Social Credit Versus Credit Scores

Once again, our unconventional way of thinking has produced some useful ideas to ponder. This first is “how does government control people who might lose faith in depreciating money?”  A well-discussed concept here.

In addition to pointing out how Social Credits are just another control scam, we will also be revealing a fine chart of our latest spin on the “Trading Golem”

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12 thoughts on “Social Credit Versus Credit Scores”

  1. A key word and concept in this column is “mentor”!

    Finding one worth learning from and keeping that person interested in your life could be the subject of an entire PN article. I could see one or more for business, social, health, and other aspects of life, but finding and keeping them(trading something of value to them other than money) is key.

    Good info on management here though.

    Regarding social credit and the crowd following society: – China has always been collectivist and even 20 years ago when I visited, there was a very strict bureaucracy that monitored and enforced rules downstream while dodging themselves. During the Asian financial crisis, many Chinese people worked at their official jobs without pay(but with some benefits) and worked side hustles to pay the bills. I saw this firsthand. It was tough, but it they got through it, as the people believed in their country’s common vision.

    • hmm reminds me of the eighties..

      After deregulation and the Reagan / Bush recession.. Jobs were non existent.. money was non existent.. it was hell.Reagan realized it and both his and the bush senior administrations did tax rebates to try to offset this. I worked day and night to provide a basic living for our family working day jobs odd jobs anything..
      there was a thing that was quite popular.. though it was called barter… there was a group that basically you joined your talents and job skills were listed and then if someone needed the assistance in a job you could do you would trade your work or skills in exchange for … credit…. this credit could be exchanged at anyone of the other people listed.. since painting a car you may not need a rutabaga or truck load of rutabaga’s.. but you might need a plumber..
      it worked very good.. I did glass etching as one of my skills.. and stained glass sign painting etc etc.. wore a great deal of hats in my life.. I in turn traded it for farmers market fresh goods and meals at restaurants even utilities …
      If you keep up on the news… ( I scan many papers daily) you will notice that this is something that has been discovered in the countries where the PTB have destroyed the economy.. where young women were trading their time in exchange for soup .. and old men and women dumpster diving for food and warmth.. are now using the job skills that they have in exchange for the things they need to survive.ON the show thirty days that failed miserably they would put someone outside their comfort zone so they could see how the other side lives and survives.. only one person actually did it the rest cheated and used their influence money etc.. Many of the laborers in other countries are given the goods they make in exchange for their labors.. the same thing for farm workers.. its cheaper to get an illegal to pick crops then give them a basket of goods for their days labors rather than pay them. in grocery they would do the weekend cut.. on monday the steaks roasts etc was pulled from the racks and ground up for ground round special..the employee’s were given the option of buying a meat bundle at ground round prices.. before they ground it up.. because there was so much of it they had a meeting way back and asked what everyone thought of a deli in the store where they could use up the stuff that would normally be tossed out. it is still a big joke.. the ones you have to watch out for are usually the ones you would never suspect.. we would get wealthy people come in and buy a hundred steaks.. then on money come in and complain that people were getting sick and get their money back.. (Yup happens all the time LOL) and then we had all this meat that couldn’t be sold so we actually had a grill out back so we could have a barbecue.. some of the old guys still working tell me now that there is a new scam they use… they of course can get away with something like that.. once a year I find someone that falls through the cracks and make sure they have a christmas.. the grocery stores I use to work for are more than willing to make sure someone like that gets a good christmas off of stuff that would be tossed out… they rarely are the ones that take things.. rarely.. its usually someone that has the funds or means to pay for it..
      How does someone at the top view how someone at the bottom survives. Most people see them as leaches on society…take a look at the bay area where a dump is two million and kids making a fortune live in cars and cardboard boxes.. think about it.. how does someone working at a fast food outlet making ten dollars an hour survive.. sure there are the give away programs but be realistic here.. the give away programs are only designed to give you the barest of minimums and many are created and controlled to give someone at the top more money.. those that are at the bottom have to many times be creative to obtain the same thing.. a restaurant in one of the countries sells a cup of coffee for just about four grand a cup.. that is one cup where did the other eleven go.. did they toss it.. or trade it for dish washing etc..
      its all an eye opener.. why does anyone think that the health care company that drops medical supplies and gets doctors to do emergency medical treatment does over ninety percent of the drops and clinics in the USA does anyone truly believe that someone making ten dollars an hour care less for their family than someone making a thousand dollars an hour.. if you look at the whole system from a totally different perspective you can clearly see in my opinion that it is designed to take advantage of those with the influence to make the changes.. yet they are gullible enough to not make the changes just complain about those that are at the bottom..

  2. Getting rid of frivolous spending would basically bankrupt about 60% of businesses and throw capitalism into disarray.

    I made the mistake of buying a portable air compressor on Instagram last week and now I am being bombarded by some of the most worthless items via email, and my social media and web search pages have morphed into barrage of ads Ron Popeil would envy. Makes me wonder if my air compressor is just another Pocket fisherman gadget. There are a ton of frivolous products being made by millions of people. It keeps us working and poor at the same time.

    Social credits reminds me of the Indian Caste system. Can one marry a person with a different line of social credits? Who gets to monitor who gets what…and what about the children of the social outcasts? If the parents can’t get any credits for being lazy bums, do their children suffer too? Or do the children get a pass and get a chance to create their own social credit?

    In many ways, we do have social credit system already in place. The top jobs go to the top students who work the hardest and graduate at one of the top colleges and universities. There is a social credit system on education as well complete with honorable acronyms like MBA, JD, PHD, DE, etc.

    Job titles are a form of social crediting. The house we live in, the cars we drive, the clothes we wear, the resorts we visit, the restaurants we eat in all say we are in a higher or lower social caste. Our credits are our bank accounts.

    The only advantage of a social credit is that it eliminates the corruption of money. How we acquire it…gamble, launder and beg, borrow and steal it to gain status. I can see AI solving a lot of those problems by monitoring the acquisition of money and the helping each individual set goals to decrease waste and increase the value of what we earn.

    George…maybe you and I should devise an A.I. goal based monetary digi-system that rewards individuals with a bonus program when they exceed their goals. It may be a bit Pavlovian in theory, but rather than the risk reward system we have in place now, we would have a evenly and fact based assiduous/reward system…which is what separates Americans from the Chinese right now. China will pass up America in Intellectual Capital and property in 5 years due to their mind set of intellect first initiatives. That’s a foreign concept Betsy DeVoss and company.

  3. The trading GOLEMS 10 day moving average (MA) has long been used as a leading indicator & plotted against the 20 day MA has its value. The problem is it can produce whipsaws. The GOLEM plotted within Bollinger Bands can give you a better idea on whether it is a buy or sell signal you should act on or just a market juke to ignore.

  4. Hi, George,

    As I understand it, this credit scoring enacted upon the Chinese people has the potential to greatly impact their lives in a very negative way. It can limit travel if they are caught doing something against the rules. It will even punish those whose relatives break the law; the entire family will suffer the consequences. It will also promote turning in your neighbors and co-workers for wrong doing. This crackdown wielded on the Chinese populace by the central governing committee will surely test the patience of the Chinese citizens. I would not be surprised if the situation fosters a future uprising.

    • I’m not too sure, Nancy. Consider that in the Other Workers Paradise (USA) when a young person is wrapped up in a felony, everyone in the family is punished. either in press reports, or in bail money raising, or in rehab…why the list goes on and on.
      As I was mentioning in the PN article: “Social Credit” is for two-bit socialists who can’t afford dollarized Credit Scores, lol.

  5. Hi, George,

    Yes, reports show that entire families in the US may share the punishment and do suffer when one family member gets in trouble with the law. However, that does not prohibit those law abiding family members from traveling anywhere. As I have read, bad social credit scores in China limit transportation options for those law abiding family members when one family member, however distant, gets arrested.

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