Retail Sails, Slow Joe Blows Poll Shows

Might as well get the morning’s big econ story out of the way first:  Retail sales for March have just been released:

“Advance estimates of U.S. retail and food services sales for March 2022, adjusted for seasonal variation and holiday and trading-day differences, but not for price changes, were $665.7 billion, an increase of 0.5 percent (±0.5 percent)* from the previous month, and 6.9 percent (±0.9 percent) above March 2021.
Total sales for the January 2022 through March 2022 period were up 12.9 percent (±0.7 percent) from the same period a year ago. The January 2022 to February 2022 percent change was revised from up 0.3 percent (±0.5 percent)* to up 0.8 percent (±0.2 percent).”

All of which is horribly misleading since it’s measured in DOLLARS worth of goods.  And since prices are going up faster, there’s less unit volumes and more empty shelves when shopping.

Don’t worry your little head about that, though.  Just listen to the stock shills and remember pre-holiday hype is expected ahead of the closure for Good Friday tomorrow.

Far as the reality of how the economy is doing?  Longer note:

The Biden bait-and-switcheroo here is that Vlad Putin is the bogeyman.  Not Congressional and presidential idiocy, along with the ultra-libs and their empty Green is Mean initiatives – along with the overwrought climate monetization’s – which are really more to blame.  Who needs Reality, though?

Ukraine didn’t have to happen – it was a set up by Euromaniacs who announced their plans for a Portugal to Vladivostok European Union back in 2014.  Without so much as a courtesy call to Putin.

He’s pissed.

Wrong-Way Workweeks

As a taxpayer, I’m not happy with bankrolling European supremacists who’ve had 77-freaking years to grow up and self-fund their own defense.

Average workweek in France (2020) was 27-hours.  In Germany 25.6 hours.  While we’re busting-ass at 34-hours.

Let’s see if you can answer this:  Why are Americans working 7-hours a week more AND underwriting the clown posse of the EU?

Fundamental economics, kiddies.  China is kicking everyone’s butt because their average workweek is 41.7 hours (2019 data).  Wonder why they win?  This obviously racist stuff called HARD WORK. GTFU.

Seriously:  77-years and the EuroCon rolls on: Polish, Baltic presidents meet Zelensky in Ukraine, pledge continued support and military aid | CBC News.  Even Canadians are programmed.

What does the EU/NATO do?  Ukraine war: Russia repeats nuclear threat; would deploy weapons near Finland, Sweden if they join Nato | South China Morning Post (

Yes, that’s right:  Let’s make more nukes and pretend it’s not Bully Blowback, shall we?  Let’s take away a nice 20-minute ballistic “think about it” and surround everyone with zero-decision time hair triggers!  Yes!  Genius!  What clever apes we are!

We (also) elect leaders who simply cannot comprehend or collate simple workweek numbers and insist on kiting checks to everyone sucker enough to take ’em.  Great scam for Europe…print to the end, friend!

(Sucks to be stupid and in the U.S. working.  Let’s zoom in a little, shall we?  I mean, isn’t this fun?)

Blowing the Presidency

You may see headlines today about Biden’s approval rating crashing to 33 percent.

How did he do it?

A check of the Bezos Daily – known elsewise as the Washington Post – lays it out in simple enough terms for even a left coast lib to grok:  Opinion | By lifting Title 42, Biden is turning a border crisis into a catastrophe.

Democrat hatred of the right (and majority, straight, born in-country, job-holders) knows no bounds.  As should  be apparent because Bidenistas give more rights to illegals than born and raised ‘MericansCDC extends transit masking after scrapping Title 42 for migrants.  (I’ll stop whining when I get one of the illegal’s free phones.)

Biden insists on tiptoeing up to the nuclear war level over Ukraine’s borders but doesn’t give an apparent shit about America’s border with Drugxico.  See where Biden to  Send $800M worth Artillery, Helicopters, More Drones to Ukraine,  but doesn’t support that for Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California?  Joe blows.

Donald Trump deserved a good deal of the ire he engendered from the left.  But, it’s time to move on.  So how about we skip two more years of national disgrace and jump right to Biden’s impeachment?

I know a forensic accounting PhD who could build a team to “follow the money” from Hunter’s laptop.  Or, is asking for honest government gone now, as well?

Wait…we’ve already answered that…

Crypto Con Ending?

Yes, I’m a crotchety old man and newfangled – POINTLESS enterprises that waste limited planetary resources – really stick in my craw.


Because if people would be taught personal excellence at all levels, 100 percent equality, and the importance of rising on MERIT and HARD WORK, plus throw in a side of deconsumption and learning to grow some food at home…can you imagine how bright our Futures would be?

We don’t scam.  That’s why I have declined to play in the Social Media septic field. It’s also why we have never had a crypto wallet.

Don’t go looking surprised as along comes a former Fed Chief with a glimpse of what’s coming:  Yellen calls for crypto regulation to reduce risks, fraud.

Three reasons:  First crypto is a con.  If crypto doesn’t smell like feed lot droppings, run (don’t walk) to the nearest ENT for a once-over.  Covid kill your sense of smell?

Second: Government hates competition in money creation because it erodes their franchise.

Third: It’s neither secure nor compatible with an environmentally honest world. Unless your last name is Biden.

Come on…trying to sell the Climate Scam so miners of made-up numbers can keep wasting energy?  Piss up a rope, bud.

Truth time: Money is still America’s Drug of Choice.  With enough of it, you can buy all your other addictions.  (What’s on your laptop?)

Reinventing Racism

Where to begin, eh?  Couple of days back, San Diego Union Trib:  San Diego’s largest high school quietly eliminated several honors courses. Parents are outraged.  Woke and BS are now on the same page in the Cali-Liberal dictionary.

Equal on the starting line, but not the finishing line works in sports, right?  Why doesn’t it work in education? Life?  OMG it’s reverse racism time!

Speaking of Which

Where were those Social Media censors when an apparent Black supremacist was spewing hate on social?  Seems to us this is a prime example of what goes wrong when genuine equality is replaced by a leftist uprising supporting, gets a free-pass racism.

Reading New York subway shooting: Frank James made chilling YouTube video weeks before Brooklyn horror makes it clear  the Left still OWNS and EXPLOITS racism. Don’t you dare call ’em out on it, though, or you’re a racist, too.

You’ll never put a label on a liberal.  It’s like they are Teflon coated.  (Nothing sticks in their brains, either.)

Fact: America only works if we treat each other exactly and precisely equally.  Social Media’s woke goon squads need a spanking.  Maybe the gender-change marketers could oblige?

Remember: by using Social Media, you are giving your time, picture rights, and content, to the worst of the woke – the Billionaires Boy’s Club.

Whole point of Peoplenomics Wednesday was the waste created by these “made up industries.” No point to ’em.  They are squandering our Future.

What Else?

Free Willy’s Johnson: World’s most savage dolphin attacks as beasts maul kids at theme parks and try to have sex with trainers ( Sounds like a case for…(wait for it!)…Hunter!

Billionaire Boys Club social notes: Twitter jumps 12% in pre-market after Elon Musk offers to buy company at $54.20 a share | Businessinsider.  To his credit (where’s my Starlink???) Musk says Twit doesn’t “serve free speech.”  Naw…tell me it ain’t so….

Not killing, but still thrilling:  COVID: Shutdowns in China spread as infections rise | CTV News

News or Marketing pitch?  You make the call: Pfizer booster for kids 5 to 11 helps protect against Omicron variant, company says.

Around the Ranch

This is Maundy Thursday.  Expect lines at the footwash.

The Stock Market will be closed for Good Friday (and the start of Passover) tomorrow. Regular session Monday, not Maundy.  Expect only a half-wit’s worth tomorrow from me.  (Upgrade?)

Prime rib on the menu Sunday…yum!  Have a marvelous Easter.

Write  when you get rich,

58 thoughts on “Retail Sails, Slow Joe Blows Poll Shows”

  1. Just a thought. Are the phones being given to the illegals so the government can track them?

    • That’s the big lie – yes. I want my phone. Welcome to track us, too.
      People – read real working people, not on their knees political ass-licks – pay $100-$200 per month for coms.
      If we send ’em back, no social workers, lower crime, fewer drugs and no cell phones paid for on April 15 by the True victims

      • Are these 3g phones about to become obsolete? Do they get chargers too? Where will they charge them? Who will pay the service charges?

        It really looks as if they are simply tracking devices.


      • Another BIG lie is the phone is all they are getting.

        Think about it:






    • In theory. Democratic politicians are absolutely frickin’ famous for their lack of understanding of the Law of Unintended Consequences.

      The illegals sell those State-provided phones and buy 20 buck burner phones w/prepaid cards.

      Go search eBay…

      Oh, and Ken, they’re 4-G.

  2. A story you might have missed, Justin Trudeau has created a committee which looks over your news stories and then decides who is a government allowed news source. Rebel news is not one of them. They are suing. The rest got to eat from the 65 million dollar trough of ass kiss Castro payouts to media. The worst is CBC (Communist broadcasting Corp) that took one billion last year, for under 500,000 viewers in a country of 33 million. Figures why Pierre Poilievre (Poly- ev) from Calgary, refused their interview requests. He is running for the head of the Conservatives, and is our Donald J. Trump up here. He intends to dismantle all of the crap the liberals have done, and remove the gatekeepers here in Canada. Hope springs eternal.:
    Check out this video by him on home costs here, it will blow your mind…

  3. It was 1975, I believe, and I had taken 10 days leave to visit my uncle and his French wife who lived in Paris. He had stayed there after the war and was at the time in charge of the American Cemeteries in France. Walking in those palces was humbling.
    One thing I learned was that the workweek in France was ridiculously short and as my uncle explained there were actually investigators sent out to ensure employers were not letting their employees work more than allowed. He and my Aunt Jeanette also owned an antique shop. I wanted to know how you could pay to live like a rich man when you could not work enough to earn the money to pay for it.
    If you look at nearly any news coverage and photos of the situation at the border there could only be ONE explanation, a clear majority of military-aged men AND WOMEN. This is not an immigration issue its an INVASION. The words Clear And Present Danger should come to mind.

  4. RE: Putin on the nukes – it’s either a fool’s gambit or a diabolically brilliant move by the Russian Czar. If NATO won’t stand behind Ukraine and firmly move to help Ukraine oppose the Russia invasion, where is that fat red line drawn next, which countries will suffer the wrath of Vlad, and what difference will it ultimately make if Putin knows NATO will consistently fold its hand when he threatens the use of nukes? On the other hand, if Sweden and Finland vote to join NATO, NATO gives Putin the proverbial bird, and Putin in-turn carries out his nuclear threat, where does that lead to, except for almost certain conflict escalation, radioactive fallout across Eurasia and a front row seat to Armageddon? Opposing Putin is a serious and real gamble. Putin is holding (and showing) his nuke ace in the hole. He has the majority of the Western political elite quaking at the table in their Louis Vuittons, and he knows it. He is confident, unafraid, diabolical and ruthless. At this point, the entire UN is afraid to call out Putin. The entire organization is strangely silent, which equates to complicity to Russia’s war crimes. War is an act of desperation when diplomacy fails. These are certainly desperate times for the people of Ukraine. Bordering nations watch as Russia’s military cancer metastasizes in the Donbas and around Mariupol. Sooner or later the cancer must be addressed, lest it rage against the West and eventually subsume it.

    • Hammer the only thing the west is pissed about is that their skim of the billions funneled thru that drug infested, child trafficking hub of the world has come to a stand still and all they had to do was honor the Minsk agreement – they give Putin the excuse and now they feign outrage as the dog with the bigger fight is ready to roll – we are weak, we are degraded, we have no leadership and dare I say won’t lift a finger because we don’t have the will if he uses a small nuke their will be no retaliation – why? China looms……

      • Your leadership is degraded and silent because Pooh Team has the [unredacted] evidence of the swamp activity that’s been happening since Victoria was passing cookies around in Kyiv..

        Escalation happens as a result of both sides upping the ante in terms of hardware and resources thrown into the theater.

      • Yep, the Ukes were just asking for it (Gee, Judge. She sure looked and acted 18.). But if Vlad’s so darn smart, why did he take the bait, make them martyrs and give them a pass for all the crap they’ve done? “War crime” is redundant.

      • True true about China. And “that drug infested, child trafficking hub of the world.” Heh, that could be almost anywhere these days – fits D.C. or LA to a tee, and those folks are certainly always in it for the money! But even those pedos don’t openly advocate rattling the nuclear saber when they fail to get their way.

    • Great Comment.
      Putin is member of WEF and is playing his role perfectly as puppet biden, castreau among others. Yes, the new fear past 911,blank ,blank, covid, now nuclear war will generate masks for everyone. Not paper-full blown respirators. A little potassium iodide shake and bake and it will all turn out exactly as “Andy” and the Dude choose.
      Happy Easter

      • You Mean the Pooh Team distraction away from the other design pattern [financially] unfolding in the back ground?

    • You and Ure ilk are the Cancer – “blackshoe’

      neocon/nato been warring on the Russian donbass for 14 years.. Wtf are you talking about..”diabolical and ruthless” = Nazis vs Russian Christendom?!?
      .. that would be Ure commanding idiots in nato/ DoD(blackhats)/WH. See maidan for some clues about Ure poster girl “noodles” nuland.

      A cornered BEAR is what Ure military genius has created. In other words – U “warhammerz” stuck a double barrel shotgun in the bear den – fired twice – missed both times..1st blast woke the BEAR up, 2nd blast Bear is way beyond mad/upset..that was ages ago – genius indeed, some kinda trap ??hahahah

      Who’s “retired” from US active duty(TOD) and been tapped for 45 days..ran out of food/water, so sensitive – azovs ordered to liquidate rather than let be captured for Russian “battlefield”interrogation “teams’
      a very sensitive steel plant indeed.

      This is a Bear of a different color.. old school – OG BEAR.

      The “neoconic” fear is palatable – Caught red f-ing handed – about to bee EXPOSED for the EVIL POS the RUS will prove YOU too bee. ..source of most virulant strains covert19, genetically targeted bioweapons “field tested” on Russian speaking populations ?

      Kinzal – its whats nato/DoD( blackhats) dinna, very soonly.

      look in the mirror – softer/subtler – see the grayness? just the shadow of ure spiritual reality.
      Peace – U will never know.

    • Still spewing the same old worthless crap, warhammer? Putin war crimes? How about USA war crimes all over the world. Putin did exactly the same thing the USA did in Afghanistan, iraq, Syria, Libya, need I go on?

      George, you should repost some of this guys pathologicalrsnting from a few years back, so EVERYONE can se he has zero credibility, as 8 told you more than 5 years ago.

    • The NeoCON crowd didn’t want to have the Minsk Agreement carried out … because they WANTED to push their nuclear weapons to just a few dozen miles from even MORE Russian cities.
      (the middle of downtown St. Petersburg is only about 45 miles from the Estonia border). How would WE react if nuclear weapons were being placed on the Mexican border … right next to San Diego, El Paso, and just 100 mile from San Antonio?

      The situation could have easily been avoided if Ukraine, and it’s backers – ie: the US, had actually been willing to carry out the agreement document that was signed … but NOPE, NO WAY.

      And what about the WRITTEN commitment from the HW Bush administration and Nato that Nato would NEVER expand into the old Soviet Republics, except for East Germany?

      Well even though it was an agreement in writing the US says since it wasn’t an actual “Treaty” (never submitted as a “Treaty” by Bush I to Congress) what we promised meant nothing … so the US kept pushing Nato further and further East. (in other words the US’s WRITTEN commitments are totally WORTHLESS! and Russia should have known that at the time to NEVER believe a written agreement with the US).

      What about Ukraine’s constant killings of the Russian speaking people of the Dombas and that other region? I guess the fact they were only killing Russian speakers who were actually living in an area covered by the Minsk Agreement that said they could go and join Russia if they wanted to makes the Ukrainians ANGELS. After all the Ukrainians were only killing Russians … and that is A-OK since Russians don’t count if it is just Russian being killed.

      As for the US claiming some moral superiority … what about the 400,000 to 700,000 (some say over a million) CIVILIANS the US killed in Iraq with GW 2? And what about the 500,000 children killed by the US in Iraq as a result of GW 1 …. which Madalyn Albright, our Secretary of State, in 60 minutes said was A-OK even mentioning the 500,000 dead children? (go watch that 60 minute interview … pure evil, YEP that is what the US had become by the late 1990’s ). Want to see war damage, look a what we did to several cities in Iraq … LEVELED. Totally LEVELED. Just google it and look, if you don’t remember.

      Then there is Syria
      Then there is Afghanistan AFTER OBL had long since left the country
      Then there is Somalia

      The list goes on and on and on and on.

      The US lost it’s moral footing long ago. It has no foundation for arguing “Morality” anymore since “IT” doesn’t have any and hasn’t had any for a long time.

      Don’t get me wrong, Putin is NO angel … but this fight is one that the NeoCONS have been trying to get started for 8+ years now, and finally succeeded. The NeoCONS have been frothing at the bit for a War with Russia, and they won’t let up until it becomes a full fledged War.

      WHY? I don’t know, but they CRAVE constant War, even after loosing the last 3 they have managed to get started. (but note … it is NOT their own kids doing the fighting and dying. If their own kids serve at all, almost no children of the leading NeoCons have ever done that, but of the few children who have it was always in some sort of administrative support role, never in a combat role)

  5. George,
    Not to quibble, but isn’t this site a sort of social media? Not on the same scale as Facebook et al., but there are twits here.
    The tragic shooting in NYC just proves that mentally illness strikes humans of all races. For God’s sake people, TAKE YOUR MEDS! Those voices in your head that say you don’t need ’em are endangering you, those you care about, and society in general. You too, Vlad.

    • You know buddy, just when I thought I had you wrong, you go and write sh*t like this:

      “…but there are twits here.”

      What makes you the f’n judge? People scat here, that’s the game. You want to run a website, you accept it on those terms.

      Nobody’s going to wax eloquently on a blog.

      Jesus, dude. Figure it out.

      • I agree with you G.A. The dictionary defines a twit as “a silly annoying person or a fool.” I guess we all fit this description at some points in our life.

        George does a good job of allowing all points of view on this blog unlike Facebook, Twitter, etc. I only remember him threatening to block someone a couple of times and I think it was when they attacked another blogger personally.

        I actually enjoy most of the posts here including from Another George. It is certainly a right leaning blog but some left leaning bloggers make good points. In my opinion, the majority are observant, experienced and qualified individuals who have “walked the walk” and add to my education. Some even do “wax eloquently.” There are others like Len that I am still trying to understand.

        I will continue to take my meds and keep posting.

        A Canadian twit.

  6. I would appreciate some advice.
    My house and car are paid off and I’m debt free. My neighborhood has gone down hill quite a bit since I moved in and i would like to buy a house in a better neighborhood a few blocks away. It means i would have a mortgage. What do you think?

    • I would not. MKortgage the cat but nothing else.

      Criminals which times get bad for upscale. Its what crooks do.

      My opinion – debt free denies interest/leach income to the bankster class.
      You want well stashed arms and calories, meds. Cat food, too.

    • I would not take on any debt right now. Being a slightly down-graded neighborhood might just prove to be a positive. I would look into defense-for-the-home., first.

      • I agree on defense in depth! If it takes less than 30 minutes for burglars with tools to enter, you have work to do. You should be able to enter and secure a door behind you rather quickly, but not without the proper keys or access protocol. Then you can pass and secure the next door or two. Design your house like a castle with secured areas within areas and monitoring for any attempt to scout or intrude. If you trust police, get to know reliable ones personally. Plan for methods of repulsion too, but not until you can secure yourself and your stuff first. Find a way to know that every entry/exit point other than breeching walls is truly secured before leaving the place. Think checklists and use them.

        If you’re not as secure as a house of White folks in ghetto areas of South Africa, you’re not there yet.

    • Keep the house and the car (and the cat), and never let the car’s gas tank get down to half before refilling. Nail down an alternate location OUT of the city where you can go on one tank of gas or less. Cultivate country friends, family, friends of family, whoever will take you in. Bag or box up essential meds, family records, at least one firearm with ammo, some food and water, and keep the box/bag either in the car or by the door in the house where you can grab it and go.

      Aside from that, carry on with your life and enjoy what you can!

    • Eleanor, unless the neighborhood you are currently in is becoming dangerous I would be reluctant to take on debt. I don’t know your age or income situation but keep in mind that mortgages are now up to 5% and probably going higher as the bond rate increases. And if the move is just a few blocks away, well, is it worth it? It might be if you were moving out to a rural area where you could grow food etc. but I don’t know that moving a few blocks away would yield much benefit. And, as someone pointed out, in bad times an upscale area can become a target. Best to get your personal defenses lined up.

    • I once bought a house in a developing neighborhood during the “family values” era in a major coastal metropolitan area. New “family values” neighborhoods have a way of turning into teen gang wastelands as Mom & Pop drag their gang indoctrinated brats out of the old neighborhood in an effort to save them, only to send the new neighborhood down the tubes. Before I moved away, that neighborhood began having kidnappings and even fire-bombings courtesy SE Asian families who brought their ethnic gang problems with them to the Promised Land.
      As long as violence and OC activity doesn’t pick up radically, stay with the cash set up. In my current location, I am buying transportable upgrades which can migrate with me if I relocate. Avoid doing upgrades that show from the road, unless it enhances security. The gang members working that neighborhood would pull their hoods up in August when they walked by my house, because they figured out that the potted plant in the upstairs window had a camera in the middle of it.

    • To reprise Howard Ruff from 1981:

      WRT property, there are only two ways to be: Either own everything free & clear, or possess your property mortgaged to the hilt.

      If you own it outright, it can’t be taken.
      If you are mortgaged and have little or no equity, there is no incentive to take it. During the Depression, banks stopped repoing homes after a few months, because they couldn’t move them, and so became bank liabilities. Ruff advised that based on Depression-era policies, if a person could make payments for 6-9 months, the bank would forego possession until after the economy recovered.

      I’m pretty sure the “own outright” thing is the better option, at least most of the time though…

  7. I will just make my weekly comment on your regular message that crypto is a scam. It could well end that way, if you buy crypto go into it with eyes wide open. But not sure why each time you do this you don’t also mention what a scam is fiat currency, where one group of rich citizens can print their fiat money and provide to their rich friends for any reason they choose. Of course we see that now with inflation reducing the value of our fiat money well on 10% per year and rising.

    We agree physical assets that also generate income are the best for longer term wealth preservation, but that necessarily requires one to be less mobile and to have and practice methods to protect and maintain those assets.

    The reason I want crypto or something like crypto to succeed is I am sick of being bent over they the politicians and bankers. Bring on the exchange mechanism where citizens have a trust, control and free exchange of that kind of currency.

    • portfolio theory my good man – spread the Risk around a little to reduce/hedge the Risk of one or two “monetary/money” options going “tits up” .

      not lottery tickets, not digital tulips…monetary optionality- path 2 some financial freedom. most readers UN-Willing 2 grasp this “freedom”concept, 2 stubburn to understand, to perceive what they are seaing and can only see some kinda scam in the werx.

  8. Expect lines at the footwash? Do you realize some churches are still doing digital services only? Looks like the end of “forsake not the assembling of yourselves together” in this neck of the woods.

  9. Comrades,

    Slam dunk! The commies have out-capitalisted the Western capitalists miles back. You are watching the closing credits, not the opening.

    Can we talk about Chelsea? The Premier League football club, not your future president! Yes, apparently it has been left to sanctioned Chelsea club Russian owner Abramovich to guide the sale. Did Al Capone have it this good? Anyhow, Mr. A. has reached out to a global New York-based bank cofounded by a jpm alumnus which specializes in sports sales. The same bank allegedly did fab work five years ago with NBA’s Brooklyn Nets and Barclay’s Centre that they play in. The Nets’ owner of the time, a Russian oligarch, sold the team to a Chinese billionaire. What happened to Barclays Center, the publicly funded venue with $510 million tax free bonds? Of course, a $1.00 lease sounds fair considering all of the quality entertainment being brought to the ‘hood instead of the usual shooting up mayhem. And, what goes with quality entertainment? Affordable housing. Thanks to the Chinese government through a wholly-owned shell company, affordable condos have been going up around Barclay Center priced between $500K and $5 million. Know a chump with change?

    Okay, yeah, I think I like Chelsea’s chances. The optics are very bend it like Beckham. Oh, posh indeed.

    Please excuse me. My television selection includes a channel offering “Servant of the People” twice a day. Usually they offer Brit fare and ’70s Columbo. But times are changing and Canada has one of the largest Ukrainian diasporas now. Anyhow I shall be looking on fast forward for tells on Mr. Zelensky’s next moves. If there’s an Anerican laptop walk-on segment, I’ll surely let you know!

    I should let you get back to “Welcome back, Kotter” and some production.
    Go Nets!

  10. As I watch the COVID control battle in Shanghai and 25 million Chinese are locked down, suffering, starving and dying while their dogs and cats are being put in garbage bags and beaten to death in the street, I ask myself “What the hell does Xi and his monster mob know that we don’t (except for Fauci and his criminal buddies who funded the “gain of function” virus research in Wuhan)?”

    This thing was programmed and released purposely or accidentally. Either way, it seems to be doing software updates on itself on an almost daily basis. Original, Delta, Omicron, BA.1, BA.2, XE and now BA.3. New variants, sub-variants, recumbent variants and on and on.

    “Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive”

    ……Walter Scott

    • He knows that if State Sponsored murder works in Shanghai it will work in all of China and he starts to whittle down the population to a more manageable level…….. by the way I read that during the plague they killed all of the cats and dogs which got rid of the rats natural enemy’s which caused the plague to travel faster and last longer …. it’s that Georgia guides tone’s thing again….

  11. Musk is up to his armpits in cancel-wokies at twitter and he looks like a white male. The employees had an ambush planned and Musk sniffed it out; no way to fix the company and keep the staff or executives.
    Biden is pissed at everybody in the US because he had to cheat the system to get elected. Every tic lower in his poll ratings increases the chance of someone turning whistle blower. Since he pissed off the green extremists, he has nothing but fellow backstabbing cancel/wokies in his fan base.
    Free phone? Got one for ya. Since Tracfone got bought by verizon, they have been trashing my service with month long outages. My old phone (which tripled the minutes I bought) cost about $7 per month and I had 2k minutes banked. They wouldn’t let me have service unless I gave up the old deal and got a new phone, now there is no signal. It’s not really a phone, it’s more of a surveillance device with android. I commented to my wife that it seemed to use the battery a bit fast and the next time I picked up there was a screen telling me that battery use was normal and no apps were running. Voice command was not activated. This phone may be free after I decide whether to adjust it with a sledge hammer and toss in a really hot fire or not.

    • What’s hilarious is that twitter hired Goldman Sachs to assess the offer which they have said is too low. Goldman Sachs presently has a sell rating on twitter with a $30 price target.

    • blowoff Thursday,

      The Twitter platform that Elon bought on some birdie in the ear’s advice sure seems to have dichotomy of personality problems. US president Trump was long since punted the tweet off the perch, yet Mad Vlad still can beak off via the Kremlin account, not to mention through Russian embassy accounts around the globe.

      Perhaps we will all be blessed with more Twitter duelling between Musk and the head of Roscosmos. The latter quotes from Pushkin’s fairytale “The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish” while Musk replies from Dostoyevsky’s “The Idiot”. Hopefully his mother’s South African connections via The Firm’s King George V descendent lineage will elicit some diamond in the rough superior quotes from Dickens or similar to benefit our woking class ears.

      For those heading off to work presently, please don’t forget your copy of “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs”. Thank you.

  12. Free Willy’s Johnson: World’s most savage dolphin attacks as beasts maul kids at theme parks and try to have sex with trainers ( Sounds like a case for…(wait for it!)…Hunter!

    It sticks in -MY- craw when people make this politicaly incorrect mistake. Simply, a “porpoise” is a mammal, a “dolphin” is a fish. I enjoy mahi-mahi, well it is good as a fish dish. Not a steak, but pretty good. Curious that the subject stuck in my mind last night. Maybe means something?????

    • Was the “porpoise” was simply identifying as a human hence the desire to mate with the trainers?

    • Dolphin fish are not dolphins. And dolphins are not porpoises even though both are mammals and have some similarities.

  13. Happy Easter all . It used to be a happy reflective time. In a way, I’m not religious , a time of redemption and hope .this sewer gives you none of that . I have zero sugar so no eggs for me . Just probably 2 much to eat

  14. Why complain about supporting Europeans? That is the price the USA (and you as a taxpayer) pays to occupy Europe, and maintain ramstein air base, where 90% of the afghan heroin was shipped for worldwide distribution. On USA military aircraft, I might add.

    Where were you when the USSR collapsed? Little late to be speaking up now. The USA presence is is not to protect Europe, it is there to DOMINATE Europe. I realized that 50 years ago when I was stationed there. Proven right when the USSR collapsed.

    What were you doing back then, still waving the flag and voting for empire? Politicians make the policies, but every dollar paid on your 1040 is a vote to implement.

  15. “Remember: by using Social Media, you are giving your time, picture rights, and content, to the worst of the woke”

    Social media hell. Yahoo did this in about 2002 with Yahoo Mail. The Cypherpunks, 2600s, and EFF folks lost their shit. It was then I vowed never to put a byte or a pixel on any corporate site, which I didn’t wish to be in the public domain…

  16. Western Dissent from US/NATO Policy on Ukraine is Small, Yet the Censorship Campaign is Extreme

    If one wishes to be exposed to news, information or perspective that contravenes the prevailing US/NATO view on the war in Ukraine, a rigorous search is required. Preventing populations from asking who benefits from a protracted proxy war, and who pays the price, is paramount. A closed propaganda system achieves that.

    This is why I asked the other day if people could read the RT and Pravda links I supplied. I’m using Opera now to surf foreign sites. It has a built-in VPN which tells the sites I hit that I’m in Switzerland, so aside from getting money denominated in CHF, I also get to see a bunch of websites which may (or may not) be viewable from the U.S. or Canada.

    Why Zelensky couldn’t negotiate a peace even if he wanted to…

    Hint: Because he doesn’t want to die.

    U.S. Military Intelligence Official Refutes ‘Russian Atrocities’ Claims

    Russian soldiers left the town Bucha in Ukraine on March 30. Two days later the Ukrainian Gestapo like SBU and men of the fascist Azov battalion moved in to find and remove ‘traitors’. On April 2/3 video was published that showed freshly killed men laying on the streets of Bucha. Several of them had white arm bands signaling to Russian forces to see them as friendlies.

    Chechen chief Kadyrov says Russian forces will take Kiev

    (Reuters) -Ramzan Kadyrov, the powerful head of Russia’s republic of Chechnya, said early on Monday that there will be an offensive by Russian forces not only on the besieged port of Mariupol, but also on Kiev and other Ukrainian cities.

    Ukraine war: Mass surrender of troops in Mariupol, says Russia

    Russia says more than 1,000 Ukrainian marines have surrendered in the besieged port of Mariupol, but Ukraine denies this. The city’s Deputy Mayor, Serhiy Orlov, told the BBC that Ukrainian troops there were still fighting. Fighting appears to be continuing around the giant Azovstal steel works in the port, which is one of two areas not under Russian control.

    Did I mention the first casualty in any war is “truth…?”

    I’m inclined to believe the Russkies here, because Mariupol has essentially been under siege for weeks now, and the locals should’ve run out of food, along about last weekend. Starving yourself isn’t hard. Listening to a baby starve because there’s nothing to eat — now THAT’S hard…

    • For the record, I’ve had no difficulty accessing for the last few weeks on both my secured computer and others’ machines. I’m not using a VPN or other strategy, nor am I using an alternate DNS resolver.
      Of course, I could be seeing a completely spoofed site and haven’t checked that out far enough yet(too busy). There was an attempt to block or interfere with the site in the first days of this war, but now they seem to be reasonably protected.

  17. Comrades,

    In the same month that president Obama’s state department rejected the Keystone Pipeline, series 1 episode 11 of “Servant of the People” aired starring president Zelensky. The episode storyline focused on making honest tax payment to the state Treasury (“like in America”). There was a laugh of a scene setting as oligarchs sat around their monopoly game board rolling the dice to gain control of ports like Odessa and generally skim off the cream of the profits. Zelensky had a roundtable discussion with his advisors at the palace about “what is happiness?” – is it foreign schooling for the kids, a yacht on the french riviera and a few million dollars, corruption or not, …morals.

    At the start of each commercial break ad series, a short streetside video of Mr. Zelensky in army fatigues was shown. He appealed for European support and financial aid. The video spot was sponsored by the Canada-Ukraine Foundation. The foundation has a lengthy list of directors. The first listed on their webpage is a staff member with an American headquartered pharmaceutical company subsidiary to a French parent and largest manufacturer of vaccines in the world. The second director is a retired Canadian army major who appears to hail from the same Canadian city as Canada’s Ukrainian deputy prime Minister. Her army duties among multiple theatres allegedly has included a stint training Azov battalion members to Nato standards.

    Explicit warning for viewers who might be offended: the Servant of the People program offers up instances of Ukrainian f bombs.

  18. “Government hates competition in money creation because it erodes their franchise.”

    The bankers who control the puppets probably created the damn thing. The early adopters (and now a good bit of mainstream) have become guinea pigs for a pilot program likely designed to be mandatory in the future. Just think — You get a chip implanted, it links to your Fed Coin wallet. Whenever you earn or spend money it’s on the blockchain and your Fed Coins are taxed. Your social credit score gets tied into it as well. Misbehaving? Your Fed Coin is restricted and you can’t buy groceries.

    So in a way your right, most crypto gets destroyed.

    As an Elliotician, you know what must happen — Bitcoin needs to make it’s last wave down into the 25K area and bust through the 29-34 levels. After that, a 3 way retrace of 62% to ~52 or 55k, then it’s toast. If it holds the 39K area, back to the top for more fun and games. And of course, if the whole trip down from November is a flat, it doesn’t matter how low it goes, because it will retrace 165%.

    Fun and enlightening future, ain’t it?

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