Quoting Myself, Fed Dread II – Nightmare on Wall St.

Check back for the Housing report in a few minutes.  Employment costs and more in a sec, too, (scroll down) but let’s start lightly

Quoting Ure

You know why we don’t put our Peoplenomics.com content out in the public eye, right?  Because we offer some really useful ideas over there.  Here’s an exact quote from Saturday morning of this past weekend.

“I was willing to gamble a bit at the close Friday that wouldn’t happen.  Remembering that we usually get a short one-day trade where the market gets creamed ahead of month end.

So, a 400 (or more) point Dow sell off Monday or Tuesday ahead of the Fed…yep, that would “green up things nicely.”

And, indeed, they have done pretty much as intuition was guiding.

The Dow was down Monday how much?  (261 points, rounding.)  And this morning at 5:30 AM (Central) Dow futures were pointing to an opening drop of another 147 points.  Which puts our decline in the 408-point range. Which, frankly, you can’t beat with a stick. Intuition can be trained.

While I appreciate that the sleaziest of academics are fairly criticized when they quote themselves, there are times when we just have to sit back and relish the pickle times have us in.  We also remind that “Your office or den offers better odds than Las Vegas every business day the market is open.”

Our idea of a little “gambling and a show” is our trading platform and Netflix.

It’s only a Nightmare on Wall Street if you’re on the wrong side of things. Yes, we got lunch money Monday.

Channeling Jerome – Woo Woo

Learning to “see the future” is really just a matter of dot-connecting.  As tomorrow on the Peoplenomics.com site ($40/year) we will continue our work on recovering lost technologies.  Like how Nostradamus got his “visions” and in tomorrow’s report, how to recover the “Radient Energydiscovered by T. Henry Moray and described by his son John E.

Because the Process of Invention/Recovery fascinates the hell out of us.  Particularly when I’ve personally had some undeniable “hits” on getting the Future dead-to-nuts-right in advance.  My Arizona fatal auto wreck/road closure was one.  Deepwater Horizon spill 18-hours in advance was another.  Really amazing how it works.

Now, I see a path toward building a “DreamTuner” device to assist clarify dreams and facilitate better recall.

Back to point:  If the market rallies into the Fed decision tomorrow, look for bad news.  But if it drops much further today, then it may be setting up for a relief rally tomorrow. “Buy the rumor, sell the news” or :Sell the rumor, buy the news.”  Bound to be one of ’em, sho ’nuff.

Junk Dreams v. Prescience

Woo-woo in passing: One thing I’ve noticed (and this was alluded to by Max Gunther in one of his books on Luck) is that insightful dreams seem to be more likely when you are circulating among other people.  It’s often like people host luck clouds and their opposite misfortune clouds.  

You can hear luck clouds any time a casino is busy.  The ringing of jackpots will often describe a reverse drawn “magic eight” as Lady Luck moves generally counterclockwise around the casino floor.

Spotting “misfortune clouds” is done by a reversed method – the casino is full of people and glasses and conversation, but there’s a dearth of payoff bells.  Or, and I often wondered this as a reporter, whether this somehow unified a relationship between a whole airliner full of people who just died all at once?  You cover a few serious airplane crashes as a reporter and these things come to mind as “connectors.”

Such clouds of luck and failure can, do I believe, appear in occasional dreams. They seem clearest just on the last bit of the spiritual swim back to waking consciousness from a lucid dream. The art/difficulty of the visionary is driving in the twilight between waking and back deeply in sleep.

Dreams are of many sorts: Day Residue (as Chris McCleary who has continued our work started back in 2008 on the NationalDreamCenter.com site explains) is a big influence, too.  You go through the day with “thought stubs” and the subconscious mind works these out as symbolic dreams.

The hard part is sorting out what a dream is trying to have “brought to your attention” on waking up.

Early this morning, for example, I had a dream of a male (high?) schoolteacher of some sort who was being honored with inventing a new rust proof coating and there was a dinner and award ceremony of some sort.  There were elements of metal/corrosion/rust and a new yellow coating of some kind which had miraculous preservative powers.

Pretty sure this was personal day residue from working the shop, but see how imagery is passed around (energized) among awakened spirits?

Not to belabor, but it’s an interesting stew of concepts that holds the potential to recapture “magic” in the physical world instead of pissing away resources on artificial realities which is ever-so gross and wasteful.  Magic still hides between people’s ears.  Mining magic involves meditation (free) while “Science” locks out the Master Designer of ALL and Unifying Principles because it’s providing a different system of financialization than the older monolithic religions do.

Again, the Human Goals are screwed up, but that’s why humanity craters periodically and we get Do-Overs.  Whatever. Fakeaverse is a distraction. See The Atlantic article “We’re Already Living in the Metaverse” which carries the headline “We’ve Lost the Plot.”

Yep, sure have.  No “magical life” without “magical thinking” and that begins with Unity with All.  And that takes some work…  Work’s bad, right?

Employment Costs

Speaking of work, what’s your labor worth here, lately?  New data out on point:

“Compensation costs for civilian workers increased 1.0 percent, seasonally adjusted, for the 3-month period ending in December 2022, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Wages and salaries
increased 1.0 percent and benefit costs increased 0.8 percent from September 2022.

Compensation costs for civilian workers increased 5.1 percent for the 12-month period ending in December 2022 and increased 4.0 percent in December 2021. Wages and salaries increased 5.1 percent for the 12-month period ending in December 2022 and increased 4.5 percent for the 12-month period ending in December 2021. Benefit costs increased 4.9 percent over the year and increased 2.8 percent for the 12-month period ending in December 2021.”

Check back after 8:15 AM Central and we should have the Housing report up.

Into the Blender

Oh, yum!  What a delish crap stew for the brain!

Sleepwalking to WW III Watch:  V.Putin: “With a missile I destroy Britain in a minute”! -Preparations for nuclear escalation by the British media… – WarNews247.  Meantime, Talk of fighter jets for Kyiv puts strains on Western unity | AP News.  So, do carry your flash goggles and wait for President’s Day Weekend as a higher risk window. KI pills in order?

U.S. Proxies to sell jets?  While we see the report Ukraine war: Joe Biden rules out sending F-16 fighter jets (yahoo.com) that won’t stop other Western countries from pushing in more arms.  The story, as we read it, looks like Biden just blinked. But he’s got all the backbone of al dente linguini, so policy reversals are predictable as the winds of campaign finance blow.  As ever alert Roger in Phoenix sighted, here’s one way the proxies could work: Ukraine Claims Poland In Talks To Transfer Its F-16s.  then we resupply Poland and think that will keep the nukes off U.S. soil?  AYFKM?  Is it 2024 yet?  I want a vote this week!  Where’s the WarDec? A–holes.

Remarketing of Racism:  Chair of California reparations panel pushes for a wealth tax to pay descendants of slaves. And what of European indentures?

Coverup or Propaganda?  I can see this one going either way: Moscow provides more evidence of US biolabs in Ukraine  — RT.  Meantime, speaking of Fauci orchestrated gain of function fallout, did you read Excess deaths exceed predictions in first ten months of 2022 | Insurance Business Australia. Excess deaths 11 percent higher than forecast over the first 10 months of 2022.

BioWar Burning Out:  While we still have lots of micro-clot questions and apparent lies in research and such, Biden to end COVID emergency declarations on May 11.  We’ll take late 2019 as when WW III actually began and wait for curtain #3.

Trump stars in Re-Hash and Re-Bash in a couple of stories: Trump sues Washington Post journalist Woodward for publishing his interview. And in the democrat re-bash: Manhattan DA reportedly revives case on Trump’s Stormy Daniels hush-money payment.

Filed under Shi-ite happens: Death toll from Pakistan mosque suicide bombing rises to more than 90 (nypost.com) from the suicide bombing of a Sunni mosque.  Keep an eye on Pakistan currency, too BTW – they have issues!

Share buybacks are an interesting investment strategy and we have a biggie rolling today:  UPS Earnings Top Street Forecasts On Margin Focus, Revenues Miss; New $5 Billion Share Buyback Unveiled | Miami Herald

ATR:  The Everything App

We find ourselves a bit bewildered with Elon Musk’s latest:  Elon Musk mulls over Bitcoin and crypto payments for Twitter in push for regulatory license (fxstreet.com).

The much talked about idea is that Twitter can be reengineered into an “everything” app.

But hold the phone, Elon:  Isn’t the browser already the Everything App?

Seems seems redundant redundant, know what I’m saying?

Write when you get rich,


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27 thoughts on “Quoting Myself, Fed Dread II – Nightmare on Wall St.”

  1. I have no doubt we in the Ure Community simu-commute.
    Yesterday I found interest in Jim Mattis. Decades in military service. Ditched a Wedding to continue service. He got married after leaving office. Spouse interestingly enough holds patent for rust inhibiting coating and was Head for company providing such.
    Sweet Dreams

  2. Peter Schiff had a discussion about the reparations and his take which I thought was worth listening to. Ask for the moon I guess. It is so incredibly crazy. Peter points out that when California entered the union they did so as a free state and did not have laws on the books about African Americans.

    I keep trying to tell people white is not a race nor is black. What happened to Caucasian? Also its not woke its fascism. If you really want to understand the DHS is the new SS just look up the see something say something program on their website. Just creepy.


      • Wondering in which dimension/timeline/”verse’ this Pentagon was hit a with missile, fired from off shore “dolphin” . Hit the exact meeting room of the Able Danger team – who were in a meeting there at the time. Air Farce general in charge mysteriously missed the meeting that fateful day…has me wondering – colleague of the hammer,or just a coworker?



        • Just happen to know someone who was on a rooftop in the vicinity that day. He watched the plane fly right over the top of his head. His recounting did not include seeing any missile strikes. For 1 and 2? I had a ring side seat from the office window I was at, at the time. Thankfully at a safe distance.

  3. About a week ago did you posters read,

    “Paris Hilton Just Welcomed Her First Baby Via Surrogate”

    Reinforces the notion Ectolife has it right. Ectolife is trying to put together womb factories. The rich (Paris Hilton is worth an estimated $300 million) may still use human surrogates but the 2-300K+ /yr serfs will use labs. Lab baby moms will drop the lab baby at daycare with the real bragging about how they kept their “pre-baby bodies”. Hahaha. A couple of Instagram posts & a trend is set.

    “The video is titled “Ectolife: The World’s First Artificial Womb Facility.” It shows details of a factory that can incubate up to 30,000 babies per year by utilizing 75 state-of-the-art labs containing up to 400 pods.”

    EctoLife: The World’s First Artificial Womb Facility


    • Yeah, I saw a local article and video of it. It is nothing mysterious. A Space-X booster from a mainland launch, tumbling re-entry with a bit of fuel venting does this. (Likely that the Norway spiral was also a tumbling rocket.)

  4. Did you see this? They glued the bolts heads back on.., WTH!?
    Defence chiefs have launched an urgent investigation after workmen allegedly used glue to repair broken bolts inside a nuclear reactor chamber on one of Britain’s Trident submarines.

    The ‘unsuitable’ repairs to the bolt heads, which had sheared off after being over-tightened, were discovered during a routine check aboard HMS Vanguard.


      • otflmao…..
        super glue, duct tape, wd-40… the rednecks go to lol lol lol..

        daughter bought a car .. it was suppose to be fresh off a lease..no they paid 50 bucks for it sold it as almost new.. they used bailing wire to hold the front end on and super glue to seal up the airbags ..the average person would not see it.. now we caught it and fortunately one if the people I took care of kids was a top notch attorney that helped me out with it.. the car wasn’t totaled out once but twice we..bought at an auction sold as new.. it’s real common all cars now if not fresh off the truck goes to a mechanic, a body shop and a transmission shop.. Best money you’ll ever spend..

      • at least they didn’t use chewing gum lol lol..
        a good friend of mines wife planted a tree…it was her pride and joy.. she loved that free and bragged about how beautiful it was and how it was going to grow into this beautiful shade tree etc..
        anyway my friend bought a new hunting rifle and was showing it off took a target and laid it against the tree… he said watch how accurate this is ND he shot the bullseye on the target.. lol lol..it cut that tree in half lol lol.. the look he had on his face shock.. he didn’t know what to do..gotta shovel.. so we dug up the roots and replanted the trunk quick.. it looked jus like it did except it was a couple foot shorter..out co.es the garden hose and we turned it on…it took two weeks for it to totally wither and due..where she was heart broken and he cuddled her saying how sorry he was that her tree died it must have been the summer weather and he’d buy her a new tree to replace it.. she didn’t find out for 20 years of t h e boo boo.. and by then the replacement tree was beautiful..lol lol that’s the redneck cover up..let it grow dust then ask the little woman if she’s seen where it is.. lol lol..

    • Yo d,

      now you know why they call it Crazy Glue..truly a sticky wicket for the boomer bubbleheads in GBR. Hahah

      “you call that a containment vessel?”.

      Not really sure what is on the other side of FUBAR..

      Guess we are all going to find out one of these daze.

    • Quote from d’Lynn’s article
      “It’s understood at least seven glued bolts had been uncovered. They were used to hold insulation in place on coolant pipes ,,,,,,,,,,,,.”

      THAT IS NOT INSIDE THE NUCLEAR CHAMBER, that is the word smiths making it sound worst than it is, BUT even that is un-acceptable.
      but which is the biggest problem,,, the word smiths or the bolts holding insulation
      FUCKING LIARS is the problem that leads the sheeple astray

      EDIT: the Brits have different words than we Americans
      flashlight or torch
      car trunk or boot
      car hood or bonnet
      set screw or grub screw
      room or chamber

      I would have read the ‘chamber’ as the reactor ‘vessel’ that holds the water surrounding the fuel rods, but being British, they probably mean room as all the insulation is on the OUTSIDE of any containment vessel or piping,
      I spent 2 re-fueling outages changing the main steam valves leaving the reactor. You had to be torque wrench certified to even check a torque wrench out from the tool crib, but that is US civilian nuclear standards.
      I also was instrumental in repairing the bridge crane over the reactor, when it malfunction during refueling, yup, fixed it, Quickly!!!
      Areva gave me and the regular in house mechanic, nice coffee cups, they had the contract to do the actual fuel handling. When you stay on schedule, they are happy. The Cowboy and I saved the schedule, heros for a day.

      And , let me tell you, they inventory every THING you take on to the bridge crane when the reactor lid is open to move the fuel rods.
      Every tool has a lanyard, dropping is NOT an option!!!

      Cooper Nuclear Brownsville NE

    • Holy Shite!! Did it take too long to CASREP in a pile of certified replacements? After being that far behind and over budget they should have changed contractors long ago.

  5. Everyone is aghast that an $102 million Equity ETF fund is up 5.71 % for the year. “Far exceeding expectations.” Should I tell him that I haven’t had a loosing year in over two decades and made 6.2% yesterday, alone ??
    What Wall Street now considers extraordinary today, kind of baffles me. Pointing out and expounding on the mundane is amazing to me.

  6. Re: Visions of Main Street
    feat. Leisure Suit Larry


    How great is America? Recent polls suggest upwards of one-third of the South American populace, 220+ million, would seek illegal sanctuary north of the Rio Grande if chance foretold. Don’t think it’s all po’ folk either. As one visa closes, the portal to another may be opening. Yes, as the 30 day A-1 diplomatic visa of the ousted Brazilian president expires in a gated community surrounding a magic Kingdom in Florida, msm offers an update. An expedited application is underway for a 6 month US leisure visa. Pass the rubber stamp.

    By the way, thoughts go out regarding Mr. Laffer. Heart attack.

    • Re: Crime:a Princess Diary
      feat: The Bronze Horseman


      Speaking of leisure suits, it was a day for a monthly note from a gateskeeper taking his wordly mission to the fields of Kenya. Clad in a lively grey cardigan along with matching shirt and trousers reminiscent of a clouded Seattle vista, the first-time chicken wrangler is pictured holding one of Farmer Mary’s prize birds upside-down which appeared to extend its talons perhaps in a paroxym of asphyxiation. Mary wore a smock emblazoned with the insignia of the an association which assists the connection of small farmers with a financial service provider and seed supplier. The former does not accept cash. The Farmer’s spouse wears the pants in the family and is half shareholder of the enterprise. Mary does the work.

      Websites are nested on an American platform whose multi-billionaire semi-retired founder and gate pledger did so chirpily tweet video of his marksmanship ability. A CITE (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Flora and Fauna) Schedule Two listed world’s largest land mammal was thus yielded as trophy perhaps without license to kill upon the happy hunting grounds of an African nation formed under the philanthropies of Sir Cecil Rhodes. The latter’s self-fictionalized mistress, the noble Princess Catherine Radziwill from St. Petersburg by way the Ukrainian steppe, found it providential to exit the shadow of mounting debt with child of wedlock seeded in the African veld to renew her true fiction writing under the Count Paul Vassili pseudonym where luck’s torch shone brightly in the America of Lady Liberty. Let us pause for reflection upon introductory words from “Behind the Veil” found in The Gutenberg Project when a Tsar prepared to enter the pearly gates while light brigades positioned like cannon fodder and Florence Nightingale would sing to the wounded.

      “Hear me, my son,” spoke the dying man. “You are going to be a great Emperor to-morrow. Love your people, do for them that which I was not able to do; conclude peace if you can, but an honourable peace. Do not trust to Austria, and do not forget its ingratitude for the help which I gave it in 1848. Austria is our enemy, I see it too late…. Love your mother, reverence her always, and do not allow your dreams to take the upper hand. A Sovereign has no right to dream. He can only work, and endure. I know you want to give the serfs their liberty; I have wished it too, and you will find among my papers documents concerning this subject; but, my son, take care: a nation easily abuses liberty if granted to it too soon. Do not estrange yourself from the nobility: it is the strength of Russia, together with our Holy Church; and remember that if you show yourself too great a Liberal, you will only create difficulties for yourself, and you will not die in your bed as I do; you will fall under an assassin’s knife.”

      Let us not be remiss to exit the maze of crossroads without a note from Strauss. Following his construction of the bridge over the Neva leading to the Winter Palace and finally his magnum opus, the Golden Gate Bridge, we are left with his poetic thoughts from “The Mighty Task is Done”.

      “…High overhead its lights shall gleam,
      Far, far below life’s restless stream,
      Unceasingly shall flow;
      For this was spun its lithe fine form,
      To fear not war, nor time, nor storm,
      For Fate had meant it so.”

      God save the King.

  7. “there’s a dearth of payoff bells. ”

    statistical payouts….
    if your a casino and you put out 15 machines all set to pay out 6 percent of the time. and all machines are placed in a single line.. the payouts will all happen in what seems as all at once ..

    and the what about European indentured whites…

    they aren’t black..cand to keep the ethic votes to maintain office to keep control of the narrative.. well you know.. you catch more bees with sugar water than with vinegar. they’re not black or have ethnic background..
    the same reason that all the terrorist activities hits the poor neighborhood.. it’s a two for.. they get the businesses to close because of lootiing and destruction..so the residents have to go to more expensive neighborhoods to buy their goods..and they can push their narrative to support their agendas along.. see if we took everyone’s guns..

  8. Making into 6 figures doesn’t stretch as far as it did 5 years ago with the prices of everything. I think I need to make 7 figures this year. 100% just filed my taxes. I’m like shit, I used to provide for wife and 4 kids on what I made this last year. and we didn’t want for anything.

    I took 3 months off work this year to adventure but still dude. I can’t imagine how hard it is for single mothers.

    somethings gotta give.

    these fucking liberals are messing everything up for everyone. they gotta go.

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