“Second Sight,” Apnea, and DNA (Part 2)

Dreams, probability clouds, and sleep apnea is not the most mainstream economics and stock trading discussion you’ll run into, today. But it’s been an interesting journey following up on the many research forks apparent in our last discussion on point.  Which was Prophecy, Cardiac Insufficiency, and Hypoxia.

Today, we’ll be looking into additional data and I’ll be showing you some “strip charts” from a recording pulse-oximeter that may – in a very round-about way, influence investment decision-making.

Of course, before that, a few headlines and our ChartPack view of long-term market trends which – if Bitcoin is any indicator (which it may be) – is decidedly grim. We told you this was likely in the cards, though, so no surprise there.

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George Ure
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40 thoughts on ““Second Sight,” Apnea, and DNA (Part 2)”

  1. “I was blessed to have met Mohamed Ali – the legendary boxer”

    LOL.. I never got to meet him when he came to visit had a chance to have his game gloves when he made a come back but turned it down…. but I met sugar ray and the other boxer george who has a sense of humor like mine to.. one of the people that crossed my path and was friends for a long time was the ring announcer who was a super guy..

  2. “Trump may have self-sabotaged himself out of a presidential bid in 2024”

    I would vote for him but seriously he should not run.. he did more for this country without any help whatsoever.. but the question comes to..
    Could I go through another 4 years of day and night ridiculous BS if Trump ran again..and seriously looking at what is developing will there be another presidential election or is DC burning already and our govt slowly imploding. Like a building implosion it starts slow and seems to take forever then as momentum builds goes fast..each day the news gets darker more ominous how much longer before the rats start to abandon the ship..
    if Trump ran we would hear msn all saying that we need some Beavis and butt head or some other disgusting corrupted perv to run whatever is left of this wonderful country into the dirt. Seriously what will be left after this present administration Is through with it. with what’s being done now. at present rate more people are trying to prepare for themselves and their future then ever before.. confidence in our govt. Working for the people has been lost and the image that laws and justice does not involve those at the top but only for those at the bottom..I overheard one person visiting with another about buying a gun and wondering how to use it..people are considering the wild west days where it was necessary to carry a peacemaker for personal protection. my gut thoughts are not only are the slanted media sources taking bets but so are military commaders on which ones will be in control of which areas.. See what ever crap that is forced into being and happens it will also affect them and those they truly care about to.
    the USA did not build or prepare survival bunkers DUMB’s for the people just for them.. this is well known.
    Think about it..
    Just how dedicated to those they protect do you really believe they are when it comes down to a SHTF situation.
    How dedicated to some immoral disgusting sick cruel person would you be..especially if what disgusting things they plot destroys those they truly care about.it isn’t even a secret at what is going on..we sneak illegals then hint that they want to give the illegals money and then devalue the currency and raise living expenses for those working for a living all while pushing to draw us into nuclear ww3 by sending arms and lives to support one of the most corrupt countries…a white house staffer shared their cellphone video on tiktoc of them rushing to the bunkers a few weeks ago with the ?? About their family.. from my perspective all of it is seriously being thought about..
    Similar to what I was told by someone in SF’s it’s family friends and community first if the idiots force it to happen. They are leaving wall space open for mementos…i believe that if their loved ones are affected and forced to be involved then they will question would you put your life on the line for some sick satanic cruel pedo living in a mansion or mom.. I truly believe that the ones creating a sick dangerous perverse situation involving their loved ones won’t have anyone to stand beside them when it all starts to happen.. at this point our future both personally and as a country is quite fragile.. our monetary system is being destroyed cost of living is so high that people by the thousands are being forced to live on the streets. Dangerous neighborhoods due to defunding local police.. and the war of wars staring us in the face.. and its all for what.. a few corrupt people that only think about themselves without any consideration for anyone else.. only for a buck and to promote their perverted lifestyle.. any way that’s my opinion

    • Well stated LOOB. You opinion aligns with mine and I am sure with many others on this site. The only thing we are really in control of is what plays out in our own minds and how we treat others on the rocky road ahead. You are in a position to get through this better than most.

      Our “leaders?” are taking us to a very dark place.

    • LOOB said……..

      “Similar to what I was told by someone in SF’s it’s family friends and community first if the idiots force it to happen. ”

      I lost a friend from the “community today”. Heart attack…….yeah right. The idiots have it comin’.

    • “Could I go through another 4 years of day and night ridiculous BS if Trump ran again”

      So, you want Creepy Joe for eight years?

      “Trump” doesn’t matter. ANY REPUBLICAN which wins the Presidency and isn’t a member of the (socialist) Club will be subject to 4 years of day and night ridiculous BS. Have you forgotten Nixon, Reagan, and Bush43? (I can’t opine about Ike, and Bush41 was a leader and creator of the “neoconservative movement” which makes him as big a Lefty as Teddy Kennedy…)

      Where Trump excelled was in ignoring the media BS and accomplishing bits of his agenda in spite of the media, and both the establishment Democrats and establishment Republicans fighting him every step of the way.

      If Pence won the nomination, we’d hear every day about his sexual dalliances and peccadilloes, even though the dude ensures he’s never alone with anybody, and never with a female without the presence of his wife.

      If DeSantis won the nomination, we’d hear every day about how vile and abusive he is toward women and how he hates kids.

      We would also hear about how incredibly racist they both are, as well as “-phobic” and “-ist” toward every splinter voting bloc the Dems and the media can hurl at them — This despite both of them being popular Congressmen on both sides of the aisle, and ostensibly “friends” with many of the current congressional Dems.

      • “So, you want Creepy Joe for eight years?”

        LOL LOL LOL …… HELL NO..

        I question whether or not there will be another election.. have you seen the news today.. it is going down the rabbit hole pretty fast.. if it continues the way it is.. the new leader will probably be Hagar..

      • “I question whether or not there will be another election..”

        You shoulda been around in the old FIDO/CONSPIRACY or Usenet alt.conspiracy days. There have been people, everywhere from completely solid to complete whack-jobs, uttering that same line since 1991, of which I’m personally aware. Somebody trots it out, every four years, between 18-30 months before a Presidential election.

        In 1812 we were at war primarily on U.S. territory, blockaded, invaded, and economically decapitated; in 1864 we were at war completely on U.S. territory and with ourselves.

        The Presidential Election ran on-schedule.

        I can think of no situation short of an EMP or HEMP, or an all-out nuclear war, which would preempt or prevent the 2024 General Election. I’m guessing an attempt to do so would send a hundred million really pissed people to D.C. and send the value of Ames and Union Tool through the roof as they struggled to keep up with the pitchfork demand.

    • When this finishes breaking, the rats will be packed into their cocoons deep underground all cozy and well-fed. The continuity of government will function for a short while, then hungry will happen. Then panic. Then chaos, even with that continuity.
      Here’s an experiment any one can do. Try just going without any food but all the water you’d like for 3 days without any cheats. Will educate a person- way beyond any videos, or B.S. sessions with reality. Or for the truly adventurous, try winging it on the streets for a few days and nights. No sneaking at a buddy’s back yard or spare room. Hopefully, one would come away from the experience with a new perspective on hardship and charity.
      A strange dream had those who secured themselves into those fabulous underground bunkers become Morlocks as in the Welles story, “The Time Machine”, in the background was music from way back song, ‘Tobacco Road’. Haven’t re-read that story since a kid but, didn’t the Eloi just cover up all the exits and leave the Morlocks to run out of stuff and have to make do and stay below?

  3. Just breath Grasshopper…https://youtu.be/gnLLuzS2Ofw

    Tiao Xi -Adjusting Breathing
    “Adjusting breathing (tiao xi) is an important component of qigong methods. It is important means of assisting Adjusting Mind.

    Breathing training in qigong is carried on under the guidance of mental process with proper mastering. Breathing training enables one to synchronize the mind- and body-adjustment and is helpful for qigong practitioners to quickly enter the qigong state. However, if not utilized, it will not benefit the adjusting mind and attain tranquility, and may cause symptoms such as chest tighness and suffocation. Breathing is one of characteristics of life. The usual breathing and the breathing after “adjusting breathing training” are different.

    ..However, after long period of training in adjusting breathing, some people can breath very differently from common people..See Indian named Dianluoduo Bapa.

    Adjusting breathing, by means of adjusting frequency and depth of breathing movement, cooperates with training of consciousness. Adjusting breathing helps qigong practicioners enter qigong state and thereby affects various kinds of physiological functions and activities. Therefore, the meaning of tiao xi in qigong exercise is not only changing the form of breathing movement. It has its own characteristics and special contents.
    3 characteristics of adjusting breathing;
    to increase the ability to adjust and control breathing movement
    to cooperate with adjusting mind and adjusting posture
    to serve as training methods in attaining tranquility of qigong.

    To consciously control breathing movements and to train on breathing with the cooperation of adjusting breathing are principles of adjusting mind. These, as a whole, are called yi qi ziang yi (mutual accordance of thought and qi).
    15 Methods of Adjusting Breathing – some with 3-4 subs.
    – Sound Breathing. One makes sounds during breathing. It includes nostril sound breathing,mouth sound breathing, a combination of both nose-breathing and mouth breathing, throaty sound-breathing, quivering sound-breathing, distance sound-breathing, ect. It also includes : five voice breathing, calling voice breathing, moaning voice breathing, singing voice breathing, bell voice breathing, machine voice breathing, making 5 musical tones breathing, thought-reaching breathing..imagining that Ure thought reaches certain body parts, as if qi is induced to a position, such as Dantian(lower abdomen) or Yongquan(at the bottom of foot).

    It is here we arrive at the one Ure seems to want explore..fetus Breathing (taixi method) – is called navel breathing. It is quite an advanced breathing method, in which the amplitude of breathing becomes as shallow as possible and the frequency as slow as possible, with the abdomen almost motionless. “She Sheng San Yao” [ Three Essences of Life Management] says: One has to imagine that qi is coming out from navel and vanishing at navel, very finely adjusted. One is then able to breathe through the navel, without mouth and nose, just like a fetus in embryo. It is therefore called fetus breathing (Taixi). “Baopuzi, Neipian-Shizhijuan” (Baopuzi, inner chapters in the Book of Stagnation Relieving) points out: “Those who have attained fetus breathing and can breath without nose and mouth, like a fetus in embryo, have achieved Tao”
    ..In all there around 118 kinds of methods of breathing, for general qigong practitioners it is sufficient to adopt the natural breathing, next the deep breathing, then the abdominal breathing or natural, inverse and fetus. The stages are naturally attained in accordance with gradual increase of qigong skills and power. Qigong practitioners cannot choose them at will. One can attain special qigong skills only through special training, and only under the guidance of a qigong master.” -YX

    There is one more form of breathing I learned about from personal at the Naval Special Warfare Training Department in Coronado, CA and that is Anal Breathing. Wont go into details too much, but during pre-op briefing we were instructed to breath out/thru our assholes should we runout of air/gas during a op/dive. Of course those are the same geniuses that briefed us on Dolphin Mating season in SoCal waters..”if approached by male, dont fight, take it like man” So I dont put too much faith in ass breathing, no matta the circumstances.

  4. ” drought-driven evacuation of Las Vegas could mean”

    Man, wouldn’t that be the knowledge to have two weeks before the announcements.

    As Lake Mead falls, perhaps the underground tables will continue the decline. Areas of AZ where the peoples pump ground water from are cracking. Cracks on top mean the caves are caving. The water. She gone.

    Can the Texas water tables handle 10, 20 or even 50 million people?

    Generally speaking the people “should” be moved to a resource neutral lotion. Probably somewhere along the Mississip where the least amount of heat/air conditioning will be used.

  5. George,
    Yesterday Rocket Mike and yourself made reference to the Micro-Air soft-start for A/C units. I have had mine for about 10 Months now and wanted to comment, which I couldn’t do ’till today. I’m not sure if I reply ‘there’ he will see it so here goes:

    Yesterday Rocket Mike and yourself made reference to the Micro-Air soft-start for A/C units. I have had mine for about 10 Months now and wanted to comment, which I couldn’t do ’till today. I’m not sure if I reply ‘there’ he will see it so here goes:

    Hey Rocket Mike – Do it!
    On Aug 29 last year just hours before Hurricane Ida came ashore, I installed a Micro-Air (the large ASY-368-X72 240vac unit my A/C is 3 ton and it test-ran w/o any problem.
    We were out of power for about 2 1/2 weeks and the house stayed comfortable on emerg. gen., a 10KW Generac using propane. I later got a 6KW dual-fuel gen at lowes (gasoline/propane) and all generator combinations it worked faultlessly. It takes about 1 1/2 minutes to start, first the circulating fan then the compressor motor stages-in with no light dimming as happens with across-the-line starting.
    The connecting cable is too short (about 3 ft.) For outdoor mounting as I wanted to mount it on the house. Instead I had to hang it on the side of the A/C with a stiff wire. This led to another potentially serious problem (for me). . In the summer months the morning sun falls on the Micro-Air enclosure and it is shaded in the afternoon. This causes the enclosure to “breathe” and, with dewpoints in the mid 70’s condensation forms inside the cover and will run down and pool in the case so I’ve had to remove the cover several times to drain and dry the case bottom. It looks like the PCB is conformally coated but that doesn’t mean it can be submerged! I didn’t address it last year since the aftermath of Ida kept me busy and I wanted to monitor this condition over time, no problem except in the high dewpoint hot Summer.
    I suspect the short cable has something to do with their marketing dept. LOL
    The 10KW Generac was gifted to me several years ago because the squirrels in his yard had chewed-up all the control and v-reg wiring, but he had all of the books and diagrams, so I rewired it and it works fine, fortunately they had not gotten to the generator leads yet!
    I am very pleased with the performance of the MIcro-Air and highly recommend this device (especially if they can lengthen the cable).
    Bon chance,

    RM- I assume you are in SE Louisiana also. I’m on the northshore between Bush & Barker’s Corner, above Covington. If so, I’d like to talk to you sometime.

    Al B

  6. Visited my Toyota Parts Shop this morning to buy 12 quarts of 0W-16 oil for my 2021 Highlander. They had NONE in stock. Informed they are planning on only purchasing the very large bulk units used by the oil change techs. For now I was able to order a case of quart bottles. So, what is next?

    • Yep, I concur. In the past I mentioned dwindling oil supplies @ $WMT. The oil section shrunk significantly. O 20 is always out of stock. Near as I can tell they expanded air filters and auto batteries into the space oil used to be.

    • My advice is to use Amazon Basics synthetic motor oil. It’s less expensive, it’s as good or better than the big brands and you can actually get it.

      I’ve been using it for years in Toyotas, Subarus and now Audis.

    • Amsoil, and an outboard filter…

      We’re all going to have to think outside the box.

      You may eventually have to mix 10w-30 and transmission fluid or 30w and kerosene.

      I suggest you first, find out who makes that oil, and see if they will part with some. I have a 2002 VW Jetta diesel. The VW oil is made by Castrol, but it is not marketed outside the VW dealerships. Mobil and Amsoil both produce suitable oils for my car, but you either have to do your own research regarding oil viscosity and additives packages, or find a Toyota forum on the Internet that’s not populated by dumbassed know-it-alls, and preferably has at least one Chem-E as a contributor. I was lucky in that TDIClub had not yet attracted the K-I-A’s when I dropped in to tap the extensive research the dieselheads had done, and were doing, WRT lubes & fluids for the little oil burners.

      Note to everyone:

      NOT mechanical or automotive advise — do your own research!

      A pre-lube engine oiler and an auxiliary external filter may double the life of your engine oil and quadruple the life of your engine (unless you do dumb stuff.) The pre-lube ensures your engine bearings, rings, valve guides, etc., have an “oil cushion” on engine start.

      This is a big deal.

      Non-race engines will suffer 50-70% of their internal wear on startup, because when the engine stops, oil runs out of the top and into the bottom of the engine, draining out of bearings and moving parts.

      Melling makes the best-known, but Master-Lube may be the better device because it is an accumulator which will keep an oil pump from cavitating during “spirited cornering” or if the crankcase gets a little low.

      I’m thinking the TDIers installed an outboard filter which used toilet paper as a filter element (TP is designed to decompose in water, not oil.) I didn’t, so I didn’t note the commentary. I would assume someone could search either TDIClub or VWVortex and discover both it, and a bunch of ways to trick out an ICE engine to make it last longer.

      ‘Most anything which works for a diesel engine will work even better for a gasser, because with diesel you get particulate matter, essentially powdered anthracite coal, in your engine, and which a diesel motor oil must be able to suspend, to keep your engine from eating itself. (Diesel motor oil will work just fine in a gasoline engine. Gasoline motor oil, not so much in a diesel unless it has a “C” designation, because gasser lube lacks the ability to suspend diesel particulates.

      The Mercedes and VW guys were both really interested in having million-mile engines, and were always tinkering with stuff that’d make their oil, fuel, and washer fluid last longer, and their cars last, mechanically, nearly forever.

      Just something else to bear in-mind when the SHTF. If the trucks stop running, you ain’ta gonna run down to the NAPA store and buy anything…

  7. I love it when gold wakes me up in the middle of the night . The FED !!! Whatcha yah doin down there boy !!!!

  8. I believe in angels to.. or Is it a psychic connection of prayer or karma..3 times in my life I’ve been in such dire straights that I had no other place to turn.. put it in prayer and out of the blue someone not connected to us was there..
    Back in the early eighties.. I had a rupture bile duct.. I was bleeding cash because of an experimental medical device that was used on the wife..company went bankrupt to stop the lawsuits etc.. I passed out in the dip n dunk dark room..told the boss I had to go..
    Went to the hospital and while tests were being evaluated I went to a chapel and prayed. I was the only one there.. no one knew our situation but myself..the prayer was a silent one. Laying my issues in his hands..went back a while later they admitted me..peritonitis on top of bleeding internally..
    I was in critical care wing drugged up.. middle of the night 2 or threeish.. I open my eyes to see a shadowy figure..I don’t remember any features on him just a shadow wearing a hat..said you may need this… I woke up and asked the night nurse if there were any visitors over night..nope no one allowed on this wing..after having more tests the aid made the bed and said I put your mail in the drawer..in the drawer there was an envelope in it..just enough cash to get me through the six months I was hospitalized..
    The sa.e thing the year we went without an income..after the retirement funds were gone .. ( everyone you think you can depend on vanishes like you have the plague) there was a card in the mail saying he couldn’t get me out of his dreams.. a check that gave us the hand up to last until we could make an income again..24 cents was left..
    So is there karma or are there angels.. I believe. One reason why if I get someone that is in my thoughts like the girl that was in the accident..I believe that’s God giving me the hey pass it on..

    • The shadow figure is also when I started wearing a fugly hat..those I give a hand up I don’t want them to know who I am.. it’s a hand up..as years pass by.. like my memory..they to will remember the person wore a fugly hat..

      • I ask myself this question a lot.. WHY ME… I will never have money or resources.. why can I see the Aura around other people..
        I will die poor with little or no influence.. why… so why me of all people … I am nothing special.. why not someone that could really make a difference..that has influence and capital to really make the differences that should be made. To assist those that truly could use the assist…
        someone that was more influential to do the right thing.. then to see all the disgusting people in positions that will never do the right thing.. Just look at the lineup of those suggested that are the best of the best that this country has to offer.. omg..

  9. Can a sustained decline in bitcoin value relative to the US$ wreak havoc with the US banking insurance system?

    Earlier in June it was publicly reported that the software company Microstrategy and publicly self-declared fan of crypto urgency took out a 9 figure loan with cryptocurrency major Silvergate Bank in San Diego backing the loan 2:1 with bitcoin. My layperson back of envelope calc is their early June purchased 9500(?) bitcoin stash would require around a 2000(?) bitcoin topup to stay good with this week’s bitcoin price decline relative to the US$. According to the Silvergate website, the bank’s process includes a bitcoin exchange to US$. So in effect cryptocurrency loans are cash advances on US$ with minimum payments of interest required (in US$?). It kind of sounds like the crypto teams are bringing UFC rules to a WBC ring? Some butterflies stand a chance of being stung might have said “The Greatest”? Or to paraphrase Bugs Bunny: “no docs, folks”. (This is not investment advice.)

    Plug into the studio where DJ Ure steeps sine curve leaves on the mainframe with shades drawn pitching another Fab Four hit across home plate:
    “Hard Day’s Night”.

  10. “Nothing to worry about – just the airframe coming apart.”

    Have you ever (bravely) done a stall-spin in a single engine aircraft? No longer required in flight training, in 1978 my instructor took me up 9,000 ft AGL and simulated a tightly turned approach to a ‘runway’ lined up on fence lines on the ground. He forced a crabbing turn until the inside wing ‘broke’ with no lift. It damn near broke my neck, which twisted violently and left me looking into the rear seat. When I pulled my head back to a forward position, I was looking at a tree, rotating on the ground in front of me and rapidly approaching. I quickly applied the recovery inputs… full opposite rudder, ailerons neutral, and push the elevator all the way down…. And wait…. And wait…. And wait, while that rotating tree gets ever closer. Three and a half revolutions and the rotation finally stops and I pull hard out of the dive. Lost 1,000 ft of altitude. Instructor says: “If you were on a low approach to a runway and crabbed like that, you would now be 500 feet underground. Don’t do it!” Never felt such a violent jerk in an aircraft before. It really did feel like something broke.

    “If we had all the money in the world, could we really improve on THIS?”

    Elaine and I are of like mind here. Now that I’ve got the bigger refrigerator I really couldn’t think of any ‘improvements’ that I need. Yeah, I’ve learned to relax for the rest of the ride without the incessant need to keep the job and make mo’ money.

    • “Have you ever (bravely) done a stall-spin in a single engine aircraft?”

      A spin is a full-stall maneuver. Can’t get into one unless the plane is stalled. And yes, I’ve done a ton of them over the years. Used to do 3-turn spins and roll out on a designated point. I’ve also done snap rolls, which are just horizontal spins. Once again, a full-stall maneuver. Spins should still be a required part of flight training. A lot of folks would still be alive today had they been trained and competent at spin recognition and recovery. Of course there might also be fewer pilots, as not everyone is cut out to enjoy watching the ground rotate in front of the plane.

  11. Well, Ill say an illeagle is one sick bird. It gets worse..

    … I just opened my electric and my water bill at the same time – I was shocked!
    Its like the wind turbine 1st time meeting an solar panel at the energy convention, turbine leaned into solar panel and was overheard shouting “Hey, I’m a big fan”.
    Got another fast money, get outta dodge fast like business opportunity..
    -Low Voltage(stepdown) Transformers…like getting into plastics in the 50’s – there is(and will be) a serious need for these badboys. Utilities be hoarding them for a “rainy day” hurrakin like weather events, supply chain bs,ect.
    1st things 1st – hire (cash) a couple yutes, supply blackout clothes, balclavas,gloves, bolt cutters.
    Need a “single use”(stolen) vehicle for transporting “crew” to Utility warehouse locations..check parking lots at sports events for upside down license plates..
    Also need to secure a cheap warehouse/garage to store the “hot” merchandise. Only take 10-20% of inventory – a true robinthehood.
    Figure all in can do this for less than $2500 cash monay. great fortune is built on Crime .

    When Ure powers gone out and been out for a week or so -since there will be no resistors, how much Gold/Food/BTC Ure neighbors willing to pay for a new low voltage transformer ? In fact I see a franchise like opportunity here – thinking about setting this up in different cities in the NE&MidAtlantic. Not only will I be cutting thru Utility redtape, but I will be maximizing efficiency by delivering transformers where they are needed most when they are needed most.. to the highest bidder! Or use the aforementioned as a distribution front…

    What do U call a Power Failure ?
    A Current event. nyuckyuckyuck

    An electrician arrives home at 4:00AM. his wife asks him, “Wire you, insulate?” He replies, Watts it to you, Im Ohm arent I?”

    • “1st things 1st – supply blackout clothes, balclavas, gloves, bolt cutters.
      Need a “single use”(stolen) vehicle for transporting “crew” to Utility warehouse locations..
      Also need to secure a cheap warehouse/garage to store the “hot” merchandise.
      Figure all in can do this for less than $2500 cash monay. great fortune is built on Crime .”

      This is such a disappointing post. The kids I grew up with had all this stuff lined up, years before they could legally drive, generally for less than $40…

      Oh, and don’t secure a warehouse or garage, find one that’s underused and underfrequented, then merely secure entry. That way, if your contraband is ever discovered, somebody else gets busted.

      Oh, by the way, in the modern world, it is nearly impossible to not occasionally be in front of an NSA-accessible camera so if’fn you steal (borrow, requisition, etc.) anything which could pique the FedGov’s interest enough for an analyst to get off their lazy duff and look, you and your bounty WILL be found…

  12. ” Personality changes following heart transplantation: The role of cellular memory – PubMed (nih.gov)”

    This brought to mind the recent articles on water memory. The human body is +- 60% water. Could the water in the transplanted organs carry some form of memory to the recipient? Food for thought…

  13. Let it be known that on Wednesday, June 29th, a billionaire went to Kiev and asked Mr. Zelensky how can business help out the Ukraine. I don’t know if Sir Richard Branson left a cheque to assist with recovery efforts.

    However, “Forbes” offers up a Sunday evening prime time suggestion for common folk to help the cause. NBC owned by the world’s second largest broadcaster will air “Ukraine: Answering the Call”. The show will be produced by UK-based “Done+Dusted”. Viewers will be encouraged to donate via a “fan engagement platform” app to a NGO headed by a former UK MP and cabinet member with a million dollar salary. The program will feature an address by Mr. Zelensky. Additionally a former Ukrainian tv producer now Head of the Office of the President as well as being a member of the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine will offer up a few words.

    Due to a prior engagement in the tool shop, DJ Ure likely sends regrets. However Broadway stars are planned to deliver “What the World Needs Now Is Love”.

    Well, back to Church Road SW19 and it was Pure Gold at Centre Court, Wimbledon on Wednesday. An unvaccinated Serbian, Djokovic, ushered his Australian opponent to a tournament exit 6-1 6-4 6-2.

  14. Farken paid shills everywhere. Best ones are pretzel and old salty moriarty. Gold bull my ass that c . Richard Russell would spit all over him . Greedy mick. Fly into the Eiffel Tower turd

  15. Absolutely can’t beleive this . So this is what the world was like under the 3rd Reich . Sick farkers and all plugged in !!!! Jabbed !!!!

  16. Used to enjoy doing. stalls in the cubs and supercubs . Liked flying backwards in the winds around Lubbock Tx in early 1950s and doing cross wind landings going sideways down the runway.

  17. Good morning George! Good to talk to ya the other day. G2 should know, if he gets in a pinch and needs anything all he has to do is call me. If it’s in my power to make it happen, consider it done.

    I don’t mean to be a doomer. One thing I have learned in my life is to have good set of appraising eyes, see things as they are not as I wish them to be. And we have some time to be like the ants and prepare for the winter.

    Recently I had a few people get jealous of me. Because I can make a phone call and get job making $50 an hour in a single phone call. I had called an old boss, I hadn’t talked to him in 9 years. As soon as be answered the phone and heard my voice he said, Andy! I said you got work? He said I will go buy a brand new Kenworth tomorrow and put you to work. That is a $300k truck. Put me in that off road haul truck and a month later I’m working 6 twelves at $50 an hour. I don’t know too many people who haven’t talked to a boss in 9 years make one phone call and the boss goes and buys a $300k truck the next day to put them to work making $50 an hour.

    On all out tickets it says add $20 an hour sur charge for fuel veriance. That is certainly new to the construction industry.

    Then I got put up on a job up north and I had a 3 hour commute. I have a friend who lives 2 miles from where we are working and keep my brand new Kenworth, I hadn’t talked to him in probably 3 years. I called him up and he said, yep I’m still living up there. You can stay at my house as long as you need to for work. Didn’t even blink. My house is always open to you dude. You saved my life.

    I know we talk about gardens, guns and beans and gold and silver for prepping. But healthy relationships and work ethic and reliability, trust and consistency over time, integrity and reputation. Is probably the biggest prepping item you need.

    Ya see I have helped alot of people in my life. More than i can count. I made a few other calls yesterday. To some friends in Montana, Alaska, Idaho and California and Oregon. All people who are the same page with everyone on this site. All of then without blinking, said we working our asses off and getting ready for the shit storm that is coming this fall. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to see what is coming. Most people who live pay check to paycheck are going backwards and alot of people are working 2 jobs just to buy extra stuff incase food gets so damn expensive this winter so they don’t go with out. All the people I called said, before shit gets bad in the city? You are welcome to stay at my house and we will feed and shelter you as long as you need. You need to bring anything with you except your clothes and any other personal items you need. We will have enough for you. All of them live out in the sticks away from the cities. Like I said. There is something to be said for having relationships with people, integrity, honor, helpful and kind. Respected. Payback is only a bitch when your a bitch. I definitely didn’t live like a bitch and I treat everyone from the Janitor to CEOs with the same respect, dignity and honor. Helpful as best I can. And when shit hits the fan. I have alot of good people I can count on to weather the storm with.

    I’m not bragging. People now days burn bridges like it summer line up for Gucci. I never burn bridges and I’m not afraid to be called on my shit or own it. My word means something and when I shake someone’s hand, I look them in the eye. And I keep my word unless it’s an act of God preventing me from doing so. Even if it cost me financially to do so. Like my last job. I gave notice and recruited my replacement who is awesome, trained her to do my job and didn’t leave until she was up to speed and running the place on her own with the same efficiency as I was, same integrity and honor. Even though I could have just bounced and went back to driving big rig and not said anything. Not many people do that these days. And That is a large part of the reason we are in the situation we are in this world. They blah blah blah and don’t back any of it up with actions.

    I saw more Texas license plates yesterday. Counted 14 of them up here in the woods, moutains of Washington. That isn’t normal. I don’t hardly ever see that many. Every day I see at minimum 5-8 of them. Yesterday 14. Hmmm maybe I am supposed to go to Texas. I don’t know anyone there but you. Lol

    There is something else I was going to tell ya. But I’m not awake fully yet.

    Have a good day dude. I gotta go get that fat sack of money, while it’s still worth something. Lol

    Truly I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate! It is my hope you are as well.

    • “My word means something and when I shake someone’s hand, I look them in the eye. And I keep my word unless it’s an act of God preventing me from doing so. Even if it cost me financially to do so.”

      Always, always, always…

  18. Hi, George,

    Wow, what a PN column! You provided much to consider. I will say a few things regarding what you wrote.

    Sleep apnea can definitely be associated with heart issues. I know three particular persons with sleep apnea and heart issues who also had prophetic gifts. Two saw visions in the short term, while the third saw visions beyond the short term. These people shared the same family.

    I may have mentioned that one of my best friends nearly died in an avalanche over a decade ago. When you are buried in an avalanche, if you do not have an Avalung devise to deploy, then you undergo hypoxia. You have about fifteen minutes to be rescued before you run out of air and die. As my friend drew close to the fifteen minute limit, he saw people through the Veil who were sitting at tables and drinking beverages of some kind and watching him, as he later described the scene to me after he was rescued and given CPR. This is another apnea/hypoxia event where the person saw a vision.

    I believe that organ transplant recipients can receive some of the essence of the donor along with the donated organ. Perhaps, donations of blood and bone marrow would also apply in this regard. However, I am not sure if it applies to items like ligaments and corneas. Very interesting.

    Losing oxygen to achieve a vision of some kind could impact the body in a negative manner. Caution is advised. Thanks.

  19. Hi, George,

    Wow, what a PN column you wrote! Very powerful.

    Sleep apnea is definitely associated with high blood pressure and heart issues. I know three persons who have all of that. They also have visions. Two receive visions in the short term, while one sees visions beyond the short term. These persons also share the same family.

    I may have mentioned that one of my best friends nearly died in an avalanche some years ago. When you are buried in an avalanche, you have about fifteen minutes before you have no air to breathe. If you have an Avalung devise to deploy, that will give you more time. Anyway, hypoxia sets in around fifteen minutes. My friend was approaching his time limit when he realized he could see through the Veil and noticed some people sitting at small tables drinking beverages and watching him, which is how he described the scene to me after his rescue. This could be another hypoxia event that led to visions.

    I believe that you can receive the essence of the donor when you undergo an organ transplant. I think that also applies to blood donations and donations of bone marrow. Not sure about items such as ligaments and corneas.

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