Setting Up the “Trade of a Lifetime”

Few readers will remember a year and a half back when I was on a national radio show (“Coast”) and said the doom porn crowd would be wrong.  Then last winter I said again that we have several targets ahead in 2017 where the markets COULD hit their all time highs.
We’re pleased as punch, once again, to have gotten things spot-on.  But with all time highs going in the books every day, when do we set up to make a bundle when the markets reverse and head down?
This morning a discussion and how we plan to cash in on our own work….again,

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10 thoughts on “Setting Up the “Trade of a Lifetime””

  1. This is DANGEROUS!

    Natural Science is anti-tech, but the article is a very valid and pertinent concern regarding this type of research. You can read this summary article (the paper itself is pay fire-walled), but here again, it is the narrowly focused, segregated “scientists” that are pushing this. The method they are using and the algorithms do not even take epigenetics into account! How can their algorithms predict what other gene groupings will be affected when they do not even discuss what turns thousands of them on or off?? When they have not yet mapped out the on/off systems?

    The assumption of the mantle of Godliness is not the purview of a bunch of micro-focused uber-geeks in lab coats. There is no rational oversight of these people, and even if there were, it will not extend outside of national boundaries. The only thing driving this is corporate search for profits, which is where all the grant money comes from. There was resistance to this research here in the US, so it migrated to China, where things are more easily done in spite of their citizens.

    I am not against the research, but there are no longer any generalists that can put together the ramifications of a particular research to the planet or even to a genus. Over-specialization and segregation of the sciences is dangerous, especially when combined with a system that is based on corporate grant money.

    It only takes one of the wrong ones released into the wild to destroy a species completely, and they are working with the human species. Unfortunately, what they are doing and talking about doing is complete gobbledygook to the average person, much less a politician.

    • Just because we can do it now doesn’t mean we should. We’re just now entering into a new “toy store” without real knowledge of how the toys work.

      “The assumption of the mantle of Godliness is not the purview of a bunch of micro-focused uber-geeks in lab coats.” Absolutely. We were given a list of laws to live by when “God” invited Moses & crew to come in from the Bronze Age world and set us on a path to true enlightenment. We still haven’t taken up that invitation for the most part and those that have been trying are working with a greatly modified version of right/wrong, good/evil guidelines. It’s always been voluntary, despite the man-induced rules and consequences. One would think the consequences of not following The Law would be enough but we keep trying to find ways of mitigating those consequences. Stephen Fry’s documentary on AIDS is a prime example. The consensus regarding acquiring the AIDS virus is simply taking a pill every day when the truth is you’re taking 25, 30 or more just to stay alive. The Law was pretty much, what one would hope is, common sense in Moses’ time as much as it is in ours today.

  2. I have never waited so long for a man to step into the White House and cancel the Paris climate deal
    What you have been told in the media is that it will save the planet
    Well if it would save the planet why aren’t we riding around in water powered vehicles like the airplane in 1941 that was water-powered comma and if it was saying the planet why don’t we have a million tachyon disc


    Read Article 9:

    “1. Developed country Parties shall provide financial resources to assist developing country Parties with respect to both mitigation and adaptation in continuation of their existing obligations under the Convention.
    2. Other Parties are encouraged to provide or continue to provide such support voluntarily. ”

    Marxist-Leninist-Globalist bullshit (from each according to their…).

    U,.S. PAYS other countries skate. Screw that/.
    The whole :”deal” Oscamus negotiated was to screw the U.S. while Hil sold out our uranium and China skated. Oh, and loaded a foundation with payoff cash…but I digress.

    Jon, look at the freakin money and follow it.

    High Crimes and treason –

    I am an environmentalist who drives an old car, lives on solar, eats close to the earth and your lifestyle has a YUGE footprint compared to mine. Every time you travel as a globalist you burn (personally) 7-gallons an hour of diesel as jet fuel. Get real. Support Sudan! Plug in your freaking Tesla and walk.

    You need one home, one car and a much lower income. The Paris Agreement will get you there. I know how you hate exceptionalism…

    THE POINT OF PARIS WAS MONEY. Go read the GD text of it. I have. Shit-oh-rosy…damn globalist spew/ It’s jingoism on the way to global government…and if you think the EU if fox-uniformed, let’s see how Junker et all can do running the whole planet, shall we?

    What kind of crap is this?

    “5. Parties acknowledge that adaptation action should follow a country-driven, gender-responsive, participatory and fully transparent approach, taking into consideration vulnerable groups, communities and ecosystems, and should be based on and guided by the best available science and, as appropriate, traditional knowledge, knowledge of indigenous peoples and local knowledge systems, with a view to integrating adaptation into relevant socioeconomic and environmental policies and actions, where appropriate.”
    WTF? That’s every left-rabble-rousing phrase in a paragraph, or damn near.

    This whole deal is ARTICLE 9…take the money from the developing countries, but only the honest ones. China skates, Russia skates, half of the EU skates and we write the freaking checks?

    No, Trump got this one spectacularly right. Now if he could get the Nanny state to move along on ultra-light cars so we could get 80 MPG, that would be way cool.

    No accountability, no governing mechanism (Warsaw mondle? Hello?)
    Jon, since you’re such GUNGHO on this, you can pay for ours – on a voluntary basis…

    Read what Woodrow Wilson et all have written about “entangleements”

    This is a freakin bear trap, bot just an entanglement.

  4. Worst hodge-podge of pseudoscience yet. “Simulations” show I am a millionaire. Elaine is a finance skeptic same as I’m a climate skeptic.

  5. This short video gives a graphic representation of how bankrupt the CO2 scam is.

    If you watch this you may also wonder why, if CO2 is a greenhouse gas and equally distributed throughout the atmosphere, is it cold at night in the desert ? Shouldn’t the desert be as warm as a jungle at night ? Maybe because water vapor is the insulator that is holding in heat ? Not CO2. Probably need to start some kind of metal particulate spraying program to cover the planet with a reflective blanket.

      • I wasn’t sure if you are a chem-trail believer or not, George. I’ve had my doubts as the skies out here in West Texas are usually clear as a bell when we don’t have a front coming through even though we’re the heart of “fly-over country”. The fact that contrails are going to be more prevalent over highly populated areas is a given not to mention areas around military bases. The latter is always doing something experimental for our “entertainment”. But if “they” WERE going to do something like that it’s going to be over the highest density population they can find which is the coastal areas and inland megalopolises. Just one more reason I see our area as a kind of sweet spot for lack of intrusions like that.

    • It has been proven that where there are trees Bush things growing then you have retention of heat that’s how come we have abnormal places up north where people in their own backyards have trees and other vegetation growing that would not normally grow there it’s because of the surrounding vegetation which would be trees so in the desert like everything Ebbs and flows like a tide but where you have trees everything is stationary you don’t have these fluctuations oh and by the way I’m using the voice on a S4 Samsung phone I didn’t know this thing work that well but it works better than anything even better than Google so y’all have a nice day and may all beings be lovingly fulfilled so be it and thoughts have wings so keep nice

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