T Minus 3 (and Slobbering)

Holiday Market Rally at Hand

Dow futures were up 200 points when checked.  The reason – to me, anyway – looks technical rather than fundamental.  Because…

  • President Trump’s Election Challenge Lawyer – Sidney Powell – has been fired (as some call it)  because the “grand conspiracy” got too…well, you know…  too too.
  • Joe Biden is working on his replacement cast of clowns.  Antony Blinken as Sec. State?  “Come on Man!”  (But with Blinken, prospects of Winken and Nood have improved…)
  • Another vaccine breakthrough shows up. Oxford-AstraZeneca shows 70% efficacy.  (Spoiler alert:  Let’s see how not-yet-pres Biden claims credit for all these vaccines, shall we?)
  • The other turkeys will be going in the ovens Wednesday or Thursday which is why we advised last week:  Beware Holiday Rallies.

One story – which we have characterized as “Trump’s Scorched Earth” policy, was the move last week by the Treasujry Secretary to effectively “turn off” a lot of the Fed’s CARES Act money.

So as Biden expected to announce Treasury secretary and other Cabinet picks, obviously one of the first moves by [whoever it is] will be to try and get the money turned by on again.  But that may not happen until after the market reacts as “free money” comes off the table.  We shall see…

Virus Danger Lurks

We continue to watch the mounting numbers and media histrionics ramp.  A few CV-headlines du jour:

Yet, despite the warnings about gatherings, there is some hope out there.

As Stocks and futures gain on AstraZeneca’s vaccine breakthrough. Here are the big winners.  Sounds like we will have an assortment to choose from.  We’d like a vaccine with pinpoint carbonation, adjuvant free, no disclaimer of liability, and a nice oakey finish, perhaps?

Such are we all driven to drink by this stuff. Try and get any medicine without waivers of liability under the surface…  Do docs ever mention that?  Would you ever get treatment if you were told “You can’t sue me/us if this kills you or cripples…”  Yet that’s the real world.

China Steals Moon

One of the major disappointments of the Trump administration has been a fixation of Trade instead of strategic positioning relative to China. 

Sure, we’re not happy with their island-building in the South China Sea, but a few typhoons ought to scuttle those as unsustainable. Patience.

No…what really has us concerned is the Moon.

Not only has China been surveying the Moon, but now we read now China Prepares Moon Probe To Bring Back Lunar Rocks.

The problem of Moon is the problem of Earth:  We seem to take our quarrels and differences with us wherever we go…including the Moon.

Even the Antarctic has been contentious.  It would be even more so, if anything of value had been found there.  So, too, we fear will be the Moon.

Since we’re in the Chinese Century – and Shanghai will replace New York as a financial center, with Hong Kong reprising Chicago – one would have hoped the Trump administration would have been able to play a longer game.

More than a twit-storm seemed beyond their reach.

Let’s Play

Speaking of chess – and general American illiteracy at the great game – did you see the story NY Times about how ‘The Queen’s Gambit’ Sends Chess Set Sales Soaring“?  I’ve told you about the time I lost to a grandmaster, right?  (Yasser Seirawan vs. Ure…while interviewing him about chess, lol,.)

Another sign that America may be coming around to some (sorely needed) international  “intellectual catch-up” work is the movie “CRITICAL THINKING.”  Absolutely the right message.

(Why Trump can’t be tweeting about these kinds of things…but hey!  He’s had to run “The Reactive Presidency” from day one.  Thanks to that whole Schiff Show  of fake Russian Dossier.  As we head into Obama’s (effectively) third term – wanna bet?)

Social Suck-Ups

With many people having seen evidence that the Deep State and Big Social have merged, pay attention next to how the Titans of Tech are sucking up to the Biden administration in advance to avoid pejorative legislation.

One example: Twitter Will Give ‘@POTUS’ Account To Biden On Jan. 20, Even If Trump Doesn’t Concede.

Another?  Facebook is reportedly planning to woo Joe Biden by rolling out new vaccine and climate change features.

And speaking of climate, this one IS important: Climate crisis: CO2 hits new record despite Covid-19 lockdowns.  If CO2 is up, plants should do splendidly.  Mammals?  Not so much…

Still, we consider that massive periodic Droughts are a regular feature of “climate” and climate is  always changing.  But Dust Bowl 2 avoidance seems like a fine plan so in this context go read ‘Will we have water when we need it?’: How Indiana utilities are preparing for climate change.

One Thing Trump Got Right:  *(Credit where due)  Pulling out of the Paris Accord.  Not that we don’t want to be climate-sensitive.  But  equality among nations matters.  Unless you’re Joe and the “Kamunist” provisional govt. “Trump slams global climate agreement Biden intends to rejoin.”  Having provisions impact countries unequally (US now, China in 2030) was total Obama sell-out bullshit.

Secretly, we hope Kamala remembers her law school basics (equality under the Law, for example).  But no, we’re not holding our breath on that.

The Week Ahead

Treasury auctions today, so pack  No Doz.  Not much better tomorrow, with little happening till 10 Eastern (no news is good news, though, for market hype).

But Wednesday?  Data dense  fo show:

  • Cporate profits
  • International trade
  • GDP
  • Weekly joblerss claims

And more.  Almost certainly  one of those will provide some excurse to unload ahead of the half-session Friday and long weekend overall.

Build a “Holiday Lockdown Kit”

Are you a victim or a leader?

How you structure your holiday reveals a  lot about who you are inside.

If you’re a  victim, you are susceptible to all kinds of holiday blues:

  • Lack of sunshine (vitamin D from Sun exposure)
  • Don’t have electronic friendships
  • Have no particular goals in life (a workbook on that tomorrow)
  • And with these voids comes the temptation to abuse substances as a result…
  • In turn leading to higher holiday suicide rates.

6 Legal Lockdown “Escapes”

These come under the heading of legal and  mentally transporting.  That is, while your physical presence may be “here” you can move into intellectual headspace with great effect.  Some options  (stock up supplies for the holidays!):

  • Change your decor.  It’s easy to take a room well out of “ordinary” and into extraordinary.  Do a Google image seach for life-size dioramas.  Then, simply scroll down.  Or, find an old TV show (like the Real McCoy’s) and rebuild the front porch of that as a “movie set.”  Or anything in Disney World/Land.
  • Buy a challenging a new skill.  My present bent is 3D printing and honestly, gotten pretty good at it.  Built a site around it here.
  • Read useful (non-fiction) books:  It’s amazing how quickly you can find a new way to use your hands.  Welders, woodworking – lots of tools on Craigslist and OfferUp or eBay.  Before you spend, set some goals:  “I want to build a George Barris level custom car” will keep you engaged for years.
  • Take online classes.  There are thousands upon thousands.  Honestly, the biggest problem you’ll have is?  Figuring out which  one or two you are willing to put the work into. MIT OpenCourseWare, Open University, even some of the local community college offerings are worth a look.
  • Grow your own food.  Even in January, if you have some south-facing windowns and some containers you can get a real head start on a garden.
  • Work on Dreams.  I enjoy the hell out of a very rich and vivid “dream life.”  Entertaining as hell.  Last night, had a dream about a low turn-out county fair and got up to find it may have been the one this weekend up in Wisconsin.  Star of it was a parapalegic fellow who was a kind of sparkplug that kept everything going.  Social distanced eatery, too.  Fascinating.  Journal ’em, map ’em, learn from them.  My best “future touching dreams” come after I’ve been up for a few hours, eat, then crawl back in bed for some  serious dreaming…. give it a try.
  • Bonus:  Explore New Cooking:  Again, we all eat  something every day.,  But have you ever looked in the pantry, cupboards, and freezer and asked “What  novel new dish could I make from all this?”  That’s fun.   Best find so far is Baileys and Nutmeg French Toast.  Although my rum-soaked chicken breasts in a cream sauce are great, too.
  • Bonus.  Life Planning – this is the one we deep-dive tomorrow morning.

Totally more useful than nbinge-watching TV series…

On which note…got totally involved Sunday in yard work.  Deep-immersion in leaf blowing and tractor work.

Today?  We’ve got all kinds of fun ahead but it won’t happen till we finish our coffee here…so….

Write when you get a  “round tuit.”

George@Ure.net  (in holiday mode:  fun-bound!)

56 thoughts on “T Minus 3 (and Slobbering)”

  1. Doesn’t look like Powell was fired to me. Looks like a necessary separation because of the complicating legal factors. the Governor of Georgia got called out for criminal conduct and is not likely to take that laying down. Powell has everything on the line, here, total skin in the game. Very much a Margaret Thatcher type.

    • I agree with your assessment, because of legal maneuvering it looks like she may be pursuing a criminal angle verses the civil angle Rudy and Ellis are steering.

    • Powell is a barracuda. As a Federal Prosecutor, she had a 99+% conviction rate.

      Mr. Trump knows he’s not going to poll enough votes, and have enough Biden votes d/q’d, to pull the Election out. He also knows he has to leave the Biden Administration something with which to work, for the sake of the country. Powell has to be independent of him because (I suspect) she is going after the “deep State” in his absence and I expect her to have a number of Soros’ bought & paid-for prosecutors in the dock, over the next few years.

      She’s not going to make any friends, on any side of the aisle(s).

      The media (and the rest of the Left, including “The Lincoln Project”) will put out a concerted effort to destroy her. They don’t like clean up crews. {Remember, Sarah Palin came to prominence by axing crooked politicians, starting with the REPUBLICAN Governor of Alaska. The PTB don’t like that kind of stuff and will utterly demolish anyone who tries, inventing “offenses” when they have to, especially if a do-gooder is in a “protected status” pigeonhole and rises to national prominence, like Palin and Herman Cain…}

      • Ray, take a closer look at your do-gooder Palin:

        The rise and fall of Palin:
        A reviewer of the book:
        ‘No question, author Geoffrey Dunn is not a Palin groupie, but, then, most Americans aren’t. After initially luring people in with her superficial charisma at her national “coming out” as John McCain’s running mate, Palin’s serious character flaws and utter inappropriateness as a political leader has caused most people to basically write her off and focus elsewhere. Dunn’s book researches Palin’s life from her childhood and upbringing for the beginnings of the characteristics that continually cause her to leave a trail of chaos, anger and confusion behind. He documents many examples showing how she often lies to avoid taking responsibility for problems she herself created, starting with her middle- and high-school sportsmanship through jobs in small town management and to her truncated tenure as governor of Alaska. From a variety of sources and interviews, he demonstrates Palin’s tactics of bullying other people and holding onto grudges until she can take vengeance on others when she feels she’s been wronged. Many times the slights are actually only in Palin’s mind. The book is filled with hundreds of examples of issues and problems created by Palin but which she deftly side-steps in order to paint herself as a victim while making sure blame is laid on the doorstep of anyone other than her….’

  2. Margaret Thatcher type: God help us for she put England in the soup that they are in now ,and her counter part on this side of the pond Reagan couldn’t wait to follow her. and that’s why we enjoy our booming economy along with the endless printing of money which is only debt.but I’m sure some will see it as a mirage and call it good.!!!!

    • bluedogg after the financial crisis of 1907 some in the United State were trying to get a central bank. After wilson was elected they got the federal reserve and the printing hasn’t stopped. Not one party but both I can not wait to see what senile joe dose.

      • Yep your right but some put it on fast track”come to Washington and let us show how to move your jobs out of the country, and increase your profit for we have already created the off-shore accounts that you can part all that profit in to keep it nice and safe from the tax man” yes indeed so it is.

        Reagan and Thatchers swan song was austerIty,which means everything under the moon and stars should show a all you can get profit (Cali. and the electric scam there is a good example) and out of that we got the screwed up health care system(which by the way so I READ ACCOUNTS FOR OVER 75% OF THE BANKRUPTCIES) for as Ronnie said “everything in America ought to turn a profit” and set out to destroy a health care system that had worked very well since WW11 and that was a not for profit system.oh God don’t get me started at my age high blood pressure ain’t to healthy.!!!

    • “she put England in the soup that they are in now”

      …by taking the jackboot of British unions off the throats of the House of Commons.

      Fixed that for you…

      • yep and now the working class has little to nothing…sound framilar to ya..there I fixed it for ya…

  3. Here is a challenge to your headspace! I found it over at one of my favorite websites — Anomalist.com.

    Are we really under the control of a superior being or beings? Are we living in a simulation or in a material world driven by a simulation?

    Put on another pot of coffee and perk up the neurons — this is a long and involved article going off in many directions with thoughts from great minds from several centuries past.


    • Well… ateast she wasn’t lying…

      I was shocked the first time I heard a congressman telling a fellow candidate.. “just give them a 1,2,3 speech. They are all dumb as sheep and will b eff lieve anything you tell them!”

      The sad part is he was correct.. just look at how fast we minimallized the affects and future ramifications from actions and events recorded on a hard drive filled to the brim with so much that it baffles the mind to comprehend why the events on it were buried .
      Or the hidden emails.

    • Maybe not all humans…but certainly the type that hire a guy like Rudy Giuliani .. Imagine a month in which you are featured in a major motion picture with your hand down your pants, you have a press conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, your hair dye leaks on live television, your case is dismissed with prejudice—and it’s your colleague who is fired!

      George had said many times that Trump has an HR problem. Every law firm that was representing him in the faux voting scandal quit and now Trump is left with a literal and sad clown. The world that supports Trump..not the policies of the GOP, which I mostly support…those supporters fall in the category of Pelosi’s comment. The whole world agrees.

      • Trump will leave Biden doing damage control after being sworn in. I’ll bet you were praising Rudy when he was NYC Mayor & cleaned up the mess in NYC so you could safely visit Times Square. Law and order my boy. Pelosi & clowns violated every law of order & decency with the fake Russian Investigation & impeachment. Luckily for them, they didn’t have to continue their criminal ways in Trumps 4th year since “THE COVA” turned up. So in conclusion If you are a never Trumper, you can break the law & loot stores. You know I am right, but if you admitted it, your phony friends would disown you.

        They had to rig the election because Trump was planning on prosecuting their illegal ways during his second term & they couldn’t have that. They are above the law. Pelosi made sure no minimum wage increases applied to US Protecturates where Dole Pineapple did business. Isn’t Dole Pineapple Pelosi’s family business? Just another example.

      • ” Imagine a month in which you are featured in a major motion picture with your hand down your pants, you have a press conference at Four Seasons Total Landscaping, your hair dye leaks on live television,”

        I hear ya Mark.. or your Durex XXL falls out of your pocket on live tv…..


        Oops..I forgot that that would be HB he posted enough video’s of it LOL LOL LOL….

      • Yo clueless – bet you never imagined Rudy was the Message. You got it Stamped Onto Ure brain with that lil visual “device” . “its melting”..

        The “Game” is huuuge, and plays out on multiple levels – like Re-Arranging Supreme Court Justices Circuit Court Districts “resposibity/oversight” right after rgb finally kicked the bucket.
        Perfectly re-aligned ‘Conservative’ Justices over crucial Districts that just happen to contain “contested election States”.

        The hellish ghoul spewed “stupid” , not understanding/recognizing Gullibility&Kindness.

      • Hey people!!! Quit spouting stupid conspiracy theories. You all embarrass this country with your idiocy. THERE WAS NO ELECTION IRREGULARITIES!!! THERE WAS ZERO FRAUD!!!! Get a life and move on. America’s nightmare with Trump is over.

  4. “Let’s Play“
    “Speaking of chess – and general American illiteracy at the great game ”


    I am curious.. will DJT go down in history as the next NERO or will BIDEN… the chess pieces are in place for the country to be flipped.
    What will happen.. someone asked me my opinion just yesterday.. I said.. well we could go into a lockdown.. what I am reading and hearing about the vaccine is not good… and we are ripe for a national lockdown with Marshal Law.. if you notice.. the MSM is already painting the peoples pictures back into that mind set.. where when DJT was the man of the future.. they painted another picture.. people are all hurting and everyone knows it.. the pillars of the economy still stand but we can see crumbling around the bottom.. so when does it flip.. when do we take the dive.. what will be the straw that breaks the country..
    I also said I anticipate a war.. the oligarchs have been trying to get us in one for over three years.. and they will this time.. the logic is it will save our economy.. and we are doing it for little missy and billy… and their freedom.. even though none of us are that stupid to believe that.. its about Money and the concept of MORE money… here is a good cartoon that was meant to teach the children of the world about money..
    even though it is just a number.. an illusion.. that was born to save people from carrying their grain.. by putting their grain in warehouses they could carry script or tolkens to draw that grain out.. coinage was carrying working metals.. salary and salt.. anyway the idea of the money being valued over a commodity is long gone .. it is now valued on AIR….a wish and a whisper..a number on a sheet of paper or computer screen..

  5. “6 Legal Lockdown “Escapes”

    My siblings and I were out to eat one time shortly after our mother passed on.. and during the Meal..television and books radio,the internet and how people are now going everywhere all the time came up while when we were kids.. sundays everything was closed.. stores closed early in the evening.. people stayed home..
    then one of my siblings .. asked this question..
    “I WONDER WHAT MOM AND DAD DID FOR ENTERTAINMENT?” while they were home all the time..
    I said.. seriously.. you don’t know… with eight of us kids what do you think they did with all that time at home….

  6. George

    ” “You can’t sue me/us if this kills you or cripples…” ”

    You can thank Senator Biden for that as his legislation made that the law.

    As I have a friend who had a niece did from an HIV shot I don’t take any vaccine S_ _ T !

    If anyone tries to physically force me to take a shot I will return the favor with a high velocity shot of lead! No joke it may come to that in the near future.

      • I think its google playing with us ..lol lol I’ll read what I wrote prior to hitting send and every time theres some wild miss spelling or words that I had never wrote..
        Now.. I defense for them if that’s what is being done.. that’s the kind of practical joke I would do..

  7. Good report.

    The “grand conspiracy” now states Biden is Q. He and Trump are in on bringing down the “Deep State” together. Mass arrests any day now, any day.

    “Trump Doesn’t Concede.”

    Separately, Trump withholding information from the new administration gives plausible deniability to Biden false flagging America and creating new problems for us constituents. Blame Trump for lack of info.

    “mentally transporting”

    Have you ever heard of the “Dog Anxiety Jacket*” or the “Weighted blankets**” for people? It’s psychology.

    People mentally transport with VR. Turn on the (real life) heat lamp, throw on the VR headset and transport to a desert. Walk through the heat on a lunch break mashing scorpions and hunting Pterodactyl.

    “Behavior, Pet Services. Anxiety wraps are vest-like garments designed to calm anxious dogs. The vests work under the theory that pressure applied to the dog’s torso causes a calming effect similar to swaddling a crying infant or hugging a distressed person.”

    “Weighted blankets are therapeutic blankets that weigh between 5 to 30 pounds. The pressure from the extra weight mimics a therapeutic technique called deep pressure stimulation. Deep pressure stimulation uses hands-on pressure to relax the nervous system.”

  8. “And speaking of climate, this one IS important: Climate crisis: CO2 hits new record despite Covid-19 lockdowns. If CO2 is up, plants should do splendidly. Mammals? Not so much…”

    They are just looking for reasons to tap the ole pocket book a little bit more…
    What they don’t say.. is even if we stopped using carbon today.. completely globally everyone.. all at once.. that the CO2 in the atmosphere would continue to rise exponentially for over fifty years..
    NOW… the other thing they aren’t telling anyone is that by using HEMP in our construction.. whether it is hempcrete or hemp panels etc.. and growing hemp.. that not only does Marijuana hemp production make life saving medicines.. and it eats Radio active waste.. it also absorbs CO2.. what is it.. growing it will absorb twenty ton’s per acre.. and building materials made from the hemp plant also absorb co2 along with helping to eliminate black mold spores from forming etc.. the list is so long on why we should legalize it that it baffles me why we haven’t yet.. https://www.greenstate.com/business/hemp-based-building-material-takes-green-living-to-new-highs/
    of course cities should not be the concrete jungles.. but should be green scaping.. that would keep the balance on food production etc.. oh well ..

  9. Heads Up G Dog,

    Owners of Dominion have been stealing Votes/Elections for Years. Ure Vote HAS NOT counted for at Least 20 Years.

    If that does not piss you off you aint an AMERICAN – Do Not Deserve to bean American!
    How does that make You feel as an AMERICAN ?

    Ure VOTE DOES NOT COUNT – WAKE THE F-UP – We are living as Prisoners/Slaves in a Prison System.

    Does Ure Dog/Cat/Horse know its a Pet/Slave?

    Slavery via Physical and AI, and AI & Bio

    Slavery is HUGE in our Universe – Everywhere .

    – We are governed by Who the Fasicts Controllers (OrionGrp-Ra/Zeus) wants .

    US Navy has OFFICIALLY shown/released to us Tic Tac UFO’s – a fleet of them. Including video, audio recordings of pilots conversations.

    No one is going to Save Us – no alien saviors (sorry Jesus freaks) coming to forgive your sins and make you feel all high – Space Force would shoot his incoming ass down..
    (-)Reptos – (nasty/viscous/Controllers) absolutely stay “hidden” out of sight on whatever planet system they R running resource prison ops on.
    (-)Orions’ – Human like,(Ra,Zeus) very Facist – run the Prison System for Repto’s. They are used like lapdogs by reptos, “let orions come out and do the dirty work”.

    (+)Galatic Federation of Worlds(pleadians ect) – “interrupted” Slave Planet during pyramid times. Wont do shit on Humans behalf – free will and what not – must ask for assistance – how do U think we would do that ? a friggin Arkof the covenant ? bwahahaha moar mechanical bullshit..

    *NOT DREAMING – fully wide AWAKE..

    George – the solution to Ure Time Travel project is simply Remote Viewing. Learning to meditate is Key to learning how to Travel (OBE) = Teleportation.

    Teleportation With a Split – is very real – Mental.

    Ure mind goes somewhere else – while Ure body just sits there – you dont Even know you have a physical body. BUT – Other Beings See you! Mind goes some place else -Not Physical.

    So you go some place else in place & time (Mars) Mentally – interact with Beings (“aliens”) learn NEW INFORMATION, and bring that INFORMATION backto your Physical world. Think about that – keep chewing…

    Transferring Information from one place to another – Transferring Energy (E=MC2) – Transferring Mass! (Information is Energy=Mass).

    All of the above is VERIFIABLE – can you ANY of Ure readers Verify GOD (s)

    Of Course NOT – thats why its called FAITH.babaas. Ure under “their” Control.

    • Hello space monkey. out here in orbit around the Sol, on the Great Mother ship called Earth.

      The Term God is a plural. Like moose. You don’t say mooses unless your from Quebec.
      God is real my friend. I assure you. It takes more faith to believe the whole universe is just a result of happenstance than to see the grand design. Even the theory of Evolution is a set of laws and predetermined occurrences. A set order of calculations. Something set those up or they wouldn’t be.

      Even time travel has a set of pre defined parameters.

      But hey, You might look like a monkey in certain light? That is not for me to say tho. or did i. lol

      All joking aside… i liked your comment but that doesn’t mean its good. there is lots girls who get thousands of likes on facebook by showing some cleavage. Tits or GTFO so the saying goes.

      Que: https://youtu.be/F5N7qNid79s

      Clique 116.

      • At least they let U receive data from “the outside’ Prisoner #160-245

        All part of the Scam – the Galactic Phys-Op to keep U “imprisoned”

        HUman beings – Together – Compromise the Most Powerful, Energetic Group in Existence .

        MAN Up ! chicken…bunny.. We are in the midst of a “dimensional” WAR, and most still have their collective heads up their collective asses

        *btw – its Purple Space Monkey

      • Well I’m adjusting my self and rolling up my sleeves. As you know it’s hard to find the right stance with balls as big as these. “He got big balls and She’s got big balls but we got the biggest balls of them all.” Ref Humanity and power per AC and DC. Dirty deeds done dirt Cheep, indeed. Back in the day, I was thinking about starting my own Dump Truck company and it was going to be called Dirty deeds.

        Remember, not all is as it seems. One time I was working with this new guy on a construction site. He was super High strung and a bit of an ass. I had found a pile of Mannequin body parts behind a store a few weeks later. We had 5 yard rental dumptruck on of the sites. I knew we were working there the next day. So I keyed him up on the nextel (renner the old yellow nextels) and said The owner of the company said he would pay me a $1000 cash to take that little 5 yard dumptruck out to Green River at midnight and dump it no questions asked. I told him odd request and asked him what he thought. He said I’d do it. Then in the morning his brain was just spinning. No no no don’t do it. Could have contamination in it. You could see he was really spinning and right before we got to the job site he says, you don’t think the owner is the Green River Murderer do ya? I said, wow! I never thought about that. Nobody would suspect a multi millionare highly successful self made man. This was before they caught Gary Ridgeway. Back then nobody knew who the green river murder was. Could have been anyone. It was all over the news.

        That morning, I paint the mannequin parts, heads, and arms and legs with ruby red spray pain and through them in the back of the 5 yard dump truck. Stuck 5 or 6 buckets of dirt on them at 4am then went to the yard to get my dump truck and pup and he followed me out to the job site that morning. He is just rambling non stop about it on the CB all the way to the Job site.

        When we got to the job site. I’m telling nah dude. And I could sure use the cash. So I’m going to do it. Noo way the boss is the green river murder. He is sitting in his dump and pup just staring at that at that little 5 yard dumptruck. I got out to go talk to the site foreman to find out what he had in mind for the day. What we are hauling out and if we were bringing in crushed rock.

        Dude wouldn’t get out of his truck. He just sat in his dumptruck staring at that little 5 yarder. I was the Lead trucker for the company, so I told one of the laborers to move that little 5 yarder over to the stock pile of dirt, dump it because we weren’t gonna need it anymore. The dude who was ass hat didn’t know what was going. Nobody on the site did. Before the laborer move the 5 yarder, I had called my boss and told him what was up. He showed up to the job and stood over by his pick up outside ready for the show. He played the part really well acting all nervous.

        When that laborer dumped that 5 yard dump truck accross the site and all then mannequin body came flying out of the back. That dude who was an asshat came flying out of his dump truck screaming at the top of his lungs, The Boss is the Green river killer! Call 911 there is dead bodies in that dump truck. Ohhhhh myyyyy gooood! There is dead bodies all over into the dirt pile!!!! Screaming in Hysterics.

        I ran over to the pile and grabbed a mannequin head and through it like a football at him. He caught it and screamed like a little girl! I ran over too him and said, holy cow dude. You think we should the Barbie Police out here to set up a crime scene and take photos??

        He looked down, then looked at me like a deer in headlights. I said, Gotcha! It’s just mannequin parts dude. Nobody is Killing anyone. Stop being such an asshole and trying to be the boss. Your the new guy. Just drive your truck.

        He chased me for a little bit around the job site but it was kinda a fat guy and he couldn’t catch me. My boss was over litterally on the ground with the operator and laborer laughing so hard they couldn’t move.

        When he was winded and had his hands on his knees saying he hated me. I walked over and put my hand on his shoulder and said dude! You are so wound tight you could swallow a penny and shit copper wire. We work long and hard around here. Lighten up a little bit. He said said under his breath. I F-ing hate you. I said that’s ok. I just want ya to be part of the team and not try to run the show. We have all have to work together. Relax dude. I said you can sock me if ya want. He did in the gut. I told him he hit like a girl and to quit messing around we got dirt to haul. Get in your truck. Let’s go.

        He was the nicest guy after that. He never bitched about anything on the CB after that. He wasn’t bossing anyone around anymore. We became super good friends.

        So, lighten up dude. I know I have my moments too. Bt like lawrence welk said, “There are good days and there are bad days. This is one of them.”

        Love ya purple space monkey.

        Sincerely the Cosmic Chicken Bunny.
        Just Andy

      • I have Million true stories like this. Some are even super synchronicity and Serendipitoise. All of them have a lesson in them. This is probably what I should be writing on my website. Lol.

        I think it’s time to grab a high gear and start posting stuff like this. Yeah. It is the better.

  10. George you’ve been saying “dow 30k” for a while now, in various other contexts than rampant money printing. Even with rampant money printing.. it seems out of reach, the hand recoils.

    I think when it hits 30k the apple cart falls over. It’s a live wire.

    • Philistine.. I once read that when the tax rate hit 75 percent of a persons wages that people would rebel.. well we have surpassed that amount .. I am not sure just how far since it is split on so many levels and places to confuse everyone at just what they are paying in taxes..
      The only reason it hasn’t toppled over is.. there isn’t a plan on what to do if it does.. and if it does.. what are you and I going to be willing to loose as a result of the collapse..
      Where we could start making progress is.. pull back.. we spend almost our whole budget so that someone else can get more.. I think Trump seen that to.. why should the american hourly wage earners pay over a trillion dollars a year so that someone can benefit.. pull back that and increase the money spent at home on jobs, infrastructure, health, etc.. and we are a win win.. we have money to start paying down the deficit and improve the health of our nation.. ( we are listed as one of the worst in the world.. as far as healthcare)
      and one of the worst for the infrastructure of our country.. its was a classified as a D or F rating on infrastructure repair.. the aquifer feeding NYC its water is so bad that one whole town is set to fall into it.. imagine for a minute just what NYC would be like with no water or sanitation for one day much less anytime longer..

  11. “And speaking of climate, this one IS important: Climate crisis: CO2 hits new record despite Covid-19 lockdowns. If CO2 is up, plants should do splendidly. Mammals? Not so much…”

    Earth was at its most vibrant, from both a plant and animal standpoint, when atmospheric CO2 levels were between 2350 and 2396ppm. Current atmospheric CO2 levels range from 50 to 170ppm (depending on where they’re measured.) Carbon dioxide is not an indicator of “global warming,” it is an indicator of planetary health. Anyone who whines that we should “do something” about GW or GCC should campaign against the two atmospheric components that are each thousands of times more “greenhousey” than CO2 — namely oxygen and water vapor. If they don’t, they are ignorant, stupid, or hypocritical (or a combination of the three) and simply out for a money-grab…

    “Global warming” &or “global climate change” is a religion. I have my God, and will not refute Him to worship at the altar of such as this…

  12. DOW 30,000 : Does that trigger an Oct 1929 kind of stock market. The DOW stocks today are vastly different than the 1929 Dow Stocks. But both groups of stocks, now & 1929 represent the state of the economy at the time & the best of the best stocks…the 30 stocks driving our economy. If Trump in a scorched earth policy turns off the Fed money faucet, I would say yes. Can Biden turn it back on fast enough. Nobody wants a world wide recession & our government is willing to print as much money as needed to keep things going strong & avoiding a recession. If there is no money in motion, then there is a recession. You can only sell so many 1 Trillion Dollar Platinum Coins to the Fed before someone says….scam. The government & it’s people are basically the same…to party 24/7, you need an never ending supply of money. If the never ending supply of money is from economic growth, it is very good, if it is from minting 1 Trillion Dollar Platinum Coins, it is bad.

  13. Conjunction junction – Whats Ure function ?

    Jupiter conjuncts Saturn – thats 2 mighty BIG ass planets coming together and joining Forces..for a lil bit.
    Two huuuuge masses in Solar System making some sweet music together for a short time – till they get too close to each other and start cancelling out each others Energy.Hmmm or is Hummmm

    “A wiseman rules by the stars, a fool is ruled by them” -Granny

    * Just think – up until 1995 – YOU knew-thought-believed their were NO other Planets in the known Universe that Could Support Life -NONE.

    Now (2020) the US Navy is showing us Star Ships from “The Clusterfuck Nebula” , it must be the Starman! https://youtu.be/bJO97AKDgH0

    Never mind the Space Nazi’s , cause Cyrpto is on fire and going higher. Peeps starting to wake up to the massive Fraud/Ponzi scheme that is the current world of finance – financial WMD’s everywhere, majority of which R at critical Levels of distress..
    – should be fun on the COMEX – December is phys delivery month – and there are still alot of Contracts standing for Delivery.. rutrow

    The little LCN’s will be getting the new Trezor model T’s for Christmas this Year

    – no Santa dont do pre-loaded – lil grown up crumb snatchers can get their own BTC, Mrs Nazi/Claus will insist on pre-loaded w/some LiteCoin – that Women has a BIG heart – ha she married the LCN..
    *BTW – SellSellSell – XRP ! its the “banker” coin, its Scheisse, always was Scheisse, and is going to Scheisse = “centralized scheisse” the worst kind of scheisse..

      • Wow! I haven’t been paying attention. Dow hits 30k. I remember reading something About that back in December of 2018 around here. Lol back when it was around 18k.

        Hmmmmm… Temporal Mile Marker indeed.

        We are right on schedule. :)

  14. Universal Cosmic Truths:

    “There is a tragic flaw in our precious Constitution, and I don’t know what can be done to fix it. This is it: Only nut cases want to be president.” — Kurt Vonnegut

    “Anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job.”
    – Douglas Adams (1952 – 2001), The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

    “No matter how cynical you get, it’s never enough to keep up.”
    – Lily Tomlin

    BUT MORE IMPORTANTLY: Today is the anniversary of the airing of the very first Doctor Who episode in 1963.

    That fact has just as much immediate impact on our lives as reading the news. and it’s better for our collective blood pressures.

    • A little cheer

      September 12, 2018. The President of the United States signs an Executive Order “Imposing certain sanctions in the Event of Foreign Interference in a US Election” -whitehouse.gov
      TRUMP declared an National Emergency – that is still in place today.
      2020 Election was conducted under this State of Emergency – important for understanding comes next.
      Wonder who Owned/owns Zytl and Dominion..

  15. yeah might be time . leave the only place left urban survival . make zero communication . this is bullsheet . everything is bullsheet . they spit in your face and tell you its raining . its not a short squeeze . its evil ok . George I think its time .. have a great rally and great riches

  16. Don’t know if the last last comment went thru . The last place for me . Here is gone . This joke called America is gone . Evil is too good a description. All garbage on all guru platforms. So yes keep on writing rubbish as you all get rich. Nah no more , spit in your face and tell you it’s raining

  17. “Friends, Americans…”

    …to paraphrase Orson Welles

    It must be Maundy ? May your dowries be safe in the knowledge that the sheriffs continue to have a firm grip on the reigns throughout the generations. In fact, The Duchy of Lancaster with its 185 square kilometers of county land plus London’s Embankment to Strand has offered income fit for a Monarch since 1399 – up 7% to last March, and 8% the year before.

    Meanwhile with tides out at the ???? USA beach, space was at a premium in Urban to make mention of an arrival of The Christmas Tree at The White House drawn by a pair of Clydesdales in training perhaps for their perennial appearances hauling kegs of good cheer at football championships. Although met at the threshold by a radiantly beaming First Lady – a certain Scrooge, lately of “The Daily Mail” – segued to a misfiled chestnut quote of months past “Who the **** needs Christmas stuff”. Bah, Humbug!

    Mr. Kringle, thanksgivings and no dowbt for all things sugar and spice on year ends everywhere? Failing that, in God we trust, or God save the Queen, depending wither ye be.

  18. Balance. Sometimes. I feel like I’m that dude on the Gong show. Spinning plates on a stick. Start one. Get it going then start another and go back and spin the first one then run over and start another. All the while a ice creme truck music is playing in the background. I’ll tell ya what. Im hard ass for a boss. And I’m my mid level management boss. It differnt what ya got a load time and precheck time on a truck etc etc. Swinging wide down one way streets in downtown Seattle, at 70 feet long and 105,500 lbs and 18 gears.

    This all ackward and shit. Balance.

    I definitely need to work with my editor. Lol. I have new found respect for peoe who run their own website. It’s alot of work being organised and knocking off shit on a punch list, and writing full time is different than I’m used to.

    One more song then I’m off to create tommorow’s news tonight. I believe I have unlocked the mathmatical formula for how videos go viral. Side project I been cycling through the new master of the titor tauter, with the ball going back and forth. As my Mastermind group all takes a look a forms their opine. How they think forms an opine. Since most of them are dead. Lol. That is always runnin in the background.

    Perhaps a phone call to the Shaman. He always knows the right things to say. Then write, then some time with student the gymnast and yoga instructor. :)

    I suffer from obsession of the mind when it comes to data. Another plate besides the normal life plate, conversation with God plate, the mastermind viewmaster Titor taughter plate, the carnal plate of pleasure, the affirmations plate, the intake of new stuff plate and a million other plates searching for relational data and Juxtaposition, and the Creativity plate, the life path Inertia plate and a few others. Life synch plate, the world scale future plate.. Shit now I’m hungry. Lol.

    Sorry I don’t have as much time to stop by as much and read everyones stuff. See ya all around.

      • Ya. I’m a broke ass bitch right now. Trying to find two used tires for the back of my car right meow. Or two super cheep new ones. I can yard them off and drop them off to get put on. Then do the fronts next week when I get another unemployment check. Cheepest I found is $400. When your only making $580
        a week, after taxes and child support. Ya gotta eat too. And I eat alot. Lol. And smokes and tp etc. I had a couple small donations to my site. And Every little bit helps. Things are thin right now for sure. Eating ghetto chips and all that. If you don’t know what ghetto chips are. It’s where you put the seasoning in with the dry Raman noodles, crunch it up and shake the bag so the seasoning gets all over dried noodles. Taste like crunchy chips. Lol

        I think it’s best to get more material out. And get the audio portion figured out. I just can’t drive on bald tires anymore. I mean my car is getting sideways on dry pavement. I’m thinking about just turning it in and filing bankruptcy to be honest. Which sucks D! Just starting over. I have friend with a car that he wants $2500 for. It’s a Buick Grand sport
        only has 130k miles on it and it’s super clean… i’m about $25k in other debt and still paying on my divorce from 4 years ago where she took me to the cleaners. All the money I saved up in 15 years. $58,000 in the bank she spent. Then it cost me another $150k to divorce her ass.

        Nope ain’t ever getting married again. She cured me of that. Lol.

        And I just met a super super awesome girl. It’s new. But it’s super good. Big whirling energy around us when we are together. Smoking hot. Sooo pretty. 12 years younger. But most importantly, very down to earth, huge heart and absolutely wonderful personality. Woman of integrity, honest and forthright. Highly intelligent and gifted.

        So we will see. I been just trying to figure it. Out. I need to do something before I blow a tire on the freeway and roll this bitch. I have a shit load of airbags. Could be fun. Hahahah. Wouldnt be the worst thing that has ever happened to me. Hahaha. I am getting up off the ground a little slower as I get older tho. Still faster than most.

        I’m sure it will all work out. Have a good day!

      • Shit I’m grateful the lights are on this morning. All my shit will be turned off by Friday if something doesn’t give. I can’t do my website with no internet. I tried to get my old job back being a CDL instructor. Nada. All full. Tried driving cab. Nada. All full. My car has too bald of tires to do uber. I got super depressed last night. All my efforts at genersting income have resulted in nill the last few months. And my stash is gone. I used it to take care of my mother. Ain’t nothing I can do about it. I got cigs and coffee and a little food. I couldnt even get tires yesterday and my phone is gonna get shut off and the internet and everything else. I waiting on a miracle or someone to help me. I got so depressed last night. I fckin hate this world sometimes. I wishedore than a few times I wouldn’t have come back to it. And sometimes I have no faith in God. I know he is there. I just am my witt’s end. I just give and give and give and I’m just i am left empty. So I won’t be commenting for a while and I won’t be able to do my website anymore. Im just unable too. I can’t even afford a tube of tooth paste right now. Ugh. I had to pay something yesterday that was super pressing and well. That left me no money. I have a quarter tank of gas and I feel like driving my car off s cliff right now.

        But today is a new day. So we will see what happens. Somethings got to give. I’m normally a money magnet. Or atleast have a way to work for it and all that is not happening.

        Anyway. I’m sorry for being an Emo. I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving!
        I have alot to be grateful for too. And alot of people have it worse than me. So I feel for them too. See ya when I see ya.

        Later dude.

      • I mean what good is it to know the future if ya can’t even brush your teeth. Fck! A friend is gonna take me out to breakfast. Then I will see my girl later. But I don’t why she wanna be with me. I’m a mess. Lol. Fck! I hate being like this. I’m just at my wit’s end. Everyone expects me to have it all together and sometimes I just don’t. I still did my morning gratitude list, prayer and meditation and all that anyway. Anyway take care. I gotta go rob a grocery store for tooth paste. Lmao. I think like that sometimes. I’m not gonna do it. But I think like that sometimes. I must missed the helicopter, life boat and canoe God sent. I’m all out of faith. Haven’t been here in a long time. I mean why save me on the side of the road from a semi and a car htting me while I’m in super intense pain on the side of the road heading up from cali to Idaho??? Like when that accident happend I was in so much pain I had pull over my car on the side of I5 and just feel it becaise I couldnt drive anymore. Then that semi rolls in fromy of mh car and the car it hit rolls behind my car off into the field and I was so much pain I didn’t even notice. Alll so I can be financially destitute so bad I can’t even afford a tube of tooth paste. That is dumb!

        I’m always honest with God. Last night I yelled. Wtf dude?! Help please. I need your help! Shit or get off the Pot dude!

        Ok well that is enough from me. Try to be grateful the rest of the day. What choice to I have. Lol.

        Later dudes.

  19. Ohhhh yeah. Because there is already a Red Book from Mr Hung A Blue Book from Mr Kellys.

    I shall call my book for the masses, The Green Book.

    I have begun to right it. I need a planner and a scheduler and hopefully I already some on task. Sometimes my brain is like spyder monkey all whacked out on Mountain Dew.

    What gives with the “Monkey” terms. I know it’s not a reference to the 800lb gorilla Curious George. Hmmmm. Aides or ade, or aed? Heart check? Paddle jack? That sounds kinky. Lola? El oh el ahh! low la. Walks like a woman and talks like a man? Wheaties box champ now Katelin Jennnnneerrrrr .. that or like grandpa use to say, they look like a bunch of monkey’s F-ing a football? Mon-key. Mun ki? Money K. Circle K money? Ok Money? monk eye? Shit I don’t know. I got get busy writing.

    Later peeps.

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