A Five Minute Blast From the Past & Retrospective

Some comments this week encouraged me to put together a short retrospectiveg piece for today that is elegant and simply demonstrates how a World Class Super Power has been infiltrated,  and indeed subverted, by agents of globalism and foreign powers over the past 45- years..

Take 5-minutes and take a listen to this from 1974:  Back in the days of greatness.  From a Canadian perspetive:

That was 1974.

Now comes the thinking part – and it will keep you going all weekend, if you have a brain.

How did we “blow” such a commanding leadership role in virtually  everything.

Anti-American forces are selling a load of spoiled goods., yet their persistenc e is killing us.  We don’t suffer American Exceptionalism, we’re suffering American failure.

This is why  economic cycles come and go, nations rise and falll, as ours is headed for the exit.  China and India are going to the moon while we’re  sitting on the ground trying to monetize  the weather and white-shaming goes mainstream.  WTF?.  They take the skies and we can’t control a border?  US?  The country that kicked Hitlers ass out of Europe?  We who vanquished all in WW II?  It’s an astounding tale of Riches to Rags.

China and Asia are designing our future.  While we;re monetizing sex dolls. Seeing a pattern yet?

We’re sending famers to the poorhouse while exporting new phone palnts to China.  That, dear reader is a jump off the economic bridge, too

“As you sow, so shall yee reap.”

Reap ’em and weep.  We could have been a contender; was that Rocky’s line?   But, not with a victim and loser mindset so prevalent today.

Toughness between the ears and a commitment to be One Nation Under God is being trolled out of fashion by social media.  Empty wallets and shattered dreams won’t be far behind.

I’ll remind you in a couple of years.  I wanted to remind you in Big Picture terms why we are not doing so well in global markets.

21 thoughts on “A Five Minute Blast From the Past & Retrospective”

  1. What defines a nation is it’s people, not the architecture of it’s government buildings. The generations which achieved that level of greatness you have alluded to were forged in the depths of the Great Depression and WWII. The globalists pretend to be heirs to that legacy, while looting the American heartland and screwing our kids. The globalists gained control of the public narrative with technology and money supplied by secret squirrels within our own government. The globalist control is being reinforced with denial of access to targeted groups by universities and corporate HR in the name of diversity, when it is in effect privatization and renewal of Jim Crow with an adjustment of the target groups. Debt slavery is the other piece of the globalist control mechanism. And the debt slavery is funded by you and your savings. The antidote for the media control is public disclosure of truth and exposure of lies. Allowing unfettered media access to the globalists and their pet hate mongers is not in the public interest. Propaganda is manipulation, not free speech. Ultimately, I am forming the opinion that it will take another monetary reset to throw off the chains of debt slavery, and allow future generations to move forward. As to whether war is coming I cannot say, but we are not going to best the globalists with guns.

    • @ INT…

      GUNS are what allows the globalist to remain in power….and to ‘best’ them with the same can be done….and may have to be done…when they ‘come for you and yours’…..that is why there is a push to …REMOVE ALL GUNS FROM AMERICA….except …(you guessed it)…those that are controlled by the ‘globalist’….police, armed forces..and ALL the US GOVERNMENT ‘alphabet’ agencies…who by the way have been armed in the last 8 years….’guerrilla warfare’ and ‘specific target choice’…can be very effective in ‘culling the herd’……IF you retain your ‘arms’…never give up your arms…NEVER…Semper Fi

      • Support the NRA. Don’t give up the personal firearms willingly. My reference to guns was a euphemism intended to mean direct military action, not personal defensive arms.

      • A big problem with the push for “red flag laws” has nothing to do with guns. It’s a direct attack on the fourth amendment, among others!

        People have a right to be presumed competent and able to use their guns safely or not at all. This is the law of the land per the second amendment. Presuming that a person is incompetent based on hearsay from relatives or others in society is a violation of the fifth amendment and probably others. Acting on it and issuing a court order for forcible disarming of any person during an ex parte “hearing” where the subject person is not even notified is legally dubious and a direct affront to that person’s autonomy and humanity.

        The worst part is that when served, such a court “order’ allows the search of the subject and his/her premises for unspecified “guns” on the flimsiest of opinions. Anything else found can be noted, perhaps taken, and completely revokes our right to be secure in our homes and possessions. If there was something that “might” be illegal – the person could be charged with a crime, though there was no probable cause or even reasonable articulable suspicion for the search. The person might spend days in jail while said substance was then analyzed and found to be flour, talc, sugar, vitamin C, or whatever. Searches such as this are likely to occur in the early AM when a man and his wife are sleeping peacefully together. SWAT teams are often involved. What could go wrong?

        A man was shot and killed recently when he answered his door in Maryland during such a raid. I knew a couple that were raided years ago because some third party thought that their corn looked like marijuana plants. They survived, after being dragged out of bed, handcuffed in their underwear and forced outside in the cold. They sued in federal court and got nothing. These rules and practices were those that instigated the revolutionary war, and are absolutely contrary to American values.

        Most likely, an innocent in such a proceeding will have no recourse. We need to push back hard against such things, regardless of one’s opinion on guns.

      • @ NM Mike

        Red Flag Laws …are what the 2 nd amendment was written for….To REPEL WITH FORCE ….Government Tyranny…

  2. The cesspool of DC ….aka the SWAMP…must be eliminated..and purged of its
    ‘critters’.who gain POWER over citizens and PROFIT handsomely from ‘feeding from the trough’…starting with…. (1) ALL lobbyist…(2) ALL think tanks….CFR CATO Heritage etc. (2a) ALL members of these org. that are employed by the government and CONTRACTORS. (3) ALL NGO’s de-funded…(2b) Close the Department of..EDUCATION, ENERGY, COMMERCE for starters and then A-Z Index of U.S. Government Departments and Agencies there are SO MANY BUT must be culled….this is where major corruption and many $$$$ are seated and embedded….(4) ALL ex government employees, that are working for..’private corps…with any ties to the funding process…….(5) ALL elected and appointed CONgress members and Cabinet members and STATE Department, CIA, FBI, NAS etc……Financial records ,Bank accounts,campaign slush funds along with tax records MUST be exposed…….and THEN we can purge the PENTAGON…same criteria……Then REMOVE the UN from our soil….as this is a Rockefeller ‘gift’….THEN…END the FED……… I am sure many of you could add to this list….I know none of this will be accomplished….BUT….soon it will ‘come to past’ as this country is piled on the ‘ash heap of history’…..along with ALL those that worked for that ending….and those that did not, are unfortunately, ‘along for the ride’….

      • Niccolò Machiavelli exposed the “cesspool” if the cesspool wasn’t already exposed when a certain population killed a walking god who performed on-demand miracles.

        The “deep state” continues because of the self-interest of people. The “Deep State” is Adam Smith’s invisible hand a work.

        Did you ever see “Grapes of Wraith”?

        “Representatives of the company come to tell the tenants that they must get off the land. Sharecropping is no longer profitable, so the bank has bought the land to farm. The men representing the company are mean or nice or cold because they are ashamed of what they are doing, yet none take responsibility for their actions. It is not their fault, but the fault of the Bank, and the Bank is not a person. The squatters try to bargain, offering to rotate crops or to take a smaller share, but the bank men are not interested. The tenants argue that the land belongs to them because their families have lived and died on it, but the bank men only reply, “I’m sorry.”

        The next day, a tractor arrives, bulldozing whatever is in its path. Disconnected from the land on which he works, the driver is not a living man, but an extension of the tractor. The tenants recognize him as the son of a neighbor and question why he would help to put his neighbors out of their homes. He replies that he has his own family to take care of, and the bank will pay him three dollars a day, every day. The tenant wants to know whom he should kill to get his land back, but there is no person he can fight. While the tenant tries to figure out what to do, the tractor bites into the corner of his house.


  3. George, I truly love and respect the Bill of Rights, but we don’t have to finance their abuse. The media and “educational system” are absolutely complicit with using our First Amendment to seed a generation of kids with anti-American ideas. We used to live up to the idea of American Exceptionalism. Now it’s considered to be anti-diversity! We CAN mandate that American institutions funded by public dollars remove their “Vice President’s of Diversity”(yes, the title exists) and even go as far as replacing them with “Vice President of Patriotism”. Personally, I’d be happy if we just did the former. While I have no problem with natural diversity, I do have one where it’s been weaponized into a hatred for the still dominant culture.

    I’ve not always been a fan of the “Fairness Doctrine” thing in media, but I can see it’s place today. In most countries, both education and media are required to respect the culture, institutions and policies that maintain a nation. We’ve abandoned that, replacing it with the team sport of lobbing verbal grenades between the “right” and the “left”. Insulting the president or the former one regularly all day long is more like negative propaganda than anything else. I can’t even hear real news on the radio(such as the death of five scientists working on a nuclear rocket engine in Russia, and the details). Instead, there’s constant drivel about our president being a “racist” or “XXXist”. This is irrelevant – even if it was true(not my opinion), it’s hardly so important that it it’s the only news. The old line – “if it bleeds, it leads” is simplistic and rather stupid. News should be actionable, educational, and at least interesting. I have no interest in hearing that various random people committed various crimes unless they matter in my life. Yes, a crash closing the freeway is useful to many, but knowing the age of the driver is pointless. I’ve yet to hear a news report on how we, as Americans, can do something TODAY that will help ourselves AND our country.

    The educational system in many countries has a government official making sure that proper attitudes are instilled in students at all grade levels. This officer is present in the school and may observe in the classes. We have no such officer and it does somewhat conflict with our idea of freedom of thought, but we do need to at least visit such an idea. We’re at a point that even an attack on our nation(yes, NATION, not “homeland”) elicits only a lukewarm response.

    There’s nothing pleasant about fixing what’s broken, but like a ruptured sewer, we had better fix it.

  4. American values have certainly been lost in the new “Our Community” society. This has been fostered over many years by the liberal left & our give away leaders. But the American economy is still the richest, largest, powerful, & most innovative in the world. Other countries don’t foster innovation, they want their citizens to be government controlled robots. This gives the USA an advantage in the upcoming tech revolution that will generate trillion of dollars for USA companies & support stock market growth.

    As for the Moon & Mars, they will eventually be used as a dumping ground for Earth’s radioactive & other waste.

    It is what it is, the key is to profit from it. That is how America operates. If we don’t, we will crumble.

    Al Gore fostered Climate Change & became a billionaire from it. Al doesn’t care about Climate change, only the profits. He has a heated pool. That is how the liberal left operates. Screw the citizens, give me the money.

    • An inflationary depression would make the wretched bellow. As food supplies & toilet paper become scarce, prices rise. Although, the rich, like the military (Major & above) don’t suffer as much. Would it be Trumps fault or the white mans, or would people only care about getting a loaf of bread?

      • Typically credit deflation is associated with depressions, but this can be misleading. The credit deflation primarily affects things bought with OPM (Other Peoples Money). Businesses built on borrowed money fail due to lack of available credit. Banks fail. Luxury items lose value, and homes and other consumer items usually bought with credit may fall in value, at least initially and especially in overpriced speculative markets, due to decreased demand and a tidal wave of loan defaults.
        As businesses fail, scarcity of some supplies may result in regional or national hyperinflation for affected items. Your example of food and toilet paper are good examples. Lack of credit for farmers and inability to move agricultural products to market are big factors in food hyperinflation. Traditionally, country folk plant gardens, and harvest hapless critters to get by. Urban dwellers take a hit to the wallet, or worse.
        Depressions can get you from all directions: job loss, bank failures, loans called in, collapse of the social safety net, and skyrocketing prices for everyday necessities. And the tax man and his attending revenuers always have a job. Typically depressions don’t run their course until all credit is liquidated including bad credit, good credit and every variation in between. Depressions tend to be an antidote to endemic debt slavery, but the debtors don’t fair well at all, and debtor’s prisons will come back into style.

  5. “While we;re monetizing sex dolls”


    I wonder just how close we are..


    self aware..


    my guess is it isn’t to far off..
    over thirty years ago.. I was at an electronics show.. they had a simple desk top computer and some three d glasses.. little microphones by the ears.. I thought this is cool.. put on the goggles.. I was standing on the edge of the grand canyon.. look up.. see the eagle flying around hear the rustle of wings on the wind.. the noises.. it was as if you stepped right into another world.. look down.. boy you could see it all.. in realistic color and seamless .. it was as if you were standing on the edge of the grand canyon.. if someone had come up behind you and pushed.. you would have believed you were falling into the grand canyon..

    I have had plenty of ethics discussions with some kids.. unfortunately.. they see the task at hand not the future potentials for calamity.. Now add in the cloud.. and all the data that is being stored there..
    over forty years ago.. I seen a pretty impressive hologram live.. in real time.. no loop.. it was as it was..
    this is something I am planning on setting up for Halloween seen one a couple of years ago.. coudn’t get the grand kids to leave it was pretty awesome..



  6. I can’t see anything but a down market next week.Will AMD dive after a new high was posted? Will I have the nerve to buy some 8/16 puts? Probably not.

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