Testimony of Product Tester 1078

Sometimes, it’s hard to write directly about “what the data says.”  Because, many times, people will not accept ‘raw data.’ Our socialization programs us to think a certain way.  It’s hard to “bug out” of the dominant social paradigm.

Occasionally, though, bugouts happen – not due to any special onboard biasing. It can arise because not everyone is “equally awake” on this trip called life. Regardless of parenting and society pressure to conform.

That’s why people – like fish – school up, you see.  They auto-seek “fish” like themselves.  It’s a good thing – and bad.  Good because it makes for a degree of cohesion in politics and religion, for example.  Bad because schooling up – by its very nature – is not “new idea-friendly.”

Interestingly, after my ER visit last week, a strong vivid dream experience giving a much larger than expected perspective on Life and Death (and in turn, investing) wandered through my existence.  Yes, something of a woo-woo event.

While I’ll tell it in the form of fiction, it nevertheless is worth considering going forward. Since we all die, think of it as another useful “compiler run” of what the waking-state data around us points toward.

The “harder data first” though:  Our ChartPack today is profoundly interesting.  So is that fartstorm of “who has gas” stories in Europe.  A few headlines and economic data that’s sure to light up some neurons.

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47 thoughts on “Testimony of Product Tester 1078”

  1. I was cruising CL and found ask on 1 ounce copper rounds is $5.00 each. A full kilo of pure copper, $75.00.

    Credit cards are welcome.

    Right now melt value of a common U.S. nickel is .079 cents. Start throwing nickles into five gallon buckets.

  2. Russia halting gas …


    Or is it an embargo ?


    Either way, Russia doesn’t seem to care about losing that revenue.

    And then come the vultures … because the enemy of our enemy, is our friend


    And yes, there are those who warn of a (recession?)


    But to put it in more realistic terms …


    Well, they’ve got till winter to figure it out … I think Europeans would do well if they spent some time in the meantime, collecting fire wood.

    • The recession is coming.

      The real question is: Can the Urepeeins blame their gross mismanagement on Putin?

      You can bet’cher sweet bippy the commies running North America are going to do so.

  3. May 9th is a Very Big Deal celebration-remembrance in Russia. — the “day” they beat the Germans in WW2, during which Russia lost a total of somewhere north of 20 million people.

    Recently, it has come to light that many of the more advanced weapons lost in the Ukraine war haven’t been replaced — because many of the high-tech devices (chips?) are in very slow or zero availability. Production of new ones is also constrained.

    U has turned out to be a wicked piece of flypaper for Russia, and keeping the wheels on the bus within the ranks of the generals and elites is becoming harder every day.

    War is VERY bad for business. Some less-than-fully-cooperative oligarchs have suicided in recent days, even as numerous generals and big colonels are getting zapped in U.

    Pooty is cornered, pressured, and tempis is fugiting like crazy…. He needs to pull a rabbit out of the hat, right away.

    The Russians do not view tactical or “field” nuclear explosives as anything other than merely BIGGER explosives, and not with any special CATEGORICAL horror, as many of our people do.

    Do the math.

    7.299 by day, 3.999 by night.

    • Shoot WoTRR, some estimates claim Stalin murdered or was responsible between 20-43 million ‘of his own’ people, “ Most of the deaths, perhaps around 39,000,000 were allegedly due to lethal forced labor in gulag and transit thereto.”


      While 20 or more million Soviet humans perished during WWII, reasonable estimates indicate Stalin outright murdered between 1-3.5M souls in the 1930s thru the ‘50s, with another. 5.5-6.5M dying from famine and exposure (often intentionally induced by ‘that’ Uncle Joe).


      Being a good student of Soviet history, it very much looks as if Vlad is following Joe Stalin’s template to tyranny. Putin is acting so bat sh*t crazy that Russian oligarchs and military leaders are afraid to confront him. Vlad’s moral compass, if he ever had one, is irreparably broken. Meanwhile, like a bad soap opera, the world watches and waits.

      • Really – you Warhammer – supporter of one of the most corrupt countries in the history of the planet – the USA. Give me a break. Your own country has been marauding over the planet for over 20 years now, and is up to its ass in Ukraine corruption. And YOU claim that the US – we are the good guys??? Say what? There is a big planet of people who would argue with your American exceptionalism.

        Yes, I served my time as a US Marine Corps officer, but I don’t give the US a break for its own forms of vile corruption. Start with your own country and the many people slaughtered in the name of ‘democracy’ then proceed to explain your own ‘Presidents’ involvement with many levels of Ukraine corruption.

        When you have cleared the US ledger of its ‘sins’, then you can speak of others vile countries and their acts!!

        PS – America does not exist anymore – you just don’t know this yet!

  4. Dam dude – spellbound you seem.

    Seams as you are waking up – you are being feed new lies/illusions..https://youtu.be/1kdcFiU4ls4

    The memory wipes are SOULY about CONTROLLING the PRISON population .

    If we had ANY recall – memory of what the REPTILIANS, and now the grays& insectoids, have done to Human Beings for THOUSANDS of years..
    – We as a world population would be ARMED, Mentally and Physically, against any moar DEPREDATIONS on Humans. Every Human waking the planet today still has genetic memory of their being ENSLAVED, abused, hunted and viciously devoured .

    NOT Sci fi – Reality – see those things on top of notre dame cathederal ? winged “gargoyles” = the musgir –thats how bad the annuna/annunaki/elohim were Us – that we had to bargain with reptilian entities that the common kingu = reptile, distrusted/feared.. and used/enlisted as Mercs in the War in Heaven. That War (Orion) cost queen T her life..

    Back to sleep – bunkies, as “this ride” neva ends..at least until Ure SOUL nrg gets nuked – by the “goodguys” bwahahahahaahahaha

    • I agree with you. Sounds like George was deceived by a trickster on the astral plane (or wherever he was) who appealed to his interests and natural skills to keep him from transcending them before or after he leaves the physical plane. I believe that karmic recycling is a tyrannical “religion” of the afterlife, meant to imprison spiritual beings in a never-ending tale to keep them from evolving.

  5. Russia isn’t missing out on any income; at least 4 EU nations jumped ship on the “embargo” and will pay in rubles after all. So much for the solidarity of the G20. Brandon (or is it really Obama) better rethink his strategy on this one lest all these sanctions placed on Russia end up exploding in our face like one of those trick cigars.

  6. Wow great read today! You knocked it out of the park today. This is why the subscription price is WELL WORTH it. Thanks you made my morning.

  7. Stunning read today, George. Thank you. Much to contemplate. Interesting note regarding the dying and returning in the same lifetime. The soul, it seems, is ever evolving. It is no accident that we all converse on your site here.

  8. Seems my logic-circuits are taking a break today. I do not see the advantage of China doing this., and they don’t do anything on the world market, or foreign currency exchange that doesn’t benefit them:
    – China’s central bank announced Monday that it will cut the reserve requirement ratio for foreign currency deposits by 1 percentage point from the current 9 percent to 8 percent, starting from May 15.

  9. If Russia gets kicked out they will of lost the only warm weather port they have all the rest freeze over in the winter.

    • Land bridge being created – the Ukies will be without warm water port..Odessa next .. crazy like a artic fox Putin be

  10. “Kamala Harris tests positive for Covid as Vice President isolates with no symptoms – but Joe Biden NOT a close contact.

    Why is this news? Joe and Kammy haven’t been in close contact in 14 months. The only things they have in common are they are both racist and have an affinity for children.

  11. “Still, no excuse for making up laws, but here goes ‘ol Drooler again: Biden will ban traditional incandescent light bulbs in favor of dearer LED alternatives by 2023. Executive overreach is a hard genie to put back in the bottle.”

    I’d be on his side, if’fn someone snuck a provision into the EO to allow the consumer to seek legal remedy for the LEDs not lasting their advertised 24 years.


    Why would anyone be surprised? Da Creeper intends to EO $1.7trillion in “student debt” out of existence (which means “onto the Federal tax liability sheet”).

    • I come at this from the DC power systems side – so why are ANY fluorescentr lights still legal? Not only is the power-savings less than incand. but there’s also a shit-load of phosphors and mercury involved?
      I agreew on the fake claims of LED service life. I have track lighting with 10 watt LEDs in our recording studio. None of them has made trhe 2-year mark even though they are burning less than 6 hours per day. High SPL levels from Ure’s wild loud music? Maybe, Butr likely not.
      Just Chineseum and gullible sell=outs in DC. Pretty damn simple.
      Oh, plus LEDs are much more subject to EMP.
      So now, I’m off looking at
      in old style, last a long time “traffic signal-grade” incandies.

      In the dark, they will be golden. And in our Faraday can? LED lights for the household X2…

      • There are available in professional electrical supply houses 130 volt bulbs for construction sites where voltages can sometimes be “off” a bit, or there are surges, and to survive rough handling.

        Some are even coated with a protective clear rubber-like transparent “rough service” armor.

        130 volt bulbs last much longer that 110-120 volts normal bulbs. (Of course, they’re more expensive.)

        Some LEDs and “Twist-O-Flex” “Dairy-Queen bulbs” can create LOTS of High-Frequency RFI. It’s extremely hard to tell which — buy & test seems to be the only way; since Chinese Batch Manufacture techniques mean the exact same unit bought six months later may or may not be an RFI generator.

      • The last of the 24-year bulbs I installed in my yard light last summer went tango uniform last week.

        I got a full year out of the first batch.

        I am not impressed…

        I am NOT Glenn Beck (who has several thousand incandescent bulbs in storage) but I do have a few — bought when Long Life 100w (and American-made) GE and Sylvania (full 1710 lumen) bulbs were going for 99¢ for a 4-pack.

        Those still available are $3-$13 for a 4-pack (depending on brand and wattage.) Incandescent bulbs are available in “rough-service,” which have double-thick (often silicone-coated) glass, 130v (sold as extra long life because the tungsten is one gauge larger — you trade 4x the life for 30% less light), clear-industrial (from 40w to 300w medium base – 500w mogul-base), industrial flood and spot, architectural (candelabra, &c) and 3-way. There are also halogen bulbs which burn much hotter than conventional incandescents, and tend to not last as long, and appliance bulbs (borosilicate glass) which can survive having hot water dribbled on them when they’re @ -20° in a freezer, or work in 600° ambient, in an oven.

        I see no possible way an LED can be used in an incubator or an Easy Bake Oven, or to make an “appliance bulb” since the working range of semiconductors is from -20°C (-4°F) to about 74°C (165°F). Brood lights? Ain’t gonna happen, and if someone builds a heater into the bulb it will

        1) eat far more energy than an incan, and
        2) self-destruct in short order, because the LED can’t take the heat…

    • Ever try keeping baby chicks warm with an LED light? We have always regulated the temp in the brooder with various sized incandescent bulbs. As the weather warms up, we go from 100w to 60w to 25w, then gradually move the lamp higher above the brooder. My wife put this batch of babies out in the little chicken house last week. They’ll be big enough to fend for themselves in the big chicken house in a month or two. I will not be happy to see incandescents phased out.

  12. A classic:

    Russian TV hosts’ bleak nuclear war prediction: ‘We will go to heaven’

    “Russia’s state controlled media appears to be preparing its audience for things to get much worse in the country’s war with Ukraine and the West…..
    …..Fellow host Vladimir Soloviev (who has previously ranted on air about being impacted by sanctions) seemed unperturbed about such an outcome.

    “But we will go to heaven,” he responded. “And they will simply croak.””

  13. Comrades,

    Egads, PN issue 4/27 appears 140 years to the day since the passing of Ralph Waldo Emerson. One imagines if he had read this current edition of “Peoplenomics” that the Archbishop of Canterbury would have promptly telephoned Her Majesty at Windsor Castle to reassure her that she remains head of the Church of England.

    By coincidence, the BBC Two has so far broadcast 2 of 4 episodes of “Life After Life”. It is loosely based upon a 2013 fictional book of the same name authored by a Scottish woman, Kate Atkinson. The novel’s main character was originally born in Chalfont St. Peter, and reincarnates with eventual deja-vu of past life. Some plot events arguably have mimiced a real-life area family. The village was long time home of Dame Margaret Rutherford whose filmography included stints as Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple. Her first cousin was the late UK Labour Party leader Tony Benn who spoke favorably of “christian socialism” perhaps not unlike Mr. Ure.

    Well, back to DJ George loading up the platter to launch the latest redemptive single from Chalfont St. Peter property owner, Ozzy Osbourne:
    ØRD†NARY MAN feat. Sir Elton Hercules John aka “Rocket Man”.

  14. ‘Traitors’ will be executed – Ukrainian governor

    Vitaly Kim, who serves as the governor of Ukraine’s Nikolaev Region, has warned that citizens cooperating with Russian forces will face extrajudicial execution. He revealed the chilling fate awaiting “traitors” during a live TV broadcast last Thursday.


    For those who think Ukraine is any more of a “free State” than Russia…

  15. Biden Admin Department of Homeland Security to create a ‘Disinformation Governance Board’ dedicated to ‘countering misinformation’

    The DHS board will be headed by Nina Jankowicz, who once claimed militarized Trump supporters would show up to the polls with weapons to intimidate voters. Jankowicz is also known for forming a Harry Potter “wizard rock band” known as the Moaning Myrtles.


    The echo of history…

    • These reprehensible dumbschitz miss Freedom of Speach in their commie brain washing camp? There’s aren’t too many “rights” Ure would go down for, but Democrats turning Nazis is one of ’em. ISYN

    • Having our own Government Disinformation Bureau should both unite Lefties and Righties, and foster the sale of about 200 million pitchforks.

      It won’t, because damn’ near everyone who’s not stupid, dead, or terminally apathetic has their nose buried in social media or a game.

      Somebody needs to create an accurate and unbiased chronicle of the downfall of the United States, so instead of wondering how the civilizations of Greece, Rome, etc. went down the tubes, future civs (should any exist) will be able to see every stop along the road map and maybe — just maybe hit the brakes before they follow our path…

  16. Biden’s Brain Breaks, Then What He Said About Kids in School Will Make Parents Shudder

    Then he revealed a basic problem of leftist belief: that the children belong to the “village” or the government. “They’re all our children,” Biden says. He continues to say that the “children” belong to the teachers.

    “I got involved in politics because I think the greatest sin anyone can commit is abuse of power,” Biden declared.

    “What was the reason why we led the world beginning around 19, 5, 6, and 7 and 8?” Biden said. What is he trying to say? At this point, if we’re always trying to figure out what he’s trying to say, we’re in big trouble.


  17. John Durham Springs His Trap After ‘Hillary for America’ Walks Right Into It

    Last Tuesday, RedState reported on two desperate filings put forth by Hillary for America and Fusion GPS. They attempted to assert attorney-client privilege over materials that John Durham’s prosecution of Michael Sussmann is seeking to get its hands on.

    That left the obvious question open, though. How could Sussmann both simultaneously assert that he was acting on his own accord and not being paid by the Hillary campaign while at the same time having Hillary for America and Fusion GPS assert attorney-client privilege over their communications?



  18. US energy policy is being forged from buzzwords by psychopaths and their henchies:


    We are continuing to support one real swan technology venture, but the earliest date a commercial version may go on line is 2035, from what I can piece together:


    Cost per watt of the demo looks to be astronomical. That doesn’t mean it can’t be done cheaper better, it just means the horizon for this technology becoming a significant factor in electrical generation is decades away, even with massive funding. Fusion generation is still a science project, not an engineering project. Engineers finish and start-up projects; scientists talk about setting goals to finish projects which ultimately involve dates a decade after their planned retirements. The primary goals of Big Science (similar to Big Medicine, which has been in most of Ure faces since 2020) is to employ scientists and tighten political control; results which involve functional engineered systems exhibiting characteristics like engineering economy are a scientifically unsavory side-effects to Big Science.

  19. “Sometimes, it’s hard to write directly about “what the data says.”  Because, many times, people will not accept ‘raw data.’ ”

    My biggest problem is understanding what the data says. Decerning the grid around me. The language of creation aka “The Finger prints” of THE DUDE, aren’t taught in school. How to read them. Sometimes I’m spot on in my understanding and decernment. Others. I’m like total idiot to understanding what is being said.

    Here is an example. A week ago I had 3 white balls and the powerball. Won $305.

    So I took a step back and said after you DUDE, show me how. On the way to go get more powerball tickets. I find a golf ball stuck in a grate with the number 4 on it. It’s a white ball. So I think ok, 4 white balls and so what is the powerball #. Then randomly Let it Be by The Beatles come on youtube on my phone. The YouTube song has a Giant 1 on it. So I go buy 33 powerball tickets with the number 1 for the powerball all the other numbers quick picks. On the back of the tickets, the serial number has 818 in it. I think
    Deuteronomy 8:18, “you shall remember ~ The Lord your God ~ because it is ~ HE ~ who is giving ~ you ~ The Power ~ to create ~ Wealth ~ to confirm his covenant that he made with your father’s as it is ~ This day.~”

    Sweet!!!!! Right?!!!!

    I go on about my buisness, which I’m trying leave the entertainment buisness. The Top Lady at the stadiums took me out to a fancy restaurant to thank me for all my hard work. She offers me a job working directly with her. We will see, I told her if the money is there? I probably will take it. But I have a few other options. We even talked about starting a business together but we lack the capital to do so. I told her, well THE DUDE is good to me. You never know. I could have the Captial to start this business of taking care of the stars when they come to town. Hotels, limo services, catering, etc etc pretty lucrative business idea.

    Then they draw the poweball last night and it’s a fucking # 4 for the powerball. Fuck. LOL!

    Just like on the golf ball I found that morning. A white golf ball with a number 4 on it.

    Really? It’s a fucking number 4???? If the golf ball was a red golf ball then I would have picked a number 4.

    But the common denominator in mostranslation of the Data aka “Finger Prints of THE DUDE” in creation around me, is me. It’s my inability to understand what the fucking “finger prints of God” are saying. So I laughed because THE DUDE is good to me anyway and I’m just happy to be alive and have another day to walk with THEE. No matter what Truly I am Blesssed and Highly Fortunate! Always and in All Ways. I’m so very grateful that I even can comprehend the fact “The finger prints of THE DUDE” are all around me, even if I misinterpret what they are saying. I see them, none the less.

    And I don’t get too down on myself for misinterpreting what they mean. I’m here in my finite status seeking to comprehend a Dialog with The Infinite Creator.

    #4 what the fuck. Hahahahaha. Brilliant!!!! 4 on a golf ball. Fore! LOL! I didn’t expect it to be the next number on the powerball.

    480,000,000$ would be a nice payday.

    So I told THE DUDE, you are going to have to dumb it down a little more for me. I’m little and finite. LOL thanks YOU though for uhh thinking enough of me to even have a dialog in the first place.

    Paul M. is in town on May 2cd. I look forward to meeting him. Never thought I’d be back stage with a Beatle. LOL. Pretty cool.

    But first Lorde is in town Saturday Night. She is little conspiracy and alien abductions chick. I really like her. Been want to meet her for a while. She is from Australia. I think I will use my best pick up line on her which is, ” soooo uhmmm ya wanna go in halvsies on bastard child?”

    Uhhh that is not it. Its umm “Oh for fucks sake! You are really just walk in here with that hair doing all that?”

    Well it’s a good intro. Hahahaha

    Q ~ Royals ~



    • Andy, I enjoy the hell out of your exploits – because you are so close to powerful it totally rocks.

      But Ure’s ponder for you (and did study Peoplenomics this week, right?) you are getting how Dude operates. But you – the Andster – is projecting HIMSELF too much yet. Ball #4 was obvious to I would guess half of Urban Readers.

      On the other hand, a large portion of readers would have also split the power ball with half tickets 4 and half 1.

      But you see if now? YOU were all hierarchical (#1 bullshit) whereas Dude was saying the “ball is 4”

      This is that “still mind” stuff I keep yammering on. Dude never stopped working. People here in the sim just don’t listen as closely, or they project into it.

      It’s OK, though. Beautiful women’s buying dinner and offering jobs? Meeting the highest and finest? And you’re bitching? I smile deeply just thinking about it.

      Like the old joke “Guy complained about a free dinner…”

      We’ll all have beers and laugh about it when we “level-up” to whatever’s next.

      Unless you’re a Product Tester, or Developer. In which case, we’ll keep it cold for you while you work on the next update.

      • You are correct Mr Ure. And I’m not bitching about it. Like I said, if the Money is there? BINGO! Hahahahaha.

        Thanks man.

        No doubt about it. I’m a magnet for extremely Powerful, world influencing wealthy and famous people. And I am a money magnet. Not sure why that is, it just is. 100%

        It is said that Like attracts Like.

        One thing is forsure! I have met so many people from all walks of life that are so gifted each on their own ways I couldn’t even tell you them all.

        The Big Wig at the stadiums who took me out to fancy dinner last night even said, you are one of a kind. I never met anyone even remotely like you. I been doing this for a long time. Worked my way up the ladder. Then you come work here and have met more famous and wealthy people in the last 8 months than I have in the 10 years i been here. Like we keep a camera on you when you are out here. We didn’t even know Jeff Bezos or Elon was at the shows they were at. But there is Andy over there talking to Mr Bezos like he is his old Highschool keg party buddy. Hahah. I said well I ended up riding with him like Elon in the elevator at The Eagles concert. And I just said Hey Jeff how are ya tonight? Should be a good show. He laughed and said, not many people call me Jeff. I laughed and said, well that is your name right? He said yes sir it is. And yours? I said Andy, nice to meet you. Be safe out there tonight, have fun and don’t do anything dumb or we have to take ya out side and you can’t see the show very well from the sidewalk. He laughed and said Yes sir. I said Andy. He said Andy. And laughed. Then I said this is my stop. Nice to meet ya Jeff. He said you too Andy.

        And… really,

        I’m over here just trying to have a conversation with the Infinite Creator, marvel at HIS handy work, work within it and maybe date a beautiful sexy woman and have some laughs. And $480,000,000 brings around a whole bunch of beautiful sexy girls and fun. Dang it!

        I was going to buy a boat and a new fishing pole with some of that money.

        White golf ball with a number 4. I’m sure my PGA master buddy Gabriel that passed away a while was hoping up and down when I bought tickets with a number 1 on it. Hahhaahahahaha Damn it Andy! Hahahahahah

        See ya around old dude. One day I will figure it out. Hopefully. Hahaha

        Until then, Truly! I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate! It is my hope you are as well.

        P.S. I spose I should go read that peoplenomics edition you mentioned now. Hahaha

  20. I did get a fortune from a cookie that said, “your talents will lead you to success.”

    After last night’s powerball drawing. I’m thinking my greatest talent is misinterpreting the data. Hahahhhaha brilliant strategy! Hahahha

    Fuck. Hahahah.

    Who knows what the rest of the Day holds for a finite mind like mine. THE DUDE knows. And HE likes me for some reason beyond my little brain can comprehend. So I’m sure it will be good. At the end of my days, I spose the Dialog between THE DUDE and me is all that really matters. We sure had some Fun and lots of laughs, ups and downs, ins and outs. Loved it all. Because that is Life!


  21. On another note. I know alot of people pulling their kids out of schools up here. They are teaching sex education and altetniative gender identification in 1st grade at all the King and Snohomish County schools.

    One of my friends was standing in the kitchen and her little boy was at the table doing home work says, Momma. What sex am I? She says you are a little boy. He looked confused then he says why does my home work had so many different sexes? I thought there is only boys and girls. She looked and saw they had 9 other sexs that he could choose to be. And I said. Why the fuck are they teaching sex in first grade!!!! Shouldn’t they be leaning their ABC’s and how to spell dog and write? Not what sex options their are???!!

    She pulled her son out of public school the next day. She said I went down there to ask them what the fuck and there was a line of 30 people all pulling their kids out of school for the same thing. And the principal just kept saying the State writes the curriculum we just teach it.

    This is the kind of stuff that is ruining this country. Anyone who thinks teaching innocent children sex Ed when they haven’t even remotely hit puberty is a good idea? Is a fucking child molester and should be shot. That should be capitol punishment.

    8 year old should learnig how to ride bikes and write and stuff like that. Be as innocent as long as they can. It is their right as children. Enjoy your innocents for as long as you can. One day you will be an adult and miss how truly wonderful it was being innocent.

    Teaching sex Ed and identity to first graders is the plot of Pedo’s. Even the men and girls in Prison hate that shit.

  22. If Governor Jay Inslee thinks that teaching children who were potty trained 3 years ago about sex is a good idea? Jay Inslee is a pedophile! #jayinslee.

    Order some bunk beds for G 2 and I George. I’m moving to Texas. Fucking unbelievable!

    • Hi, Andy, and George, we purchased 10 used Army cots that can hold 1000 pounds. Tested them up to 650, with 2 big ole boys. Making preps for unexpected emergency company when the earth moves and his sign is seen again in the heavens. Come on to Texas, we will host an Urban Survival Reunion.

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