ShopTalk Sunday II: An Additional Inspiration Note

Long-time reader (sufferer?) Nancy reminded me of something I should have mentioned in this morning’s “Well-storied Home” discussion.

In addition to the “themed” digs at DisneyWorld and Disneyland, there are some really great hotels that manage to pull off to-die-for theming in rooms that transport guests.

I still have on our shopping list 4-5 overnights at West Edmonton Mall’s Fantasyland Hotel.

Click over here (Luxury Theme Rooms | Fantasyland Hotel ( and scroll down through the rooms and enlarge for more.

In the Luxury Family Polynesian, you’ll see on the left that we’re not the only ones into a well-selected mural to give a sense of “place” to a room.  Also, in the Luxury African room, notice again?  Scroll down for it. BIG mural as a theme centerpiece.

For people who are stuck at those “great necking days at the drive in” why not try on the bed-in-a-pickup-truck room?

Their newest seems to be the Gothic Princess room.

Traveling around the country there are two great things to do.  One – like my longtime friend Brock did – is set out a “perfect hamburger” quest.  Everywhere he went, he’d say “I am looking for the best hamburger in America -nriong me your best – the one people rave about!”  He ALWAYS got super service and the best of all burgers.

The second travel tip (if you’re not flying a plane around and trying to outrun weather fronts) is to hit places like the “Odd Inns” website.  Where you will find treasures like the Hobo Inn up neat Mt. Rainer in Washington State.

Or, if you like lighthouses, here’s a whole page of them you can actually stay in!  OK – treehouses then?

Absolutely dandy templates to help you “sample” this transporting homes with storylines concept a bit deeper!

If you want to live in a sterile box with no character and no story to tell – fine – we won’t be “judgy” about it.  Maybe a little suspect that people who are two clicks too tight may miss the joy and adventures of life, though.

Write when you find gems – and sign up for the Odd Inns newsletter – or not. Their gems in Texas page is here – and as thanks to Nancy for reminding me, she might find this little gem of New Mexico interesting digs to visit!


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  1. When I was in DC.. one of my favorite places was to camp at the top of an old ight house.. and catch crabs to eat…
    We use to dine in a restaurant that themed it as a drive in theater and another one was an old west ghost town both long ago closed..

    • You didn’t have to go to Greece to read THAT!

      I’m guessing Jill refused to co-star in one of his home videos and he got butt-hurt.

      • ????? We will never know if she is a movie star or not.. they took down all his video’s…
        Even if everything was back peddled.. do you think it would help.. or are we to far gone at this point to pull out of the economic death spin..

  2. Yeeba yankee !!! New high USD !!! Dx . Zighal zighal zighal Hal Klaus Hal jabbin Hal reich !! Yous goosestep around the ranches ?

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