The DMR and Sasquatch

Big – wide-ranging – discussion this morning of the coming Digital Mob Rule that we’re already experiencing the leading Tweets of. But does this really lead to a reconsideration of semi-mythical creatures like Sasquatch?

Indeed, it does.  Though only if we look (as I do in my next book) at the schema of consciousness in Reality and how  unraveling those relationships is a bigger deal than even CERN.  After coffee, headlines, and charts, of course.

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21 thoughts on “The DMR and Sasquatch”

  1. Good point George. Transdimensionals could explain the lack of Bigfoot evidence, because, when he enters our dimension, he has a body form that can be touched & felt, but not our character traits such as leaving footprints, scent, poop, or bones of the dead Squash. The people he takes are either for food or reproductin, or to bring them in for experimentation in another dimension. I don’t think Bigfoot does the experimentation, they are only the gofers. It is interesting to note that some of the missing children are found miles away from where abducted, usually naked with scratches all over there bodies, like they had been carried through thick brush. Maybe Bigfoot has a conscience.

    I wonder why Matt Moneymaker of the BFRO or other organizations have not picked up on this. I have watched most of the Bigfoot shows on TV & can’t remember transdimensionals or missing people mentioned.

    I think I will be carrying a 9 in the pocket when I go camping in the future.

    • There are reports of them being seen defecating in rivers then washing themselves off.
      In searching for them at one point there was a nest discovered with hair samples for DNA analysis. If I remember right the DNA came back unknown species with human and animal characteristics.
      It’s been years since I read the report and account history so I can’t remember the exact source. If my memory serves me right it was a government report on a campers account and the game wardens initiated the search.
      My wife tells me all the time I have read more useless knowledge of anyone she’s ever met lol lol.. like why would I even care about most of the subjects I choose.. it will never impact my life at all.

      Speaking of initiated complaints and my lost package that literally made it to the sorting facility just before our distribution center. I ran into someone I know at the gas station that works at the sorting facility and I asked. What they hiring stupid people now.
      What this individual told me.. no we’ve been having more issues like this since they started to hire.. wait for it… refugees… one of the most desired bottom feeder career choice..tough to get in.. but then that is just hearsay.. I can’t say it’s true

      • The Bigfoot hair sample was bear DNA. I saw the show.

        I ship my Ebay items out using USPS & I have about 99% excellent service. Maybe they have your address on the computer hit list… screw up delivery.

      • ok.. I did a little checking since I just couldn’t quite remember where I had read it.. there was an extensive study commisioned by the US forestry service. DNA tests foot prints all were done a copy is at both Berkly and Cambridge university libraries on the results.. the dna came back as both homo-sapiens with context to Neanderthal and the the orangutan ..
        someone took a shot at it and got the blood samples back off of some rocks.. now why in the heck they would do that is besides me.. the darn thing is just trying to stay hidden.. and we are the ones invading its living space.
        I had the link on the I-pad tablet but that damned thing.. I hate it won’t let me use the keyboard again.. anyway.. you can just go to the Berkeley or Cambridge library it comes up right off the bat..

      • oh the study that was done was done long before the term sasquatch or bigfoot.. similar to global warming and climate change terminology word phrases .. it use to be called wood ape..I guess I never seen the show.. sounds interesting though.. wife is after me to do honey doo projects so I don’t have time to look it up on the computer.. not getting in trouble with the boss is more important right now.. LOL but it is easy to find

    • I would be more worried about our children or lived ones being abducted or attacked in our nations capital. Around powerful men and women that should be looking out for our best interests than big foot. From what I’ve read they are herbivore and none violent. Leave em a line if you see one.

      • On the tv shows they say Bigfoot hunts & eats deer in addition to vegetation. Also, he is known to throw rocks at people who enter his domain. Bigfoot certainly is animal like in that he avoids humans. He is just much better at it.

    • “think I will be carrying a 9 in the pocket when I go camping in the future”

      Please don’t! You may hurt yourself.

  2. Great post today. My kind of material… You would like the book from Steven Pinker…Enlightenment Now..The Case For Reason, Science, Humanism and Progress.

  3. George,
    A bit of anecdotal evidence on Bigfoot being transdimensional. A close friend of mine lived for many years in a remote area of Southern Oregon. He is a very enlightened, Spiritual individual who by his account encountered Sasquatch on a regular basis around his property. Twenty years ago he told me he too believed they were transdimensional. One night he came up his driveway, catching one in his headlights. It scurried into the garage, but was no where to be seen a few seconds later. He also said many times he sensed they were near, but unseen. Only a distinctive odor sometimes giving them away.

    • Steve: Still no pic of Bigfoot. Why didn’t he have a camera at the ready if he encountered Bigfoot on a regular basis. Why didn’t he trap it in his garage which might be suicidal? A real picture or video of Bigfoot would be worth big bucks. He missed a golden opportunity.

    • there are a whole bunch of sasquatches out there but I remember the photo of the teenager Sasquatch that is very memorable it didn’t have the facial hair as much as the adult it was a fantastic photo or I should say YouTube video that showed that there’s so much going on out there that is just too much for any one person to record and keep track of but it does happen

  4. Maybe Bigfoot is a Transdimentional Brown Bear which shapes shifts as is enters our dimension. Possibly, the brown bear is a Bigfoot in another dimension. I think I will send an email to the BFRO to see their stance on this Transdimentional theory.

  5. Dear Mr. Ure,

    Holy stack overflow, Mycroft! Scarcely have we latched onto the maternal teat of this brave new world when we must dive headlong into the tumultuous terrible twos? Timeout buzzer, anyone? Your tangent brings to mind R.A. Heinlein’s mid-60’s “The Moon is a Harsh Mistress” where the computer silently overseeing Lunar operations becomes sentient, matures, and dies. If we return our leaders to appointment by a higher authority then parts of the western hemisphere will have gone full circle in a little over two centuries.

    I saw that your “re-gov org” mention of some days past had not morphed yet into a web page. An odd thing is that Google directed me from that term to youthngov dot org which turned out to be a campaign of 21 youth to sue President Trump for climate change infractions and the like. The US charity “The Childrens Trust”, apparently under the dominion of a leader active in multiple causes des jouers, appears to be at the steering wheel of this driveby and other web denigrating efforts against Potus. Surely four term President Putin and now President-for-Life Xi can shoulder some of the responsibility?

    “The program is running”…

  6. you must have read the study by McClurkan… his tests came back brown bear..but then his study wasn’t that thorough and once he got the negative his research pretty much ended there similar to my opinions on aliens and bigfoot..the study is there.. love those libraries I am always rooting around in a library someplace… it has both the pro’s and con’s.. Bigfoot is like Aliens and roswell NM.. I am pretty sure that through the thousands of years of sightings and reports that not all are fake.. there are some real and a majority of them are fake.. I know my sister inlaw was so excited because a deer was out feeding in her yard and their security camera picked it up.. my friend and I was planning on going down with a bigfoot suit on so she could really give the family a story to talk about.. the smart azz in me for aliens.. the same thing except I knew someone that knew things that satisfied my curiosities so until someone is willing to let everyone know exactly what they have found.. ( there usually is a reason why they don’t disclose things and it should be that way..)

    In contrast, consistent, reproducible, novel data were obtained when nuclear DNA was amplified
    utilizing various platforms. Nuclear DNA obtained from Sasquatch samples produced novel
    SNPs, off ladder alleles on human STRs, retained human sequence interspersed with novel
    sequence, and whole genome SNPs that fell outside the human threshold. Three of the Sasquatch
    samples were subjected to next generation whole genome sequencing, each of which
    independently yielded high quality complete genomes.
    Analysis of preliminary phylogeny trees derived from supercontigs generated from all three
    samples showed homology to human chromosome 11 reference sequence hg 19, and to primate
    sequences. The totality of the DNA evidence suggests the Sasquatch nuclear DNA is a mosaic
    comprising human DNA interspersed with sequence that is novel but primate in origin.
    Dr. Melba S. Ketchum, Director
    DNA Diagnostics, Nacogdoches, TX 75965

    • other than my friend jean ( she still reads a book and a half a day I met her in the stacks of the library of congress ).. I am probably the best read nobody anyone gets to meet. I catch myself starting to read a book then realize I have already read it a few times LOL…my wife usually is my ground rod to keep me grounded..

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