Dangerous Markets, Personal Choices

Thank God it’s Friday, huh?  Hernia surgery Tuesday was not my idea of a “good time.”  But, like any other “lemon” handed to us in Life, we can complain about it being sour or we can make lemonade.

My “lemonade” offering will come tomorrow on the subscriber side (Peoplenomics.com) where I go through a long list of potential “super-healing modalities” that this particular lemon has given me an opportunity to “test.”   Quest for Super-Healing is the working title.

That’ll be a four or five hour block of my recovery/work-day.  And I am thankful that the Universe that has scheduled this year’s East Texas string of miserable high temps at exactly the calendar moment when I won’t be able (or interested) in working on big projects outside. Let’s get down to business…

Markets and PPI

We have one dollop of finance data just out from the Labor Department.  Producer Price Index numbers give us sense of what’s “in the pipeline” on the manufacturing/wholesale side.  Which, in turn, has a nasty way of showing up at the checkout counter.  Here’s how it looks:

“The Producer Price Index for final demand advanced 0.2 percent in July, seasonally adjusted, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. Final demand prices moved up 0.1 percent in both June and May. (See table A.)

On an unadjusted basis, the final demand index rose 1.7 percent for the 12 months ended in July. In July, the rise in final demand prices was led by a 0.4-percent increase in the index for final demand goods. Prices for final demand construction rose 0.6 percent. In contrast, the index for final demand services declined 0.1 percent.

The index for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services fell 0.1 percent in July, the first decrease since declining 0.1 percent in October 2015. For the 12 months ended in July, prices for final demand less foods, energy, and trade services moved up 1.7 percent.

There is one other report out to be aware of:  The Federal Reserve H.6 money stocks report for the week ending July 29, showed the annual rate of increase for M1 was 6.8% as you can see at the bottom of table H.6-2 here.

There are several aspects of the Fed M1 to be kept in mind.  First is that compared to the M1 rate-of-increase in Table 1, to the end of May, we see the three-month window (annualized) was blowing off at an 11.1% rate of growth.

Given that the Fed is aiming for a 2% rate environment (for the big players, not us pip-squeaks) both of these numbers are extremely high and yet, at the same time, revealing.

The numbers through May (the 11.1% pop at M1) screams that the present rally in the market (despite the down-tick in the past 10-days) has been fuels by “free money” – but again, not for little peeps.

The drop to the 6.8% rate in the closer-in 90-day window says the Fed is about done with puffing up the market.  The recent market high came on 7.26.19 in our Aggregate view of things.

As a result, one could argue, we may have seen the last of the blow-off highs in the stock market, but there are still a number of “wildcards” in play.

For one, as the rest of the world slows a bit (and some economists including Ure’s truly see recession in sight), the way ahead of mired in side-issues and gobbledygook.

Practically speaking, the market pull-back on tap for this morning could be viewed as a “normal retracement” following the big upside pop yesterday.  Yet under Elliott Wave theory, we can’t be too certain about the future direction of the economy forward until the retracement is complete.

You see, under Elliott, if we go back and set new all-time-highs that would be very bullish and would auger for another multi-year expansion of the economy.  That’s a long-shot, however.  More likely would be the alternative count which would have our Aggregate Index possibly hit a 75-80% retracement in the next week, or so, and then down we’d go this fall.  Jury’s at breakfast.

With that, it would be a Wave III down ready to appear – if it happens.  An end-of-year rally might ensue.  After that?  Elliott fifth waves can be large and should one come along late next Spring, it would steal away Donald Trump’s “great economy” claims going into the 2020 polling.

More Important: Personal Action

A large percentage of our fellow Americans are lost in the quagmire of name-calling (‘racist’, ‘white supremacist’ and other vulgarity designed for shock and attention, not accuracy or acuity of thought).

As a result, they are missing the most important thing people can do in times like these:  Vote with their Wallets.

Take for example, the story about how Amazon is now launching its new robotic delivery services.

As we have warned for years, robotics is society will really begin to bifurcate.  I know it’s hard to visualize, but where this technology-based stratification leads is to a world where there is a well-off consumer class, a lower-middle class of robotic maintenance workers, and an underclass which is self-disenfranchising themselves right now from their homelands.  Then struggling to invade America at exactly the time we’re beginning to replace workers.  Poor not on the distro list of future?

It’s easy enough to see when you look at the history of technological change.  Why, there’s even a lens through which you can view the US Civil War as a similar human-capital versus machine-capital conflict.

The cotton gin was invented in 1794.  In the days of Eli Whitney, the Antebellum South was made profitable as machinery made cottom profitable, but only with a slave class to provide “cheap pickin’s.”

The “new and improved” human slavery isn’t of a racial or ethnic type specifically.  The current language is a big “hide the sausage.”

Instead, new slavery is based on ownership of debt (which is how your are “owned”)  and thus control over a proportionately wide swath of humans.  Racial and ethnic slavers are a truly despicable lot, and yet in an odd way, those supporting open borders are slavery, too.  Welcoming in the next round of victims who will face huge obstacles as the jobs they came for will be disappearing in short order.  Robots, self-driving vehicle, and financial models that indenture rather than free citizens.  The “rent your life model.”  Immigrants will be financial fodder in the end.

Rent Your Life is the real enemy today.  The “hot lingo” is appealing on the social distraction (media) sites, but it’s not an action-oriented plan for change.

Our demise comes as Slavery 3.0 is arriving in the form of self-checkout stands and other job-killing technologies.  At some point, the distractions on your phone will fail and we will be in the same rut has human history has walked in for thousands of years.  We’ll be “owned.”

All we can do, both to maintain our autonomy and avoid the yoke of Debt Slavery, is pay off and reject debt while at the same time living below our means and producing what we can for ourselves.

Which is why we’re so fond of things like the Kindle version of Make: magazine.  Because we have got to keep humans occupied or they will go crazy – as current political insanity underscores.

An ugly economic concept people don’t want to deal with is this aspect of supply of, and demand for, human capital:  If there are more people, but no additional work, the cost of labor will go down because with 7.6 billion people you can bet someone will do your job cheaper.

Financial Engineering, however, doesn’t give a rat’s ass about the employment, development, elevation, or enlightenment of a world full of fellow souls on a journey.  THAT has nothing (or at least very little) to do with what falls to the Bottom Line.

As a result, the Financial Engineers are building conveyors of wealth to the ownership class in order to hornswoggle the middle class into financial slavery, which it has (and always will) be.

We have a path to Soylent Green ahead.  The challenge then becomes for the artists, markers, creators, and visionaries to see the scam early-enough that the terrible path can be avoided.

Journeys of the soul, whether via astral projection, near-death experiences, or deep meditation, all provide for “knowing at a distance” and are far less  expensive than shot-gun space programs all just looking for wealth.

Next time you go to check out at the grocery store, please consider checking out with a human.  We pay a little more to shop at the local grocer who uses humans and has additional humans who wheel the food out to the car for us, but that’s voting with our wallet for a world where people still have a place.

We need to begin voting on this while we still can.

Largest teachers union threatens Walmart boycott over guns in my view focuses too much on sporting goods and not enough on teaching personal values, responsibility, and what’s going on in the checkout lines where people are being replaced.

Whew!  Long rap…sorry about that.  On with…

A Few Things That Do Matter

OK, besides gardening and reinforcing personal independence by shedding debt while “Render(ing) to Caesar the things that are Caesar’s; and to God the things that are God’s.”  (Matthew 22:21 for the unread.)  What else matters this fine Friday?  Besides rendering less…

China may be trying to hack US utilities, report says.  One of these days they will get it right.  When they do, the grid will be “hard-down” and your only assets will be those on (and about) your person.  Which is why so many people are at risk yet remain too dumb to see it.

In the NT Times today, British Economy Shrinks, a Sign of Economic Uncertainty.  This is a global economic condition.  Since 2000, the Global markets in our work have completed 5-major waves up, there was a Wave 1 down, and we’re at the top of a potential Wave 2 rebound.  From here, the Global Wave 3 down could emerge like a fire-breathing dragon to beggar billions 2020-2024.  You gonna be one of ’em?  See Global Markets Tumble On Trade War Fears, Italian Bonds Plunge As Crisis Returns for more over at Zerohedge.

Absent a failed economy (yet, wait for it) the dems are still selling racial hatred.  For example Joe Biden Says ‘Poor Kids Are Just as Bright’ as ‘White Kids’ at Event for Asian and Hispanic Voters.  Joe’s working the race card, having nothing else to sell.  But he;s talking too much about our differences and not a plan or solutions is in sight.  Damn demagogues.  If you don’t have a solid, workable answer, please drop out and STFU.  Thanks. Time waster.

Also ploughing the racial divide: Pete Buttigieg: ‘Systemic racism is a white problem’.  Dude!  Check the mirror! So where’s your plan to fix?  No plan?  Another time waster.

The “hard sell is on” over 5G as The Feds Try To End the Debate Over 5G Health Concerns—Data Sheet.

And speaking of corporate finance, Bayer Wants to Settle All Roundup-Related Cancer Claims for $8 Billion.

Colleges Are Cutting Tuition, but You May Not Pay Less.  You are, after all, the turnip and they’re after your what?

And look for the Lamestream to fill the weekend with damage pictures as China Issues Red Alert as a Strong Typhoon Bears Down on the East Coast.  Which will be first to blame it on “climate” change?

OK, off to begin work on the Super-Healing article…We have UrbanSurvival articles teed up for tomorrow and Sunday as well… Dow futures down 140…

Write when you get rich,


52 thoughts on “Dangerous Markets, Personal Choices”

  1. I will be interested in seeing how your “Super-Healing” deals with, if it does, Eastern, Western, Shamanism and Herbalism as each does have healing effects.
    Which one provides a ‘cure’ and which one treats the symptoms. Or what combination.

    Get well George and I will tip a glass at Happy Hour for you tonight.
    If your doctor says “no booze” I recommend getting a new doctor. Getting a new doctor also applies if he/she says “there is no cure”.

  2. My punch for better is now three phase. Nrf2 neuro feedback and magna Wave Exercise walking biking swimming weights low carbs.after heart issue

  3. George

    “Next time you go to check out at the grocery store, please consider checking out with a human”.

    I do this every place I shop where they have self checkout. I usually tell the cashier that I choose to use her so she can keep her job. I might also mention that I have 30 years experience in electrical / electronic design and could design one of those self check out booth’s if I so choose but think there Crap!

    There is a place for automation. It’s not a self flushing toilet or a countries work force.

    I have been involved with automation systems in both the military and civilian aerospace venues. You bring in automation to help the worker achieve superior results with the greatest degree of safety that can be provided. Many of today’s modern devices could not be fabricated without some assistance from automation. A good example is the Pick and Place machines used to make circuit boards. A human could not accurately place the minute chips now used to make the super fast circuits we use. You still need and should have humans in the build loop.

    CEO’s want totally Lights Out factories where no human works.

    Who’s gonna buy their product when no one is employed!!!

    There’s a place for automation, but it’s not every place.

    • Absolutely true. When a cashier is available without waiting 1/2 an hour, I’ll deal with a human – especially if she’s female. It’s a chance for a conversation and interaction. If I’m nice and there’s something in dispute, she often has discretion to make accommodations. Besides, I can make her day be being decent to her.

      The newest self-scanners at Walmart are designed to detect and frame your face on the transaction screen and no doubt keep a permanent record of it, along with your form of payment. In most cases this will link your face with your name and we know that Walmart uses facial recognition. This only has to happen once in any Walmart store since they share their common database and no doubt keep a historical file of transactions by customer. Creepy!

    • You probably still trying a find “Full Service” fuel dispensing? Maybe still order ice delivered. Technology moves on. People are displaced, other people step up with new ideas. I hate it we have so many people these days that believe they are due resources provided by their fellow citizens simply for existing. The services provided by these menial workers has typically been worse then me taking care of these items with the help of automation. Most people are bored out of their minds in those roles and their work ethic reflects that tedium. Better to automate those roles and have people take on roles that can be more expressive or creative. But no doubt displacement will occur, and good people will be impacted.

  4. George, I love your emphasis on reality and what works. Today it’s all about personal agendas.

    Today is a great newspaper column (they still exist for the moment) from Cal Thomas about what works.

    Quote one from Abraham Lincoln in 1863, “We have been the recipients of the choicest bounties of Heaven. We have been preserved, these many years, in peace and prosperity. We have grown in numbers, wealth, and power, as no other nation has ever grown. But we have forgotten God.”

    And a quote from Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn, Russian. “while I was still a child, in the 1930s, I recall hearing a number of older people offer the following explanation for the great disasters that have befallen Russia: ‘Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.’ … But if I were asked today, in 1983,to formulate as concisely as possible the main cause of the ruinous Revolution that swallowed up some 60 million of our people, I could not put it more accurately than to repeat, ‘Men have forgotten God; that’s why all this has happened.’ ”

    The United States was created by people who revered a God and an idea that permeated our Declaration of Independence, our Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Many of the founding father’s ideas are now considered antiquated and not germane to our lives today. These idea and ideals are NOT to be forgotten. But, as they are ignored they destroy the heritage given to us over 200 years ago. Men have forgotten God, that’s why all this is happening.

    If you do a search for the following Bible phrase, “Indeed, they sow the wind and reap the whirlwind.’ The day will come when may see that forgetting God will reap the whirlwind. The wind in America is rising and we are all at fault.

    • It’s a marvelous message. But it has been stricken by ant-good forces in the world. Religion is made a joke of my modernist liberals.

      This is easily seen-through, fortunately. For instead of talking about Good I simplify it to “Good” and “Evil” – which for some reason still kinda works.

      Reap evil, sow disaster – that makes sense even to the brainwashed. Had my moment of Grace and many encounters with The Larger as have many who visit here. But while it’s true we’ve forgotten God, it’s a simpler message with a higher throughput to say “We have forgotten what’s Good.”

      Add an “o” and barriers don’t pop up so quickly.

      • I shared this before. I was in a coma for 8 days; during this time, my conscious mind, or unconsious mind, was totally awake. Part of my incredible journey was being able to listen to a higher being, in one of the lessons, which had 3 items to it, the 2nd one was: “The Nation NeedsTo Return To God; the people need to go to their places of worship.”

        I personally believe that all the ill in the world is due to a lack of knowing God. But the people at the highest end of the spectrum of life, the elites, don’t believe in God and thus they feed off of the power of no inner or outer boundaries and can effect much damage in all spheres of human existence. But LOOK! Look at their faces! Did you see Soros’ face and Epstein’s face, and many of them, they look like HORROR. Their inner life is reflected on their exterior!

    • Then walk in the path of Emmanuel and dispense love and forgiveness in the world. Thereby, draining away the seeds of segregation, hate, and distance from the collective we all belong to. People forget they are multi dimensional beings and much more powerful than they give themselves credit for. As lost as we are, we are still capable of such great things !

    • The North American Indians say that we are in the 4th world as the previous 3 were destroyed because we forgot the be Thankful. Simple as that, we forgot to give thanks to the Creator for all that we have.

      Now the cycle of destruction (Earth Changes) has once again started, simply because we forgot to say “Thank You” for all that we have.

      So simple to do and so few do. Sad.

  5. George, I do hope you’re feeling better. I’ve been blessed to have avoided your situation, though I’ve had different challenges.

    I’m somewhat amused by the university situation, since I can take advantage of age discounted tuition, even at the graduate level. Unfortunately, “class fees” are nine times that of the discounted tuition, so the cost is an order of magnitude greater than advertised. I do see gross inefficiencies in higher ed – almost as bad as I see in medicine. This can be addressed if there was any institutional incentive to do so.

    Somewhat related is the push to essentially outlaw normal sexual human interaction on campus:


    This advocacy for a sterile campus is analogous to the institution shooting itself in the foot. There’s much less incentive for students to live on campus attending full time and an incredible extra risk if you’re male. No wonder kids are confused!

  6. Going back to healing. Zinc is the key. My wife had a kidney removed, made a vitamin cocktail, much zine. She was Christmas shopping 4 days off the table.. Tooth extractions, super fast healing. I had a hernia patch, scheduled for 4 visits. Age about 76? then. At second visit Dr said Hell, you didn’t even have to come in for this one.. The Dr who removed wife’s kidney asked me to come in and discuss her healing. We spent a half hour talking. Up shot was that he put all his patients on vitamins, those needing surgery ZINC. The number of post op problems almost vanished, as did the mortality rate.. He retired sold his practice. Crop failures, Blackberries sucked this year . Small and shriveled.. found a batch where they came up great. Going to rip my plants out, and dig in those canes. The failure of the berries was over a large area, I don’t know how the new berries will do, but if they take and bear fruit, I will make sure they get spread around.. In what the future will bring , anything producing calories will be desired. Tomatoes, still green, in a flower box overhanging a table. Going for some Epsom salts and a bit of fertilizer. Stocking up on pH strips and will get a trace mineral survey done.

  7. Working Life..we have a “wake” in the “mourning” and “undertake” our job/working endevours..see death anywhere in that?

    Lessee now – Vaccines (“loaded”) as infant, fed GMO’s as growing child, “chemied” with ChemTrails, so they can be lit up by 5G..now they can be tracked and controlled via satellite tech..”the heavy” .. a trans humanists dream.


  8. I had a hernia operation about 22 years ago and while I experienced the same pain, it wasn’t the incision that bothered me…well… it did bother me come to think of it….but…it was the after effects of the anesthesia. It really messed with my mind for several days. Feelings of paranoia, panic, and elevated heart rates. Since then, I have had a few impacted teeth pulled and the dentists and I would get into shouting matches about how much easier it is for them to anesthesize…but I made them do a local for fear of that same post anesthesia feeling. It was fine…didn’t seem much harder…I was awake and aware…and am not sure why they wanted to me to be under anesthesia in the first place…Makes you wonder.

    • A short story for Mark.

      Once, as a new fellow, I heard of a Buddhist monk who was accfidentally given a major overload of LSD>

      OR, so they thought.

      It didn’t budge him a bit.

      Seems, as he later explained, that the more rock-solid you are on ‘the path’ the less such inconveniences can knock you off. A fine ponder as I drifted off Tuesday…

    • I’ve found that dental sedation using Halcion really affected my memory(9 years ago) and the effects lasted a few years. I’ve never had this problem using IV Valium for oral surgery. I do believe that different anesthetics/analgesics can affect memory very differently or not at all. Few to no dentists seem aware of this.

    • “anesthesize”

      just as anesthesia doesn’t knock me all out.. when they go to numb me.. its the same thing.. they have to hit it with everything they do and then do the work right away.. the anesthesia doesn’t last but just a few moments.the dentist asked me if I had infant memories which I do.. I remember quite a bit.. like the taste of my moms milk.. the song she sang when she rocked me and I nursed.. and many more…
      as for going under the knife.. lol lol lol..
      I tell them SMOKE my AZZ.. I want to be thinking about crazy stuff.. there isn’t anything more terrifying to me than to be out and hear.. OOOPS… or put a head phone and play some good seventies mellow jazz like Gerry Raferty… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dU6w56epBdc
      or some steely dan…. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YhQ5Dg6gdEw
      anything but listen to them yak while cutting on me LOL..
      even an audio book.. I don’t care if I have read it or not..
      I don’t want to know

      • what is really funny about all of that.. is I started to have seizures years ago…. Now when I have a seizure.. ( they just started out of the blue.. no answers.. just questions.. ) it is like I can’t register information coming at me.. I see but can’t do a thing or think its quite odd trying to describe it.. like everything short circuited.. that is terrifying.. but afterwards.. god I get a great Nap.. the dog knows before I do.. luckily they have me on some really good stuff that has it under control.. ( 1250 here.. 75.00 in canada for generic.. 250 for name brand)

  9. “All we can do, both to maintain our autonomy and avoid the yoke of Debt Slavery, is pay off and reject debt while at the same time living below our means and producing what we can for ourselves.”

    Was this a joke? I’ve been saying this for all my long life, but almost no one is listening, and neither will “THEY” be listening to George ;-((.

    You’ll have to mitigate your pussyfooting around by emphazising the fact that PEOPLE WILL BRING MOST OF THE EXPECTED MISERY ON THEMSELVES BY THEIR ACTION!!

    P.s. This probably was my last post, because it seems useless to tell folks what they’re eager to forget.

    • Even though I studied medicine, I agree with you and live by my words. I may not live longer than average, but I’ll die trying.

  10. George:

    “A large percentage of our fellow Americans are lost in the quagmire of name-calling . . . .”

    -Amen, brother. Now all you have to do is realize that your guy is your number one offender. That this is Trump’s (balance redactyed on our Trump Policy rule – G Best, Mike.

  11. Sir,

    Cookie-prepped and Rubber Soles dialed in; light crown fully charged? Care to plot coordinates to a forbidden zone, oar not? It seems “The Raft” has drifted ashore at theatres. Set six years after the Summer of Love, it’s a documentary of a Spaniard’s 1973 experiment to study the roots of human violence by observing 11 raft occupants of disparate backgrounds drift across the Atlantic Ocean.

    Now tear down the wall as President Reagan said, and follow the current to continental drift? Turn left at Greenland? “We all live in a yellow submarine…”

    Row, row, row your boat…


  12. “Next time you go to check out at the grocery store, please consider checking out with a human”.

    Back in 2003 the big discussion among casino operators was “cashless slots”. We know how that went.

    Not pointing fingers but….

    It’s too late. We can “rhyme” that with anything.

    E-mail Vs mail rooms.
    Word processing Vs typing pools.
    18 volt cordless tools Vs 2.5 amp corded Vs manual (which would be needed after an EMP).
    (Parking in) bank drive through lines on Saturday Vs direct deposit/auto-pay and ready tellers.
    Lawn tractors Vs grass sickles.

    Add your own.

    In my area there is a store that uses all people, Holiday Market.

    Fresh cherries at Kroger, $2.99 a pound.
    Fresh cherries at Holiday Market, $4.99 a pound.

    George mentioned local 3d printing a few days ago. Think about the fact that once a person acquires two 3D printers, one metal, one plastic – they can now make their own, new 3D printers.

    Local 3D printing eliminates most of the supply chain.

    Since everyone won’t be able to have larger format 3D printers in their homes a good business idea right now might be opening 3D printing “showrooms”. These places would rent time on their large format 3D printers. Of course buy/sell/rent 3D printers as well.

    • Like everything else, I believe the 3D printing phenomenon will be a partial solution to the supply chain. It’s very slow for commodity items, but for a one-off idea or small replacement part, it can be ideal. At the least, raw material will be needed to supply the device, and there are much better ways to make mass quantities of identical items. Remember that subtractive processes are common, such as CNC milling machines. The same-day crowns in a dentist’s office use this process. The additive 3D printing process is yet another device that’s useful to fill a gap in the production of useful items. It’s definitely here to stay unless the entire world gets blown back to poverty via war or other left field event. BTW, metal printers are still quite expensive and not quite ready for common home use.

      • You’re right. It’s only 2019. Advantages/disadvantages.

        Currently you can’t beat a fully automated injection molding machine.

        Alibaba offers an automated injection molding bottle machine that cranks out 7,000 bottles an hour and can do it 24/7. The cost, 28K U.S. The machine weighs 39,000 pounds. One barrier to entry is weight.

        And 3D printing is currently limited using today’s mainstream materials. New materials are coming.

        Right now there is a small electric car that is 3D printed in about three days at the cost of about $7,500. Current exceptions to the vehicle are glass, seating and chassis. Check it out. It’s better than a moped.


        Once more materials come online they’ll be used to compliment the 3D printed spare parts industry.

        If the local hospital needs a part for a broken MRI machine. MRI machines are expensive and cannot be down. They’ll rent time on the local 3D printers Vs waiting for South Korea to ship.

  13. I had lunch yesterday with my millennial grandson (23 years) old. He is a professional hockey player in the USA (every Canadian boy’s dream). He really has his head screwed on straight and is investing his money wisely (mainly real estate) realizing that professional sports careers are short and serious injuries are not only possible but probable. I am quite proud of him.

    We had some good conversation but he brought up something that I hadn’t really thought a lot about. It is perhaps something we need to include in the equation for future direction of financial markets and political landscapes. Unlike most of his college friends, he is a Trump fan and can give you a dozen good reasons why he is.

    What he did say is that many millennials will come into a lot of money over the next few years as the boomers die off and leave their large fortunes behind. They will in turn use that money to support the liberal cause and spend it on climate change, open borders, free tuition, etc. Most of them do not see AOC as radical at all (he does!).

    I can’t remember this being discussed in your column before George but it does intrigue me. What impact do you see this huge boomer to millennial wealth transfer having on the political and financial future of our nation(s)?

    Glad you are healing well. Your column continues to be my “go to” every morning.

    • I’m not really convinced that they will necessarily react that way; I wonder if it will push them to reconsider their stances on taxes and redistribution. I remember seeing many people online who supported the ACA, only to discover that it meant the cost of their health insurance plans went up dramatically. The warm and fuzzy feelings faded a bit after that, even if their overall support remained. Similarly, you can read about wealthy celebrities (and I myself have met people earning comfortable six figure incomes) who are big fans of “taxing the rich,” apparently oblivious to the fact that the rich is *them*. That couple making 250k a year wants to tax the rich because they don’t consider themselves rich, even if that income puts them in the top 5% of earners. It is easy to call for soaking the “rich” when they are some hypothetical group, less so when you realize it’s you.

    • Charles Givens was a real estate fraudster but master salesman in the 1980s (and yes, George, I did read “Wealth Without Risk.”) He is also the source for the famous quote, now being bandied about (without attribution) by financial planners:

      “If you live your life right, the last check you ever write will bounce.”

      The “Boomers” have, generally speaking, undertaken a 30 year spending orgy. There may be nothing left, other than bad loans and promissory notes, when we die off. A fallacy of “grass is greener syndrome” (yet another original “Rayism…) is that people see the new kitchen, the landscaping, the jet boat, the Land Rover and Mercedes in the driveway, and assume the people living in that house have lots of money. We are not as smart as preceding generations, and the majority of us have this stuff because we’re mortgaged to the hilt. I was there too, until 1992, when I figured out I slept better, having fewer toys and much less debt…

      The reason your grandson’s peers don’t regard the AOCs of the States as “radical” (or dangerous) is they’re not grounded in history. They don’t know or understand what Marxism is, and don’t realize that once such a choice is made in the U.S., it is irreversible, a death sentence for many, and that every Nation on the planet will follow. The United States’ Constitution is the reason Elizabeth is a figurehead, and Canada has a Prime Minister and not a Governor General…

      Many of the Gen-Zers are coming out of the gate, more conservative than “Greatests” and “Boomers.” They see the stupidity of both our conspicuous consumption and the Millenials’ “push the social mores” lifestyles, and are plotting a life-course which avoids many of our mistakes. Your grandson may (unbeknownst to himself or anyone else) actually be a leader in this movement. I, personally, am planning on living long enough to bequeath any remaining assets to my grandchildren, unless my Millenial kids recover from their seemingly intractable head-in-butt syndrome…

  14. Debt slavery has been with us in the US for a very long time. Deflationary depressions tend to forcibly wipe the ledgers clean, so most people are not aware of the similiarities between present day and the roaring ’20’s. The next widespread debt implosion is likely to be far worse than the 1929 through 1934, because the personal and public debt levels are all post orbital.

  15. For ye see your calling, brethren, how that not many wise men after the flesh, not many mighty, not many noble, are called:

    But God hath chosen the foolish things of the world to confound the wise; and God hath chosen the weak things of the world to confound the things which are mighty;

    And base things of the world, and things which are despised, hath God chosen, yea, and things which are not, to bring to nought things that are.

    I Corinthians 1:26-28

  16. George,
    until such time as the grocery store (or Wammit) knock 5% of my bill for using the computer do it your self check out,I refuse to use the self check out and deny a checker his / her job.

  17. Checking out with a human is what I always do. A couple of times a manager at a grocery store asked me to go thru the self-checkout. I asked if by doing that and having to do the self-checkout would I get a 10% discount. She looked at me funny and said “no”, then I told her since I don’t get a discount for doing my own work checking out, I will wait on the cashier.

  18. The market bounce has rallied back to the 50 day moving average, signaling a big downturn in the market next week. This is all based on Stochastics & Bollinger Bands.

    • So what’s up in the spike of gold? Anyone buy or sell or invest? Just curious. Fortunately I’m solvent, own property and rentals in NW Oregon and at an age, just shy 14 years of 80, I’m not too worried about concrete dragons or anything else. Just glad I don’t have kids. Just me and the pup and a good heart and mind to weather whatever shall come and be what may.

      • Just the result of people realizing we’re Making Up Money also called modern monetary theory which you can wiki.
        Robert Mugabe school of economics and we’re going down that road.
        Trillionaire status just ahead…

  19. Heads up!!!!! Getting a ton of Data that we may have a Chernobyl part 3 tomorrow. Massive event!

    Sorry, i am heavily distracted with life now.

      • Andy: It will make a lot of gardeners happy. Year ago, I bought out the entire lot of dragon garden statues that a manufacturer going out of business had left in stock. I sold them on ebay for $20 each & people couldn’t get enough of them. This situation may have crossed over into your dimension.

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