Some comments this week encouraged me to put together a short retrospectiveg piece for today that is elegant and simply demonstrates how a World Class Super Power has been infiltrated,  and indeed subverted, by agents of globalism and foreign powers over the past 45- years..

Take 5-minutes and take a listen to this from 1974:  Back in the days of greatness.  From a Canadian perspetive:

That was 1974.

Now comes the thinking part – and it will keep you going all weekend, if you have a brain.

How did we “blow” such a commanding leadership role in virtually  everything.

Anti-American forces are selling a load of spoiled goods., yet their persistenc e is killing us.  We don’t suffer American Exceptionalism, we’re suffering American failure.

This is why  economic cycles come and go, nations rise and falll, as ours is headed for the exit.  China and India are going to the moon while we’re  sitting on the ground trying to monetize  the weather and white-shaming goes mainstream.  WTF?.  They take the skies and we can’t control a border?  US?  The country that kicked Hitlers ass out of Europe?  We who vanquished all in WW II?  It’s an astounding tale of Riches to Rags.

China and Asia are designing our future.  While we;re monetizing sex dolls. Seeing a pattern yet?

We’re sending famers to the poorhouse while exporting new phone palnts to China.  That, dear reader is a jump off the economic bridge, too

“As you sow, so shall yee reap.”

Reap ’em and weep.  We could have been a contender; was that Rocky’s line?   But, not with a victim and loser mindset so prevalent today.

Toughness between the ears and a commitment to be One Nation Under God is being trolled out of fashion by social media.  Empty wallets and shattered dreams won’t be far behind.

I’ll remind you in a couple of years.  I wanted to remind you in Big Picture terms why we are not doing so well in global markets.