Saturday @ Woo-Woo?

Something odd has been swirling around Ure’s environment for 21 hours now involving Poland.  No idea why, but here are the three oddities that have come along.

  1. In our Friday convo, The Major (*that retired O4 chum I grew up with) spent part of the discussion describing in detail a totally fabulous meal at at rustic (but upscale) Polish restaurant in Chicago when he was doing his MSW at the Univ. of Chicago school of social work.  Late 60s or early 70s before he was off officering for 20-some.  The notable “sticky” was describing how the party (or 8, or so) he was with (from school) loved the Duck Blood Soup until they found out what it was.  Odd story; check.
  2. Then back-to-back in the Comments section this morning at reader Egor mentioned “ATL: went to a 2nd lake dinner in 3 nights. Word came to arrive early (before mkt close?) for cocktails. Game on. Prime rib with all the fixins. Polish friends know how to serve a feast.”  Hmm. Odd story, Polish, food angle again.
  3. Next Comment was from Pathfinder Bob who writes: “I Had a dream I was in Poland, speaking the language, (which I can not while awake) so I looked up Poland and it seems to be busy there …”  To which he annotated: Zelensky, Sikorski discuss defense cooperation between Ukraine, Poland (, European missile defense nears integration of US Aegis Ashore system in Poland | Stars and Stripes, Poland donates additional 5,000 Starlink terminals to Ukraine (

This doesn’t happen very often – so much casual inference at a single place.  Meanwhile, Poland has been a problem for Ukraine because of strikes by truckers along it’s border, though some progress there just this morning: Polish farmers stop blockade of Shehyni-Medyka checkpoint – Vice Minister of Poland (  While the rest of striking truckers will continue blockages until Jan. 3, it’s still a possibly worthwhile “thing to keep an eye on” as NATO has been acting of late like it’s the only one who can escalate.  As Finland’s 833-mile frontier has joined the “hard West” column as NATO steps up the Baltics.

Odd is the point. Just odd.

Write when you get something,

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16 thoughts on “Saturday @ Woo-Woo?”

    • Ok, so after I comment, I go back to watching ‘Jack Ryan’ on Amazon.

      Season 3, episode six, at the 5:05 mark, the next scene is identified as being in Krakow, Poland.

      You can’t make this stuff up.

      I need a drink.

      Over and out.

      • hahahaha welcome my friend to the relm i live in. hahahahahhaha

        you aint seen nothing till your down on a muffin.


      • as the song goes

        You’ll sure be to changing your ways.


        good for you. i have stuff like that happen sometimes up to 50 to 100 times a day.

        hahahaha. why do ya think i sit and am still so much.


        jus breath.


  1. interesting. very interrsting.

    not sure if its relatee or not, but im road trippin, listening to music and thinking and spaced my exit. and started driving 200 miles out of the way towards the titan missle silo in odessa. my buddy owns it. its a massive underground nuclear bomb shelter now. for the Rich and well i have a suite if i need it. for me and 3. free of charge. you never know who your talking to and one act of kindness could save your life.

    its massive down there. full olympic pool. gym. all that.

    i dont know if i will ever use my suite but he said we would love to have a man of your caliber with us down there.

    huh. maybe stop by and say hi.

    check it out. funny i had no intention of going that way.

    the fella that owns it considers me a brother. like family.

    wonder if that is related to your polish thing.

  2. My dreams lately seem to involve the subject of Alien Invasion. Not the aliens coming across the Southern Border, but more “War of the Worlds” type.

    Probably just my vivid imagination and fondness for Sci Fi, but still unusual for me.

  3. Speculation based on nothing:
    Maybe Very Important Things “Poke Through” time from later realities to earlier ones. Brief snaps can be “read” as they “leak”through. Think: Akasic Record concept.

    Test: Think about how nice it would be to have a red Honda car. Then, go for a ride — you’ll (suddenly) see many of them. They were always ther in about the same numbers; but you’ve sensitized yourself to the idea, ans they become more obvious. Things you mentally focus on, you see better.

    • i have an ex girlfriend who lives there. named Dianna. she was a big super model. wanted to marry me and wanted me to move there.

      she lives in siedlce poland.

      i lost contact with her a while back.


      hope ya figure it out.

  4. Czernina, czarnina, black soup, these names cover one of the oldest Polish soups. A soup that is still controversial to this day. This is because of the main ingredient from which it is prepared. This is essential broth and blood of duck, chicken or rabbit. For many people it is unpalatable. However, there are people who love such rare dishes, ranging from black pudding to rare steaks. So, blackberry, controversial, but is it tasty?

    Czernina is unique. The soup owes its characteristic sweet and sour taste to additives such as sugar and vinegar – added to the soup to avoid blood clotting. In addition to the basic ingredients, the taste of blackberry is also given by additives that depend on culinary traditions from various parts of Poland and individual preferences. Traditional recipes may contain: honey, plum or pear syrups, and dried fruits. In today’s recipe, the taste of the soup is enriched with dried plums, apricots and cherries. The soup is seasoned with marjoram and rosemary, which combined with the sweet and sour contrast create the perfect taste. I serve this old Polish specialty with pasta.

  5. Poland is a long way from Russia. To fuel a rant Russians either steal all Ukraine fuel or build a pipeline. Either takes time. So idea is just take Ukraine or assassinate leader secure fuel and then invade Poland.

    • Something is wrong with your geography. Poland borders directly with Russia. The length of the land border is 210 km and the sea border is 22 km. Learn more

  6. I keep having dreams about being excited for meteor showers, and end up watching with horror as, instead of streaking in the sky, they fall as impactors.

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