Quest for Super-Healing

With a hernia surgery this week, inquiring minds wanted to know: “Can we cheat a bit on the recovery end?”  So off into research.

None of what is offered here is medical advice.  It is, however, a worthwhile line of inquiry.  So the next time you face a major health issue, rather than signing into the “victim role” the alternative is to ask a lot of  questions and build a research plan.  Just like you’d do with any other business problem, Keeping your doc in the loop, of course.

A few brief headlines, and an update on our chart series and then into the post-op world we go…where we’ll try, for a change,  NOT to keep you in stitches.

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37 thoughts on “Quest for Super-Healing”

  1. I took maximum safe doses of vitamins A and C after abdominal hysterectomy. Doctor said I healed faster than he had ever seen. I also wore a one size too small girdle for the first ten days after.

  2. Jeffrey Epstein who is on 24/7 suicide watch found dead in his cell from suicide – next the video tapes will have been accidentally erased – how convenient….

    • Hmmm…. I figured as much…

      when put in a place where he would have to start name dropping.. they either walk.. all the evidence vanishes or they get mugged or suicide..

      the one I liked was the suicide with two different caliber bullet holes LOL….
      I thought for sure he would walk though since he has billions.. but then it depends on who he is going to drop names on..

      the power behind it all.. is one reason why I figured an investigator from the alphabets dropped all that information off at wikileaks then ran scared and covered up.. they know they can’t do a thing.. to much power..the deeper you dug the uglier it got and that was just from the people supposedly involved in the whole thing.. reports and news articles vanished in thin air and investigators mugged and killed or commit suicide.

      • My favorite is the guy who shot himself to doll rags with a nail gun…

        Seriously, someone should audit the Clinton Foundation to see if there’s been a $100-$200 million drop in assets over the past few days. If not, I’d suspect a black-op, by pretty much any covert agency on the planet. I thought “suicidal” inmates were stuck in a cell full of cameras with no sharp edges, and no protuberances or anchor-points which could be used for hanging?

    • How convenient, “Another One Bites the Dust.” This case goes straight to the top! Now one gets a glimpse inside the machinations of the criminal cabal-elite. Prince Andrew, total pedo, toe-sucking blackmailed buffoon plus many others, never to be named and shamed, will go scott free – their own little get out of jail free card. I have to admit, with the billions he has access to, I wonder will he get a second chance at life like the FBI agent who was reported dead in the papers, then turned up at Trump Towers trying to go up the back stairwell with a gun with a silencer? If our prison system can’t keep safe the #1 witness in a long time directly connected to all the blackmailing of people in high places all over the world, especially in this country, causing so much chaos and unvoted changes, we are cooked!

      • Something that caught my eye:

        Specifically: “Attorney General William Barr—whose father had hired Epstein to teach math at the tony private school Dalton in the late 70s—said in a statement Saturday morning: “I was appalled to learn that Jeffrey Epstein was found dead early this morning from an apparent suicide while in federal custody. Mr. Epstein’s death raises serious questions that must be answered. In addition to the FBI’s investigation, I have consulted with the Inspector General who is opening an investigation into the circumstances of Mr. Epstein’s death.”

        Well, let’s all have a good laugh that the FBI is going to investigate this!!!! Hahaha, okay, now I feel better. That’s the same FBI that destroyed Hillary’s laptops.


        Think: late 70’s??? Forty YEARS ago Attorney General, William Barr’s FATHER hired Epstein??? Do you mean to tell me that this Epstein may have been raping and molesting girls from the late 1970’s and our own Attorney General’s Father hired him???? This Deep State Stuff is Some Sheet!

        Andy, this was a nice, ‘get out ahead of it’ by Barr, don’t you think, just a little blurb, and then to fade away.

        It would be a great research project to make a spreadsheet, put all of the names of the men that are so far named (and women) and which states/countries/government bodies they were head of or served in, or in the case of the deceased scientist, what the elites wanted from them in exchange to keep the sex with underage girl pictures and tapes out of sight. For example, ole Bill Richardson of New Mexico. There were some laws he signed that didn’t seem to support New Mexico. I bet every one of these people can be traced back to some thing they affected, voted on, ignored, etc., that changed the course of history in their sphere of influence. That’s why they were ‘targeted’ or ‘invited’ on those glorious trips, into mansions, and onto massage tables.

    • Yep, billionaires are nothing. That is chump change, compared to Foundation X and the Vatican. They have more “money” than the north and south american continent.

      Here is a few people on the list that got whacked for going agaisnt the real power elite

      Jesus of Nazareth,

      Abraham Lincoln
      Andrew Jackson
      John F Kennedy

      Bill Cooper <— whome Bill Clinton called the most dangerous man in the world.

      Still God is not deaf to the crys of innocent women and children.

      I have a feeling this aint over yet.

    • I’m willing to bet real money …well, $0.25 anyway, that the pilots of his aircraft have an amazing series of “accidental” deaths as well.

      Pure coincidence, of course ….

      • do you mean like the mysterious secret service deaths and suicides of personal body guards.

        I am sorry.. but all of that has been determined to be FAKE news and just coincidental that this happened..

        What we should be focusing on is how the Russians got involved and convinced so many to sway the vote..jusring the last election..

  3. First of all, although I am not fan of Joe Biden at all, I find it ironic that the right and the main stream media is making a big deal out of his few gaffes, when the Moronic (George intervenes: Balance redacted under our Trump bashing policy. The story was about Biden gaffes and not Trump. Story wasn’t about Bill Mahrer’s lame T bashing -“humor” either, either. See how this policy works?

    • Well Mark, they “leaked” that stuff super early so it would be a non issue come nomination time. If ya have dirt, best to get it out before it becomes an issue later.

      In todays ADD driven herd mentality, it will become a non issue in a month. Think strategy.

    • @ Mark

      Do YOU really find it hard to take a ‘rest’…..IF I was the policy maker …YOU would be banned….since you can’t take a civilized hint….and your opinions are flawed..for what ever reason…of which I have NO opinion which I care to share…since it would not qualify under Geroge’s over site….and yes that is a stab at ‘humor’….

      • George…this isn’t fair…I get to be bashed and I made a great point…and posted a link to an incredible Bill Maher segment that was fair and very balanced. What’s with you these days? You used to be reasonable.

        What most of you don’t get…is that 95 million people did not vote in the last election. Most of those hated both choices. You could say that I was one of them, because I wasted my vote on a write protest.

        If there is one thing Trump has done, it’s he has woken those 95 million and the result won’t be good for Trump. He lost by three million votes the last time…in 2020, we’ll…let’s just say it won’t be pretty.

      • Actually, it IS fair. Bill Maher has made at least part of his income off Trump Bashing and he dcoesn’t promote my stuff, so I don’t feel compelled to promote his. I make great points, too.
        And speaking of the 95-million who didn’t vote, they are sick and tired of the partisan wrangly and BS. Hence, my Trump rule. Which, to reiterate: Comments are welcome as long as they are directly related to the news or events I cite.

        Your specific comment – in response to Quest for Super Healing” is “unfair” in my view. That whole PN report had exactly nothing to do with Trump, Maher or any of the political domain with one except..
        The one political angle that is open to comment (sans any Trump blaming) would be in reply to my mentioning “Joe Gotta Go.” In regards to the a has-been sock puppet for the Elites. Comments on that are open, but as always only to bona fide subscribers who’ve read the piece.
        Have received not a single comment supporting Biden yet and I’m not holding my breath.
        But, if you’d like to, have at it.

      • “What most of you don’t get…is that 95 million people did not vote in the last election.”

        Well..First I am going to change my political party from Democrat to Independent. ( I think politicians are all bought out by special interests) especially after all the HS..(Horse Shot) that they democratic party has been pulling..
        but doubt it makes any difference at all who you vote for…. the DC bubble is bought and paid for. the politicians that are in will be voted in again no matter how crappy their work history is and the new figures on people not voting in the next election will more than likely be 95 million and one.. .. is it even worth it to vote. they don’t even read the HS they vote in.. even for state it is a waste of time..At this point Voting seems like a total waste of time and energy..

      • 95mln people didn’t vote because they’re lazy, and will continue to be lazy and not vote. Nearly 120mln didn’t vote in 2012. Having voter participation rates in the 40s of percentages is not unusual in post-FDR U.S. politics…

        Bill Maher has never been either fair or balanced, and if he tried, his show would be gone within one ratings period.

        You were not “bashed,” you were “corrected” because you wanted to “test” George.

  4. Red beet powder nitrogen gas dilates veins and body has other uses for. As get older stops producing Careful how much use headache may result. Cross trainers use healing and power

  5. My then 93 year old mother tripped and fell on a concrete walk, catching herself on her elbows.
    She had some scrapes on her elbows with a little blood.
    At that time I had her taking 12+ grams of C, in divided doses, every day.
    She had NO bruising or other trauma. (Obviously, no broken bones)
    She has near perfect BP (Today: 98/57 p67).

    At nearly 95, she is still driving, and is still sharp.

    Last week she saw a new doctor who told her to tell everybody she was 65, as that is what she looked like. MADE HER DAY!!! LOL!

  6. George would you please repost your roommates healing Mac protocal. I got the LED you suggested in 2017 and would appreciate knowing if following her successful therapy. Mentioned light to eye doc the other day and as he was leaving the room let me know light didn’t help at all. A wise friend many years ago commented that the problem with a lot of DOCS is they quit learning when they get out of med school.

    • I couldn’t tell you it was every other day for 3 weeks, then a week off. Nor could I say that on these alternate days for 3-4 minutes each eye. You see, were I to tell you that, it might be construed as medical advice, which we don’t do. I am not a medical person, have no credentials and so forth.

      Moreover, whatever you do, DO NOT VISIT OR SCROLL DOWN AND CLICK ON THE SCIENCE button! The US version of the site is less revealing…

      Even more important is that your doc doesn’t read on the research tab:

      “The LIGHTSITE I study is the first prospective, sham controlled, double-masked clinical study to evaluate the effectiveness of photobiomodulation (PBM) treatment in patients with dry age-related macular degeneration (AMD). The study included 46 eyes and subject participation lasted 12 months. Results from the LIGHTSITE I study showed clinical improvements in visual and anatomical outcome measures following multi-wavelength PBM. Improvements were observed in Best-Corrected Visual Acuity (BCVA) and Contrast Sensitivity (CS) in addition to improvements in pathological hallmarks such as Central Drusen Volume (CDV). These data provide a strong foundation for the utility of PBM therapy and demonstrate disease-modifying effects….”

      Because that would rock his world, too.

      As would where there are 105 clinical trials involving light as a healing modality for everything from Alzheimer’s to eyes to Parkinson’s, wound healing…OMG this is shocking stuff he shouldn’t be allowed near!
      So thanks for not asking and glad I didn’t recommend anything.

  7. “Great! Just please don’t let AI get a social media account!” – G_____ 08/10/2019, quoted for the unsubscribed.

    Clif H. always contended that artificial human intelligence (AI) was not possible because the artificial constructs lack the Darwinian-evolved emotive response which sets boundaries on biological intellect. I would say the non-human machine intelligence (NAI) is an entirely different possibility, and that GUS-AI (Government US artificial intelligence) has probably been present on social media since the get-go. Characteristics of a inhuman artificial intelligence social media persona would probably be to manifest repetitive behavior approximating an alphabet psych-op field manual, with a measure of Alinsky thrown in. Psychopathic and sociopathic personality traits should be observable, especially for a sovereign state NAI. Adult Americans can usually see through this sort of thing, but the youngsters seem to get the hook set pretty regularly. Editorial suppression of serial propaganda and hate talk can be an effective defense against this sort of actor for an individual website. I would expect that Arab Spring type plots are generally a typical goal of sovereign state NAI persona actors. By raising the level of animosity and steering the discussion, control can be affected, even if the real desired effect is completely contrarian to the social media actor’s stated narrative. Psychopath and sociopathic personas use feigned emotive content to manipulate emotive responses from regular folk, even while they are immune to counterattack. Of course, not all social media psychopaths and sociopaths are NAI’s, but in practical terms, there is no real need to distinguish, since their identical behaviors should all trigger editorial intervention.

    • That fellow was wrong – and maybe in an upcoming PN I will show you how to model a simple “real=-feeling AI” it ain’t that hard once you have our matrix/major systems of life model. From there, a few interacting randomizations and presto…

      • Do you think an AI can outwit your editorial judgement indefinitely? Lincoln’s thoughts on foolin’ people might apply here too I think.

  8. George would like to recommend you consider Dr. Jebb Bushs 4 min workout program. Can be done beneficially at any fitness level. I had become somewhat remiss in my physical conditioning and started using his program to get back in shape. Having maybe learned to train not strain am working on getting back to condition of my mid 60s. Although am only 85 think this an achievable goal. Working at it.

  9. You are doing just right, George. I take a handful of supplements daily, to ‘treat’ (That’s a medical patent term)… er… ‘address’ old problems and some to prevent new possible problems. All well researched. I plan to live past 100. We shall see.

    Another issue: When on the subscriber peoplenomics page and I scroll to the top… the link for “urban survival” takes me to an error page. Then I have to click on the top graphic ‘urbansurvival’ to get back to the urban index page. Broken link. Something under 10 lbs that you can fix. :-)

  10. Hi George, for post op healing…physics before chemistry. As a retired RN I can tell you our medical system is missing a huge piece by not including the meridian system in the Western anatomy, and thus consequently avoids the assessment and treatment of the flow of energy to the organs it supports. Even teeth are apart of it (see the movie Root Cause).

    We are biochemical electromagnetic beings. If we were not, there would be no EKGs to assess the conduction of the heart.

    I have studied just about all of the hands on healing modalities and there are two that stand out. Jin shin jyutsu (JSJ) which is a spin off of a more ancient modality called Marmani ( Ayurvedic – excellent in its own right) and Brennan healing science (resonance).

    For any trauma such as surgery using JSJ’s opposite fingers and toes (see YouTube) helps quite a bit with pain control and getting systems back on line.

    My husband had two hernias repaired with mesh earlier this year. (We think it might have been caused by years of wearing a belt buckle.)

    Adequate fluid and nutrition intake post op is a must.

    Thank you George for all you do.

  11. Take homeopathic Arnica for super fast healing. Cosmetic surgeons are using it for fast healing of their patients also some ER for children’s injuries.

  12. George my dad had a hernia op back in the 50’s and although he was a tough guy it took him about 2 weeks to recup. I remember you said your op was through the bb even so, best advice I can offer is be GENTLE with yourself! There’s nothing in your life at this stage that won’t wait 2 weeks so you can MEND! Including your blog here; you are allowed to take a few days off. So take it easy, sleazy!


  14. Do you honestly believe AI isn’t already chip-deep in unsociable media? He!!, I’ve been out of programming for 20 years and I believe even I could write a mediabot that’d go undiscovered by the twits and farcebook drones. It’d only require 3rd Grade intelligence and a 6th Grade vocabulary…

  15. Joe Biden is a lifelong mentally maladroit, elitist snob with a total lack of social or financial justification for his snobbery. When Soros selected Obama to run in 2008, he picked him because he was untouchable — absolutely anything said against Mr. Obama could be twisted around, then trumped with the “race card.” Biden was selected as his running mate to completely insulate Obama against impeachment. The folks on the Hill might be fools, but they ain’t stupid, and every one knew no matter how far Obama strayed from his Constitutional powers and authority, booting him and installing Creepy Joe would be worse.

    Biden doesn’t really want to run. He is not very bright, but he’s an instinctive-enough political animal to know that in 2020 at least, there’s a political buzz saw with his name on it. He’s doing so to placate the Democratic Establishment. The Dems’ internal polling says there is no way anyone can beat Trump unless the economy tanks before the Election. They don’t have a quality candidate and are not likely to find one. Because of this, what they’re trying to place is a Bob Dole type of “sacrificial lamb” like McGovern or Mondale, but someone who appears to be less-than-a-communist, just in case the economy DOES go Tango Uniform a year from now. That way they can justify spending a half-billion less on the Presidential campaign, and have that buckage in the warchest already, for 2024.

    History rhymes, politicians repeat. The Repubs did this in ’76 and ’96, the Dems in ’72, ’84, and ’88, because both the Republican Corporation and the Democratic Corporation may lie to us, and to each other, but behind closed doors, they know, months before their Convention, what their candidate’s actual chances are…

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