Surfing the Global Threat Board

Several years back, the idea occurred to me that we’d be well-advised to develop a Global Threat Board.  That was partially in response to talk of a global coastal event, and lots of other “buzz on the ‘net.”

What we were after was a simplified way to keep track of threats of all kinds, score them, and rank them in terms of what we could about them in advance. Ounce of prevention sort of thing.

This weekend, while we wait to see who else has figured out that the Swiss may be setting up a global financial crisis (more on this a sec) we will update the threats and figure out what’s really worth worrying about.

And to the snappy-thinking reader who said “At age 66, your worries aren’t so much about Russia or Global Warming…it’s the calendar…”  I humbly disagree:  122/76 with a resting pulse of 58…yes, these other things promise to matter.

With coffee in hand (low octane, of course), several celery seed extract pills, some blueberry extract and a great multi-vit and let’s see whether we should worry about the Grim Reaper…or Grim Reality more...

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5 thoughts on “Surfing the Global Threat Board”

  1. Bitcoin is not, nor has it ever been an investment vehicle. By their very nature they are meant to be used for commerce. I have bot and sold them at under $10 a coin and over $400 a coin. They are extremely useful for a many transactions, especially for items/transactions that you would rather not draw any attention too.You are correct in that they are horribly volatile and extremely risky as an investment. Must try to overcome greedy human nature when evaluating Bitcoin as a means of currency- transactions. Peace

  2. George check this out over at zero hedge. The story is titled “Central Banks Upside Down”. The best part isn’t the story, as usual the meat is in the comments. There is a comment there that gives a link to a story saying the the Swiss pegged to the euro when gold was exactly at it’s peak and it unpegged from the euro exactly when gold broke through it’s 200 day average. The posters handle is “Latitude25”, I suggest a look, this is good stuff.


  3. The current administrations actions and/or lack of actions regarding Muslim extremism make sense when viewed from under the assumption that President Obama is a Muslim. The facilitation of Muslim extremist uprisings in multiple Middle Eastern countries, the ushering in of the global caliphate, the arming of ISIS, the lack of participation in the Paris unity march against extremism, the cancellation of the Christian National Day of Prayer, and the institution of a National Muslim Day of Prayer all suddenly make sense. The PTB allow this as Islam will make a wonderful future enemy for the US, bringing decades of profitable war and follow-up rebuilding.

  4. Underground housing sounds like my dream project for this year. In an attempt to avoid both cyclones and bushfires, I have looked at an easy setup (on a slope) where you buy a ready made concrete water tank. Reinforced solid concrete. Dig a hole and crane into position. This is an easy job as the water tank companies are constantly installing these tanks. Either leave the access hatch in the top or opt for a side door. Paint with waterproofing on the interior, push dirt over and step back while the grass grows.

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