ShopTalk Sunday: Imagineer a “Well-Storied” Home

I haven’t read every book about the artform called Disney Imagineeringbut I’ve got a pretty good start.  Half a dozen books by geniuses like Rolly Crump. Marty Sklar, Richard Sherman, and how could we overlook two incredible handbooks on underlying processes by Lou Prosperi?

One is The Imagineering Pyramid: Using Disney Theme Park Design Principles to Develop and Promote Your Creative Ideas, while the other is The Imagineering Process: Using the Disney Theme Park Design Process to Bring Your Creative Ideas to Life – the second book in the series.

What’s a “Well-storied home” you’re wondering?

Today, an inexpensive UFO model, some time out from day-trading, and let’s use Ure’s Hobby Shop that you’ve seen materialize over the past couple of months to find out!

Boring People: Boring Lives

Let’s begin with a discussion about adventure.  How is it that Elaine and I both well into our 70’s can jump out of bed excited at the prospects of each new morning?

Goals, projects, and dreams, to put it mildly.

If there’s a secret “super glue” to a great marriage, it’s that we have given each other permission to express our “inner artist.”  Since I’m a lot less on the arty side, I’m generally heavier on construction.

Kids today, I think, run out and do “stupid shit” because they are attention starved.  They are looking for attention and are so damn desperate that they will do even horrific things like pick up a gun and start shooting, to get their five minutes of fame. Sick.

Parents and teachers (and other parts of government) own our social problems because the world we live in today is a reflection of their incompetence; nothing more and nothing less.

Even when a child gets off to a really bad start – by falling in with a criminal element and going down that dead-end road – once suitably challenged – miracles can happen.  And it all starts, I believe, with possibility thinking.

The utter simplicity and genius of the late Walt Disney I don’t think can be overstated.  Oh, my God, to live in a world with more people like him!  Would Disney of today be off on their social [what-evering] agenda?  I like to think not.  Walt’s apartment was on Main Street USA in the parks. Centrist, genius, and imagination can co-exist.

If I had been told I’d be #2 of an airline, a big city news jock, help birth the internet, do odd science and radio projects, live a decade on a sailboat, and fly my own plane coast to coast (not just once), I would never have believed it.

But if you translate imagination into action the world’s your oyster.  Just remember, you can have any thing you want, but maybe not every thing.  Space ’em out.  Plan for a lifelong adventure and you’re bound to get lucky.

Or, in this morning’s trip out to the shop, you’ll at least live in a themed house that lightly spins a bit of “Disney.”

Today’s Model Project

It comes in a box and it’s part of a vision.  It’s a UFO:

There are lots of stories behind the Haunebu II.  German, part of the Wunder Waffen – but as far as the (civilians) back home ever knew, it was just a “rumor of war” – a psy-op. Propaganda.

I wanted a UFO, but it was built without the German markings – too much bad juju associated with that.  In a properly themed home, there’s no bummers.

We have a large mural in our “northwest room” that was done by the late Rebecca Price, a Hanna Barbera “Scooby” veteran.  We commissioned it looking for something a little different that would remind us of our San Francisco sailing adventures. (And the daily “I-280 Grand Prix” !)

But the picture needed something.  And this is a key part of building “home scenes” that transport.

The idea (*roughly, but the Disney people are expert at this) is to use a 3D something to trick the mind into a much larger space.  With the picture, we already had a few (scale) seagulls on the SF-ish lamp post to the right – the flavor of Ghirardelli if you know the old brick buildings there in the 1970s?

The birds did an OK job of being the “3D bridge” into the alt. reality.  But there was nothing in the picture that welcomed.

A rope-wrapped old-looking post with another pelican (this time 3D) on it will appear one of these days.  The 3D foreground piece will lead the mind’s eye into the backdrop.  A book or two on stage design and dioramas will get you more information.

This being a Hobby Shop project, the model was spread out and inspected.

A couple of trips over to the room where it would be mounted nailed down the color.  It would be a kind of “rust” color.  As it came together, two of the lower gun turrets were left out and these were (as the story begins to glue up a bit) air intakes for the exotic propulsion system.

The color looked, under 5000K workspace lighting in the shop, a few degrees too red.  I mean way too red:

Another fine point (several trips over 50 years to D-Land) is that the eyes must be fooled into thinking things are “real.”

Suspension of this model would be key, and a nearly invisible 5-pound test fishing leader was used.  Damn-near impossible to tie when your eyes have been “under the knife” several times.  But that’s part of the fun of it – demanding you learn patience.

The line came off the top of the UFO dome and 16 inches up to a solid thumbtack that was carefully painted in a flat tone-match to the mock cedar roofing in the room.

Mounted, you can’t see anything except that at the top of the picture, if you look closely, yes indeed, there’s a UFO!

The effect is even more pronounced if you’re a bit shorter and walking by. It’s like it has just come out of the clouds in the mural.

Maybe it has?

The Story

“Well,  since you asked… This is a recreation of that famous UFO sighting over the SF Bay Bridge back in about 1973, or so.  About 200 people saw it, you know…Heard the occupants were friends of Big Davey Rosenberg and it might have had something to do with a landing site and rides for the topless dancer’s best clients at North Beach…”

Of course, the story can be scaled to whoever the guest is and how much we’ve had to drink.  East Texas tall tales are fun!

The scale is about right – the UFO is 12-inches, or so out from the cloud, and the effect is extremely satisfying.

Since I’m trying to retire (yeah, right sure!) I have a good dozen, or two bigger projects than this to take on.

I’ve been collecting styrofoam in order to make fake rocks.  Because I think it would be a super neat change-up to turn our master bath into what looks (at the doors – like the opening into an abandoned mine.  The idea there is the bathroom would appear to have been hewn out of solid rock (the styro is easy to make “rocks” with.

Elaine’s got trepidations about it – and it’s a big project, for sure. Other, less challenging (and more visible to guests) changes include deepening the effects in the Trader Vic’s themed dining room.

The “New York Artists Loft” looking bedroom is OK, but we’re still open to a different look there. A dark red velvet and mahogany paneled and brass light fixtures – a kind of “bordello look” would be more interesting if we were just a shade younger, lol.  Hospital room?  Naw, too close to reality, thanks.

And some rooms, like the recording studio don’t really need any theming because it’s pretty damn obvious what they are.

Toss in the greenhouse we put along the side of the house this year and it’s really a pretty special little double-wide in the woods.

And like I am constantly reminding you, the greatest Disney attractions like the Haunted House and Pirates of the Caribbean all live in pretty nondescript boxes on the outside seen from space.

Imagine being able to stop the ride/boat inside Pirates, though.  Would that be the kick-ass place to have drinks, or what? Constant eye-candy.

Back to creation – got a Cessna 150 model to build for outside the office.  A bit of aeronautical (and radio) flavor to set the mood right.  It’ll be “flying around” out here/ up there:

Of course, such falderal is a matter of personal choice.  Some people want to live in sterile boxes.  But, if you have so much energy and imagination that it leaks out?  Then why the hell not?

Write when you get rich,

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53 thoughts on “ShopTalk Sunday: Imagineer a “Well-Storied” Home”

    • You’ve GOT to laugh or you’ll cry. I hope all 81 miiiilllyun people that voted for him are crying their eyes out now. It’s like suddenly realizing how stupid the spinning hubcaps on your car really look – and you paid big bucks for them.

    • Wouldn’t it be the funniest thing to watch, if Google auto correct actually got a hold of the teleprompter.. lol lol lol lol

      • My first reaction was OMG! Two buffoons in a row! Then I checked Snopes. The teleprompter segment was misleadingly edited. As for “hairy legs”, it is real but from 2017 and almost forgivable in context. But is clear that Joe has a defective censor, to wit his off the cuff promise to use military force to defend Taiwan despite a long-standing U.S. policy to be ambiguous on the subject.

      • “Then I checked Snopes. ”

        Please don’t take Snopes seriously. It has been a George Soros owned property for several years and is often (but not always) used for propaganda now, with little regard for truth or accuracy (kinda like Wackypedia…)

        It is good for a “quick & dirty” but it ceased being a place where facts could be accurately checked, years ago.

    • I’m still in shock that this idiot is still occupying the White House! It’s beyond embarrassing and may well be part of the plot.

    • Oh for fucks sake. This is the leader of our country.

      You ever see that movie Idiocracy LOB. A prophecy forsure dude.

      Watson? Hand me my glass,
      We are so fucked! ROTFLMFAO!

      The perfect song to play at the exit,

      Que: ~ Escape ~

      Rupert Holmes

      • Crank it George!

        That song speaks of “write when you get rich!” Ten million percent!


      • LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL… I seen a movie that was so funny a few years ago.. where some guy takes a Congressional break and then comes out and has everyone run into the toilet.. there they analyse the results of the toilet adventure.. and he says.. look at it.. things are looking up ( turd readings where the turd was pointing skyward) LOL LOL LOL LOL
        I wish I could remember the name of that stupid film.. LOL reminds me of MSM and their analysis of our present administration.. LOL LOL LOL they had to make up thirty percent .. no one I have talked to thinks anyone is doing a good job.. LOL LOL

    • for my ten word or less opinion on the whole thing..


  1. Do you know what the prop over your office door is from? I’ve got one standing on the corner of my “Office” that according to my 97 year old uncle is from a Jenny flown by his dad who he tells me flew with the LaFayette Escadrille in WW1. I have questioned that since the leading edges are finished with copper sheeting. There are no markings or numbers on it I can find. Still it’s an interesting conversation piece.
    The wife and I used to like to visit San Francisco. The last time was in 2000 on our 20th anniversary. Spent a whole day hoofing through Chinatown. What a fascinating place it was. Wouldn’t go back now at gunpoint.

    Stay safe. 73

    • We not only know where it came from, but we flew a transcon on it – it’s the first prop from our Musketeer. Had some time on it – but it was a whisker off for the annual and my mechanic down at Crocket – Mark – found me a much lower time, in spec for $2,500. This one is still flyable on an 0-320 and if anyone offered me $1,200 for it, I would see if I can dig out the logbook for it, too. Be fine for a homebuilt – just didn’t pass TSO. Got the spinner for it, too BTW.

    • My Grandfather, Gray Coggin built and flew the first airplane made in Texas. It was made from plans he and his partner bought from Glen Curtis. It had a Roberts marine engine with the rated horsepower Curtis recommended. After the first few flights around Midland, Texas, the hand laminated and carved prop was getting nicked by mesquite bushes. My grandfather then covered the prop with thin copper sheeting.
      Fortunately, for me, they only barnstormed it for a couple of years. The engine horsepower was rated for sea level, and a lot less around Midland’s altitude. The other problem was the wing covering. When they got ready to cover the wings, they couldn’t afford balloon silk, and used a light grade canvass.
      After takeoff, the fabric would start to stretch, and the drag would increase. That fact, plus the lower horsepower limited all the flights to less than two miles.
      One Sunday afternoon, after the first flight, with both their young wives watching, my grandfather’s partner, a blacksmith, decided that he wanted to make his first ever flight.
      He got it off the ground a few feet and side slipped, coming down astride a barb wire fence. My grandfather ran 100 yards to the still moving plane and yanked out the ignition wires.
      The blacksmith’s wife went ballistic, telling her husband to get rid of that airplane, or she was going home to her mother’s.
      Since she had most of the money in the family, her demand was met. They took the engine out and returned it to Roberts (they had been making payments on it).
      Then they took the wings off and hung everything in the rafters of the blacksmith shop.
      My grandfather went on to become an oilfield boilermaker and welder. During the 20s he did a boiler repair at mush less that normal cost for an almost busted wildcatter.
      In the 30s he was contacted by a patent attorney for Pratt/Whitney looking for prior art in propeller design. They stated that he was the first to put a metal covering on a wooden propeller.
      In 1964, that same wildcatter, not a multimillionaire Was looking for something to bequest to the area where he made his fortune.
      That same year, the abandoned blacksmith shop was sold and scheduled to be torn down, and a parking structure built on the site.
      When the demolition was started, the airplane in the rafters was discovered, and the story made it to the local paper.
      The wildcatter saw the story, paid for a complete restoration, and donated it to the Midland-Odessa Airport. The restorer went to Roberts, and found an engine only two serial numbers away from the original engine.
      My grandfather lived to be at the 1965 dedication at the Airport main terminal, and to watch Neil Armstrong walk on the moon.
      I hope this story hasn’t been too long winded, but I’m proud of what my grandfather accomplished, and it is this 1944 model’s Birthday.

  2. I’ve always been intrigued by the fact the UFOs in the short-lived TV series “The Invaders” looked almost exactly like the German’s Haunebu models. “The Invaders” were on TV only from ’67 to ’68 but I don’t remember seeing a lot of, or any, Haunebu pictures or models in the public eye before that. Fringe magazines such as Argosy had many off the wall stories of all kinds in them and I ate them up in the barber shop when I could find them, but, to my ten year old mind, Haunebu styled UFOs just weren’t in my mind until that TV show hit the air waves. Where did they get the basic design from for the show?

    • inside story goes that was what crashed at Roswell, and was reason for all the BS coverup stories of weather ballons and ufo’s. Country/World might have flipped shit had learned about nazi’s flying around World in plasma driven airships..supposedly.

      not supposed to know anything about “breakaway” 4th reich..Allies won WWII, right?

  3. When I took up railroad modeling few hundred years ago — “N” and “G” scales: N for indoors, G for outside — it taught me to SEE, really SEE the real-life world all around me in new and much finer OBSERVANT detail.

    How does ivy crawl up a downspout? How does “rusty drppage” look on Butler buildings? The fine, fine detail and patina of Real Life.

    “Kambach” company publishes dozens of books with all sorts of amazing information on how to achieve scenic effects that look so good it takes your breath away — and many are super-stupid simple. Like making 1/4 inch thick building fronts with high physical 3D detail, and sticking them on a printed poster background to make parts of it “pop.”

    “Seeing” in new ways is easy enough, once you take the trouble to really LOOK at things.

    Now, me, I’d not build the Nazi saucer: bad Karma. I’d do a nice version of the “C-57D” starship from “Forbidden Planet.” Elegant and beautiful and without the ugly connotations. I built a Revell C-57D once, about 24 inches in diameter. Glorious.

    Many of the ideas can be scaled up easily enough.

  4. Out of the frame of reference here but with the loss of Shinzo Abe in Japan the Georgia Guidestones story has been deep-sixed big time. I’m not seeing stories about it on ZH, NewsMax or TGP. Usually one of them would have something on an event like that for some time.

    • They sure destroyed the remains and any evidence as soon as possible! I wonder what they were trying to hide?

    • Bill,

      I read somewhere that the monument rubble had been trucked away.

      Fox 5 Atlanta said near the bottom of their July 8th website report that the initial blast destroyed the Hindi/Swahili languages panel.

      Separate overhead drone video shows the half portion of the monument capstone that had alleged sacrificial stains on it for the past 6 to 8 years having been completely obliterated in the attack.

    • “And I guess no one has yet to see any video of someone setting the charges?”


      Let’s restrain ourselves. This isn’t some “Back to the Future” mall parking lot action movie set from 35 years ago.

      It’s a googley pleasant wander down Guidestone Lane to the highway around that highest point in the county. The Stones’ near line-of-sight neighbor across the road looks to have a super nice antenna set-up. Pine straw bales for sale as well. I wonder if George markets pine straw bales. Might be easier on the green thumb than tomatoes.

      Let’s rejoin George now in studio charting course on another exciting journey. Here we go with
      “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”.

      The Rolling Stones

      • *snicker* Yeah, right. They either know who did it and purposely cut that part out or … One person I was talking to over at ZH agreed with me about the people that set the charges really knowing what they were doing. How, where and how much explosive to use on the granite. These people DID know what they were doing. It wasn’t a bunch of rednecks with fireworks out at O-dark 30 playing around.

  5. I just bought gas for 3.869 / gallon. Slo Joe gets another merit badge. Now if someone could just write his teleprompter lines in conversational English.

      • Lol lol lol lol along with googles auto correct… it would be priceless…

    • I wonder how long that gas price will remain after the last of our oil reserve is shipped off to China!

    • Enjoy it while you can. He can’t hide the money manipulations forever and I don’t believe he can romance the Saudis well enough to put THAT MUCH petrol in our tanks. After all, they’re all post-pubescent…

  6. Gpops,

    How about a dive locker/Sea Hunt themed room ? Can pick up some really cool gear and ideas at Nations Attic upcoming aution. – where I “hunt” 4 retro dive gear.
    Old school diving helmets are too pricey..but some of the other gear.. Yeah a Naughtical themed room out in East Texas – youinze can pretend you are surrounded by water, while all Ure neighbors be parched=(mindovermatter).
    Or even an “underwater” room..with like 3D printed undersides of pelicans, turtles, crocs..mounted to ceiling. With lobsters, abalone, mantis shrimps, morays.. at floor level..shadow of frigate bird on ceiling, maybe even a little “yowza in the trouser” effect with a topless mermaid or 2..Sign over doorway leading into naughtical room reads – “Ure Muff Divers..We Dive at Five”

    • The room you want has already been captured on film. It’s in the movie Sahara – a dandy scuba adventure from the fertile (*sadly late) mind of Clive Cussler. Ultimate man cave on a research ship – think it’s in the opening and again as the heroine – rescued by Dirk Pitt and Al Giordino take her out of hands of would-be assailants at a lighthouse on a hot climes and dry shore somewhere, regains consciousness and awakens.

      It would be just the ticket for you – assuming you could handle setting up the SSB radio to softly generate adjacent channel noise – hell, I don’t even know if the high seas operator at KMI is still on the air anymore or whether everyone has left their minds (and Earth). Point being, though, the collection of memorabilia and models of Confederate ships rumored laden with gold, plus some old sailing ships, would be just the ticket for someone who’s – how to say this? – not real bragly about their Coronado and beyond adventures. Say, you’re no bell-ringrt are you, BUD?

      • Hi, George,

        Sahara, what a wonderful movie! Loved it. Viewed it many times. Great storyline. Fun film.

        The undersea diorama could be quite fun to create. I like your idea of a mine. You might even consider a cave motif with pirates treasure chests inside, decorated with strands of pearls draped over gold items and other jewels. Or even an Egyptian mummy dig like that associated with King Tut.

        • Actually, never finished enough to post, but the guest/second bedroom in the house is Egyptian themed – with many intricate Tut-like paintings adorning things. One of these days I will get the faux masonry done in there…nothing sleeping in a tomb room, eh?

      • No interest in gold/treasure..Tech! as in ancient tech.

        So Solly, only with a frozen shot glass, and the throw is tres difficult.. like 1 in 20 ever hit it..becomes increasingly difficult as night wears on.
        *never spoke/speak “beyond” – where I have been and what I have done – is No-bodies f-ing business, not even law enforcement.

  7. Read an article about immigrants being located here and there and, I wish I’d saved it. Being in a cursory mood at the time, the tiny mention of (immigrants living in forests) just slipped right by me. Just didn’t click in my head, and I clicked on to other things.

    But shortly after, my YouTube recommendations showing up were a growing number of “what’s happening in National Forests.”Creepy creatures, missing people, weird sounds, UFO’s. Well past the fear of a Sasquatch.

    Hmmm? Sounds like we shouldn’t be going into them forests cuz the boogie man might get ya. – guess they gotta up their game since stupid people think Bison like being in selfies.

    Or is it because someone might stumble upon an immigrant camp in the forest and live to tell about it?

    Strange how articles disappear on the internet. Just POOF! … gone.

  8. Speaking of UFOs I was asking my uncle about the Summer of ’47. He was around 15 years old.

    He said the people who didn’t see the UFOs thought the people who claimed to see UFOs were nuts. The UFO seers were mostly ignored at the time.

    • My wife was born September 15, 1947. She gets teased about being dropped by an alien ship.

  9. It’s been an absolutely fabulous week of imagineering at Wimbledon. Hours after Mr. Johnson was evicted from #10 on Thursday, opposition Labour Party leader Sir Keith Starmer graced the Royal Box at Centre Court.

    And what’s this?? A Russian woman wins the singles title? Ms. Rybakina of Moscow, “I can’t help where I was born”, has played since 2018 under the flag of Kazahkstan, home to Russia’s Baikonur Cosmodrome space facility. Meanwhile, two feet on terra firma, Tom Cruise elevated a few rows behind Princess Kate watched the aces flying back and forth across the net. The Princess imagineered the Queen and prior Patron of Wimbledon with wearing the exclusive green and purple broach. Set against her Roksanda “beam of sunshine” yellow dress, tabloids concluded the look was “very classy”.

    On deck of course is the men’s singles showdown between the unvaccinated Serb and one good shouldered Australian going for gold. You have to love it.

  10. Let’s Make A Deal …

    “The Kremlin on Friday said it would increase gas supplies to Europe if the turbine were returned, while Ukraine has said returning the equipment would breach sanctions.” – Maybe Zelenski still holds sanctions as important but the rest of the world doesn’t give a shit … people need those resources to survive, as life is at the moment.

    Meanwhile …

    Russian defence ministry says its forces hit Ukrainian hangars storing U.S.-made artillery weapons

    Seems odd these weapons sent to Ukraine are being hit during storage and not so much on the battlefield. Zelenski calls for more weapons, gets them, then he drops the ball by not moving them quickly to where one might think they need to be during “A Time of War.” Guess that supply chain is broken too.

    “End of Quote”
    “Repeat Line”

  11. My first reaction was OMG! Two buffoons in a row! Then I checked Snopes. The teleprompter segment was misleadingly edited. As for “hairy legs”, it is real but from 2017 and almost forgivable in context. But is clear that Joe has a defective censor, to wit his off the cuff promise to use military force to defend Taiwan despite a long-standing U.S. policy to be ambiguous on the subject.

    • you do have to admit.. it is still funnier than hell…
      Now for my opinion In ten words or less…
      We are so screwed LOL

  12. Cool. Geoege, At the bottom of the page it says pages: 1, 2, 2222.

    So cool. That is a Que for sure.

    I’m plotting my next adventure right now. Get money! Go adventure.

    I was thinking if we talk about the whole shit house going up in flames enough maybe it won’t happen.

    I have a couple options I’ve been looking at to go on right meow. One is spending 6 months in Fiji surfing this winter. Found a decent 2 bedroom flat in Suva, Fiji (fully furnished,
    utilities included) for a good deal. About a block from the Beach. Not in the tourist area. and 2 or 3 other single people who want to go for 6 months. Pay rent for 6 months in advance then with me being on the Union Hall list (I don’t have to look for work) and will be getting $750 a week on unemployment direct deposited in my account. That is pleanty food and adventure. All I really need is a pair of camo shorts, flip flops, sunglasses, a surf board and a mountain bike. Pay $10 more a month on my phone plan to have international calling purchase a couple open ended plane tickets that need be used in a year and can take me whereever i need to go. I can buy the surfboard and a mountain bike when I get there. Leave them there for someone else when im done adventuring. Come back when construction fires back up next spring.. it’s Hella cheep to eat and live there.

    A friend of mine knows the Fiji National Soccor team coach and I talked to him and he said, come on over we will take care of ya and teach ya were to get cheep groceries and where the locals go. They have some super cool rope swings up in the mountains to swing off into some hidden lakes. Lots of waterfalls.

    That or I made fast friends with the Head Dude at Supercross (Dirt bike racing) and he said come drive a big rig and go on tour with us. I assure you it is one of the most fun adventures. Same with Monster Jam Monster Trucks and possibly I can tour with a Nascar race team, driving one of their big rigs during the season. That would he Hella fun too.

    I did a year and a half road trip about 2 years ago. I figure get money and find some place to go for when the shit hits the fan. I have alot of options. Including Mexico city. Lots of options.

    I can even take my Lithuania Princes who love love loves me up on her offer to buy me a ticket to fly over to London and stay there. She has offered more than a few times. I been to England before. Not a big fan. I mean it’s cool. Just like New York City is cool. But not as cool as surfing all day and writing a book on the beach in Fiji. I actually have 3 or 4 books written on my home PC. I just never had them editited or published them. Lol.

    My friend and trust me she is a looker Brenda just finished her Cuban Cook book. And was giving it away. I said what are you doing? Publish it and make it a download on Amazon for Kendel and put it on Apple and Google books. Charge $5.00 for it. She has over 800 recipes. She said how do I do that. So we are figuring that out together. I told her to name her book Dat ass! Cook book. Hahah And put a picture of her hiney on the cover. That will get ya 10,000 downloads right there. That $50k. Sex Sells and she has on3 helova booty. She is also a personal trainer that lives down in the Florida keys. Super wants me to come spend the winter with her. And promises me to cook me the best dinner ive ever had.

    Lots of options for this winter. I mean if the world is about to go to shit and the dogs ate it? I’d rather be surfing on the beach in Fiji than down rioting in the streets of any major city in the US. Seems the better.

    Cool space shop dude. Uhem space ship.

    And very cool, 1, 2, 2222.

    Like that bunches.

    Truly I’m the same. I leap out of bed every day. Whoohooo! Another day of life! Im excited to see what is on the menu to experience today. I’m soooo sooo Blessed and Highly Fortunate!
    It is my hope you are as well.

    • Fiji trip should definitely be your first choice, can’t think of a better way to spend your time the way you just described. How much for the 6mos rent because I might have to join you.

      Love the ufo scene you created G. Reminded me that I have a Bob Lazar sport model by Revell somewhere in my garage that I need to build. Had it for probably 20 years. I have a tendency to procrastinate a bit. Finding where it is will be a project in itself, I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

    • Fiji has a tropical climate, with a HOT, HUMID, and RAINY season from December to April and a cooler season from June to October.

      Friend was there and said the weather was miserable causing her to be drenched in sweat. The people were very nice and friendly.

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