Volcanoes, Drought: Sun Going Out?

Don’t be alarmed by the outburst of another volcano – this one in Guatemala over the weekend.  And it’s not too far south of the parallel that the Hawaiian volcano sits on, if you’ll notice.

In Guatemala, a couple of dozen dead from the Fuego volcano eruption.  And in Hawaii, the eruption on the Big Island is getting, well, bigger.

Instead, the “right thought model” to frame these events may be the pattern that accompanies an extreme in solar activity.  As in extremely none.

Let me back up a couple of years.  Pretend it’s 2014 and a serious scientist named John L. Casey has just published Dark Winter: How the Sun Is Causing a 30-Year Cold Spell.  It’s a great book because it documents how the IPPC and other pro “climate-change” groups have missed (and suppressed) major findings about the Sun and how it’s cycles work; how they influence the crust of the Earth, and suggest we might want to be ready for such change.

Oh, also cited in this look-ahead?  Major increase in volcanism. Pacific volcanism to be precise.

Of course, if you’re not a geologist – and you’re being paid to come to a predetermined climate-change conclusion by virtue of the grant money “string” spent on climate – hearing about how the Sun operates at the macro-level is very, very heretical stuff.  Can’t have that, now, can we?

But, lo and behold, the book cites the forward-look from 2014 and even a simple mind (Ure’s) can see how the process works:  Sun cools down, and the crust of the Earth begins to shrink a bit.  Not overnight, of course:  Such things are actually offset from the nominal solar peak.

Instead, what changes first (air being less of a heat-sink than the crust), is weather patterns change.

This gets us to the first touchstone of what’s ahead:  Drought.  And boy, are we in it:

An odd things is happening – if you visualize the data in your head a bit:  If there is heating and drought around the 30-35-degree latitude regioin (heat would expand the crust a bit there) why is the volcanic activity centered down in the 15-20 degree latitude area above the equator?

We might notice something by looking at the ITCZ (Intertropical Convergence Zone).  Click Wikipedia to find this:

“The ITCZ was originally identified from the 1920s to the 1940s as the “Intertropical Front” (“ITF”), but after the recognition in the 1940s and 1950s of the significance of wind field convergence in tropical weather production, the term ITCZ was then applied.[1] When it lies near the Equator, it is called the near-equatorial trough. Where the ITCZ is drawn into and merges with a monsoonal circulation, it is sometimes referred to as a monsoon trough, a usage more common in Australia and parts of Asia. In the seamen’s speech, the zone is referred to as the doldrums because of its erratic (monotonous) weather patterns with stagnant calms and violent thunderstorms.”

Precisely to my point – once you got the idea of the ITCZ, take a gander at the satellite imagery of the region off Guatemala and the big blow-out over the weekend at Fuego:

Remember science from back in school days?  Clouds are usually around cooler air.  Oh, and you know where Guatemala is on the map, right?  Hawaii is just above where the ITCZ rolls west into the Pacific.

This morning, we received an update on the Solar Cycle Progression work by NOAA.  It shows we are in a deep – almost Sunspot-free – period of solar history.

The sun spot reductions have made ham radio operates a bit frustrated; sun.  The good news is the bands should be hopping again in…uh…120 years.

If John Casey’s book continues to be a better guide that climate hype by the hysterical Mainstream Media (and government which wants ever more tax money; what you can expect are more Pacific quakes.  And more flooding, too.  Like the disaster in Elliott City, Maryland a couple of weeks back.

Earth is a closed system, argue the climate change modelers.

Yeah…sure.  (Don’t tell ’em the solar system is a closed model, too.  And big usually trumps small.)

Market Rally or a FOREX Move?

Our next data SOR (searchlight of reason) falls on the Dow futures which were up 140 points early on. What do you think is going on?

Think currency shift.

Take a look at the futures and some of our charts at the bottom of this page.

Note that the Euro to Dollar ratio was 0.856 earlier.  But then it came down to 0.853,  This may not seem like a big deal, but when you are looking at markets in today’s world, it’s useful to remember that these are global markets.  Everything is geared to everything else.  Like an automatic transmission – for money.

Let’s do the math, then:  The markets are being traded with “money” (from the US perspective) that’s only “worth” 99.65 percent of its value of last Friday.

Since the Dow was 24,635 when things closed Friday, the market would be priced in the vicinity of (25,635 times .9965) or 24,548 based just on currency swings.  Around 90 points lower.

Of course, there is more driving it up:  Beginning of the month pension and 401K contributions pour in for the professional money manglers to mangle…so there’s a bit of upward pressure there, too.

But one of the FANG darlings – Facebook – is being bad-rapped in the news this morning for how “deep” they shared access to your personal data.  When a story like this hits in the NY Times, and it talks about “contradicting” what Congress was led to believe (they don’t use the term lying), it’s bound to take a little air out of the techs, I figure.

While the futures were up 128 in my most recent look-see, I’m expecting things will chill after the opening’s “amateur hour.”  The pro’s will make things more clear around 10:45 Eastern.

Factory orders come in at 10 this morning.  International trade and productivity Wednesday.  But the real action will come later in the month.  Fed meeting starts on the 12th with the rate hike (likely) next Wednesday (13th).

Greasy Trade Stuff

Two big items to be tracking in here:  But the short term job optimism matters as  Wall Street poised for higher open as jobs optimism outweighs trade  explains….

Here comes your cap on further oil price advances for a while as Oil down as U.S. supply grows, OPEC considers higher output. Also notice this which is related: Oil down as U.S. supply grows, OPEC considers higher output.

Unfortunately, the price of oil takes a while to work through the system.  So, between now and higher production we read Global airlines slash profit outlook as fuel costs jump.  Might want to think about FedEx and UPS rates – which are fuel-dependent, too.  And that could ripple to eBay sales net to sellers.

This still all ripples, like a struck bell.  Harmonics arise.

Adventures of the Dim Son

While the Trump-Kim chi is mixing in the headlines, North Korea replaces top military brass with younger officials ahead of US summit, reports say.

I don’t know about this kid:  Last thing I’d do is “shake up the staff” if I was going to be out of town for a week or two.  He should have done the distance-learning MBA, huh?

Radical Idiocy

As if you needed more proof?  Portland rallies turn violent as Antifa members clash with Patriot Prayer rally, four arrested.

We’ve been pretty consistent (and right) saying such antifa people aren’t really interested in actually helping anyone, except themselves…Just another node of digital mob rule that wants to be in charge.

Line’s at the voting station, kiddies.

Follow-up on Our Coping Piece

If you were wondering, would humans really kill aliens, given a chance?

Here’s a story just crossing that says Aliens are real, but humans will probably kill them all, new paper says.  My imagine that.

Cat Call

Finally, for Zeus the Cat (our mouse-potato), an outlook for a delayed retirement with  Word the oldest living cat turns 30.

As I’ve been explaining to Zeek, when he retires, that’s it. Natural automation will take his job.  Doesn’t need to be fed or watered.  Nature’s robotics at work.

We are happy with how the hawks are taking care of things.  Them, plus the feral cats around the woods all do a pretty fair job of keeping the vermin down.

I suggested if Zeus want easier vermin hunting and to feather his resume, he needs to send resumes east.  We need more cats in, oh, Washington, DC.  Plenty of vermin there.

Moron the ‘morrow…

10 thoughts on “Volcanoes, Drought: Sun Going Out?”

  1. As above, so below! There is a community, led by Richard Hoadland, which advocates the hyperdimesional significance of 19.5 degrees latitude on celestial bodies throughout the solar systems (and likely throughout the universe). See: http://www.vortexmaps.com/planets.php

    It is interesting that Mauna Loa, Hawaii is at 19 degrees 28 minutes North latitude, as is earthquake prone Mexico City, Mexico at 19 degrees 23 minutes N. Jupiter’s “red spot” is also at 19.5 degrees, Mars’ Olympus Mons shield cone volcano at 19.5 degrees and our Sun’s sunspot activity and the region of solar peak temperatures is almost exclusively within 19.5 degreees north and south.

    Man historically demonstrates the misguided belief that the universe is centered entirely around us. If there is climate change, the misguided greatness and flawed omnipotence of humanity must be responsible. Sure, we pee in our own swimming pool, so to speak, but that pool is quite large and self-healing, as demonstrated by past asteroid impacts, erupting Siberian lava traps, ‘snowball earth’ and numerous glacial events. The planet will survive us – yes, even if we eliminate over 90% of all life (including ourselves), similar to what happened during the great Permian extinction 251 million years ago when 96% of all species on the planet were lost.

    As Jeff Goldblum’s character accurately wisecracks in the 1st Jurassic Park film, “nature finds a way!” This does not give humanity a free pass to pollute, but instead beckons us to look to the heavens or within the Earth below our feet to understand how massive catastrophes happen and what we can do to anticipate and perhaps survive them.

    • RIchard Hoagland on the art bell last.
      He says secret meetings are going to be held at OLD NAVY stores on friday. He said to call 1800 OLD NAVY and find nearest store near you, then on Friday (and he didnt say what time though) take a equilateral triangle with you or a tetrahedron and go in the store and say “I’m here for the meeting”..

      There was the famous 1-800-OLD-NAVY advertisement, concerning “Scotch plaid” shirts on sale from their regular price, $19.50. This was alleged to be a reference to the Scottish Rite temple of the Masons and the tetrahedral “Hyperdimensional physics” of Cydonia. There were reports to the Art Bell radio program of odd messages on the 800 number, referring to “Majic” (or Majestic 12) and numerous other bizarre events in and around the stores on the day of the supposed sale. A visit to the stores would have revealed that despite the message on the 800 number, there were no “Scotch Plaid” shirts on sale

      • I think I am about the only one in our family that isn’t in the masons .. I would love to be one and proud to.. with all that I know that are in the mason’s.. I have never heard any of them talk of secret meetings.. LOL.. My grandfather was in the masonic templar, they were also in several other lodges to.. LOL after he died us kids used his feather hat as a pirates hat and would play buccaneers.. I have his sword someplace and his medallion saying what level he was.. .. all in all in the old days the different lodges were a form of local contact and socializing.. we have facebook and golf courses today.. etc..
        what these groups have done for small communities and special events is nothing but miraculous and generous… I personally don’t buy all the controversy or paranoid conspiracy theories over the organization. in my whole life I have never seen anything that wold lead me to believe the organizations had any alternate agenda’s.. some secret initiation ceremonies.. yup…. similar to the skull and bones club.. just a place for young college men to act stupid and have a social circle jerk in my opinion.I am sure they have some silly initiation for that as well.. maybe spending a night at a graveyard while wearing their cloths backwards who knows for sure. I have read most of the material surrounding the organizations.. see the men today that are still in them.. they are mostly old and this is there social group with very few younger men and women joining.. similar to the vfw or legion.. the organizations are still vital to communities but they are dying out as people are forced to work longer and harder to survive.Now I use to have one of those shirts.. it was my favorite one to.. loved it..and I love old navy but lately most of the clothing is coming from Vietnam and there sizes are off a little bit..
        I am fairly certain that magestic 12 is real or was real..but not masonic in origin..

    • Thank you; common sense, no BS and no hell raising scaremongering; preparation/information is the key. Thus, this website.

  2. George, what Kim did is a good early sign for Trump. Kim is starting to pave his side’s way to a nuke deal by getting rid of some nuke hardliners. But was thinking. If the R’s/Trump’s core position is that nuke deals are inherently worthless because compliance can’t be verified (as in the Iranian nuke deal), then why are they even bothering with N.K.? Best, Mike.

  3. I’ve always thought the global-warming,oops, climate change wa’s didn’t know Any! science at all…
    Q> what has the most heat content, air, water, earth (gas, liquid, solid)?
    Really, the oceans have much more heat content than the air, and actually moderate, add heat to the atmosphere.
    The solid, earth has far more heat content as it is much more massive than the oceans, also much hotter, volcanic, etc.
    So what really affects surface temperatures more than even solar, ?
    A first year general science student ought to be able to figure something like this out!


  4. I would continue to keep a close eye on the Hawaii volcano!

    Last three eruptions are all larger in size? Not good… The event is not over yet or easing…

  5. this year the tree’s are dumping more seeds than I have ever seen.. I wonder if it is natures way to try to correct for changes being made.



    I totally expect to see more volcano’s erupting .. wilder forest fires.. and more famine.. I look at my garden.. I always have great potatoes.. this year two hills are just peeking up over the top.. by this time I should have pretty good sized plants.. the rest of the plants have been stunted by the early heat we have had..


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