I get a fair amount of reader email asking my opinion as to where I would personally invest a couple of hundred thousand (or more) should it fall out of the sky and  land on me.  Universally, these are accompanied by “We won’t you accountable because we realize that it’s just an investment opinion, but really, George, what would you do?”  And then there’s the matter of my son.  He’s working  steady lately as an EMT and he’s “stacking cash” but he’s also got the “Old Man’s” conservative streak.  So this morning we lift our heads up for the wild market, which, as of yesterday’s close, looked like it might really try for that run-up to Dow 20,000 and S&P 2,200.  But for now, the market’s terribly over-bought and after some headlines, we’ll try to figure out what the next “Investment of a lifetime” will be.

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In the way of Wednesday reading, Backdoorsurvival has a report on how to become an Awesome Prepper… and we’ll be back to our usual fun tomorrow morning.

Now, back to that damn truck project…