The Approaching Mega-Top

There’s a lot to cover this morning. 

Everything from Harrison Ford’s latest airplane adventures ;to a new way to size up options chains to get a sense of confidence in our future.

But we’ll also have a look at Consumer Prices and such…so bean up and let’s roll…

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2 thoughts on “The Approaching Mega-Top”

  1. Since these are not really markets you are writing about because of computers trading algos, and interest rates are actually negative when true inflation numbers are factored in and we can no longer call this an economic system, the major concern by those who correctly predicted the last two financial crashes is liquidity disappearing out of the markets. When the markets seize, (no bids and no offers at any price), does it make any difference if the market is at 20 or 20,000?

    And do realize that if this causes your brokerage firm to become insolvent, it is perfectly legal for them to freeze your account and seize whatever you have to keep themselves solvent.

    Just doesn’t seem fair, does it?

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