ShopTalk Sunday: Ladder Rescue – Super Booth – Manpack HF

Oh, boy. This morning’s report will be a “two cupper” – and maybe three cups – if you study the ideas, problems and pictures of today a little bit. There is so much going on around here it’s, well, amazing.  This writing less and doing more is turning out to be most agreeable.

We’ll get to our first work – the Ladder Rescue Project – in a sec. What happens with time (and goal) management, though, is really interesting.

Doing More – By Doing MORE

If you remember, I vowed to take a little “extra time in the shop” and cut down my writing a bit.  Less chair time.

So, a near book-length outline of an improved (and practical) system of Pomodoro-based time-management is in the works now – with respect to Francesco Cirillo (The Pomodoro Technique: The Acclaimed Time-Management System That Has Transformed How We Work) and Cal Newport  who wrote Deep Work. I’m hitting productivity levels of a “man possessed” i30-years younger.

The magic (at least for me) has been using a modified Pomodoro approach (Cirillo) while honoring Newport’s Big Things take real.

I’ll get into that (when other things are less pressing) over on the website.  I will say that ever since I found more joy in work – by wrapping it up in a spreadsheet to randomly organize everything in a complicated life – which Peoplenomics subscribers can download in spreadsheet form from here – I have been maniacally focused on getting more done in less time.  And having more fun!

Going Deeper…

This gets around to a fundament thought-into-action concept called iWAMP.  That’s short for the continuous question: “Is What’s Around Me Perfect?”  Because to find out what’s really important to do at moment, all we need to do is look around and spot areas of “imperfection.”  World’s an imperfect place.  Unlimited opportunity for improvement, right?

Since we can each do anything, but life is too short to do everything, we need “Search Criteria” for personal management.  My favorites are Important, Impactful, and Interesting projects to improve-living.

  • Important because ideally, our projects and works should result in a meaningful change in how the Universe expresses itself in our presence.
  • Impactful because these “works and projects” should not be “organizing the angels on the head of a pin” (minutia, meaningless).  Rather they should make things better both personally and for others in our vicinity. Big acts seem to net Bigger Results.  (There may be time lags, however.)
  • Interesting because, as I wrote in my book Packing to Die, a LARGE part of living this Life is about the “game film playback around the time of dying. Which is in the literature (medically) analyzed as the Life Review Process (or Experience).

Never, ever forget that our Lives are like a huge video -and our brains have a miraculous GoPro logging system. A late friend of mine used to end his radio DH show with “You can’t turn your back on your Face.”  

To live a great life there are three critical alignments:

  • As above, so below – Incoming:  We start life with the choice to work with Creator/Universe or fight it.  (Hint: Go with the flow!)
  • During: We need to align our lives, while living, with what we consciously know as our highest purpose.  Fun – do what you love.
  • Exit, Stage Up: And WHILE doing front-end alignment and while “driving through life” alignment, we also need to remain cognizant that we are constantly “rolling game film” with our onboard “dash-cams.”  Playback (with commentary of Others) when you kick it to the LRE.

Life cannot, therefore, be genuinely and deeply experienced sitting still. Doing Big Shit is key.  Little stuff can wait.  Really.

Which is why, when we’re not slicing off small (but semi-regular -;)) day trades, we are really focused on turning our home into a creative Mecca.

Maybe next weekend we can talk about one of the core concepts here:  Workstations for Success!  We have “workstations” for every major task-group in Life around here.  Or, they’re in development…

Whee!  Long get-started discussion, but useful in the longer haul.  Trust me on this.

Ladder Rescue

20-years ago, or thereabouts, we moved to the Outback of East Texas.  For the massive remodel, I bought a wooden ladder.  Stndard 6-footer. And we have just abused the hell out of it.

This week, the paint bucket fold-down fell apart.  It was time to rescue the ladder to ensure it remained useful.


You can see the problem, clear-enough:  Ladder was old and “beat to shit.”  But now came the 2-cups of coffee “thinker” on this one:  What is – to channel Frederick Winslow Taylor -the One Best Way to get the repairs made?  Let’s review some choices:

  • Replace and Upgrade:  Yes, the ladder is 20-years old. Could I update and get a better platform?  Yes.  Only takes money and time.
  • Repair:  This offers a who list of approach choices:
    • Glue:  Use modern adhesives.  Clamp and use in an hour or less.
    • Screw:  Pretend the world has ended and there’s no more epoxy.  What is the lower-tech solution?
    • Re-Do:  Take the assembly all the way apart and put it back into amazing like-new condition.  Recut all broken parts.

Re-Do looked interesting.  But, on closer inspection, the original paint shelf was applied using long-ass staples which we don’t stock in our shop:

Screwing the project together?  The wood was beginning to split, so at least two pieces of wood would be needed.  Thing is, they are riveted to the ladder as pivot points and now we would be back into a mechanical engineering process.  Color me skeptical of rivets.

The right answer led me to the Glue department where we are reasonably stocked.

But please note that Loctite has a couple of “flavors” of 3-thousand pound epoxy.

The Big Project tubes don’t come with two “mixing nozzles.”  (See arrow above).  Make SURE to get the kind for small projects with the mixing nozzle and cap so you can get two small projects if you don’t do a lot of epoxy glue-ups.

In gluing, there is a theory that using Saranwrap can be a useful thing:

It’s all a lie.  While you can try it (as I did), better off using nitrile gloves and just dealing with the fact that gluing is messy no matter what.

When you’ve got glue all over everything, clamp it up:

Come back an hour or two later, paint the repair (and remember not to leave the old wood ladder outside, as much.

Last step:  Old wooden ladders use long “threaded rods” to hold the steps in place.  If your ladder is the least bit wobbly (side to side) odds are tightening up the threaded rods will fix you right up.

Manpack HF Radio

Having had the joy of talking from Texas up to Wisconsin on 3 watts of SSB on the 20-meter ham band, son G2 and I decided to take this portable QRP (low-power) hamming to the next level.

This week, we assembled all the parts needed for a serious HF manpack radio:

About the only thing not shown?  An aluminum framed backpack.  You can find something useful for under $40 online.

The one odd-ball part is a 10-inch UHF (SO-239 female each end) bulkhead fitting.  This 10″ section is pipe-clamped to one side of the backpack.

I also did some antenna modeling and found there’s an inexpensive 2-3 dB of antenna gain possible by just putting on a “radial ring.”  This will be at the top of the bulkhead connector, and will allow 4 to 6,  3-foot sections of aluminum welding rod to be bent onto screws as base ground radials.

Not a fan of having RF right by my head (care for the void, right?).  But can’t be worse than country cooking with 5G, right?

More pictures and notes in a following edition.

Super Booth Project

Going with this “workstations: approach to the shop (and house), I mentioned several weeks back that I was going to clean an area of the shop and put in a “small tools with chair” section.  Big tools are used standing up and small tools can be safely used while seated.

This “small maker’s area” will be optimized for multi-function use:

  • Small square and angle sawing:  Place for our old Dremel Table Saw.
  • Freeform sawing:  Places for the retro Dremel MotoSaw and the larger Skil 16″ scroll saw.
  • Small wood lathe:  There’s a tiny 8X12 Wen mini-lathe that needs a home here.  Wen is discontinuing it, but it’s very good on smaller projects. Pens, models, and such.
  • Metal lathe?  I’m still debating if the small Taig metal lathe should live in this area or stay over in the metal workstation area.  May not move it.
  • Air Brushing Booth (finally, to the point, huh?)  Now we’re into the meat of it…

You see, this week, I decided that a three-sided U shape would likely result since we also need some work/assembly space.  And I came very close to “pulling the trigger” on this (nice) air brushing booth.  Then I saw the $20 shopping charge and moved back into thinking mode. Money matters.

Thing is, it occurred to me we could do this booth thing as a Community Project.  Because what I REALLY want is a dual-purpose booth.  Something that could be used for BOTH airbrush painting AND also has a dust booth for the small CNC machine.

See the problem developing?  Either I need to get a real efficient design going OR I need to have this split into two workstations.  Airbrush supplies alone look like this laid out on the small projects sit-down bench:

By the time I add in all the other small tools (Dremel drill press, router, tool stand and flex shaft, the table saw) and then toss in the small lathe and the scroll saw, this whole “single workstation for small stuff” begins to bump up against dimensioning limits of physical Reality.

For the Booth project, I ordered four booth filters and a 4-inch inline fan for less than $50 and I can make the rest from scrap and build up the filter box and print it on the Creality CR-10.  I might even post the .STL file so others can borrow the idea…

Ranch Tour

Everything in the Garden Room is going nuts.  Wde have more than a dozen yellow squash flowers popping:

Elaine’s happy with the radishes that are nearing edible size:

And out front?  We may be in a national drought, but East Texas lawns still have that “let’s play golf on this” look to ’em:  View from the dirt garden:

One Last Thing: Oil Painting

I decided this week to try and do an oil paint.  Elaine’s already got a “paint station” out on the screen porch…and now there are two easels and sets of paint and….

Why paint?  Well, the process intrigues me.  More to the point, though, I am working on trying to “bring back some view of Dream Realms” and this seemed like a simple way to do it.  Installing a USB port into my brain stem didn’t seem like a “home small shop weekend project.”  Know what I’m saying?

Not really worth showing yet, but it begins to rough-in something like this for the first painting I have in mind:

Might be fun to put a picture of progress on this up, now and then, to see how it “condenses to the physical plane” as I paint in coming weeks.

OK< nothing to do around here, no sir…

Write when you get rich,

P.S.  Click the comments label here to send in your ideas on this multipurpose booth project…

39 thoughts on “ShopTalk Sunday: Ladder Rescue – Super Booth – Manpack HF”

  1. I have er…had, one of those 6 footers very similar to Ures. But about the time I started wearing bifocals I found that tipping my head back to bring up close work into focus while up on it or any other ladder would devolve into potentially dangerous situations as I got older. Back to the 6 footer, a couple years back I drug it out to attack a painting project on the house and the old beast just gave it up. As I stepped onto the second step the entire shebang did a shift to the left collapsing on itself while sending me and the gallon of stain I was carrying directly onto my ass in the flower bed bellow the kitchen window in full view of the wife who came running out yelling that I was laying on her new azaelia shrub and pointing out I spilled stain all over the palce.
    What did I learn from this? 1. wood rots. 2. don’t carry a gallon of anything up a ladder when only a couple brush loads is needed. 3. executing a sideways high wind shear parachute landing fall aka PLF is not as easy as it was when I was 19 or about 50 years prior to this event.

    The entire episode resulted in the aquisition of a brand new 8 foot fiberglass ladder with idea being that is about as far as I want to fall. The other alluminum extension ladders rest safely on thier hooks to be used as needed by somebody else besides moi.

    Looking forward tot he portable HF project photos.
    Stay safe. 73

    • woot: this should be a label on _every_ladder:

      “don’t carry a gallon of anything up a ladder”

      Can I get an Amen? I once scaled a 20/40 alum extension ready to apply moss green stain to the second story of our fam. home. Being a sailor accustomed to rigging lines I set up a dumb waiter [ephasis: dumb] hoist to elevate the stain.

      Standing on the ground and hauling it occurred, too late, that I’d used a twisted line. The twist magnified in the block (pulley) and … imparted spin to the stain bucket. Before abandoning the hoist and … sorta catching the falling pail I managed to spin greenish stain on beige 1st story brick.

      Catching the falling gallon wasn’t pretty. Nylon brushing the (now) green brick was worse, way worse. I used up every drop of thinner and gasoline on the property. I was pinto during / after. A life lesson.

      “don’t carry a gallon of anything up a ladder”

      Write when you get solvent,

      • Carried gallons lots — I worked a while as a house painter. Ain’t nothing like being afraid of heights, yet climbing 36 feet up a (flexing) 40′ ladder with a bucket of latex. The trick is to use a “bucket hook” and hook the bucket to a rung, every few rungs, to acclimate oneself to the altitude (and IIRC to move my death-grip, also every few rungs…)

    • Optometrist-suggested trick: When working above eye level, put your bi/tri-focal glasses on upside down. Focus won’t be perfect, but it beats a bad crick in the neck.

    • “The entire episode resulted in the aquisition of a brand new 8 foot fiberglass ladder with idea being that is about as far as I want to fall.”

      No, ya don’t. When you use that ladder, take steps to ensure you can’t fall, please. I was fixing a shed’s trusses a few years back, on a 6′ ladder, mis-counted my steps and took a double-step coming off that ladder — broke my ankle from a 10″ misstep.

      NEVER underestimate the ability for an aging human body to break.

      (BTW I finished the job. ‘Took me two days. My daughter STILL gives me crap about finishing up before I went to see the bone doc.)

      • I have little doubt genetics is involved. Surely you didn’t think all those “dumb Swede” jokes we heard as kids were without basis? Do you honestly believe my ancestors’ “Swedishness” didn’t rub off on Norwegians and Danes?

  2. Less is more, more or less. I am taking a little different approach to projects. I still do projects, but I spend more time comparing alternates and planning than I do executing. My goal is to moderate the investment in time, $$$$, and physical abuse to myself.
    My UPS for the freezer was like that. I ended up with a transportable, modular system. By the time I got around to plug-‘n and play-‘n, it took me about 30 minutes to cable and commission it. The equipment is modular, and I may eventually run it of off solar. I can use it for other functions like lights and recharging consumer batteries if needed. Rules for solar with my electric utility would require third-party assistance to navigate. The heaviest components are the battery modules, which are about 90 lbs each.

    • “My goal is to moderate the investment in time, $$$$, and physical abuse to myself.”

      Several very wealthy people I’ve met have said this to me.

      Money = Time.

      The more money you have the more time you get.

      I was back stage at Lorde last night. That chick has one Helva nice turd cutter. Top notch!

      It’s so fun to watch the stars and their bands joking around then the do this dance to pump themselves up before they go on stage. I happen to be posted up with my radio on her “quick change” dressing room on the stsge. Because those kind of shows have several themes within them and the star changes outfits several times during the show as they gear up for the next song.

      Pretty marvelous to be trusted and guard a star changing outfits. Absolutely no cellphones out in that area. You pull out a cell phone, and I assure you after I grab it out of your hand, you can sweep up the pieces after the show is over. Haha

      You remember back in the day when Clif High used to post something on his site and the bottom he would put ###?

      I have been learning a new language through a word find. At the bottom of every word find there is 3 tick tac toe posted underneath. Or # # #. It’s one if the oldest languages on the planet.

      And their symbol is a “ladder.”

      Or letter H.

      Well that and another symbol and if by chance, George stays where I stayed in Seaside Oregon? I wrote it in gold inside the closet to the left like the nautical star next I saw sitting off to the left of the world map at the seafood restaurant. Where I stood in the Palm of THE DUDE.

      Hmmmmmm. Perhaps I will read their latest edition. I been talking with them. They mostly listen. Once and a while one of them says hi.

      Monday Monday Monday. Let it be. Paul and me. I was blind but now I see. Pretty interesting to say the least.

      Since Paul in the Bible was blinded by God until he could see.

      And remember, I don’t say everything I see. But when you are having a Dialog with THE DUDE, it is a mind bending experience. Sometimes I’m like DUDE! I’m just a speck on a speck, I can barely grasp all this.


      • Sea food. Ha ha ha See food!

        Bwhahhahhah so fucking funny!


        Truly I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate! Hahahahaha it is my hope! You are as well.


        Que: ~ Fast Cars and Freedom ~

        Rascal Flats!


      • I get that money =time concept…
        I would go out get bids.. materials time and tools.. then calculate what it would cost me to do the job.. tools materials and labor..if I could complete the job at 2/3 the cost..and I had the hours to do it I would..
        When I built our house I had an issue with the contractor to do the foundation.. ( took the money and ran) so to compensate for the loss I changed the pitch of the roof to save some money.. a few years ago I realized that the insulation had settled.. my first thought was I will just dust a little bit in there..only to realize I was thirty years younger and a whole lot skinnier.. I ended up hiring a younger man to do the job lol..

      • Usually when a rich guy tells you time = money, he means your time is coming out of his pocket, so speed your @ss up. Rich guys only have time to herd their money, and occasionally stop long enough to brag on themselves.
        For the moment, I am working a full time desk job. I try to parcel out the remaining time and money for the best standard of living I can manage with limitations on resources, and avoid hurting myself doing stuff that I’m too old and beat up to do.

    • Oh Paul is paying on teusday too and my ex the sweet honey girl theme song is Goodbye ruby teusday, hahahahhhaha oh for fuck sake. Hahhahahahhaha

      THE DUDE has jokes. Hahhahahhahhahh


    • As I sit here drinking coffee out of a cup with London written on it. Ha haha laughing with tears rolling down my face.

      Uhem life is a serious matter Mister. Hahahaha uhem yes sir. The ukrain. End of the world. Yada Yada Yada. Hahahaahh

    • I would guess, though don’t count on it, that solar that’s air gapped from the normal wired system in your house would be beyond the regulatory reach of your utility. In case I’m wrong, you can always build a solar rig on a (licensed) trailer and park it where the sun does shine. Just use heavy enough extension cords for your selected loads and don’t use a cheater plug to the house.

      • Now might be a good time to mention that opossums kill & eat copperheads (also rattlers and water moccasins.) ‘Seems in His infinite wisdom The Dude made possums immune to snake venom…

      • shoot.. there are a bunch of vipers in the beltway of DC…. some really low ones and a few skunks to.. get to close and they will spray you while your listening to them with the stinkiest overspray..

  3. “Screwing the project together? The wood was beginning to split, so at least two pieces of wood would be needed. Thing is, they are riveted to the ladder as pivot points and now we would be back into a mechanical engineering process. Color me skeptical of rivets.”

    The fix is simple. Drill the rivets, drift them out, replace with screws. Have you used drilled (wired-on) nuts before? Put screw through ladder’s side rail and shelf-arm, put nut on, mark screw, then remove. Put nut on screw to the mark, then drill in press. For a step-ladder, grade 1 screws (or grade-2 carriage bolts) & nuts are fine. You can even get fancy and add washers (a washer between the side rail and the shelf-arm makes the shelf deploy really nicely.)

    This was the mod I made to my Harbor Fright can crusher when the lockdowns hit. I used stainless ¼-20 truss-head screws in place of the rivets (which began to come apart after about 60 cans), faced so that screws in moving bits could clear screws in other moving bits. I originally used nylock nuts but they loosen over time. Screws, plus a little moly on the slides, and two years later I have a 55gal drum full of crushed cans.

    • “Screwing the project together?”

      Amen Ray..
      then dowel it.. multi point contact..glues today are good but the weathered wood once split will shear on other fibers other than those where the wood originally split.. by doweling you gather support throughout the whole piece..

  4. The wood ladder? OMG! Burn barrel! I have a 6ft fiberglass/aluminum that old still holding together. For the ham & roof projects I bought a 10 ft all aluminum monster. It has been handy for tree trimming, too. My prime consideration now for outdoor stuff is…. how fast will it deteriorate in tropical rainforest and high UV exposure. Even aluminum rots in this environment. Stainless has become my ONLY hardware choice for outdoor stuff here.

    Air handling for the small projects bench is going to be a problem. You didn’t mention that window air conditioner blowing on the bench. It’s right there in the picture.

    Now for QRP ‘field ops’ I posted a few days back, I got this version of the uSDX radio:
    And I made this little 9:1 Un-un and end fed antenna:
    It requires a tuner, and I built a home-brew QRP tuner that is no bigger than the radio itself. A small LDG tuner would work fine, also.

    While I cannot walk ‘manpac style’, I can backpack this to anywhere and throw up a wire and get on the air. For environments where there are no vertical supports for an antenna, I made a 40-meter dipole out of two mobile ‘Hamstick” antennas with a special dipole adapter that fits two sticks together and will clamp to a PVC pipe or one of the fiberglass military mast sections to give you a rotatable dipole. It is a bit log, but breaks down into short sections that can be easily bundled and carried.

    Now I concede the manpac vertical would be very portable and useful, I would add more than short radials to it. I would put about 20 feet of counterpoise wire on the ground connection and drag it behind me from the backpack.

    Now if you need more power, my (expensive) preference these days is a Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery. Expensive, but much lighter than lead-acid, and a lifetime of many thousand charge cycles if properly managed. They also hold a higher discharge voltage, keeping the radio working optimally above 13 volts during discharge. I built a ‘ham can’ battery pack into an ammo box that carries two lithium batteries for 500+ watt-hours of energy. I call it my “Di-Lithium Half-kilowatt”. It is only 20 lbs total, and half that is the weight of the steel ammo can.

    THEN…. I got two 50-watt solar panels, put a hinge on them to fold them up, and a charge controller made specifically for my lithium battery can. I’m ready to “go field day” on a moment’s notice.

  5. Trying something new is good. Painting in oil can be awesome, or turn into mud if you keep going over the same place too much. When I was learning different mediums and styles, the one I loved, and kinda hated simultaneously, was painting with translucent color. I can’t remember if it was an egg, oil or wax based medium, and it took forever to get any opacity where needed, but the end result was gorgeous. I think you’ll enjoy putting a tangent to the intangible of your dreams.

  6. Ohhhhhh hahaha

    That can’t be right. Hahah.

    And I for one did see that.

    That is it?


    No way!

    I’ll give it a shot. Why the hell not. Hahah


  7. George, I walked into safeway and bought one bag of groceries. Total. $39.00 I was self check out. Put $40 in and got a dollar back.

    I went to get my head phones from my office. I thought I better top my gas tank off. I gave the guy $40 cash. I was on pump #1. Gas stopped at $39. This was exactly 22 minutes later.

    So I went in to get the change. The guy hands me a dollar bill. When I went to go put it in my wallet. I noticed the serial number on the from safeway was 11108880 and as I stood there the one from me getting gas 22 minutes later and about 11 miles away had the serial number 11108881.

    And all this talk lately about entering the passgate to back stage which is metaphorical for entering the secret gate to Heaven. Aka Paradice. Which is what I purchased at the Christmas store when I stood in the palm of GOD. Two pairs of dice. In see side uhem Sea side Oregon.

    Interesting timing of such things as I am back stage with the Richest Rock Legend of all time tomorrow night. Paul McCartney.


    Ahhh shangri-la

    *tips hat

    Truly I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate!

    Que: ~ Two tickets to paradise ~

    Eddie Money.

  8. Actually one of the pairs of dice has a pair of dice within it. And the other is a normal pair of dice.

    Funny, I didn’t know why I bought them at the time. I just thought as I stood there. I should buy something as a symbol of my trip where I stood 3 times in the palm of THE DUDE. Some kind of souvenir. So I went in the Christmas store. Because there is a Christmas store there year round. I know, almost as weird as when I traveled to the center of the Milkey way I found a convenient store called the Super Infnity 8 run by a named weird dude for a Queen Holy Cow.

    But this is the real world and that was a dream world and a whole another story. Whatever the real world is? I’m most certainly living in a bit different one. Hahahahah fuck. Hahahha

    at the time I thought. Oh cool. There is little dice within clear bigger dice. Like a pair of dice within a pir of dice. And I though I should get a regular pair of dice too. Never realizing pair of dice sounds phonetically like paradise. At the Christmas store. LOL in spring. Hahhahahah

    Until just now. After I got those two separate one dollar bills with the number sequential set and they were together in order from two different places.

    You might not want to enter this realm. Hahaha. It’s a living dynamic and you are constantly thinking whoooaaa and hmmmm and wow! And ohhhh and ahhhhh and alot of the times. You do stuff and are not sure why your doing it. Until later and then you think. OHHHH AHHH WOW!

    Well I guess we will see what THE DUDE has to say about it.

    Que the Knight from Indian Jones and the search for the Holy Grail. “He chose wisely.”


  9. Ohhhhhh. That is why I left the Ace of Diamonds at the place I bought the wrong lotto number a number 1 instead of a number 4 for the poweball.

    Trading $480,000,000

    A Triple paradise. One golden paradise within one cryatal clear paradise and one green paradise outside both of those paradise..

    Pair of dice.

    Sorry for the rant. I guess I didn’t make a mistake after all. I chose wisely. Subconsciously and I didn’t realize that until now.


    See ya around. Oh the fella who runs Ms Holy Cow! Convenient Store at the center of the Milkey way his name is Kitchun the other dude who was runnig the interdimentional elevator (looked like Mr magoo) his name was Faucet. He was standing in for Floor Jack while she was on vacation. She looks like an cosplay elf. Every time the saw me it was a narrator on some Cosmic loud speaker making an announcement. All Hail the Cosmic Chicken Bunny! Son of THE DUDE echo echo echo.

    But that is just some silly dream. Hahaha.

    Later man. Good chatting with ya. I look forward with excitement to see what THE DUDE has planned next.

    Paradise inside paradise inside paradise. Huh. No shit. Ok DUDE! If you say so. I will pack my bags in the morning. :)

  10. Ukraine…

    Ukrainian strike on Donetsk market was a terrorist act

    If the Donetsk marketplace that was hit by rocket artillery on Thursday had been in a city controlled by Kiev, the names and faces of the five civilians killed would be on all major news sites. But because it was another Ukrainian attack on civilians in the Donetsk People’s Republic (DPR), the deaths and 23 additional civilians injured will almost certainly go unreported

    Civilians evacuated from besieged Ukrainian plant – Russia

    Forty-six civilians were evacuated from residential buildings adjacent to the Azovstal plant in Mariupol on Saturday, the Russian Defense Ministry has announced. A video released by the military on Sunday shows people leaving in buses marked with the ‘Z’ symbol. Ambulances can also be seen.

    Huge rise in Russian gas supplies to China – Gazprom

    Russian gas supplies to China have shot up by almost 60% in the first four months of 2022 compared to the same period last year, Russian energy giant Gazprom announced on Sunday. The deliveries are made through the Power of Siberia pipeline as part of the contract between Gazprom and China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC), the company said.

    10 EU countries quietly buying gas with rubles, Hungary says

    While multiple European leaders have publicly proclaimed they won’t buy Russian gas in rubles as Russian President Vladimir Putin has demanded, 10 EU countries are technically going along with Putin’s plan, Hungarian official Gergely Gulyas told public radio on Sunday. According to Gulyas, these countries’ leaders aren’t admitting this in order to be seen as “being a good European.”

    Ukraine – Doubling Down

    According to the daily reports of Russia’s Ministry of Defense the Ukraine is losing several hundred soldiers and some 30 armored vehicles per day, most of them to artillery. A flood of gruel pictures posted on Telegram by both sides confirm this. Several Ukrainian attempts to counterattack Russian forces have failed.

    The typical U.S. reaction to losing is to double down.

    This can be done financially

    There is also the possibility of doubling down by widening the war. This could be in Bosnia where attacks on the Serbian population could drag the Russian ally Serbia into another war. An additional war could also be created in Transnistria (marked as a lengthy strip on the left of the above maps). This could involve not only forces from the Ukraine but also from Moldova, Romania and Poland. In the early 1990s a small war between Moldova and the Russian population in Transnistria ended in 1992 with a ceasefire and Russian peacekeeper troops on the ground.

  11. Mayorkas cites misinformation about Homeland Security’s disinformation board

    Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas on Sunday defended the department’s new disinformation board amid pushback from conservatives who say the effort is Orwellian. “It works to ensure that the way in which we address threats, the connectivity between threats and acts of violence are addressed without infringing on free speech — protecting civil rights and civil liberties, the right of privacy,” Mayorkas told CNN’s Dana Bash on “State of the Union.”

    Egypt archaeologists unearth stunning ‘Temple of Zeus’ dedicated to Greek god

    EGYPT archaeologists have made a stunning breakthrough, unearthing the remains of a temple dedicated to the Greek god Zeus. The discovery was made at the Tel Farma site in the Northern Sinai archets region. Also known by its ancient name Pelusium, the area dates back to the late Pharaonic period and was also used during Greco-Roman times. Mostafa Waziri, secretary-general of Egypt’s Supreme Council of Antiquities, said experts excavated the ruins, which included two huge fallen granite columns.

    Today is a disastrous day for Democrats’ 2022 chances

    (CNN)The news that the US economy unexpectedly shrank over the first quarter of the year is an absolute body blow to Democrats already reeling amid growing economic concerns ahead of the 2022 midterm election. The country’s gross domestic product fell at an annualized rate of 1.4% between January and March — a stunning reversal from the 6.9% GDP growth that the US recorded in the final quarter of 2021.

    Addressing recession fears on Thursday, President Joe Biden said: “Well, I’m not concerned about recession. I mean, you’re always concerned about recession, but the GDP, you know, fell to 1.4%.”

  12. The only thing that scares me is snakes . Only snakes . Someone asks I’ll tell yah why

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