ShopTalk Sunday: Pirate Radio and Audio Workflows

The past couple of Sunday’s we have covered how to build a really nice sound conditioned room for your home listening enjoyment.  And last weekend, we got into the nuts and bolts of getting a computer equipped with a DAW and learning a bit about that side of things.

Today, we will talk about owning continuous programming and what can be done with such systems.  Including – yes – pirate radio.

The HUGE Disclaimer

Before we get into the Pirate Radio discussion, however, it’s worth your time to study up on what is in the FCC regs about low power Part 15 devices and what Carrier Current radio systems are all about.

Suitable backgrounder material is here: Low Power Radio – General Information | Federal Communications Commission (

As you look over the rules, realize that “pirate radio” means different audience potential, depending on?  *(Location, location, location.)  I’m virtually certain that when I fire up a (Part 15 compliant) FM station in our studio it will not get to anyone’s home except our own.  In fact, the FCC limits don’t even get all the way out our driveway, let alone down to the county road (1,500 feet away).

On the other hand, a very weak FM stereo signal gets from the studio here out to the shop building (about 65-feet line of sight) to an old Sony stereo we had on the sailboat a million years ago.  My music, to fit my mood, in my shop.  Yep, that works, it’s legal and not too hard to set up.  Point to point deal that doesn’t tie up a computer in the shop and I don’t need to bribe Alexa for $9 a month to hear…

On the other hand, if you live in a crowded apartment building – in high density urban settings, a 200-foot “ball of radio” might give coverage into dozens of apartments.  Depending on whether the building contractors put the place up with foil or kraft paper faced wall insulation…

If you ignore the Commissions limits, you put yourself at risk.

Now, having said that, in the event the federal government becomes disabled and unable to function?  Well, Brave New World time.  Which is about the only condition where one of those 5 to 7-watt FM transmitters you can buy on eBay might ever become useful.

But, as we know from watching revolutions in faraway lands, media outlets are the electronic high ground.  In a real end of the world situation?  You will want stealth and not be rocking out on Pirate Radio.


There IS a perfectly legal (and enjoyable) by-product of setting up many of the basics of a Pirate Radio station:  You can inexpensively (read: free or close to it) way to build your own customizable playlists with time, temperature, and even news and jingles, if you want.

So, our focus is not on getting you to buy a transmitter off Amazon (like this one).  It is getting 24/7 music in the kind of rotation that makes you happy.

Let’s Begin with “Radio Lingo”

We begin by envisioning a perfect hour of radio programming.  We will assume a modest library of songs which will be divided into several categories.

  • Hit-bound new releases.  Stuff that’s just out, has “buzz” and people are talk about and humming already.
  • Top 10:  These are established hits.
  • Top 20:  Still solid and fun to listen to.
  • Top 40:  These are in the #20-#40 list
  • Recurrents:  #41 down to #100
  • Oldies:  Stuff you’re sick of hearing (Hey Jude comes to mind). But there was a time when…

You’re OBVIOUSLY too important to be a radio station program director (who do very little actual work, by the way).  So just be guided by the Billboard Hot 100 – Billboard Magazine. They are more visionaries for a “sound”.

Now you have a “play list” that can be organized the way you like.


Radio programming is all about fitting the right music into a playlist to attract the biggest number of valuable listeners.  Sure, sure, K-9 Kid Power Radio sounded cute, but in reality, it’s the 18-49 is the demographic with money.

During his career as program director at KFRC, Les Garland was rumored to have told a young reporter who interviewed for a news job there in 1972, or so, that the secret to running a great radio station was not “giving people what they need” or, for that matter, “giving people what they wanted.”  Nope.

In his considered opinion, the art of programming was “Giving people what they thought they were getting.

Deeply Zen? Garland was the glue that held KFRC (and a lot of other stations) together in the 70’s.

How this relates to the home studio?

Well, you have to get clear on “What it is you think you’re getting.”

What would YOUR radio station sound like?

There was a time when waking up to Arthur Brown’s Fire at full volume, or the Stone’s Start Me Up was the ideal way to awaken.  Within sight of being 74, my wake-up protocol has, shall we say, evolved a bit.

Dayparting at one point meant no “Guess Who” before 10 AM.  Go figure.

Radio Station Software

If you don’t want to build a “radio station” – and you just want to segue (seg-way) – roll one tune after another, load up Windows Media Player and have fun.

BUT if you want to program a bit, you’ll need a software platform to help you along.

A REASONABLE starting point is Zara Radio which comes in several versions.

Start with their download page and roll into ZaraRadio 1.6.2 for Windows. Download the user manual, too.  We won’t get too deeply into the nuts and bolts here.

But, here’s a high-level workflow for you:

  • Download and install the software.
  • Open and under options make sure you have routed sound from your computer sound card (line out) out to the transmitter of your choice.
  • Optionally, along the way, you can insert a limiter/compressor:
  • Set the limiter/compressor so that the FM low power unit doesn’t sound any different (loudness) than a commercial FM station nearby.  That will get you in the ballpark.
  • Now you’ll begin adding music.  Selecting from play lists over on the left side…
  • you will insert into the playlist.  It will then pop up in the right (ready for air) panel like so:
  • Next in your workflow will be adding some jingles.  Most people arrange these by tempo (F/S would be a “fast to slow” transition., for example):


Did Dr. Ure say “Jingles? (And not reference the Andy Devine character?  “Who?” Tell me you’re old enough to remember The Adventures of Wild Bill Hicok with his sidekick Andy Devine playing Jingles P. Jones?)

Yes – stay with me here – Jingles.  Radio Jingles.

Try to remember your favorite station jingle and see if they are on Youtube.  This is why we taught you how to use your DAW (Audacity) first.  So, you could capture jingles from Youtube and edit them down to something useable on your “dream station” build on the non-commercial Zara Radio platform.

Here are some (Garland era) KFRC jingles: KFRC 610 San Francisco – KFRC Drake Jingles – Late 1960s – YouTube.  One of my favorites is at 1:11.

Another one that’s easy to extract is Radio Jingles | Sky Radio | autumn 2021 – YouTube.

All of these have enough pad so you can edit them into useful MP3s in Audigy.

With Christmas coming, adding the keyword Christmas to a jingle search in YT will find goodies like SKY RADIO – XMAS Jingles (2019) – YouTube.

And you might want to have some Christmas ads, perhaps?  Coca Cola Christmas commercial 2010 HD (Full advert) – YouTube or maybe the 1997 Coca Cola Christmas 1997 USA 60 – YouTube.

Or maybe a little stronger beverage? This Bud’s for You Extended Version – YouTube

Point is, read the Zara manual and you’ll get a ton of additional ideas on what to add to your “personal radio station.”

Psst.  Want to add a time stream? WWV Simulator (

Got a news site streaming in, too?  Live Stream News Radio | Free Internet Radio | TuneIn

Workflows are Everything

Zara is a dandy radio-automation tool to fire your own studio everywhere sound system.  So, you can even listen in the car in your driveway.  But now that you have this studio, you can do so much more.  Like podcasts,

You may find you’ll need more capacity for jingles and sound effects for “bits” – and today you can even pick up tools that mimic the old N.A.B. style cartridge machines for playing commercials, jingles, and other short content.  See Black Cat Systems and PlayIt System’s CartWall.

Only thing that’s missing (since you have now built an automated radio station?

Oh, you could start up an internet music stream, but be warned once the sounds leave your home, better look into music licensing rights from ASCAP and BMI.

Piping music into the shop?  No sweat.  My music, radio never leaves our property.  Setting up a low power station in a busy apartment area?  Well, gets interesting.  Streaming radio, though?  Lots and lots of pitfalls can get you.  And when comes to Low Power FM, the FCC is all about measurement, performance, and compliance.  Which spells time and money.

But if the end of the world shows up, you now know what it will take to get that laptop studio scaled into being a post-apocalyptic shortwave powerhouse, to save the few survivors on the rock, huh?

Write when your ears stop ringing,

56 thoughts on “ShopTalk Sunday: Pirate Radio and Audio Workflows”

  1. Your shop-talk sundays are like a time machine. Back in the early 80’s we really wanted a pirate radio station. No one would tell us how to do it because it was all “super secret” and “you could get into alot of trouble. So…we used a Mr. Microphone as our exciter. It was tunable to anywhere on the FM dial. We just picked a freq down low where no one else was. Fed that into a home made linear amp with 2 mrf 134 mosfets as the finals. Back fed that into my parents ultra deep fringe TV antenna on top of a 75 ft tower with a rotator. Picked up an old mixer desk at the local radio station they had in storage. Did few mixed tapes on 120 min cassettes. Got a mic and the decks patched into the mixer-and we were “on the air”.
    Our signal was pretty good for about 4 blocks all around, but we could get close to 10 miles of the front of the “beam”. We (stupidly?) started taking requests from our neigbours using our parents phone number. Got a couple friends to call in requests for a couple nights.
    Never got any feedback (pun?) from anyone. Lost interest after a couple months. But it worked!

    • LOL way back.. before they were for sale on the open market.. I built a satellite I wouldn’t have to watch the soap opera’s on tv it was my shoe box project while.. I was laid up.. and all I could hear in my mind was the jingle of the stomach churns.. ..
      the dish when I finished it .. dwarfed the house.. and building the system took parts that I had to order special.. it took months the total cost of that project at the time was around two hundred dollars give or take a few bucks.. that I really didn’t have to spend.. but I bought it one piece at a time for the costlier parts I collected pop bottles and beer bottles.. the cash I made out of that is what I used to buy the components…. I put the receiver in an old cigar box the tuning knobs were from an old bw television…… then a good month to calibrate the LNA.. ( the commercial can you hear me now.. hits a trigger with me.. because I was on a ladder yelling out.. can you see anything now LOL ) I will never do it again.. it was a once in a lifetime experience.. heck the sheriff stopped by to see how I could afford such a contraption.. and so did some other not as friendly gentlemen that asked me who taught me how to build it.. I was glad to hand over all my tandy radio shack books and ball of string LOL..
      In the end it was a good experience.. today you can get much better equipment right from the trash of any one of the satellite tv dealers most of them are built to receive a much lower signal but.. heck I do not believe that it wouldn’t take much to convert them to whatever you wanted…. anyway at the time it was kicking and improved our quality of life.. two or three years later.. you could buy them.. the cost was outlandish I think it was something like fifteen thousand for what I paid two hundred to build… the circuit boards was the second toughest part besides the calibration of the system…. I had to make them using a diamond tipped pen.. the same pen I used to etc. cups and bottles.. Not used at all today.. but its still here been in the drawer for over fifty years waiting for me or one of the kids to get creative again…… sometimes I wonder if I could still do a reasonable work of art or plate..

  2. Ahh manic depressive psyops sheet . Yeah won’t fight it we are farked they are all on the payroll . Don’t read the bullsheet just say what you want and F off . Same bullsheet for years they just try and grind yah . Stick a short wave antenna up your and take signals

    • I was just telling one of my buddies on the ham radio roundtable this morning:

      “You see, it’s like politics. People piss away countless hours talking politics, but you can only do a damn thing about it in real terms about 2 minutes every 2 years when you vote.”

      Now, Len, the same thing is true about yammering and conspiracy thinking on gold, markets, and all such wise.
      You can only DO a damn thing when you can trade the market.

      The rest of the time, life happens – and for people like me, there’s our model building hobbies, our 3d printer and CNC, fine woodworking, home remodeling, advanced studies or whatever the whim is, and housework anmd chores – like working on my solar panels or farking around with my fm radio link to the shop. When I get done with all that, the lawn could use a trim, I need a haircut (I do my own) and so forth.
      ShopTalk Sunday is when we go over the “real stuff” which comprises the whole of life, not the narrow, greedy, self-centered taking money from people dumber than us.
      So, yea, we will stick up a shortwave antenna today, too.
      (It’s putting our Starlink dish on a ground-mounted support…)
      Get as much of while while you can. Its more than trading.

      Meds and sleep. Vitamins and a wide range of skills. That’s what Life’s all about.

  3. George,
    Another great article useful for SHTF, if we have enough time to order it from Amazon. My shop’s a Faraday Cage would be a great little Broadcast center. We all need to get more involved with the people around us. It will help 80%, it could hurt 20%, the helps have it. Getting ready for some rain. Serious burn piles waiting. Have a great Sunday George!

    • “My shop’s a Faraday Cage would be a great little Broadcast center.”

      Got fence rolls?

      Check out Brill’s “nest” in the warehouse, in the movie “Enemy of the State.” That is an accurate depiction of a Faraday cage designed to suppress long-pulse or continuous 600mHz – 6gHz, signals. (I’ve never noticed whether Brill runs his electronics off a battery or not. In a real cage, he would. EotS was a technically-accurate, although several generations behind our spooks’ actual tech, movie but I didn’t notice ALL the details.) A Faraday cage does not have to be solid. It has to be continuous, and grounded. Be aware, different size fence openings insulate the cage from different types and frequencies of EM energy.

    • I would like more info on “my shop’s a faraday cage.”

      Maybe a Sunday shop talk on this? Or does one already exist in the archives?

  4. “Meds and sleep. Vitamins and a wide range of skills. That’s what Life’s all about.”

    Amen George. Speaking of sleep, would you give us an update sometime on your sleep/dream/CPAP adventures. I continue to experiment (without a CPAP) and document my experiences. I don’t get the variations in blood oxygen levels that you do and have not been able to draw any conclusions.

    • You know..I had someone the other day ask me what I thought they should prepare for..

      I must have had a shocked look on my face.. because they said is it that confusing.. No.. its that you don’t put money into a box to take it with you.. you can’t prepare for everything that may come your way.. you prepare for the instant that what if you survived the SHTF scenario.. and to teach those around you how to make do with what is around them.. Not to fourish but quality of life.. I don’t need another camp stove.. or another tent heater.. I don’t need a compressed earthen block machine.. but.. if a shtf scenario does come.. I have one and the instructions on how to use it are in a sealed weather proof envelope in the press.. so in the event I am not here and houses and schools need to be made someone can do it simply enough.. its the teaching the people how to do it simply.. the more technical it is the least likely they are to do it.. in the end it is all about quality of life.. a box full of paper money is only good to burn ..for heat if society totally collapses.. during the Weimar depression money was cheaper to burn than wood children used them as toys….
      in the end you don’t get to keep it.. if you have anything and you haven’t doe a thing to put it to good use then it goes to the hospitals and doctors the medical institutions etc.. what it does for you while it is still of some value is help you to maintain a quality of life..
      you put away a food stock not to survive but in the event you survive.. in a nuclear conflict of the magnetude that the oligarches want .. or seem to be pushing is more on the order of.. IF I CANT HAVE IT THEN NO ONE WILL… what was it that wilson said.. we have beaten the living, but we cannot fight the dead… when I helped make the emergency plans for our community.. I did it with the we method.. no one better than another.. we survive as a community.. each has value each has talents.. If you are one of the unlucky ones to survive the catastrophic event that I see coming.. you need to have knoweledge to pass on.. what we have now is only temporary.. if we can teach someone how to better their life and prolong it.. simply then their quality of life continues on.. and there is a future for mankind.. the book.. WATERBORNE the water school story is one of the best examples.. a gentleman seen the need the misery and the waste.. he taught others how to produce and acquire good drinking water.. his gift to mankind.. a wonderful adventure.. that is what it is all about.. teach others so that they know and can move forward.. of course that is only my opinion.. the legacy you leave behind.. you cannot take it with you.. a paper with a large number on it in a shtf scenario is only just that one piece of paper.. instead give to mankind the things you know so that they to can survive and be successful in their search for a quality of life..

      • “You know..I had someone the other day ask me what I thought they should prepare for..”

        For an “end of the world” or real “shit hits the fan” scenario, you prepare in case you survive, and you do it in such a manner that if you don’t, someone else can use that which you left behind, to survive and learn, until THEY can take your place and lead other survivors out of the darkness.

  5. For Halloween one year (early 2000s), I placed a walkman attached to a couple of battery powered computer speakers at the end of our then 300′ driveway, and used a Ramsey FM transmitter to transmit spooky music (after finding an unused frequency, of course).

  6. Thought I’d stop by the shop and bullshit with ya …

    We all seemed a bit taken back last September when one of Nostradamus’ predictions didn’t manifest. A prediction that would lead to something worse. (I’m ok with not getting “worse” cuz shit’s bad enough as it is.)

    So, I’m scrolling through YouTube and this video is in the line. – Never heard of Dolores Cannon before, but … she talks about Nostradamus, so I watched it.

    I think she makes some interesting points here …

    Here’s a little bit about her …

    Ya’ll enjoy your Sunday :)

    • Delores is/was the Quantum Healing Hypnosis originator. I did a session with a level 2 practitioner little over a year ago. Currently working thru (listening) to the 2 hour long recording of my “higher self” answering questions I had written down and “therapist” asked me under deep hypnosis..

      I asked my higher self questions like – how did my Soul come to Earth 1st time, Where was It just prior to coming to Earth, how do I level up and become “SHEN” – my greatest wish!
      Who/What caused me to be thrown into this prison system (inverted reality) . Review process very “rewarding” on many different levels.

      1-conclusion so far…my higher self IS the”dude” 4 moi. .

      • THAT, Is Fascinating! I’d love to hear more about your experience, though I know it’s a personal journey … WOW.

        Thanks for that reply. love it !!

    • Dolores Cannon’s books are fascinating! I highly recommend them. My favorite episode from one of them was a man who regressed to a lifetime as a grain of wheat. He loved being waved around by breezes and feeling the sun and the rain. He loved it so much that, against the advice of his afterlife mentors, he kept returning as wheat. Sounded like a great life to me!

      Another person regressed to a lifetime as part of a machine on another planet. He was sad that the inhabitants didn’t recognize that he, too, was a real life form.

  7. Folks,
    I want to reinforce George’s statement about getting permissions/licenses from ASCAP and BMI. These people take the protection of music rights Very Seriously. As a librarian in higher ed. more than just a passing knowledge of the copyright law was part and parcel of my work. The draconian actions taken against violators was legendary in my community. If you have any ideas about going beyond the limits of the FCC get expert legal advice! Copyright law is deeper than you might think and most people are unaware of the legal powers ASCAP and BMI have.

    • Artists are due duty. Which is one reason we only use wiki commons and gra[phics and images in addition to our own. Same is going on with image recongition on the net and people who hold copyright do send demand letters Look up Getty Demand Letters on Google

      Same concept – infringement – and demands from anyone are a PITA and so we avoid them
      We like our “consigliere” tracking things like Russia moving hospital patients to underground bunkers this week, rather than being off point on infringement claims. Easily avoidable (look up derivative works) but easiest to avoid any screw-tinny

    • I generally prefer information to music, and getting permission for many podcasts is probably rather straightforward. I can’t for the life of me understand why a non-commercial radio station would interrupt information with stuff like jingles, commercials, voice overs, bumper music, and other time wasters. To the best of my understanding, information(across many fields), or hauntingly beautiful things such as classical Chinese female vocals are generally beyond the interest or scope of the copyright cops. Top 40 survives, IMHO, only because most people can’t enjoy silence while driving and the only other things to listen to are politics, religion, infomercials, and/or sports. I do want to broadcast(part 15) within my own house since I literally can’t hear the audio from one room to the next at any reasonable audio level. Of course, there are doors between rooms and they are all normally closed. I’d use the broadcast to listen to a constant background of foreign language conversations(Chinese or Spanish) since it’s much easier to listen and learn like a baby than to just drill words like most language courses. It’s important to be able to listen and learn while doing other useful things, such as construction. Serious thought, such as coding, writing, or computation needs to be done in total silence.

      I actually bought a low power transmitter from Amazon, but returned it since it never worked properly. I may get another one.

  8. Mr.Ure,

    request a boon, a favor-please., purty please with sugar on top!

    Will you do an interview with dr richard allen miller ? I know you can..

    the guy that constructed a portal for US Navy – so he and 2 ofcrs. could visit MARs ??

    True poly math with staggering amount of old&new research/information/data on all things “woo”.
    Yeah this guy has papers that were classified TS upon publication..”multiverse workings” – that have never seen light of day –and yet some Russians were citing his work in their work recently ?!?! How do you think that happened? He is working With them, now..

    If anyone knows the maths – geometry for time travel – it is this cat.
    Dude is tight with Naval Intel, “wrote the book” & trained ST6 (men who stare at goats stuff) in mental combat. highly entertaining and absolute genius, would be superfun interview. Hell – he might tell a little more about meeting a Female gray at A51 DUMB meeting room – slowly recovering his memory of meetingt. Also guy who turned me onto Klamath Lake crystal green algae – turns my lunch “shakes” green and turns neuro trans on.

    from growing Ure own Food, to building Ure own Portal – this guy is published – and brilliant. little bit difficult to follow as he goes off on tangents all the time – hard to follow some his thoughts as they are firing fast, but you get general ideas..enough to get into lots o trouble with…yeah baby! Dr Miller is like a lot of the denizens of this community – 60-70 something yr old bodies, childlike minds with tons o “smartz” – leaving bread crumbs for the future gens. Thx

  9. Ray –
    Ran across your post from a few days ago –
    October 21, 2022 at 11:25
    Honestly, I’d have to see the magnetic vaxx to believe in the magnetic vaxx, but with that said: Y’all DO realize stainless steel is generally non-magnetic, right?

    I can send you a picture of my ex-coworker via George if you want.

    What was that about stainless steel, though? Most ‘fridges are magnetic and the iron in the body is elemental, AFAIK, and attracted to a magnet. I guess it just depends on the brand and version of The Jab that people get plus their body chemistry. Bit of a crap shoot.

    • If you say this is so, I will take you at your word.

      Razor blades are stainless steel, which is why the comment.

      Someone here posited that some folks who get the jab get the cocktail and some get saline. I’m inclined to believe this, and also that neither the doctor nor the recipient — only just the CDC — knows which lot numbers are salt water…

      • “Razor blades are stainless steel,”
        Now I had to try it.. because a while ago I had dropped a double edged razor blade while scrapping a sticker off of the windshield.. and it picked up the blade.. so I got out a small.. magnet and went to gour different razors.. it stuck to all of them..
        I am going to guess that not the whole blade is stainless.. but only a part of it and the rest just common carbon steel..

      • Exactly, LOOB. I saw it with my own eyes, the injection site held up a razor blade on people who who took the jab.
        Secondly, the batches have been printed, and documented on this website. You can look them up. Moderna was the worst. They ALL have bad batches interdispersed across the countries.

        No kids, no young people, no pregnant women, no middle aged people, no old people, no babies, no child bearing age women, no men that want families, NO ONE SHOULD EVER TAKE THIS JAB, OR ONE LIKE IT, EVER AGAIN.

    • There’s stainless and then there’s less stainless. Depends on the ratio of iron to nickel in the alloy. More iron, more strength. More nickel, more resistant to corrosion. Any stainless object that needs the strength of steel generally will attract a magnet.

    • Les Garland flew me down there (KFRC) in ’73 and I was offered a job doing news there..
      Interestingly, I opted to stay in Seattle but my old boss at KOL (Bill MUnson was his air name there )KOL Seattle) but he was hisself B.R. Bradbury with Dr. Don). So, besides a good airplane ride and a 5 martini lunch at Enrico’s on Bush…yeah, thems was the daze, broddah.
      BR left KFRC and went to do mornings with Roger W. Morgan (*Morgan in the morning) and K-100 in Los Angeles and then moved back to Seattle shortly thereafter = L.A. radio is dog eat everything.
      Bought a house – just over the greenbelt from my place in the Juanita area of Seattle – did morning sports on KJR for a while from home there, then went on to a Canadian station.
      Do remember Don Shrack who was ND at KF something in San Diego and me putting away a full quarter of genuine Arlington Wa Moonshine, one day.
      You ever wanna hear record setting bullshit – try three major market rock and roll (and one all news) directors and a quart of alky haul… jeezus lord, what a hangdog the next day was…
      I mean if my memory is accurate – no telling how many brayne cells we killed off in that event…

      • I can remember sitting on my house boat deck in Sausalito – very early in the morning before sunrise and listening to KFRC in background. Good times.

    • With the Xi bombshell, the end games aren’t so far off.
      And you did hear the reports of Moscow moving hospitalized people to underground bunker beds?
      Oh year – my spidey sense about going short Friday…we shall see how it plays..

      • And who, exactly, is Moscow anticipating attacking, so as to necessitate moving “hospitalized patients to underground bunker beds?” Certainly not the Ukraine. Not NATO, nor the UK. And with Slo-Joe in the Executive CINC Chair, definitely not the U.S. of A.

        Perhaps Aliens or Atlanteans will rise up to the task? Seriously folks, how could Moscow ever consider itself under the potential for attack from the Ukraine? The Ukraine can barely strike just inside of its own borders, let along engender a sustained salvo on Moscow. If Moscow ends up under attack, it will be solely because everyday Russians rise up to rebel against Putin and his den of oligarchy corrupted vipers, nothing more.

      • ” my spidey sense”

        Yes.. and today they cut off the internet and some of the subs came up in some pretty wild places..
        I had wondered if we could survive the full four years of a democratic run administraton and congress.. I fear it is to late to make any changes.. with the random disregard for the economy.. the print a thon and open borders .. and then opec taking the dollar off of the standard.. we are pretty much ready to head weimar and that is the good news.. I sincerely doubt that it can be turned around.. and if we go to war.. how many of us will be left .. Life would change in a heartbeat for everyone..

    • !

      I see you posted this on Sunday. On Friday, the thought occurred to me (after translating “hurricane”, which we never encountered in high-school classes)
      “ce ne sera pas une tempête de merde;
      ce sera un ouragan de merde!”
      (this will not be a shit-storm; it will be a shit-hurricane!)

      prions à Dieu.

    –AND DON’T YOU EVER DO IT, EITHER. The following is for intellectual curiosity and educational purposes. ONLY.
    Now then… Now that THAT’S out of the way…

    A few years back, I bought a 15-watt FM transmitter from Amazon.
    CCrane offers a lower power and quite legal FM transmitter, which I have two of, on two different locally vacant channels, which I use to relay what two other radios — one ham, one shortwave — are hearing to a shirt-pocket FM radio which I sometimes walk around the Ranch with.. These transmitters are stereo, and of quite good and clean quality. They have a line-level mini-stereo plug as an input. (Easy to interface with almost anything.)
    About $70, but well worth it to “just get it done.”

    Later, if the Spirit moved you, you COULD replace it with a different transmitter and a far better antenna. Your audio facilities need not change at all — you’d just have VASTLY expanded range.

    With some small skill you will find the small CCrane unit CAN be fitted with a much better external antenna connector, as the short whip it comes with is fine for short range use, but if your ranch is bigger, a better (illegal) antenna will help a LOT. A LOT! I favor a “co-axial vertical dipole,” dirt cheap, easy to make, and effective, OR a “J-Pole” vertical made from some 450-ohm “window line” — also dirt cheap and VERY effective to reach out to other ranches.

    Commercial antennas are available, but at shameless extreme rip-off crazy prices, considering just how very easy they are to make.
    (More detailed info if anybody wants it.)

    So, why did I buy the 15-watter? JUST IN CASE the plugs go out Real Bad one day, and I’d like to inform my entire golf-course-sized neighborhood of what’s going on most locally. I would (did) up-haul a J-Pole into a tree, and replace the CCrane with the 15-watter, and — done! I even once IMAGINED I hooked it all up, fed it with a test audio signal (WWV) and did a driving test, and got a quite goodly number of MILES away with still perfect copy. In my IMAGINATION I had also called up some friends, and asked them to tune their own existing Hi-Fi home stereo systems to the VACANT FM channel I had selected from actual testing and observations for candidate vacants with no close by (in frequency) other stations. (The lower end of the FM band works best for this.)

    The results of this SHORT-TERM IMAGINARY experiment were breath-takingly good. About 90% coverage, and quite solid, out to about eight miles. (A bit more for those on hills.)

    Now, it is important to remember that in a long-term plugs out — weeks or months or longer — FCC field engineer’s paychecks will cease, and as a consequence, so will their field enforcement operations. I’m not sayin’ — I’m just sayin’ —

    I would NEVER advocate that anybody actually DO this. It’s all so CLEARLY ILLEGAL. So, don’t. But just imagine the fun and usefulness.

    “89.3 and 90.7 on your FM dial…”

  11. Never thought much about having a private / pirate radio station.., though Wolfman Jack broadcasting from Mexico was pretty cool. I guess it’s all those movies where they can triangulate on you in the matter of minutes that has stopped me cold. Being an unknown & riding the storm out in the shadows is fine with me.

    • I was offered a job at a radio station in Arizona a while back. Lol

      Hmmmmm. I don’t want to live in Arizona ever since that movie came out with Nicolas Cage.

  12. George is spot on about illegal transmitting and copyrighted material. Beware and stay away! The jollies that you might get from hearing your own broadcast station 10 miles from your xmitter isn’t worth the $50,000 fine the FCC says is due and payable for your transgression. And woe be onto you if you ever get a “cease and desist” letter from any person or corporation with deep pockets to come after you. And they will.

  13. Good morning Mr. Good talk yesterday. Thank you. Now she is chasing me hard. Since I dropped the go away stance on her.

    The Who was Good. I ran the Kill zone. Once the Kill zone is cleared, and the band takes the stage, it’s the best seats in the house.

    Again, for the second time, I ran into that playboy International fella but this time with his wife who took a picture with me. And added me on Facebook and tagged me in the photo.

    Again the Ukraine came up. A young lady who was assisting me in the “Kill Zone” who far to young for me. 24 and single who asked me about hot tabbing. Mentioned her mother was freshly divorced and from the Ukraine. Said she sure would like you.

    Hmmmm. Playboy International and Ukraine women. Twice now as it relates to me. After the show I went to my car and the green spider was blinking. It has a battery thing and it has lights in it. I never turned it on before.

    Blinking green light, the green spider, playboy International and beautiful Ukraine women a reoccurring them for me lately.

    Funny guy, that you should mention Andy Devine. That is a nick name of mine among many. 2 people in my life have called me that. My grandmother who passed a long long time ago in Alaska. When everyone else called me Android. She would call me Andy Devine. And an old Boss who also called me Andy Bean after the pro golfer. He was an old rough neck cowboy. Back when nextels first came out he would chirp me up and say Andy Devine! Get a load of crushed and take it to the casablanca jobsite, please.

    A couple fellas said to me. God you are really an asshole after kicking them out of the Kill zone last night before Mike Campbell and The Dirty Knobs took the stage. I smiled and said thank you. Please remove yourselves from the area. Not going to ask again. He said yes sir. He said sorry for that. I said they pay me well to be an asshole. It’s my job out here. I’m good at it. Hahaha. He said yes you are.

    The dirty knobs was really good opening act.

    It interesting to watch the light show reflection on the crowd. Almost hypnotic. I took some video of it.

    I didn’t meet the band. And I usually do. I simply cleared the Kill zone and was told enjoy the show. That is the 3rd time I was paid to sit in the best seats in the house after clearing the Kill zone and just watch the show.

    Well its 104 pm. 10-4. Time to get busy being about it. Good to have a day off after grinding for 16 days straight.

    Playboy International and Ukraine women coming to Andy soon. I spose. That is my read on the shows lately.


  14. Oh and also very interesting, people come up to me now and say my name is this and that. Nice to meet you. Ever since mentioning my prayer journals and writing prayers for people. It seems people around me come right up to me and make sure I know their name so I write one for them.

    And i didn’t mean I’d send Ms Harley calander girl to you George. I meant to G2. LOL. But maybe i should go by her place and drop off her flowers and back up into her head light with my car. Fair is fair. Hahaha

    Hope that makes sense. Super nice to talk on the phone with you.

    This is the last que song for a while. You understand music and rythem and write. When I post my thoughts on here. I write them in the tempo of the que song time to time. Same with my journals. I had one person read a page in my journal and she said wow, after reading that page? This song started playing in my head. And yes! That is because I wrote that entire page using the rythem and beat of that song. The words on that page were written to that tempo, rythem and beat.

    All journals are like that. Because one thing I learned Mr. Ure, is I may not remember where I left my pack of smokes 2 hours ago. But as soon as the music for song Ice creme man by van halen starts playing on the radio, I automatic know all the words. Even if I haven’t heard it in 10 years.

    And everytime song comes on the radio I’ve qued here? I remember every single word I posted as a thought on that day here.

    So I will rest queuing songs. Lottoing the future as it would seem, bring the past to the future in memory recall. Waves upon waves upon waves of feelings, joy and thoughts of yesterday’s past finding new meanings in the present.

    So with this song? It all comes back to me. 4


    ~ All Right Now ~


  15. Whoaaa a honey bee was in my car. I didn’t even see him. He was sitting right on my right foot As I started writing a prayer for someone he buzzed up and than sat on my pen as i wrote all good pleasures in good measures. Then he flew out the window. Kinda cool.

  16. I have a bunch of songs from my iPod, now on my iPhone music list. Been a couple years an I recently decided to add a few more. I was extremely disappointed to find I can no longer purchase songs for download! Now Apple wants $10/month for unlimited ‘plays’ of music I cannot take with me out of internet range! Fark ‘em!

  17. Mooooosssssee
    Hard !!! Daddy sucker in Lebanon !!! One night stay at a hotel
    !!!! Yeeeeeehhhha. Go the fangs and president musk
    !!!! Reptile

  18. George, since this is STS, can you give us some feedback on the parking heaters you bought? Have you fired one up yet, and how well does it work? I can think of several uses if they actually work as well as advertised.

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