BLM began as a neo-communist, grass roots organization — essentially a spin-off of the New Black Panthers. THEN Mr. Soros’ minions infiltrated. When Ferguson came along, BLM was guided by Soros’ planners, and funded (to the tune of between $22-23 million) by Soros through a number of the 450 U.S. media outlets TSG owns or controls, and through his “educational and philanthropic” organizations.

        Remember, Soros’ goal is the rise of the 4th Reich. He believes that if TSG can get “useful idiots” to cause sufficient chaos, it’ll become self-sustaining and Americans will beg for a fuehrer to come along and save them. The potential to do away with policing bodies had to have sent a shiver down his spine. I’m sure it wasn’t expected, but notice how quickly the BLM lemmings jumped on the idea…?

      • Mark.. I don’t know for sure.. but my guess is.. that tesla is planning on moving because of ….$$$$$$… in the end it is all a business model.. you yourself have mentioned more than once that High cost homes are on the rise.. in Texas you can have ten times the building and a fraction of the taxes.. pay less for employees wages.. ( you can offer someone a quarter million for an income.. get super quality employees that don’t have to live in their car can use a regular toilet instead of the trash can on the corner.. and they can afford a good …DEER steak LOL without having to get food subsidies.) in the end it is all a business model..

    • Having grown up in Minneapolis and with a son still living there, I’ll give my opinion on the rezoning laws. There’s a housing shortage because singles and young families are moving in by the droves. It’s a BEAUTIFUL city with 7 lakes within the city limits, along with multiple creeks and parkways, the Mississippi River, loads of neighborhood parks, and miles of tree-lined bike paths. In summer, the more popular lakes are overrun with suburbanites coming in for the walking, sailing, canoeing, and lakeside concerts. In addition, it’s a hub of high tech, medicine, and good education. Minneapolis and St. Paul (just across the river) are the homes of at least seven universities and colleges. In other words, it’s a great place to raise kids and a great place for outdoorsy people, which is why there’s a housing shortage. In my youth, the trend was to move to the suburbs, but the city fathers over the years have done too good a job of improving and increasing amenities, so the trend has been reversed.

      I was disturbed when I originally read of the rezoning laws, but if they’re implemented wisely there might not be a problem. The block I lived on growing up in south Minneapolis had two duplexes, two triplexes, and two apartment buildings, but the ambience was no different from any of the surrounding blocks. It was a vibrant neighborhood with a zillion kids (an Irish Catholic ghetto, as I call it). So it is possible to not spoil a neighborhood’s character by adding multi-unit buildings.

      However, I have not yet wrapped my mind around defunding the police. That is a very big question mark.

      • Hello Tumbleweed from another Minnesotan who grew up in South Minneapolis as well – a couple blocks from Lake Hiawatha. Left in 1978 never to return, not even to a high school reunion (although I might go to the 50th in a few years – just to see)…Too old to be doing that whole winter experience and not willing to endure the summertime high humidity, gigantic mosquitoes and the living part time in the basement due to tornadoes…Been happily living in various areas of the West Coast since 1978…

  12. I watch these protests and think to myself, what is it they are protesting to change? The police officer was fired and charged in record quick time. I am not even sure there is any evidence the office had any racist tendency. Maybe I just have missed where he spouted some racist speech before taking action. Seemed like just a power mad prick. There are already national laws on the books to treat everyone equal, with some favoritism policies for classes and races to improve historic policies. Hey I get abortion protests, equal pay protests, minimum wage protests, anti war protests, I can understand the goals of most other protestors. Black lives matter protests? Is there any counter argument or law where someone is on the opposite side? Of course they matter, no one on any side is disagreeing.

    There are a lot of people protesting going on two weeks now. What is it the protestors want changed? Is there something we can do where we can say, OK now we have passed this bill or taken this action, we will be done and from now through future generations can just treat everyone based on their actions?

    • For more perspective on this, watch:


      It’s about the “Sunrise Movement” preparing for a trigger event and the brainwashing that led to the current attempted destruction of society. They are advocating criminal acts, and advocating to children. Why Amazon and so many other companies are supporting BLM today is still a mystery. Here’s a significant list of companies that contributed to these subversive organizations:


      This is depressing.

      • This morning, June 9, I can’t access the Sunrise Movement video. The message says it’s a private video and I have to sign in. When did you last watch it?

    • “What is it the protestors want changed?”

      Joe, they don’t know. Indeed, they CAN’T know.

      The fake news networks only ask fluff questions. Several FOX reporters HAVE actually asked. The replies are canned, or slogans, or incongruous strings of meaningless buzzwords.

  13. Leave it to George to find the upside in gout. Sadly, the only way I have been able to end my gout bouts is to give up alcohol, a tough trade off but ultimately worth it.
    George, today I was unable to get to the current Urban Survival using Firefox. Tried everything, even pasted static IP address without success. The page would open up to the June 4 posting but nothing current. Switched to Chrome and got right in. Just FYI. Probably something on my end if you aren’t hearing this from others.
    Stay frosty.

    • If it looks out of date on Firefox, try refreshing the page. Someone or something is caching. If it’s the browser, there may be a setting. I have that situation but haven’t searched seriously for a solution. Regardless, I’ll avoid Chrome to the best of my ability. There’s a few apps that require that one browser and I hate them.

    • I’ve had the same problem for the past few days. Solved by refreshing the page, which causes the current content to pop up.

  14. Sounds like Minneapolis wants a dose of Texas vigilante Law. Be careful what you ask for.

    More relevant to the natonal scene, bankruptcies are skyrocketing, and this is just a taste of what’s coming. Live by debt slavery, well, you know what comes next.

    For the cash and carry land owner crowd, have something set aside for paying property tax which doesn’t involve an electronic transfer. The wingnuts and their wealthy patrons always try to arrange for land confiscation at gunpoint. Don’t give’em an excuse. Locally, that behavior has been rampant.

    At the risk of being repetitive, if you are in debt of any sort, think through what happens if the OPM (Other People’s Money) evaporates, and be prepared to deal with it. If you can get to a cash operating basis, now is the time.

  15. “$13,500 worth of income in 1981 dollars today, how much would that be?
    Shocking $37,962!”

    IS THAT ALL!!!!

    LOL I remember thinking back then that if I ever made four dollars an hour I would be… RICH… LOL… But then.. seventy five dollars a month bought a months groceries for a family of four.. if you lived in an apartment.. a really nice one rent was a hundred dollars.. an average one was seventy five.. a house payment was fifty dollars a month .. everyone had health insurance it was a given by all companies whether or not you were full or part time.. ( that stuff didn’t start to change until after the deregulation. prices for essentials was still relatively low

  16. In the year 1947 I was serving on a ship that delivered bombs, tanks and other material to Chiang Kai-shek. In a few years Moa Zedong had taken over China. I remember the Generals of hundreds of thousand troops leaving the Nationalist Government and joining Moa. I am
    concerned that we have high level military that openly disagree with the Commander in Chief. The General Alarm has sounded at my house.

  17. I’ve got an uncle that told me about a 1921 riot that happened before his time. I found an interesting story.

    The Devastation of Black Wall Street

    Tulsa, Oklahoma. 1921. A wave of racial violence destroys an affluent African-American community, seen as a threat to white-dominated American capitalism.

    In 1921, Tulsa, Oklahoma’s Greenwood District, known as Black Wall Street, was one of the most prosperous African-American communities in the United States. But on May 31 of that year, the Tulsa Tribune reported that a black man, Dick Rowland, attempted to rape a white woman, Sarah Page. Whites in the area refused to wait for the investigative process to play out, sparking two days of unprecedented racial violence. Thirty-five city blocks went up in flames, 300 people died, and 800 were injured. Defense of white female virtue was the expressed motivation for the collective racial violence.


  18. George, the cherry juice remedy works for gout. My mother was a nurse and she had people asking for cures all the time. One of the best was cherry juice for gout, it flushes the ureick acid out of your body which is what’s causing the pain in your joint, just find a high quality juice and drink it for several days. Has to be cherry no sugar, no filler juices. Good luck Mike

  19. Hmmmmm maybe you got Schizophrenia mr x.? I mean they say x marks the spot. You got fleas? where ? I dont have Skitsophrenia. ROTFLMFAO!

    I’m just testing things out and see if they work. Let me know if that works for ya Mr. x

  20. Dear Mr. Ure,

    Dough in hand similar to the $7.6 million you mention are poised to rise and bake a nice loaf of the chef’s finest at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue whose stately revolutionary ambience offers uninterrupted views across to the newly christened “Black Lives Matter Plaza”.

    Seeing as Mr. Biden has apparently secured enough votes for the nomination, let’s spin the “wheel of fortune”. The largest donor so far of about $7 million was Mrs. Clinton’s largest contributor in 2016. Their bar in that campaign came to rest at around $21 million, so one imagines more philanthropy could be winding its way around the mountain. Those of more humble zip code may wish to dream of St. Johns Wood courtesy of Nanker Phelge.

  21. Deciphering quipu is like having a 3 by 3 inch map with your finger tip over a portion of the map where all tributaries Rivers AR incline to meet but where under your finger tip , you can’t see is that they separate that’s the unknown you decide the outcome that’s under the tip of your finger that can’t be seen because if it connects and it’s a timeline in a different direction ,if it doesn’t connect then it’s a timeline in a different direction and in each one of these there will be a Mandela effect but through project Looking Glass the possibilities are exposed and this is what the Q Anon uses hint, Quipu strings.

  22. George,
    Some of today’s. remarks history is not being being taught today. Those who don’t relate to the following Google, read, learn.

    The question of how could these riots be
    possible/happening now? One
    answer is found in preworld war 2 Germany. Hitler was able to gather tens of thousands people at his Nuremberg rallies. If you want to get an idea of what went on at these rallies find and view the film’s of Leni Riefenstahl.

    These riots also remind some of us of kristallnacht. I personally find this very troubling.

    I am also concerned that in our future there will be versions of the beerhall putche and a night of the long knives.

    Finally get a hold of William L. Shirer’s Rise and Fall of the Third Reich and read it.


    • Isn’t it odd that we get to read mostly negative views about of “the Third Reich” when, with due respect, they were ahead in many aspects of society. One cannot only bash Adolf without ignoring the fact that PEOPLE have choices (just like today!!). So sorry about that.

      • “They” were not “ahead.” Fascism requires a constantly, rapidly expanding consumer base and a cause into which may be poured myriad physical and human resources, to stimulate production and focus the proles. When any of the above slow down or cease, fascism withers and dies. Until that point, it is the socioeconomic, political system in which the ignorant proletariat are most-happy, because it requires the least effort, and still gives them stuff. After that point, it becomes purely despotic, with only the moneyed and privileged, surviving.

        Hitler gave Germany hope when they had none, and pulled them out of the Depression faster than any other nation, but then ran into that “expansion issue” where he had to expand territory and destroy Germany’s manufactured goods (and a fair portion of its population) to sustain the growth, and the Reich.

        I give him kudos for what he did in the early years of the Reich WRT the German economy (and for the Autobahnen, of course.) I abhor him for the way he accomplished and sustained “growth” once his chancellery acquired absolute power.

        Benito created fascism, but couldn’t focus Italy sufficiently to generate significant growth to sustain the ideology (and IMO he was a pompous, lazy oaf, so didn’t try.)

        Franco couldn’t get on top of fascism from an economic standpoint, and so Spain languished (partly aided by a years-long European and American boycott, as punishment for being a neutral but fascist AXIS sympathizer during the War) until he relaxed Spain’s trade policy in the late 1950s. By then, he’d swung from being a fascist dictator to being just a generic socialist dictator, so the example of “Fascist Spain” ceases to have any validity.

      • Yes and no.. its a cycle.. if you check the history books we can see a cycle .. it is the same and has been for thousands of years.. each has its good side each has its bad side..
        the trend always seems to be the same.. a wise philosopher wrote before the birth of Christ that the fall of a civilization is due to the corruption of its leaders .. Greed.. but a really good example and a lot less reading is to read the studies of the rise and fall of the Ming dynasty..to put its reasons for failure in a short..

        “The fall of the empire was mainly caused by rampant corruption in the dynasty’s courts and the bad rule of the eunuchs (Brook, 2010). Bad leadership and natural calamities were major causes of poverty and hardship among the people.

        The people were so fed up with living in hardship that they started rebelling against the emperor.”

        its the same.. the rise and fall and enter whatever dynasty or empire you want..
        the class separation is needed not a socialized everyone equal.. but those in power need to realize their role in keeping the checks and balances stable.. when you over power any tower with more blocks the tower tumbles.. four year old mechanics on building a tower out of blocks.. keep the base solid..
        We will go through the mechanics of collapse a new civilization will be born from the ashes of our mistakes .. in the end its all a business model.. the ones that could have made the changes and kept the tower strong .. decided to go with option two.. instead of community.. they went with its about ME.. my profits not my productivity in the community.. just my honest opinion.. they should have taken a smaller cut in profits kept the communities strong like they were in years past.. but hey.. its all gonna work out..just read the books.. they all start similar they follow the same paths then they are reborn.. the bad parts of it.. is the ones on the top usually get the nasty stick in the changes..

      • My respect to both commentators, very insightful!
        The biggerst problem for most where: What to do
        with these MANY people — just like today. ;-((

      • The problem (to me) LOOB is when we fail, we will become as despotic as Mao’s China. When that happens, we’ll take the rest of the World with us, because there’ll no longer be an adult in the room, anywhere… Not really the kind of world I want my progeny to suffer through.

        Bolshe, a few billion of ’em will probably take a shower…

  23. Steve I appreciate your comment. However, there is the conversation we are having right now in my reply to you and the one I’m having with the other people who are reading my words, and the ongoing dialog with The Creator that is ever present and an ongoing dialog with some old dudes in the Know an ongoing dialog with the Arctypes, the proto-gstalt, Higher and lower powers, and my stalker ex wife and a few other females in the know, and I have about 10,000 other projects going full force along with a vast digital garden and another monkeys running on treadmills chewing on my thoughts. If I told ya a quater of it? You probably wouldnt believe me. I’m sure without a doubt I apear nuts to most. Lol

    And I’m sure without a doubt I’m on a bunch of differnt lists. From the NSA, Rand Corp, J.A.S.O.N. scientists, a long list of dark spititual hitman to the Lambs Book of Life.

    One things forsure. I dont stay dead. I can see the future and write it with Amazing accuracy, I can see into peoples hearts and minds before they think what they think and feel what they feel. I can move metal, see with my eyes closed, put thoughts into minds around me, move metal, know where stuff is when it’s been moved and I never forget anything. Doesnt mean I’m perfect. I’m very much human. Although I have become so efficient from meditation I dont require much sleep. 2-3 hours.

    And my only excuse for any of that is I believed God when He told me things. I didnt doubt it for a minute. I have my moments with Him where I dont understand stuff. But I’m always honest with God. I also have a constant song of Praise to the Creator and Jesus like a mantra that never turns off running in the back of my mind. It’s always present and it is unceasing. Started when I got Baptised 30 years ago. Constant song of Praise. Lol Even when I’m screaming at the top of my Lungs at God in frustration.

    It’s not all about me. I get that. I’m trying to establish myself on a new level. I actually work 3 of them at the same time when I meditate and focus on the X&Y axis being 0.0 along with a compas simutaiously. Its is my Greatest Hope and Faith that my Life is lived pleasing to the Highest God and Highest Good only second to the welfare of others. I’m the last one on the list I pray for and that has been that way for a couple decades. Rarely does anyone do anything for me until recently. I didnt even get a birthday present or Christmas present for the 3 years and I spent all my money on everyone else. Lol

    So, I appreciate your concern for my well being out of caution. I look to the Highest God and Highest Good for my advancement and ability to do so into other relms. And I been at it for a while. So, we will see what they say. So far everything I said in my prophacy has come to fruition. I’m sure they are listening. Lol I have 10,000 bullets flying. I been at it a while. They are all on target. I spent thousands upon thousands of hours thinkin about where we are now. Lol every angle that could be considered.

    Someone needs to be a champion for the lonely, angry and poor in this world. To dethrone the current assholes running it.
    Like Russ said,


    • Andy thanks for the clarification. I was trying to understand but you are, like George, smarter than most of us and hard to comprehend at times. But hey, that doesn’t make you a bad guy. I hope you are wrong about some things, like martial law in August. But time will tell. It must be intense having all that going on at once. Blessings

      • I always hope I’m wrong when it comes to people suffering. Sumtimes they bring it on themselves. I have brought it on myself a few times. Not 8n a karmic way. I dont have any Karmic retribution. Lol. Just in a miss step to create a footing to capture a vantage point. Kinda like eating a hard punch so you can bring the opponent to the ground because you know damn well they dont have a ground game.

        Did Bill Gates die in a plane crash yet? Sorry I dont watch the news much.

      • It’s a mile marker. I saw when reading the Pistis of Sophia again. Figure it might have happend by now. Kinda like I mentioned about seeing George’s Gout issue a couple weeks before it got to him and I mentioned to pick up his mat and walk the day before.

        Its prophacy in the Pistus of sophia. Gates flung them selves to the ground and I been tryin to figure out who Bill was… because that twin towers thing on the dollar bill keeps coming up and all this talk about cash.

        Hmmmm well I got alot of catching up to do on reading. Probably happen tomorrow. Have a great week. I think I’m going back to Thebes soon. Havent been there since I was 21. Lol

  24. …Having a problem understanding “negative interest rates.” ISTM if Prime goes to, say -½%, consumer accounts will whiplash into minus several percent. Howthehell does any banking-type person think John Q is going to leave a damn’ dime more than he has to, in any account, for one second longer than he has to? Is the banking industry going to tank, when John Q and his 300 million fellow account-holders start stuffing their mattresses, and the banks have to survive on commercial accounts? ‘Sounds to me like a self-feeding bonfire…

    I can’t believe there are people in Minihoopla who like living in their own houses. What in the world is wrong with them?

    As for defunding police, go for it. Minibraincapacity is doing it, so’s LA and New Yawk — Chi-town will be next. Instead of having 50 Black-on-Black shootings over the 4th of July, they’ll have 500, since Windy Sh!tty residents are essentially banned from having any kind of force-multiplier which could be construed as a weapon. That’s okay, though, because they’ll be able to phone their local community leader and have a social worker drop in to take their statement and council them about being so selfish as to think they have a right to deny criminals their possessions, their bodies, and their lives…

    I believe subsidizing farmers for CV-19 related issues is necessary, as is subsidizing them through the tariff war. I don’t, however, believe the “farm subsidies” should exist. USDA should post annual planting recommendations, and if farmers don’t follow, they go broke. However, farmers should also charge actual cost+GP for their product, and hire Citizens to do the hand-work that’s mostly done by itinerant or illegal aliens. Again, we’re already paying $11 for that head of lettuce. I’d much rather pay a farmer for his(her) outlay, and for the expense of paying seasonal help a living wage, than subsidize illegal aliens as they suck up resources for which they’re not entitled.

    BTW, the “Obama phones” (funded principally by George Soros) are still being given away: “We give you phone, we give you minutes, you read the occasional text message we send you, okay…?”

    “China raises the stakes in defending Huawei in the U.K..”

    An aside: I acquired a photo drone a few weeks ago. It is a DJI. DJI REQUIRES that a smartphone be used, imbedded in its controller. It requires that the smartphone’s GPS and locator be on, and that the drone’s controller have access to the phone’s Internet. I got the drone, knowing that someone in China is going to get hi-res location-coded images from that 15MP Hasselblad camera. What’s fun, is I’m going to try to use the drone in a place that’s over 100 miles from the nearest cell tower. NEVER assume that because you are just a peon, you have no information to offer, or that a corporation will either not take advantage of that information, or apply it in a strictly beneficient manner…

  25. Hey G, you ever been able to affect the UT magnetic field around you by will? microtesla field or UT. When I point the compas away from me I’m hitting a UT of 30- 33 ish. when I point it towards me I’m bouncing around 60 -63 ish. Never quite noticed it before. I was seeing if I could move the compas directionally while holding it in my hand….. we do create a magnetic field. I can influence the compas to move 2-3 degrees each way. As much as 10 when super focused. I dont how useful that is…. kinda trippy.

    Maybe everyone else knows about this and I’m the last one in the know. Hahaha. Tripped me out when meditating this mornin.

    • I laid the compas perfectly level without touching it. I can affect it to move by directing my field energy like the Rod and Staff of the Lord, (*metal rods.) I didnt think it is possible to influence a compas by will. Moving the needle by “willing” it to move without touching it physically…..

      You ever play with any of that stuff??? These fricken humming birds are over me lately and the bee’s. They just land on me. It’s super weird. I love the little dudes and chicks. I had a humming bird land on the bill of my ball cap yesterday while meditating an I had two land one on each knee this morning and I seem to have a murder of crows lately following me around. Hahaha. I talk to them tell them to have a good day and I got a tree that has knot hole always starting at me that looks like the Eye of Ra. Lol due north. Lol

      Que the song the Birds and the Bees and the flowers and the trees. Lmao.

      You ever move the magnetic needle on a compas? I didnt know I could do that till this mornin. Never really tried.

      • My first encounter with micro moving things was in 1970. I had floated a needle on water and was able to move it around a bit – here and there on a glass of cold water – but only IF I went to their weird headspace.
        It didn’t feel “right” – a kind of visceral “soul blending with the steel” and it felt very dark.
        OK…back to drinking beer and reading old Theosophy books like HPB’s Treatise on Cosmic Fire. Later came to realize that the magician’s “being one” with the object of action was not my cup of tea because it sort of “locks one” into a single layer of Reality while practicing that.
        Quite smothering is the only way I could describe it. Cuts of Realm bouncing and those are the Source of help if you need it…

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