ShopTalk Sunday: Some Assembly Req’d

Although Elaine and I didn’t get each other anything for Christmas, save a set of (on sale) $7-buck stainless putty knives for sheetrock, project and artwork, it did leave something of a “hole in the soul” which was rectified this week assembling a new work surface.

There’s just something about assembly that strikes the same chord as deckbuilding or wall framing in the Ure soul. It’s just magical to behold a 3-dimensional useful structure arise out of a pile of parts.  Real Men have an itch to do that in a creative and productive way.  Real Women seem to have an itch to supervise and point out our errors along the way.

Pick an Assembly

Since Christmas has lost so much of its original meaning, having become an Account Even in Retail, as much as another other religion not part of the Money Synod, you’ll want to have shopped carefully for this – National Assembly Day.

You’ll want something with enough parts to be a slight challenge. Yet not so many as to overwhelm.  This is to be judged on “Parts Count.”  You want at least 20-parts, but not more than about 50 or 60.  Much over this and the Assembly can take too much time which compounds the odds of making a mistake.

The Assembly should also come with the minimal tools required to do a baseline job of putting things together.  But it’s acceptable to use your own (far better) tools to really snug things up right.

Your own (fresh) batteries is always a good idea, if used.

Assembly #1: Work Site Bench

The Assembly I picked (to balance out Karma this year) was a simple work bench that I happened to snag on an Amazon super-lightning-deal for $32-bucks.

The bench (Performance Tool W54025 Portable Multipurpose Workbench and Vise (200 lbs Capacity) , Yellow) is now almost $50, but even s50, but even so, there are applications many Home Handybastards will find for such a unit.

I don’t remember if I mentioned it, but I recently picked up a tenoning bit and Forstner bit to make some rustic furniture.  The rustic furniture (tree) wood needs to be stripped, which means a draw knife. Which means something to hold small logs/branches in place while the bark is whimpered, so to speak.

The manual for this tool included the parts description and quantity.  Which were sorted into one of those multi-compartment parts trays off the 3D printer. I’ll rewrite the instructions for you because mine will make more sense. Unless you design self-winding watches in your head for fun.

Step 1. Sort the parts.

Step 2. With four small bolts, 4 small washers on first, attach each front crossmember between two leg assemblies. See the shiny screws?  Nuts behind (which sounds Freudian but we’re after a good workmanlike appearance here). Do NOT tighten fully, yet.

Front cross membmer
This is the fully assembled picture I ve installed the slide on rubber feet

Step 3: Repeat with the rear spacer, but again, don’t tighten fully.

Step 4: Attach the clamp slides (handles to front) atop the two leg assemblies.  Use care not to pinch yourself.  Use the thicker, bigger, stronger bolts.  Applying washers before and this time, one on the back next to the assembly nuts.

Hard to see in the photo, but the nuts (hidden on the back side) and this outer facing screwhead is actually 13 mm wrench fitted. I grabbed a 13 mm box wrench because the included one was thin and kept sliding off the work, resulting in a Tourette’s-like expression of ancient longshoring language.

Step 5: Once you get everything loosely in place, set on a level surface and tighten everything to your liking.

There should be a home study course on “How Tight?” because all of us will, if we live long enough, over-tighten something and strip threads. OR we will under-tighten and an assembly will fail necessitating complete rework, sometimes aided by a tube of superglue.

Step 6: Place the engineered wood work surfaces upside down on a suitable workspace.  Place the piece with the measuring numbers and protractor (face down, you’ll be working on the upside-down bottom, remember) toward the front of the unit (which is where the clamp handles are.

Step 7: Use the 16 small wood screws to fasten the leg and clamp assembly to the two top pieces.

Notice on the left bracket, Ure demonstrates the proper use of a long screwdriver to effortlessly hold the bracket over the pre-drilled holes.

It’s an article of Asian design that holes cannot line up absolutely perfectly except on the first two engineering prototypes ever built.  After that, combination use of small levers, pry’s, and mallets will be useful, so they are never included.

Step 8: Return unit to right side up. Insert the “jaw dogs” into holes in the work surface.  Using the two clamp handles, close the vise surfaces completely.  Now make a judgment if you can live with this much space between the clamp dogs.  If not, make measurements, get to TinkerCad and make a quick design of your own that will come fully together.

This will actually work fine for my purposes, because the main role of this unit is to hold parts and the toolbox when working on the solar panels, or to hold logs as I spokeshave off bark.  Still, a purist with time and precision in mind could come up with complex jaw dogs in short order.

Step 9: Spray some (user supplied) Teflon lubricant on the clamp threads.  Wipe up excess that will be all over the floor an surrounding surfaces.

Step 10: Admire your work.  And wonder about some of the product design decisions.  Like the height of this unit when completed.  As you can see, next to a keyboard bench, and the table saw surface, it’s really a “use while sitting” unit.

Frankly, I’d have preferred a much taller (stand-up height) but somehow, home tool manufacturers don’t submit their designs to us for helpful suggestions and recommendations.

We’d like to see them come out with a 6-inch (maybe as much as 10-inch) taller version of this.  People have been so intimidated by “race” (fear of being called out as a racist, who knows, right?) that the “best tool and workbench height” has come adrift from the target markets for goods. Our companion A.I. tells us:

“According to the World Population Review, race is a big factor in average height in populations:
White men: 5 ft 10 in
Black men: 5 ft 9 in
Asian men: 5 ft 7 in
Hispanic men: 5 ft 7 in”

There are some population subgroups that are 5 ft. 6 in. and less. It has varied over history. With A.I. telling us that in China, “…the average height of men in the Han, Tang, and Song Dynasties was 169.52 cm, 167.03 cm, and 164.49 cm.”  Which means historically, the Song Dynasty was 5 ft. 5 inches.  No word on heights in the Xi Dynasty. But Chinese seem to be getting taller.

While contemplating this, and admiring my handiwork, a great insight overwhelmed me, “This is the perfect height for elves!

From there, everything made sense!

One for the Shop

1970 I owned the best all-round stereo ever.  It was a pair of big floor-standing University Presideo speakers, an ultra-low mass Empire needle assembly in the turntable, a real solid amplifier m ade by Lafayette, and an almost unlimited flow of current album product thanks to the radio station’s Music Director.

With a collection of Bose 201s, I decided recently to wire ’em all up in the shop and drive it from “smooth jazz” (commercial-free) on the shop’s Alexa box.

Leaving only one thing missing: the Amp.

Care to guess what popped up on eBay recently?

A little spit & polish, a spritz with De-Oxit,  and  wiring and we should be back with great tunes while working.

You have no idea how nice it is to step up to the table saw and say “Alexa turn on vacuum!” and have the big HF central shop vac come to life.  Or, then screaming at the top of your lungs (because Alexa is a bit deaf with the vac on) to turn the goddam thing off).

The wise will see there are multiple inputs.  One of these will go to the perfect (like museum quality) Wells-Gardner made BC-348Q leftover military receiver from the WW II era. Gotta have shortwave in the shop, you know.

Anniversary 24 in Sight!

Elaine and I are just 2-weeks from the 24th anniversary of meeting at the Seattle Single’s Yacht Club function at the Hunan Harbor Restaurant in 2000.

Those were the days when we could party a lot.  But, since then, we have become a bit more staid.  Still, Elaine from 56 has changed less than most women about to roll over 81. Absolute genetic gold. I simply got lucky.

There are some who dream of “sugarplum fairies” at this time of year. To each their own, I suppose.

Write when you get rich,

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    • LOL LOL she needed to cover the part about how she likes and the proper way to put the glue in the whole a little more time to explain it better LOL LOL LOL

  1. Congratulations .. on your upcoming anniversary.. I to was very fortunate in meeting my wife..

  2. Ure Lucky (a new moniker for your Ureness).

    Your bride is a keeper mate. Me too. Married well (one and done, no way I’m training another / visaversa …).

    Egor Jr. and _radiant_ pregnant wife rolled in around 2 am yesterday. The Mrs. ‘n I have been soaking up every minute together that they / we are awake. My boy also married well. A MN German 6’ blonde girl. What’s not to love?

    The kids are receiving a lot but that’s what kids are for. When my Grandson arrives restraining may become a chore. The plan Grandpa has is boats. I’m ready to start a kid speedboat build and make the same edict given me: “don’t leave the lake”

    [later years spawned an additional cautionary: don’t cause tribble … everyone knows who you are and they will call, rat you out]

    I Mrs. E some tabletop puzzles as they keep her busy in winter (and, give me leeway to whatever). She fawned over hand pressed flower gift cards made by a friend. Check. Rumor was a massage was wanted. Wrote the check.

    During the year I bought two things on Ebay and handed then off to my Missus saying give me this for Christmas. Each cost a trifle (less than a truffle) but are wanted. I’m collecting yacht models and wanted an old world Chris Craft inboard too (lots less than a full size wooden boat, nautical equivalent to a second wife.

    My kids feel obligated to buy something so I volunteer a useful idea: last year was a new squeegee for the boathouse patio / this year a new shovel (both styles needed, looks like I’m getting a square head from Santa).

    I have everything I want.
    Merry Eve alles,

    • I tell the kids and the grand kids to be the blind man.
      A blind man only knows how you treat them and those around them. they don’t care what your ethnicity is or if your driving the fanciest car or wearing the latest fashions.. they only know you..

    • I truly hope you are correct our future lies in the hands of morons in power that I believe truly can’t see the results of what they are pushing.. then on their side they live and work in a bubble society where regular expenses and daily living budgeting a checkbook or common worries or concerns. if they haven’t the experience in their black book of life they have no clue what its like.
      merry xmas to you as well..may peace love and prosperity be yours this coming year.

      • LOL LOL LOL LOL seasons greetings to you and yours as well LOL LOL LOL
        I can’t associate myself as an M&M snatcher like C. whose idol appears to be flawed on many points and surely doesn’t give two cents about them or their families.. . LOL LOL LOL and I sure do believe there are ignorant morons that have been corrupted and sold out the people of the United states of america to enrich their family in the beltway of the capital ..

        on the other hand I pray real hard that there won’t be a nuclear anything..
        Even though it seems to be that we are rushing to that as a definite possibility as if we are going down a ski slope in the alps..
        I believe that the best we can expect is the worst depression in the history of modern civilization..
        On C’s defense .. C.. and their families lives are just as important as those they idol and worship.. even if they can’t see their value in humanity and follow the modern day don quixote..
        Not the modern don quixote that paints him as a chivalry idealistic but the real don quixote..that was incoherant and mean..–8o3MVE?si=jgmKTWIxyodhdJqB

        • I have taken to referring to Choices’ current series of aliases as Mr C; not to be confused with c. Sorry for the confusion Mr C. Happy holidays to c as well.

  3. Guess I was a bit unlucky with women…….lol! However I have two successful Sons with lovely and beautiful and smart wives, 8 (!) Awesome Grandsons, a four wheel drive pickup , a shot gun (and then some), and my bud, Rebel the Dog! Congrats on all the Good Marriages, stay safe, keep your head on a swivel and MERRY CHRISTMAS! From Rick and Rebel the Dog! PS: Plus, I found this website, I am happy!!?

    • I failed on my first.. she was ok but was raised in an abusive household where treating a woman as your partner rather than your property was seen as a sign of weakness..she was torn between their philosophical outlook of a woman and her role.
      my wife’s now ex was also raised in the thought process.. thankfully my ex found the man of her families dreams and the wife’s ex found a woman that wanted a master rather than a wife and I have been friends since 1985 and partners since 1992

  4. Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good flight! (If you’re traveling for Christmas)

    I feel especially blessed to be among the folks here, all of whom are smarter than I am. Not a day passes that I don’t learn something beneficial from the column and comments.

    May you all be blessed with peace and joy this season and for the coming year.

    • “Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good flight! (If you’re traveling for Christmas)”

      no brooms…oh heck wrong holiday to you as well..may your year be filled with more love and peace..

  5. Happy Anniversary. Many more to come.

    Like your new bench. Still have my old workmate bench. After many repairs and mods it goes ‘wherever I need it and still does the job.
    Stay safe. 73.

    • LOL LOL LOL I could have sworn I was giving birth once.. but it was just a bad case of Hemorrhoids.. LOL LOL LOL

    • absolute insanity. really, you think michelle obama is a tranny that never gave birth to her two kids? it’s an insane assertion. it’s easily disproven, but there is no reasoning with kooks. i call insanity. you’re crazy. like everyone, you will believe what you want to believe. if your “predictions” are anything like your beliefs about michelle they’re not worth a drop of water in the ocean.

      gu – your site attracts the weirdest most unbalanced readers. i worry some aren’t compos mentis. the comments i read on your site would make any sane american worry for the future o our country.

      • Late to the party are you? here is the Joan Rivers video stating He is a TRANNY

        now show us big Mikes pregnancy photos
        I am waiting,,,

        can’t handle the ‘truth’? the children look just like their real birth parents,,, you need to go do some homework for ure self
        I look like my dad and a little like my mom. How about you?
        face the truth instead of being a TV monkey,,, CBS told ya so, so it is, straight from the boob box

        the fact checking , a new arrival on the scene in ’16’ by Killary and friends to defend their lies, look for their deception, they will twist the truth by inserting a lie into the original story and then claim fact checking on the twisted version,,, misleading the dupes

      • “Truth”… you have your head so far down the Ostrich hole in the sand it’s amazing you can still breathe. No wonder you are afraid to open your eyes.

        • so at least a few of you “think” michelle obama is a tranny. wow. it’s insanity. seek help. really. speak with a mental health professional. they will be an unbiased objective listener. that’s what y’all need, objective feedback on your what you believe to be true. maybe they’ll say ‘yeah, that makes sense and anyone that thinks michelle is a woman is nuts.’

          that’s why the country is going to hell in a handbasket. it’s not because of cannibal pedophiles breeding kids to milk them for adenochrome or because michelle is a tranny. it’s because people are nuts and immune to any facts that challenge what they want to believe.

          gu – you really should be concerned for the mental health status of some o your readers.

        • believing a falsity because it’s what someone wants to believe does not keep someone sharp. it’s a sign of mental illness, delusions.

          if you feel that michelle obama is a tranny get some unbiased objective input. speak with a professional. you have nothing to lose other than the rest of your life living in a delusion filled state not oriented to reality.

          and from your own link “In October 2022, a Facebook user posted an old and doctored picture of former U.S. President Barack Obama and his future wife, Michelle, in their younger days, standing next to a Christmas tree.

          The altered photograph pushed the false online conspiracy theory that the former first lady was born as a male and given the name “Michael.” In reality, she was born female and named Michelle LaVaughn Robinson.”

        • Just so we can keep things factual, that was my post, with he offending link, not Hank’s. Knowing you are a stickler for approved facts.

          (I worry about the applicability of Matt. 7:5 at times like this…hmm…)

      • “believing a falsity because it’s what someone wants to believe does not keep someone sharp. it’s a sign of mental illness, delusions.”

        You, describing yourself in such a manner is why the majority of us refuse to pay attention to you.

        “Delusional” is the perfect description for your ‘nym, since it is diametrically-opposed to the contents of your posts.

        As for whether Michelle Obama has an innie or an outie? I don’t care, and really couldn’t care less, unless she becomes a member of a competitive sports team or gets herself sent to prison.

        When’s your next COVID booster, troll…?

  6. Boss:
    Thou hast scrivend thusly:
    “There should be a home study course on “How Tight?” because all of us will, if we live long enough, over-tighten something and strip threads. OR we will under-tighten and an assembly will fail necessitating complete rework, sometimes aided by a tube of superglue.”

    I was lucky to work for a Big-Shot Cinemetographer in my latter career days. He was Austrian and Jewish, and still had his tasteful licence-plate (as he called it) arm tattoo courtesy of Auschwitz management. He was a Master at physical things — tools

    He had a concept of faster tightening which he referred to as “just nice.” Not loose, not over-tightened, but “just nice.” People with The Knack know EXACTLY what that means without further explanation. He most often used the expression when referring to the lock-down knobs on professional ($$$) tripods holding expensive ($$$$) cameras. “Just Nice” was always just right.

    The Knack:
    for them’s as may desire a refesher. (2 min)

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all.

  7. wow! you are a lucky man. Congrats! She is Beautiful.

    and she puts up with Ure shit.


    the part about stripping threads and snapping off bolts always starts for me with the thought of, “oh just another quater turn.” snap. hahahahhaha

    i am natoriously the fella that snaps off bolt heads. among other things. hahaha

    i have that picture of me on my X account and that is really me at age 53.

    im a beast at 6’1, 235lbs.

    someone asked me the other day, How Strong are you? because im like freakishly strong. way stronger than i look. i mean on 50th birthday i bench pressed 380lbs 4 times. they said can you pick up that big rock? probably 400 lb rock and i said oh yeah but i wont. i said it honestly depends on enviormental factors. its a weird thing. when im safe and there is no danger present or coming. im not as strong. when something like Covid happens, i become younger looking and alot alot alot stronger. alot stronger. and alot quicker. way more agile.

    must be a reason for it.

    its like that one fella said back a few posts. we are energy. and some how when there is a threat of danger, (beyond adrenalin rush) i become infnitely stronger.

    again there must be a reason from it. i have studied at great length the Chi Gong. oh there is that gong! well said Bill. where you draw energy from the world around you into you. like a plant with photosynthisis.

    perhapse that Elains Secret. she is drawing energy from the world around her. even a subtle draw can restore ones whole being according to the principles of chi-gong.

    i met alot of people in my life who have abilities like that and they werent consciously aware of it.

    for Christmas i already recieved a CAT Hat and a CAT shirt.

    now the way the CAT is witten is, the letter A sits above a golden pyramid.

    im the Cat in the Hat?

    you the thing about adventuring and going all the many places ive traveled in the last 4 years. you become “family” with so many people. they dont want you to leave. and the others want you to come back.

    im in the emerald city for the holidays and like Ure Poland thing George, I keep hearing, “when you get the chance, take it”.

    i have had that thought rolling around for over a week. 3 to 5 times a day. “when you get the Chance, Take it!”

    and i dont know what it is refering to. but i know its there.

    ya know i have been with and dated some of the most beautiful women in the world. movie stars, play boy bunnies, Vicrtoria Secrrt Runnway Models, Juicy Cotour Runway Models, a few exotic super models and super beautiful country girls and super beautiful city girls. i even dated a girl who was Sports Illistrated Swim Suite eddition. i dated Ms Washinton State, Ms Hooters 2006, a Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader and A Seahawks Cheer Leader. ive been married twice to very powerful and beautiful women. very powerful. one is a Vice President for a Major Coorperation.

    i loved them all. all of them brought so much good in my life. they are all not just extremely beautiful but very charming, charsimatic and can do winners.

    and for the last year, i havent dated much at all.

    i took the last year, just to spend some time with THE DUDE. im never alone. and sometimes when i fall asleep at night i lay my bible on the pillow next to me where a woman would sleep.

    I think its time, to pick a spot and stay put. maybe i will go back to the mountain and live out the remainder of my life. find a beautiful girl and just stay put. let the chips fall where they may. its so fricken cold there in the winter tho. and i thrive in the sunshine and heat.

    i would love to fall in love again with a beautiful woman to boss me around tell im not doing it right. hahaha. its the most wonderful thing. one of the most wonderful experiances in the world.

    and The -> raising Arizona. where almost every shamman i know has moved there. and i know alot of Shamman. lol. they all call me zero. and i never told them i was calles that in my NDEs. and 0 is a symbol i used a long time on internet forums. it means something different on the other side of life. its like a halo. lol.

    final note: on the way where i ended up driving by the old titan missle base unintentionally. i didnt stop becasue i felt i will run into the owner today somewhere along my day. you would like him george. bib overals and muck boots, old truck kinda a fella. but could pull out a card and charge a $100 Milion dollar yaght on it and not blink.

    when i was driving i heard Donald trump on the radio, but the radio was off. i was sitting in silence. but i heard Him outloud, i thiught the radio was on but it wasnt.

    he said, Hey this Don, we will see them crash the powergrid soon in the US. they want to destroy the US so they can usher in world war three. the only thing keeping world war three from happening is the United States. inspite of sleepy joe at the helm, they know they can not start world war three until the United States is defeated.

    so they are going to take down the United States Power grid. it will shut off all the banks and all the gas pumps. there will be massive looting in the cities because no food will be trucked in. it will be a thousand times worse than the pandemic. when the foods all gone there will be a year long famin. and when people relize that nobody is coming to save them, ganges will rise and roam to take whatever they can when the foods all gone. many many will die.

    there will be no medical services, all the cell towers run on electricity and the internet. and after a while of the police being overwhelemed they will stop being police. where ever you go, stay away from the cities. atleast for a few years.

    if you need medical supplies, it be good idea to ask your doctor for a couple extra bottles to have.

    he said, at some point after the united states has been weekend from the power grid being down and mass starvation they will strike the US and Strike Hard so that the United States doesnt rise again for a very long time.

    the best thing i can tell you is to pray and find a group who has your back. because in a world where its every man for himself and there isnt any food or help coming? there is strenght in numbers.

    he said this is all going to happen very soon. he said its not just as important to stock up on food and medical supplies, fresh water will be very important and a place to live where there isnt very many people. He said, it makes me so sad to see this great nation go down like this. but those who want world war three to happen need to remove the United States from power to make war with europe, israel and india. they have tried to start world war three many times. The Power of the United States has stood in the way of it happening every time.

    pray for your loved ones. many are not aware of the times we are in and many of them it will be a great shock. Try not to loose your Humanity.

    These things will happen. Thank you for all you have personally done for Humanity. after a long while, i know like the Phoenix, The United States will eventually Rise again from the Ashes.

    and Then my radio in my car turned on all by itself and that song. “walk this way” by aerosmith started playing, “you aint seen nuthing till your down on a muffin, then you are sure to be changing your ways”. and at that exact
    moment i was driving by the road that leads to the old Titan Missle Base. where i had unintentionally drove 200 miles out of the way to go past. “changing my ways”, driving while lost deep in thought.

    like that thing that JC experianced yester day by turning on a TV show and it spoke to exactly what he was thinking about. i experiance that stuff all the time. all the time. sometimes 50 to a hundred times a day. i live in that Relm.

    anyway. not to be a bah humbug. i just wanted to passe that along. it was one those moments.

    i saw on the news, Santa Has begun riding. hope i get something good. i been a good boy.

    Happy Anniversary G & E! its electric! hahaha

    for now, all is well.

    Merry Christmas. whoohoo!

    • Good post Andie.. be careful I to benched 300 at fifty didn’t take any time at all to lose that.

      “perhapse that Elains Secret. she is drawing energy from the world around her. even a subtle draw can restore ones whole being according to the principles of chi-gong.”

      you’ve heard the saying you are what you eat Reap what you sough..

      studies all show that cells change in a positive environment..
      look at the effects of all the evil drama and teachings on MSM television.. read hunters book and you can see how the children were taught all brought out by the kid himself.. the sisters diary accounts say the same thing .. is there any questions on why they turned out the way they did..

    • “driving while lost deep in thought.”

      Andy, methinks you are a danger to
      yourself, and others on the road. ;-(
      Just keep some views between you
      “and your dude,” that’s JMHO !!!!!!!
      Otoh, you’re extremely entertainng.

    • I love Robert Merricks poems.. here is another..from the late great Robert Merrick.. My wife was the best thing that ever happened to me.. she is my partner my soulmate..the Yin and the Yang.. ( even if she does think that I am not that funny when I am trying to be)

      How love came in I do not know,
      Whether by the eye, or ear, or no;
      Or whether with the soul it came
      (At first) infused with the same;
      Whether in part ’tis here or there,
      Or, like the soul, whole everywhere,
      This troubles me: but I as well
      As any other this can tell:
      That when from hence she does depart
      The outlet then is from the heart.

  8. last thing there is alot alot so much language about big 8.0 and bigger earthquakes.

    i hope after i leave the emersld city. its not here they have the big one.

    but i am consistant with leabing right before major devistation happens. i move out of the way of it. or im protected from it. its a weird knack i have. everywhere im at it is safe. where ever im at. its always a safe place to be.

    i been asked by serveral random people i know lately,

    “i keep thinking you moved to texas. youre not in texas? i said no. im in wyoming and sputh east idaho now. they said i dont know why i keep thinking you are in texas.”

    hmmmm interesring.

    maybe i will run into Kelly today. she was 5 time dallas cheerleader ex girlfriend.

    she is bat shit crazy. obsessed with me. still, boy howdy is she one smoking hot lady. hhahaha

    comes with the package.


    • “but i am consistant with leabing right before major devistation happens. i move out of the way of it. or im protected from it. ”

      for me its Banks… I have been banking at the same bank as long as you’ve been alive..4 times I was in the bank and left o my to discover that the person that walked in as I walked out was a bank robber..the last time I was on crutches.. left got home to the cottage in the wastelands and hear they got robbed..I called and asked The banker what happened.. he said remember the guy that held the door open for you..yup that was the one..

      • i live by mount pillar idaho. big famous bank robbery happend there.

        i understand the cat in the hat thing now. since i received the hat and the shirt.

        its the adjustment bureo movie refrence. black dudes used to be call each other Cat. that cat over there

        they wear hats and those hats open portals to other places.

        anyway i been on my phone entirely too long today. life is meant to be lived. lol

      • oh and in that movie when your wearing the hat. you turn the knob to the right and it takes you to a new place. when you turn it to the left it takes you to the adjustment beuro*sp. headquaters.

        the movie is about finding true love.

        oh i woke up and had a quarter on the pillow next to me 2 days ago. “head quarter.” funny. hahaha

        i dont know how it got there. i just said Good Morning DUDE! What am i the tooth ferry now?


        head quarter.



  9. see JC you are not alone in that stuff.

    i walked into the entertainment room. clicked on the TV and saw The Seattle Seahawks are playing the Titans on TV.

    and i go hmmmmmmm.

    hhaha.this stuff happens all the time. all the time.

    that is why i sit and be still. just breath and let it come to me, let it move all around me like George said, to paraphrhaze, a living Dymanic clock works mechaism.

    when these things happen. i find it best to not place any pereonal attachments to them, see them as they are, in motion and not cling to fixed ideas of representations. acknowledge them in recognition.. ans

    as Bill said to me.

    be like the monk standing next to thr gong. but not beating it.

    chi means life

    gong makes a sound

    as i sit near the Puget sound which waves of water.


    • I and my grandson are sea hawk fans.. he has the game on at his house.. the reason isn’t because they are local or that they are an exceptionally great team.. but they have the right attitude.. they play hard.. but if they knock someone down.. out goes the hand to give the opposite player a hand up.. good sportsmanship.. and that is all it takes ..
      how does that old poem go.. carpe diem pluck the day.. seize the moment..

      Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
      Old Time is still a-flying;
      And this same flower that smiles today
      Tomorrow will be dying.
      Scale back your long hopes
      to a short period. While we
      speak, time is envious and
      is running away from us.
      Seize the day, trusting
      little in the future.
      Now let us sport us while we may,
      And now, like amorous birds of prey,
      Rather at once our time devour
      Than languish in his slow-chapt power.
      In a rising wind
      the manic dust of my friends,
      those who fell along the way,
      bitterly stings my face.
      Yet I turn, I turn,
      exulting somewhat,
      with my will intact to go
      wherever I need to go,
      and every stone on the road
      precious to me.
      We gaze into the night
      as if remembering the bright unbroken planet
      we once came from,
      to which we will never
      be permitted to return.
      We are amazed how hurt we are.
      We would give anything for what we have.
      But bid life seize the present?
      It lives less in present
      Than in the future always,
      And less in both together
      than in the past. The present
      Is too much for the senses,
      Too crowding, too confusing—
      Too present to imagine.
      The question, O me! so sad, recurring—What good amid these, O me, O life?
      That you are here—that life exists, and identity;
      That the powerful play goes on, and you will contribute a verse.
      then there is Robert Herricks poem..

      Gather ye rosebuds while ye may,
      Old Time is still a-flying;
      And this same flower that smiles today
      Tomorrow will be dying.
      The glorious lamp of heaven, the sun,
      The higher he’s a-getting,
      The sooner will his race be run,
      And nearer he’s to setting.
      That age is best which is the first,
      When youth and blood are warmer;
      But being spent, the worse, and worst
      Times still succeed the former.
      Then be not coy, but use your time,
      And while ye may, go marry;
      For having lost but once your prime,
      You may forever tarry.

      Each poem says the same thing..Life is short so enjoy the day stop and smell the roses..

  10. i was thinking about the big as the cinderella song goes, “shake me shake me” having watched Cindrrella the Movie the other day and right after i went and got in my car and that song came on the radio “shake me shake me” by the band Cinderella, which i havent on the radio in a long time.

    i was thinking about where is thst earthquake and the seahawks game cut to commercial the fella says its the seahawks zero then they cut to commercial.

    its important to just acknowled these things as present but not cling to them and let the monkey mind chatter your entire day away running all over.

    i see all kinds of stuff all the time such as this. like my recent CAT hat and shirt. with the A over the top of a golden pyramid. it means something. but i try to acknowledge it and release it. and not cling to it like a monkey with a rubix cube to solve.

    because when i just acknowledge it and relase it, the answer eventually comes to me, if i sit still and be in the moment, and waite, the answer will find its way to me on the plane if idea and inspiration.

    i could not imagin living in the relm where you dont see this sorta dymamic. i see people all the time who cant fathom it. cant comprehend it. it has nothing to do with the pedistal of intelligence. at all.


  11. the language of creation in the world around me, if my undertanding is correct.

    there will be an 8.0 or greater earthquake in san diego on 01/02.

  12. that or im going to run into cindy and fuck the hell out of her.

    which we have always been just freinds.


    which i would prefer.

    so much language around shake shake shake.

    okay time to enjoy the day as it is. the only reason i am posting these comments is so that you may see what the world is saying to ya.

    see the world as it really is. not as you want it to be. but as it really is. it is living, breathing, heart beating dynamic thing.

  13. oh.

    i know now.

    the titans and seattle thing is a di$erent refrence in motion than the cinderella shake me thing.

  14. Mr. Ure,, Thanks as always, and Merry Christmas to all (whether one believes or not)(I do),, anyway,, cut some 1 1/4″ pvc (should be appropriate diameter) to go on each leg,, (cope angle to floor)(or add rubber cane tip),, maybe hotglue inside the pipe so it won’t fall off.. You can make it as tall as You want..

    only meant to comment once, maybe hit the button twice?

  15. Been shopping for oil and kerosene lanterns. I have had good experience with this vendor:

    I am going to try out this vendor for a Feuerhand lantern and spare parts. Their prices are good, but I haven’t received anything from them yet:

    They also carry Aladdin mantles.

    I bought a Dietz lantern off Amazon not too long ago, and it was poorly packed and beaten up rather badly. It might still hold oil.

    There are other gas and oil lamp dealers with good products and service. The equipment and fuel you have on hand when the lights go out is the equipment and fuel you will have to rely on.

    This one is for Andy’s enjoyment:

      • The glass reservoir lamps don’t leak, but having broken so many glass lamp chimneys, I go for the metal reservoir versions. Vermont lanterns makes a similar metal version of that glass oil lamp. If I buy a lamp or lantern of any kind, I have started buying a roll of spare wick and at least one spare chimney. I probably should buy some spare burner assemblies too, but I figure the oil and kerosene will play out before the burners assemblies do. Having at least two lamps of any kind satisfies the two is one and one is none adage.
        My front-line power outage lighting continues to be a couple of RayoVac D-cell Sportsman LED lanterns, and a couple of Maglites. With rechargeable batteries, they are easy to keep up, and aren’t as much a fire hazard. I am switching over to USB-powered battery chargers, since USB chargers for different voltages are available, and that allows AC/DC power source for the same charger.

    • Wow .. I ama real lover of lamps and beaters of old.. Vermont lamps is going to get some business..thank you for sharing that information.


    sorry for the all caps. its how it is on the website.

    since i have been in seattle i have stumbled upon a large key and found a set of stripper heals.

    the key looks like it belongs to a saftey deposit box. i didnt see it until kicked it when i came out of a resturant.

    the heels were left in front of my car when i was at another place. ive dated quite a few strippers and even married one for 24 hours once. hahah. i know quality stripper heels. these are very high quality.

    “they” (whoever leaves me this stuff like the Eric Church CD case i found) have something planned. hahaha

    the heels were in front of my car so im heading that direction (future refrence). if they were behind me, its past. if it was next to me it would be now.

    whoohoo! go Santa Go! get it all done. tommorow is Jesus Birthday! yay!

  17. Merry Christmas to all … beautiful night here with a nearly full moon straight above when I got home from Church, had to hold onto the car to be able to look straight up at it. I contemplated it for several minutes … for some reason while looking at it was drawn into some deep thought contemplating how the world is most likely going to be changing between this Christmas and next. I was at peace with myself and my place in the chaos that I believe will be unfolding in the near future (hadn’t even read Andy’s postings yet), which in many respects surprised me. I may not be as spiritually ready as Andy is, but I am trying and am now in a much better place wrt that then I was just a couple of years ago.

    May all of you find YOUR peace in your inner soul during this special time of year.

  18. Merry Christmas & New Year’s soon. Hope your anniversary is an awesome time, too. May you both have several more years to enjoy.

    I try not to think of the time gone by, but the quality of the time spent together with my other half.

  19. Elaine looks great as always! I only got to meet the two of you once(in Tyler), and she was quite charming, even with such odd ducks as some of us are! I’m quite sure she’s still just as charming. Happy 24th! Perhaps Elaine can write an occasional column if she’s in the mood to do so.

    What’s a “Sugarplum Fairy”? I’ve never heard the term. I get “Dance Away Lover”, but not Sugarplum Fairy. Perhaps it’s a Disney character.

    I’d like to believe that there’s a perfect fit out there for each of us, but in the last quarter of life, I’m no longer sure. Congratulations to all those who actually did find their soulmate and share life together.

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