Merry, Now What?

People can almost feel it.  Big changes seem to be coming.  There’s a feeling, or vibe to it.

Some random notes today on the nature of things and how – at some level – it all makes sense. But doesn’t.

The Christmas Leak Tale

Forget Shakespeare’s “There is a tide in the affairs of men…”  It’s not a tide.  More like a current. A river. And the more you just learn to “Go where Universe is pushing, the more remarkable It becomes.

Universe preparing you for The Future, at least in my personal experience, consists of learning to listen to inclinations and hunches. It’s almost like a very weak memory that you should do something. Which, once done, fits into what your rational and waking mind might deny is a Conscious Future.  The data says it is.

Let me give you a list of items I have been recently inclined, for no particular reason to buy from Amazon.  Why I bought these things, I have no earthly idea.  But I did. It was all driven by hunchy and feeling. This “feeling” or vibe started just ahead of Thanksgiving with our consigliere’s visit.

“So, What Happened?”

Rained like hell, it did. Yesterday morning about this time, we passed 3-1/2 inches of rain in the gauge. We needed the rain.  Really needed it.

Now since we had a new roof put on the house, we made a thorough inspection to see if there were any leaks.  And everything the contractors did was spot on.

UNTIL I got to the music studio.

There, I noticed a dark spot in the southeast corner of the room.  Getting a ladder, I put eyes on it.  Pressing to see if it was spongy, my finger went right throw the soft sheetrock. And it can out wet.

Well, one thing “Elaine, go over to the shop and bring me that pack of 50 bar towels….”  

Which she did, one of which was shoved into that dollar-sized hole in the wall, changed out every 10-15 minutes for three hours until the rain stopped.

While standing there (and after an inspection trip outside and up a ladder there) I could see what had happened.  The gutter in that area had backed up filling things to (and over) the brim.  As the rain came off the roof, it would splaytter and that got into a joint that was not perfectly sealed.

It will be an easy fix; it was caught in time.  And not only were 15- or so of thase towels used, but I will be using one of the two sets of putty knives on the outside (there’s a lap seam the roofers didn’t us “goo” on) and inside (for putting in the new plasterboard after I rip out the old stuff and heat gun a bit to ensure it’s bone dry in the area.

The Weather is perfect, as well.  No rain in the forecast, as of this morning, for a week.  The roof will be dried out in a day, or three. And I will double seal the repair when some Gorilla Waterproof Patch & Seal Tape 4″ x 10′ Black shows up Friday.

It was all a dandy Christmas gift from Universe. Because there was no rational reason (or use case) for me to have all the putty knives and those water-related things.  Yet, there they were; delivered well in advance of the need.

You’re just lucky, sometimes…” Elaine says.  Yes, I suppose that’s so.

But the Christmas present was realizing that we can all do a better job of listening to the prompts from Future/Universe, and maybe things will work out a little better for us all.

It’s some variant of this sense (or recall, or foreboding) that led us to give up living in a big city, 20-years ago. Not saying you should buy towels, putty knives, and sponges.

Reader Andy refers to his meditative moments as a kind of listening.  To which I would add with aspect of memory.  

And the gift is we can, on occasion, brush up against remembering the future. Which is ever so slightly offset from the “present” moment.

Have fun with it.  (Pretty sure I won’t need another roof leak to learn from, now.)

The Real News

Box scores out of the war zone’s ain’t pretty.  Health Officials Say Gaza Airstrike Kills 70 while Hamas is causing losses, as well: 14 IDF forces were killed.

East of there, Iran’s proxies are still throwing drones out: Iranian drone struck chemical tanker in Indian Ocean: Pentagon. Looks to us like the neocons are doing a big enough “show of force” that Iran may be goaded into attempting to exclude U.S. ships from their areas of influence. In which case, the reality of invasion of covert forces into the U.S. should be decided whether it was “conspiracy thinking” or left-wing anti-American open border wingnuts setting up an attack on the homeland.

Ukraine fighting continues, as well: Russian shelling kills 4 as Ukraine prepares to observe Christmas on Dec. 25 for the first time.

Planning Ahead

Chicago Fed National Activity Indicator and the Case-Shiller Housing data tomorrow. Look to early futures and action in Asia and Europe for cues as to how that dance will go.  While keeping an eye peeled for left-field events.

Wednesday looks tame, trade numbers Thursday, and except for a purchasing number Friday, the long slide into another 3-day weekend starts almost now.

Office work: If you still have paper-based banking, this is the week to print off all your records for the year and put ’em in the IRS backup files.  Credit card details, and time to count up expenses yet?

Around the Ranch

Dandy prime rib last night. Which means equally good French Dip sandwiches today.

Another one of those “No idea why I bought ’em, but…” There will be a six-pack of paint-by-numbers projects landing next week. Urge to paint is stirring even if it’s somewhat mechanical.

Television has been watching almost everything we can find on rustic furniture making on YouTube. Followed by a binge-watch of The Lincoln Lawyer which we both enjoyed.

Our home to yours, very best wishes for a peaceful and restful Monday.

ShopTalk Sunday is here if you missed it.

Write when you get rich,

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41 thoughts on “Merry, Now What?”

  1. Merry Christmas George and Elaine and Urban Survival readers.

    I have been thinking about William of the Radio Ranch the last few days. First Christmas without your soul mate is very hard and I hope you find some peace in knowing there are people on this site that genuinely care even though they have never met you. Ure part of a special family here and you make us better by your presence.


    • Thank you. I feel you all. Thoughts and prayers are deeply appreciated.

      Fortunately, for a few decades, I have concentrated on Really Seeing — Really Noticing, and Delibrately “Observing” — family gatherings at Christmas, Pasach, and especially Thanksgiving. (Eda’s most favorite feast day and gathering.)

      At some distant time, many years ago, I read somewhere that when one is attending a “last” occasion, one never knows at the time that it IS a “last.” Therefore, one should Really See and collect the memory, that one can think about it later when the time comes that one DOES come to know that “Last” time you all gathered truly WAS the “Last.”

      That sounds like a grim duty when it’s a joy really, to be “in the moment” as much as one can. As Emily says in “Our Town,” — “Oh, World — I just can’t look at you hard enough!” That line in the play set me up for the idea, I guess – but it has served me well, especially since Eda left.

      My deepest hope is to see and be with her, and my first wife, Kathy, once again. If there is a Heaven, I think it must be a place of boundlesss love and forgiveness.

      Else, what’s a Heaven for?

      Both marriages were extremely happy and good and filled with love. (I married “up” both times.)

      Having “paid attention” allows me to re-live the good times in a fashion, and that has greatly helped fill the empty bleak hours.

      Thanks, gang. Merry Christmas, and a Happy, Prosperous and Healthy New Year to all.

      • “many years ago, I read somewhere that when one is attending a “last” occasion, one never knows at the time that it IS a “last.” Therefore, one should Really See and collect the memory, that one can think about it later when the time comes that one DOES come to know that “Last” time you all gathered truly WAS the “Last.””

        In our house.. I don’t want any last minute regrets.. the I wish I had one more moment to say what I feel..
        So it is our practice and what I tell everyone.. when they are leaving and coming.. give everyone a hug.. and tell them just how much they mean to you… that way.. if it is our last time to see each other.. the last moments thought is just how much they meant to you and you meant to them..
        You would be shocked at how many are a little timid or feel odd doing that.. never go to bed mad or angry.. think only the good thoughts and memories..
        God bless you on this holiday season.. I know from experience how lonely it is being alone..make it a point to make new friends along the way.. go to y our local church and celebrate our heavenly father with them.. He is listening..
        My two favorite holidays are thanksgiving and Valentines day.. this year my wifes flowers are going to be arranged in a mercy seat..

        Talk about a price increase LOL LOL LOL must be bidenomics LOL LOL..every year I pick something odd to have the flowers put in.. one year it was a toilet brush holder.. a shell shapped scone.. in the center where the brush rested.. I put a flower block..with two love birds behind the flowers.. lit up by fairy lights.. a small fountain pump under the flower block that would pump the water back to the top of the scone so it became a water fall.. with fairy lights going up the sides.. it was beautiful.. the flowers died.. the love doves went into the cabinet.. and the toilet brush for years sat by the toilet..

      • “If there is a Heaven, I think it must be a place of boundlesss love and forgiveness.”

        hmm.. my thought on heaven..spiritual world religious teachings and science..the words you reap what you sow..
        I posted a video on the reactions of water and its crystallization of its cells in comparison to the environment.

        now consider there was an extensive study on plant cellular growth in the same settings..

        plants communicate as well .. so what is heaven in comparison. I bieve that spirits walk the earth..
        in religious texts on all religions the message comes down to who you are..what is in your soul..are you mean and conniving. did you show love and gratitude. peace an harmonious? or are you driven and self centered.. why is it that those in extremely difficult situations expose their situations to me. I have asked that question a million times a million.. if it’s a number that arouses you..then it’s a number that’s your value.
        christ walked the earth as a homeless poor man his only sin was to be born to a single mother and he helped someone on the sabbath.
        if cells change by the environment and hate .. heaven then is all around us..

        I could go into my theories of harmonics God and heaven. heaven does exist it is all around us. working the hallways of medical see it all the time. I’ve seen and heard things that are unexplainable..your wife my parents are here with us..that plant she adored the gentle whispering of her love your connection as one..soulmates.sulfates..

        our heavenly father tells us heaven is real tells us exactly what heaven is.

        I have had patients that passed and returned recount stories..heck we have all read Andies recollection of his experiences. you will hear me tell this next often..
        give everyone a hug let them know what they mean to you no regrets .. show kindness and gratitude never get upset at an oops..shit happens.. understand that everyone is experiencing trials in life that no one knows about. so show kindness and love. talk to your plants..

      • yes there is a Heaven.
        amd there is Heaven right here on earth. if ya have the Eyes to See and the Ears to Hear.

        sometimes its the little details that hold so much value in them.

        my brother comes in for Christmas and sets down a on the bar in front of me a plate home made frosted cookies. He says Have one Andy. my youngest nephew is playing around and bumps the plate it spins around as im reaching for a cookie. as it spins around. it stops and the only cookie on the entire plate that has a smiley face on it sits right under where my hand was.

        i laughed, pick it up and head to the living room.

        then my oldest Boy who i havent seen in 3 years (he is in arizona going to computer secutity school to work for the NSA) walks in the door.

        and i had no idea he was coming for Christmas.

        what a wonderful suprize.

        good to read your words William. much love.

        • amen… most can’t see it.. I see it all the time.. took all my down times as times of learning.. some wish for riches and numbers galore.. I have riches.. and very few numbers.. but then what is wealth.. crap comes and goes.. I have plenty.. of crap.. I hold no value over a thing.. what was it.. someone was talking about diamonds.. I returned.. you do realize a diamond is nothing more than a piece of coal.. and if it is in a fire it burns the same as coal.. so what makes it more valuable than a piece of coal.. it is what people perceive it to be.. for the aztecs and mayons gold was just a piece of metal that was pretty.. what was valuable to them was the corn and the grain.. the mayans did a lot of raft farming.. and canals.. the aztecs tiered farming.. corn was what they valued.. I value wheat and rice.. I like both wheat products and rice products.. and of course the ultimate guilty pleasure coffee LOL and cacao.. there is a reason why they were both called the gifts of the gods..

          second crack on the coffee LOL LOL that is the perfect medium dark roast.. LOL LOL

    • knowledge and practical experience..
      The thing is.. what is useless a useless thing…EVERYTHING ties together.. I use to listen to Rush Limbaugh one day there was a guest speaker on that was making derogatory comments on how useless someone flipping burgers at McDonalds was.. hold on a second I thought to myself.. if there position wasn’t flipping that burger.. who would flip it.. NOTHING is useless.. all has importance.. a person can learn a lot our of a childs bedtime story.. the stories are all there to teach children put in a way a child can understand it..
      when I worked in a cabinet shop.. the ceo came out to build his own kitchen.. from the bottom up.. he was so bad that everyone laughed.. the crooked little man that lived in a crooked little house..story fit him perfectly.. we had a great laugh.. but he is good at sitting behind the desk with pencil.. he just can’t do any part of the job.. so which one is the usless thing.. he makes millions.. the guy on the floor twenty five thousand a year.. with out the laborer he cannot make the wages he wants.. older employers realized this.. and took care of their employees.. todays can only think about a number on their check balance.
      anyway.. through all the bad times I have lived through.. I looked at them as learning experiences.. I can make my own cottage cheese or cheese.. its something I learned.. in a time of need.. some things.. I actually enjoyed doing during those times.. and I think I am getting better on my wine making skills.. which reminds me.. it is degassing stage now for the rasberry chocolate wine.. I am in no rush though wine is a great age non rushed thing to make..

  2. Merry Christmas. Good idea on paint set; keeps eye/hand & fine motor skills sharp. One cannot get enough practice at productive activities.

  3. “Iran’s proxies ”

    Sanctions since 1979. That’s about 45 years.

    45 years ago an 18 y/o .gov employee was assigned to the “Sanction Iran Project” and now they are getting ready to accept a pension for a job well done. What a deal. Zero benchmarks.

    People who weren’t yet born during the 911 attack are now beginning law firm internships at the law firms who are suing the Saudis for that event. 22 years.

    • think about that. Cuba.. we have hated cuba since I was a very little boy.. so things were looking up a few years ago.. cuba is just a few miles off of our florida coast..who suffered.. coffee is through the roof.. in prices.. on something that they grow there.. I personally would like to visit cuba.. and we sanction them for decades.. many of the people alive there were not even born then.. they don’t know why all the hate.. when covid hit and they needed a hand.. biden told them to suck Air.. in return China said here we are to help… now they have a warm water port. so how many decades should someone be sanctioned..

  4. “It was all a dandy Christmas gift from Universe.” Might have to start calling you Ure-Andy George! Merry Christmas to one and all!

  5. Merry Christmas to all !!

    Kids are grown and this could be our last … for a while … Christmas together, as the kids have big plans. To which the wife and I wish them much joy and success.

    I’m not sure who chose the date we celebrate the Birth of Jesus, and/or first called it “Christmas” but, there is a magic about these particular days, evenings and nights. Beyond the hustle and worry that everything goes right, there is a peace and a true feeling of love that manifests … can you feel it?

    Our tradition is having “Birthday Pancakes” and singing Happy Birthday to Jesus, reading the Biblical account of Christ’s birth and then moving on to the present filled stockings and then the tree. Wife gets teary eyed every year so, I always have the tissues at the ready.

    I hope you all have the Best Christmas with Love and Joy. Peace on earth begins within our own hearts … so hopefully it’s all in line with what the Universe has planned for everyone. I pray God makes it so.

    I tip my hat with a wink and a nod to you, George and the Misses. To your family and friends.

    Now, on word to the New Year


    • phew… big one there bob here at the cottage in the wastelands I am not allowed to discuss such things but to be up front with the different situations of the christmas holiday.. there are quite a few avenues where the origin of christmas began and came from.. from egyption times pagan rituals and roman holidays that marked a time of merriment and legal crime while the soldiers were away.. I am not allowed to say anything about christmas.. or santa clause.. if I am asked.. I say.. I am the only fat man with red pajama’s.. LOL LOL.. I won’t lie to the kids.. I am not a real fan of christmas but I love christmas movies and enjoy the family get together.. My two favorite holidays are thanks giving and valentines day.. even though there are some pagan roots to the valentines day as well.. there is the one story I adore just like I adore the story of christs birth…. where he taught a young woman how to read and do math..and he married young military men.. from what I have read Jesus was born in the early spring time they were nomads at the time because of the religious laws of the day.. and jesus death was just before the passover and the the sabbath Jesus therefore died on Friday, April 3, AD 33 at about 3 p.m., a few hours before the beginning of Passover day and the Sabbath.

      “I’m not sure who chose the date we celebrate the Birth of Jesus, and/or first called it “Christmas”

      “Christmas originates from the phrase “Cristes Maesse”, first recorded in 1038, which means the Mass of Christ or Christ’s Mass.”

      but the holiday goes much further back..
      the pagan druid rituals of sacrificing virgins and cannibalism on the winters solstice.. . then santa clause and the King Nimrod connection and Easter with his wife mother and the spring ..
      “Christmas was not among the earliest festivals of the Church…The first evidence of the feast is from Egypt.” Further, “Pagan customs centering round the January calendars gravitated to Christmas.” Under “Natal Day,” Origen, an early Catholic writer, admitted, “…In the Scriptures, no one is recorded to have kept a feast or held a great banquet on his birthday. It is only sinners (like Pharaoh and Herod) who make great rejoicings over the day on which they were born into this world”
      “In the Roman world the Saturnalia (December 17) was a time of merrymaking and exchanging of gifts. December 25 was also regarded as the birth date of the Iranian mystery god Mithra, the Sun of Righteousness. On the Roman New Year (January 1), houses were decorated with greenery and lights, and gifts were given to children and the poor. To these observances were added the German and Celtic Yule rites when the Teutonic tribes penetrated into Gaul, Britain, and central Europe. Food and good fellowship, the Yule log and Yule cakes, greenery and fir trees, gifts and greetings all commemorated different aspects of this festive season. Fires and lights, symbols of warmth and lasting life, have always been associated with the winter festival, both pagan and Christian”
      the menorah was used like a calendar during the Saturnalia holiday.. to mark when the roman soldiers came back to keep peace in the streets.. women caught out at night were open target for whatever merriment was wanted from them..crime was rampent with the partying and merriment..even today women are not allowed to be out..
      Today we celebrate Christs birth..on the day that nimrod was born.. His wife was his mother.. and she is the symbol of mother nature.. she started the gift giving to all the children after nimrods death.. we remember her on Easter..

      there is so much on this.. and the ancient writings.. that I could go on for an hour on it..
      Celebrate it for the birth of our saviors memory..enjoy the family get togethers.. but like myself.. I am sad on the pagan days just before because some place there is someone that will suffer needlessly at the hands of someone that still follows the old pagan rituals.

    • “Christ’s Mass” became a thing by means of a decree from Constantine in 336 A.D. There were a lot of religions and belief systems which had holidays on or around the winter solstice. The Church did not consider Christ’s birth to be of any importance, so they never bothered to celebrate it. Basically, they wrote Constantine a license and he arbitrarily chose December 25th — not because he wanted it on the solstice and had a really bad astrologer, but because the day that’s four days past solstice was celebrated by the Romans as the first day after solstice when preparations could begin in-earnest for the next year’s crops. By keying Christmas off the winter solstice, Constantine believed he could use the celebration to bring millions of European and African people, with thousands of different belief systems, into the Church, and the evangelical possibilities strongly overshadowed the historical inaccuracy — remember, the Church didn’t care…

      Despite all the arguments, theological and otherwise, Jesus was born in the last few days of March. April 1st was “tax day” in the Roman Empire. The Romans required that subjects pay their annual tax (10%, BTW) in the city or village of their birth, and that was the reason for Joseph’s presence (with his wife) in Bethlehem. Not paying taxes was not an option. There was no grace period. The Romans did not send Guido to break a leg. They sent a squad of legionnaires to execute the welcher, press his family into service, and confiscate his possessions. This is why 39-week-along Mary was in that stable.

        • Thanks — I try.

          This is a great example of what I mean when I say I don’t look at things the same way others do…

          In order:

          Why were Mary and Joseph in Bethlehem?
          {To pay their taxes}

          {the Julian equivalent of April 1st on the Georgian calendar*}

          How far (in days, walking) was Bethlehem from the farthest part of Israel?
          {Probably less than a week}

          When is Christmas?
          {December 25th}

          = Logical discontinuity

          Joseph would not have taken a 4-month vaca to go pay his taxes, and the one thing we know with certainty is the Roman tax day, therefore, the day of Christ’s birth happened nearly four months after the day upon which we celebrate it.

          Like much else, many of history’s anomalies can be sorted out with a simple, logical approach, using known true & accurate datapoints and inference or interpolation to “connect the dots…”

          * Note that in a wryrony of time, space, and our species’ quirks (or merely an example of God’s sense of humor), April 15th, our present-day “tax-day,” would fall pretty close to April 1st on the Julian calendar, were we using it today.

  6. We have had a very mild Winter so far this, no snow and the hills are nearly bare.
    Just before it got light this morning it started to snow. The silence., as everything simply stopped moving., was fascinating.
    Have a peaceful Christmas Day everyone..,
    .., tomorrow will be here soon enough.

    • This El Nino’ year was supposed to be a drought for Hawaii during our traditional ‘wet season’ winters here. It lasted thru November and now the rains are coming anyway. But today is gloriously sunny. Merry Christmas everyone. Growing up in Wisconsin I loved going X-C skiing in the woods during a snowfall. Stop and listen to the silence. Peace.

  7. Hello, to all my friends here! I’m looking at 87,so it’s a great time for reflection. I’m thankful for George and Elaine for their thought-provoking subjects and the awe-inspiring amount of research shared with us all. And the comments fill my head with new ideas and view points. I play a game in skipping the heading until I have read the comment to see if I can recognize the author. You all are important to me. I, too, am tuned in to William. Thoughts and prayers are there. At this season we especially remember those not with us in body. I know. I sleep in the room where I have lost the company of my mother in law, my father, my mother and my husband. But I’m still in good company. It is beyond belief to me that I will not join them in God’s Good Time. In the mean time, I wish the joy and peace of the season to you all. Your friend, Julia

  8. “Everything — EveryOne — is Important.”

    I don’t know if I have the skills to put this over, but I’ll give it a try…

    In my checkered carer as a technomage, I have at a few points worked in one backwater derivative industry or another involeved in The Space Program. (Never for NASA, but for one of the myriad of sub-contractors making hardware of some sort.) (All temp jobs –but fun and fascinating — cutting edge stuff.)

    One night, very late in Palo Alto, we were all wicked fatigued working a process that was constantly delaying and slowing things down. Glitching out unpredictably. Frustrating. I took one delay go and drain my tanks. In the can, I encountered a night-shift cleaning lady “doing” the can, even as I visited it. We go to talking…
    At one point she said with an awe-stuck mystical voice, “We’re going to Mars!”

    She very much included herself in that “we” without any hesitation or self-consciousness — spoken just as any other member of the team might.

    I felt Honored and Re-Newed to have heard this, and went back to work on the goddam recalcitrent camera mount., much re-invigorated. As dawn arrived, we finally beat the subtle gremmy, and made it work. Kelly would have been proud.

    • Wow! i saw they launched an XB1? up there into space. its fastest non pilot plane on the planet. capable of circling the globe in 17 minutes. i thought oh.. wonder why they sent one of those up into space.



      • Ever thought of this trip to mars.. LOL they are recruiting.. now get this.. guys forty years and up to go.. LOL LOL what will they do sending a bunch of geriatrics up there.. its not a nursing home LOL LOL…So who is going to take care of the first pioneers going there.. LOL LOL .. I built a house years ago.. I crawled my fat ass up in to redust the settled insulation and realized that I was thirty years younger .. had to hire a young man to crawl up there.. I lowered the pitch of the roof because a company took the deposit and then ran with it.. when I crawled up there I thought dam I shouldn’t have ever done that.. LOL LOL just to save a few bucks..

  9. very cool old dude. very cool. i love love love hearing about that stuff.

    you remember when i was in Palm Desert, Ca in 2020? All these super rich and elite were romancing me. one bought me 3 differnt tailor made $10,000 Itialian Suites. i had a job offer being a Home Inspector making $500k ++ a year and some of the top bankers and real estate brokers in California guarenteed me unlimited buisness. i would have made more money than i had ever in my life before that.

    i had to go all the way to spokane to turn in my new medical cert to keep my CDL because all the Dol were booked out and that is the only one i could get into. i have a long time friend who lived there.

    when i went to his house, it was this run down house. i mean it was held together with Love and Duct tape. it was a HUGE house and 8 people lived there.

    There is a certain Majic that happens when you have a group of gifted people together. i watched them one morning.

    one (the witch) is in the kitchen making breakfast. another (a practicing druid) comes in sets a role of electrical tape on the kitchen table and walks into the bathroom grabs the bathroom trash and takes it out. another fella a Christian fella walks in who was outside working on his car comes in the kitchen and says do we have any oh its right there grabs the electrical tape off the kitchen counter and walks back outside. the fella who is a druid hands him the bathroom trash can. he come in grabs a bag, puts it in it sets it on the kitchen counter, turns to me and says you know anything about cars? at the same moment the witch chick in the kitchen reaches up to get plates out of the cupbard and knocks a coffee cup off a shelf and it lands right in the bathroom waist basket. not breaking it. and starts setting the table. i said i sure do. he said cool can you look at my car with me? i said yep. he grabs the waist basket and heads to the bathroom pulls out the coffee cup on the way and my buddy ive known for 25 years comes out of his room half awake, he hands him the coffee cup as he is passing him to the bathroom. my buddy comes in and says Breakfast smells good. poors a cup of coffee and says Good morning. i know the house aint much to look at but i hope you had a good night sleep.

    im just sitting there watching this whole magical dance. tripping. they all are from differnt faiths and practices but it flows like nothing i had ever seen except one place. here on urban survival. i see on here on urban survival all the time.

    i went up to south hill and i prayed and meditated and a little heart eyed emoji sticker floated in the window and landed on my lap. i looked around and that blonde (playboy centerfold number 2) ran past me. i thought holy cow. now that is a beautiful woman. i stuck the heart eye emoji sticker on my speedometer.

    and i drove back down to california to make big money. now with the super rich its all about making deals on the golf course and back door conversations at 2 am.

    its not like the flow of that house held togther with duct tape and love. that place was like a symphony flowing in motion. living with the rich, its very mechanical. i looked at that heart eye emoji sicker.

    loaded up my shit, left the big money job and went back to spokane, wa to live in a run down house. because no amount of money can buy that for lack of a better word, symphony of flowing life.

    when i got back to spokane. i went to meditate on south hill. nobody arround. as i sat there. the little heart eyed emoji that was stuck to my speed ommiter all the way to palm desert california and back with the windows down. floated off my speed ommiter and out the window. that same blond that id seen before (later to find out she was miss may in playboy) ran buy me, i waved, she smiled and waved. and the little heart eyed emoji sticker that floated out the window stuck to her shoe as she went by. i laughed so hard. i couldnt say anything.

    now i didnt know her name or if id ever see her again. or if she was married or single or anything. i only seen her twice in my life. i saw her when the heart eyed emoji sticker floated in and landed on my lap and i drove over 2000 miles south to california and 2000 miles back looking at it stuck to my speed ommiter. i saw her again when it floated out and stuck to her shoe.

    i went to my buddys house and unloaded my car. he says to me, im going to a BBQ today at a co workers house and your going too. i said okay. we loaded up in my car.

    went to some friend/co workers house. after a few hours of being at the BBQ. guess who walks in the door and sits right next to me.

    the beautiful blonde i seen on south hill. we get to talking. she is single. i said you are not going to believe this. i tell her the whole story about the heart eye emoji sticker. she gives me her number. i text her later after we parted ways. she sends me a picture of her running shoes and the heart eyed emoji sticker was stuck to her heel. she said you need to come over right now mister and when i came in the door she was naked and jumped on me.


    we dated for almost a year. but the path im on pulled me the direction i am now.

    havent talked to her in a year or so.

    this is us when we were dating.

    i could not ever imagin living in the world most people do. 2 hour commute, work 8 hours, 2 hour commute and watcy TV eat dinner, repeat

    The relm George, many on here and I live in is so much more fun. i have millions of experiances and stories just like the one above.

    Happy Birthday Jesus! hope you all a very Merry Christmas!

    • oh i just relized that picture i posted on my x axxount of my ex and i was taken in Xmas way back when.


      that is alot of X’s.


      The Wheel of Fortune (X) it seems has turned in my favor again.


      full circle.

      great stuff George.

      *tips hat.

    • and yes. in that picture im wearing a $10,000 tailor made itallian suite and electric lime green vans.

      because that is how i roll. hhahahaha

    • “i could not ever imagin living in the world most people do. 2 hour commute, work 8 hours, 2 hour commute and watcy TV eat dinner, repeat”

      The procedure you describe, it’s a trap, a deadly routine. Automatons in mindless motion back and forth, back and forth… it’s a robotic waste of time.

      Monday: Work, eat dinner, watch TV to sedate…
      Tuesday: Work, eat dinner, watch TV to sedate…

      Trapped in The Matrix.

      • so true N____. too true.

        ya know if i ever get the oppertunity to make that kind of money again, if i get the chance? id take it.

        could you imagin a fella like me who operates in the relm i do, working for your company? no matter where j am. its all happening all the time arpund me.

        have a very Merry Christmas.

    • Lol lo! lol..the problem with the Old Dude comment is in some places you can get the senior citizens discount already lol lol lol..
      A friend of the daughters is your age.. what she’s discovered is that the guys in her age bracket either has a drug or alcohol issue or they have serious commitment issues and will forever be the wandering bachelor.
      she’s not eighteen anymore..
      its the same for decent guys to..women in that age bracket have the same issues.

  10. 90 years from 1929 would be 2019. Or subprime meltdown Covid combined treasury fed and enormous bailouts. So just Vietnam type inflation now and wars locally

  11. This is my second Christmas after losing my best, friend, soulmate, shooting buddy, and ladder holder of 38 years. I’m alone in a big house and trying to figure out how to make next year more meaningful than this one. I’m 77, and in better shape than I was when I retired from the Army in ’92. My last tour was at a 4-star headquarters, and my BP is sure a lot better now.

    I think I’ll custom-load some .308 ammo and have a Ceasar salad and two microwaved burritos for supper.

    The best to all of you Ure collaborators in the coming year, and I hope that we all can be doing this again next year without me having to use that .308 ammo for anything but accuracy practice. Gray Fox

  12. The monsoon finally let up, and this afternoon, I went out to ride my bicycle. That was when I sawed it. A 16″ hackberry that I had been watching was now leaning over on the fence, and was threatening the house. I did my bike ride, then still dressed in my bike helmet and pads, I commenced to cutting. Fortunately, the tree had twisted enough to one side so that I could direct it away from the house, and avoid taking down the fence, but it took me an hour-and -a-half to get a chainsaw to work sufficiently long enough to do the deed, then fifteen minutes to cut and drag the tree out of the driveway. Funny thing this weekend, I just had to get a bottle of premixed 2-cycle fuel, for no real reason. It came in handy. Need to work on the 2-cycle saws, though. It was the Echo electric that did the main trunk. Come to think of it, I just had to charge up that Echo battery this week, after ignoring it for six months. Been reading too many of Andy’s posts, I suppose.

  13. Well they have got me . Couple of real estate deals lost lifetimes . Yep hit the wall . Had long enough to listen to George he was right . Don’t know how much longer the body will last. Sent in their best for the wife and daughters . Crypto king. Anyway fighting but weak . Merry Xmas to good people

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