Sneaking Up On Logic, Lone Data Point, Gold Back?

We need to begin by trying to understand what happened in Monday trading.

Mostly nothing.

In fact, as Robin Handler over at the Options Signal Service noted: “Here we are at the 4th of April. I didn’t see anything unusual. Surprise the world did not react to Russia bringing back the Gold standard. Let’s see what happens tomorrow.” (Today-g)

However, just because we didn’t get a major write down in equity prices Monday, doesn’t mean it isn’t close at hand.

For one, our long-time contributor, The Economic Fractalist, made a nifty point:

“…Maybe Blackstone BX, a US real estate corporate represents the best proxy for America’s Asset-Debt macroeconomic system. From the 2009 low’s where money printing and QE’s became the dominant element of debt expansion: the fractal progression for BX is 40/81/41 months. Blackstone’s bell weather progression matches George’s Elliot wave qualitative progression. Expect equity valuation nonlinearity in a empirically observable nonlinear system.”

And speaking of Waves, and what-not, when we plugged in the pre-open numbers, our (not advice, more like sick amusement) Elliott view from last Nov. 8th’s high looked like this:

elliot is never clear

Anyone’s guess when this backed up mess begins to “let loose.”  Could be today, could be in a month or longer when the annual “Sell in May and go away” shows up.

Still, whenever the Wave 2 breaks (*if it does) the downside range would be about 25-30% lower from all-time highs.

In the very short term, this morning in our Aggregate we modeled the day somewhere around 39,237.  But before we toss out Wave 2’s top being in, we’d need an advance above the most recent high: 39,674 for the March 29 market close.

Higher still, obviously remains on the table.  But, suppose, for a minute, that we just went through a small wave 1 down and a kind of “el menuetto” wave 2 bounce.  Such thinking could support a decline for the balance of the week, which would not surprise us in the least.

As always, we offer this purely as one old reporter’s cynical opinion and not financial advice.  We “pays our money and takes our chances” and expect you to do the same.

Data Point:  International Trade

Explaining how this works is both pointless and useful at the same time.

  • Worrying about trade now is stupid because Bill Clinton already gave China super computers which are helping to drive a coming surprise in Chinese nuclear weapons counts.  Example story: U.S. Sees Rising Risk in ‘Breathtaking’ China Nuclear Expansion (  Which means Slow Joe and the democrats will have sold America down the river: Super-Power China, manufacturing for the serfs (U.S. residents) only so long as it pleases them before they subsume more of S.E. Asia and go on to occupy Australia in the long-term.
  • On the other hand, Russia demanding use of Rubles (gold backed to an extent – depending on how convertibility would work out IRL) has now driven the Ruble to a higher exchange rate than before the Ukraine invasion.  What we see – for now – is a polarizing of the money world to where funds are flowing into Rubles (going up) while also flowing into the U.S. because the drooler-in-Chief talks a fair line of bullshit for the pabulum-eaters in America.
  • Thing is, at a personal level, when the dollar drops, it takes more dollars to buy a given share of stock, which makes the (reported) price go up which is exactly and precisely painful (Ure got short Monday).  With a nice decline today, that trade might turn green (or at least not bleed down net account value so quickly).  Still, Bretton Woods is dying.  Russia siding with Gold and Energy is a very big deal.  And the China-Russia axis doesn’t like cryptos, which are viewed as another Western con.  Frankly, can’t say they’re wrong, however.

Which is why asymmetry in gains and losses matters so much.  Back to this point in a sec.  Chew on this in the meantime:

trade deficit going higher we think

The blue trace in the chart says the obstinate, stuck, because China has us by the nuts line, just really ought to piss you off.

The imports and exports data are excellent examples of something we call:

The 20-25 Rule

How can government figures both lie (deficit improved) and tell the truth at the same time?  Math at work.  People who use numbers rather than common sense are typically liars.

Because? One of the hardest lessons  from the Cruel  Reality School of Economics is the 20-25 Rule.

Which simply says “If you have a 20 percent loss, it takes a 25 percent gain just to get back to even.”

We begin the example with a crisp, newly printed hunsky (a one hundred dollar paper).  We “invest this” once through the slot machines of Wall Street and fine ourselves drunk, naked, and feeling foolish in the middle of the Casino.  Because we forgot Ure’s 3% stop loss rule.

When the room stops spinning, we discover we still have $80 bucks left, so we pile that through the machines.  Bingo!  We hit  on a 25% gain!

Whipping out the calculator (because the room is still spinning) we punch in 80 X 1.25 (*enter) and discover the answer is we haven’t made a dime all night.  Maybe it’s time to find clothes, sober up a bit, and stop making fools of ourselves.

You are now blessed with your own portable 20-25 Rule.  Use it wisely.  (Which means never unless you can’t understand stop loss orders…)

Bringing Back Racism

Since we don’t really have enough jobs (China makes everything either directly, or through wholly-own cronies), America has a hell of a time making much of anything.

To make up, democrat invented the Return of Racism.  And it’s going very well for them.  Our left-coast backup consigliere sent along a passel of indicators overnight:

Fact is, no one has owned a slave in America for 157-years.  Can we just move the f**k on, now?  And no, not to gender, either.  Sexual orientation marketing to gullible children isn’t an industry, either.

This backup consigliere also mentioned something about the high cost of protecting stupidity – no, make that Hunter Biden (if you can distinguish): Secret Service rents $30K Malibu pad to protect Hunter Biden.  See how good Slow Joe is for real estate? Why, $30-grand a month will almost cover our bar tab out here.  Just saying…

Speaking of Hunter, though:  Miranda Devine and Bruce Golding are all over this one in the Post today: Hunter Biden grand jury witness was asked about deal with Chinese firm and ‘the big guy’.  Still, had this been a Trump offspring, someone would already be impeached and the awful offspring wearing orange, if not the old man, as well.  But, America still has the best legal system (big) money can buy.

I shouldn’t whine too much, the alternative if something happens to Joe could be even worst.

Over Traitor Joe’s

As if rumors of back-end money from China, laundering of campaign and influence money wasn’t enough, the Drooler-in-Chief is about to rescind Title 42 limits on asylum seeking at the Southern Border – which unlike Ukraine, doesn’t really seem to matter to the Ovalized clown posse.  18,000 migrants a day will cross border after Title 42 rescinded, House GOP says.

But, here’s the problem with the GOP – they are even more stupid than Zeus the Cat.  Who explained “Democrats have cocked-up everything they’ve touched and 2022 will be a political bloodbath for these commies seeking re-election.  But, read this, and you’ll understand how Stupid the GOP has become, too:GOP eyes linking Title 42 to coronavirus deal.”

“Come on Cat, how can a feral Outback kitty make such an outlandish claim?”

“Well, Fatso, I know a bunch of pussies when I see ’em.”

Hmm…point taken. The incumbents in the House are desperately trying to slam through another “Corona Relief Bill” in order to have more of that “free money” (a payoff that helps cause inflation) land in stupid voter accounts before the righteous creaming of sold-out incumbents of both corrupt parties this fall.

We can hardly wait for the Honesty in Government slogan:  “Vote for Me – I already got you four payoffs!  We get the government we have because we’re just plain stupid and fixated by our portable Cyclops’ to notice.

Mass immigration is the cheapskate, short-range, anti-White, anti-Black, anti-Asian, anti-American, crooked economic alternative to a disgraced national sellout becoming a front and center discussion topic.

Anyone else remember the word Impeach?


The bleeding edge of real tech is “coming out” as our .mil affairs dude, warhammer, explains:

This weapons program was classified just a few years ago, US tested hypersonic missile in mid-March but kept it quiet to avoid escalating tensions with Russia., but Ukraine and. Mad Vlad has likely accelerated research, development, test and evaluation (RDT&E).

I’m not surprise the venerable and versatile BUFF served as the test launch platform.  The USAF has multiple test units, including the one at Edwards AFB, CA that I flew with.

Hypersonic testing was based at Eglin a few years back.  It could be moving out to Edwards, since the test noted in the CNN article occurred in the Western Missile Test Range off of the Left Coast.”

Know a young man who’s doing a PhD in hypersonics.  Great timing on his part.  Magic part is figuring out how to get a shock wave to be an asset to a projectile instead of a wall.  Neat engineering area. I get laminar flow boundary layer nightmares just thinking about it.

OK – time to hit and git…

Write when you get rich(er),

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  1. “Oscar uselessivity continues: MSNBC panel says Will Smith slapping Chris Rock is ‘how black people relate to each other’ | Daily Mail Online. None of the Black people I know, as this way. ”

    LMAO.. you know what is so funny about that.. It is a black communication thing.. LOL LOL LOL is my physical therapist is african american.. ( immigrant) and listening to him he says N@@ga this and N@@ga that and F@@k this and F@@k that.. all the time.. then one day he was on the subject of racism and how white people degrade Black people with their language.. I chuckled and said.. you know what is funny is the only people I have heard use any of those terms that are degrading to the black ethnic cultures .. are all Black.. yet black people call Caucasians all sorts of clickish terms of a degrading nature.. and swearing.. rarely will anyone in our home swear.. or use the old ( For unlawful carnal Knowledge )phrase.. Nor will anyone that I have met even consider any of the degrading language usually associated to racism.. It must be a big city slum project thing LOL.. because in the wastelands the only ones that have used those terms are replanted people from the city and of african american decent and usually from the ghetto’s LOL LOL LOL…
    That reminds me of a Stanford project.. they sent African American and Asian students into mostly middle class neighborhoods.. and Caucasian students in Ethnic and ghetto neighborhoods.. wanna venture a guess which ones had to be saved.. LOL LOL..

  2. Good luck trying to convert your rubles to physical gold, what with the sanctions and all. But don’t worry, I’m sure Vlad will hold it for you till this Ukraine thing blows over. He’s got an honest face.

    • Did you read the headlines today.. LOL LOL LOL LOL
      The USA is going to refuse payment from the Russia on their debt…

      Wait for it…

      Be patient.. Wait for it…

      US DOLLARS LOL LOL LOL LOL now how funny is that.. the USA is finally realizing it is just as worthless as they have made it….

      It just gets better every day LOL

    • There are 31 nations sanctioning Russia and 5 nations partially sanctioning Russia.

      There are 175 nations/protectorates not sanctioning Russia.

      I’m pretty sure if Russia releases a convertible, fractional-currency note, there’ll be somebody who can convert it…

  3. Off to the side , if I recall correctly , Kamala Harris was the first to drop out of the race for President. Showing something like 1.2% in Iowa. Why would she be selected as VP ? My answer is “insurance”. Get rid of Biden and you get her , who then gets to select HER VP ( Hilary anybody? )

    So I agree with what you said. Alternatives ??? The only chance I see for any form of sanity is for the GOP to take over the house and somehow get them both out. Not gonna happen. Crazy Joe it is…

    • Prob the first two on the raster up for sedition charges. Executive priviledge. Remember Kamilama was made acting president for a few days early on ? LOL.[humor]

  4. Yo Professor,

    Whats wit the all cancelled flights over the weekend on east coast ? Bull Schiesse Weather (around/over)

    – Overheard a lil mousey whisper about someting wong anti virus memory ribonucleic acid jabberdos. same lil mousey was overheard mentioning that USAF has similar problems – seems they made Everyone take the BAD SCIENCE = InFLAMation jabberdo.

    Makey no sense US military studying ,testing Hypersonics – when they can just sit back and wait for the Russians to deliver a brand new one – right Up their collective keisters. See 9/11 – usaf – Senior Staff= BLACK hats/asshats.
    If only we could figure out decent/workable resource allocation program in this country. Southwest is bout to go critical, as in aint no more water behind the big dam. So hard into tech cant see the “any truth” of the matter regards our living,breathing, thinking planet. So while the Coast with Most (EAst) soonly has toooo much – Southwest dies off from lack of Water…and we were taught the “dustbowl” era was brutal. Perhaps that history lesson was a shaping op for things to come.

  5. So, about those hypersonics…

    To begin with, None of this is classified. The main effort right now involves 5 launch sites in the western U.S. (the usual suspects) with a single impact area at White Sands. Some of these weapons are ground launched and some are aircraft launched.

    I’ll save you the minutiae, but at this point the ground launcher hasn’t even been developed and the whole thing is mired in the overly (and stupidly) complicated environmental impact assessment process. We’re easily two years from having that completed. The FAA Union morons are getting to say their piece, which turns out is some of the dumbest shit I’ve ever heard. Too make it even more entertaining, there are over 80 native tribes under the individual flight corridors. Not that they care, mostly, but some liberal lawyer will attempt to cash in if you commit the capital offense of not properly following ‘the rules’ in regards to notifying some victim group of something that doesn’t affect them and that they don’t care about.

    At this point in the larger game I have serious doubts that this effort will ever finish and none of us will care because we’ll all be dead.

    We’ve met the enemy and he is us.

  6. It is estimated that there are over 38 mm ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS in the country which has increased by 2.2 mm since Biden took the White House. As George mentioned, the Biden administration is not going to renew Title 42 of the Public Health Act which has allowed the Border Patrol to immediately remove from the country all military aged men under health concerns. The Border Patrol and U.S. Senators are estimating that within 6 weeks of Title 42 expiring May 23rd, there will be an immediate surge of over 1.2 million new illegals crossing our border asking for asylum.

    The illegals are being sent to states that were typically red. According to Tommy Tuberville, Senator from Alabama, the first things the illegals ask for is: #1.Where do I go to sign up for Medicaid? #2.Where do we sign up for our other benefits #3.Where do I sign up to vote?

    The people crossing, are required to wear bracelets showing how much they owe to the criminal cartels. If not paid, they will kill them, their family, or put the girls into sex slavery.

    The New World Order, One World Government demons want one big melting pot. No borders, no historical culture. They are lowering the education of the populace, dissolving our culture and our mores, increasing lawlessness, and destroying our long-evolved culture by allowing unvetted masses of humanity to invade our country.

    Soros has created numerous organizations that support open borders worldwide. The Open Society Foundations is just one example. It’s goal is NOT to build a wonderful democratic world. It’s goal as demonstrated by their grants is to tear down borders and support radical organizations that want to change our system of government! Globalism-New World Order-Communism-Socialism is the goal. One big melting pot. A classless society except for the billionaire overlords, bankers, and mega corporations who rule at the top. Communism on steroids. Ever wonder where the Secretary of State Anthony Blinken came from—his parents are big contributors to Soros Open Society Foundations. And Soros was a big contributor through many different organizations to both Obama and Biden.

    It is the same thing they did to Europe letting all the Muslims in from Africa and the Middle East. Sweden has over 58% of the rapes committed by Muslims which now represent 4.9% of the population.

    These gang rapists that often kill their victims. It is also happening in Germany, Denmark, France and many other Euro countries. And many times they let these evil animals go with a slap on the wrist instead of a bullet in the head. They do not jail them or export many of them.

    +Liberals in these countries do nothing in the name of multi-culturism, social integration, social justice, liberalism, social progressivism, and a lack of tough laws. The progressive viewpoint is that the Muslims cannot control themselves because of where they are from and how they were raised. Even the ones that kill their victims? They are the Muslims that treat women like chattel in their home countries. These Muslim low-lifes are absolutely destroying Europe and their charming cultures that evolved over many centuries.

    +We have the same problem with criminals coming across our southern border i.e. gangs, murderers, rapists, drug dealers, cartels, and middle eastern terrorists. Biden does nothing while crime statistics are literally going through the roof. And why does sorry senile Biden want to take law abiding citizens guns? So we can be exposed to rampant crime and rape and break-ins like Europe?

    +Does anyone really believe that a majority of U.S. citizens want these open borders with increased criminal activity? Most politicians are a bunch of scumbags that are not for this country, but are only for themselves. Their biggest contributors need cheap slave labor. They only represent special interests. We need 2 terms max whatever the elected office! Goodbye Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, McConnell and all the other sorry representatives of America.

    • I’m really disappointed in Soros. Couldn’t even control the election in his own country. Got a Putin fanboy instead.

      • Could it be because Soros’ own country is wise to him and prohibited his activities in his (former) home country?

      • Soros’ “country” is the United States, where he’s done an exemplary job of controlling elections since 2006. Trump was an outlier, so he’s only 75% in Presidential elections, but in State and local elections he’s over 95%.

        Hungary is much smarter than we. They banned him and his many subversive organizations some years ago, from ever setting foot in their country.

      • “Could it be because Soros’ own country is wise to him and prohibited his activities in his (former) home country?”

        Hmmm… or more of an I DON”T WANT THAT HERE AT MY PLACE….

        Think about it.. the whisperer to the leaders of the world.. the man behind the curtain pulling the strings of the planet.. why would they make themselves a target.. even though everyone knows who the instigator’s are… they are not targets so keep the mess away from their own homes..that way when it goes to Hell.. its all in someone elses backyards not theirs..
        The only one that realized that is KIM in NK..and he openly will say hey.. I will drop one on you.. Why do you think that we are not doing more physically.. brandon doesn’t want delaware wiped off the earth.. he just had a fence built for goodness sake.. so become the cheerleader, if the game ball is damaged or they run out then give them more and keep it moving.. without any fear of it coming back to your own backyard. Putin’s threat of involving those that try to keep it out of their countries gave the threat but he realizes the implications globally for all mankind if he did involve the ones pushing the agenda….
        Imagine what if.. it became evident that the territory of the man behind the curtain realized that it was going to involve them..
        one thing to watch a war movie and comment on it.. It is quite another to be the one to be forced to be physically involved in one..

    • Excellent post, as always.

      We are completely fucked. There is no way out of this mess that doesn’t involve poverty, misery, death and destruction.

      Even if the entire corrupt government was changed out tomorrow, laws changed to reverse everyone of these destructive policies, remove all illegals, end foreign involvement in the country and get our finances in order it would be too late. The country is bankrupt financially and morally and brainwashed. It can’t be fixed.

      It’s over, folks.

      It’ll be Mad Max scenarios in many places. If you don’t look good in a mohawk and assless chaps you might be in trouble.

      • Maj13,
        Thanks. You are so right. Big cities will become war zones, and anyone living within a 250 mile radius better be armed. I have seen it for over 15 years. Mad Max scenarios like you said. When earth changes come very soon, coupled with the current weather modifications by the evil ones, it will only add to it.

      • “Thanks. You are so right. Big cities will become war zones,”

        They already are WTHS thanks to Antifa and BLM and defunding the police in the highest crime area’s..

      • @LOOB

        “They already are WTHS thanks to Antifa and BLM”


        It’s easy to be an animal when there’s no zookeeper to shove you into a cage.

        If we degenerate into MadMaxLand, the good guys will have more guns than the commies and nazis, and we’ll be pissed enough to use them frequently. The single hardest thing about being in a gunfight is when you realize the other guy also has a gun, and is also shooting at you.

        The single hardest things for a Gen XYZer will be to discover getting shot hurts, and you don’t respawn, or get do-overs or cheat codes…


        I can probably still rock the assless chaps, but I don’t have enough hair for a mohawk. I AM an expert or marksman with virtually every weapon which throws a projectile though — Will I be okay…?

    • Yo Tex,

      I feel ya , I see ya and I wouldnt want to be anybody in S. Texas/N.Mexico/Northern central America =whole Tex/Mex border.

      When you good ole “boys” gonna DO something bout it? So far you all have done squata..cept for some guardsmen called up during tRumps time, that and roll over and take it – very UNTexan of you all imho.

      The Pen is far less BLOODY than the Sword, and far less effective. The weapon of choice for the passive aggressive candied ass types.

      See the Eurodopes, they just stood around mouths agape, catching flies while while entire town populations from middle east (Syria/Irag/Kurds/lebanon/Yemin Fled/Migrated to and over ran once beautiful European cities.

      This entire community gave me a raft of scheisse for talking about Shooting Cans(Mexican-“Coyotes” for Sport 2 years ago.(new business model/tourism)..
      It was and still is The Solution. But what hell does noreaster Pennsyltucky Rifleman know shooting any thing ? duh-ooh.

      • ECU…Bullets know no borders. You boys up north will get the onslaught of these ILLEGALS in the near future. I suggested to some Washington D.C. dumbasses years ago that we build fences with mined no-man’s land in between. One friend’s, a Congressman, wife thought that was horrible. So I suggested machine gun nests that are remote controlled. She walked away. Obviously not a Daughter of the Defender’s of the Alamo.

      • WTHS:

        I always thought we should use Phalanx, on towers a mile apart, chambered for 5.56* and programmed to kill everything bigger than a squirrel. Then plant a field of those fancy subterranean detector transducers like we use around our embassies. Combined with a drilling rig and prepackaged C-4, after a few attempts, I’m guessing such an arrangement would do wonders to discourage both border-rushing and tunneling.

        Put up a row of warning signs, printed in every language, some loudspeakers playing multilingual recordings, then only go to the border every month or two to blow a tunnel or change the magazines in the guns.

        Then adjust the Federal sentence for “human-trafficking” to 30 years in the slam, plus a $10mln fine — Just in case someone thinks they want to fly illegals in.

        *GD’s design on the Phalanx CIWS allowed for not just the M-61 (20mm), but for a gatling gun chambered in .223, .30, or .50 cal, as well as a 30mm cannon. I don’t know whether Raytheon carried this over to the Centurion (Army/land version of the Phalanx) when they took over or not, but I’d assume they did, since a 5.56 or 7.62 round would be of much more value to ground troops than it would, shipboard troops or seamen.

    • I’ve been saying a lot of this stuff for years. You’re more-eloquent than I, so maybe folks will pay attention when you say it…


      “The illegals are being sent to states that were typically red. ”

      I, personally, think Abbott should not leave it up to the Feds, but should take it upon himself to deliver these illegal aliens — and deliver them to Dover and D.C., Trenton and Hartford, Chicago and SanFran, and any place else that’s a bastion of leftist elitism or “sanctuary thought.”

      I HATE the term “illegal immigrants” because it is both stupid and inaccurate. They are not “immigrants,” they are “migrants” and once they cross our border illegally, they cease being migrants and become aliens or invaders, and nothing else.

      Excellent post, as always….

      • Well, sonofabitch, if Abbott didn’t announce today that he’d be catching every illegal he could, and putting them on buses bound for D.C.!!!

        ‘Makes me wonder, George, if he or one of his staff are frequent fliers, here…

      • LOL LOL LOL LOL I was just visiting with a guy that was down in the dumps sad…
        He had gotten married.. sold his paid off house.. married a migrant from africa.. they had a child.. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL… she got her green card.. and wham.. she was gone.. LOL LOL LOL.. now he is paying a huge amount for child support etc.. and all sad..
        the one that kills me is years ago.. a guy (son of a friend of mine) went to a big city in a job.. made friends with a woman.. she was pregnant.. dam they were really in love he brought her home.. she had the child and they were together for a long time.. she had the baby of course the kid grew up to about two.. when one day he came home.. she was gone.. no note nothing he didn’t know what happened to her..
        he was in deep grief.. when there was a knock on the door.. her sister ( pregnant) stopped to visit her sister.. he said I don’t know what happened to her.. blah blah blah.. his sister the deep caring woman she was comforted him through his dark days.. and they became friends.. eventually wed…. LOL LOL LOL she of course had a baby girl sweetest young lady you could see.. the baby got to be about three.. when he comes home.. his wife and his baby girl.. ( not his of course) were gone.. not a note not a word nothing..
        then one day he gets this message from a television show.. Jerry.. LOL LOL LOL… would he be a guest on the show the girls wanted to talk with him.. LOL LOL LOL… he goes they pay for his trip out there and the everything.. only to find out that the show was about guys that get involved with women that had gotten pregnant by some guy that didn’t want to support them or the kids.. LOL LOL both girls were the babies of the same bumb in a big city LOL LOL and of course they took my friends kid to the cleaners and he had to pay for them.. because of the state laws.. so while he paid for them.. he had to sleep in the back of his station wagon LOL LOL LOL..
        I still razz him from time to time and was an instant fan.. just waiting for the episode with him in it.. LOL the girls are all grow up now but it still is funnier than heck.. LOL LOL..

    • Not enough resources to control the border or crime, here’s a little story for you.

      I Was bass fishing yesterday at a small public lake a few miles from my house. Pre-spawn bass fishing definitely a good time. This lake is about 1500 acres at full pool, very pretty and peaceful, lots of wildlife, hawks, bald eagles, bobcats, coyotes and there is beautiful 6 point buck that I see every once in a while (no hunting there as this is a county park). So I was fishing by myself and not another soul within sight, 1mile from where you could park so I hiked into my favorite secret spot.I had been fishing for maybe an hour and I heard some footsteps behind me and when I turned around there were 2 guys standing there dressed in full tactical gear, black fatigues,boots,bullet proof vests full with magazines, radios, pistols. One of them had a M4, and the biggest German shepherd I have ever seen. These guys were geared up for a
      major battle. They said they were game wardens and that they had watched me there a few times over the last month ( I have never seen these guys before) and since they were here can we check your fishing license. I showed them my license of course, they apologized for bothering me and said have a nice day. Don’t get me wrong I have no problem with checking fishing licenses (I have been fishing for over 50 years and have never had to show my license, ever) what the hell does a little county lake in Riverside county, CA. warrant this kind LE force. They have the funds for this but can’t control the border or out of control crime, what a joke. Unfortunately this missuse of tax payer money is only gonna get worse.
      Were Scewed…

      • Some years ago Interior, Forest Service, USDA, hell even Social Security and NOAA, got bucketloads of money, specifically for guns, ammo, and tactical gear. My meteorologist cousin has a government-issued SIG and pretty much all the ammo she can shoot… There have been a smattering of “game warden” stories for at least the last 10 years.

        With that said, those were more-likely US Marshals or CBP, or CHP-tactical dudes, looking for someone in particular, or a smuggling or drug-running operation (hence the dog), and they checked your ID to make sure you were not on their BOL list (and also to enter you into a “witness” database.)

        Did they show you an ID?

      • When I was in the Navy I and some friends went trout fishing in a local water supply pond up in Washington state around Bremerton. This was back in the early 80s so no militarized LE units around. Didn’t think about licenses but fishing there was “verboten” anyway. Did not take long to get what we needed as the fish bit on just about every cast resulting in absolutely the best trout I’ve ever tasted when we got back to my friends’ apartment. Wouldn’t do that again in this day an age for anything now, though.

      • I love to go fishing.. but dam I hate to catch anything.. then I have to clean them.. so when I go fishing.. the only one with a hook on their lines is the kids.. my job is to watch them have fun put my feet in the water and read a book and enjoy a cold drink .. while the kids have fun.. great times ..

  7. “Another world is possible.”

    So claims the electioneering slogan of rising left wing French presidential candidate Jean-Luc Mélenchon. According to France24, Mr. M. will address the public tonight from his northern base in Lille. He will also appear personally via hologram in 11 other cities. Scottie, prepare the transporter room for a visitor?

    Let’s definitely maybe spin the dial back to that oasis in Texas as DJ Ure launches another supersonic hit from the goldmine.

  8. Karnak the Magnificent is on line 2 for Ollie Gark? The I Ching portends ka-ching for some? I don’t know what rate the Russian central bank was offering when it doubled its gold holdings five years ago. However it is apparently willing to pay ?5000 per gram from now until June 30th which is perhaps around US$300 below the current market price. Who knows if Turkey got a call from a friend seeing that a World Gold Council report out today shows Turkey as a frontrunner in gold buying so far in 2022? Of course, “all that glitters…”

  9. How much bullsheet from a broke bunch of fools led by a dead vegetable pedo the world take . Hell has opened its gates and you wander in going la la la yada yada yada. Gold will save us !!! Fing idiots . You know nothing about gold or what it means. Fools . Hope when Vlad hits yous he leaves Augusta. Only good place in the swamp of conmen , moles and robots . Just evil scum. Go on be facists suits yous . Klaus will give you an extra star

    • Lenster – it should be celebration time for You these days…Commodity Trading Houses are going KAPUT!
      In desperate needz for bailouts from central slave banks – Polzar at CS is figuring they cant last much longer…what happens to global food supplies after commercials go belly up ?

  10. Sadly the US I grew up in is not the one that exists today. Today the US is a country that is involved in FOREVER Wars, if one ends another almost immediately begins. The CIA is notorious for pushing forward Sadist Terrorists for whatever plot it wants to execute next.

    The Taliban were a CIA /Saudi Arabia creation, and nope unlike what VP Cheney said multiple times Sadam Hussein had nothing to do with the (Sunni) Taliban or 9/11 – in fact the Taliban and Sunni fundamentalists HATED him as much as Cheney and Bush did.

    ISIS was a CIA /Saudi Arabia /Israel creation. In fact the US’s CIA is STILL actively involved with ISIS … and ISIS fighters are still reported as getting treated by Israeli hospitals at times before they go back to fight again.

    Libya’s chaos was a direct result of the CIA’s involvement in Libya and the overthrow of Gaddafi which is what led Libya into the chaos it is in today.

    As for the current situation in Ukraine … well that can be traced back to the overthrow of the ELECTED government of Ukraine in 2014, with only 5 months before the next scheduled election, for which the US is reported to have invested several Billion Dollars, in addtion to the use of it’s CIA operatives, in order to accomplish.

    Iraq … 400,000 to 700,000 DEAD CIVILIANS killed by the US and it’s allies, which the MSM here NEVER complained about, in addition to the fighters we killed (some reputable agencies say it is actually over a million civilians)

    Afghanistan … 125,000 to 200,000 dead CIVILIANS – virtually all killed by the US and it’s allies, virtually ALL from AFTER Osama Bin Laden had left the country, which the MSM here NEVER complained about, in addition to the fighters we killed.

    The US has become the biggest War Mongering Nation on the planet … if it doesn’t do it directly then it has it’s Ruthless Lacky’s do the job for it. WAR has become THE export business of the United States. Not cars, not industrial goods, not consumer goods, … WAR is what we export.

    My oldest son is in the military, thank goodness his job merely involves fixing transport aircraft since if he was one of their now clearly MERCENARY Hired Killers I would have to tell him to GET OUT of the Killing Civilians Business or never talk to me again.

    The Vietnam Vets got a bum deal, really bum deal, fighting in a War that Johnson and the NeoCONS of the day lied to get us into.

    Today’s Combat Vets are being treated like hero’s when in reality THEY are the ones who should be treated like the Vietnam Vets were.

    The Kill rate of Civilians vs. SO CALLED Enemy Combatants, who in reality were resisting a US invasion of THEIR towns and villages, in Iraq and Afghanistan was been about 5 CIVILIANS for every 1 Combatant. (some estimates actually put it up at 8 to 1). No amount of US Flag Waving is going to change the facts that WE WERE NOT THE GOOD GUYS in those Wars, with our killing civilians willy nilly without a moral concern in the world.

    Combat Vets from Iraq 2 or Afghanistan after 2003? … don’t even get me started. I do NOT celebrate HIRED MERCENARIES KILLING CIVILIANS no matter what flag they clothe themselves with. They do NOT have my respect.

    • Who needs to inspect our own atrocities on behalf of (corporations wrapped up in banners reading ) “freedom” in far flung places.
      Slow Joe pix with OBiden today fit Nostradamus “Dark Prince” concept to a tee – which means you just watch O’s resurrection and the Dark Prince and false peace ahead of the Big War – where’s Stu…clocks running?

      All scripted long ago – why else would O have gotten a Nobel…none of my Black friends got one…come on peeps.

      Mind boggling how a mystic 400 years ago gets more right stating into a pot of black oil than contemporary idjits staring into phones. God-almighty. ain’t we the super conscious?

    • “The Vietnam Vets got a bum deal, really bum deal, fighting in a War that Johnson and the NeoCONS of the day lied to get us into.”

      You are correct, but not accurate:

      To be accurate, there was no such thing then, as a “neocon.” There was a huge fight in the Democratic Party in the late 1960s. Some dems favored nationalist socialism (fascism), others favored internationalist socialism (communism), none had the balls to admit from where their ideologies came.

      The fight became a schism, and between 1969 and 1973 many of the fascists left the Democratic Party to join the Republican Party. It is these fascists who became known as the New Conservatives, or “Neoconservatives.”

      LBJ was a traditional leftist Democrat; Robert McNamara was a nationalist Democrat. If you served in Vietnam, or are close to someone who did, you probably heard the term: “McNamara’s War.”

      Although McNamara himself didn’t jump Parties, it was a lot of the Democrats who thought like him, who eventually did, to become the first neocons…

    • “Sadam Hussein had nothing to do with the (Sunni) Taliban or 9/11 – in fact the Taliban and Sunni fundamentalists HATED him as much as Cheney and Bush did.”

      unfortunately .. He was against the pipeline.. and so was the taliban.. I was reading a story I think it was in the look magazine.. about clinton over there pushing for the pipeline.. and they all told him no way were they going to allow that pipeline to be built by the great satan.. next thing you know the twin towers went down and Hussein was killed because of war crimes and they built the pipeline.. sounds similar to nordstream 2 the same with kadafi.. his people were much better off with him .. then he was tried for war crimes and killed and the gold he had was confiscated.. I believe they called it the football..
      what was it a thousand tons of gold LOL.. most of it still missing..

      what gets me.. as easy as algae is to harvest and convert to oil.. and easy to grow.. why in the hell are we so willing to go destroy another country for it..
      I had tilapia and aquaponics setup.. I had read that tilapia loved algae and duck week.. well I had an auto mated feeding system.. so I only checked them every three days.. so on a friday.. I had gotten a couple of teaspoons of algae.. tossed it in the tank…. dam I thought I should have gotten more.. went in on monday morning to fill the feeder.. and wow.. it reaked.. the tank was full.. of this crap.. It took me a couple days to clean the stuff out of it.. and it almost killed the fish.. so it is super easy to grow.. and ton’s of it..
      when it is processed.. you get the crude.. the natural gas from it.. and the ash left over is charcoal.. which we all know that under pressure and heat makes coal.. so why all the killing over something that can be grown and harvested cheaply.. another thing is the island of plastic the size of texas.. everyone knows plastic is oil.. and can be harvested cheaply.. getting it may be costly.. but processing it is not an issue.. which this all baffles me to no ends.. there isn’t an energy shortage at all..

  11. The S&P500., Dow, NASDAQ, Russell2000 and my Aggregate Index all took a dive today and all closed below their 85 dma.

    • It was a little slower arriving, but if you go back to my “wrong way fake out rally and then the real direction emerges” comments, this is when the wimmen and chilluns get back in the lifeboats and stay the hell out of anything paperized…

  12. I’ll have to start following Elon on Twitter again. I guess only libtard billionaires are allowed to speak freely. Lets hope times are changing for the better. A congressional investigation into monopolization of twitter is next. Will that be sufficient enough to bury the sausage under a congressional investigative seal? Why all the panic? Bratt’s on the BBQ.. It’s whats for dinner LOL.

    Everything has a design pattern. MAGA

  13. Smart ass write when you get rich . Ohh you’ll get rich alright just short the guts out of the dog . Hayburners . And just to think you locked up madoff! Turn on cnbc there are another 100 there you can lock up . Eh and Klaus and the gang want this wreck

  14. I think the reason we got Kamala for Vice President is because Obama has the hots for her. What other reason could there have been to choose someone so bad for the job!

  15. Len,

    For the life of me, I can’t understand what the hell language you speak in. Other than the word “sheet”, I am lost. I think we all agree that we are witnessing a sheet show and turds are falling all around us. Our politicians are taking us down the road to perdition but there are folks on this website including Ures truly and others that help me understand what is happening. It helps preserve what’s left of my sanity.

    Please direct me to you dictionary and thesaurus. I would love to read them.

    • OTFLMAO…….


      Oh the dandelion wine is really good.. the wife says it isn’t sweet enough ( I didn’t back sweeten it because I thought it was good the way it was) but dam I like it.. funny thing is .. it is real citrusy which surprises me a lot..

  16. Slovakia agrees to pay for Russian gas in rubles

    Slovakia will pay for Russian natural gas in rubles if that’s what it takes to keep the commodity flowing, Slovak Economy Minister Richard Sulik has said on national television.

    Gazprom Halts Gas Shipments To Europe Via Critical Pipeline

    After European nations imported the most gas from Russian sources yesterday in months, scrambling to stock up on supplies as Russian President Vladimir Putin’s deadline to either pay for gas in rubles (or be cut off) came and went, Russian gas giant Gazprom has officially halted all deliveries to Europe via the Yamal-Europe pipeline, a critical artery for European energy supplies.

    The Hunter Biden Floodgates Have Opened

    With all of the drug use and underage sexual abuse found on Hunter Biden’s laptop, there is a sobering truth that should concern every single American citizen and thus every human on planet Earth.

    There is massive evidence of the funding of biowarfare labs connected to the then-Vice President Joe Biden, the Pentagon, and their stooge Hunter Biden on the laptop now reluctantly entered into Congressional evidence.


    Breaking: Recently Unredacted Documents Prove Pfizer & FDA Knew Antibody-Dependent Enhancement Occurring in Vaccinated

    The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has released another batch of internal Pfizer documents under court order showing even more evidence that Pfizer and the FDA knew of the antibody dependent enhancement (ADE) phenomenon and tried to cover it up. The trove of 11,000+ pages of documents, released on April 1, reveal both agencies knew that vaccine-induced ADE was occurring and worked to cover it up by claiming “no new safety issues have been raised.”

    The Infowars links are for LOOB’s pleasure.

    Notice, Slovakia is now on-board with the petroruble thing. What nobody’s mentioning is Bulgaria and Romania are also, as is Moldova. If’fn yer a SE Urepeein leader, going out of lockstep with the EU might get the cheeseaters pist at you, but freezing your population and forcing them to drink shit will likely get you dead.

    • “There is massive evidence of the funding of biowarfare labs connected to the then-Vice President Joe Biden, the Pentagon, and their stooge Hunter Biden on the laptop now reluctantly entered into Congressional evidence.”

      How about the thirty grand a month for a mansion to rent for the protection team.. plus the rent of the mansion that the pedo is living in and all the wages for his security squad.. LOL LOL
      then to find out even if they do go on this.. its already known that the whole family venture will be presidentially pardoned LOL LOL.. just keeps getting better every day..
      and who says there isn’t any loyalty among criminal elements LOL

  17. George, add more to your ‘overburdened taxpayer rant’, $1.7 million in Secret Service costs for Trump’s adult children and 3 top admin officials after he left office:

    China may be amenable to Putin, but Putin’s war is screwing China anyway:

    A Tale of Two Sistahs (Matt Groening, there’s a name for a ‘Simpsons’ episode!), yep, Lisa’s son killed by LAPD, claims she can’t get help from Cullors/BLM:

    Jared Kushner (Trump’s son-in-law) also wanting big cash help from Qatari and China, makes Hunter’s deals look like chump change:

  18. Comrades,

    Seventy eight years following the ambush and death in April 1944 by fascist ultra-nationalist Ukrainian forces against Soviet Army General and liberator of Kiev, Nikolai Vatutin, possibly a measure of revenge can be seen in the tragic events unfolding in Bucha. Apparently Kiev city council voted to change the name of General Vatutin Avenue to Roman Shukhevych Avenue in 2017. The latter was a fascist commander responsible for exterminating 100,000 Polish civilians prior to his final elimination in 1950.

    It’s kind of curious that the Western satellite images of Bucha bodies had been out in the public domain for some weeks only to be promoted by the msm now. Possibly the UN didn’t have an earlier slot than today available for the Servant of the People to make his plea.

    One imagines the European Union’s EUvsDisinfo website available through its three California ip addresses will be updated shortly to explain everything. Please help yourself to some tea and a dainty while you wait.

  19. I believe this market topped last week. The slow as molasses movement actually did 5 waves down (in the S&P500) and retraced 62% in 3 waves, turning today to confirm the top. If course, we have to break the 4507 previous low (it is almost there) to say this has started, but I’ve been paying attention and short from near the high last week.

      • So far we have an equal length ABC correction. Well a little lower after the FOMC minutes whipsaw. EOD it’s retraced 38/2 from yesterday’s top. Can start another one down, bottom & turn up, or 3 wave larger bounce to 4253 & come down from there. Lots of options, but ultimately I think direction will still be down targeting 4380’s next. If that goes, a new low is possible. AAPL should pay a visit to 168, maybe 165. If those levels break, see you down in the 145’s or 137 because it’s likely a 3/3/5 flat up, which will retrace all the way and then some.

        My concern is even though I had 4637 measured correctly, 4655 should have been the top. A few others missed targets as well ie TSLA should have done 1188, and when they miss, we sometimes see corrections like this, then another burst up with a higher target next. I hope this party is getting started to the downside, tough to tell. Had it right past few days, a little cloudier now.

  20. They chose her to be sure that the president would not be tossed out. the worst of the two with Nancy becoming vise president in a move up You think we are screwed now just imagine that.

  21. Matt drudge can take a flying f to facism . Looks like that ageing dog sheet , Obama , goes white in sun is back . The commie hawain Nigerian or fing alien president back to run the show for Klaus . Where’s Fauci ?argentina or New Mexico with epstein

  22. Quick hits from Russia:

    UNSC: India Calls for Independent Probe Into Bucha Events

    Clip Allegedly Portraying Ukrainian Troops Posing With Murdered Captured Soldiers Circulating Online

    Soviet-era’s last US envoy to Moscow comments on war atrocities accusations against Russia

    North Korea reveals nuclear red-line

    Japan discloses revised military plans

    Russia to see record capital inflow this year – reports

    Germany will plunge into recession if Russian gas and oil are cut off, the country’s top bank warned on Monday.

    US warns of Chinese nuclear breakthrough


    1.) Ukraine says Russia massacred Bucha people; Russia says Ukraine did it. I’m tending to believe Russia, at least WRT the “dead people in the streets” because they left five days before the “massacre” photos were taken. The Russians left on 3/30. Bucha’s Mayor announced the Russians were gone and life was returning to normal, on 4/1. On 4/2 the Azholes came in and “cleaned the town.” This was 3 days after Russian soldiers left, and two days before the photos were taken.

    I find it hard to believe the citizenry and the Azov Battalion left those bodies out in the street to rot for five days, and harder to believe if they were there, the Mayor said nothing about them on April 1st.

    That not to say Russia isn’t committing atrocities — just that Bucha has a bunch of inconsistencies and looks like a frame-up.

    2.) This is actually scary because Yo Jong is a singularly vicious and soul-less person — much more dangerous than her brother Kim Jong Un. The Young Un is apparently giving her more power and responsibility.

    3.) Japan has a black budget for the first time, and their military spending has increased a bunch. I suspect (#2) to be as big a contributing reason as the Chinese jacking around in the Senkaku Islands.

    4.) We sanction Russia, Russia’s economy both increases and becomes healthier.

    5.) First the Chancellery warns, now DB warns — and Biden wants a new round of sanctions…

    6.) Apparently China is testing a hypersonic glider capable of carrying a nuke for several-thousand-miles.

    Can y’all hit these Pravda and Russia Today links or are you firewalled out?

  23. You wrote of the 25-20 rule in PN a good while back in this way (quoting you) –

    “Market declines are NOT symmetrical in how they inflict damage. Many people don’t understand that critical -yet elementary/simple math lesson.” …
    soon afterwards adding
    “Just between us, I’ve often wondered if this little asymmetry between winning percentages and losses isn’t why in Nature all things age…and my, oh, my, could we ever have a long drawn-out couple of cold ones and a Kush on that, huh?”

    I’ve been quietly (until now) hoping that you’ll return to the subject and share more about that latter insight.. having cold ones and Kush together would be nice too for that matter.

    Keep up the good work, George. I continue to enjoy your musings.

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