Speed’s What Ails Us

This follows our recent take on William S. Lind’s  book Retroculture.  After some thought, much of what advocates of “the old days” are after really comes down to mainly one thing:  Speed.

Gone, for example, are times when people strove for individual breakthrough insights. Regardless of time spent getting there. In that style’s place has come group problem solving.  Going missing in it all?  Time to just “think about things.”

So this morning with a “break point” in the cultural paradigm at hand on Tuesday – that we fear will be marked by incredible stress and acting-out – we’ll consider the genuine benefits of just slowing the hell down.

First, though:  A little campaign dirt and a look at some charts that – in our view – foretell of a dangerous decline as socialist economics threaten America in 2021.  Why, toss in the drought and some more hurricane?

Maybe we won’t repeat the “Dust Bowl.”  Instead, could be swirling Tech Trash to be followed by the Famine Festival

So on to…

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49 thoughts on “Speed’s What Ails Us”

  1. Outstanding article on speed George! If you want some liquid speed pick up a bag of Devil Mountain Black Label Coffee. Highest dose of caffeine per 12oz. cup on the planet! You just might want to RUSH out and snag a bag!

    • Or Rolling Thunder tea lol lol how I’m a coffee drinker a big coffee drinker and I got a rush and a bloody nose from it lol lol

  2. G –
    Is this a wonderful time to be alive on this great green planet or what. Why its Allhallowtide – and U know what that means ??

    A Schrooming good time to be had by all – all lil magic tea – to help Celebrate a robust Harvest Season/Bonefire.


    U live in FEAR – wear a mask – just as fauci Told U Not to.. -https://www.bitchute.com/video/G4EqLeo3xoU3

    a) Virus particles are Smaller than holes in N91 masks .
    b)Mask Wearing Cause Stress – weakens Ure Immune System, due to having to defend against all ill effects of masking. Actually allowing more virus to spread, not less.
    c) Mask wearing reduces O2 intake, which is very harmful.
    d) mask wearing causes re-breathing of CO2 and other harmful scheisse – can be deadly.

    Mask Wearing is an Obedience Test – U ALL Failed! or Passed depending..

    Americans bought the mask scam wholesale = Sheep.

    Living in FEAR – is very damaging to Ure immune system – Ure Best Defense against virus!
    Allowing claimed elite to advance their agendas of TYRANNY – knowing the Sheep will OBEY.
    Now Flu Season is upon us (98%reduction YoY and 0 Tuberculous cases)in US, we are seeing Pumped Up Plandemic Fears – thanx 4 that G!

    Obviously the next step (we have seen playbook) is to PUMP UP the Plandemic 2nd wave FEARS – c’mon man ! show us some fake news stats & spreadsheets – we wanna see ALL the Infected…with a cold/corona virus this Fall.

    “Disobedience is the True foundation of Liberty.” “The Obedient Must be Slaves”-Thoreau

    Ure is, what Ure IS..besides Litecoinless, so Put On a Mask and SLOW Down -4 good..

    • Ure is undaunted by Scare Coins

      Went to the Liquor store for 10 bottles of hooch $300 bucks – Wore the mask and gloves inside,
      Got to the car, carefully removed mask, gloves. Pours a bit of the vodka (4 bottles so what the hell, right) on my hands to complete the disinfect and slopped some on the bottle.

      “You know, this is a good idea this disinfecting.” So I drank four shots.

      Since Biden is favored to win, such a minute act of stupidity is sure to be missed by all.

      And lo, it was.

      • The local liquor store (Specs) carries litres of WHO 80% liquid (not gelled) hand sanitizer which costs half as much as litre of most anything (including Everclear). My favorite is the BSD sanitizer. Just don’t drink it. It has an unhealthy amount of peroxide in it. I’m not sure what the glycerine would do to you. I blend it half-and-half with gelled 70% sanitizer to make my own custom blend 151 sanitizer. I have crafted a sugar skull label for the homemade sanitizer.
        Why I am talking the Covid talk again? Because the infection rates are crawling back to all time highs in this country, and it’s only autumn. I am tightening up on disinfecting procedures, and mask use. While I use the 3-layer procedure masks at the office and restaurants, I am holding the line with N95 masks in public spaces like big box and grocery stores. N-95 masks are being held artificially in short supply to the general public. I still have a small stock of P100 filters I am holding in reserve. I have continued to use Chlorox solution on my shoe soles when I get home, even when I was getting slack with other precautions.
        I am pro-PPE and anti-lock-down, but I am not in charge. If you haven’t inventoried and topped off essential supplies, you are running out of time. The politicos are tip-toeing about ahead of Tuesdays elections. Those politicos have gotten a taste of authoritarian goose-stepping on the backs of the elderly and wage earners this year, and I think they may have developed a totalitarian Jones they are going to have to scratch between now and the transition, especially with the lame ones.

      • ” If you haven’t inventoried and topped off essential supplies, you are running out of time. ”

        Speaking about that n___….
        I was in Costco the other day day to pick up bananas..
        It was like when it all started.. everyone was mad dashing to the toilet paper isle. They had a generous amount maybe three forty foot trailer loads of it. But it was insane. My first thought was what did I miss in th he news.
        You still cant get quite a few products.
        They had only a couple palets of bleach..

      • ” If you haven’t inventoried and topped off essential supplies, you are running out of time.”

        If “ammo” is essential, you’re too late.

        I took a multistate spin up U.S.-27 & 127 (with a few side trips) the other day. I stopped in at a Dunam’s (regional sporting goods chain) in Indiana to pick up a Hoppes kit for a kid in Boonieland between Hamilton & Greenville, Ohio, and noticed — (almost) no ammo. They had a couple boxes of .300mag, a couple Krag, and 1 box of 9mm Luger, and some 12ga, 16ga & 28ga shotshells. That’s it, just bare shelves.

        After that, I stopped in every store I passed, which sold ammo — More’n a dozen in Eastern Indiana and Western Ohio, including a Meijer and two Wal-Marts. Nuthin’ but bird shot, anywhere! Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan all restrict deer hunting to pistol calibers (no bottlenecked cartridges) of .35cal or larger (I just looked. ;-) so it’s not that. I wasn’t on the lookout in Chattahoochie or Lexington so I’ve no info, and Michigan had its sidewalks rolled-up before I got there.

        No .22s, .223s, 7.62 or .30cal of any flavor, and no .338s or .50s (the current flavors of our military’s preferred sniper rifles.) Dunno what’s up, but ISTM a shelter in-place policy for a few weeks might be prudent…

    • No local reports of panics so far. I am hearing intermittant reports of panics in other localities, especially runs on tp (snicker). I can’t decide if it is social media or food poisoning induced. The real panics will start the first time some officious person declares some kind of new restriction in a public forum. We are safe until Tuesday, then the closet warlords will be safe to start marking their turf again….

      • It’s all about amount and duration of exposure. The masks reduce exposure, but they don’t stop it. Your immune system has to make up the difference.

  3. Canada, Britain, Germany, France and Belgium all breaking daily COVID case records.

    We’ve got to get Trump out of office!

    • Spoken like a True Globalist! As one source quoted this week, “We must weigh Trump against a duck to see if he’s practicing witchcraft.”

      Or the even better line: “Print the Money or Trigger the Revolution.”

      • Please know I was being facetious. I see Trump being blamed for everything including bad weather so thought the worldwide COVID outbreaks are obviously his fault. Sorry if Mark thought he had an ally.

    • WHY???

      The fact that Europe is experiencing the same growth in Virus cases, proves that this is an especially contentious virus that defies everything man has come up with.

      Now more than ever we need a calm hand at the wheel. We need to defeat the virus with medicine and vaccines, not more human tinkering.

      Trump has taken every precaution possible to protect Americans. Pray that science (Pharmaceutical companies) get the remedy to us soon and that Almighty God has mercy on mankind.

    • Another “Never Trumper”. Everything is his fault per Nancy & Chuck. My take is that germ warfare is being used on these countries to reignite the first wave corona panic & put Trump in a bad light (Millenials fall for it every time). Unfortunately this is the Democrats showing us again that the American version of Stalin is back driving the bus.Too bad our economy looks stronger than ever. Use this downturn as a buying opportunity & VOTE A STRAIGHT REPUBLICAN TICKET.

    • OK, Canada, Britain, Germany, France and Belgium all breaking daily COVID case records. (this is the stated fact , I’m not sure it’s true but let’s assume that it is.)

      We’ve got to get trump out of office! (this is the stated solution)

      I have read and re-read the stated fact, and solution and the only conclusion I can come to is that I should return to school and repeat my Logic courses because I obviously missed something. (or maybe they just don’t teach logic the same way the did in the ‘old days’)

      • Lighten up, folks…

        BIC is being facetious, not serious.

        Are you too young to remember that everything bad which happened between 2000 and 2010 was “Bush’s fault?”

        This is a game the leftist media play: Whenever a Republican is in the White House, everything deleterious which happens is his(her) fault, and everything good which happens, does so in spite of the President. Whenever a Democrat is in the Oval Office, every bad occurrence happened either because of his(her) last Republican predecessor, or because of the incoming Republican President (which is why the tech-bubble was “Bush’s fault…”)

        I’m not old enough to remember whether this game was played with Ike, but if one lived through the ’60s, they’d know that after Camelot, LBJ regularly walked on water for the media, and Nixon was panned for a year before he even got the nomination, even though he was head & shoulders above HHH, Wallace, Romney, or Rockefeller (Nixon chose a sneeze as his running mate because “Rocky” already owned him. This is also why Ford chose “Rocky” as his VP, after replacing Nixon.)

    • You need to crash-study some history.
      Those who helped the communist revolutions were the first against the wall and shot.
      See my comment above about the PCR test…

  4. Back in the olden days before America was great the first time voters had one chance to vote. Be at the poll on the first Tuesday following the first Monday or you don’t vote.

    Today we have these prissy people who want to vote at their leisure. I’m sure the voters individually are innocent enough but the human systems involved are too fragile for vote by mail.

    We’re in closing arguments weekend and people are deciding they don’t like how they voted. Good luck. And there’s the bushwhackers egging them on.

    Ballots are missing, what can you say? Some people mailed-in “intent” weeks ago but are now dead from the COVID. Opinions on spoiling the ballots will vary. Good luck. “You have the right to vote from home!”

    I think speed is a consequence of pulling the future forward. Vote now instead of November 3rd.

    Same with buying lifestyle. One can save in the cookie jar at leisure while payments are demanded.

    I don’t know when it happened, maybe Eisenhower days, but local school districts started pulling the future forward by writing public debt. By the 1970’s so much future was pulled forward the actual functions of the school, programs started disappearing.

    Debt goes up, taxes go up, people start moving to the next subdivision because rioters are burning down the old school system. Poverty sets in. Before long all the citizens are on payment treadmills running from the present pulling the future forward. Now all schools get Fed-Bux so they’ve been federalized. Local control was lost.

    Today kids are being run from home to daycare. Parents are tired from running on their payment treadmill all day.

    There’s no time for the construction paper and Heath kits. ADHD drugs and video games.

    People have their reasons for voting mail-in. The one thing for sure is they thought their wouldn’t be enough time to do it on November 3rd. They pulled the future forward like swiping a credit card.

  5. Woke in the middle of the night, turned on cheap android tablet, opened ure site,found several ads spaced out through the whole thing. I know you didn’t put em there and they aren’t there on my windows puter. Thought you might want to know(tablet was running firefox browser).

      • Sorry misunderstood since the laptop didn’t have em on figured someone was taking advantage of you. As Emily Lutella said……

      • I typically access Urban during downtime with an ad-friendly browser. Recently while my phone was out of sight some 50 feet away, a non-social media coworker conversed with me at length about the next new vehicle they imminently wished to shop for and buy which was a vehicle foreign to my experience. Each of our phone numbers is in the other’s directory, but that’s about it for direct digital linkages.

        Shortly thereafter, I accessed Urban, and ads shown featured the same manufacturer, model and color that my co-worker had wanted. I received no ads for the two other manufacturers my co-worker had test driven but discounted from consideration.

        …not in a hundred years? The coinkydoink impressed me.

    • I just look for deals on Amazon. But for some, like broccoli a half pound of sprouting seeds would work…or mung beans – anything for sprouting oughta grow and cheapo

      Great quest BJ (hangs green star by name for the day)

      • I’ve spent over five years pouring money, as in water, time, and seeds into the ground with zero results. I never got as far as even growing a bean large enough to eat. I do believe that many people are good at this, but I’ve found it just doesn’t work. I do know people – generally women, who have a magical connection with plants and they actually grow to a harvestable level. I’m impressed. I’ll get seeds to share with them and maintain equipment for them if they can actually grow edible things. It’s great to be versatile in your skills, but there’s a limit. I won’t hang wallpaper either, though I’ve no problem building a house. We need to make strategic alliances with those who have complementary skills. Meanwhile, I’ll buy enough storeable food to cover the next year or three.

  6. Comrades,

    Whoah, power up the remoat. This region is entering a coronavirus second red-level lockdown. As the black death spoke – bishops axed, kings shield at castle. White to move, nights of shining armour far afield, pawns must sacrifice. Bronstein is simple; the clock falls back toknight.

      • I have no problem with Bitchute, other than it’s idiosyncratic and won’t play in some browsers. It fills a need and is counterpoint to the very lefty youtube. We do need access to ALL relevant information. I’ll go to controversial and extreme sites just to get a sense of what’s really going on, then parse it carefully as to whether or not it fits the verifiable facts. I’ve found the rather crappy “x-rated” videos of Hunter Biden, and they’re just another nail in the coffin of democrat legitimacy. The provider is a Chinese billionaire who has an absolute hatred for the CCP. He seems legitimate, if somewhat controversial. Apparently a lot of this info was found on the “Hunter Biden Laptop”, along with classified material. This is newsworthy and needs further investigation immediately.

  7. “This one involved a salacious report on The Gateway Pundit website alleging there were Hunter Biden porn videos to be found online.
    I believe what marks the past 5-years in American politics has been a real slide in campaign ethics”
    This just gets uglier . A news source had brought up that there were numerous videos on the hard drive along with thousands of photos

  8. “Yes, you can fly the wings off almost anything with enough speed.”
    Back in the 70’s in Wisconsin I learned to fly little Cessnas. Had a terrible thunderstorm line come thru the area the night before, and as I went out to the airport the next sunny day, there was a Cessna 180 sitting next to the hanger with the outer 1/3 of it’s wings folded 90 degrees straight up… just beyond where the diagonal body strut attached to the wing. The pilot had gotten into a thunderstorm ‘chimney’… which can have 400mph shear winds in a very small space… and it folded up the ends of his wings. The amazing part is that he was close enough to the airport that he was able to land the thing as he dropped (literally!) out of the thunderstorm. Unforgettable lesson.

  9. Point is, speed drives the fast food industry to keep cooking costs low and that’s how a special rapeseed oil became Canola. Which we don’t allow in our home. (Palm or coconut oil may be better, some claim. We use high MCT coconut here.)

    Rapeseed is mildly poisonous. Canola was developed through breeding to make it less-poisonous, but has since been genetically-modified for more oil & less poison — ‘Doesn’t matter, when I eat something fried in, or prepared with canola, I get sick.

    I switched to virgin olive oil 25 years ago. My eldest daughter was a pancake freak, but refused to eat my pancakes after the switch, because she thought olive-flavored pancakes sounded terrible. When I finally coaxed, threatened, and cajoled (and maybe bribed — HEY! I’m qualified to be a politician!!!) her into trying one, she was utterly astounded that it tasted like…

    …a pancake.

  10. “In 1847, Mormons sped to Utah to escape competing religions in more Eastern parts of the country.”

    The Mormons sped to Utah (then Indian Territory), because in these here “settled and civilized” United States, towns, counties, and even the entire State of Missouri had put a “dead only” bounty on their heads. Folks could have their way, slit a woman’s (or girl’s) throat, have target practice on her brother or husband, and get paid by the State for doing it. The Mormons fled from Missouri to Illinois, where that State also drove them out under penalty of death. BTW, The Governor’s EO which made killing Mormons legal in Missouri was not rescinded until 1976.

    Ya don’t hear of this stuff, ’cause they weren’t Black, and weren’t Cherokee or Nez Percé, but our ancestors tended to be colorblind with their “social adjustments…”

    • Unless you grew up in Utah. Back in the day Utah history aka history of the xxxxxx church was a required course in middle school. Growing up as protestant in SLC was a “unique” experience. To counter the persecution stories Google “mountain meadows massacre” read and be informed

      • That was a new one to me — I haven’t studied Mormon history because there are too many things to study which actually interest me. It’s like a lot of stuff: I pick up bits, like I knew the Mormons had a militia and it was aggressive (a militia attack on bivouacked Missouri State militia was what brought on the “open season” order against the Mormons) but I also know a license to rob, rape, torture, or anything else, as long as you kill the people when you’re done abusing them, ain’t right…

  11. “Unfortunately, the Big Lie here is that unless shot off into space, everything is a closed loop material”

    I’ve been pondering how to express this to zealots of the Church of Global Warming, for years. The amount of carbon over, on, in, and under Earth hasn’t changed (except for the minuscule amount we’ve shot into deep space) in 4 billion years. Even the stuff in near space, eventually comes back down…

  12. yes I must say .. this is it .. big week ahead .. nobody wins .. we all loose .yep the fourth turning of mankind

  13. George;
    Virus is gonna do what it is gonna do.Just like flu.
    Per CDC age 0 to19 99.97% survival rate.
    20 to 49 age 99.98% survive
    50 to 69 age 99.5% Survive
    70 plus, age 94.6% survive.
    90% had significant co morbid conditions that would have ended their lives in a year or less,many were hospice patients..
    Sweden has no lock downs doing fine. Just like seasonal Flu
    rates going up again. Studies show long term antibodies.
    Virus does do some weird stuff to body,brain,liver kidneys in some. Needs further research. 80% in hospital are deficient in Vitamin D.. When treating people in Texas many folks with outdoor jobs were still deficient in Vit D. Take 1000 to 5000 international units daily. Get your zinc 3 times a week and a gram 1000mg to 2000mg Vit.C too.
    Get your HPV VACCINE. Prevents cervical oral and rectal cancers. Will protect against prostate Cancer too. Studies confirm that same hpv virus that causes cervical cancer causes prostate cancer.. Rectal/Anal cancer too… HPV first cancer vaccine!!!

  14. Weeks eh ? Thumps continues USSA circus . Let Edison musk take you all to mars . A whole new planet to f$&;@

    • Too late Lenster -all those refugees from WAR blasted Mars came here…same with the folks that were blasting them, after the Martians finally destroyed their antagonists planet (Tiamat)
      What R U gonna do? We are all refugees/prisoners on this god foresaken Rock, in one respect or another. Just roll over?

      • no don’t rollover .. just short till buy signal in yellow dog when salesman go away AND drink beer AND listen to good music

  15. Oh Jesse,

    Correlation is not causation. While I take vitamin D daily since I am white, over 55 and live in the Midwest, I also wear my masks in public and at work. Magic is for people who do not know how science works. :-)

    Also, just because one survives, doesn’t mean you will thrive and return to pre-disease state. Google my son’s name. He found meaning in teaching others about his Covid-19 path and post-Covid Syndrome. (Anil Gharmalkar)

    The Covid-19 vaccine is based on research performed on Ebola and the SARS Coronavirus 2002. Pharma groups were close in 2004, but the virus was “contained,” or slowed and did not move around the world. Ergo, the vaccine was put on hold – until 2020.

    1. https://www.statnews.com/2020/07/30/a-huge-experiment-how-the-world-made-so-much-progress-on-a-covid-19-vaccine-so-fast/

    2. https://directorsblog.nih.gov/2020/10/20/two-studies-show-covid-19-antibodies-persist-for-months/

    3. https://directorsblog.nih.gov/2020/10/13/covid-19-vaccine-appears-well-tolerated-and-effective-in-developing-antibodies-in-small-study-of-older-adults/

    4. Basics of Immunity: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DcdZQHD4MJE

    Gotta run…short staffing will kill me before Covid-19!


  16. I have always loved the velocity of time. Ever since I was a kid, I was always told I was fast. I took that to a state silver in what was then the 100 yard dash and a bronze in the 220 yard. Back on those days, all spring sports traveled together. After my sprint, on those days where baseball and track competed at the same time… I would put on my baseball uniform and go steal a few bases.

    You see, I see speed as necessary as a survival tool. The FIFO method…and with each level of speed you attain through hard work and training, sets a new benchmark, and opens up the ability to set newer, faster benchmarks. It;s the biological version of Moore’s Law. The question is…is there a limit or re we limitless? I tend to strive for the limitless, because to limit is to suppress, admit defeat and allow the circumstances around you envelope and control you. Staying ahead of the pack, never looking back is the only way to live

    • Well, that was the point of the article, Mark: It for sure benefits predators, but at some point, the speed of the run becomes more important than the level of improvement.
      That the iPhone 12 (which I assume you have?). Other than voice dialing (Siri call that idiot George) is the call quality (or odds of me answering) any greater than a Moto flipfone 20-years ago? And yet, even though sure, you can do online banking and such, all the slavishness to speed doesn’t change your acct balance.
      In the end, we burn through the world’s resources.
      To paraphrase William Jennings Bryan at the demo convention back in 1896 or was it 1898?

      “You came to tell us that the great cities are in favor of the high tech; we reply that the great cities rest upon our broad and fertile plains. Burn down your cities and leave our farms, and your cities will spring up again as if by magic. But destroy our farms and the grass will grow in the city. . . . You shall not press down upon the brow of labor and farmer this crown of high tech. You shall not crucify mankind upon a cross of technology.”

      Speed has its place. Just not in sex, medicine or long term survival of humans.

      Tomorrow we may add election outcomes, as well.

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