Rain Delay? And some Personal Wu

First off, if the report this morning is oddly timed (late), please don’t be alarmed.  We have had more than 6-inches of rain in our rain gauge here in the East Texas Outback  in the past 24-hours and a lightning show which has been going on for 12+ hours now.  Frankly, it’s one of Ma Nature’s finer displays.

The problem is that there is fairly large power outage, so our emergency power systems are what’s keeping us online for the moment.  Not that they won’t continue doing their jobs, but the little matter of not having coffee until I fire up the BBQ and make some…well, THAT is the important stuff when I get up before three effing ayem.


The Personal Wu:  I’m going out on a limb here and predicting a major earthquake in the next 48 hours, or so…7.0 or larger on the Richter scale.

The reason?

Well. after we got the accursed pick-up truck running yesterday (no leaks, runs like a top, thanks) I sat down and had a glass of wine and a half dozen (thin) slices of pizza and was overcome with what can only be described as an overwhelming sense of tired.

The only time I’ve experienced this kind of profoundly tired sensation in the past, has been when there’s an earthquake about to happen somewhere.  Believe me, the 5.4 in China which is the largest at press time, is NOT the kind of thing that qualifies.

More interesting than just being profoundly quake tired  is that when I work up, then went back to sleep again about 6:30 PM, I promptly had a dream about a quake – almost like a cosmic “two-fer” and there was some damage to houses and the land slid south (from this unknown place in Dreamland) and there was a fair amount of damage to some homes (falling down and such ) that it was rather remarkable.

Maybe my higher self was trying to communicate that “That profound tiredness was a quake warning you idiot!” or, maybe it was just tired/Dodge-truck-stress unwinding.

But keep your eyes peeled for some kind of major quake in the next couple of days, 72-hours tops and we shall see…but it’s happened before a number of times and this time I’m paying attention..

Now we wait for the power to come back and keep on writing this morning’s columns…