Just when I was hoping the bottom was in on the nearly-incomprehensible decline of American’s critical-thinking, here comes another example of how Musitics and Politainment are wrecking our future.

The latest example of the blending of politics and music came with the Grammy’s.  A typical headline from Mediaite“Michelle Obama Shows Up at the Grammy Awards; Audience Promptly Lose Their Sh*t...”

America has failed the Global Critical-Thinking Contest.  China’s ahead.  India is ahead, Russia is ahead and there are a few other enclaves of people whose leaders understand that maybe it’s better to hold to some divisions between “news,”  “entertainment,” and “politics.”

Join me for a second and let’s ask a couple of simple questions:

  1.  Do people in the entertainment world have a better ability to lead that, oh, the head of any Fortune 500 company?

My guess is not only no, but an emphatic Hell no!

And yet, year after year we have seen the ongoing merger of entertainment and politics.  It’s been slow, but steady progress.

Not only was Ronald Reagan an actor, but people like Bill Clinton played the entertainment game with this saxophone now and then.  Didn’t the Bush family have something to do with the Texas Rangers of baseball?  And isn’t one of Donald Trump’s claims to fame based on the TV show The Apprentice?

This should be sounding alarms high and low, but not a peep in the MainStreamMedia because they all know that journalism has decline to the point where there’s not really enough to fill up all the available channel-hours with legit “news.”  So the blend is on.

Which gets me back to last night.

2. Do we want to American Aristocracy?

Call me old-school, but I cling tightly to the “term limits” idea.  Ever since FDR went to the title democrats have sought-after since his 4-terms effort, thinking people have gone along with the idea that two terms in the presidency is enough. George Washington was right.

We have seen a number of “family aristocracies” appear in Washington.  There was the Kennedy Clan –  then there was the Bush family, and with last nights “hints” we can hardly wait to see another family make the run at aristocratic ambitions.

If you haven’t, block off an hour, or so, and read everything on Professor G. William Domhoff’s site over in University of California Santa Barbara territory. Which the site sums up this way:

The story of how the corporate rich won all the big battles is complicated, but most of the answers are in the new Who Rules America? and/or this Web site; you can also watch some videos of Bill giving invited lectures on the topic..

As Domhoff’s work has evolved over the years, it’s the 7th edition now, the subtitles have changed-up.  Presently its Who Rules America? The Triumph of the Corporate Rich sums up the problem.  But, I doubt the good professor would argue with our characterization of America descending into The Checkbook Republic, although corporate socialism is a weird major arcana of how we’re steering the American ship of state nowadays…

The implications of Musitics & Politainment are, in our view, most dangerous and it leads the country further into the online revolution and uprising against common sense as digitalantism and Digital Mob Rule (DMR) continue to evolve.

It is, of course, the “event marketer’s dream.”  Unfettered by clear divisions in thinking, that has maintained “separation of Church and State” for a few centuries, there has been not such boundary or border surveyed to keep the “business of governing” business-like.

Entertainment, as we hold should be evident to all, is very similar to religions anymore:  People “join” in supporting groups, perhaps being first “baptized” into the merger at an ancient AC/DC concert.  Like churches, music groups (and certain film genres) have “mass” gatherings.  They also hold to certain kinds of ethics – depending on your poison of choice in entertainment.

Marketers, quick to seize on any opportunity, have embraced Musitics and Politainment which accounts for why presidents (since Kennedy) have made such a “big deal” of musical performances at the White House.  You see, it all serves to blur-the-vision of the dimly-sighted who can not see that music should have nothing to do with public policy.

Yet, from a Goebbels or either of the American corporately-owned parties standpoint, having a president “work the music” crowds is one of the key ways to differentiate from others.  That because there are only four quadrants when it comes to politics:

The way Politainment and Musitics works goes something like this:

Say I have am strategizing for a political wannbe former first lady.  How would I get her “lined up” with music people who aren’t savvy enough to  understand group membership and the divide and conquer processes?

Well, stand her up in front of a multiple musics crowd and then have her give a rundown of what groups she wants.  The implication (of the propagandists) is clear:  If you like (insert from Michelle O’s playlist), then you must be A Michelle O supporter.  (Or, an idiot, but I digress…)

Where this all turns into a nightmare, or at least becomes a bit dicey, is when people like Elaine and I come along.  We’re very damn clear that music belongs in one room and politics in another.  Elaine’s a dance-all-night disco diva but does that mean she’d vote for Barry White or Jeffrey Osborne in a political contest?  No.  Wouldn’t even begin to influence her.

Similarly, my taste for classic jazz (pretty much anything on the old Atlantic-Blue Note label would be fine…) doesn’t influence my politics.

But, for lazy-thinkers, what Bono or Keith Richards, or Baba has to say somehow matters.  Then is slops over into comedy and it’s poor imitators (late night shows and SNL…) and the merger is complete.

While it will be somewhat clinically interesting to compare playlists of people in office, we hope you would pass along this revolutionary idea (keep music out of politics and politics out of music) to any of your friends who aren’t up to speed on how corporate exploitation works.

Thank you…uh…thank you very much.  George is leaving the building now..

Seattle’s Snowpocalypse

As readers know, I am originally from Seattle where, until the lure of money became overpowering, I was quite content living on a 40-foot sailboat out at Shilshole.  Four of the combined offspring of Elaine and I, plus many friends and one sister,  are still in the Puget Sound area.

When is snows, we hear about it.  Sister north of Seattle told me about 17-inches on the ground on Saturday..and there was more.

Eventually, we’d have caught on via the USA Today story “Seattle is having its snowiest February in 70 years – and more is on the way…”  A look at the forecast says there will be flurries through tomorrow – unless the forecast changes.

All of this led to some interesting conversations with related parties on Climate Change.  “Dad, see, this is climate changing!”

Sadly I had to inform otherwise:  “Media bullsh*t hand-wringing.  When  Pappy was young, it got so cold that Green Lake froze over hard enough that he could ride his motorcycle across it.  When it gets that cold, get me to me.  In  the meantime, Climate has been changing since the Laurentide Ice sheet melted so what’s going on now is just-another monetization…”

Slowly, it’s dawning on us why the kids don’t visit.  Reality’s a bitch and they’d just as soon not deal with it.  Fine…

Both coasts chill as Strong system brings wintry mix to Northeast.

Meantime, the power of marketing is revealed as Climate Change, ISIS and Cyberattacks Are Seen as the World’s Top Threats in a New Pew Poll.

Markets With No News Rally

We are expecting a rally today in the market since Dow futures are up 114 before the open.  But what’s more, we wouldn’t be surprised to see the rally continue into the rest of the week since in our wildly speculative, never to be followed, view, there’s a small Elliott 5 to finish before we begin another slip-n-slide.

In the meantime Futures climb as U.S.-China trade talks resume.

U.S. Irreverency Department

Elizabeth Warren Says Trump ‘May Not Even Be a Free Person’ by 2020.  Will her DNA change by then?

First U.S. tax filings under Trump’s overhaul off to slow start but we know that tons of investors won’t be able to file until a certain tyrading firm or several makes download of data available and on our platform that’s the 15th so maybe a pop next week in filings?

What kind of chess player is Putin, telling the world Russia: Venezuela hasn’t asked for military assistance?

Madness on bordering continues unabated as California Plans to Withdraw Hundreds of Troops From the Border in Defiance of Trump.  You ctaching this, NORTHCOM?

Little news scheduled, so enjoy the “made up” stuff and we’ll have moron the ‘morrow with me playing the lead role of moron