Climate, Jobs, and the Left’s (pseudo) Revolution

Oh, sure, it’s not popular to “tell it like it is” anymore.  Why, the right to tell America how to think is reserved for the hyper-opinionated minions of the corporate media and their left-wing parroting shills.

Still, in a few places, like here in the Outback of East Texas, there is still an ability to look at the Big Picture as though it’s nothing more (or less) than a jig-saw.  Care to play “Spot the Commies” with us?

So let’s run through how the Obama/Clinton “Government in Exile” is doing in their promotion of AmRev2 Lite, shall we?


Let’s start at Berkeley North – also known as the campus of Evergreen State College in Olympia, Washington.  (I first noticed that people in the Olympia area had begun to lose their minds on July 13, 2013…)

The school proclaims itself to be “Evergreen is a progressive, public liberal arts and sciences college located in Olympia…”

Progressive?  Is this the new buzz for reverse racism?

Liberal?  Oh, that just means paying students may not get their money’s worth due to closures like the one Thursday and today.

For a long time this left-of-Lenin leaning school had a Day of Absence during which minority students would take a day off school to attend “programs off campus.”  For many, just a “skip day.”

This year, the revolutionaries decided to up their game by targeting a biology professor who objected to the Day of Absence event.  They want him fired.  (Notice how his rights and wanting to deliver an education got trampled?  No such accountability for the left, though.)

What happened next was right out of the Alinsky playbook:  The school received a “credible threat” so classes were shut down Thursday.

And this morning?  From the school’s website:

So we did:

“Suspended operations” means no classes [Friday]. Evergreen staff are present to provide campus services to resident students and ensure their safety. Law enforcement is present on campus at all hours.

A determination on when to fully re-open campus will be made as soon as possible.

Around 10:30 a.m. Thursday morning Evergreen officials were notified that TCOMM 911 had received a call from an individual claiming to be armed and en route to Evergreen’s Olympia campus. The call was made from an unknown telephone number to a regular business line.

Upon notification from TCOMM 911, and on the advice of law enforcement, President George Bridges made the cautionary decision to close campus. Evergreen students, staff, and faculty members were notified of the closure via an emergency text system, mass email, and a campus-wide speaker system.

Officers from the Washington State Patrol, Thurston County Sheriff’s Office, and Olympia Police Department responded and were stationed throughout campus and nearby thoroughfares while Evergreen students, staff, and faculty departed campus, and while parents collected children at the college day-care center.

Law enforcement teams searched campus buildings to ensure they were secure.  They determined that no one was actively posing a threat.

Evergreen Police Services is in contact with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, which is pursuing any information that might affect the safety of our campus.

Forgetting true equality, the left is now selling guilt.  And it seems from here that the  school is pandering to ’em.

Jot this down as data point #1.

Climate Revolutionaries, Too

Now, let’s roll with the Trump administration decision to back out of the Paris “Climate” Accord which was negotiated by the Obamanation as a ramp-in to a Global Climate Tax, to further punish the United States for being, well, the United States. And to feather the next of the carbon credit scammers and such.

What the left-wing revisionist media fails to mention is that while Barack Obama was all-in on his climate deal – which would take billions and shovel it into an unaccountable “climate fund” where who knows what that money would do – the whole thing was NEVER RATIFIED as a Treaty because – as President Trump noted in his remarks on Thursday – it was a spectacularly bad deal.

The left is selling this hornswoggle as a good dead because it helps them monetize their crooked schemes.  Remember, when Global Warming was shown to be a data-jiggered scam, the left pivoted to a guilt trip and moved to “climate change.”

Since backing out of the non-Treaty, the left has gone so far off-the-hook that Grabien News today has a list of the 14 dumbest reactions to Trump’s decision.

My favorite (idiotic) reaction came from Philly’ mayor: “Mayor Kenney says Philly will honor Paris climate accord after U.S. pulls out.”

So who is Jim Kenney?  If you Wiki it: “James Francis “Jim” Kenney (born August 7, 1958) is an American Democratic politician…”  Say no more!  Got it – he’s an Obamite.

Empty assertion?  George off his meds?  No, since “President Obama endorses Jim Kenney for Philly mayor” was a real 2015 headline.

It isn’t like Kenney is alone, however.  The whole globalist left is up in arms today: “‘F*** you!’ Donald Trump blasted in German media after pulling out of Paris climate deal.”  That goes a bit far…blasted by the German leftists would maybe be closer to it.  Still…let’s continue the review:

Say, here’s another loon for you: “Gore: Syrian Civil War Caused By Climate Change.”  The serial disasters of Clinton as SecState escape someone’s notice?

As a clear-headed UrbanSurvival reader noticed the other day “Yes, climate has been changing for millions of years.”  Don’t mention it to Al.

The worrywarts miss a critical point>  We don’t really need to worry in the slightest about “climate change” baking the world because if it does get too hot, we can simply pick a nuclear war and Poof!  End of problem.  We would be in nuclear winter for centuries.  That’d fix “climate change” huh?

Shouldn’t be a problem to go there, either, since we are now ranked the 114th most peaceful nation on Earth.  Our thanks to Ferguson, Baltimore, and Obama’s fine legacy of improved racial harmony.  OH, and the unifying media coverage that brings us together as a Nation…

Wait…no rant about the left and their pseudo-lution would be complete without imagery of victimized immigrants.  Surely this can’t be the day the Obama government in exile missed having a story echoing this line of liberalism, could it?

“‘Trapped’: Why one Mexican woman ‘self-deported,’ long before Trump…”  (Whew!  I was worried they’d missed a day.)

And why is this important?  Because today “Trump Asks Supreme Court To Reinstate Travel Ban On 6 Majority-Muslim Nations.”

The co-opted press continues to sell the agenda of immigration = victims.  Sadly, most of the SMS (seriously missing sense) crowd will buy it lock, stock, and,….

And so, another day of glacial-speed pseudo-revolution continues.

I don’t mean to sound partisan, but the insanity of the left is widely apparent.  They seem to have no sense of numbers or finance.

Take for example Illinois:  Just had the state debt ratings reduced to near junk.  Another fine democratic state, huh?

And in the People’s Republik of Kalifornia, a seriously half-assed healthcare wet dream pretending to be a $400-billion single-payer healthcare plan which, near as we can tell, had no funding mechanism.

Read some of the la-la land democrats quoted – I may have to petition Anderson County Texas to annex Jupiter (yeah, the planet) , if this keeps up.

Meanwhile, Back at the Economy

New Jobs Report is just out.  Press release, please?

“Total nonfarm payroll employment increased by 138,000 in May, and the unemployment rate was little changed at 4.3 percent, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Job gains occurred in health care and mining.

Household Survey Data

The unemployment rate, at 4.3 percent, and the number of unemployed persons, at 6.9 million, changed little in May. Since January, the unemployment rate has declined by 0.5 percentage point, and the number of unemployed has decreased by 774,000.

Among the major worker groups, the unemployment rate for Whites edged down to 3.7 percent in May. The jobless rates for Blacks (7.5 percent), Asians (3.6 percent), and Hispanics (5.2 percent), as well as those for adult men (3.8 percent), adult
women (4.0 percent), and teenagers (14.3 percent), showed little or no change.

Among the unemployed, the number of job losers and persons who completed temporary jobs declined by 211,000 to 3.3 million in May. The number of long-term unemployed (those jobless for 27 weeks or more) was essentially unchanged over the month at  1.7 million and accounted for 24.0 percent of the unemployed.

The labor force participation rate declined by 0.2 percentage point to 62.7 percent in May but has shown no clear trend over the past 12 months. The employment-population ratio edged down to 60.0 percent in May.”

The labor participation rate dropping is a concern, for sure.  The CES Birth-Death Model estimated 230,000 jobs into existence in May.

Dow futures are looking like +60 at the open as we continue working our way toward what our long wave economic models suggest could be the all-time high this summer.

50 thoughts on “Climate, Jobs, and the Left’s (pseudo) Revolution”

    • I prep just so I can live long enough to be able to tell the arsehats…”I told you so” after that I’m good.

    • Oops. Editing in the last second with a wack on the mouse got me. Meant to write

      Because there are worse hobbies, and few better types of life insurance.

  1. I thank my ancestors for their crappy genes that cause us to have terrible longevity. I will not be able to count on this batch of college kids to pay for my social security as they will only be qualified to run a smartphone and a fidget spinner. Very sad.

    • Yeah, Paulette, sad, but at least around here, we will try to keep it real as we “Slouch toward Gomorrah…”

  2. Stuck in the house again yesterday so I was watching a few of Dr. Steven Greer’s interviews and one of the ads that came up was of a group out of Denmark, of all places, who’s message boils down to “trillions and trillions of dollars for only a fraction of a degree Fahrenheit reduction in global temperature by the end of this century.” If anything ever spelled out power and wealth grab by the elite power addicts the Climate Change religion certainly does. Who would have thought there actually was a European group that had any common sense left that had not been assaulted, groped, raped or displaced by Muslims?

    You’re Danish aren’t you George? That probably explains a lot.

  3. Hi
    To think that some people borrow over one hundred thousand dollars to attend College. I wonder: Is it worth it?

    • Steve –

      My kids say:

      Lawyer – not worth it, changing careers
      Sommelier – totally worth it
      Weaver – not worth it
      Farmer – not worth it

      Now, I paid for everything for all 4, except law school. I couldn’t swing the $40k/yr at law with the other 2 in university, so he got loans.

      My weaver and farmer told me flat out that they learned more online.

      • I was told by the local farmer, that I buy some produce from, that college is great to learn how to fill out government forms but he learned nothing about farming

    • Jon –

      It’s not just grading and accountability. The curriculum is extremely basic and often nearly non-existent. For instance, my son took a bee keeping class which was required for his horticulture degree.

      The ‘textbook’ was a series of 5 PowerPoint shows. It cost $140 to buy this ‘textbook’. It was written (and I use the term written in loosest sense) by a PhD in agriculture, a curriculum that does not require beekeeping. The PhD that wrote the PowerPoint never took beekeeping. The PowerPoint itself was less information than a single basic beekeeping video on Yotube.

      The class met one time, they took roll, and then the PhD told them they would meet for the final exam. No class at all – just assignments to watch videos online, read articles online and view the PowerPoint stuff.

      They did not even see a beehive during the semester, as they never met again until the final exam.

      I cannot even begin to tell you how effed up this is for a subject that is wholly hands-on. I cannot tell you how disrespectful this is to students trying to learn, or the parents trying to pay for them to learn. I cannot tell you how disgusted this makes me regarding the tenure system, the textbook system, the entire college scam – because in my view, this course and many others are just that – scams.

      It’s not the grading system at fault. It is the entire group from the President to the Deans down to the PhD’s and grad students (who are REQUIRED to teach regardless of aptitude). They set the requirements and the curriculum and oversee the teachers. Obviously, the bar has been lowered or removed entirely.

      I averaged a 3.9 GPA in pre-Med while doing sex/drugs as an undergrad and in a fraternity, so that isn’t the reason either.

      It is greed at the root of this – as most of the ills of humonaity are.

    • I have a IT degree and i used it for 7 years. Graduated with a 3.95 gpa and I make more money as a Union Treamster than i did with my degree. P.W (Prevailing Wage) in my state is $54.90 an hour as a union Dump Truck Diver. I make 6 figures. And trust me we have the best medical benifits and it cost us 0 out of pocket, the company pays for them. I had a 6 day visit to the hospital last year, which cost me all of $163 out of pocket. Plus thr most i have paid for any medicine at the pharmacist was i think $1.63 for some antibiotics. Where else you going to find that?

      So go and spend $250k on an education. My boys who are in their 20’s went to the trades and make more money than most of all those college kids and dont have any loans to pay off.

      I know guys in my trade that are in their early 20’s that are making 6 figures, sho own homes and nice cars and boats and motorcycles while their friends are off at college still living off mom and dad.

      Worth it? Depends on your perspective. And depends on your work ethic.

      • Jon, I’m afraid, reds more as the consummate promoter of the think ethic not the do ethic when comes to hands on, get ‘er done like some of us.

    • Oilman2,
      I read recently that the best reason to select a college has to do with who it connects you to and not education.
      It’s tough for me to argue with that statement – over my long career it seems to me that those at the top rungs got their due to who, not what, they knew (not saying any are dumb). One might say Trump’s admin is a lot like that today – loyalty and prior social contact seem to be the best indicators to who ends up nearest the top rungs.

  4. I think everyone who supports the Paris accord should be required to spend one month a year sleeping in a 20 year old car, like the millions of humans they are rendering impoverished. Then we would see just what their real motives are. As it stands, they have no skin in the game, except the acquisition of power, money and self righteous brain chemical rushes.

    And every defense contractor, field grade officer, congress critter who votes for military action and lobbyist who pushes warfare should be required to spend one month a year, with their entire family, in a hot civilian war zone where their weapons are being used. Of course the cabinet resident should be required to have half their meetings there, and their families should be required to be housed with randomly selected local families on those days

  5. George, this Paris accord pullout being perhaps The Righties’ most eventful decision since they invaded Iraq, and you lead with some school in Olympia? Egads. Really? As I was saying yesterday, we dummies have some dumb sayings: It’s better to be safe than sorry. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. A stitch in time saves nine.

    Shocking, and it took me awhile to wake up to it, but the decision itself rarely matters anymore. Just find out which side the Libtards take, then go opposite. The story isn’t treason, or jobs, or NATO, or economic policy, or climate change, rather it’s poking the Libtards in the eye. Anger, revenge, getting even, equivalency and spite — our new age of reason. Mike.

    • First they took the unionists, then they took the…. well you know how history goes.

      The left has taken over schools both on the admin side as well as in the anti-freedom of the left which as we saw in Berkeley only believes in permitting its own scree to be aired. No one elses.

      Thus the double-standard of the rich snowflakes. Hate the world, everyone finishes together. And a huge portion of which are living in mommy and daddy’s basement.

      No, when revolution (pseudo or otherwise) is live streaming in America, we do think that’s a much bigger deal than a bunch of poor-pays of NATO who have been screwing us out of tax money for decades or Hill’s latest denials… You m ust open your head a bit, Mike. Play more chess. Going with the obvious move is the first step in a treacherous loss. Trust me on this.

      • Mike,
        I think you are really onto something. It’s like the right has lost the ability to govern or have any original ideas. Their go-to appears to simply be “go opposite the Libtards”. I guess that makes me just another one of those dummies.

        I really enjoy your most of your self-sufficiency stories from the outback. It’s clear the frequent praise of your intelligence is well deserved. I have not doubt your education exceeds mine and your IQ is surely dozens of points higher. But it sure seems to me that you are the one that hates the world. You’ve sequestered yourself in rural Texas for how many years now waiting for some collapse to occur? (Or maybe it was just to get away from those different thinking left-coasters) You seem to be hoping for someone to drop a nuke… someplace… anyplace, and that leaves me to wonder if that has more to do with poor past predictions on your part – it’s almost like you are willing the world to destroy itself so that you can be proved correct.
        Those poor college students you like to rail against will come back to reality sooner or later. I think we all go through that idealistic phase growing up, don’t we, before real life and the realities of being self sufficient intrude? Seems your generation had it’s fair share of idealistic tumult in the 60s, didn’t they (or maybe I’m reading the wrong history books).

      • LOL, hiding in the outback? Nope.

        Just watching the death-throes monetization of chaos from a safe distance.

  6. One thing is for certain. You gotta eat. That takes work. For another, you need shelter, requires more work. Third in line is clothing, gots to be done. That’ll be more work.

    Purdy soon, you’re working all of the time, everything done amounts to work so you can survive someplace where the misery is less than the joy of living.

    Your sleep is part of your work, no sleep, the work suffers.

    You can always go fishing or jet skiing.

    A lot of foam and froth in that market top, whatever it is, it makes me very nervous.

    Especially when I see oil stocks not doing too good, as they say, it don’t look too good.

    Seadrill (SDRL) is a whole 46.9 cents per share these days here in the real world. That would be today.

    The 52 week high is 4.59 usd.

    In 2014, the high was above 45 usd.

    You do the math. You do the Google search too.

    Over there at Google Finance, that’s what it says, any who.

    The canary in the coal mine all of a sudden is dead.

    Gotta be a black swan coming sooner than later.

    One can conclude that Seadrill did a swan dive then right to a body flop.

  7. The horror. A president actually is following through on what he promised in the campaign.

    The response from the left is all orchestrated and continues their pattern of utter hysteria at everything Trump does. Fortunately the American Public sees through the smoke and I wouldn’t be shocked if this boomerangs on the Democrats.

    Climate change is the epitomy of garbage in garbage out. Manipulated data into manipulated computer climate models. Heck the NOAA can’t even predict when and where a Hurricane will go with anything more than a 75% accuracy within the 24 hour window.

    Waiting for the coming rant from Jon

    • I’m sure Jon will defend the mis-labeled comic who is playing the classic victim role…why almost as much of a hand-wringer for the left as Hil’s 22nd speech for pay on why she’s a loser…still.

  8. Climate change, hummm, if oil is made up of ancient deposits of jungles and dead dinosars, how can there be drilling on Alaska’s North Slope, in the Artic Circle? Oh, Alaska used to be a tropical jungle, with no ice cap at the North Pole; so did Ally-opp and Fred Flinstone change the climate with their gas guzzlers? And is the German establishment truly more upset at Trump pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord then they are about the muzzy-rape-fest going on in their own country! In World War Two we must have killed off all the smart Krauts!
    Left the dumb ones in charge!

    • You are nearly on point, Gar.

      Merkel has to hate Trump because it’s the only thing she can sell.

      She has sold out Germany for short term economic stimulus by importing social problems. England has been smart enough to head for the exit – no collapse from Brexit yet… rouse the rabble so they don’t see how they are being bent over.

      No, I’m sure Merkel would be down on the border yelling tear down this wall, were she a “merican.

  9. George you’ve got the California single-payer issue wrong because the $400 Billion price tag doesn’t back out the dollars currently being spent. Once you net it out the cost is $50 Billion, which would be a bargain for Californians to have a true single-payer plan with no co-pays and no deductibles.

    • Only if the wet dreams come in. You really think the all power cent gov is going to allow an upstart state have all its medicare and Medicaid money? LOL, good one!

  10. I always wonder thought that you were a data guy and will give news as it is but you are just another partisan guys, were we are good and your are bad. But when you talk about Dems protesting for getting out a Paris Accord and not mentioning all the CEO’s that wanted to stay. Is not good financial information. This site has become more Russ and less reliable news. SAD.

    • You don’t visit here enough to state that with any back up. Sorry you are disappointed. Go somewhere else. Better yet start your own blog with jon.

  11. 1. It hasn’t been ratified by the US
    2. There is no spending accountability
    3. It punishes nations with high standards of living
    4. It is a path for global government (first you set a tax and then appoint demigods to administer it, see the EU for lessons)
    5. It would have us spending TAX MONEY WITHOUT REPRESENTATION – the kind of shit Obama and his posse were big on.

    Now your turn – point by point in no more than 2 sentences each, how is this misguided?

    • Geo. he wanted misguided reasons, not accurate ones.
      Noticed that he hasn’t responded yet, it must be the 2 sentence cap.

    • When Andrew basiago becomes president ,I want George to be vice president and I want Jon to be,, you fill in the blank,____________

      May all beings be lovingly fulfilled ,so be it

    • 1. Show2 me anything in America’s founding docs that provide for a sole executive agree,emt. This is more made-up shit by the left.Trump can quit in 1 second because it is not legally binding. What planet are you on>
      2. Greenhouse emissions do not factor volcanism etc as point sources. They dwarf everything else.
      3. I stand by my comment. Oaris Accords reward backward nations (Sudan?) at the expense of developed countries.
      Spin as you may.
      4. I agree, you are a globalist. This makes you a colonialists and slave owner.
      5. If money (and monetizing) isn’t at the core of all this stuff, why did Barack Hussein Obama ensure funding of the carbon exchange when he was an Illinois lawmaker?

      Go reread your history. The current climate data is skewed, the data revised to politically correct. And if all this climate crap was right, we’d be swimming in upt5own NYC by now.

      Money Jon…all about money, power and control of formerly free people. But as a globalist, you know it’s your job to be in charge, right? You’re an exceptionalist backed at the Soros ideology – as distasteful as Kochisms.

      Trump senses the great swing of history back to reasonable nationalism. Call me from China./

  12. Jon, this verged on thoughtful analysis. N ice effort.

    Too bad the giga factory in Reno will 100% automate with no workers producing no income tax revenue over time. Give it 10 years.

    I suggest you study a recent report by the Competitive Enterprise Institute circa 2014:

    “The annual Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) is the “codification of the general and permanent rules published in the Federal Register by the departments and agencies of the Federal Government.”
    The page count for final general and permanent rules in the 50-title CFR seems less dramatic than that of the oft-cited Federal Register, which now tops 70,000 pages each year (it stood at 79,311 pages at year-end 2013, the fourth-highest level ever). The Federal Register contains lots of material besides final rules.
    Still, the CFR “Archive-Of-All” is big. Very big. Back in 1960, the CFR contained 22,877 pages in 68 volumes.
    The pace picked up. The CFR stood at 71,224 pages by year-end 1975, in 133 volumes.
    Now, new data from the National Archives shows that the CFR stands at 175,496 at year-end 2013, including the 1,170-page index. (See the breakout below.)
    That’s a 146 percent increase since 1975. The number of CFR volumes stands at 235 (as of 2012; the 2013 count remains unavailable for the time being), compared with 133 in 1975.
    More recently, at the end of President George W. Bush’s second term (2008), there were 157,974 pages in the CFR.

    That means President Obama has added 17,522 pages of regulations in his five years in office; one president growing the regulatory state 11 percent increase in five years.
    In his five years in Office, President Obama has averaged 3,504 CFR pages annually.
    Meanwhile, Bush’s final four years averaged 2,584 pages; his total eight-year tenure averaged 2,490 pages annually.
    Note that the increase in the pace of regulation we witness under Obama happened despite the addition of “only” 939 pages between 2012 and 2013 (again, see below). Delays in regulations became at hot topic at election time; for example a Washington Post headline proclaimed, “White House Delayed Enacting Rules Ahead of 2012 Election To Avoid Controversy.”

    See also total pages in the Code of Federal Regulations here:

    We are sinking and the ship of state is overloaded with regulations – and the Paris Accord wasn’t even in this mix.

    So when is enough too much?

    My idea of freedoms is exactly one page long and was signed by some very smart men.

    There hasn’t been a page since that has given so much to so many, bar none, and certainly not the Paris scam.

    • Jon – I will certainly give you credit for tenaciousness and a strong belief in something (albeit a very flawed something). You are someone that believes strongly and can communicate those beliefs well in writing. So well in fact that you clearly show where exactly your logic starts to circle around upon itself.

      Where to begin? George covered most of it elegantly so the task is much simpler. To put a point on it, I think it’s possible that you still have not come to terms with your own conflicting belief system, and, you have not yet come to understand what Obama has really been doing to you and those like you for the last 9 years. Just a few examples…

      You say Trump carries water for oil and other dirty industries. Maybe. If it generates long term employment or has some other benefit to the larger US population (including those that did not vote for him) Trump will probably go for it. You denigrate his actions as being supportive of the Koch brothers. Again, maybe it does happen to benefit them. Yet what you do support is unclear once it’s examined closely. Substitute the name Soros or Obama for Koch and I suspect you’d be OK with it. I don’t care for the Koch brothers, but extracting the country from this agreement is a good long term action. Probably not good politically in this environment, but it’s the right thing to do.

      You slam Fox for their explanation (or lack thereof) regarding our pending exit from the Paris Accords, which as George covered well so no need to belabor that point.

      Many people these days are simply parroting what they hear or read in the news, who are themselves only relaying talking points provided by the Dems or their operatives. Stop falling for it! It’s only propaganda.

      In a nutshell I suspect that you and the vast majority of Obama’s followers have been duped – those on the inside of his admin figured out what the scam was and played along for personal reasons (cash, career, perceived self-importance). People do not like realizing that they’ve been duped, and will go to great lengths to avoid dealing with that realization. We all saw that in the last year or two of thew Clinton administration and narrowly dodged that same (or worse) bullet this past November.

      Here’s the thing, one day ALL of Obama’s records will be made public and you along with most that share your support for him will scurry to hide any past support for Obama or his associates. When that happens – and it will – try to remember that there were older and (possibly) wiser souls trying to help you grasp that you’ve bet on the wrong horse, and maybe you’ll be more open to other perspectives once that sting wears off.

  13. Jon and the other leftist idiologue hacks;
    You answer one question about the stupid “Paris climate accord”. How does this accord help this world the way all the liberal America hating left claim when two things are required and part of the “agreement”. 1. China gets a pass and is allowed to increase their pollution output? How does paying India $3trillion help climate change? The answer is beyond obvious; it doesn’t. The only thing this accord does is hurt the USA!!

    George, if Jon isn’t a paying customer, cut him off. He was funny until he spews idiocy like he did today.

  14. I would be willing to discuss some kind of climate agreement, not the current mess, when and if the countries of the world get together and actually do something about Fukishima that may just kill us all

    • Why don’t we just leave the climate change out of the discussion altogether and agree to clean up after ourselves and migrate to eco-friendly energy sources (methods) and “clean” manufacturing post haste. It just makes sense not to crap in our bed (the planet) or at the least if we must crap do a cleansing procedure on the crap. Might be smart not to use up finite supplies of stuff we depend on as well.

      • Wise counsel Don

        Of course, it would cut carbon credit scammers (gore et al) out of a chance to monetize misery, which is what they do…

  15. You do know that it is coal factories that supply power to the white house and all the government buildings in D.C. dont ya?

    And they have been since electricity was invented.

  16. GR… you really need to read the book cataclysms of the earth it pretty much explains why there was a tropical region at the north pole.

    As far as the US dropping out of the Paris climate accord.. well I am a true believer that we as a civilization and as a race should be greatly concerned over climate change and the affect it will have on mankind.. history will show you that civilizations have been destroyed by climate changes.. the dark ages were caused by climate change.
    I could recite all the reasons the Media is putting out for staying in on the paris accord.
    I can also debate the other side and give examples from MIT,Yale, Harvard, Bren School of environmental science on how us being a member of the accord is nothing more than a way to bilk the american laborer out of money.
    I feel we should compromise change towards green technologies in a simple straight forward manor. we will always need the root power systems created by carbon fuels but to rely totally on them is just not feasible we should be spreading that solar and wind technology out in smaller numbers.. instead of some massive solar array but smaller systems.. imagine if every other utility pole became a tree again standing tall and magnificent energizing the nation.. situations like some area’s that had to go without power for almost a year because an ice storm or tornado took it down would be over.
    Since the implementation of solar and wind farms peak demand brown outs has been reducing accordingly. A few years ago there were ad’s on tv and news stories always on about the bad brown out in this or that city.. a squirrel cut the power of most of the northeast at one point.. my point is we should impliment more solar and wind but do it in an organized and non painful manor.
    As for the Syrian war..Even an idiot in my opinion can see that all of that mess over there is about a very few people getting richer and gaining more power over a resource they see and want to horde only for their financial gain and control over the population.. The Paris accord is a lot like the pharmaceutical industry or healthcare industry etc.. The President is right on the money if you want my sincere opinion.. just like medicine.. the us citizens pay for the research for life saving drugs.. then pay for the research again in hyper inflated prices.. some go as far up to around twenty thousand percent more in cost for the american consumer than what other countries consumers have to pay. We ship our jobs over to other countries and solar technology as well..Until there is an equal balance in the accord financially so that the american public doesn’t get caught again.
    Just like world policing .. why is it the george smith that works at the filling station have to pay to police the streets of some other country.. why is sarah jones son have to put his life on the line so some puppet master can give his child a new mercedes.. or some saudi prince a new diamond crusted silver car..

    the point.. there has been a miss appropriations of the worlds wealth to other countries by making the american worker give up his earnings for them.. what is it almost half of our annual budget.. Trump is right it is time for a president to stand up for the american laborer and until the distribution of our laborers is equal across the board.. well maybe we should step down from the accord…we need jobs and security for the american laborer for a change.

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