Rare Public Research Request

Something is now bothering me – beyond the recent spin-up of 5G which can cause genetic damage.  *(My pal the Major and a Doc buddy of ours will be doing a presentation at the upcoming Seaside, OR hamfest.)

We know a number of things:

  • U.S. Fed Gov put far more energy than necessary (*or appeared to be dictated by medical science) on getting people to “get the jab.
  • With it’s Mar 22 report, UK weekly Covid surveillance no longer includes death rates after death rates turned higher for people with vaccinations.
  • We also see an almost mindless push by the OBiden administration to drive Russia to use of NSNWs in Ukraine and a larger war in Europe.

Today, I sent members of the “Ure’s brain trust” a “Dear Colleagues letter.  You may find it stimulating to read:

“I was doing some of my “extensible thinking out loud” in the Peoplenomics.com column today.

Then it hit me.  One pretty good answer set to the question [my consigliere] and I have been working:  namely “What’s the big push by the US (neocons) to get a nuclear exchange going in Ukraine?” popped.

Besides the obvious answer:  Russia wants the Dnieper energy deposits and the EU wants another blood donor from their bleed out of middle-class European wealth.

But why the push to theatre-level nukes?

A possible answer came into view as I reviewed in my head the evolution of binary nerve agents.  Work great for some (killing) applications, can be fairly benign in transport and storage.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks:  Are Covid-19 AND theater level nukes in Ukraine actually part of a PLAN?

I mean, taken in concert.

This might account for a lot of nefarious activity in recent years; dead and missing microbiologists, and some odd goings-on in nuclear testing compliance surveillance ranks.

So, imagine, if you will:

Extensible thinking (a hallmark of genuinely smart people, which is who the players are) gets the “population die-off plan” to consider Temporal Dispersion of Binary Eugenics Efforts.

In  other words, 2020 is the vaccination press.  Then, the 2022/2023 plans will involve the likely global increase in background radiation.

What the Data Says

There is not a lot of it but articles like the one following suggest yes, mRNA bio-changes can be “pumped” with low levels of radiation.  5G  is on now AND so now comers time to toss in a handful of low level radionuclides.,  Anyone?


Protein synthesis, or mRNA translation, is one of the most energy-consuming functions in cells. Translation of mRNA into proteins is thus highly regulated by and integrated with upstream and downstream signaling pathways, dependent on various transacting proteins and cis-acting elements within the substrate mRNAs. Under conditions of stress, such as exposure to ionizing radiation, regulatory mechanisms reprogram protein synthesis to translate mRNAs encoding proteins that ensure proper cellular responses. Interestingly, beneficial responses to low-dose radiation exposure, known as radiation hormesis, have been described in several models, but the molecular mechanisms behind this phenomenon are largely unknown. In this review, we explore how differences in cellular responses to high- vs. low-dose ionizing radiation are realized through the modulation of molecular pathways with a particular emphasis on the regulation of mRNA translation control.

URL cite: Ionizing Radiation and Translation Control: A Link to Radiation Hormesis? – PubMed (nih.gov)

Unanswered are which side of the coin is the press FOR nukes coming from?

If for good, it may be a multi-generational genetic preparation for a warmer (3-5 degree C future).  Which might also explain some “managed discrimination” against White populations, who tend to be better at cold tolerance than heat, for example. That would explain why the long-term down-Whiting of American demographics.  Down >25% since 1970 as fraction of population with nary a single congressional vote.  (Clearly, Congress has lost its command presence.)

On the other hand, the motives may be very dark indeed:

Imagine a demand from off-planet Exo’s that “Before we eat your planet, please pull all the weeds (sick or un-strong people) in advance.  Thanks and have some salt handy.”

Or, on another future track, perhaps it’s more along the lines of “With the inbound asteroid coming, we know the planet will only support 500,000 people so we need to die people off before impact and then do a last minute mega migration to survive the species.”

As you see, however:  Just embracing the concept of temporal dispersion of killing materials (temporal population controls) does not answer the question “Who are they planning to save ?  And Who is behind it?  And how to we fuck up their plans – if we even should?  Non-simple stuff.

Just more of that “light-hearted, happy thinking” I must be prone to in advance of Nukraine opening the canned sunshine.


Looking for all the actual data we can get.  We all have opinions and could care less about those.

Click to Comments to toss in any useful data supporting either line of inquiry you care to.  All are welcome.

Earth is a closed system to the plebes.


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  1. Good. morning George. A little setback this week but back up with the boxing gloves on. I have been reading comments but didn’t have much energy to post. This research request was too much not to respond to, especially in view of your comments in Peoplenomics column this morning about COVID deaths of vaccinated seniors.

    I am one of the 80 year olds that is triple vaxxed. I made this decision without any mandate pressure, rather because I wanted to protect an ailing spouse and more importantly, an immune compromised granddaughter. As you know, I unexpectedly suffered a mild stroke last weekend and wound up in hospital having a CT scan along with the associated radiation. I have not really felt well since even though I am home and recovering. I felt good early part of week but spent latter part in bed. Feeling somewhat better today but with constant brain fog.

    Doctors tell me this is all normal but now putting together your comments on deaths among triple vaccinated 80 year olds and the comments on ionizing radiation and mRNA vaccines, I wonder?

    Maybe I am a guinea pig and the way the world is going, perhaps moving on to the next world is better than staying here to watch the demise of this one. I have had a great life and have no fear of death, only fear of the process. Lying in bed in a vegetative state like I saw others last weekend in hospital would not be a good exit.

    Here is some real irony. My immune compromised granddaughter has contracted COVID and has breezed through with minimal symptoms. I can just hear the doctors saying “Thank goodness we had her on Prednisone all these years. It protected her.”

    Hoping this post will pass Biden’s new truth department with the leader “Supercalafragilisticexpialidocious“ that he found in the local insane asylum.

    • “I unexpectedly suffered a mild stroke last weekend and wound up in hospital having a CT scan along with the associated radiation. I have not really felt well since even though I am home and recovering.”

      I am glad that your stroke was just a small one.. thank god your still around and with us.. It is funny how a person re-evaluates what is truly important after a trauma like that.. I always thought I understood or knew what the patients were experiencing.. loved being able to lend them a hand back up and well.. then it happened to me.. and I realized..All those years I didn’t have a clue.. everything I thought was important.. the zest for the number.. everything changed in a heart beat.. I seen those around me as if for the first time.. quicker to give hugs and words of endearment.. everything I had saved had to be used by the medical units.. and insurance companies took off like a rocket to get me off of their plans.. the what if disability policies are nothing but a joke don’t waste your money on them.

      My wife had a stroke in the eighties and a couple of minor ones since.. It took a long time to get use to the feeling of things are not the same a little ill feeling.. stomach digestion etc…. luckily you retained all your faculties.. she was lucky to get back to being functional and has her faculties to.. a little issue with one sided weakness…
      you probably will have that feeling for a while..since after a major trauma like that.. it seems pretty normal that the brain realizes the changes that happened are not what was and all normal functions are changed because of the event….
      My friend that we let stay in our spare bed room is still in ICU..He has always been real clean.. hates the feeling that he is dirty.. in ICU.. they don’t bathe the patient or shave them heck most of them don’t even take the time to get to know them.. so I have been making a daily trip to the hospital to visit with and bathe shave etc.. the things that are important to him.. It always amazed me that hospitals won’t do so much as a daily shave.. even those on the floor that personal care is their sole job..Most of the workers could care less about the person.. we are in the age where the workers are only there for the number that they sell themselves for….which makes me sad.. I hope when it is my time.. someone takes the time to care enough to try to make me feel comfortable..
      Unfortunately.. I don’t think he will be coming back home.. the incident he had took him down pretty good..He crawled in the jungle to save others.. had a pretty great life working with race horses and knew all the major winners personally..
      It is like my adopted Daddy in the military.. never knew why he could wear slippers at work LOL LOL then we had an inspection I was so scared.. I couldn’t get a spit shine for love or money.. he said don’t worry about the small stuff.. anyway it was a rare full dressed big who ha inspection.. secretary of defense and all the big who ha’s in rank.. we stood at attention they drove by in their entourage.. slammed on their brakes got out all of them marched up to stand in front of him.. came to attention and saluted him.. more gold on him than anything.. here he had gotten the highest honor the govt. can give a soldier..and he never told anyone about it.. only talked about the good stuff…by far he was one of the greatest men I have ever known.. but IMHO he deserved two of them.. because his wife.. ( speaking of which I need to write the kids to see how mom is doing) when he was over seas.. he wanted a house keeper.. only to find out that women are not allowed to have a job over there.. you know walk ten paces behind the man open the door for him kind of crap.. so he went to an auction and bought his housekeeper to do his laundry and keep where he was living clean.. they became friends and he fell in love with her which really saved her life.. they got married and he insisted on her getting an education.. she became one of two hundred most influential physicians in the who’s who book of women physicians of the world..( amazing woman she doesn’t know I know that back story and I won’t ever tell her he told me the story of how they met..) a wonderful family.. and I am proud to call them my friends.. When asked what he did to get it.. the only thing he ever said was I just felt I had to do the right thing…

      • Thanks for the comments LOOTB. I still plan to share a glass of your home made wine with you some day.

        The scientist in me won’t quit. I am trying hard to understand how I could have a stroke when I am in excellent physical and mental (some might argue that) health. I eat well and exercise regularly. The morning of my stroke, I did a full one hour high intensity workout which I do twice a week. I don’t look or feel like an 80 year old. At 2 pm that same day I had the stroke.

        Since I have been home, I have been on the internet reading every article I can on strokes, especially the relationship with aging which I can’t do a darn thing about except trying some of the anti-aging techniques I have learned from George. Here is the best science based article I came across. “ Aging and Ischemic stroke”


        Hoping this adds to the vault of information on this site. Like Andy, I continue to learn as the DUDE takes me down this road of life.

      • “The scientist in me won’t quit. I am trying hard to understand how I could have a stroke when I am in excellent physical and mental ”

        I get that… I was jogging ten miles a day .. lifting three hundred… doing cardio etc.. then at work.. I had a pedometer on and on an average day did thirty miles up and down the halls of work.. …
        I had gone into the doctor for a physical.. the doctor asked me how much work I was doing.. when I told her.. she said you know one day that is going to catch up to you.. a year later it did and I thought at the time that it had put me down for the count.. five times my normal size mottled.. I had the look..the look every healthcare worker hates to see..
        My wifes stroke.. they didn’t have any idea what it was she was in her twenties when it happened and in really good health.. but she was like myself.. not taking time to rest.. and who knows what caused the blockage..
        I was in the gym and seen a guy go down.. we were able to save him.. but his was from exertion..
        a friend asked me to go to a bingo parlor.. went.. there was one lucky sob.. dam hit hit on the scratch tickets.. and he bingoed what five or six times.. then the two thousand dollar blackout.. we were all wanting to win that one.. anyway he hit on the blackout.. jumped up yelled BINGO… then fell to the floor.. right next to him was the head trauma physician.. and the head nurse of the cardiac wing.. right across the street from the bingo hall was the emergency response unit and fire department..
        they did cpr on this guy for over an hour until the doc yelled would someone walk across the street and get those dogs out of bed.. the guy died.. it was the excitement.. the woman sitting next to me said.. If I bingo you can jump up and yell it for me if you would like..
        because of risk factors 76 percent die on the toilet from straining.. .. I have an AED in the house and one in the shop.. I also have one in the car.. I have had to do cpr six times while driving seeing someone drop over.. best tool you hope and pray you never need.. YOU never know.. could be cholesterol the salesman disease.. ( they fly all the time or do a lot of desk sitting.. blood clot .. etc.. because I have seen people go through fires.. I keep rescue hoods fire blankets and fire extingquishers about every twenty feet and each car has them..hopefully I don’t have to use them..
        My daughter was coming home from work one night.. a guy drinking and driving passed out doing over a hundred miles an hour.. he flipped end over end three times.. was ejected out of the car.. another seventy five feet to the road.. when he hit.. his leg was shoved up and out of his abdomen and he hit his head. really busted up good. she called nine one one.. they flew flight for life out.. no one expected him to live.. they wouldn’t tell the daughter anything because of hippa so she called me at work to check on him.. I go up there and I knew everyone.. they was sure he wasn’t ever going to survive.. they were amazed that he made it to the hospital.. they put him in a coma.. and didn’t expect him to live.. he survived and walked out three months later..
        then a man at his office.. got up to get a cup of coffee.. went to sit down missed the chair sliding to the floor and bumped his head.. didn’t even leave a mark.. and he died from it..
        I was visiting with a friend who is on the chopper.. he was telling me about this horrific accident where a drunk woman ran a stoplight and totalled out a young mother and her daughter.. they were sure the mother was dead.. and was working on the daughter when they seen her move.. saved her.. she was having all sorts of issues.. after she got out of the hospital.. then was surprised that this same woman was venting about her ordeal to me.. I figured it was god saying hey buddy time to lend a hand.. I helped her for eight months until she could get back on her feet.. ( I hate it when they know it is me that was the one to help it is just to easy to be drawn into the drama )
        I have always felt good to be able to hold my hand out to help another in a time of crisis.. .. you would be shocked at how many there are to..
        Then you have the good ones.. LOL I was on my way to work and seen a car get hit.. their baby was ejected from the car in the car seat.. the parents hit the dash and windshield.. I rushed to the baby first.. the poor thing had this surprised look on its face but then started to laugh the baby was saved by the car seat and in perfect health.. the parents were not so lucky but they were ok bad facial lacerations.. seen a car rolled over and starting on fire.. crawled in it to see if anyone was hurt and needed to be dragged out ..only to realize they had gotten out the other side and I was the only one in a burning car LOL…

      • LB & BIC, Out of the 340k vax adverse events (from over 300 million vax events), 92% were mild (less than 1 per thousand had any adverse effect):

        Totally ruins the narrative/conspiracy that Biden’s vax worked, since Trump only advice was to inject yourself with bleach. Later after doctors saved his life, Trump reccomends taking the vax.

        Republicans were unvaxxed at a larger rate (faux news kills!)

      • “Arrogance is easy if you’ve never been anaphylactic, sorry.”

        Personally, I didn’t realize there were 300 million people in the UK.

        She’s not really a very good troll, is she?

    • Did they ever determine if your stroke was the result of a hemorrhage or blood clot? If it was a clot then one guess on where that could have come from.

      Brain fog could, very well, have come from another direction, though. I’ve been having an occasional conversation with Ray about vitamins. After staying on high doses of D3, C and Zinc I finally dropped them and felt a lot better only to really slip into a low-energy, foggy brained funk up until last week when I found these Unnu tablets. They’re B vitamins, electrolytes and some caffeine. I carry my Ivermectin cup around with me with a dose of that in it through the day on the ranch and nurse that until it’s gone. It’s like more salty than sweet Gatorade.

      Don’t trust Wally World’s Equate brand multi’s any more and I think high doses of any vitamin will eventually mess you up some way, some how. YRMV but find what works for you and adjust accordingly.

    • BIC, read the articles on the people who have been single, double, triple vaxxed having strokes and heart attacks. Hundreds of thousands of people, have experienced these side effects. The shot has now killed more people in the USA than the Vietnam war.

      IMHO that’s the source of your problem.

      The articles are easily found but NOT on cbs/msnbc/bbc/abc/pbs/cnn/fox, et al.

      I would be researching what THOSE researchers/revealers are finding out, you are going to have to approach your BLOCKages differently.

      Blood clotting strings being reported by the embalmers, morticians, and funeral directors;
      Increase in athletes dying or retiring.

      Wishing you healing and rejuvenation.

  2. George
    In all due respect, I think your view is right on, however, I see a full court press of hunger, weakened immune systems, limited fuel resources used as a quiet culling this winter.

    • I still think that those of us that got the ‘rona and got over it naturally, or with help from those “illegal” drugs, will have a lasting effect from the virus that will compound over time – just less and slower than those that got the “approved” treatments and, supposedly, survived them. Getting old always sucks big time but, as I described to BIC above, strange things are afoot.

  3. I’ve been onboard with the with the concept of the vaccine being part of a binary weapon ever since they started pushing it. I just expected the second part to be another virus and antibody dependent enhancement being the killer.

    Lately, everything seems to be pointing to a population reduction agenda. War, disease, famine and I probably shouldn’t get started on the LGBTQ+ABCXYZEIEIO crowd pushing an agenda that does nothing but keep young people from making babies.

    Have a great day, and I hope you get the data you are looking for.

    • How can you look into Trudeau’s eyes and NOT think that? I’d love to play high-stakes poker with that little puke.

  4. Legend has it George, The Book of Life is written Gold ink.

    You probably know this already. The reason you wear your wedding band on your “ring” finger is because there is a vein that runs from that finger directly to your heart. The band around your finger is symbol of the ring around your heart.

    I have my own little version of the book of life. Written in Gold Ink. I write a single prayer over someone’s entire life, every day. One prayer for one person. In gold Ono, with my ring finger touching the pen. Only one person has ever seen inside that book. My daughter opened ans read her prayer.

    Ya see when you touch your ring finger to the pen? It links your heart, or life force to the pen, to the ink to what is written. Transfering your life force into the words that are written for whomever I am writing my prayer over their whole life.

    A few who frequent here are in my little book of life.

    Oh there is more to it than just that. When you write, think of some of your happiest memories. Because joy extends energy out word and ager and fear draws in.

    I assure you Mr Ure, those who are written in my little books of life will not perish when the shit hits the fan.

    We consider these topics for thought such as your presentation today. It’s been my experience that we speak of the solution to such dilemmas which I have been doing for quite some time.

    There is both Rh + and Rh – (less than 5% of the population) and as result of MrNa there will be a third blood type. Rh neutral. As is the material make of out molecular structure. That is my understanding. And it makes sense to me. A third blood type is now being developed upon earth as we know it to be.

    Earth has been in the celestial cloud for some time now. All the planets have. Funny you should mention Seaside Oregon, I been there 3 times in the last month.

    That is where I stood surrounded by the manifestations of 9 totems, or “Finger Prints of THE DUDE”. Nobody else noticed them because they didn’t see what I saw. When I see that many in one place, I’m standing in the plam of GOD.

    living images some are tarot cards. Like a map of the word hung between the bathrooms in a restaurant with women’s on the left and me on the right. The left hand side being west and the right hand side being the east. Right and left hemispheres of the brain. And just to the left of the world map on the wall a nautical Star with North, South, west and east. Together they make the Wheel of Fortune found in the tarot card.

    I mentioned this to a beautiful lady I was with and stood there in awee and said, whooaaa dude, nobody sees stuff like that but you. I didn’t even notice. I see it and I’m blown away. I said THE DUDE is always talking to us.. we need only listen.

    When you are there George, make note of all the Tsunami warning signs. There many of them all over Seaside Oregon. I made note of it. But there are many different types of Tsunamis. Not just the ocean kind.

    From my read of things, and I spoke a friend in Lithuania and Poland recently, beautiful ladies.
    Nuclear war will not happen.

    There is a greater possibility that Steven King wrote of tho. In two different books. One is The Stand as we see Johny Dep on the Stand recently known for being a famous Pirate. And Kings other book. Cell. Which is after a great pandemic, eveyone get inoculated. Then one day after everything peachy a signal goes out to every cell phone and turns eveyone who was inoculated into mindless raving zombies. Either way, Let’s hope that is not the case.

    On another note. I find it interesting that the Dog Poet is talking about struf we talked about some time ago. The prisim and the color frequencies when God (a plural) says let us separate the light from the Darkness, and the 7 colors and their corisponding days and planets. Over here:


    Funny when talk about creation George, or I mentioned it, creation answers in its various categories.

    I haven’t spoke much to Mr poet over the years. He does mention “The Master on the beach” in the petri dish edition. Wonder who that is.

    Perhaps I will drop him a thought. Lorde tonight! I’m excited to meet her. Paul on Monday. Along with my physical. Has to be a better way. I spose there is. If we have the right credentials to enter through the pass gate. Or we are as little children it seems.


    All Summer long it seems everything will be peachy.. lots of peachy buisness.

    Truly I am Blessed and Highly Fortunate! It is my hope you are as well.

    Q: ~ Let it Be ~


    The Beatles.

    Just Andy. I’m good with that.

      • Rather than that, write one for me. As we channel our own life force into the benifit of others? A greater measure is allocated to us by THE DUDE.

        And people wonder why I laugh when they say, you should quit smoking. As if smoking could hinder The will of THE DUDE. Quite laughable. Honestly.

        Remember George what is written. In Mathew 7 verse 2.

        “For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged, and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

        Most people take that as a warning. As something being a negative or liability.

        It’s not a warning at all. It’s not a negative statement in shape or form. It’s empowering.

        When we meter life force into others you find the truth of this line of the first words i say every morning upon awakening,

        Increase my understanding and decernment, permeate the very fabric of my presence with YOUR living energy DUDE, so that the world around me will flourish with Eternal Vitality.

        And it was so.

    • A day or so ago W.Tex.Horseman posted a youtube Nature on the building of the Boulder Dam on the Colorado in the ’30s.
      In it among amazing feats by workmen, was a truck driver who while backing up had his left foot on the seat backrest and while looking over the load, was steering with his right foot. ‘Film speed created a question but he could have been going faster than ten mph.
      These were the trucks and even into the ’50s like Brock or International had straight gear transmissions which required driver skill.
      There was a great 73 questions interview with Lorde in the Bronx Botanical Gardens where she showed that she was as sharp as a tack and personable.
      Steppenwolf; ‘Get your motor running…’ and don’t lug it.

  5. The WEF has stated in their “agenda 2030” the basic guidelines for what is taking place. Covid was a planned first step and step two is the needed regime change in Russia and China. There is plenty of supporting evidence, all you have to do is look.

  6. This fiction author has published several dystopian stories. They almost all featured an external extinction event. The exception, ‘After the Music Died’ was based on a global EMP war.
    You’re connecting the dots, is too real, and too likely. For some time, I’ve been fearful of the world my grandchildren will inherit, and this morning I see a strong potential reason for the madness.
    I don’t think I could write this story, because I’m too close to it, as a 77-year-old who got the vax to be able to see my grandchildren.
    There is an evil purpose to this madness.

    • A.G.

      Research Dr. Zelenco; for simple starters, he has done the research and now someone needs to write about it succinctly and simply enough that a 5th grader can understand it. (There are other truth tellers out there because Dr. Zelenco still counts the PCR test as valid; many others realize it was never meant to test for Covid-19 as it will pick up anything; even a booger from outer space -okay just having a funny).

      That is the story that we need to get out; just the FACTS Ma’am. It’ll sell like hotcakes and it would be better if we could send it out to the ether (aether).

      • The PCR test IS valid – in context. It’s simply a nucleic acid amplifier, with the sequences preserved. Like any amplifier, you will amplify both signal and noise and the S/N ratio of the input signal is what matters. You can’t increase the S/N ratio with a simple amplifier, though you can certainly degrade it. As you increase the beta(iterations), you lose the actual utility beyond some point, though sadly the political and propaganda utility remains. Yet another problem is that only select sequences are tested for – not the entire genome, and there are many sources of contamination and error. A similar problem exists with forensic DNA tests.

  7. YouTube Video – “Clif High take on the jabbed”:
    Clif High advises us to stay out of the way of awakened sheep seeking ‘spectacular retribution’ against the elites. He says that he won’t be surprised to see the elites being picked off one by one by angry people that they have harmed over the last two years by their lies.

    • CDC and vaxx maker employees, members of “congress” and their staffs, high ranking politicians and select others were exempted from the Brandon “mandate”. This would seem on first(and subsequent) glance to be treating the insiders as “elite”, and also indicating that there’s no real benefit to the individual for getting injected. IMHO, it’s a smoking gun.

  8. WEF Advisor Yuval Harari Ponders How World Will Deal With ‘Useless People’

    Yuval Harari, an Israeli philosopher who serves as an advisor to the World Economic Forum (WEF), has frequently warned of a growing class of “useless people.” According to the WEF advisor, the rise of artificial intelligence will give rise to billions of “useless people” who humanity will have to “deal with.” In order to address the growing number of so-called “useless people”, Harari suggests keeping them docile with drugs and video games.


  9. There is absolutely no question that the c19 spike protein is a global depopulation bioweapon and has caused millions of deaths. However, the c19 injections are far worse. The c19 respiratory virus can be avoided and is no worse than the flu. It can easily be treated early in the disease, that’s why early treatments are forbidden. The injections force the human genetic system to create massive amounts of spike proteins which do tremendous damage and stay in the body for a long time up to 15 months. So billions of people have been coerced into this harmful and unpredictable medical intervention. The injections have injured massive numbers of people globally and millions have already died. As opposed to the precise numbers of respiratory infections reported by the mainstream media, injuries and deaths from the injections are hidden and not reported. This is all by design.
    Now on to George’s question. There are numerous ways the spike protein harms the human organism and one of them is that it impairs DNA damage repair. One of the primary mechanisms of ionizing radiation harm is DNA damage. So there is a connection to increased background radiation and increased depopulation pressure from the genetic injections. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC8538446/
    Since the injections are much more harmful than the respiratory virus this explains the constant pressure and coersion to inject even children which statistically have zero risk from the respiratory virus. In my view the coersion will continue until a minimum global population reduction of 15% is achieved. Also let’s not forget the reproductive damage that the injections are causing. We don’t have a good idea how much damage future generations will suffer. I you understand how the human genetic system works you know that reverse transcriptase can transcribe the spike protein RNA code back into our DNA. So my last thought on this is there is a injuring connection between ionizing and also non ionizing radiation and the spike protein, however compared to all the mechanisms of injury directly caused the the spike, radiation is just a small part of it.

      • YOUR the bunk! the FACTS are printed everywhere from a HUGE amount of professional people who have done the clinical studies and show what the other guy said is correct!

  10. Mr. Ure, THANKS, as always.

    Here is a link to Alexandra Bruce’s website, Forbidden Knowledge Tv.


    She scours the web (and people send her links too) for topical and interesting info on lots of aspects of life here on earth. She only posts pithy stuff. If you click on a video, it takes you to a synopsis or transcript of the contained info, so you can read first (or since reading is faster, saves some time),,, then you can watch, and decide if you think the info is credible.. (her transcription talent is amazing (maybe she was a court reporter in another life, ha ha)).

    If you scroll down, on the right is a list of ‘categories’, and in a purple dot, are the number of videos on that particular topic. Here is a link to 158! videos on 5G network, psychotronic weapons, brainwave entrainment. All are listed in chronological order. I’ve been looking at 5G info for years (and been terrified of it). The newer videos are about reaction with the vax. The older videos are about how it works, why it is being instituted, effects on physiology, etc.


    I signed up for her website, and get daily notices of what’s new.. well worth it (free)..

    Personally (how else?), I don’t understand why “they” wanted 8 billion of us, before the hammer comes down (It would have been simpler when we only numbered say,, a billion).. or our tiny solar system is spinning into a dicey area of space. or ??

    Also, Dane Wiggington’s https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/
    is also terrifying.. His alert level is getting more intense,, says the ozone layer is being torn apart more now.. also, I mark the days on my calendar when the chemtrails are especially intense (does anyone else look up?) (averages 6 days a month here in Kansas). (and definitely NOT airplane contrails)
    He posts a YT video weekly,, and his website is voluminous.

    ??? Yet, I have no fear. The CREATOR gave us each consciousness, free will, and a soul. It’s what we do with it.. We are lucky to incarnate in such an exciting time. I pointed out to a dear friend (now gone), back in the mid nineties, that I thought time was accelerating, and our puny minds couldn’t keep up (he thought I was nuts, again).. as I’ve said before,, I don’t know if its bad aliens or satan,,,, or both.

  11. We’ve had real world testing of increased background radiation with the downwinders (in the U.S. and elsewhere) in the 1950’s and 60’s. You might try looking for studies about any health effects – good or bad – that they may have experienced.
    As for 5G, different telcos use different frequencies for their 5G service. Hard to study unless you know which frequencies are being used by which telco.

  12. I posited something like this once before, some years ago.

    This “UFO” business is a vast collection of confusion and uncertainty and contradiction and propaganda. It may be a true and important deep secret, hidden in plain view, but wrapped in layers of insanity and obfuscation, calculated to make it ridiculous and giggle-worthy. From Adamsky to Curso to Lazar, some fronts are silly and some have high-cred and seem completely serious.

    That “it’s hard to know what to believe” is precisely The Point. It is not given to YOU to “know.” You will — by definition — NEVER know for sure what it all means — just what The Truth is… It is designed and adapted to be completely inscrutable. Forever an enigma.

    Secrets have shelf lives — time points, beyond which they are no longer important to be kept. The secret invasion plans are worthless once the invasion starts. That some BigWig is scheduled to be greased can be admitted once he is most sincerely dead. (Unless there is a continuing need to protect certain people or procedures.)

    Secrets are hard to keep when moralists or well-paid traitors are plentiful and their own consciences grant them a Higher Permission to blow a whistle. Clearances and oaths go out the window when one is Saving The World for glory or profit.

    But suppose… Just suppose…

    You were entrusted with The Real Actual Secret of the thing — AND it was so awful, so Grand, so cosmically universally destructive (or wonderful and positive) AND you were utterly and truly convinced that revealing it would destroy it, and everything and everybody.

    You could keep THAT secret. You could probably find it in your heart and conscience to even assist in covering it up — in helping shield the ultra-secret yourself.

    You would be fully read-in, and become a true believer yourself. You’d know deep in your soul that keeping The Secret was The Most Important Thing In The World. And you would enthusiastically add your cleverness to keeping The Secret. You would happily do ANYthing to help keep The Secret.

    (And, if you were judged to be too great a risk, or too insane or too anti-social or too psychopathic to be sufficiently constrained, you would be quietly and unspectacularly silenced as necessary.)

    And The Secret would be safely kept.

    — More to follow, later —

    – 73 –

    • “hidden in plain view,.”

      Out of curiosity…..did you play with the book mark yet George..

    • Hi, WOTRR;

      It’s not really a secret of the demolition of the white race. That’s full steam ahead in all Western nations.

      Oh, maybe it’s an OPEN SECRET.

      I noticed the barbarians…umm…illegals….umm…errr….migrants and refugees at our Southern border gates do NOT have to get the vax.

    • The way UFO’s were kept secret was laughter and ridicule. So that even if the secret came out people were mocked and made fun of. That’s important because no one wants to be turned into the butt of a joke. By not charging people it raised serious doubts in peoples minds as to the validity of the claims.

      It’s actually an ingenious strategy. A secret protected that way will not be treated as a secret and therefore even when disclosed people will roll their eyes and say “ just another crazy story ”. Even now people don’t want to discuss it as a serious topic.

      • Well, I have been studying it since the early ’70’s, and yes, it’s true, can’t talk about it with too many people, but enough. Met, Dr. Allan J. Hynek when I was 24, a HUGE confirmation for me, and these years have rolled by with interesting joy that not a one body could take away from me. When YOU KNOW, you know.

  13. Comrades,

    It continues to boggle my mind how Americans with choices elect to decamp expat-style to the jungle world environs of anywhere in Latin America. Look at Honduras for a current example of imploding Bidenista US foreign policy.

    Msm treated us all last week to the visuals of former Honduran president Hernández being extradited to the USA in handcuffs to face drug trafficking charges. Quite a fall in the scheme of things from last November when the prez was addressing delegates at COP26 in a green tie. So much for his cooperation with the past Trump administration at restraining tides of USA destined economic refugees.

    How effective was vp Harris’ attendance this past January 27th to attend the inauguration of former First Lady Castro as the new President of Honduras? Spectacular? Honduras recognized the Venezuelan government of Madura on January 29th. Wow, American coke consumers should have no problem with the supply chain now. Hold the ICE.

    Yeah, if I was in some expat gated community zoo enclosure in those lattitudes south of Rio Grande, I think I’d be keeping pretty close ear to the ground for tunneling going on under the moat.

    • The GOAL is to COLLAPSE our border; so steam rolling right ahead.

      It’s the AGEnda…and I won’t stay…stupid, cause everyone on this site is SMART…(“I’m Smart….” from the GodFARTHER).

    • You notice #2 Ka-MALA has been put on covid ice and #3, Ms. PELOSI has gone to Ukraine!!!!

  14. Comrades,

    It’s perplexing why the Putinistas hung around Chernobyl so long after the initial invasion surge . Was something cooking there on the backburner?

    What’s really going on with CERN’s buried down-under Antarctic ice cold twin experiment, Icecube? While from up above, Anita measures particles emanating from the ice that current physics says should not be happening. Will the Heinrich Päs paper on six dimensions, time travel, and faster than light speeds hold water? Hal, does anyone have the keys to the portal ignition?

    It’s Goldilocks and the Three Bears all over again. The porridge is either too hot or too cold, and rarely just right. Yep, pretty strange rock we’re flying around the sun on with some pretty strange passengers on the manifest.

      • Theories of Everything Curt Jaimungel-Salvatore Pais
        This is a reddit site sorry for no link but title intact. Deep dive. Most of Dr. Pais work has been dedicated to the Navy and under wraps.

      • “Here is a past paper outlining how time may be malleable:”

        I personally don’t think that It matters @Jester… IF… what is taught as legends is true.. then we have gone through the changes off and on throughout history.. with wars and rumors of wars.. civilizations have fallen and mankind has had to start from the beginning..
        Even if we could in lets say ten years if we are thrust back to the stone age.. it would all have to be learned once again..
        just the list of lost libraries.. should be enough.. we gather information.. pervert our purpose then destroy our civilizations and thrust mankind back to the beginning .. an endless loop of time and consequences..
        we start back at the beginning about the time of the awakening..

  15. While reading this edition of yours, George, the thought went through my mind that the only way things will be set right is through an outside force/influence as written about in “The Revelation’s” Second Coming and told by the angels after Christ’s ascension. We semi-hairless apes have proven, even with all the toys and other luxuries we’ve learned to make out of the dirt of our planet, that we do not have within our collective whole the means of righting our flaws except in only very small instances. The same scenario plays out throughout our history and gets worse every time the cycle takes its divergence downward.

    As you said a few weeks ago with Clif’s prediction of the “Global Coastal Event” there were no words or ideas available for a more specific description of such a happening so the same is true of what is written in John’s Revelation. He wrote to an audience 2000 years in the past and only today do we have an inkling of what he could have seen.

    It has been a personal belief that, on balance, wealth is a much more efficient determinant of character than poverty and the World has never known wealth such as we have it today or at least as we perceive it today. Poverty places the needs of survival on us and keeps us running on the treadmill so that we don’t have time to consider what’s really going on while wealth, even with its increased responsibilities, releases one to pursue whatever perceptions they have about themselves and others. Poverty to very low income status emphasizes the immediate need for collaboration with others close by in order to survive, not that high orders of business don’t but small semi-organized businesses or communities tend to produce fielty to those you can see while large organizations have a definite strata separating people (and that seem to attract the socio- and psychopaths among us). For those that have achieved large amounts of wealth and power, if the results of that is the belief that those perceived to be beneath you are something less than how you perceive yourself, then you have the root of all that is wrong with the World since we crawled out of the swamp. This type of attitude goes on until it doesn’t – and when it doesn’t things go “boom!”. The greatest people I have known are those that have “made it” but still retain the ability to talk and interact with those that haven’t.

    • “the only way things will be set right is through an outside force/influence as written about in “The Revelation’s” Second Coming and told by the angels after Christ’s ascension”

      Now, imagine how first, the vision would have been presented to John, and second, how he could possibly translate anything from the world in which we live, for instance, into something First Century Man could understand.

      This is the thing which always gets me WRT Bible Prophesy. It could be 100% true and 100% accurate, but with 100% of its truth and accuracy “lost in translation” — not from Hebrew, Greek, or Aramaic to English, but from 100 A.D. to 2000 A.D.

      • I’ve always said that after the Council at Nicaea all bets are off as to what was really happened, was written and how it’s translated for the NT. This is why I really love and look for books like Muraresku’s and things like Chris’ “Chronicle Project”. Muraresku is fluent in several Mediterranean languages and shed light on to many Biblical verses that are typically misinterpreted outright and/or due to cultural shifts. The Revelation, though, tends to stand alone WRT manipulation. I think it was so weird they didn’t know what to do with it down through the ages. I’m surprised that it became part of the Canon and some believe it was actually the first book written of the NT.

        But as far as “outside”, off-World influences go how can you read the interactions between Abraham, Moses and the other fathers of the Israelites and YWHW and not think either UFOs or higher tech societies from pre-Ice Age civilizations trying to draw us back out of our Stone Age? The OT scriptures have been pretty faithfully reproduced over Time. Ezekiel did his Neolithic best to describe an air ship and it wasn’t all that bad, really.

      • The Problem about bible prophesy.. is .. I believe that It isn’t complete and it is altered to fit the society of the day…
        a book in the old testament as a general example may say one thing.. but then add in the rest of the story lets say from the book of jubilee’s.. the two stories combined change the ending narrative..
        The Old Testament and the Torah etc.. I believe were actually included to not only push an agenda give total control over the population but to teach us how not to treat others that pass us in our lives..
        you have to go back to literature that was written earlier and take out the stuff written by man.
        It is the same about our story through our history.. read what was intended in our own constitution then read the list of crap that they passed to change the narrative of the meanings from our founding fathers to fit society that they want to promote today..
        The laptop from hell that describes a very corrupt family unit with almost every form of disgusting sordid and deviant behavior that should shock the hell out of all of us.. then look how the same group with vast deviant behaviors is now pushing to change the laws of the land to make all of their deviant behaviors honorable.. AKA the double standards of politicians if it involves someone with power or political influence than it is ok….. the old testament is nothing more than that.. the priests of the day changed the wording to fit their agenda and keep their control..
        I believe that if you read the teachings of christ.. then look at the teachings of other religious figures.. as in the teachings of the Nicene priests, the DAO and Confucius we can see a simpler and more honest approach to what our heavenly father actually wanted for us. All of that horrible stuff were words from MAN not GOD.. god was way simpler in his requests..
        Similar to the ongoing Ukraine event.. There wouldn’t be an on going event if we had played nice..the request was asked for months.. quit threatening us with nukes on our border and give us verification that NATO would stop their eastward movement.. the same with how we are playing with CHINA now.. we are not playing nice but by threatening gestures and movement.. they are still attempting to use diplomacy but that to will pass.. hopefully not before I can try the mead wine and bread..

      • Yes, Yeshua boiled it all down to one, succinct sentence broken up into four verses:
        Mat 22:37 Yeshua said to him, “You shall love THE LORD JEHOVAH your God from all your heart and from all your soul and from all your power and from all your mind.”
        Mat 22:38 “This is the great and the first commandment.”
        Mat 22:39 “And the second which is like it is, ‘You shall love your neighbor as yourself.’
        Mat 22:40 On these two commands depend all The Written Law and The Prophets.”
        -Aramaic Bible In Plain English

        Nothing more needs to be written except that Man is a mercurial and corrupt little monkey that strives to twist everything around to suit and serve himself.

      • Bill, bear in-mind that von Däniken was a devout Christian, and did not believe the theories he espoused in “Chariots of the Gods?” contraindicated his faith or beliefs in any way.


        The Bible has been politicized a number of times. One of my brothers is a hardcore thumper, and will get loud and abusive if anyone questions that “KJV-1611” is the true, complete, and unabridged Word of God, and has not changed since 1611. When I mentioned that the KJV had a number of books removed at the end of the 18th Century he damn’ near tore my head off, claiming those books never existed in “The Bible” and mentioning that Satan would be sizing me up for a cauldron when I asked about the Book of Judith, or for even suggesting such a thing had ever been in The Bible…

      • I’m glad to hear that about Däniken. I am in no way atheistic but have a definite feeling that virtually all of what the original intent and information The Christ brought to light was totally commandeered by Constantine’s church and the traditions that have developed around it over time. Archaeology and other research are bringing to light more all the time and, while I don’t know exactly what Clif is talking about in his latest video, Mauro Biglino and his literary research for the Vatican is a very interesting source for such information.

  16. I am going to take some time and consider this depopulation-possibility. .., but, right off the bat, first reaction:
    As I watch the ref wander out onto the playing field and throw a red flag – “Too many players on the field!”
    The sheer number of people involved in a grand scheme like this is, or would be incredible. Granted that a lot of them could be working in a closet and have no real idea what their part is, in the overall picture of a “Master Plan”. You design a great new EMP proof memory chip, but have no idea it is going to be used as part of the guidance system for cruise missiles. Very plausible.
    The overall time-line would need a very detailed examination. From 5G development to current vaccine production. ., and a coordinated roll-out of both. Some one person had this idea., this one moment of brilliance., sort of a ‘Patient Zero’., and that one person shared their thought – a bio-weapon but not the virus itself, but the cure., the vaccine developed to fight the new insidious virus., using the fear-factor as a basic survival-incentive for most, if not all, to voluntarily comply with their own self-destruction. Rather brilliant.
    All very plausible.., but years in the making. ., and that is the problem. In all these years that this “Master Plan” was in the works, and slowly being rolled-out onto the world wide playing field – no one, not one person broke the silence. Not one data-dump of the “Master Plan” ? With so many involved that just doesn’t seem possible., to me.
    Greedy little humans are involved in a plan to – wipe out most of the human race.., and not one of them has had ‘second thoughts’, nor balk at the idea? That is hard to fathom.
    HHmmm., just a thought. Those involved with the design / development and subsequent roll-out, world wide, of the 5G platform would not have to be a part of, or know anything about., the over plan to use/subvert their new communication platform. Thus, the push to get the 5G towers and system out onto the world market is completely and simply a communication advancement marketing/business problem. Very possible.
    You have a world population clamoring for faster and better smart-phone communication – voila.., 5G.., a world in mortal fear of virus .., voila – a new – never used type of vaccine appears.
    Now the hard part: Convince me that those two seemingly very separate scientific advancements are intertwined and actually a working joint-system to wipe-out the human race.

    • “You have a world population clamoring for faster and better smart-phone communication”

      First of all, ya don’t. “3-G” is fast enough for any communications which can be managed through a cellphone. When you have a screen that’s 320 pixels wide, it is incredibly stupid and inefficient to broadcast 4096 pixel 4kHD to a device then decimate it into 320x180pixels so it can be displayed on a smartphone screen.

      What you have is the same thing we had with “4-G” — a bunch of sellphone(sic) providers telling us that “4-G” was what we wanted & needed. NOW these same shills are telling us we NEED “5-G” and trying to make us believe we’re the ones who’re claiming we need this multi-trillion dollar upgrade.

      “Those involved with the design / development and subsequent roll-out, world wide, of the 5G platform would not have to be a part of, or know anything about…”

      Yer catching on. Compartmentalization works for lots of folks who’re not in alphabet agencies…

      • Preaching to the choir, Ray. You’re not telling me anything I don’t already know. I believe we all realize that the great unwashed masses know-not what that they want., just what they are told what they want.

    • Patents for the virus, the vax, and several other things related to it were granted many years before they actually appeared, so these events were planned long before they were implemented. Somewhere on the internet there’s a LONG list of these patents and others related to biochemical activities, some of which will presumably be in our near future. So the psychos really have been planning our demise for a very long time.

      • Let’s not forget that many patent ideas were/are classified(some at birth due to their nature). The Manhattan project was kept secret even though there was massive activity all over the country to find, refine, isotopically separate, transmute in research reactors, research criticality, machine to close tolerances, and of course, balanced and timed explosives for implosion devices. Even the Trinity test was a big surprise to any locals that happened to be awake. A large number of microbiologists have died under mysterious circumstances over the last 20 or so years and the trend may be continuing. DARPA and NSA have always claimed that they expect to be 30 years ahead of the public state of the art. Of course, saying doesn’t make it so, but it gives an idea of the mindset. I studied genetics before the term “bioinformatics” had even been coined, and today you can do sequence analysis on a simple linux computer. GOD only knows what’s going on behind the classified curtain, since even the participants work is compartmentalized.

  17. .., and no – I did not forget about ‘background radiation’. This is such a huge variable that you can not – solve for ‘Y’. If Putin does use one, or two NSNW on the Ukraine battlefield., who will retaliate? The U.K. has promised to do so., this would entail mushrooms on Russian soil and Putin will order a massive strike against anyone who does this., which will escalate in world wide strike/counter strike. There won’t be any “Background radiation”., we will all glow in the dark., and be smack in the midst of an E.L.E. Problem solved.

    • “we will all glow in the dark”

      Not necessarily. The Russian military would only use theatre nukes OR ground bursts, where such was necessary. They would use tactical or NSNW nukes on most US/UK/NATO targets.

      With that said, I have no doubt they would light off atom bombs at altitude, to EMP Europe and North America back into the 18th Century, as I have no doubt we would EMP Russia and China, and the Chinese would take out Australia and South America.

      “and be smack in the midst of an E.L.E. Problem solved.”

      The EMPs are the REAL ELE. Hell, you’d have to dig to find it, but Chernobyl is like a Garden of Eden paradise now — seems Mother Nature ate the radiation centuries faster than the scientists said would happen. The people living there don’t glow in the dark; neither do their crops. They may have a higher incidence of cancer, but it is only “marginally higher…”

      • Hopefully @Ray… they will wait long enough to destroy the earth and mankind… so that I can taste the Mead of RA and the bread that king tut enjoyed.. along with the special wine from the first emporer of china’s .. the wine from the first emporer is in the fermenter…. and I think I am going to be able to get the yeast for the bread.. (still working on that issue)
        It is the simple pleasures that are important..

    • Regarding background counts: Ever since March of 2011 when Fukushima Diachi went down, I’ve had my trusty geiger counter sitting on my desk. The background here is around twice sea level, so I suppose a little is OK. After the three reactors melted down and we almost lost the fuel pool in #4, the counts went up to around 40cpm (non-pancake counter) plus or minus. They slowly diminished over time, with waves of higher and lower counts as a function of wind and rain. Things were diminishing until the WIPP event when counts went high again(background here is now around 22 on my counter). There seems to be a seasonal and occasional idiosyncratic variation, but for now, there’s nothing abnormal.

      If WW3 goes hot with rads, the source might well be obfuscated or even a false flag. We know the West wants a hot war and the propaganda is unrelenting. No doubt we have old USSR weapons and perhaps eastern Europe has some of ours. Who’s to say who actually detonated one or more? Of course, ICBM’s can be tracked, but other transport mechanisms are more difficult to trace. Others here know far more than I do about this.

      • To me.., it really doesn’t matter where the ICBM’s come from. It really doesn’t. The outcome is the same., the effect is the same., the collapse is the same. Once you’re shot, does it matter who pulled the trigger? From that second onward it’s a matter of survival. How many ICBM’s.., that matters. You can plan and prepare for half a dozen, or so.., but a couple hundred coming in over the North Pole? Nope.

      • D’Lynn, I care about possible misattribution of the guilty culprit, since it could easily escalate a non-strategic situation into a much greater one. Yes, the immediate effect is the same, but the consequent effects(initiation or escalation of hostilities against the wrong party) could be even more horrifying. To my knowledge, ICBM’s can be fairly easily tracked and traced, but other delivery systems are not as easily confirmed with regard to the actual aggressor.

      • “I care about possible misattribution”

        I’m not at all sure that matters.

        Look at our “leadership!” They are like a bunch of 3yos, in a powder shack, with a box of matches, and they’ve just made dissent illegal. What’s more, they’re no better than the leadership of France, Germany, or the UK…

        …And then there’s Russia, who may simply want to play in their own house in peace, or may want to take over the playground, and nobody knows which, but also who has a case of dynamite and caps.

        The real “fear factor” WRT hypersonics is they can be programmed like cruise missiles, i.e. to skim the ground below radar contact. IOW they have the potential to be used as really fast cruise missiles with a vastly extended range.

  18. When you ask, “What in Sam Hill is going on in this World?”, you’re asking for a multi tier conspiracy cake. I’d like to offer a bran muffin.
    Compartmentalization is key. A cast of characters.
    Galileo, Copernicus, Mercator, Darwin, Dewey, Westinghouse, Pasteur, various Presidents and the likes of Gates have taken us down a certain primrose lane.
    Space; and I’ll use nicknames. The Dominion and the Federation. The Dominion is in the drivers seat with limited intervention from the ‘good guys’ of the Fed. Much to be unfolded on how the D. has control of life and death and should be an addenda for your book.
    I don’t think there would be an extinction event due to Righteous oversight.
    Timelines are whack because the leaders of Rome don’t match well with the succession of Popes…Counsel of Nicea where the Vatican began to be more entrenched.
    Disneyland U. S, France and Japan are a factor. A.I. is huge,
    Billed as a crisis reporter, there is a treasure in Yochi Shimatsu on Rense who wrote a 30 some part expose on the Covid19 subject. Some 50 hrs of reading but with good anecdotes and pictures and ties into conventional culture.
    The Parasite can be beat through the foxhole of humility with a fierce look up. Something Popeye might say, “Shiver me timbers”.

  19. I believe that the totality of the research shows that we’re on solid ground regarding the vaxx as an element in a binary(or other multipart) bioweapon. I’m on the fence regarding 5g, especially since the term is more of a marketing term these days. The higher end of the spectrum may be more bioactive, and apparently 60ghz is highly absorbed by oxygen, which could endogenously increase reactive oxygen radicals. While actual radiated power from a local radiator/antenna may be low, beamforming can create hotspots. Reactive oxygen species are generally not good for nucleic acids and their repair. The vaxxes have been show to inhibit nucleic acid repair and increase the chances of mutation. Ionizing radiation obviously does non-specific damage to such nucleic acids, and terahertz radiation can apparently unzip DNA, if only temporarily. 5G is such a broad term that it may involve these shorter wavelengths(or not), and at unknown localized power levels. I just “upgraded” to 4G LTE since 3G was being shut down here. I rarely use the phone and have no idea what 5G would help with other than self-driving cars and IoT, if that. I’m told that 4G LTE will remain until at least 2026, FWIW.

    There are many other DNA/RNA insults other than radiation, including anything that will tend to oxidize. In addition, we have the entire field of protein chemistry(including the synthetic spike proteins), some of which seem to exhibit prion like behavior and may possibly even be able to act as templates for RNA. I don’t know if it’s possible to run tRNA in reverse. Lastly, there’s the expanding field of epigenetics which I’m only barely versed in. There are many ways to introduce a massive yet deniable reduction of the human herd. Sadly, all the intense propaganda and transparent lies from TPTB tip the scales toward a darker reality rather than a measured response to a known non-terrestrial threat.

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