Reality of BTC Collapse – Debatable Tulips

A former colleague of mine suggested – shortly after BTC came out – that I accept BTC as payment for our insider newsletter.  At the time, BTCs were rolling along at a dime, or so.

“No thanks.  The whole idea of a zero utility, purely made-up, and digitally dependent currency – which will run like a Ponzi scheme is not the way I live.”

My colleague, reports have it, followed his own advice.  But another rumor I heard was that he may have bailed out – somewhere below $2,000 each.  Smart dude – got while the getting was good.

We, on the other hand, never made a couple of million on BTC – and since we don’t believe in made-up money – especially in competition with the prevailing government’s idea of money – we are still here in the Outback of East Texas.

But we sleep well.  It’s not right, ethical, or honest to rip off people who’ve never studied financial collapse.  Which is what we’re likely to be on the leading edge of right now.

With an hour till our regular publishing time, BTC was trading at the lower end of the 19,000’s. $19,140-ish.

Our outlook is that BTC will continue to track the onset of the serious recession (Q1 was down, and if Q2 data reveals GDP down, then we’re in recession right now).

With the Ukraine, Lithuania, and whole Eastern Front of NATO on the verge of going nuke, we’re expecting the market to wake up and smell the coffee shortly.  At which time – pushed along by famine and screaming energy prices – both of which Slow Joe owns lock, stock, and barrel, the issue of systemic collapse will come along.

Could be a really ugly long weekend.  (As a bear side player, I look for a rally of some sort today – maybe even into the close – as fresh pundits are wheeled out by the American financial empire to tout how good it all is when the data passing argues the point.

Just as America lost its moral high ground to communist brainwashing camps – masquerading as schools.  And just as American lost ground by failing to probe the president’s son’s laptop – and just as…well, let’s stop there – it’s too long a list to repeat.

Let’s just say the prepper’s fear of “the shit hitting the fan” is close enough you can hear the fan motor and feel the wind a bit if you’re paying attention.

Hype Street

We think the Motly Fool may have earned it’s second name by running Missed Out on Bitcoin? 1 Top Cryptocurrency to Buy Now | The Motley Fool.  But they are not alone.

Addiction and Beliefs are equally hard to break. With effort, though, you can find stories supporting our ominous outlook.

Yet, as much as BTC and its tag-alongs are little more than air sandwiches, the fact is there’s been an actual “fake economy” created.  We can’t even begin to count the number of “belief suspending” financial engineers who have thrown-in with the Devil’s coin.  The Crypto market has its own off-planet reality press corps, too.  At least we think so after reading Bitcoin, Ether Futures Rack up Nearly $200M in Liquidations on Short Squeeze (

For those still quibbling over our sanity, the data has now swung in our direction.  Take for example New York denies permit renewal for bitcoin mining company Greenidge Generation, calling it threat to state’s climate goals – CBS News.

Have people forgotten what we wrote more than a year ago?

“You cannot on the one hand fight climate change and on the other support Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency miners.  They are ethical opposites.”  REAL green people like us live on a tree farm and have 30-odd solar panels.  FAKE Greenies talk ridiculous climate shit (Obama killed coal, Biden Killed energy independence) while supporting the crypto con.

Oh, and I have yet to hear from anyone who will explain to me (and my consigliere) what happens to crypto when – in additional to brownouts and risks of hard web down – the miners will be to operate the much-vaunted public ledger?

Don’t look now, but our back of the envelope calculations are that cryptos are virtually sinking below mining costs.  In other words, anyone going into mining now is like the last Johnny-come-lately who will buy the last mining computer ever sold.

The mainstream press – which has the personal lubricant concession with government guidance – didn’t make a big enough deal about it this week, but reader Kevin spied this and sent it along.

The beginning of the end is probably this: Pentagon finds concerning vulnerabilities on blockchain | TechRepublic.

Outdated software, vulnerabilities.

It’s 1637 all over again – which was when Holland’s Tulipmania was winding down.

Tulip mania was a period during the Dutch Golden Age when contract prices for some bulbs of the recently introduced and fashionable tulip reached extraordinarily high levels. The major acceleration started in 1634 and then dramatically collapsed in February 1637.”

We’re thinking right after the Fourth would be a nice rhyme.

Our advice this week is simple:  Drop by to read our columns next week, but bring Kleenex for the tears of Bulls and Band-Aids for the greedy.  We could have blood running in the streets.

Speaking of BRIS

(Blood Running in Streets)

Russia didn’t really default on its debt repayment.  It had the money delivered but from there Sanctions screwed things up:  Kremlin: Default in Russia? Not our problem (

Meantime, the EU flag raising (and then NATO membership) is still on the agenda as Ukraine’s accession to EU: Zelensky, Stefanchuk and Shmyhal sign joint statement (

Idiots At the Helm

Am I the only one who sees the US prosecution of foreign wars lately as a backdoor excuse to flood the US with people not from here, who don’t share our values?  Thought crosses my mind as U.S. expands eligibility for Afghans and others seeking entry on humanitarian grounds – CBS News.

What part of “limited effectiveness” (if any) don’t they grok?  Deadline passes and 1 in 10 Army National Guard soldiers still unvaccinated for Covid. Will they be expelled? (  Why, the pressure to vax kids is so strong, we hear vaccinating fetuses will be explored next.  All about money, you say?  If action is taken against the Guard forces, we will have to read it as just another Biden-Obama take-down of the military.

No, they can just read:  Supreme Court’s EPA decision is a step backward in fighting climate change, experts warn – CBS.  See, China is still building coal plants, and where is environment in the Constitution?  Obama the coal killer and Slow Joe the sanctionizer might be stopped, yet.

But, in the meantime:  Triple A says national gas price today is running $4.842.  But the well-informed whisper number is $8-bucks by Christmas.

Weekend Ho!

Neighbors over Sunday for a libation and solar panel talk.

Food and beverage operations will begin momentarily.

Rain showers due in tonight.  Dandy timing because of the danger of Fourth of July fireworks-spawned fires.

Chart and aftermath of this week’s trading on Peoplenomics tomorrow.

Not sure which project for ShopTalk Sunday… and yes, I will try to get up and write something Monday, too.

And like Elaine says “Look out for the other guy” – weekend like this the odds of an oncoming driver being lit are extremely high.

Write when you get rich,

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64 thoughts on “Reality of BTC Collapse – Debatable Tulips”

  1. With the CB assigning the digital dollar as the crypto stablecoin of choice, they will have full control of the on and off ramps to all other crypto, and get a cut of the proceeds to boot. All in the works already. No reason they would want to collapse that market as it furthers the cause so well.
    As long as you want tulip metaphors, remember, people made fortunes on tulips, (lost them as well), same can be said of stonks.

  2. Duuuuuuuudddee! Have you seen these? You need one of these for yard work. I could weld up an bunch of different attachment to this thing and customize the shit out of it. I want one of these. There has to be a way to modify one and put solar on it. This thing has so many applications it’s ridiculous. Think of moving companies. Build it bigger and it will move all your shit. Average bag of clubs weighs what? 50 to 80lbs. You could modified a couple of these and put hand trucks on them and they will do all your heavy lifting.

    Fucking cool! A long time friend was at a golf resort and said check this shit out dude! Robot caddy. So fucking cool. Especially gets the tinker brain active and you could modify the shit out of it.

    I think this is a really good prepping tool. When the shit hits the fan? And gas goes beyond AYFKM? All ya need to one of these to carry hundred pounds of gear with ya. moterized bicycle and 2 of these trailing behind ya. Supe that bitch up to do 80mph with 100 lbs of gear on each of them.

    Sad day for Caddys in Palm Desert. I know quite a few of them. You want to know what the big buisness guys are talking about. Ask a caddy. Because more buisness is done on the golf course than the boardroom. I also know the mens locker room guy who washes shoes and make drinks at Big Horn. That dude hears everything before it happens. Good dude. Really good dude.

    I’m holding on to the cryptos i bought. A hedge against fiat collapse. I ain’t in it that deep. But I hedge as best I can against everything. Famous last words for most is, “hold my beer! Watch this!” And “I told ya so!”

    I can’t count how many times in my life I called it, and thought absolute! Only to find out later. Humble pie comes in many different flavors. So I’m holding on to the cryptos I got. If it goes to noting? I’m only out a few thousand. If it changes directions which is what I think it will, next year or so, I will be damn glad I kept them.

    Off to Idaho for the 4th and maybe go to Montana to see some friends. And I got 2 parties on the 4th back here in Washington. Road trip time.

    Back to grabbing gears on Tuesday. I need to save up some cash to get a couple of these robot caddys. That is so cool.

    Truly I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate! It is my hope, you are as well.

    Que: ~ on the road again ~

    Willie Nelson.

  3. Great ! yet another daily quack attack on btc/blockchain, quackerz I tell ya, quackerz

    “..blockchains as they Proliferate”

    ?whatwhatwhat – Yo Merriam what youse got say bout proliferate?
    – p r o l if e r a t e / to grow by rapid production.. “Hello Houston, we seem to have lost contact with any intelligent life, hello, anyone got Ure ears on, hello?”

    It bee July ! hiphip hooRAY! Let the Sun shine In..and under all the dark places hiding the no-goodniks..Key word = Cleanse – “they” really are not what they seem..write nancy?

    Since July – time 2 mite test Ure bees ..powdered sugar in jar with handfull of bees, agitate gently, start counting lil black spots/mites, treat accordingly. Help those ladies out, they got enough hard work to do without being burdened with mites..Do Ure ladies a solid.

    PS – how those Gold & Silver equity prices holding fromunda ? dumbasses – gonna have go panning all weekend to make up for the depreciation in price Gold equities – not a crest, more like a collapse.. would expect nothing less from nation founded by/on and for lazy, criminals.

    • Ure has a little experience working with the .mils and their peeps. Darpish and on.

      If they tell us something is hosed up – let the whales by the dip. Deflation will be back in a couple of years and digital tulips will still have intrinsic values of zero and nothing.
      Effin deal with it dude – con gone –

      • Once deflation starts, it becomes a self-reinforcing vector which attacks debtors, large and small. Inflation eases debt, deflation liquidates debt slaves.

    • George
      There I was screw drivers at the ready and ordering that AC Soft Starter I wrote about several days ago when reality struck.
      The transaction cleared, my debit card sent the funds and an emails showed up.
      Thank you for your order! Processing time for this order will be approximately 21 days and will start on July 5. Shipping will be by UPS ground. (add a week on that at a minimum)
      So I won’t see that part for at least a month, maybe more!
      I had done research on that type of device and vendors. The vendor I chose Micro-Air looked to be the best based on independent videos. That being the case I’L just have to wait.
      And wait, and wait!!
      What did they say in Boot Camp “Hurry up and wait”.

    • This is the next step in doing away with paper currency and paving the way to monitor ALL financial transactions.

  4. The way I look at things George, it’s better to have 10k in gold and silver, 10k in food, 10k in bullets and beans, 10k in cash, 10k available on credit cards with a zero balance, 10k in saving, 10k in checking, 10k in cryptos, 10 different cell phone numbers ready to activate and 10 different places i can bounce to if there is a need to do so in the event of a ‘red dawn or zombie apocalypse or something like a comet hitting in the middle of china causing a giant earthquake all over the world.” Sorta a modified version of your book. “how to live on 10k. ” which I’m pretty close to since when it came out if you multiply it by the minapolis fed calculator? I’m right there.

    Make more, spend less. Good concept.

    So you may or may not be right about cryptos. I think in year from now, the one i spoke about after it graduates will be the new Google compared to bitcoin being 56k dial up AOL verrbbb ding ding verrrbbbb. Haha.

    I think it’s as important to consider where we will all be in 7 year from now as much as watching that bear gobble up profits, hopefully not prophets, until it goes back into hypernation After hyperinflation.

    So I’d rather have more than one basket for all my eggs.

    And I still think living on a sailboat is the best option. Hopefully I can put that together. You can fish right on your front yard. And not much lawn to mow. Especially if there is a nanobot induced zombie apocalypse where the body is dead and decaying but the brain is running on 5G due to Mnra nanotechnology? I’d rather put a nice mote between them and me. I can eat fish for a long time before I get tired of it. Lol.

    George, you heard about the great revolution in Fiji? The Fiji gorilla Fighters trying to stage a coup to overthrow the Fiji government due to poverty and lack of food? Injustice?

    Nope! Me neither. Seems like a nice place to live. And my aim is there for retirement. Ha ha ha

    Hell Yeah you could put oxy acetylene tanks on that Cady and not have to wheel them all over the shop on the cart. Fucking cool. Take the sensors off one of those robo Vacs (we have one named Bob at my place on alki) so it knows not to run into shit and put them on that caddy. Holds all your tools. That is soo cool.

    See ya dude.

  5. “A former colleague of mine suggested – shortly after BTC came out – that I accept BTC as payment for our insider newsletter. At the time, BTCs were rolling along at a dime, or so.”

    I actually had at one point considered buying some .. I think Cliff had brought it up which is what got my attention..
    But after reading about it being how people traded money on the dark web. Having known a top notch attorney with morals and ethics that crossed my path and his stories on how he mistakenly got involved with the criminal elements .. so the thought that the small amount of money as it was would be seen doing horrible things to someone someplace…..I decided I didn’t care even if it went to a million a coin..

    I saved my fifty bucks and put it where it could be used properly..Arby’s roast beef and curly fries were bought instead

    • CLIF is his name/handle
      I respect you loob with some doubt as to your reality. Are you an Ai Bot?

      • LOL LOL LOL I wish I was an Ai bot sometimes LOL LOL..
        Unfortunately I can only reflect opinions from what I have read and my own life experiences.. most of my life I tried to shove three lifetimes into one.. average workday of twelve to sixteen hours a day seven days a week.. and yes doing that did affect my health big time.. when I got sick one memory kept haunting me.. was a yearly physical.. where the doctor asked me how many hours I was then working.. I said do you want the truth or me to give you the happy thought.. which is when she said.. you do realize that is going to catch you one of these days.. one doctor gave me a perscription once.. golf once or twice a week.. the reason.. you can’t play worth a snot nosed kid if you don’t relax in the game your just a ground pounder with the wicked slice.. .. even now I still only sleep about four hours a day.. a real sleep in is five or six.. ( bad habbits are hard to break.. late night and early morning are wonderful times to read and reflect..)
        I cannot even tell you how many day labor jobs I have had.. in the Reagan recession of the eighties I worked six Wife says eight..just to get forty hours.. at the end I was still working two full time and one part time jobs.. a hundred hours a week average.. plus travel time.. a hundred and twenty .. hell year. the year I worked off a hospital bill with the hospital for a surgery.. ( ten times that of someone with insurance long story) it was a hundred and forty hours a week three full time and one part time plus travel time..
        with what has been happening because of the increase in costs.. I had thought I could go back to work part time to suppliment it.. I shadowed one day.. only to discover how fast my body would go back to the time I was really sick.. easy job to.. just doing the books.. ( interesting to.. I just watched them do the books the one day at this place.. and realized the guy is making it.. but barely.. the total income after expenses.. was six hundred dollars a day.. the grand total looked good.. but.. you have to deduct the costs associated with it.. building products labor etc.. so in the end his maybe total profit after labor is about a hundred give or take a day he is not getting rich at all.. just living.. ) I knew when I heard the grandkids.. telling grandma.. hey grandma grandpa can’t walk.. three weeks on prednisone the drug you love and hate at the same time..just to get back to what I was at.. sucks… I knew I could force my way through it.. but did I want to do that then get in a position where they depended on me then fail.. no.. it was better to just tell them that even though the position was an easy one.. it was best that I not put them in that position.. or myself ..

  6. That is part of the reason I keep that security gig part time. Doing backstage and baracade for concerts once and a while. For one it gets me all access at any concert or show I want to go. I don’t buy tickets and I get paid to go. Any show in town. And second. If there is a natural disaster or anything else. It grants me access to the place where there is more food stored than any other place in Washington state. They cook 70,000 pizzas just at Lumen Field 2 to 3 times a week. That doesn’t count T-moble park, climate Pledge Arena, The Tacoma Dome, Huskies Stadium and all the other places. So by chance I get stuck in Seattle for some reason beyond me, the shit hits the fan and I need to eat? If my 20’s taught me anything, I can live on only Eating pizza for a long time.

    OK, that is it. 3 posts a day. Thems the rules. I get to get on the road. Later man.

  7. “the EU flag raising (and then NATO membership) is still on the agenda as Ukraine’s accession to EU: Zelensky, Stefanchuk and Shmyhal sign joint statement (”

    Will that be the reason for numb nutz to enter with troops???????

    “See, China is still building coal plants, and where is environment in the Constitution?”

    Not to mention the massive amount of bunkers that they are busy building with underground factories..See China and Russian and I believe a few other countries.. like NK etc.. all seen that the issue of a possible nuclear event was a possible future event.. as we sold out for greed and control they built to secure and survive.. we built bunkers for a few people at the top that they felt mattered.. they built to house people to sustain their way of life..
    many of those coal fired plants sit empty.. not in operation.. I can’t find it now but read an article published in one of their news sources that basically said just that.. our whole way of life is dependent on them.. they manufacture out existence.. we sold our major manufacturing companies here to them and gave them control..
    day before yesterday I was babysitting my great grand daughter.. the grandparents of the mother came over to pick her up.. and he retired from a business he owned that dealt with things that china took over.. in fact china bought his business.. last weekend.. at a family reunion for the boss.. one of the ones that began coding..sold his company to china..
    what was it twenty ten.. when china turned on everyones camera and baby monitor.. the US was doing border jumping trying to see just how much they could get away with.. of course china was to.. after that we had jade helm.. but the thing is.. I believe we set ourselves up to fail.. coal is cheap and plentiful.. and if done right clean.. if a shtf scenario does happen.. and when those in the bunkers come out.. if there is only a million or so left on the planet.. it seriously won’t make a difference if they don’t do a clean coal burn.. and they will be able to bring back their society to almost the same level it is now..
    where the USA has not done any of this planning for the people.. just a few individuals.. the one next to a man I know can house a small city comfortably.. we discussed this.. and why not add the town they were from as potential residents.. they said no.. that was for only important people..
    brings to mind the movie greenland.. you and I are not invited to be a resident..

    • Dude, it’s all a fugazzi. Look into where the UW Capitol Buildings namely the WhiteHouse gets its electricity from. For almost 200 years coal plants supply the electricity for the Whitehouse and other capital buildings.

      That is a long time them coal plants have had their fingers in the Whitehouse. Lol last I read about 6 or so years ago? Coal plants are still supplying the electricity to the Whitehouse.

      • I personally love coal myself.. and use it to suppliment heat for our home.. I want to make multi fuel pellets.. three parts of saw dust and one part of coal dust.. pellet for multi fuel stoves.. wonderful heat all from things that are trash now..

  8. Mark Twain said,”It’s easier to fool someone than it is to convince someone they have been fooled.”

  9. “Could be a really ugly long weekend.”

    Want to consider an UGLY What IF…. this is the long holiday movie.. DC fireworks is amazingly beautiful.. out of this world over the Washington Monument is a spectacle to behold.. and in most big cities.. fireworks are all amazing.. big beautiful and a lot of them..
    LIKE my friend that just passed away.. When the fourth he barricaded himself in his room and at one point hid in the shower.. those beautiful fireworks were all reminiscent of the UGLIER side of them..

    SO.. with this oohing and AHHing.. What if.. everyone is expecting this to escalate.. the military is all preparing Sweden and Ukraine raising the EU flag etc.. and slow pushing even harder to do this.. the thing most people see is the UK and the USA are the main promoters of this to escalate all out.. wars have always been on other peoples soil.. the USA has NOT done a thing to protect the grid and a few well placed AHHS could take out the grid what five would back us to the stone age…. SO what if.. those that know that we want to destroy and kill and are willing to march against them.. sending huge amounts of our weapons and opened our borders to illegals defunded police and put our selves on the road to collapse.. decided this weekend would be the best weekend to surprise the country.. people would all be out gawking at the fireworks spectacle they are in anticipation for only to realize it was the real thing all to late in the game to even take the congressman’s stance….

  10. “permit renewal for bitcoin mining ”

    Permits? Smart Meters know all. “They’re running $NVDA cards in there. It’s a raid!”

  11. I’m starting to like Boeing – Contradiction Maxx. Boeing takes Fed-Bux and buys abortions for their staff with the money. That means Fed-Bux do buy abortions. That’s what Republicans didn’t want. Support Boeing/support abortion.

    Four years after the contract was awarded….

    “Air Force and Boeing’s signed $3.9 billion fixed-price contracts for Air Force One are at least two years late and over budget at $1.1 billion.”

    “The US Air Force awarded the contract to The Boeing Company to design, modify, test, certify and deliver two mission-ready presidential aircraft. President Trump and Boeing Chairman, President, and CEO Dennis Muilenburg reached an agreement on the above-mentioned fixed price on February 20, 2018, and the two VC-25B, commonly known as Air Force One, were expected to be delivered by 2024.”

    The Seattle Times says:

    “Boeing has joined the list of employers who will cover employees’ expenses for travel for medical procedures, including abortion. ”

    • BINGO ! Give this man a Gold Star .

      We are Human RESOURCES ..just ask a “outta time” space nazi,

      Back in the day – corporations supported the FAMILY..strong support in areas like transportation, housing, education..
      Americans were happy – happy works better..why nazi’s supported gay sex in the ranks, but I digress.

      Today – Women make up large % of workforce – and they are excellent workers in general, until they get Pregnant.
      HR managers no likey pregnancies in the ranks – it drives UP the Cost of doing Business&Commerce. What do we hear on wall street now..KILL the BABIES!

      Following the corporate money ……….how much $$$$ for fresh Fetal Tissue ? How many billions in $$$ profits each year off of murdered babies. Yep – support Ure right to mechanically and violently slaughter LIFE. Corp bastards making on selling Ure abortion, and lowering their cost of doing business.

      Really looking forward to understanding the ignorant prick (s) splain
      Forced/Mandatory Vaxx (yes) vs Abortion Rights(yes) vs Gun Rights(no).. how U put art in retarted or All 4 Me and None 4 Thee.

      * latest Pandemic candidate – Cranialrectalitus..currently no known cure..what U guys looking for up there anyway, a bitcoin?

  12. It’s kind of unrelated, but I need to comment about a “Room Cooler” being heavily advertised on TV. It requires you to add water and they claim “It cools your room while it humidifies”

    I always thought that in the summer, one DEhumidifies the home and in the winter one humidifies.

    I’m confused.

      • Like the “Air Fryer” infomercial ???

        Mine has been around for years. Its called a “Convection Oven”…


    • “Looks to me that someone is expecting BTC to be around for a while.”

      LOL LOL LOL LOL… I thought TWA was going to be around a while to.. even thought that whoever bought the company would just absorb the stock holders into their company.. maybe offer them a ten to one stock trade.. OOOPS.. didn’t work like that.. they sold off what was there.. BC isn’t anything at all.. why would they even think so.. I ended up having to pay someone to get rid of the TWA stock.. LOL LOL.. by keeping a few.. they have something that they can count as a loss.. they would be totally screwed if it didn’t come back that they wouldn’t be allowed to use it as a write off..

  13. Oh please alow my 4th comment. Dude i also saw 3 different exotic sports cars on the side if the road and people with gas cans filling them up. 2 different Maserati and one lambo. That is something you don’t see every day. A Lamborghini on the side of the road with someone putting gas in it out of a can. Not a normal sight. Just like all them Texas license plates I seen up here in the mountains. Like you got a $450k car but can’t afford to fill the tank?

    • A lot of those cars are leased by people to show how amazingly successful they are. They get them for a year or two, do contractually required maintenance and hand them back. Some cars need a complete service annually that can cost in the thousands of dollars. Many people buy or lease the cars with a service contract. Insurance is a major cost.

      What it boils down to is that if the car is leased to project success, supreme power and manhood it is possible that the person who is leasing it could not afford the gas.

    • Probably got a 8k sq ft home, but no furniture, too. It’s all about perception by others for them, isn’t it?

      • In Texas, it’s called braggin’ rights. Everyone I’ve ever come across who could never be satisfied with their gazillions lived to have bragging rights in everything they touch. And usually, the boasts involve screwing someone on a deal who wasn’t as smart or well connected as they. Having neighbors who have sufficient wealth to support their lifestyle and are debt free is a blessing. Having a gazillionaire who has more than anyone could ever use, but still wants to take your stuff too is not a blessing. Got one too close.

  14. While Bitcoin in USD is undergoing second fractal devaluation – 27/68 months- second fractal low in Oct/Nov 2022, the idea of a decentralized currency independent of central bankers and friends always taking a piece of the expandable pie as the controlling intermediary – and governments needing inflation to offset politically promised enormous/relative-to-GDP debt ratios – has appeal.

    The last 54 years in the US hegemonic 1807 36/90/90/54 year cycle will be characterized by monetary inflation to offset social/defense incurred and obliged debt. The new ‘money’ in this 54 year cycle will be the finite commodity energy and food resources that the earth’s 8 billion plus people need to survive.

    • Yo TEF,

      Fess up buddy – you been peaking at the “script”, and now seem to be leaking a lil bit. Good on You!
      The blockchain been around for a long time – since 80’s at least. Actually outside of our “time”, blockchain has been utilized by “breakaway” peeps for past 50 years..
      “No man is an Island, entire of itself”. -donne

      We already EXIST across ALL Time and Space..iow – We are Already ALL places – just shifting focus.

      • I watched the video in your link,
        what a hateful act,, to show up where you are not wanted, because you are just there to start shit and refuse to leave till you provoke the others around. That is hate from your left tards senile, brain washed vaxed monkeys, anal pox spreaders.
        He was fightin an old woman,,
        The U.S. is tiring of you 5% demanding like you are the majority,,, you are not,, so don’t bitch when we get fed up with your shit,, it is our turn!
        gun rights, BOOM
        abortion goes back to the states, BOOM
        EPA put in their place, BOOM
        public prayer restored, BOOM
        all courtesy of the U.S. Constitution, that you HATE
        It is a constitutional republic, not a stampeding herd mentality that democracies devolve into,, me me me, demonrats/RINOs

  15. The Federal Reserve Bank of Atlanta lowered its GDP-Now forecast for second-quarter GDP growth to negative 1% on Thursday.

  16. No, they can just read: Supreme Court’s EPA decision is a step backward in fighting climate change, experts warn – CBS. See, China is still building coal plants, and where is environment in the Constitution? Obama the coal killer and Slow Joe the sanctionizer might be stopped, yet.
    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +
    In response to the linked article, I refer to the essential history of Birmingham, Ala, the uptake of North Birmingham (a seperate city at one time) and the foundries US Pipe & Foundry and American Cast Iron Pipe Co. (ACIPCO) Specifically that these foundries were in neighborhoods of “People of Color”.
    The foundries were actually built outside the city for several reasons, but of interest here, that they were/are VERY dirty. I worked at US Pipe for several years in the ’70s, leaving following a dispute with the local union. ( I was hourly, the dispute is a seperate subject) A foundry is known for being an extremely dirty job, even for management.
    The residential neighborhoods that “grew up” around these mills were for the employees of the mills, often company housing, that transitioned to neighborhoods of “color” as the mill hands transitioned to people of color.
    At the time North Birmingham incorporated, it was a pretty nice town, for the time. Following the the annexing into Birmingham proper, and OSHA and EPA restrictions on mills, things went downhill pretty fast. The point is that people who take exception to such neighborhoods forget to look far enough into the origion of said neighborhoods. It isn’t neighborhoods of “color” having industry come in, it is “people of color” moving into industrial areas.
    I am white and have lived in the same house for nearly 50 years, near a steel mill by the way. This neighborhood was as white as pure driven snow until the “old folks” started dieing off in the ~’80s and their children sold off their childhood homes because they were “too proud” to live so close to a mill. People of color were not too “high and mighty” to live in a mill town, so bought up the property cheap. I purchased a second house(next door) as this happened. It is now my shop, but that also is another story.

  17. “Am I the only one who sees the US prosecution of foreign wars lately as a backdoor excuse to flood the US with people not from here, who don’t share our values?  ”

    I actually believed that it was the shell game..
    To cover Their Involvement with one of the most corrupt countries in the world. And possible favors for business contributors.

  18. We all envision what will happen to Lake Mead/LV a little differently.

    I see Biden flashing across the screens declaring a national emergency.

    “Due to foreseen blah, blah the Federal government has decided to close Las Vegas and relocate the citizens… bigger than the Berlin lift, blah, blah… What does this mean for Las Vegas ‘knick knack paddy wheck you all get a check’. To you others please welcome your new neighbors as you would want to be welcomed. Blah, blah…”

    They’ll give the world a firm closure date, August 1st… the 15th…. and there will be massive closing Vegas parties. Some of the folks will blow their relocation check during this time. Then the strip will go dark, we pay the relocation fees with inflation. Combined the big house casinos will probably rake-in a cool One point two trillion for the inconvenience.

    Lollygaggers will remain like see in cowboy picture ghost towns, as Las Vegas is thrown in the history, torn down and recycled.

    O/T – stay away from that mess. During the parties the empty water caverns under Las Vegas may open and swallow all that culture.

  19. It is becoming apparent that the conservative SCOTUS is being criticized for nothing more than making the U.S. Congress actually do its constitutionally designated job instead of punting their legislative responsibilities to liberal administrative agency appointees who are growing increasingly distanced from accountability to “we the people.”

    The one thing I clearly remember from my MA administrative law course is that administrative agency rulings and decisions must remain compliant with the Constitution. Administrative edict and review cannot take precedent over core personal and civic liberties, nor can agencies escape their legislative and judicial accountability.

    A colleague of mine independently formed the same viewpoint as we emailed back and forth this morning. He too observed that “the court is currently making a point as to what the constitution really says about what powers are allocated where and who is responsible for what.” The SCOTUS is [in his opinion] “clearly trying to reign in federal power (to include agencies) and direct where decisions are to be made.” So the states must make the call on abortion until Congress decides to pass legislation that is signed by the President into law. Congress must also actively oversee the operations of all major U.S. government agencies and their key decisions. Nuff said.

  20. For NET 2.0 in 1999 with that last batch of tulips. I see that the Amazon Tulip, the Google Tulip the Apple Tulip the Facebook Tulip and select others all did quite well after HODLing through the pet cemetery dot coms of the time. Thus presenting accumulation opportunities to those with the intestinal fortitude to HODL and dollar cost average using lunch money[right along side the specialists that were nibbling away growing the size of their whale client’s positions over the years].

    If some tulips find zero, well its just lunch. Problem is this is all correlated in terms of Fed Notes. Those tulips will be recalled soon. So please sell low you all. JPM and Goldman crypto desks will be busy hoovering up all those gifts over the holiday :-) lol. imagine being a seven figure compensated trading desk quant wonk complaining about having to work the weekend and overnights to wash trade the tee shirt and SHORTS.
    It’s great to be early, acquiring an initial position for what would otherwise have been spent on lunch. And seeing the blood letting opportunities to top up on sales without moving the needle considerably on Ure overall cost basis. Not investment advice, do your own research. My pile of powder is ready for the next 50% plunge, who will be first ? The DOW or BTC? Or both?

    While you all are distracted with that. Pay attention to use case.



    Reading between the lines:

    Read with your eyes [actions being taken] not so much the words.

  21. Yada yada . Buy gold and quality gold stocks . My rocket up 12 percent on gann fan hit . Anyway in memory of the great founding fathers . Please have a toast on what they created a great nation . They built it on oil and gold . Now the scum have destroyed it with gold shorting and woke . Happy 4th to those that love the founding fathers

  22. “..,the well-informed whispered number is $8-bucks by Christmas.”
    – Wouldn’t that effectively break the back of this economy., especially the trucking industry? [Deliberately?]
    Average car is 16 gallons.., $124 to fill-up. $500 a month.
    wow – that’s a budget-buster.

  23. Fyi: 99.9% of the crap going on in this world right now. Is fabricated to distract you from one thing. The economic collapse of the entire world. Not just the US. The entire world.

    Row verses wade? Distraction.
    Politics in any country? Distraction.
    War in Ukraine? Distraction.
    China doing float by’s of Japan?
    Bitcoin? Distraction.
    The Pandemic? Distraction.
    The Vaccine? Distraction.
    Monkey pox? Distraction.
    Biden? Distraction.
    Putin? Distraction.
    Trump? Distraction.
    Summer fashons? Distraction.
    Johnny Depp and Amber Heard?Distraction.
    Boys wearing dresses and saying they identify as a yokey puppy? Distraction.
    75 different genders? Distraction
    School shootings? Distraction.
    Global warming? Distraction.
    Korea nuke testing? Distraction.
    Funny cat videos? Distraction.
    From Tiktok, CNN, fox to your Facebook memes.

    It’s all a just a ginormous pile of conglomeration of shit to Distract you from realizing one thing and one thing only.

    The fat lady already sang. The economic titanic hit the iceberg. She is taking water fast. She is going down. Not many will survive.

    You can argue and be entertained by the band playing. Etc etc. Geee george, look at all the fish on the beach. I never seen the tide so low before. Slaps upside the head, we better make haste to High Ground! the world economic tsunami is coming.

    How do I know? Look around d you. I just saw a $400k Lamborghini Diablo on the side of the road yesterday out of gas.

    What good is it to have a $400k lambo if it doesn’t have any gas.

    So enjoy the entertainment as much as you want. It is your right to do so. Rant this opinion over that one by all means.

    But I don’t anyone not saying they were not told the truth. It’s all one big Distraction from what is really going on. The world as you know it ended. Not exactly sure what date. But it was a while back. The only thing keeping it going now is share denial and Distraction. And the days that will work are running out fast.

    Someone else told me the other day, you could run that company! Don’t let that job pass you by! And I thought. It’s a fucking trap. The truth is everyone is going backwards financially. Even the rich. They just don’t know it.

    I’d rather invest my time into what matters most. And that I’d getting in a life boat not running security in the helm with the captain going down with the ship. Being a bad ass and boss doesn’t matter if you are on a ship that is sinking. What matters is making it out alive.

    So now you know. Most of you on here do already. But incase someone isn’t good with math like 3 plus 3 is 6? I figured I had best let you know so you couldn’t say, “I had no idea. Nobody told me. I was busy taking ubers and eating $40 croissants in coffee shops with my new Gucci bag.”

    Later everyone. If I don’t make it back. You know damn well I will make it to the second coming. Unlike most people? I don’t stay dead. Lol. Talk to THE DUDE about that. It’s not my fault I don’t stay dead. Hahahaha

    Happy Independence day! Hopefully there isn’t a false flag attack in Huston or Austin Texas. I seen some data around me that says so. But it could be nothing.

    • “What good is it to have a $400k lambo if it doesn’t have any gas.”

      Sheesh Andy that’s what a team of horses is for lol lol lol

    • First, disrespecting kitten videos is just going too far, Andy.
      I’m not a big fan of the Georgia Guidestones, but too many people and too few resources are a causative issue of the problems you have noted. Likewise, too much wealth is getting concentrated into too few hands. Representational Democracy doesn’t have to cater to scofflaws. Capitalism is not an excuse for tolerating despotism and out of control robber barons bordering on warlords.

  24. I was in meditation and talking to THE DUDE tonight George. And HE said you are not seeing clearly about crytpos. I said did I pick the wrong one all the signs say Cro that were shown to me. All of them. He said what does wealth really represent? I said all the rich and wealthy powerful people said the same thing. “Money buys time. ” all the super wealthy people I ever met say that. Wealth and Riches buy time. Buys you time to do what you love, spend time with who you love and well buys time. And CRO is short for Chronus. As in time. The God of time.

    HE said how much did all the cryptos drop. I said like 70% HE said where did that money go? I said cash. HE said how much more cash was drivin into the system of cash that is already in inflation. I said ohh about a trillion dollars.

    He said think about it. All the worlds currencies are in inflation because there is too many cash dollars printed. What does adding a trillion over 4 months produce? I said more inflation. Ohhhhh it creates a wave of more inflation. Like a Trillion Dollar wave of inflation. Not at the government level at the personal citizen level.

    HE said, bingo! you are a bright young man Andy. Now you see what you weren’t seeing. I said Thanks DUDE! HE then said I see a long happy future for you filled with much adventure. I said cool. I like that DUDE.

    HE said, tell your friend George. I will give him a piece of it to. Then you both will see what you weren’t seeing before.

    So I’m relaying the message. When decended what it really did was add over a Trillion Dollar surge or wave to the fiat system in currency that was not being added to the system because it was in cryptos before. Once all those cryptos got sold. All the sellers paid taxes and it pushed a trillion in liquidity at the main street layer. Way different than the Fed printing more money. Way different.

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