Path to War in ’24, Housing Data Pending

I promise, tomorrow’s Peoplenomics report will be much more positive. Because it deals with the task, we all face, of getting out of bed in the morning, trying to game out how to “Live a Perfect Day.

We hope your Christmas was close to being one of those. We worked in the yard a bit cutting down a few offending limbs. Onto the wood pile. From there, back to the kitchen where leftover prime rib was turned into a passable vegetable-beef soup. Weather turned cold in East Texas this week. Cold winds from the north have set in this week.  We won’t touch highs of 60 until Sunday.

All by way of explaining today’s brevity. For with the office at 55, even after heat’s been on two-hours, the “blazing fingers” have lost a good deal of their spark. Yes, that time of year. Not climate change. Just Winter.

CFNAI Just Out

(7:35 AM CST)  Not a biggie, but worth knowing:

“Led by improvements in production-related indicators, the Chicago Fed National Activity Index (CFNAI) rose to +0.03 in November from –0.66 in October. All four broad categories of indicators used to construct the index increased from October, and two categories made positive contributions in November. The index’s three-month moving average, CFNAI-MA3, moved up to –0.20 in November from –0.26 in October.

Muted market reaction. Housing in a half-hour will mean more.

Path to War in ’24

Our worst fears of Future are begging to drop into place.  The War Party spent the holiday earning its name again.  If you thought the War in Iraq was over, look up what the word “rekindle” means: US carries out airstrikes against militants in Iraq following attack on air base. Those aren’t generic/vanilla militants, those are Iran’s front line proxies as they move to secure power and control over Iraqi oil.  They could care about the sand.

If that flashpoint doesn’t flare, though it may since the Biden-ordered strikes, there’s also our Fleet. And again, facing Iran. Iran-Backed Forces Widen Their Attacks on Commercial Shipping. Since the U.S. Congress has already passed a resolution that it’s American Policy Iran will be denied membership in “the nuclear club” the tit-for tat now becomes a probable “chain reaction to chain reactions” kind of thing.

The Problem is Russia-China

The Business Insider report Monday was at least sobering. Russia and China on Brink of a Military Alliance, May Overwhelm the US.  But it’s somewhat predictable given China has been developing its long-term supply chains through the Belt and Road initiative and Russia is playing energy like a fiddle.

When the prelims and posturing ahead of WW3 are done, we’ll remind you of the traitors pretending to office in the District of Corruption who left the southern border effectively wide open. Migrant caravan in southern Mexico marks Christmas Day by trudging onward.

There’s a reason our Motto for the Year ahead is “Show ‘Em the Door in ’24”

Unfortunately, there may not be a chance to vote.  Because in our look-ahead “if-then’s” there is a migration path which lights up the Middle East, reprisals on Israel by Palestinian protégés, the Russians up their game in Europe, drawing in NATO in a direct confrontation and Russia goes nuclear from there.

While in the WestPac, China allows Taiwan to hold elections (January 13th) but then, after “come peacefully into the CCP fold fails” China subjugates Taiwan and North Korea, the pit bull on the peninsula breaks the armistice and that goes hot.

Fears expressed in media earlier this year such as The United States and its allies must be ready to deter a two-front war and nuclear attacks in East Asia – Atlantic Council are likely to be massively wrong. As later perspectives sensibly admit there are many more fronts: The five-front war that the US is unprepared to fight.

America’s tactical problem is that Russia alone could account for three war fronts.  The West has dragged Finland’s 800+ mile border into play., The middle game will be the Baltics. With a dividing line about Poland and south to the Crimea as distinct.

Turkey is in a swing role, wanting U.S. advanced jets or they could turn on us.  Syria and Lebanon have offshore mainly Leviathan gas to fight over. Then further south, Israel is clearly off-script for any resumption of the two-state solution to the Gaza war. With the West Bank expansion west to the Med and offshore gas deposits off Gaza, this shapes up as a what?  “Adverse repossession by an angry landlord?”  Yeah, something like that,

The Neocons/ne Neolibs in the Bidenistas are still stirring things up. Trying to prick Russia in the Azerbaijani region. (We hope you notice who the pricks are?)

Much of Africa will become contentious, as well.  China has an upper hand, in that they stick more to “deal points” while the West seems to have an absurd affinity toward “virtue signaling” and preachy social values.  Long-term, China’s already building their rail infrastructure out in Africa.  Color us skeptical of what will happen with the newly expansionist Maduro/Venezuela.

In all this, the U.S. war with Mexico continues escalating, as well. Cartels have turned Central American feeder sources into virtual narco states. Which will soon be emplaced in Remnant America.  Because money, once laundered, can be dusted with the scent of patriotism to buy further offensive officeholders to rule us at home.

The only question for the new year, we’re thinking, is “When do the nukes and EMP go off?”

Well, wars take time so let’s not get too anxious, shall we?  Mid-game – late summer is a good bet.  But a lot will depend on how bad, and how quickly, the economy collapses.

Already today, our Houston Bureau sent a link to 4 must-know changes for your 2023 taxes (  Our read on this is that a lot of people will be finding their 2023 withholding wasn’t enough.  When they come out of pocket to meet April tax bills, discretionary spending will slow bringing the economy to a standstill.  Though, honestly, we’d be surprised to see things last that long.

The smart money bet would be on war before Thanksgiving 2024.  Two major drivers are the elites will need a verifiable reason/scapegoat for economic collapse. Mushroom clouds, or most of the grid going down would work.  But the knock-on is what will be such a big distraction than elections will be “postponed” so that the War Party (already suspected of a wink-wink with the ChiComs and Russians at some level) will be able to hold power and wield martial law.

From there, we’d expect deft use of the infiltrated insurgents will become a kind of dinero nuevo amongst the elites.

It Reads Like a Book

Already been written. Do you remember the William Forschen book? “One Second After” (A John Matherson Novel Book 1)?

“…..a story in which one man struggles to save his family and his small North Carolina town after America loses a war, in one second, a war that will send America back to the Dark Ages…”

Think of this morning’s report as a (not statistically improbable) prequel.

“Nine-Months Before.”

That’s why we worked in the yard, on the hydroponic plans, a few rounds down range, and some Morse code practice over the holiday. Another long-distance drone’s due for the inventory, too.

For 25-years, this site has eschewed talk of “Living Large to Win Big.” No easy money, hot stocks, or cryptos.  Just hard work and getting tough.

Must be present to win.

Meanwhile: On the Wires

If this sounds a bit downer-ish, consider what passes for “news” among the superficial uprights:

Dirty Politics: Never goes out of style, unfortunately: Marjorie Taylor Greene targeted by failed Christmas swatting attempt | The Kansas City Star.

Not that Russian politics is any cleaner: Jailed Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny describes harsh reality at ‘Polar Wolf’ Arctic prison (

Not as flashy as “Remember the Maine!” of yellow journo fame a century back, but who comes up with jingoist names? Shipping giant to resume Red Sea voyages with Operation Prosperity Guardian in place.

Too cold for Mooning? Cold Moon 2023: What is it and when to see the last full moon of the year.  Watch me sleep through it…

OK, off to grab some chow and back for the Housing Report a few minutes after 8 AM. Little point in doing the market charts or mentioning BTC was down to $42,663 at click time.  All going to change when Housing lands.

Write when it warms up; happy boxing day.

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27 thoughts on “Path to War in ’24, Housing Data Pending”

    • We have a couple of years of propane for really cold weather. A “kit” (small wood stove, ducting, framing wood and more) are on hand Random. Just can’t get the building department to approve. I can put it up in a week when time comes, though. And we have a 28 acre wood lot…

      • Best to get a good wood stove and have it professionally installed. If I were to do it over, I would burn the stove and the pipe off in the yard before installing.
        Personally, I would rather pay the electric company and run the heat pump, but the stove is ready to light if I need it.
        For some reason, I just had to order three new chains for the Echo electric yesterday, and I am contemplating get my two cycle saws serviced. I am also getting the impulse to cut up deadfall cedar elm for the stove. I could use a big can of premix.

      • Mobile home approved stoves


        • they have an electric fireplace.. well it really isn’t an electric fireplace.. what it is is a vaporizer with fire place lights reflecting on the mist.. it is absolutely amazing to watch..
          We went on a staycation a while back at one of the casinos.. nice room the dumb shower stall was big enough to house the whole town I live in.. LOL.. what is funny is it had one small shower head LOL..
          anyway they had one of those.. I sat there for a couple hours looking at it.. amazing .. it was so realistic looking you would swear it was fire..

          I think they put a heater in it to.. but I sure enjoyed the fireplace look it gave.. amazingly realistic..

      • ONLY… if fema doesn’t come and acquisition it.. in the event of a disaster the federal government can come and take whatever you have that they need..
        Having had the privilage to see such a list of what people buy and what is assumed they have.. I can tell you it is a complete list.. lets say normal use is five hundred gallons of propane a year.. and you have two to four thousand gallons.. the same with diesel and gasoline..

        • We only have 300 gal propane and do run things super cold when required – not far above freezing. We work at keeping each other warm, ahem…
          But if centgov fails, then are all citizen duties over? I mean like for citizens and border jumpers alike?
          Also, if I can’t vote in scheduled elections, then my “peaceable, law-abiding, tax paying contract” is breached, is it not?
          When (but only if so wronged) I know some number of vy hi iq people who could become unbelievably adverse.

        • that is one of my fears.. IF.. central government fails..
          what businesses require federal government funds.. What if there is a default and the government goes bankrupt on the deficit.. would that mean a total re-start.. no police no army no fire departments no road construction.. no Social security benefits.. not wages paid out federally.. money is zimbabwe.. or Argentina.. would that mean there would be a total restart the same as when an individual goes bankrupt.. they have to start at square one..
          I believe that the USA would be at a hard restart at one time.. and for a time it would be bartering that would keep the people going such as what happened in Greece a few years ago..Gold and silver are nice.. but you have to find someone that collects it.. in a real catastophic event.. how many would want it.. in comparison to food water or shelter.. in looking at records of previous depressions.. basic goods held a much higher value than gold or silver..
          this whole thing is a nightmare.. that we all are living through at this moment.. the numb nutz in DC don’t have a clue.. but in their defense.. they don’t live in the real world..I believe that was by design to.. DC is not part of the USA for a reason..

        • that hard start no infrastructure.. is also why I have thought all along that the Amish and colonies would be the safer bet.. a community working together as one..
          its also why I am teaching the youngest grand kids about fuel making and the wicktorian lamp.. making alcohol.. the wine is coming along nicely..
          I actually thought that the winter storm in Texas was a waking moment.. our power company did come out and ask all its customers to put in solar and backup generators.. but did nothing to strengthen the grid.. its like the USA wants the grid to go down.. all for their business model..

  1. Everything happens. No one does anything.

    “People are machines. Machines have to be blind and unconscious, they cannot be otherwise, and all their actions have to correspond to their nature. Everything happens. No one does anything. ‘Progress’ and ‘civilization,’ in the real meaning of these words, can appear only as the result of conscious efforts. They cannot appear as the result of unconscious mechanical actions. And what conscious effort can there be in machines? And if one machine is unconscious, then a hundred machines are unconscious, and so are a thousand machines, or a hundred thousand, or a million. And the unconscious activity of a million machines must necessarily result in destruction and extermination. It is precisely in unconscious involuntary manifestations that all evil lies. You do not yet understand and cannot imagine all the results of this evil. But the time will come when you will understand.” – In Search of the Miraculous – P.D. Ouspensky (quoting George Gurdjieff), p52

    Here Gurdjieff is discussing why the destruction of war must be to P.D. Ouspensky, his reasoning, in short, is that Everything happens. No one does anything.

  2. Da plan, Kemmosabe, Da Plan!

    Why you no follow the plan ? Not even keeping tabs, so busy writing about how EASY it is to be successful Trader and or Investor. One wonders why more dont do it, if it so damgod easy? But I digress, having nothing positive to say about that steaming pile of fecal matter.
    At least OBD is keeping tabs and posting periodically on hear for Humanities sake…Go Space Force ! No, really – GSF!

    Andzo the 2574 anniversary of Kung- Fu tze, King Kung – Master Kong passes with nary a mention.

    Fixed that.

    So home Gong (work) is to learn and know what a Shengren in ancient China is..cause next Year 2024 is his biggie – 2575 BIRTHDAY anniversary.
    – gonna party like its 1999!!!!

    * EXTRA CREDIT – its easy, compare Map of Epstien Island side by side with picture/print out of The artist formerly known as Prince Symbol/Sigil.
    Almost identical, know understand when (year) he designed it..

    “LIFE, is just a party, and parties weren’t meant to last..

    “Thru the DoOr in 24”

    • Space Force is non-existing for the plain oatmeal eating crowd with no vision, or apples, honey and cinnamon
      in their over-cooked plain jane oatmeal, ABC NBC CBS CNN and etc

      Q told US they have it all,,,, the evidence
      and this guy says spaceforce has it all

      and I found him on

      timing of evidence being presented, is critical for the mass conscience to be prepared
      when you see the ocean recede, more than you have ever seen it before, run ure ass off for HIGH GROUND, the tsunami is near

      narrow minds only think in terms of their own life time and cannot fathom outside that box
      60+ yrs to 6 ft under in a box, that is their entire reality

  3. Cyber attacks on US Navy assets possible in 2o24?

    Friday December 22, 2023 12:42

    Hello US Navy,

    1. This is a Freedom of Information Act request for
    software certification information for software used
    on 2022 F-35C which crashed aboard Carl Vinson.

    2. Internet posts claimed that F-35C safety-critical
    software is composed of 53% c and 35% c++
    software technologies.

    3. Reason for this FOIA Boeing hardware engineers’
    standards limited embedded controller software modules code length to no greater than one page for
    certification edibility.

    Certification definition:
    The action or process of providing someone or
    something with an official document attesting
    to a status or level of achievement.
    If the code modules are longer than one page,
    then they may be too complex for certification evaluation?

    Code length limitation can be traced to 1966
    and after the Boeing 767 Software Certification Policy
    publishes in 1980.

    4 Documents requested:

    A. Copy of the US document accepting delivery of the
    Vinson F-35C.

    B. Copies of Properties in Linux, Windrows or tervalent software development tools of all
    folders and files of Vinson F-35C software.

    C. Copes names off all subroutines/procedures/ and
    main code along with certification
    documents for each.

    Copies of verified statement if no certification
    document exists.

    D. Copies of a verified count of miner of lines of code
    in each subroutine/procedure and in which
    computer language was each written.

    5. Copies of the Vinson F-35C autopilot switch
    wiring diagrams.
    A Copies of Properties which contain name and size of all software subroutine/procedure/modules which have read access to the autopilot switch.

    6. Please waive fees.


    Possible deployment of uncertified software by the
    US Navy in its weapon systems irresponsible?

    This knowledge is in the public interest.

    7. Please send these documents within
    20 business days, as the statute requires.


    William Harris Payne
    Boeing 767 Software Certification Policy 1980 coauthor
    Sandia National Laboratories Albuquerque, retired
    (redacted by sysadmin) Calle de Sandias NE
    Albuquerque, New Mexico
    87111 (redacted by sysadmin)

    • Thank you Bill.
      If they do give this up please post your analysis here.
      l have my own stories about software certification by Gov’t and their contractors after being in charge of Software QA at a government site.

  4. After an impromptu meeting this morning, the Executive Committee decided that instead of returning to our respective ranches and do actual work we would conduct a recon of the large marijuana growing operation located nearby that has many of the local farm/ranch folks all stirred up. Once we got to the parking lot we changed our minds and decided to go over the Letser’s and work on our “New” used baler. Not much work got done there when it was determined Lester failed to disclose the roof of his shop building is in serious need of repair and he will need to construct some kind of heat source inside. A vote was taken on who should house the machine. I lost 2 t 1 supposedly since I alone have a heat system in place. I agreed, with the stipulation that all work is done by the entire committee and the members agree to not walk away with tools not their own. Earl would be proud of me.
    Should have gone on the recon.

    Stay safe. 73

  5. “Fears expressed in media earlier this year such as The United States and its allies must be ready to deter a two-front war and nuclear attacks in East Asia – Atlantic Council are likely to be massively wrong. As later perspectives sensibly admit there are many more fronts: The five-front war that the US is unprepared to fight.”

    Lets not forget the potential Army that Biden is bringing across the border and supporting by giving them money housing and free medical food and whatever….Whatever his real reasons are.. Once we send our military to another country.. they are no longer here.. so far the vast majority of our naval attack groups have already been deployed to other regions.. we have used up a great amount of our strategic arms.. by giving them to Ukraine.. and in keeping our petroleum prices low.. they are presently using up the strategic reserves to maintain prices to keep the economy going. their drive to disarm all the citizens of legal gun ownership to.. weakens the country…
    the interest on our deficit is in the doubling stage.. doubled once now it will double again in what four or five months.. it is unsustainable at this point..
    My guess is.. IF.. it was me and this is the poison pawn trap like I have thought all along.. Then they will let them deplete the strategic oil reserves to the point of being crucial..
    the limit was.. we had one year of strategic oil reserves at a million or so barrels a day.. and the USA has been using them for just about a year now.. and even sold a few million barrels of it cheaply.. to me.. and my way of looking at this.. then January and February will be the crucial point that the US government will actually have to start replenishing it at higher prices. what is the old saying.. the USA will have to shit or get off the pot… IF.. it is the poison pawn trap and there was plans on attacking from a multi point front. then we just have to look at what .Sun Zi said, “Managing a large force can be made like managing a small force by the use of dividing up the number. We should unite as one while the enemy is divided into ten parts; using our united one (of ten parts) to attack the enemy one-tenth and hence achieve we are large against their small. If we are ten times the enemy’s strength, we can surround them; if five times, attack them; if double, divide them; if equal, we can defend against them; if lesser, we can run away; if much lesser, we can avoid them. In war, the army succeeds by deception(surprising the enemy), by moving the enemy with benefits, and by divide or concentration of forces in variation. considering that aspect of sun.. then imagine the Bric’s and all the countries that both China and Russia have been signing agreements with while we had the lets take it they have been working with them… then all in all January and february is when we will be at our weakest points in the USA.. If you were to take the grid down and since the USA has not been on top of keeping our infrastructure maintained.. our goals were always the business model of filling up a sheet of paper for someone that doesn’t even pay taxes or lives in the USA at the expense of those that work for a our grid is not as secure as it could be.. I could go into my rant on solar towers and handing out solar grid tied power systems.. but it won’t happen.. those things are built by the countries we are opposed to…. in those months of Janurary and February .. the fight would be a much smaller one and let the weather take the vast majority of the people .. IF.. there was a secret army that was allowed into the country and split amongst the inner cities.. then knock out the grid take out our major port and attack from within..what will our military do.. they are thousands of miles away fighting in some foreign lands.. if an all out instant shit hits the fan moment.. there is very little they could do.. we would be thrust back ten thousand years and the weather would do the majority of the work.. the inner crop lands would still be useable and comeing with aid for any survivors the next spring they would appear as angels coming to help and have the gratitude of the survivors.the same way the cubans seen them when they came and helped them during covid….if the amount of survivors that has been estimated in reports that no one in DC reads.. then by all estimates puts it about the size of a couple of big city blocks of people left..
    IF it isn’t the poison pawn trap.. since we are giving the illegals more money than even what the retirement benefits are for the citizens that paid money into the system and dragging them across the borders.. then the strain economically would be so great that the country would have the worst depression in modern civilization.. and joe doesn’t own a fiddle.. its a civilization different than anything we can imagine..

    none of this is good.. of course I believe that NATO wants to see the gaza strip taken over by Israel because then they have the leviathan oil field to fulfill the oil and power needs that was destroyed by the loss of the NordStream pipeline.. and control over the energy to keep the nato countries warm in the winter is crucial at this point..

    • Sure – nato is going seize NOTHING. israhell will not exist when this is all said and done..

      7% population has already left..aint coming back. The north is uninhabital now.
      IDF/Army is a paper tiger, they are getting hammered. Hundreds and hundreds of Hamas videos of their attacks on israhell troops & equipment – shows hundreds of em dying .
      bibbi the baby butcher is LYING, as ALWAYS.

      – F-ing SHOCKER – the babybutcher lying,again! OMGoodness! The guy who Carried the nuke cores thru pepterboro airport in diplo cases, 4911..Yes they were tracked-abledanger.

      understanding – NoeL = no israhell.

      • I personally believe that Bric’s put NATO And all fiat currency nations on notice..
        Just look at who’s joined the Bric’s.. the leading Energy, Manufacturing, crop production countries.. and the majority of the countries with the raw materials essential for our survival..
        they also have been the one’s that have been borrowing the USA the money to go the warring way in exchange for control of industry.. they have been preparing their countries for survival while the usa has been neglecting our very own infrastructure and the needs of the citizens here..
        the path of the future lies in the hands of those that don’t have the practical life knowledge in their book of surfing everyday life. they work in the bubble of the beltway where real life doesn’t affect them with the power to change the course of their actions.
        I believe the future is going to be quite interesting..

  6. Disaster Prep … Communications

    I thought I had bought everything for Christmas but was doing one last tour of our local Micro Center and found buried in a corner something not so much for my preps but for use at the camper when the kids and grandkids taken it over, so I bought a couple of sets of them.

    The NEW frequency and HIGHER power FRS radios from Baofeng (FCC approved too! – that has to be a first for Baofeng). Legal Power has been increased to 2 watts from .5 watts on all but 7 frequencies and the number of frequencies has been increased by 8 (the formerly GMRS only frequencies now usable by FRS units) so there are now a total of 22 frequencies, 15 at the high power and 7 at the low power

    AND … THERE IS MORE!! (sorry couldn’t help myself!!)

    The NOA Weather Frequencies are now receivable with these radios!

    AND THERE IS MORE!! (OK I might not make it the TV but I can still market on Urban Survival!!)

    The units come with a 1400 mah rechargable battery (included – and charge with a typical phone charger, also included) AND even better can use 3 AA batteries if you run out of juice with the recharable batteries!

    to make the deal even better they are WATERPROOF!!

    AND THERE IS MORE MORE (Ok … getting a bit outlandish here, but it is the Xmas marketing season)

    The units have a total of 155 privacy codes (50 from the original standard – many older units only used 38ish of those) and 105 from the new standard (many only use 75ish) so they CAN interact on the privacy code side of the ledger with all units the from all manufacturers and with all older style units with privacy codes (will need to use a privacy code conversion chart since everybody tends to lable those codes differently).

    OK …. and now for the GREAT NEWS!!

    The pricing for these License Free MUST HAVE local communication tools is only $19.99 for TWO. YES for TWO!! UNBELIEVABLE!

    actually a bunch of other features but you have to read the product description, I think I have overstayed my marketing time here

    Anyway I got 4 for the camper, in full disclosure I paid LESS than the $19.99/2 at Micro Center – paid under $40 for 4 with sales tax, so each of the grandkids can have one as well as each parent when they use the camper (one grandkid is still too young )

    Local use only of course … even with 2 watts they will only have a 1/2 to 1 mile range in a congested or heavily wooded setting, maybe 3 miles over water … but that is enough for kids running around a campground.

    Boafeng model F22 FRS radios


    • The term, “privacy codes” is seriously misleading. It means you can block the RECEPTION by YOUR radio of transmissions by other folks who do not use the same codes. In other words, it does NOTHING to secure your outgoing transmissions. When you encode your transmitter, the traffic can still be heard by an unencrypted receiver. Another fact is that the false feeling of security may also be costing you in signal strength. Others using the same frequency but different “privacy codes” will still be interfering with your transmission/reception, even though you can’t hear what they’re saying.

      • Yep … except.

        My very early Motorola FRS radios actually had a “Voice Scrambler” built into them with 5 different ways it would scramble the voice as I recall so if you just tried to “listen in” you couldn’t make heads or tails out of what the person was saying. Worked like a charm and nobody could eavesdrop, but haven’t seen anything since that actually does voice scrambling of the signal.

        (I think after Motorola came out with those the FCC outlawed them since nobody else ever produced any and Motorola quickly stopped selling them. That is what the FCC did with the Radio Shack units for cars that put the entire FRS radio on the roof of the car-since by law the antenna had to be attached to the unit – with a cord to the mike /speaker /channel selector which you used inside the car Great units that got about 10x to 15x the range of handheld units of the time due to the outside antenna up high with the metal roof of the car serving as a nice ground plane)

    • Communication.. IF… all the studies are correct.. would you want to communicate with THE survivors.
      then how long would radio communications be down..
      in a small nuclear event the estimated time for disruption of all radio frequencies is what 3-10 years ..and in a large scale event 50 to 100 years..
      then consider nuclear winter.. if I could I would be earth berming the cottage.. in turkey they discovered a great deal of underground and bermmed living structures..
      another th I g discovered was signs of radiation from what could have been an ancient nuclear event.
      so was there? there are legends that were told around ancient campfires..
      on renovation nation.. there were tons of nuclear and rocket propulsion physicist s that were making renovations just for some event such as that.. I took notice when people I was familiar with started showing up on the show.
      when the freak hundred year storm hit Texas I totally expected to read about an earth berm going up around the homestead in the out backs of texas.. a wall on three sides and extension of the roof …kind of like this but earth on three sides ..

      now I am a Mormon.. they talk about preparing for the storms..
      and in the latter days new israel..missouri..,old%20Jerusalem%2C%20during%20the%20Millennium%20%28see%20Micah%204%3A2%29.
      now they are busy building temples around the planet..but not one stone turned to prepare for twenty to forty million members.. the bishops warehouses has but a few weeks of preparation for only a fraction of the membership. so are they truly serious about what they preach or just passing along what those that truly believed in taught..
      there was one gentleman on here Patrick Geryl… that actually was on the right track..
      from what we discussed he was building places ..the only issue would be transportation to there..

  7. Greets, everyone, and Merry (belated) Christmas.

    It has been a long three days.

    When kids were home, I’d generally get to sleep from 0500-0800 or thereabouts. One of our traditions is to celebrate the “12 days of Christmas” (which begin on Christmas Eve and end on January 5th. January 5th is known as “Twelfth Night” and is the start of Epiphany in some denominations.)

    There is something indescribably wonderful about the tykes never seeing a present, nor other outward sign of Christmas around the home, going to bed on Christmas Eve, then waking up to a decorated house where a Christmas tree with its undercarriage full of presents has magically appeared. The little faces and the eyes are a sight unlike anything else in all of Creation, and absolutely make the effort worthwhile.

    Somehow, I thought I’d escaped the innate masochism of this process…
    …THEN the grandchildren came along and kids started doing the “Christmas thing” at THEIR houses (inconsiderate bastards — somebody should shoot their parents!)

    Actually, this isn’t a bad thing — ‘cept this year, Creality hit me with a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity — The chance to put a 3-D printer (with a complete desktop computer system) in each of their homes, for less than the normal cost of the printer, alone. Along about 6pm it occurred to me that Mom & Dad might not be able to learn the ins and outs of locating proper online software and 3-D archives, and nobody in their right mind (or likely otherwise) would allow their (5, in total) sweet, innocent, homeschooled little girls (or the boys either, FTM) free reign on the open Internet, to locate stuff on their own “Sweet Susie” is not going to make Mama happy when she searches for “picture archive” in an unfettered browser…

    Not a big problem — after all, I are a profeshunal.

    I haven’t written an installation routine or created install scripts in 21 years.

    Lemmee just say: Windows 10 is a pig, and it is not nearly as friendly or straightforward as Win98 or WindowsXP…

    So, eventually I got my poo in a pile and got stuff wrapped (among other things, the Daddies got the “BBQ Shit Kit” from Big Cock Ranch [ ]. Check out their reviews, ANYWHERE, and you’ll see why. I got da car packed, and went to bed (at 0730).

    My alarm went off at 1105.

    Christmas was a good day.

    However, I’ve now come to the realization that I’m too old for this shit…

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