Soft-Start to a Hard Depressioni?

Think it’s been hard with the market decline, so far?  Brace yourself.  It could be getting a lot worse in short-order.

This morning we focus on concrete actions you can take to reinforce your future, if all of our charts, particularly the 1929 replay chart, haven’t gotten your attention, yet.

First up, a critical look at some of our forecast calls, and a look at possible turning points ahead.

After that, we’ll get into the  planning that even now can be done.  And it might keep you housed and fed if things go the way they could.

For the data doesn’t care about blame and party, anymore than the tide does.

Podcast #16 is up – runs about 35-minutes, or so and we talk about what to expect in next month’s unemployment data and a bit on the history of Bitcoin…

What matters is who are “the quick and the dead.”

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79 thoughts on “Soft-Start to a Hard Depressioni?”

    • I’m in. George Noory already conducted a mass prayer on C2CAM radio. It is wise to keep this going to block a world full of tyranny, mistrust, greed, & hate & bring peace to all. Thanks for the heads up.

  1. Morning George. Coffee is good and the birds are singing away. Life is good!

    Your 16% error might have something to do with the Vast Under Reporting from China. Add in some thousands to the ‘reported’ number and run your percentages again.


  2. With all this Covid19 stimulus money being handed out, with more possibly down the road, what about the Dem’s Pork Fest…”The Green New Deal”. Who’s going to pay for that? Maybe Nancy will say, “we as a nation need to become fiscally responsible & work on establishing a government that interacts together as one for the benefit of the people & apologize to Trump for the impeachment mess, etc. Chuck Schummer could say, that was beautiful Nancy & start crying.” Talk about Woo Woo, ain’t gonna happen.

    They still have to defeat Trump in November. Bidden is a mess, what to do? Cuomo, the pretty boy of Coronavirus. Even his pretty boy son is getting press recovering from the virus ( probably an attention getting scam). NY in the White House would be the final nail in this countries coffin. NY’s idea of government is to give away money non stop & have the federal gov pay for it, all the while taking away your freedoms. I can only say, “Whoever gives me the next $2,400 gets my vote.” A very green deal. That’s how it works folks.

    • A pox on those that have eyes but cannot see for they are the rabble rousing ones that stroke the fires of fear and discontent, I suggest that you read “The Seven Days in May” for its looming on the horizon for all to see, except the blind,blinded by party and old worn out dogma that benefits no one except those who operate in the dark, as they to are in the dark.!!!.!!!

      • Indeed the sky will be blue again but what it will look down on is the $64.000 question, for as they say you can’t cross the same river twice,for those who think everything will remain or return to the same is in for the shock of the lifetime>!!!

    • I am a lifelong resident of New York State and consider myself politically awoke. I think New York Governor Cuomo would fit right in as President. He is a master politician specializing in manipulating the system and maximize campaign contributions. He has a lawyerly way of shoveling tax monies to projects which enrich selected doners. You could see what I mean by lookin up Buffalo Billions and the factory complex Cuomo had built using taxpayer funds for Elon Musk.
      He would fit into the presidential spot as comfortably as Cinderella slipping into the glass slipper. Governor Cuomo can give lessons on bullying others into submission, and passing budgets in the middle of the night without any legislators reading the bills using “message of necessity”. It seems he has been training for the presidency all his life. He cut his teeth on politics, lives eats and married into and out of it (his x wife was a Kennedy).

      Love your site George, I read it often but have reservations about some of your advice! I first question your judgement when you said you drink Carlo Rossi Paissan “cheap” jug wine. It would do in a pinch but life is short! Do yourself a favor and spend a little more for a wine you deserve. I recomend Lindeman’s Bin 45, a cabernet sauvignon. That in my opinion is a much better value for your $.

      Think rationally and bob and weav with the punches!

      • I remember drinking Paisano jug wine, hah. Back when I was living on much less income – and it was palatable, for a jug wine. Nowadays prefer Scotch with 10-14 years of barrel age on it. Stores quite well unopened and I have read that Scotch whisky may pick up healthful properties similar to wine from it’s time in the barrel.

    • ”The Green New Deal”

      We are totally in uncharted territory..
      our whole countries paradigm has changed..

      depending on the weather this growing season.. we will see if famine isn’t the next leg in this country along with the covid19 plague..

  3. Great podcast, as always! I wish there was more on figuring out whatever’s going on with PM’s though. There’s a huge spread between bid/ask prices at dealers. Allegedly no product for sale, yet bid prices are very low. I’ve not figured this one out. Also, in the “new bad times”, will such dealers remain to keep these things liquid?

    BTW, when did we invent this new word “gifting”? Whatever happened to “giving”?

    I’d say that any paper assets are susceptible to serious manipulation, especially with the Fed buying whatever it feels like.

    Of course, cash is king during a normal depression, and usually there’s a sweet spot between the start and end of the decline where there’s an abundance of bargain priced goods. This supply chain interruption changed all that, with the goods themselves having pricing power due to scarcity, like the end of a normal depression! It’s a tossup between spending time productively or spending it acquiring all possible goods. BTW, regarding circular saw blades, I’ve used them way past their prime and it’s usually the carbides that get knocked off by hitting nails or concrete. What remains is low carbon steel that’s not worth sharpening. Obviously this is less likely in a fine woodworking environment. I’ve also noticed that the only available blades these days are the “thin kerf” types – much less rigid and less able to be used as a quick and dirty mill. Ultimately, I think that having supplies in depth is helpful, but so is having a cash reserve. Where is the balance?

    • Well, seems Mike like “the balance” is in some other durn fool’s pocket, lol/.

      Seriously, I’ve got some good hollow-ground combination blades that are worth sharpening…and the belsaw sharpening course is just great!

      You can touch up carbides if you know what you’re doing – not sure how many blades that tuition is…

      New unused wood is the answer, of pallets I’ve stripped off, myself.

      • New unused wood works in a shop, but when you’re remodeling, all bets are off. There’s not much you can do with a blade that’s had its carbides ripped off by hitting something embedded beyond whatever you’re trying to cut.

      • Mike, that’s why I always use a Sawzall with a garbage (old work) blade for disassembly. It’ll run forever as long as you don’t drive it into hardened screws or concrete nails…

    • “BTW, when did we invent this new word “gifting”? Whatever happened to “giving”?

      gifting = you expect a return on earth ;-)

      giving = you expect a return in heaven ;-(

      • bolshevic. I think you got your smiles backwards.

        Never loan what you dont expect back. I dont expect anything from anyone except nobody gives me anything but God. I just had a lady freind give me a hair cut, but I ran a bunch of errons for her first.

        I havent got a single thing from anyone for Christmas or my birthday in 3 years. My youngest daughter did give e a hat for Christmas that someone booster out of my car and I bought myself a coffee cup from walmart for my 49th birthday and someone stole that too. My frickin $5 coffee cup with a poop emoji on it. Haha and someone boosted it. Jeesh.

        I honestly dont rememeber the last time anyone gave me anything at all without expecting something in retur or I didnt have to earn it.

        Maybe. 10 years… maybe longer. Hmmmm it’s a good question. It’s been a long time. Even my girlfriend last year didnt get me a Christmas present and I spent $1000 on her.

        Just how it is. I guess. I smile anyway.

    • Mark: I saw Chris Cuomo on TV the other day & he looked fine & didn’t mention all the made up panic garbage you included.

      Either you’re a [redact – G]

      See Father Joe’s post above for a lession on the Cuomo Family’s ethics.

    • To NM Mike on April 4, 2020 at 10:41 This thought came to me after reading your “of course, cash is king” comment.
      There are many rumors of ‘cash’ being a vector for passing on the virus due to the absorbancy of paper. It occurs to me that this would be a sneaky way to flush out all the actual cash that lurks in mattresses all over the nation. More is likely hidden away than is in circulation. I can see it now. “One for one exchange until a certain date. Just like ‘Silver Certificates’ were payable in silver until at only until a certain date. NO longer.
      If the fed called for any cash to be turned in to prevent disease spread by creating an account for/by you in exchange for an official plastic card crediting you with the same amount, their privacy and accounting problem would be solved.
      If one has a supply of cash, would it not behoove you to get it into tangible goods before the onrushing inflation totally wipes out it’s already lowered value?

      • Just put it through the washer. It’s made for that. Put your clean cash in your wallet and put your change in a ziplock to be washed again later if you can work it like that and it really bothers you.

        In the end, though, this thing isn’t going away until we’ve all had it and dealt with it in our own way. Herd immunity.

      • Thanks for the thoughts Ed. I don’t have enough greenbacks(unfortunately) to be a problem if interrogated. Generally, greenbacks are the only things people want to see if you’re buying on Craigslist or other secondary market. Most sellers don’t worry about viruses – just the amount involved. Yes, I’ve seen localized jumps in prices, but some currency is always useful. If it gets called quickly, I’ll either spend it on tools and materials or turn it in for digidollars. I’ll pass on BTC for now.

  4. Made two foods runs in the last week and a half to two different grocery stores. No toilet paper or paper towels were to be seen, in any quantity. The grocery stores were reasonably well stocked otherwise. I have noticed that the selection of frozen food has morphed. The foods are good, but they just aren’t the same selections as were available pre-plague. The local check-out clerks are getting younger, and are not happy union campers.
    Hand sanitizers are now available online for governments and doctors, but not peoples. Thirty years from now, vast warehouses full of government surplus hand sanitizers and disposable respirator masks will go on sale to the general public.
    The ATM had cash early this morning. Finding a functioning ATM is a timing deal, I think. Try early AM.
    Drove by the warehouse grocery store at 7 AM this morning; it looked like a 150’+ line to the front door. I went elsewhere.
    Less cops are out in the early morning hours. In some locations, a misdemeanor trip to lock-up may turn into a Covid-19 death sentence. When you are out doing essential business in an otherwise forbidden zone, it is best to stay wary and keep moving.
    Traffic in the neighborhood seems to have slowed.

    • N_____….. Hand sanitizer is so easy to make.. if you cannot find glycerine.. ( its out there ) or aloe.. ( harder to find) then you can go to the personal item and get KY jellie.. if that is all sold out you can make your own water gel.. by using corn starch or flour to make a water gel.. add some essential oils to it and mix it two to one.. two parts of alcohol to one part water gel.

    • Paper is extremely easy to make as well.. but use newsprint.. just make sure you crumple it up a few times to fluff it.. other wise it will feel like using wax paper ..

      Making toilet paper from old junk mail.. ( god you knew there had to be a use for that stuff right) takes a bit longer and because they put the coating on the paper it takes a little bit more work.. plant material is easy to use but there again depending on what you use the process is different.. thats why they made marijuana illegal.. because the process was easier using hemp than wood pulp.. LOL.. so get rid of the competition.. then because we were coming off of prohibition the alcohol industry didn’t want to take any chances that their profit margins would be affected..
      you just don’t go spend a few hundred million or so on congress to keep it illegal for anything and thats not even counting what the cartels are probably spending on those guys..

      • Still got a good bit of that. Haven’t thrown out a couple of local Yellow Pages. I am somewhat concerned about stopping up the system with regular old paper and leaves. Between that and water issues, it makes a case for a contingency dry holer.

  5. After doing some research on the Corona virus in general and on the tests that are being preformed I noticed a few problems.

    1. There are 36+ known corona viruses.

    2. The corona viruses in general have been known to exist for at least 60 years.

    3. Only 4 of the 36+ strains of corona virus are known to cause health problems in humans.

    4. The rapid tests being preformed can NOT differentiate between the 36+ viruses to selectively indicate which specific virus is which.

    5. The CDC guidelines are now telling doctors and hospitals to, in absence of a specific test series indicating otherwise, list anybody who dies “with” (not “of”) respiratory distress as having died of the corona virus.

    6. By February 3rd of 2020, this flu season alone has sickened at least 19 million across the U.S. and led to 10,000 deaths and 180,000 hospitalizations. Yet there is little to no mention of this in the MSM.

    7. The number of seasonal flu deaths in comparison to claimed covid19 caused deaths, leads me to conclude that the real death rate for covid19 is far lower than that of the seasonal flu.

    Watching the MSM gleefully jumping on any report of corona virus infection, without ever saying how many people tested negative, and knowing that ~91+% of the people who are infected with one of the 36+ different corona viruses will have no symptoms, I am forced to conclude that this is a deliberate plan of forced panic — purpose unknown (thought I have my own thoughts).

    • ” I am forced to conclude that this is a deliberate plan of forced panic — purpose unknown (thought I have my own thoughts).”

      I tend to agree, living in nyc and turning on the tv, I feel there is more than one world in which we live. The distortions are incredible, imho!

    • KAS, you nailed it, thank you!!! Confirmed: no test, repeat, no test yet available to detect Covid 19. DOES NOT EXIST.

  6. One of my favorite anchors is Chris Cuomo…I just like his truly balanced reporting..always willing to invite both sides of the argument and allow the viewer to make the decision…Yes, he has his opinions, but GOP policy makers, senators and House members like being on his show.

    Well he has COVID19 virus. He was broadcasting in his home the first couple of days after he tested positive. He can’t now…This virus is is an excerpt from news services.

    Cuomo, speaking with CNN colleagues Anderson Cooper and Dr. Sanjay Gupta, said he now worried about how long the illness would last and for how long he’d have to remain quarantined in the basement of his family home.
    “My fear is that I’m going to get through this and then I’m going to get something else, these superinfections you guys talk about, like pneumonia or something like that, and I’ll have another 10 days,” explained Cuomo, who announced his diagnosis earlier this week.
    “That’s my fear, now, like how will I handle that?” he added. “How will I handle another three weeks of this? That’s what I try to not focus on because it scares me.” He also repeated his concern about infecting other family members.
    Cuomo described himself as currently feeling like a “dead weight all day long,” saying he is so lethargic that “I can stare outside and an hour and a half goes by,” while profuse sweating had forced him to change his clothes seven times a day.
    “It’s a really surreal existence,” he added. “I’m not bored because I’m barely aware of what’s going on.” On Thursday, Cuomo described enduring “wicked phantasmagorical experiences that are not dreams” including one involving his late father.

    That last sentence Cuomo described really fascinated me. What is this virus? Has anyone else experienced this that also had the illness?

    • If you think there is any “balanced reporting” on CNN, then you’re not paying attention. Their entire reason for being is to bash Pres Trump. Seems to be yours too.

      • WCD,
        CNN and every other news organization outside of State run media FOX bashes Trump because he [redacted – G]

      • W D , don’t you know you shouldn’t talk to morons they never make sense, your wasting your time. No names mention just in general.

        Having fun. cruising to the end

      • Mark,
        I’ll finish your sentence in a way that won’t be redacted:

        “CNN and every other news organization outside of State run media FOX bashes Trump because he ” . . . promised to drain the swamp, and the lame-stream media newscasters are the slaves of their swampmaster employers. Their only purpose is to promulgate the plans of their globalist owners (consisting of six corporations) and try to take down all who oppose them. Trump’s openly stated purpose scared the bejesus out of the swampers, so they began a 24/7 attack on him before he even took office.

        In return for finishing your sentence so that it makes if past the censor, I’ll accept a case of . . . chocolate chip cookies. Ha! Thought I’d say toilet paper, didn’t you!?

      • MAYBE, poor Andrew Cuomo is suffering from drug withdrawal,
        adrenochrome is a bitch

        I have as yet read reports of normal people having these Covid-19 symptoms

        “It’s a really surreal existence,” he added. “I’m not bored because I’m barely aware of what’s going on.” On Thursday, Cuomo described enduring “wicked phantasmagorical experiences that are not dreams” including one involving his late father.

        are these normal flu syptoms? or an alcoholic pink elephant

        here is CDC symptoms

    • Chris Cuomo sounds really young emotionally. “How will I handle it?” Pleeze!

      We’re all going to die and not everyone gets cytokine storming in their lungs. When our time is up – it’s up. It’s best to face death for real when you’re younger so you can get used to the idea that you’re just not dead yet and your time will come. There’s a deep sadness when you know you will almost certainly die imminently, but that’s really it.

      I had what I thought was a bad flu in early December. I’d had a really bad flu in China decades ago and mercifully I had a girlfriend with me at the time. I refused to even consider a hospital despite nagging and got over it in a week. The flu last December was not as bad, but it gave me a tiredness unlike any I’ve had before. It dragged on for a month, at least. Yes, I had a psychedelic dream or two, but that’s something you get when beyond exhaustion. I actually enjoyed them – it was just a relaxed experience knowing I only had to stagger between the bed, bathroom and kitchen. Did I have COVID? Who knows? I won’t get tested ever – it’s pointless. Today I was outside in gorgeous sunshine and actually got a touch of sunburn! Free vitamin D!

  7. Thought you guys would like this piece from Linda Moulton Howe regarding the “real” death toll of C-19 in China. CIA is saying it’s close to 250,000, not the 3,100 they’re admitting.
    Seriously, after this mess I think our best practice is going to be shutting China out of world trade; they’re just not up to 1st world standards…f-ing Commies!

    • I’m inclined to believe that there were at least a million deaths in China from the virus. That said, I have great respect for the Chinese people. They’re similar to us, with a very different culture. Like us, they just want to be happy.

      My feeling about the CCP is about the same as any other oligarchy and/or command economy. I can’t state that clearly here due to my respect for this column. Suffice to say – not good. Individual choices allow for scalability of intelligence with the numbers of individuals involved. Centralized command allows for quick decisions with massive ramifications – good or bad.

      We need to continue to trade with China as best we can until we can build a shorter and broader supply chain.

    • Now who in their right mind would repeat anything that is put out by the C.I.A., an agency noted for little but propaganda.Now ask yourself a question just how would they know,did they go over and count them,did they have access to China’s medical records.Ah no some whistle blower told them.!!!

    • Wuhan is about the same size as New York City.

      China was less-responsive than the U.S. but as the principal manufacturer of many medical appliances, and with a standing army numbered in the millions, it is not inconceivable that once they did respond, their response was unimaginably fast and thorough (except for the 5mln who escaped the prefecture before the lockdown.) However, while their med-corps may be as good as ours, it’s not better.

      NYC is showing over 9k deaths, with “peak” fatalities not projected to arrive for another 9-10 days. The reported death toll in Wuhan is low to the point it defies both logic and reason. Is it 6- or 7- figures? No one will ever know, and the guesses will feed conspiracy theory for years… But it IS literally, unbelievably, unrealistically low.

  8. One hole in supplies you mentioned, radios, is indeed a hole at my house. Being as you are such a techi nerd is their a specific set you like that might still be available?

    • Midland – GXT1000 – FRS/GMRS, privacy mode, etc.

      Motorola Talkabout T800 is an amazing radio, with an amazing featureset, but IMO isn’t yet ready for primetime.

      I’d say get a HAM license and a brace of Baofengs, EXCEPT folks in your “neighbors” group won’t have HAM licenses (or they’d already have Icom or Kenwood HTs and this discussion would be moot.)

      GMRS eats power but broadcasts farther. “Farther” is a relative term. “Consumer” walkie talkies are “straight line and unobstructed” communications devices, and will likely all transmit/receive 6 miles, if the radios are on different mountaintops, it’s mid-afternoon on a clear, sunny day and there are no solar aberrations present. In the real world, none are likely to reliably TX/DX more than a few hundred yards, regardless their advertising. Unless someone is rolling toward you in an Abrams tank, you’re not likely to need more than a few hundred yards in any EOTW scenario, anyway, and CV-19 is not going to be EOTWAWKI unless it drags out for years…

  9. while the lack of creative thinking amongst the tp lemmings is hardly surprising a superior solution is quite simple. just hang the old rear end
    over the edge of the tub and go to town with a shower massage set to stun in one hand and a bar of soap in the other. finish up with a towel for the most sanitary bunghole in the hood. lm(cleaner than most)ao! =)

  10. I remember NK talking about a Christmas present. Did it start in China? Where is a report of NK involvement?

    • I have been wondering this as well. Especially since LittleKim threatened to have officials shot if it showed up there

    • I have been wondering about that too. LittleKim threatened to shoot any officials who allowed the virus there

    • You’ll get it, if a viable report there will ever be, the day after all of NK becomes a cinder…

  11. Today, at Wal-Mart, they were forcing everyone to enter & leave using one door…The grocery door. The home door & the Garden door were locked. They were not limiting the # of people in the store, it was crowed, but we’re creating Coronavirus crowds not able to be 6 ft apart by the one entrance & exit. It was like everyone running into the movie theatre to see a sold out show. Crazy stupid. The only good thing is that you can get dirt & mulch outside & pay outside. Plus they load it for you; a first at Wal-Mart.

  12. Rejoice! The power remains on.

    I spread my funds between separate banks. Saturday bank branch staffed openings appear to be toast, and weekdays are pulling back to 6 hours of opening during business hours. One of my bank branches was closed altogether today including the atms with no signage as to why. I went to an associated branch several miles away which did have atm service available. A second bank allowed atm access but teller service is suspended indefinitely. Safety deposit boxes can be accessed by appointment during limited weekday times. I successfully navigated entry to another bank this past Thursday to pay a bill with cash, but I was given the runaround. A staff member at the front door gave me the hard sell to use the web, atm, or another branch. Once inside, I was the lone customer now to be run the gauntlet of two tellers with two security guards loitering in the background. The tellers again gave me the third degree about using the web, an atm, or some other bricks and mortar establishment. I refused citing that I could only pay by cash and my payment due date was imminent. One of the tellers relented and I carefully balanced myself to avoid faceplanting while handing my cash payment across the cordonned-off “socially distanced” chasm between myself and the teller’s latex-gloved hands. I took my receipt. Upon exit from the building, the same staff member as at entry reminded me to use the web and atm options “in case the branch is closed in the future”.


  13. Hey Chief – how are those supply lines looking?

    What ? No Economic activity detected in Hubei, where did everyone go?

    Who the hell is going to make all the cheap “junk” for us now?

    Why the hell is Information “Blacked Out/Blocked coming from China?

    U dont think chinese communist party would Shut Down the Internets and CENSOR all media reporting over a lil ole corona virus do U?

    If COVID had been engineered/weaponized (it has) -why wouldnt the ccp want News of this Virus being Released into the Public getting out.

    If this escaped/released from the BSL2 lab, (it did) not the BSL4 lab – obviously – why wouldn’t they want ALL hands on deck to Battle this “wild beast”?

    Is it because thats all they know how to do is to – Lie/Cheat/Steal and COVERUP ?hmmm Sound like the DeepState/DVD

    Bet a “wargammer” would have figured on the ChiComs to try and CoverUp the Outbreak.

    Why are deep staters trying to bury/delay effective drug treaments/equipment for this Outbreak? Nevada and Michigan both threatened Doctors who would prescribe hydroxychloroquine.

    D.S. holdovers from previous admins(CDC/NHS/NIH) sure look suspicious to moi.

    Bad advise to POTUS from the beginning of crisis is suspect as well.

    Says here dr fauci is a f-ing Goblin – dark&dirty.

    Will comet Atlas “Passover” the Earth..after we have cancelled Easter? R U a “believer”?

    That dont confront me NONE – as long as are still Women to “chase” and Bourbon to drink – Too old for Hooker& Blow anymore, beside – Mrs coot would shoot me and then cut my nutz off for that kinda behavior.

    coot looking for trading opportunities in the markets..

    Gold – looks to be developing a Head and Shoulders /up chart -$1675 breakout – buying above that level.

    BTC – developing classic Rising Triangle – luv Triangles! Resistance around $6850 – Buying above that level.

    S&P has its biggest day or two on Monday and maybe Tuesday..

    – but the Big/Smart Money HAS to make a Decision whether COVID is/has Destroyed Earnings for next 6/9/12 months.

    S&P breaks 2650 to Upside – Bullish – “Ride em cowboy”

    S&P breaks 2465 to Downside -Bearish – “its gonna be a bumbity ride”

    Picking thru ashes and scattered bones -looking 4 Stocks that have lost at least 50% of value in last 5 days.

    Some trading opportunities to catch/scalp some $$ on technical “Bumps” in individual stocks.

    Like Gamestop has lost at least 50 % in last week after earnings release – at $2.00 a share – thats all coot can lose – 9 months from now??

    Airlines and Cruiselines starting to look interesting too.

    – No NOT INVESTMENT ADVICE! Trading ideas. At the end of the day its about TRUST – and coot dont TRUST Anybody or Anything.

  14. George- dangerous medical advice from ..

    – My mad ass bush doctor – suggests that ECD drink mass quantities of Tanguray & Tonic as Prophylatic to COVID.

    He suggested the Quinine in tonic water is the key – so guess ECD is going to up his cocktail numbers exponetially..”No Ossafur, Eyes not as Think U Drunk I am !

      • Nope. It is the antiinflammatory aspect of hydroxychloroquine (the reason it’s prescribed for arthritis) and a slight boost in self-produced lung-friendly antioxidants which make it a successful part of a treatment stack, not its antimalarial properties.

        Hydroxychloroquine as a possible treatment was noted by several Chinese physicians who’re no longer with us, who noticed an entire segment of the population, all of whom were taking hydroxychloroquine, seemed to have a degree of immunity to the novel coronavirus, and a complete immunity to its harsher aspects (like “death…”)

  15. Everyone is getting testy. Remember what I said.

    Half the commenters have “[redacted by G]”

    Lmao. I get it. I’m actually working my Level like a mofo. Hahhah

  16. I can’t post certain things.

    I am debating on making the run right now. I dont expect anything. Sleep in my car. I’m just not sure if I should go now or next week. I just want to sit under the stars at in a lawn chair and see if anything comes to me spiritually or otherwise. Feel the energy. Or not. I read it was where the heart if the earth resides that’s why they can prophecy there with extreme accuracy. Who knows if that is true or exaggeration 0r fantasy authorship.

    Revelation 12 is about the USA and Lady Justice&Earth. Having a baby. A new species of Man.

    Gonna go get a lawn chair and maybe a sleeping bag. Should I stay or should I go???

    • If it truly is shangrilah??? I will toss my cell phone in the river and leave my keys in my car.

      Maybe I’m the kid who spends sometime in the desert, protected from China. Uhem the red Dragon. Where the great serpent rolls and everything turns into a slip and slide.

      I’m just Andy. I dont think I’m that big of deal. Lol

      • Whats the Year Make and Model.. and what river..
        My guess is you probably drive something a lot nicer than I do.. will you leave the signed title in the glove compartment.. LOL LOL LOL LOL just know me have to be a smart butt once in a while LOL LOL…

      As bad as the world has gone.. similar to soddom and gomorrah… man has turned truly evil.. you can see and feel the changes.. when I was young.. kids played out in the park or in the yard neighbors knew their neighbors.. today we have gone to every level of depravity..
      we destroy whole civilizations in the name of peace so some joker can get a few silver coins..or a bigger number..
      its never ending.. staying home right now.. watching television.. count how many murders rapes and beatings there are in an hour.. just once.. look at the games your children play.. cute bunnies bouncing around.. the goal to do what..
      I think the Roman civilization ran so long because of their ethics on treating others.. which is just a different reflection of the golden rule.. Once that civilization eroded into greed and violence to obtain more and more it crashed.. its a continuous cycle.. the human nature of man..
      I would say that if I were the father watching.. and seen how our civilization has eroded the time is near..


    Total cases: 351 (32 new)
    Hawai’i County: 22 (2)
    Honolulu County: 266 (29)
    Kaua’i County: 15 (2)
    Maui County: 38 (2)
    Pending: 8 (-3)
    Residents diagnosed outside of Hawai‘i: 2 (0)
    Required Hospitalization: 19 (1)
    Hawaii deaths: 3 (0)‡
    Released from Isolation: 82 (4)
    Cumulative totals as of 12:00pm, April 4, 2020
    ‡A fourth death was reported on 4/4/2020 in a hospitalized individual on Oahu and will be included in tomorrow’s counts.

    “Stay at Home” orders.  Mandatory 14 day quarantine for air travelers, including interisland travel.  Travelers arriving without a place to stay are immediately turned away at airport and sent back.  Most business closed.

    Spent yesterday mowing lawn & beating back jungle greenery.  Harvested one bunch of banana.  (Welcome to survivor island!)  Sore today so sit down job was making face masks out of scrap cloth for personal use to go shopping, etc.  There’s a home cottage business there…  masks will become social ‘necessities’ and fashion statements.  They will be with us for a long time I expect, as social distancing morals change.

    • Wow.. thanks for sharing Lloyd.. I hadn’t read that aspect of the virus…

  18. I’m gonna wait. Mg mouth is in alot of pain from all my dental work. I have even more next week. Two root canals, two crowns and an extraction. I dont really think I’m that big of deal. Lol especially to be mentioned in the bible or prophacy no matter how persistent it keeps telling me. I’m just a man. Lol.

    • Andy, make sure you’re taking at least 4-8 grams of vitamin C(ascorbic acid) per day – especially with any kind of surgery, including oral surgery! Your body uses masses amounts of vitamin C under stress. I use the powder and make a drink using 1 level teaspoon of vitamin C powder and 1/2 that amount of baking soda to neutralize the acid. Add a bit of Gatorade powder for flavor if you want, or add some orange juice. I’ve dealt with too many tooth problems – not fun. Good luck and thanks for your insights.

  19. You all are aware that the virus is a being. Right? It’s a being made of tiny little beings. It has a group consciousness. A collective consciousness and consensus.

    The number of the “beast is a Humans number” a beast is any organization or group organism.

    666 is Chi or 18 meaning “Life.” It is the 18th letter of the Hewbrew system of communication. I calculated Covid #19 and got 969.

    Remember though it is a world scale living entity. A Beast if you will. Just like Humanity has a collective consciousness so does the Conrona Virus.

  20. Your tactical questions in the subscriber section are spot on. Each item in your list potentially impacts other items. This is the complexity and interdependence issue. Then there is the jealousy issue; if you are enjoying a decent standard of living through preparation and diligence, and the wannabe closet warlord who lives a mile or so across the way gets wind of it, then guess who’s coming to dinner?
    My situation is that while I have resources here, the large number of closet warlords and gangs in the nearby metro area (some calls them politicians and partisans) make my ability to hold this place in a grid down situation somewhat tenuous. I am continuing to work projects, but investing 10’s of thousand in savings for fixed facilities that I may have to walk (or run away) from is somewhat disconcerting. My investment in a micro-solar rig which is rather portable fits in with that.
    Still, on a bang per buck basis, an investment in water collection equipment would probably make sense. I can tough it out without grid power for a while, but an additional back-up water source would be a major resource. That is food for thought.

  21. Podcast: Your Consigliere was right on. I always feared the 3 words he mentioned. “SEIZURE OF ASSETS”. Remember what happened to the Knights Templar…arrest, torture, death. Hopefully the BC Nazi was listening. Bitcoin is a result of the breaking of Swiss Bank secrecy. Bitcoin is a method to transfer assets in secret & is now banned in China, which I didn’t know. There are very few ways to spend bitcoin if you are a law abiding citizen, but very handy for illegal drug & arms dealers.. A Wealth Tax may make sense, I am not sure. I will need to research that.

    • Here’s some of it

      “Financial institutions are not allowed to facilitate bitcoin transactions.[13] Regulation prohibits financial firms holding or trading cryptocurrencies.[8]:China On 5 December 2013, People’s Bank of China (PBOC) made its first step in regulating bitcoin by prohibiting financial institutions from handling bitcoin transactions.[72]
      On 1 April 2014 PBOC ordered commercial banks and payment companies to close bitcoin trading accounts in two weeks.[73]
      Cryptocurrency exchanges or trading platforms were effectively banned by regulation in September 2017 with 173 platforms closed down by July 2018.[74]
      In early 2018 the People’s Bank of China announced the State Administration of Foreign Exchange led by Pan Gongsheng would crack down on bitcoin mining.[75][76] Many bitcoin mining operations in China had stopped operating by January 2018.[74]”

      Coinsters don’t seem to mention this stuff, lol

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