Soft Coup Attempt Behind Market Failure?

The soft coup attempt staged by Obamanistas and Clintonistas in the wake of their failed election efforts in 2016 may turn into the critical driver in an expected upcoming further market meltdown.  We have circled March 19th and 22nd.

This is, indeed, an event never-before seen – at least by most people who are young and politically active today.

Yet there was another “near-miss” with such a fate back in 1973 when then-president Richard Nixon was hounded out of office for covering-up a Republican break-in at the Democrat Party headquarters in Washington’s Watergate Hotel.

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Historians generally miss the market angle to this slice of history for a simple reason:  Gas Lines.

Distractions – regardless of the pain to the public –  at times of political crisis are a standard modus operandi. To quote the relevant historical data from Wikipedia:

“The 1973 oil crisis began in October 1973 when the members of the Organization of Arab Petroleum Exporting Countries proclaimed an oil embargo. The embargo was targeted at nations perceived as supporting Israel during the Yom Kippur War.[1] The initial nations targeted were Canada, Japan, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and the United States with the embargo also later extended to Portugal, Rhodesia and South Africa. By the end of the embargo in March 1974,[2] the price of oil had risen from US$3 per barrel to nearly $12 globally; US prices were significantly higher. The embargo caused an oil crisis, or “shock”, with many short- and long-term effects on global politics and the global economy.[3] It was later called the “first oil shock”, followed by the 1979 oil crisis, termed the “second oil shock.”

While the Oil Embargo was a major factor in market declines of the era, it’s important to see the rhyme to contemporary events:  A President under suspicion of wrong-doing.

To see this, we need to specifically recall Watergate timing:

“The Watergate scandal was a major political scandal that occurred in the United States during the early 1970s, following a break-in by five men at the Democratic National Committee (DNC) headquarters at the Watergate office complex in Washington, D.C. on June 17, 1972, and President Richard Nixon‘s administration’s subsequent attempt to cover up its involvement. “

The resignation of Nixon didn’t come until two years later.  He left office in early August of 1974. 25-months.

The critical rhymes to consider, are as follows:

The Middle East Connection

The oil embargo of 1973 resulted in gas lines.  It was driven by OPEC.  This was payback against the West for supporting Israel in the Middle East.

We note that is not presently the likely driver for another Oil Embargo.  Yet, Middle East interests similarly have their “knickers in knots” about internal finances in Saudi Arabia.  There has also been some speculation around the edges of contemporary media that the “unsolved” killing spree in Las Vegas may have been a paralleled event; it has been speculated that the mass killing there was an assassination of a Saudi prince gone terrible bad.

So, there is an energy component.

Slow-Motion Discovery of Crimes

We next look at the “crime time to unraveling” that took place proximate to the ’73 gas lines.

The Watergate break-in was June of ’72.  Nixon resigned August of ’74.  About a 25-month timeline from commission (of omission – the cover-up) and the unraveling of the plot.

Today, we are 15-months from the unexpected (by The Establishment/Network) win by Donald Trump.  It should by now be clear that there was a conspiracy at the highest levels of the FBI/Justice Department to sink Donald Trump’s election with an “insurance policy” – which appears to be the “Russian Collusion Narrative.”

A moment’s thought it all it takes to dismiss this as a false narrative because Vladimir Putin is no idiot.  Putin likely didn’t want Trump; Clinton would have been his pony in the race.

Place yourself in Putin’s position and ask “Which presidential hopeful would you want to negotiate with?”

Choice #1:  Some who wrote (with a co-author, but nevertheless) “The Art of the Deal.”  Got money, got women, got notoriety.

Choice #2: Or, would you want to deal with an already socialist-leaning liberal female; one who could not leave a cheating husband who embarrassed a whole country, and one who was loaded with ambition – almost at any price?  And one who wanted to nationalize healthcare.

To me, and I think Putin, it’d be a simple choice; though to others, perhaps not.

Notwithstanding, we can see how the soft coup against Trump has been progressing.  The democrats are losing, but they are far from finished.

A year into the Mueller investigation – and still no evidence of collusion – but MANY INDICATORS are now damning both Clinton AND Obama –  as we see the battle lines of their soft coup attempt in stark relief.

To wit:

The liberals control the upper echelons of Wall St. We note with alarm that the possibly criminal actions of Clinton allies and associates (and with recent additional emails, Obama, too) has literally been drun off the front page by financially-driven stories.

Wallets beat intrigue, especially when murky enough to overload the average IQ of America.  Which is 100, by the way, by definition.

Democrats reacted poorly to the #ReleaseTheMemo as their members on the House Intel committee made much about wanting to release their own version of events.

But it became clear the Trump administration had not one but two ways to kill that narrative and blow it back on the soft coup perps.

One way would have been for Trump to simply sign-off on whatever the dem’s on the Intel committee spewed, then flipping blame on them for detracting from American sources and methods of intel collection.  I could hear it coming “This is what these crooks wanted…so here’s how they are ruining the country…”

The second option would have been to hand whatever the dem’s came up with to the FBI and let them do the redacting.  That, too, would have been a good move by Trump.

The Soft Coup Under Pressure

Events have taken a decided turn for the worse from the Obamanista’s perspective with the release today of stories that the then-sitting president (Obama) wanted to be fully in the loop in the Clinton email probe.  A probe that (look surprised, please) resulted in a whitewash by the FBI.

From the UK Daily Mail:

‘NEW FBI TEXTS ARE BOMBSHELLS!’: Trump blasts out revelations about new messages between FBI lovers showing Obama wanted to be briefed on EVERYTHING happening in Clinton email investigation.

This leaves the soft coup desperate to open a new front.  Using battlefield tactics, today we discern three new fronts opened:

None of this last story has a damn thing to do with Trump BUT it’s been floated since the middle of last year.

I kid you not:  Go read Jeanette Manfra’s testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee 21 June 2017 here.

So the multiple stories today (Google news search result) is really nothing new, except that it does confirm that the Soft Coup proponents are still firmly in control of the leftist media – and are now recycling this story to lay the groundwork for a Mueller story to come by and by.

By the way, the soft coup also includes people like George W. Bush who is feeding into the soft coup narrative by saying he believes there was Russian “meddling.”

From the Bushistas’ standpoint, it could be an honest remark made to dishonest media, OR it could be sour grapes that the Bush family lost control of the GOP with the tanking of Jeb Milquetoast against Trump in 2016 campaign.  Water (or milk…) under the bridge.

It’s really a God-awful mess when viewed from the high level.  Obama-Clinton actively conspiring before and after the election of Trump to bury the emails, and then to overthrow and impede a duly elected president.  But that doesn’t seem to bother anyone.

Except is should.

Because it belies American Civil War 3.0 that appears to be in play right now.  Knowing the Revolution was the first, the Civil War was the second, we see today’s event as a spectacularly obvious Soft Coup Attempt as the third.

Yet, we are not alone in this nearly outlandish view.  (We can’t call this cconspiratorial because it’s all backed by data, we’re sad to report.)

A thoughtful analysis from our military affairs advisor (“warhammer“) confirms the concept:

“In light of recent revelations about FBI agent Lisa Page’s texts stating (on September 2nd, 2016)  that “POTUS wants to know everything we are doing,”  I am left pondering the reality of a present day Civil War within the hallowed halls of American government.

This civil war is not a shooting war – not yet!  By all appearances and evidence to-date, there is a bona fide cloak and dagger conflict brewing over the ideological direction of the nation.  The facts are murky, in large part due to the secretive, SCOTUS approved Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) court, first established in 1978 to adjudicate surveillance warrants related to foreign spying.  FISA requests are rarely turned down due to the inherent trust placed in the intelligence agencies wielding their immense power.

This sounds all like American ‘mom and apple pie’ stuff, using secret warrants to smoke out the bad guys and protect the USA.  But it took a Constitutional Law schooled President to weaponized this process for political purposes, something the SCOTUS likely never imagined possible in the land of the free.  The rub is that once the process is hijacked by putting sympathetic ideologues in the intelligence agencies, it is difficult if not impossible to ever shed light on any transgressions due to the secrecy of the FISA process.

Yes, congressional intelligence committees can see the information after much time and deliberation, but they cannot release said information to the public without proper censoring so as to remove intelligence sources and targets from the information.  This being reality, warrants for spying on US officials are approved unnoticed by even the congressional intelligence oversight committees.  The president, who oversees the Executive Branch  and the DOJ, is also largely blind to this practice.

After a knockdown, drag out presidential campaign where Trump won the Electoral College but lost the popular vote, the nation and congress stood literally split down party lines.  The opposition Democrat party obstructs every move of the GOP.  Trump can do nothing right in the eyes of the democrats and their sympathetic MSM comrades.  The GOP turns up their collective noses at every proposition forwarded by the democrats.  In effect, an ideological wall has risen within the nation.  So bad has the rhetoric become that anything at all uttered by the opposition is immediately lambasted and discounted.  If the opposition states it, it cannot be true.

In a sense, if Putin were behind any of this, he succeeded beyond his wildest dreams.  In what is classically called a ‘shaping operation,’  America has pulled back into itself to address what many believe to be a Constitutional crisis.  The ideological war within America has impacted its ability to manage basic internal affairs, let alone lead economic and military alliances all over the globe.

So the gauntlet is thrown, the battle lines drawn.  In much the same way that ancient Rome destroyed itself from within, letting the Vandals and Goths erode the empire at the periphery, America is jousting at shadows protected by a secret court while the rest of the world descends into uncertainty.  John and Jane Q. Public will likely never know the real truth behind this affair.  If they did, they would likely do the U.S. version of ‘storming the Bastille.’  I for one would not rule out that possibility.

Channeling a patriot:

“A general dissolution of principles and manners will more surely overthrow the liberties of America than the whole force of the common enemy. While the people are virtuous they cannot be subdued; but when once they lose their virtue then will be ready to surrender their liberties to the first external or internal invader.” ? Samuel Adams


We now return you to the usual flow of meaningless drivel and bullshit, stripped naked of context, with historical references “reinterpreted” by a liberal-run educational establishment and backed by a spectrum of true believers manning Soft Coup’s barricades; be it climate, gender, bathroom counters, foods, politics, and more.

The game is play is distract the masses and move the coup along.

Do feel free to pass this unconventional perspective along.

It’s quite possible you’ll find in your sphere there are kindred souls cursed with, as one dear friend put it, “The terrible burden of knowing.”

But, now you do.

Pick a Useless Distraction Dept.

Meanwhile, the Media Masters of the Coup are feeding the Icon-tapping Apes digital bananas like these:

Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue reps #MeToo.

They’re not celebrities. But #MeToo changed their lives. (We note CNN is rolling large on #metoo…must be a good banana.)

North Korea not interested in meeting with VP Pence: report  (NK is bananas)

Russian watchdog says to examine Facebook in second half

House passes scale-back of Obama-era menu calorie count rules (but not the bananas?)

Schumer: Deal is sprout of bipartisanship (whatever the hell that means)

And from the State Department: Press Releases: Inaugural Meeting of the Cuba Internet Task Force.

ViseGrips anyone?

Markets are going up – slightly – at the open.

We still have lower targets and if you believe in Elliott, this may be the wave 4 (rally) of a five wave decline that we fear will be the mega Wave 1 down.

If it is, big rally up and then….bigger wave 3 down.

Our March dates?  That’s about when wave 3 down should be ready to roll.  If, that is, things are still looking back for the soft coup perps.  Keep an eye on Washington’s rugs and look what goes under them in coming weeks.

Moron the ‘morrow.  Though shorter and to the pointer, lol.

75 thoughts on “Soft Coup Attempt Behind Market Failure?”

  1. In regard to Putin’s choice…
    Lest we not forget a ready made money laundering facility in the Clinton Global Initiative. They could have scratched each others backs until doomsday.

  2. It’s quite a tangled web of conspiracies that have to be woven together. I’d have to also suspend disbelief, common sense and personal experience to accept that the FBI, CIA, DOJ and law enforcement lean towards liberal democrats. republicans have always decorated themselves in the mantle of law and order. And liberal democrats are always the one being subjected to domestic surveillance – MLK and anti-war groups.

    The Obama FBI texts story has already been debunked. The dates also don’t add up.

    Another way to look at it, would Putin rather negotiate with the former SoS who Putin personally blames for inciting unrest and protests in Russia surrounding Russia’s 2011 elections or the person who was trying to develop businesses in Russia, does business with russian oligarchs, may have been compromised by the russians and was a reality tv celebrity?

    I’d respectfully suggest occam’s razor is at play.

    “The associates of Mr. Strzok and Ms. Page said that exchange referred to the president’s wanting information on Russia election meddling, which the FBI was heavily involved in over that period. That exchange occurred just days before Mr. Obama met Russian President Vladimir Putin at a summit in China. Mr. Obama said in December 2016 that he had addressed the issue of tampering with the election process with Mr. Putin at that September meeting.”

    MOSCOW — Prime Minister Vladimir V. Putin accused Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton on Thursday of inciting unrest in Russia, as he grappled with the prospect of large-scale political protest for the first time in his more than decade-long rule.

    • Jeremiah 5:21 (‘Hear now this, O foolish people, and without understanding; which have eyes, and see not; which have ears, and hear not’

      • “The doctor sees all the weakness of mankind; the lawyer all the wickedness, the theologian all the stupidity.”

        “The discovery of truth is prevented more effectively, not by the false appearance things present and which mislead into error, not directly by weakness of the reasoning powers, but by preconceived opinion, by prejudice.”

        Arthur Schopenhauer

    • That was the point I was going to make Wavecrave. George, if Hillary is as diabolical and a conspirator like you says she is…and I believe she is…then she is the last person Putin wanted in there.

      Trump is the right chump he wanted. And, I don’t think Trump is acting fast enough for their taste. I truly believe, as does my investment banking friend and personal advisor, that Russia and China together orchestrated the Monday sell off of the stock market as a warning shot to Trump to start making things happen quicker that feeds their financial and political needs.

      Trump is desperate and doesn’t know who to trust right now. Do you know why Trump let Rob Porter into his inner circle? Because he DID KNOW about the spouse abuse…and wanted to hang that over Rob Porters head in exchange for loyalty. Trump has that kind of mob boss mentality.

      And isn’t it coincidental that longtime PR confidant and communications secretary Hope Hicks was romantically involved or more likely an inside woman to monitor Porter?

      This scandal is deep folks. Forget the Obama/Clinton connection…Trump is fumbling and bumbling his way into the fire all by himself. The deep state is just sitting back and watching in awe as this basically unfolds into their lap.

    • I just keep going back to that off the mic recording when Obama told Putin that after his re election he would be “more flexible”. Also lets not forget the dry run at using agencies to do his bidding with Obama using the IRS to persecute conservative groups.

      • Andy,
        This just proves my point. There is something in that spending bill/deal that China and Russia do not like. I have been trying to sift through it to figure out what it could be. If it weakens either country, then they both feel that they now have the leverage to wreak havoc on America. Both countries are in lock step with each other.

        Round two of the stock sell off today is proof that they mean business. Russia can ruin Trump just as fast as they elected him if he doesn’t step up to the plate and make some changes or fails to sign it altogether.

  3. Hi, George,

    As a long time reader of yours and someone who respects your views and experiences, I will have to disagree with you on the point of who won the popular vote in the 2016 United States Presidential Election. Hillary did not win the popular vote. She did have several states rigged in her favor, ones that were using electronic voting machines and not paper ballots. Some of these targeted states used paper ballots at the “last minute”, at the behest of certain individuals who suspected an over-ride of the computer systems. Remember how several states were investigated for voter fraud, and how the voting was revealed to have more votes than people living in those states. Whether you like him or not, and I happen to like him, Trump has shown amazing courage in being President and is operating under such incredible duress. I believe that he is trying to get the country on track after eight years of Obama, and I am amazed that we made it through those two terms. The DOJ and FBI have indeed been revealed to be weapons of the Democrats, and if those involved are not brought to justice, then our constitution is in great peril.


    • Sensory perceptions are the first part of every human’s complicated “Thought Process”.

      The Three Primary Laws of Thought:—

      I. Law of Identity. “Whatever is, is.”

      II. Law of Contradiction. “Nothing can both be and not be.”

      III. Law of Excluded Middle. “Everything must either be or not be; there is no middle course.”

      Having established the “Laws”, would it not seem reasonable to present to the “Sensory Organs” this case, your eyes and many different sources of inputs as possible to distinguish the:”Whatevers”, “Nothings”, and “Everythings”?

      “A thing may be “black” or “not black,” but it need not be white to be “not black,” for blue is likewise “not black” just as it is “not white.”

      • There is no black. Only absence of light. A shadow is a fine example of a real non-material structure. A Transparent “form” in the absence of light.

        Good stuff Al. I could debate with you for an aeon about this stuff. Lol instead I will leave it be with a 4 simple statements.

        The 1: you. Unique on design.
        The 2: all that is you and all that is not you.
        The 3: the border where all that is not you and all that is you join.
        The 4: the place that non material structure are protections of you, “exist” in all that is not you. I use the example of the shadow. A shadow is a silhouette of you, cause and effect of you, attached to you there for part of you existing outside of you. Communication is also a form of sonar. It is another projection. Outside of you that is also you.

    • Nancy,
      That is just crazy talk. You can’t fake 3 million votes. I didn’t Vote for either candidate. I wasted my vote on a write in. Others, just plain didn’t vote. This was the worst presidential choices we have had ever.

      Trump is just a tool of the the NWO. His isolationist policies hurt the US in that the more he sources domestically, the more likely Russia and China and the EU will fill in the gaps. The US relies on overseas sales of its goods and services. Those goods and services need to be competitively priced in order to create demand to be relevant. Therefore, we need to source at least part of our manufacturing in China, Mexico, India and other low cost manufacturing and assembly facilities.

      Bringing jobs home is no guarantee that Americans will buy those goods. The Japanese and Korean invasion of automobiles and electronics in the 80’s is proof of that. If we slap tariffs on foreign goods and are forced to buy American manufactured goods complete with the costs associated with American wages, two things will happen…we will delve deep into a recession or the Black market for cheaper Foreign goods will greatly increase.

    • Nancy, are you and George having all the fun down there on the ranch with those little cactus buds? Why not share a little? But, really, calm down. Let’s just wait for Mueller’s investigation into Trump and his Team play out. If it’s not really too terribly bad, they’ll let him go because 1. they are Republicans, first and foremost. But also 2. they’ll be loath to throw the country into a Constitutional crisis. But if it’s really, really bad, even they will be forced to tag him. And 3, don’t worry about the other investigations, unless the Democrats win the House or the Senate, and remove their obstructions. Simple, no? Mike.

      • When a “republican” hires 17 democrat hit persons, is it a republican? How stupid do you think we is, Mike?

      • It’s only under DJT that we now have a test for party affiliation and fealty to DJT the Lord. So now we have to slice and dice every government employee by part affiliation.

        Why didn’t the party affiliation of everyone matter prior to 1/20/2017? How about the party affiliation of every personnel ever involved in investigating hillary?

        Really you folks have lost it. I agree with Mike about the little cactus buds.

    • THIS, Nancy!

      I absolutely agree that if the duplicates, fakes and foreign voters were eliminated from the tallies, and the electronic votes were verified(impossible under the present system), then it would be found that President Trump won by a supermajority. As it was, the real votes for President Trump overwhelmed the fix that was thought to be in.

      We really do need to demand proof of CITIZENSHIP to vote in American elections, and to issue a voting card after a national crosscheck to be sure that a person cannot vote twice. When the voting card is presented, it can be cancelled by punching a hole or two into it such that it cannot be used again. That, and a printout for the voter with his/her votes and candidates listed, would go a long way toward reducing/eliminating significant voter fraud. We also need a hard and transparent audit trail from every precinct so that it can be verified. This “might” be an appropriate use of blockchain technology since blockchains are inherently “tamper evident”. I could see such things from precincts up, but probably not with greater granularity than that.

      • Mike while patriots like me don’t have a problem with citizenship to vote (and so does mexico, lol) that is not the left wing narrative. People who don’t see it don’t believe in borders, strong defense or testosterone for good, generally, either.

    • Couldn’t have said it better. The system was rigged for a HRC win but underestimated the overwhelming vote for a systemic change that Trump represented. In short Trump won the popular vote by a large margin if you remove the rigged element. It’s also the reason DJT is doing DACA as illegal immigration has been a large plank in the DNC vote rigging schemes: “Welcome to America, here’s your driver’s liscense and don’t forget to register Democrat”.

      • The narratives you folks dream up to support your ideological based partisanship is staggering. Pretty soon we’ll be hearing some spin how Trump would have won medals for valor in combat if only the democratic draft board wasn’t holding him back.

    • So today we hear from an undercover FBI agent that Russia funneled millions to the Clinton Foundation. They were doing it for a reason. That reason is access and influence.

      Yes, Russia was interfering in the election, but not on the side you hear about in the media.

      So let’s keep accusing Trump of collusion.

      Because, absent the truth, people believe what they hear.

      • CPA – is obama a natural born US citizen?

        Campbell isn’t an FBI agent. He’s an informant that turned state’s evidence to get a lesser charge.

        If anyone is guilty I could care less who hangs whether it bill, hillary, trump, ryan. It makes no difference to me. But it seems pretty apparent at least to me that all of these tertiary issues are being dredged up to protect trump and derail investigations into russia gaming our election.

        But DOJ officials had their own concerns regarding Campbell’s reliability, summarized as follows in Cummings and Schiff’s letter:

        Career attorneys initially planned to build their case against Mikerin based on evidence provided by this individual. However, they began to have “serious credibility concerns” because of “inconsistencies” between the individual’s statements and documents they obtained as part of the investigation.
        After interviewing the individual and reviewing the documents they had obtained, prosecutors determined that there was a “high chance” that he had begun engaging in illegal activity earlier than he initially disclosed—and that he had concealed those actions from the FBI.
        As a result, Justice Department officials working the case began to have “serious concerns” with using the individual as a witness. They “assessed” that the individual “would not present as a good witness” and “did not want to rely on him at trial.”
        Because Justice Department officials could not trust this individual, they decided instead to pursue alternate charges against Mikerin that would not rely on his testimony.
        Justice Department officials said it was a “godsend” that they had another avenue to charge Mikerin that relied on evidence other than this individual’s testimony. Mikerin ultimately was sentenced to 48 months in prison in 2015 for money laundering and violating the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.
        Justice Department officials confirmed that they do not plan to use the testimony of this individual in any future prosecution.
        Most importantly, Justice Department officials explained that this individual never provided any evidence or made any allegations regarding Secretary Clinton or the Clinton Foundation in any of their interactions with him.

  4. First Great article! I forget which Adams said it (school was a long time ago) But it goes something like this…A free market democratic nation can only survive if it’s leaders are of good sound moral standing…..I guess we have drifted away from that……..

  5. You nailed it this morning George.

    Some days I think I am living in a game of “hide the pea” or perhaps “who’s on first”, the old Abbott and Costello routine (way before your time). One thing I am sure of is that our leaders have taken lying to a whole new level.

    At 76 years old, I don’t have a lot more years to watch this all evolve but I don’t have a good feeling for how it will all end.

    And if there is an afterlife and I happen to be condemned to hell, I am sure that I will be forced to sit and listen to Nancy Pelosi’s 8 hour marathon speech over and over and over again.

    • You mean you did, in fact, listen to the entire 8 hrs. Shirley you can find something better 2 do as you contemplate (During those “not alot” remaining years) what “your hell” will consist of?
      If your “hell” were 2 B a negative thought of listening to a “way past middle aged, ego obsessed, soon to be unemployed, woman” talking to an empty room for 8 hours..I would Really be curious as to what “your heaven” would be like??

  6. I am sick reading this. I cannot believe you actually like our president and all his GOP enablers. Get real. I liked reading you for years. Why the change?

  7. 1. Dennis Prager has said many times that we are in a cultural civil war that began in earnest under Obama. I hope this never turns violent, but it may.
    2. IMO having Shrub support this is no surprise. Do some deep digging and you will find the Bush and Clinton gangs are big players in the overlords’ criminal enterprises (re: drug flights into Mena, AR for one.) Read Jim Marrs book on the JFK assassination that points the finger at Poppy Bush.
    3. Howard Bloom said on Coast the other night that he is afraid we are repeating what the Byzantine Empire did. They had two bitterly opposed groups labeled the Blues and Greens, with similar levels of rancour as with our Righties and Lefties. Bloom said they were so busy hating and fighting each other that they ignored the approaching Muslim armies and were overrun. That’s a rhyme in history that should keep you awake at night.

  8. WOW.. great article.. definitely got my brain neurons to stirring…

    Now..just an odd observation..

    ” By the way, the soft coup also includes people like George W. Bush who is feeding into the soft coup narrative by saying he believes there was Russian “meddling.”

    What if.. bush isn’t just feeding into the story but part of the story. of course we will never know for sure..

    “North Korea not interested in meeting with VP Pence:”

    I think I totally got NK’s leader figured out.
    we all know that anything the puppet masters want but they go and take. Up till now the game has never been played in their backyard. they have sat on their perches negotiating world dominance. This brings to mind an old tv show that was years before its time..

    Now.. what if.. the puppet masters are nothing more than a few people similar to the talking brains betting on who will win and keeping a tie to both sides.

    somewhere around here I think I still have the hard copy of a new planet.. then again when I was going digital I might have tossed it out.. great book that definitely gets you to think..

    it doesn’t take anyone very long to realize that the puppet masters are playing both sides against the middle..have business interests and political power in every government so that no matter which one fails they come out on top.

    I had a rough shot years ago. I had one job.. it went belie up and no one is there to help you with a hand up.. it was devastating. after that horrid period of time I decided it would not ever happen again if I could help it.. so I worked a full time and a part time job at the start.. which got weirder after that where during the Reagan recession I was actually working six jobs. the reason I never went less than two. if one failed I could jump in big on the other. I was and will always be remembered as one of their best employee’s at anyplace I worked. the puppet masters are in my opinion doing the same thing. if one country fails then another is built up so that they still maintain control in either country.
    If the Saudi’s were to decide today that they would no longer use the dollar as capital because it in reality isn’t backed by anything tangible then the country that they proposed would be the one in my opinion that they would support..

    History has shown that this theory could be a total possibility.

    Now bring in Kim.. a small country with a lot of resources..

    Kim isn’t an idiot.. theres a lot of speculation on his IQ from 130 to 200 we will never know for sure.. went to school in a swiss school depending on what resources you read did ok to spectacular.

    there have been a lot of incidences where coups have been involved trying to out the leadership of this country and put in their own puppet regime.
    In my opinion with this distant memories that he needed to proved to them that it didn’t make any difference who the person was or how close to him that was influenced by the puppeteers he was not going to be bullied or controlled.

    willing to oust anyone horrifically to show the world he wasn’t going to be controlled.
    history has shown other leaders of small countries to do the same thing..

    he impaled his own citizens to show those coming to take his land from him that he would go to any lengths to stop them.

    Now tie it all up.. Kim has proven he will do what he said he will.. if you want to come in and steel his resources, Kill his people, destroy his land and cities because someone wants control of their resources.. then bring it on.. you will win.. but not till I have brought the fight to your home and made your life hell as well as ours.. I think that is why he is willing to talk peace at this point of time. he has shown he can and is willing to do what he said he would. but if your willing to negotiate then we can do that to.

    to see the power that the puppet masters have is to only look at our own govt. how they have manipulated the media hidden proof. if someone in the higher echelon is involved it disappears.
    we have seen that with emails and with child molestation abuse and trafficking without any fear that this will come back on them.

    Now.. I knew a reporter that had started a news report on this very subject of child trafficking and birthers to give birth to babies for rituals twenty or so years ago.. when I talked to her she was horrified and scared to death. telling me that it is very real. the story ended. never to be heard of again.

    It will never end there is just to much power and control over our legal system and our leaders. they can buy a million or more of me without any effort at all.
    It is quite the tangled web of lies and manipulation. that in reality none of us have any control over. we keep voting the same people in election after election. until we as a nation wake up and start voting out these people things will continue on the way they have. and in my opinion we deserve absolutely everything that they deal us.
    my thought is the reason they are after putin and trump.. Putin if you ever listen to him is a very rational person and makes a lot of sense. doing what he can to help his people. Trump wants to help the middle class and put manufacturing back in the USA. USA first using what he has learned in his industries. to do this from either of their standpoints is in my opinion going to take control away from the puppet masters and back in the hands of the people.I am more than sure that he never ever expected this much.. luckily he is in the puppet masters level and they just can’t remove him by any means.
    they look over here while we do this over there slight of hand.. of course this is only my opinion.. I could be totally wrong in my assessment.. but who knows.

  9. George, a coup? Really? How quickly we forget that Comey, a Republican, in the end, swung the election to Trump by reopening the email investigation. (Don’t recall any FBI press conferences to say that Trump was under FBI investigation.) And that Mueller and Rosenstein are Republicans. No one forced the Trump Team to consort with the Ruskies. Now we’re stuck disrupting everything, and distracting everything, because, because? — oh yea, because we’re a country of laws. Methinks they have some very frisky cactus buds out there on the ranch. Mike.

      • Not recall Comey calling any press conferences to say that Team Trump was under FBI investigation. Like maybe right before the election! You know, like for a tiny thing like being compromised by and consorting with our numero uno enemy state. Facts are a bitch. Can see why you guys not like them so much. George, I hear the folks down Texas way are very, very friendly. If I get down that way, would anyone share any of those cute little cactus buds? Mike

        • Elaine and I listened to the whole Comey presser at the time – read like an indictment. And then cam e the Teflon…the hard-anodized one walked yet again.
          Jesus walked on water once. the Clinton could open a school…but so many of the students have passed….just sayin

    • Perjury is perjury, regardless of political affiliation. All involved need to be arrested and awaiting trial, because, oh yeah, we’re a country of laws.

  10. “Do feel free to pass this unconventional perspective along.” I’d like to do so, but everyone I know is more concerned with ‘the pebble in their shoe.’ I think abolishing political parties, and voting instead for demonstrated competence would be a solution.

      • There sometimes is a fly in the ointment ;-(. In other words: “Grin & bear it!!”

        P.S. There are solutions to our problems, but all of us are already indoctrinated one way or another with the status quo. Enjoy!

  11. Trump has the support of the common man (mankind? political incorrect? Take it as it best suits your personae)

    It was obvious when Oprah was being touted as the next candidate for President! She backed out from the opportunity being the first female president. A historical event, if she won, fame in perpetuity! She backed out, why!

    Popularity polls showed Trump at 46% and Oprah at 51%. That 5% difference could easily be well within the margin of error all statistical samplings have. In other words, it would have NOT been a sure win for Oprah. Case Closed!

    So, where did that 46% come from? Your guess is as good as mine, but its out there! It also suggests an interesting outcome for the upcoming mid-term elections. I think the demos will be SURPRISED at the outcome.

    • Oprah backed out because Trump already passed tax reform for the rich. Now she doesn`t have to go thru the endless dirt digging & character assassination a Presidential candidate endures.

  12. First off, those that control the money care not who is in charge of a government. Their tentacles are vast and deep.

    As to Russian election hacking and/or Trump/Russia collusion, it is distraction and is a phony attempt at a coup to overthrow the Trump presidency.

    That said, why is “drain the swamp” Trump so hated and such a threat to the “establishment”? I think there is much more to the dark, and buried, sex trafficking and pedophilia networks which one only reads about and learns of by researching alternative news.

    General Flynn reportedly had a list of top pedophiles in business and in DC that he intended to expose. Steve Scalise, the congressman who was shot and nearly killed at a baseball game, was making it part of his political platform to go after the sex-trafficking rings. Jeff Sessions is also on record for planning to go after sex-traffickers and pedophiles in high places. He has been made “mute” and ineffective because of the Mueller investigation, and a reported “conflict of interest”, leading to a recusal from oversight.

    We don’t get invited to these closed-door meetings, but those in power will stay there, no matter what. We get a few crumbs, like a Weinstein, but nothing more.

    Trump, of course, is also a threat to the globalists, breaking up foreign trade laws and treaties. But, in many ways, they are still winning, as Trump is likely being forced to back off. Still, one has to admire his tenacity and courage while being constantly under fire.

    I didn’t vote for Trump or Clinton, and am not a Trump supporter. However, I am not so inflicted with Trump Derangement Syndrome that my curiosity is not peaked when I see such a huge concerted effort to destroy him.

    The rabbit hole is deep.

  13. If the people in this country really want change. You don’t need marches where you scare innocent people in a neighborhood. There’s no need for violence or threatening gestures.write a letter a day. If you had 80000 letters a day per congressman even though they wouldn’t ever look At it. Heck they refuse to read the legislation put in front of them. Even passed a ruling saying they don’t have to. It takes time and working 28 days a year just doesby give you enough time.
    But..80000 letters is approximately 17 truck loads. Would take two country farm boys two to four hours to unload. Maybe six to ten city boys 8 hours and twenty government workers a week.
    By doing that not only would it be big news but would require a few hundred employees to unload and toss. The same with drivers garbage services etc. I am willing to bet a dollar that it wouldn’t make any difference how much they’re being given in donations. They would want that stopped right now. Why wait for tabled legislation to be untabled. They would move. But it would have to be consistent and to everyone holding an office.

  14. Nixon’s downfall was linked with the DJIA’s downfall, and so follows Trump’s impeachment soon:

    p.s. Mueller’s already got a guilty plea, we have yet to hear the beans that were spilled with that plea:

  15. Hi, George,

    It sounds like I rattled a few cages out there. Cactus buds? Seriously?

    Yes, presidential elections have been stolen, meaning millions of votes were changed. Study the 1960 election, the 2012 election, and others that seemed strange. Remember that Gore was promised the presidency by Clinton, and that did not happen, either. Remember the hanging chads? What a hoot that one was. I always try to follow the money, as the trail ends at the source. Do not forget to ask, who benefits?

    Trump was elected President because the vast majority of Americans voted for him. Since then, most of the Republicans and all of the Democrats have tried to be as much of a hindrance to him as possible. He has yet to fill his entire cabinet. Some people use disparaging words to describe his mental acuity, but I believe he is quite a smart person.

    I have an interesting theory as why Trump has surrounded himself with so many generals, but I will hold onto it for now. I think that the party just got started.


    • Please don’t keep the rest of your infinite knowledge of government inner and outer processes and procedures from us of lessor acuity..and oh yes..Remember the Time when your high school government teacher told you “Students, when a society of individuals decide they have determined the best path forward to provide Most white and Negro Republican voters in Alabama their “God Given” rights..they received very little from carpetbaggers and scalawags except empty promises. An example of such unfulfilled promises was the saying that each former slave would get from the government 40 acres and a mule, but this promise was, of course, impossible to carry out.”

      • What he’s trying to say – if I follow here – is the Mules all went to Washington along with an equal number of horses-asses.

  16. Gawd, i wish California’s coming big earthquake would happen soon. Slide the sf poop into the ocean and mix it up with Japan’s radiation. Maybe it would mutate into intelligent life

    • But Golly Gee Larry, after those exemplary and profound words of wisdom..I’m just taking a “wild guess” as to what group you would remain in?

      • Uh…want to include (in the interest of balance) mentioning what portion of the FedGov budget Calif consumes, too?
        IOW: spare us stupid ONE SIDED metrics. If used, present both, please. P&L’s is how we try to roll…

  17. Our average national IQ was 100 or slightly above since almost all of our Founders and immigrants came from nations with IQs at or above 100.

    Today, mass in-migration has lowered our average national IQ to almost 97.

    And in decline.

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