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  1. George, if I am reading PN correctly today, & trying not to give anything away to non subscribers, your bet this week is opposite of the GOLEM.

      • Crazy it is, I did the same thing. So far, I have a $.07 loss per share. Let’s hope the 5 figure payout holds.

    • “trying not to give anything away to non subscribers”

      What is there to “give anything away?” That the market will go up — if it doesn’t go up it will decline ;-)? I, probably have more respect for what GU is doing, than anyone else commenting on this thread, however, if the DOW changes by plus/minus 200-500 points coming Monday morning neither YOU nor I, or GU can take credit for it. It is what it is, a speculation!

      • Bruno. That is why the stock market is called “LAS VEGAS EAST”. Also, it is better in life to look at the world in a positive light. You are sounding a little down on the world. Whatever is going to happen, will happen, so you might as well enjoy it. Last, never invest without an exit plan…cut you losses & let your profits run.

        Are You a PN subscriber?

      • Bruno & Andy: You got to have information to make money. No one became rich in a vaccum. Remember, no one cares as much about your money as you.

        As far as trading the market goes, it is not the way to long term profits… buying blue chip stocks & holding is the way (the magic of compound interest). Trading is more for the enjoyment & action for a small part of your dollars that you are willing to lose. If you can’t take the trading heat, turn off the money spicket, or something like that. It is a game. Trading will never make you rich, only poor over time if you let it consume you.

  2. Summer Bull or Bear Contest Ends 8/31/18
    OPEN 6/6/18 Close 8/17/18 $10,000 grew to
    3X ETF BULL – 215.84 shares – SPXL $46.33 $51.00 $11,008
    3X ETF BEAR – 392.16 shares – SPXS $25.50 $22.90 $8,980

    So far Sober_Colm is in the lead.

    • As I said before, eagerly anticipating the BIG reversal but nothing I see telling me we’re there now. Trend is up. SPX looking a retest of ATH & even (my) US Agg isn’t fully exhausted on the long side yet. I can’t see past further gains at the moment. But fortune favours the brave as they say so … best of luck.

  3. G – the trading GOLEM is BULLISH..W.T.F! Not sure about the head and shoulders pattern either..looks more like a…Double Bottom – so weezebe going higher! I am seeing stories this week about RECORD number of big rig trucks on order/backlogged in US. Volvo is past 8 weeks on waiting list for back-ordered big rig trucks/semi’s. This is a hugley huge macro bullish trend in my eyes..
    F the rest of business world sucking off of USA, and outright theft of our Tech secrets/technology. His honor the P.O.T.U.S., is indeed making America great again.
    Long out of the money SPY Calls and Puts is my way to play, market grinds sideways, I will eat the premium paid for Index Options/Insurance, market moves 10% or more either way..cha-ching!
    Thought about a “Buterfly Spread” on the SPY Calls with SPY at 285- Buy 5 Dec 280 Calls@$11.84, Sell 10 Dec 285 Calls @$8.18, Buy 5 Dec 290 Calls @$5.24 – This spread is all about “optionality” either way market goes, you just sellout or buyin which ever side is losing – It is a “covered Spread” and it only costs you $550 to put it on.
    The Puts in the same strikes, 280,285,290 yield a cheaper cost to put on at only $350. Just take the bearish side or other side of aforementioned spreads for you brave BEARS out there.
    Over on the “boards” the word/rumor on the DOJ plane in Little Rock (2 trips)is all about William Jefferson Clinton, and a young BOY on a yacht years ago…young teenage BOY is grown up and messed up, but talking. F.Y.I. The Clinton Foundation is HQ’d in NYC.

    • Shiver the timbers, that would be a scandal to rival England’s 1889 Cleveland Street revelations. Queen Victoria coincidentally sent her #2 successor on a 7 month tour of The Empire’s crowning jewel, India, while Lord Salisbury mopped up the effluence in London. As near as I can see, one of the ringleader’s apparently ended up in Seattle with his working spouse, arguably “Madame” at least through marriage.

      Likewise, one would imagine the current Queen of Diamonds holds a strong suit in the darker reaches of a state that could preclude having to fold even if partnered to a wee willy limp hand. It has perhaps not escaped attention that the alleged complainent’s lawyer apparently had her time expire in this realm. Any replacement would surely be assessing risk-reward ratios of the game.

      One really does want to be careful nowadays of hobnobbing on the Chans as goodness knows what extraneous matter may take root. I rather like to receive laundry reports from
      because everything arrives neatly folded between the lines, and you can keep your own hipwaders clean and dry.

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