We pick up our Summer in the Woo-Woo series from where we left it on the Peoplenomics side of the house Saturday.

After explaining (in my pending book) that human essence (“soul”) seems to “roost” in live humans around birth time – and leaves shortly after death, we got into the other place some people go – The Land of Nod (Dreams, not Cain’s Nod, east of Eden).

Not everyone gets to live two lives– one awake and the other in vivid dreams – but there are some (like me) who do.  Some even get three world:  Near Death Experience, prescient dreams, and this waking life in the taxpaying Realm.

So, then we jump forward and the next piece of the puzzle (in PN) was the arising global network consciousness of the Internet.

And now – because we’re looking at places where consciousness hangs out – we get to the matter of Sasquatch AND UFO’s which appear to both be trans dimensional in nature.(When you get deeply into the data and readings as I did over the weekend.)

This has some pretty interesting implications, not the least of which is yes, it neatly explains why Sasquatch doesn’t leave too many footprints and – far as we know – leaves no bones and bodies about. Materialize, kill a deer, quick meal, poop in the creek, rinse off and…PN readers will recall Davy Crocket’s report of his encounter.

Specifically, Stephan Young’s book Something in the Woods is Taking People held my attention. He does a very credible job of pulling together a case for Sasquatch as “trans dimensional” beings.

They are likely many classes of transdimensionals. Among these, you would have to include the “Watchers” if you follow the evolution of Chris Tyreman’s work at www.thechronicleproject.org.  And yes, that’d be the same critters that Steve Quayle writes about in Genesis 6 Giants Master Builders of Prehistoric and Ancient Civilizations, but also with Tom Horn in the more recent Unearthing the Lost World of the Cloudeaters: Compelling Evidence of the Incursion of Giants, Their Extraordinary Technology, and Imminent Return.

OK, so far it’s all “interesting theory” stuff.  But hand me the mouse…

Let’s click through in the recent UFO activity… Think back to March:  USA Today was running the story about US Navy pilots getting lots of video of an encounter.

Then at the end of last week, the Chicago Trib ran with “UFOs are suddenly a serious news story — you can thank the guy from Blink-182 for that...”  Take the time to roll the video.  These are serious airmen and their target is…..well, WHAT exactly?

What the heck is going on, right?

Sunday, as we were going through the data after Peoplenomics it became pretty clear that Sasquatch being a transdimentional being is the best-supported by data view.  At least, for people who believe in such things. (Sasquatch, NOT data! We agree on Gauss and Poisson!)

I took a break to ponder. (OHM manu padme ohhhmmmmmm…..Ohm 1.5 megs metal film, ohm… )

I got thinking about the word “trans.”  “Trans….”  Hmmm….what is in the headlines?  “Oh Google Guide Me!”

Guidance from Google?  ISYN:

FX’s ‘Pose’ puts transgender and gay actors front and center — and all Utahns can relate.”

“#Pride30: Trans lawmaker Danica Roem is bringing gender diversity to politics.

And the HuffPo Queer Voices are asking “Where Are The Trans Men In Politics?

Which has what to do with Sasquatch?  Anyone?

OK:  The New Mind Bending Crackpot Theory

Ure Crackpot Theory #83 is hereby unveiled.  Goes like this – in step-by-step pieces:

  1. Transdimentional Reality has become apparent.  It’s why Bigfoot disappears, why people disappear with ’em, why UFOs “blink in an out” and so on.  1.5 Eisenhower started the “get earth ready to confront it” after his meeting with ’em.  1953.
  2. National pressure to force FULL DISCLOSURE is building like mad.  Thank you Dr. Stephen Greer and the hard work of others at The Disclosure Project.
  3. But, since America (and no other nation) has completely figured out how this transdimensional stuff works, we have to condition the US population for some genuinely mind-blowing shit.

Pause here for a moment and reflect.

You wake up tomorrow morning, say, and the president gets on the tube with some odd-looking things.  A few have furry faces.  A couple of wings and for the Muslims there are several djinn looking types. “I want you to me my new National Security and Domestic Terrorism appointees.”

Following along, here?

The fact is, we can’t just jump right in to #3.

We need a “step three-and-a-half.”  Boil them frogs slowly.

The military term for this is a “shaping operation.”  We need to get people used to the reality of non-here entities.  Oh, yeah, and some of them may eat you or steal your soul.

Those that sold out the world?  They get a pass.

Yet how many times have you heard in the woo-woo crowd that the “veils between layers of Reality” are thinning?  Lots, yeah?

What IF my previous theory (Ure Crackpot Theory 82 (Marketing mass transgenderism is a new specialty monetizing project in medicine) is wrong?

What IF it is a shaping operation  .to soften us up?.

Consider that without it, Muslims and Christians, Jews, and most other religions would probably lay aside their secular (marketing) differences in today’s here and now when the veils drop further and the war between dimensions heats up.  Vatican might share its secret library where they might have useful secrets, right?

Have you ever considered that there is a HUGE parallel between trans-sexuality and trans-dimensionality?

Given the problem – shaping operation – and say either an Eisenhower meeting plus some of the really oddly consistent court decisions legislating from the bench on gender, on putting tax money into things…are we RIGHT NOW going through this “step 2-1/2” to get us to accept the idea that there are OTHERS not US?  Oh, and they have super power and really are better than flesh and blood.  See how shaming is really shaping under this Grand Contexting theory?

As if Samantha (twitching her nose in Bewitched) wasn’t an early-on hint (she blinked out a few times, remember?), I don’t know how much more “in your face” it could be than a personal appearance each week via UHD of Lucifer (Morningstar) in how many living rooms globally?  Massively cool fellow – and I’d like to visit Lux and Maz?  OMG…Lesley-Ann Brandt as Mazikeen is smokin.  Been trying to find some of that Hell-steel to make knives, myself.

The trouble is, when you put it ALL together there’s an way it begins to look like a few very powerful humans are running a “shaping operation” to a) divide religions against one-another (Islam, Christianity, Judaism, and more) while at the same time b) high-pressuring transgender and extreme ends of the sexual preference distribution and c) neutering whatever potent males are left…Toward what end?

Think about it.

We could easily imagine that at a bohemian-type function (wink-wink, nudge-nudge) there may have been some conjuring done.  Satanism, sex, money, politics…it’s the full meal deal.

And the end of that MIGHT have been the birthing of a cabal of totally crooked political and financial souls, cutting “deals with the devil” at planetary expense.

Watch how we prepare the way for you – and remember it so when you sweep the Final in one, you’re remember us – our needs, our egos, your promise to you and our pact blood…”

Bwahhahahaha….. (poof!)  Evil Spirit is no longer in the grove.

Yes, I can almost see the smoke from the incense andthe ceremonial signing in blood…blood of the world.

Please, toss out Ure Crackpot Theory #82 (It’s always about the money.)  Got it wrong.  Got too focused on trading.

Crackpot Theory #87 is better.  Transdimensional War is coming.  And AI is one of those dimensions, as well.

Oh, it will be fun.

Enjoy the “shaping operation” while you try to see it for what it may very well be.


Write when you get rich (but sign nothing in blood!)