We have a blissfully short column this morning because the real “deal points” in the news flow this morning market America’s present mass-media-breakdown a prime candidate for diagnosis as bipolar disorder (Refer to your dog-eared DSM-5) although it could enlarge into a schizophrenic break.

If I were a mental health professional (which I’m thankfully not) the problem arises when we try to reconcile conflicting behaviors.

As an example:

Gallup has reported that “Economy: Americans’ Confidence in Their Finances Keeps Growing.”  In fact, say the pollsters, we’re at a 16-year high.

But then, a nearly opposite emotional state is reflected in the tale from MediaBusters  explaining ““Video Venom: 33 TV Shows in Jan. Slam ‘Terrorist’ Trump, Praise Abortion.

We’re confused on what the best treatment is for this kind of bipolar/schizophrenic display, although it seems there are three main options:

First, we could call a “dog whisperer” because there’s a chance the American population is “biting the hand that feeds it” – which strikes us as a canine expression.

OR, we would simply begin a daily regimen of vitamin supplements to help rebalance our thinking.  K2+D3 might be one.  Lithium orotate, might be another, and perhaps additional magnesium…

The third choice is more drastic:  Television writers have to be replaced in wholesale lots because the (pardon me) sh*t on television isn’t worth our time.

Here at the ranch a week and a half back, our TV went out.  Ordered up the part needed (I thought) from www.shopjimmy.com. Problem is, when the part arrived, turned out out 55″ LCD had a Polaroid T-Con, not the one ordered.  So we did the dance with parts (we’re still dancing) but in the meantime, I’m back to gobbling down Kindle books as is Elaine.  Toss in nightly bouts with Alexa hosting Trivial Pursuit contests and who needs a TV, right?

Current looking at a Hisense because the old Sceptre 55 would look fine in the studio and the 50″ there would replace the 42″ in the gym/guest room, and that would free up an LCD for the shop…but I digress.

The whole premise of television is that there’s something worth watching.  And – in case you haven’t caught-on yet – that’s becoming a very sketchy case, indeed.

You see, the problem is that humor heals…but now, with Digital Mob Rule on the rise, along with the pathetic snowflake mee-too’ers and their digitalantism screaming “I’m a bigger victim than you” every five minutes…well, makes us wanna puke, know what I’m saying?

Democrats Aren’t Getting It!

Sadly, the democrats – who are going to give Trump less than what he’s asking for in Wall building funds, which will lead to GovDown2 next week because Trump is a doer not a player  – are trying to “negotiate down to $1.3 billion and change.  Apparently (as we’ve mentioned before) democrats are seriously math impaired.  Trump hasn’t budged on $5.7- billion.

Another example of democrats being disconnected from the here and now is the Beto O’Rourke campaign, although we’re not sure who he’s running against yet.  Point I’m making is that whether he runs for president or the senate, there were Mexican flags up at his border show yesterday.  Which to us looks more like O’Rourke is running for the presidency of Mexico than America.

Near as we can figure, the only real asset O’Rourke has is as an t entertainer turning out music that’s not on the charts anymore, at last not in the Billboard Hot 100 I saw. He did better in business than music, better in politics than business….

Tell you what, though:  If Beto runs for president (of Mexico) put us in for $100.

National of Nuts is Cracking?

Need more evidence of Nation of Nuts?  “Writer Sues Twitter Over Ban for Criticizing Transgender People.

(Does this mean if you’re going to turn axe murderer, go trans first??? Not sure how this works out…but since Twitter no longer supports really free speech we don’t go there anymore.  — Vote with Your Mouse!)

Elaine and I are showing solidarity with everyone by playing with our plumbing here in the Outback.  Depending on which bathroom you’re in, the hot water could be on the right…or, in some on the left.  We thought it would be the least we could to do show it doesn’t matter to us how the plumbing is positioned.  (*We sell a decoder card to guests for a dime so they know what to expect in which bathroom…)

Crapstorm Europe Just Ahead

Seriously, though, it’s worth your time to click over and read “Opinion: Europe may be on the cusp of a nightmare, but it’s not too late to wake up – By George Soros.

I used to think Soros was a pretty bright fellow.  When he talks about what’s ahead for Europe in dire terms, he goes on to telling Europe to get back to “traditional values” and natters on.

What he misses is that the woes of Europe mostly relate to wrong-headed immigration “laws” (to use the word loosely).  OK, and too much government, too.

Soros – who I seem to recall funnels money into the various anti-US Reconquista Groups, can’t seem to grok why Europe is going down Implosion Boulevard.

Here’s how Europe will play out:

With no real borders between countries, thanks to the monumental border tear-down in the Schengen Zone,  Europe has no check on immigration.  Mostly, immigrants for over a dozen years have been anti-Christian, strong Muslim.  Oh, who also seem to hate Jews.

Which matters why?  Who would have thought that Jew-hating by immigrants would find a built-in affinity group in the radical right of Europe?   Yet here we go in today’s UK Sun“HORROR FROM HISTORY Chilling echoes of France’s Nazi past as ‘Juden’ graffiti is sprayed on Jewish bakery in Paris…”

Radicalized right or radicalized Muslims?  When it comes to hating Jews, both sides are suspect because their rhetoric lands on one group… and that leads to regional political implosion.

While we agree with Soros; vision of “bad stuff coming to Europe”  his lack of citing immigration as turmoil force #1 is disheartening…

He needs to understand affinity groups in society and online hate much better than he apparently does.  If Soros really grokked it, he might start respecting borders.  But until then, he’s passing out checks to the wrong people – and to the wrong causes –  in our view.

Talks a “traditional values” line and funds its opposition.  Which brings us down to sedition or stupid as the question to be answered.

Meantime, Business is Optimistic

Says so right on the press release: “Small Business Optimism Returning to Normal Levels as Owners Express Uncertainty about the Future.”

“The NFIB Small Business Optimism Index slipped 3.2 points in January, as owners continued hiring and investing, but expressed rising concern about future economic growth. The 101.2 reading, the lowest since the weeks leading up to the 2016 elections, remains well above the historical average of 98, but indicates uncertainty among small business owners due to the 35-day government shutdown and financial market instability. The NFIB Uncertainty Index rose seven points to 86, the fifth highest reading in the survey’s 45-year history.”

The stock futures are up a couple of hundred points.  Since our needs 700 more points of upside, we could see some smoking upside, so we will look for a positive blip or three in the news over the next week, or so.  But, that’s a dart toss and it’s early.

Salt & Pepper

Chicken-fired news, anyone?

Commercial and Multifamily Construction Starts in 2018 Showed Mixed Performance Across Top Metropolitan Areas.

U.S. EPA may issue E15 gasoline plan without biofuel credit trade limits – sources.

Refining and Shipping Industries Brace for New Fuel Regulations That Could Raise Prices on Everything from Fuels to Consumer Goods — Even Cruises…

CoreLogic Reports U.S. Overall Delinquency and Foreclosure Rates Are Lowest for November Since at Least 2000.

And one passing example of America’s math skills being in decline:

CNN runs Bill and Melinda Gates: 9 things that surprised us.  And Time runs 5 Things That Surprised Bill and Melinda Gates Last Year.

Oh, yeah, and this is choice: Forget whitewalls, Lexus has a car with all-white tires.  Just what we need to put on our old 350…white wheels for the muddy roads of the Outback.  Yee-haw – work for life!

Moron the ‘morrow