America’s “Value Crisis”

Housing Data Shortly

Fly Me To the Moon, bossa nova, seems like today’s starting point.

With Dow futures pointing to a 300+ point pop at the open, it seems all the world’s gone mad.

The data we’re seeing just doesn’t “add up” the way it ought to.

Gold prices – for example – are cratering.  Seems everyone has a reason for it:  Turn on CNBC and you might hear Gold falls as vaccine hopes, Biden transition aid recovery bets.  But wait!  Why would gold have run up because of the vaccine?  It doesn’t have anything to do with the cure, does it?  Of course not.

On the other side of things, Bitcoin has continued to live in the rarified air just over $19,000 each.  Considering that, at their core, a crypto-currency is nothing more than as hard-to-hack made-up number, that’s pretty outrageous.  Real stunner. OH…and did I mention stupid?

Not that I hate cryptos.  In fact, as I explained to subscribers, I’ve filed a patent application for a means to tie cryptocurrencies to various forms of digital rights management.  At least that way, cryptos could have some fungibility, rather than just a fast line of bullshit about “exclusivity” but with no barriers to entry.  Which is why there are what,. 2,000 currencies out there?

Again, this speaks volumes about America’s lack of tying reality to the ground.  We’ve moved so far into the  digital life that we have shucked the moorings on tangible physicality.

In short, we’re nuts.  Evidence?  See: “Futures, Bitcoin And Brent Soar On Biden Transition, Yellen Return.”

The Great Bifurcation is upon us.  Perhaps this is the period of great religious texts:  Ascension of the Masses.  Still, a few of us (144,000?) are left shaking our heads.  How many rolls of toilet paper, garden tillers, packages of seeds, fertilizer, watering cans and water collection system, and college credits can be had for the price of a single (environmentally damaging waste of energy) Bitcoin?

Damaging?  Sure: reported in August that “The Bitcoin Network Now Consumes 7 Nuclear Plants Worth of Power.

Anyone who believe in climate change and Bitcoins is a frigging psychopath. No, guess the DSM-5 would call that schizophrenic…whatever!

And all that power is used for what?  A silly game of making up “hard to guess numbers. ”

It’s mornings like this I eye an 18-year old bottle of Scotch and ask “When, between your being bottled and this morning did Earth go crazy?”

Commodity Distortions

ma…ma…ma…My Corona…..   We can’t blame coronavirus. 

But we find it  insidious and dangerous that the World Economic Forum is proposing a Great Reset.

When – 120 days from now, plus or minus a panic – global collapse sets in, Globalists will try to sell the idea of “redenominating” everything.

It will be their excuse for reinflation.  And it should be staggering.  The hints are already out there.  The story last week (you undoubtedly missed) “Commodity valuations at 100-year low says fund manager up 60% year to date” makes it clear.  Commodities are at lifetime lows as fractions of income.

Rest assured, that won’t last.

It’s Thanks to Velocity

One reason hyperinflation is at bay (for now) is that the velocity of money (at M1 or M2, makes little diff) is at lifetime lows.  The “turnover of cash” hasn’t been this sluggish since the 1950’s:

In fairness, the Velocity at M2 ticked up a bit at Q3, but fundamentally with Public Debt to the Penny today at $27.258  trillion and annual GDP running $21.157 trillion, it doesn’t look too bad.  I mean we’re only looking at 28% more debt that income, essentially.

Until, that is, we look at the insane printing of money (since that’s how GDP is computed).  On a more honest planet, the euphoria would disappear if we measured  unit sales.

Instead, though, we measure dollars.  And so far this year, we have made up how much?  Well, at M2 (non-seasonally adjusted because that’s another snake-it of lies for convenience) we can look it up in the Fed H.6 money stocks confessional.  Which only seriously rational people look at.

M1 & M2 Matter

Says here that M2 was 15,422.8 billion.  Which we will short-hand to 15.422 trillion.  At the end of the latest reporting period?  $18,876.3 billion which parsed to 18.876 trillion.  Divide the later by the former?  Rounds off to 22.4% more money sloshing.

The  Excedrin part comes when you back down GDP to account for monetary inflation of, oh, let’s use 20% and lie to ourselves that actual unit counts went up in the year of Covid for something besides gloves, masks, and media hype.

GDP on something approaching a constant dollar basis is then $16.92 trillion and the debt figure is then 161% of GDP.

And what happens under those conditions?>>>  (need a hint?)

This is what was going on in Zimbawe when Robert Mugabe went full-on socialist “make up money.”

Fiat money is a lot like crack.  I have my Zimbabwe  Trillion Dollar note up on the wall here to remind me:  In the end, a trillion dollars isn’t worth much.

Except when there’s a run on toilet paper.

Cue Mr. Serling:  “ That signpost up ahead…You’ve justed entered the Biden Zone.”

That Means the “War Party”

Our military affairs whiz,  warhammer, a retired brother of the oak leaf cluster sort with loads of B-52 under him, is concerned with the return of B52s to the Middle East:

Deploying the venerable BUFF (big ugly fat f***er) to the Middle East (most based likely out of Diego Garcia) has but one purpose. Forward presence. The U.S. Navy is surely within range of any potential ground target in the region, but as the article observes, the optics of the strategic ‘Swiss Army Knife’ of conventional bombers (nukes too, of course) flying overhead tends to focus one’s attention.

Should Biden decide to terminate the deployment after his swearing-in, it will be difficult to downplay the move with security conscious U.S. citizens and regional allies alike.”

With the Trump administration’s move of the US embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, we have to wonder what else (perhaps labeling changes to West Bank-made products?) will be undone by Joe and the Kamunist government?

Various, Sundry

Auto recall note: GM to recall nearly 6 million vehicles in U.S. to replace Takata air bags.

CNN  finds a story they can cover! Thanksgiving week weather forecast — where storms will keep you indoors.

One underplayed election story lit up as we cruised the MJBD today: Election underscores voter shift in favor of marijuana legalization.

Except here in Saxet backwards is spelled Texas!

Life as Episodes

One of my most useful personal improvement, contexting, and making sense of your life.  Thanks to all those episode series on television.  (Yes, we’re glad Blacklist is back, too…)

Sit down with a piece of paper and divide your life into episodes.

Here’s the reality:  We’re all going to die.

There’s plenty of evidence (religions, near-death experiencers) all pointing towards a “life review” at death.  “My life flashed before my eyes” kinda thing.

So, who (besides us) is consciously writing a kick-ass adventure series with our lives?  (Bet damn few and you’d win. Most just mark time…)

Here’s how my “George’s Life – the series” maps out (in part):

First episode features the epic struggle to live with asthma and eczema, severe allergies to many things.

Second episode is going to school as a white minority student in a mixed race setting.  That was a good one, since that’s where “We’re all people” and skin color has nothing to do with anything except among bigots of all colors was learned.

Episode three is the big breakthroughs in ham radio, electronics and a time division multiplexed SSB radio I penciled out.  Later it was built by Furuno, but no connection to my device.  (drat!)

Episode four:  The UFO abduction of the Major and me.  Near Mt. St. Helens, logging road, August of 1968.

Episode five... the Six Month Marriage adventure.

Episode  six:  Learning to Fly:  Discovering the accelerated stall…quite by accident…

(tons of neat episodes:  Marriage #2, Parenting 101, The Big Divorce, Wild Bachelor days…Single Handed Sailing Adventures…you get the drift…)

Present episode, filming now has a plot synopsis like this:

“Now into his 70s, the hero, accompanied by his former bunny ife of 20+ years attempts o hack space-time in their home recording studio using sound.  They’ve come to suspect that a “right combination of light, sound, smoke, humidity, statics electricity levels (ionization) and more could breakdown space-time and open a portal.”

More on this (and 3D printing adventures) on CoastToCoast with George Noory tomorrow night (where Wed and Thurs meet.)

This present episode may have an IRL analog – that “portal” that was said to exist over Skinwalker Ranch in Utah.  Which is a very interesting Amazon series to watch, if you haven’t.

While this Life series sounds like an impossible work of fiction, an alternative to the present episode really sucked in comparison:

“Now in their 70s, the happy couple retire to a small condo while people are all trying to infect them with a killer disease…”

Another episode not filmed that didn’t make it?

“With our hero is in his 70s, the world runs into famine and heroically, he and once-upon-bunny take to gardening, raising solar power, becoming a regional communications center, while shooting the occasional intruding gang members…”

This last is NOT the series we want to star in, but if we don’t get a whiz-bang, gee-whiz on the present “series” that’s the one more likely than the “Move into condo, waits for death by inactivity, while dodging disease carriers.”  As a further episode, you see.

Which is why the emphasis now, stocking up for the next episode…

When seen in this perspective, maybe the present “film” of Life will have a surprise ending.  But which one?

  • Wins the Lotto for $25-million
  • Successfully reverses aging
  • Is appointed to a political office to fill out an unexpired term
  • Because 3D printing/manufacturing magnate
  • Writes a NY Times Best Seller in his second novel in the David Shannon adventure series
  • Has an out of body experience – sees the rushes of earlier episodes and comes back for Season 2…  wow! Would that be bitchin or what?

We’ll keep you posted as it shoots.

Now: Go write your life, (or  right it!)

39 thoughts on “America’s “Value Crisis””

  1. Seems the problem is an awful lot of folks are just too ready to give up what we have. That can’t be fixed hiding in your closet that is for certain.

    “Well there ain’t no time to wonder why,
    Whoopee! we’re all gonna die.” Country Joe and the Fish.

  2. Just got Lisa Blair’s book “Facing Fear” in the mail yesterday. Imagine 100 foot waves coming toward you…..The book is about her solo sail around Antarctic. Halfway through, she was dismasted, and motored to Cape Town for repairs. …Pretty good book.

  3. George, since you don’t go to the stores much you haven’t realized the next new industry that is going to save our economy. Face masks! A huge variety! Women need a different one for every outfit! Plus a whole new recycling business to handle all the litter of used masks!

  4. Re: “breakdown space-time and open a portal”
    Just remember, when you open a door, things can travel both ways.

    I say “things” instead of “people” or “beings” because if your portal should open to someplace in a vacuum (i.e., most (99.9999999+%) of the universe) you just might discover it too late to close said door. Add in all the high probability variations to that scenario that also have environments you just might not enjoy, against the very, very low probability that the environment on the other side of your portal is suitable to 70+ year old life forms and you just might want to reconsider.

    Just saying ….

    • U aint kiddin -look what happened last time someone opened a portal – with deep underground Nuke blasts!

      Very soon after all the atomic weapons testing – the UFO’s showed up – including at White House and of course the one that got “shot down” via “Tesla Death Ray” over Roswell- the Operator of which suffered severe “radiation” burns rest of his life.
      Hole/portal slowly closed – over lake bed at airfarce base – west coast: see EAB

    • Thank you Kas,
      I’ve been banging on George’s gray matter off and on for years! Sent him another e-mail last week once again trying to get him to de-calcify his pineal gland and once again to try and convince him to concentrate on Mind Travel not Time Travel! It’s basically the same thing! Laid it all out in spades and again it was blown off! Thanks for the post! You are dead on! Maybe getting the message in stereo now he finally will get the picture. My odometer just rolled over to 70 2 months ago. Found the Rosetta Stone in the mid 80’s and started when I was 10. With what you posted Kas I’d bet a dime and a doughnut if you send George an e-mail it will be very close to mirroring what I sent him last week! Cheers, Chuck K

  5. It’s all a numbers game George.

    18,000 billion doesn’t sound so bad as 18 trillion. Wait till we get to quadrillions and then it will only be 0.018 quadrillion dollars.

    When I was deeply involved in the science world, ww would use the same technique in reverse to scare the pants off people. If you had 0.1 parts per million of arsenic in your blood, it could become 100 parts per billion or even 100,000 parts per trillion.

  6. “crypto-currency is nothing more than as hard-to-hack made-up number,”

    OTFLMAO.. not to mention they have a cute cartoon coin you can look at LOL LOL LOL…..×0.jpg?fit=scale
    what I love about that photo is.. the cartoon coin is on top of the Dollar bill.. LOL LOL at least you can shove the dollar bill in your pocket.. the same with coinage..

    Now you can buy gold plated bitcoin commemorative coins.. they are an item..
    isn’t that a long link for a fake coin LOL LOL LOL…
    what gets me.. is even with the dollar.. it isn’t backed by anything at all like BC.. we all cherish the number on the sheet of paper.. you would think that everyone would have gotten smarter with Bernie.. He had people give him their money.. he in turn sent them a sheet of paper and even the Federal Reserve was asking for his help in managing their system..
    what about the federal government’s own massive financial fraud, as documented by the GAO itself?

    “The GAO report was released one day before President Bush told CNN’s Candy Crowley that, in order to avoid economic collapse, he had to abandon freedom in order to save it. “I’ve abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system,” he declared.”The Bush comments about destroying free markets to save them wasn’t much of a controversy in the major media.”
    where DJT made his mistake was he Tried to get the Free Market Trade and jobs back to the citizens.. and as we all have seen a billion times.. that that isn’t what they want..

    the part I like about this scene from Jurassic park 3 is when he says.. I can write all kinds of numbers on this check.. that is what the usa has been doing..

      • Or exclude the verbal description, as well:

        eBay only parses the number itself, which appears after the “itm/” block. The stuff between “itm/” and the listing number is a term based on the listing title, which is used to bait eBay searches. The stuff which follows the listing or “item” number is all tracking code and “dynametrics” — stuff which tells eBay who you are, where you came from before you got to eBay, and what other searches you’ve made or pages you’ve hit (not necessarily just at eBay), before you hit this page — y’know, all that “anonymous” user information stuff…

  7. Dude G –

    This diatribe is hilarious in its keystone cop style of disarray.
    The electrical power usage argument is mute. Stupidest god dam argument against a Financial Asset I have heard.

    Like Ure asinine Virus Stats – COMPARED TO What?

    Problem! .. solution/ideas – NOPE.

    – just spewing moar negativity. How has that been working for U ?

    Too bad that ..

    – one of the BIGGEST Enemies of LONGEVITY is..NEGATIVITY!

    So I wont mention that Crypto’s already have tons Convertibility to Hard Assets and Other Crypto Assets.
    ..I can Pay for my scchezuan hot pot with LTC, in phone app automatically converts LTC to Vendors prefered Crypto (BTC) – just by tapping my phone 2-3 times. In under 30 secs – transaction complete.

    Getting harder to see thru the fog….

    – Welcome Ye Goats and Dogs to RAGNORAK!

  8. Over twenty years ago, I had numerous severe allergies. Grass — lawns — was one of them. Drive by where somebody had cut his lawn, and I’d have a BAD attack.

    Then, a friend gave me a book he’d read and cured his allergies. The book was written by a judge, who adjudicated malpractice suits as his specialty. The book’s title is, “Goodbye Allergies,” and it’s a Wonder.

    I was absolutely and completely cured in ten days.

    The good judge’s theory is that one major root cause of allergies is chronic over-stimulation of the adrenal gland.

    Further, his theory is that by strict and total elimination of only FOUR things, a complete cure would occur in TEN DAYS. After the cure moderate consumption of the four things may carefully resume — but NEVER to their previous levels.

    Several things:

    One) People laugh at and deride this cure as silly or stupid or poorly grounded in biology — or other things. It isn’t a terribly popular approach.

    Two) I have suggested this book dirt cheap on The ‘Zon — to many people over the years, and ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of those who scrupulously and strictly followed the plan for THE FULL TEN DAYS were also totally cured. The slightest “cheat,” fails the program.

    Three) It isn’t easy. It’s difficult. BUT the hope is that at the end you will be CURED, and may restore the four things slowly and carefully. Binge out, and you’ll be right back in sniffle-land.

    Four) I am not a doctor, and I don’t play one on TeeVee. You make all your own decisions.

    Here are the four things to 100% ELIMINATE for TEN DAYS.

    Caffeine. All forms. Tea, Coca-Cola. Everything containing caffeine. Yeah. I know. Vary Hard. Bear in mind — TEN DAYS, only.

    Sugar. Sweet rolls, candy, HFCR (especially), but NOT in fruits and vegetables. Yeah, I know, There’s sugar in oranges and grapes. I don’t grok the logic or the biology behind the program — I only know that it works completely but ONLY for the totally strict adherents. Don’t screw with diet soda or anything else as a fake substitute. It’s NOT all right.

    White refined flour — which kills most breadstuffs. This part is VERY hard. What the hell can I eat in a world without sandwiches or burger rolls? That’s the price.

    Alcohol. All forms. Beer, wine, schnapps, hard booze. All forms means all forms. This is Really Hard for some.


    Keep your eye on the prize. Suffer for the goal.

    If you persevere, you’ll be rewarded. I promise. It worked for me, and for every single other person who 100% and perfectly followed the regime. It’s hard, yes.

    In ten days, your adrenal gland (source of insulin) will self-heal, and your chronic over-stimulation will be a memory.

    Then, AFTER the complete cure, you can restore normality CAREFULLY. You’ll know right away if you’re going too far too fast — your allergies will quickly return. So, back off a bit and you’ll get a quick response. It’s a classic servo-mechanism with fast feedback.

    One final and ugly thing: Day three and day four, you’ll feel awful. Your sinuses will be stone-blocked, and you’ll have a little — little — brain fog. You’ll be CONVINCED it’s not working, that it actually made things worse. It did.

    But these substances are NOT necessary for human life. Some cultures use none of these things in the amounts we do. You can handle it. Persist, be strict and you’ll be rewarded. Get the book and read it.

    And then, Just Do It. (Please report results.)


    • good post . informative , useful , helpful advice . not like all the other bullsheet that flys around here on economics, sheetcoin , patriotism , the flu , politics and millionaire survival stories . some folks changed alright . remember why we started here . yeah right

    • My first health kick…

      Back in the early ’70s I acquired a book called, I believe, “The Mazell Method for Sugar Detoxification” (don’t hold me to the title, a search turned up zero hits, which is hard to do on Goobl…)

      The gist of the book was to put yourself on a cantaloupe-only diet for 7-10 days. The fructose in the cantaloupe is benign to the body, but being off sucrose would force its residuals out of your system and fatty tissue. I love muskmelons of all denominations, so I thought “Why not?”

      The first two days were unremarkable. Starting at the end of Day-3, I began a “fit,” the symptoms of which I can only describe as identical to depictions of cold-turkey heroin withdrawal. Until the evening of Day-6 I had coincident chills & sweats, shakes, delirium, and ached in every fiber of my being. I spent days 4-5 curled up in a ball, in my bed. Beginning with Day-7 I began to feel better than I ever remembered feeling. The process impressed upon me, really harshly, that sucrose – table sugar – IS addictive, IS a detrimental chemical, and that all of Western Society is addicted to it. I did this detox shortly before I took Howard Ruff’s advise and switched my sweetener to raw honey, and also shortly before my lifelong allergy to cats & kittens seemed to have abated.

      Is it possible that the “sugar component” of this regimen causes your body to purge sucrose, and said sucrose purge is a major contributor to the efficacy of the program…?

  9. “concerned with the return of B52s to the Middle East:”

    OMG… I never thought about that… sheesh.. OK.. they tossed a false flag at the trumpster every three months all around the globe.. wanted to get him to snap and make the decision to jump in so the Puppeteers can get more..

    He has kept vigil and stayed out of all of these… NOW.. we have the election is over and it looks the exact same way we all thought it would be.. BIDEN is president.. everything is buried nice and secure.. SO… DJT is going to leave the office… and the way they are painting it all the worlds woes are his fault..
    Now consider the what if.. what if.. He jumped.. you did notice that since a couple of months before the election we haven’t’ had all those false flag events.. the dems are not spending billions anymore like they were.. and they are painting a picture of a world covered with roses with JB.. so what if.. DJT since he is going to take the fall for everything did just snap at some of the false flag events.. the ole if I am going to take the blame and it is coming anyway lets speed up this process… and get things so mucked up that any view of it being corrected would never happen.. the syrians iran Korea etc.. russians chinese.. those south china islands sure do need protecting.. this could be insane and something that MSM and the ones controlling the world leaders has been pushing him so take on three or four of them.. he drew down troops it would be a mess.. the scenario from Hell …
    I never even thought of it until now.. and it could be a total possibility before the change of the diaper in DC

    • I was hoping America could get through Thanksgiving without burning the Turkey. Replace the smoke alarm batteries with the following steps:

      1/ The antiquated Greek Navy, possibly overseeing the EU’s Mediterranean theatre, dispatched German elements after diplomatic hours to raid a Turkish freighter enroute to Benghazi said to be breaking the Libyan arms embargo. Allegedly no weapons are found. Mrs. Merkel is not amused?

      2/ Meanwhile just off the coastal mainland of Turkey, angst may be rising on the Greek island of Kos? This week offshore to the south of Kos a Turkish seismic survey ship is completing its mapping of the seafloor supported by 2 similarly modern supply ships.

      3/ Hippocrates may prescribe an Athenian journey to Delphi to be told that Alexander would not be Great if he had first not defeated the Persian Navy at the birthplace of Europa. Mr. Ure has a tab on this stuff already from Zeus.

      4/ Turkey is served. Subsequent courses could include Levant influences depending upon personal taste as well as Inshallah. Bon appetit.

  10. George

    “When, between your being bottled and this morning did Earth go crazy?”

    Cue the theme from 2001: A Space Odyssey!

    Someone has emplaced a metal looking monolith in a rock grotto in utah.
    You know, Utah home of Skin Walker Ranch and other interesting places. While the monolith does not have the classic 1 x 4 x 9 ratio of it’s dimensions it sure get you wondering “What The Hell”!

    No reports yet as to whether or not it makes humming sounds.

    Go here:

  11. Quick G,

    Look surprised as all hell! Month end beat down of Gold and Silver Prices – this is sooo EASY – even the coot can Buy Puts on the SLV & GLD, and for even greater Gains Puts on the precious metals Miners stock!
    Like a swiss clock…

    Not so easy as Buying Crypto – in the face of the Biggest financial KAHUNA the coot has ever seen.
    That “sucking” feeling you may be feeling – is all the big guys/smart money/insiders pulling Cash out – you know the Guys who Cancelled their Titanic Tickets right before she set sail – taking the lives of the last obstacles to a US Central Bank – the Federal Reserve. These would be the all traitors on the DVD payroll (off shore mid term bond trading)

    ..and what came sooonly there after ?????? The Internal(upUreass) Revenue(ourNotUres) Service (to the elite) – The Financial Big Wave Surfers ..narly dude!

    • This is a perfect example of how PMs are manipulated but because BC doesn’t have a huge market to use Puts and Calls to keep it in check it soars to unimaginable heights.

  12. OMG George, PLEASE write about episode four, perhaps in PN! Of course, that’s if you can recall it and want to do so. I had some high strangeness in my life at around that particular year in eastern Oregon/Idaho/Utah on a long road trip. It’s fuzzy and seems like a dream, it’s hard to know what happened. No abduction to my knowledge.

    You’ve been writing as a lifestyle. For the rest of us, perhaps we need to write our memoirs(if we only had “spare” time)!

    • Actually, if you go to Peoplenomics master index the eBook “Who’s There?” has an entire chapter on it.

      Three Personal Stories ……………………………………………………… 9
      Three “Formative Experiences” …………………………………………………… 10
      Case 1: “This One Must Die…” …………………………………………………….. 11
      Learning from a Master Historian ………………………………………………… 17
      Case 2: “That Can’t Happen…” ……………………………………………………. 18
      Case 3: “Me? US? Abducted?” ………………………………………………….. 29

      That last one…whew. First one, though, OMG…

  13. In short, we’re nuts. Evidence? See: “Futures, Bitcoin And Brent Soar On Biden Transition, Yellen Return.”

    From that article:
    In commodities, spurred on by the vaccine hopes oil reached levels not seen since March, before the coronavirus began to spread rapidly and decimated demand. Brent crude futures rose 45 cents, or 1%, to $46.51 a barrel to add to a more than 20% surge this month, while U.S. West Texas Intermediate crude added 46 cents, or 1.1%, to $43.52.

    Sooooo…..Biden is all of the sudden oil friendly??? Ure right, it is nuts.

    As an aside, Wouldn’t a Biden presidency be friendly for the Chinese Stock Market?? Seems to be going sideways atm….

  14. Six-time US Congresswoman ?Cynthia McKinney gave an interview over at Reluctant Preppers which was published a short few hours ago. In it she reveals how her eyes were opened about the goings-on in our Congress over the years and how she was bounced out of office by the exact same digital, programmable voting machines that were used to give a false positive to not-yet-elected, former VP Biden. She rambles like crazy but in the course of her rambling reveals a lot of very interesting confirmations of what some would readily call “conspiracy theories”. It’s a wonder Reluctant Preppers hasn’t been defunded and bounced off of YT and this video is still up.

  15. “So, who (besides us) is consciously writing a kick-ass adventure series with our lives?”

    Many have pondered over the ages… are we writing our lives, or is someone or something writing it for us?

    Being the egoistic creatures that we are who want to believe we are in control, most would say it is “me” who writes my own story. But… what if (He? They? It?) wanted you to think that and wrote that into your script? Bottom line… there is never going to be an answer to that question. So, that’s best left for the “Would really like to know if I had the time” pile.

    But does it matter one way or the other? Free Will lovers will say yes it does. Personal karma and all that stuff. Being responsible instead of blaming something else. There is merit to that argument.

    But, many spiritual people say that each of us are just a part of… “HIM”, you know, The Almighty. “He” owns it all. “He” is it all. There is nothing outside of “Him”. And there’s a pretty strong case for that one.

    If you have all-power, and you have all eternity to play around with, and you have quantum physics teaching you that all possibilities exist simultaneously… then a whole lot of us are worried about a whole lot of things FOR NOTHING. It’s all going to work out in the end (actually, it already has because there is no linear time. Just one of many foolish delusions).

    So humanity – all of us – need to chill out and enjoy the ride a lot more than we are. That doesn’t mean not to work hard and endeavor to improve. That’s built into the program as a given. What it means is… be good to yourself and to everyone and everything else because we’re literally all this together. And that’s not a bad story to build your life around.

    • Its called Stockholm Syndrome –

      Sure forgive & forget – hahahahahah..that is not “Rain” you feel running down Ure scalp/skin.

      We all have been Lied To & Brainwashed since Ure birth to BELIEVE .

      – We Never had Free Will.. EVER. Now pass the Rock – it does belong to U, Nothing does..

  16. George,

    Have no doubt that undergoing 10 days without the four items could possibly reduce allergies. Only comment is that the adrenal glands do not produce insulin, the pancreas does. That not withstanding, the adrenal glands have a tremendous effect on the rest of the body. The adrenal glands send signals to other parts of the endocrine system to help perform their particular functions. Overly active adrenal glands can cause hypertension, when there are no cardio-vascular abnormalities. The adrenaline rush we feel during extremely stressful situations is also accompanied by an increase in blood pressure.

    I have read other books that made the same association between those four items and allergies. There was a Dr. William Crook in Jackson, TN that wrote a book concerning yeast and ADHD, along with other ailments. Seems the mainstream medical groups didn’t like his ideas (which worked), because they made no money prescribing ADHD meds. To the best of my memory the book I refer to was titled, “The Yeast Connection”.

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