Killing Old News, The Lagging People

We have too damn much news in this country.  ‘Cept it’s something else.  And that being so, you have to realize, there’s often a lag between reality of the here & now and what the news aggregator sites say.  Machines do a crappy job of being current.

Day 2 after hernia surgery and I couldn’t sleep.  So up at 3:30, coffee in and hit the web.  There were several stories about how the previous day, the markets “Tumbled on renews trade worries…”

Wait a minute!  WTF?  Markets were up (on an Aggregate basis) Wednesday.  What gives?  Well, the stories were 17 and 18 hours old but still “leading.”  Baddah Bing.  The markets reallly closed up yesterday.  How many people, though, especially earlier risers who hit the tunes in the car will believe going into this morning that Wall St. is in trouble? Yee gads.

Old news is worse than no news, sometimes.  Don’t trust online reports.  Syndicated newxs has an agenda and has every since thge A.P. went with “the narrative” and stopped calling illegal aliens what they are.  Got swept up in the LLL (lefty language coup) near as we can figure.  I can hardly wait to see how their next Stylebook update deals with white racism – which is bering turned into everyone  with not enough melanin.   Yes, we are witnessing  Digital Mob Rule orchestrating their own band of super racism more properly called  Melanism!.  A thank you to the late Frances Cress Welsing for reinforcing division.  It will be a grand monetization in 2020 and beyond.

When comes to finances and late or unreported news? Open an account at a brokerage firm and go look at the data and charts yourself.  You’ll know who to blame.

Except, well, most of it ain’t news.  It’s more like  recent history or  rampant editorializing.  You won’t even hear the term Melanism in the mainstream hardly ever.  But in reply to “Hey white racist!” the reply might be “Hi divisional Melanist…” Do we really want to go there?  What happened to equality or is that off the table per the lefties?

Since covering my first news story (1969) I’ve been a “student of th news business” because it has been a 35-year profession, split into two segments with a real life in-between.

What we’re served today, generally ain’t news.  Pandering and dividing, that’s today’s “news.”

Back in the day, a major train derailment (my first story) was news.  People cared about things like haz-mat and spills, delayed shipments, traffic disruptions, and  local, semi-actionable items.  Today, much of the “real news” has been  relegated to blurbs or traffic reports.

With no computers, people were listening to radio…and AM at that.

In it’s place has come stupid time-sinks like “social media” which allows the Digital Mob a Speakers Platform and Barricades from behind which they are flobbing attacks on core America.   News?  Pah-leeze!  Just rampant opinion and “infotainment” which is a total wasted of America’s time because it doesn’t move us to the moon bases (space being a technology where we threw away a  commanding global lead …) and today’s news doesn’t solve the world’s real problems like food yields in drought or periods of excessive rainfall.  Weather patterns change  over time  – climate?  Maybe, call it what you will.  But, Europe is likely going back to a climate history time when it will be too hot to grow grapes.  Been there before, so what?

The national media does an OK job sometimes of printing the :”You should worry story.:”  Like the piece in this morning’s NY Times about how “climate change could disrupt food UN warns,” or something like that.

There are still major issues with the story and they are illustrative of how useless and NE-centric the media has become.  Those stories in the NE press are generally scare stories and selling climate change hard.  Oh, and they go hand-in-hand with monetization schemes like the clowns in France who are shaming people out of air travel.  Lemme see:  Kill commerce so we can’t afford research?  Brilliant!  Bring me some American Fries, while you’re up..

Got news for you:  There’s something else going on.  But first the idea of news.  It ought to be actionable or why worry?

Weeks back on our subscriber side,, we recognized the dangerous food trend and cooked up some personal action plans to do something about it.  We have, ongoing, a Great Tomato Race where we are comparing the output of dirt-grown veggies, greenhouse planters, and a Deep Water Culture hydroponic build.  So far, it’s been a mass death event.

The idea was simple:  We’d plant a ton of tomatoes and squash and check yields.  So far, only half a dozen squash, and a single dime-sized hydroponic tomato which, by my careful accounting( taking into account the sunk costs of the hydroponics,) is a $325 tomato.  With financial genius like that, I should run the House Budget Office!

Now It gets sinister

Before the hernia surgery I went down to the local propane emporium to load up on fuel that wouldn’t be easy to handle with the blown-out, patch-ed up, mesh-repaired gut.  Doc’s have this notion about not lifting more than 10 pounds for a couple of weeks.

Got talking to the propane lady – she and her family &  hubby have run the place for years…1986, or so.

Each of your cylinders has a Tare Weight stamped on it – that’s the tank weight empty.  If you look at the tare weight of your big tank, it’s 37 pounds, so with 40 pounds of propane, that’ll be 77 pounds…

Useful knowledge since the 20 pound tanks have a tare weight around 17 pounds, Full weight is around 37.  Knowing this, here at the end of BBQ season, is really useful news since now you can plan things out so as not to ruin a good BBQ’ed steak.  Beats a Syrian firefight  or the pending national bun rights fight all to hell, don’t it?

Back to point:  Inside the fuel emporium at bill time, I got to talking with the office folks about the weather this year.  Unusually cool – and very wet.  Finally, we’re getting summer with no rain in sight and temps in the high 90’s – back to normal.

One of the office people ended up telling me a similar story about things not “growing right” this year.

Friend of mind has the same problem:  Her squash leaves are going yellow and then come back to green in a week, maybe two, put out a few more squash and then yellow-up again.  And she doesn’t have a single tomato yet, either…”

We have several “suspects” for the poor garden output this year, and not one of them augers well for our future.  A few we can throw money at…consolation prize, call it.

Suspect #1 is the local water company and wet weather.  Local water works does periodic “tank cleanings” to keep the algae down and our water here is extremely hard.  Like pH 8.2 coming out of the tap.  700 PPM TDS. The story is its all safe dissolved solids that would be supplement powder when dried..Notwithstanding, We’re gong to put in an RO system for the greenhouse garden this fall. Plus a whole house unit when the tummy’s back and its cool enough to dig outside..

Suspect #2: A lack of bees..  We have a lot of birds around here so despite the warnings about mosquitoes and such, there are none to be found.  No insects of almost any kind except spiders which are having a very bad year. Chigger crop is OK, though…

Bug shortage is serious. Not just around the house (Orkin comes by 5-times a year).  I mean out in the woods.  Hardly  any bugs.  So is that causing the plants to fail at setting fruit?

The solution has been an electric toothbrush which is being applied to blooms when they come out on any of the plants.  Plus we’ve sprayed with Bonide (BND544) – Ready to Use Tomato and Blossom Set Spray, Plant Hormone Spray (32 oz.) for $16-bucks and  Prime.  Waiting for results.  Made easier when you feel like you’ve been kicked in the belly by a mule and munching oxy while wondering if you’ll ever use the throne again.  Hand me anotherr quart of water?  Never been able to take 12 grams of C without blowing up, before…

Actionable things for YOU?  Here come to a list:

  • Do a trial run garden and try to live out of it for a month because your germination rates will sober you up fast and underscore the reality of a pending global food crisis.
  • So will a lack of bees to do their job.  If you shopped Amazon’s  Prime Days, Alexa may send you a thank you with some wildflower seeds – is there a connection?  Plant them and more next year where you plan to makme your Depression Stand.  Not bees, no survival.  Simple as that.

Is there any other website on Earth telling you “If you’re a prepper, be sure to have a bee attraction plan and some blossom set in your kit if you plan to eat....” ?

Finally, Our First Point Comes into View

This is actual  news.  You get the background, suspects, a test plan for your locale, future plan revisions come into view and it’s all personally actionable.  Even if you live in an apartment.  See the many zillions of container gardening sites on the web and those dealing with inside hydroponics and grow lights.

American People Independence depends on American Food Independence so if you want to have “persistence into the future” you might take your food sources more seriously.  Makes us wonder about chemtrails, again, as well….

Not a headline in the  NY Times, yet.  But maybe they’re working up to it slowly because most people need to take baby-steps before they can walk.  And maybe a food crisis is why the borders are still leaking and climate change is being pimped.  Die-off of the poor to set up Uretopia for the rich, just as soon as the AI and robots are ready…

\Whatever’s in the big picture, there’s any number of “news” stories that really matter on this stuff (like the Round-Up suits delayed and so on – big money at work) which while not as emotionally “grabby” as Trump-hating, will in the longer term matter a hell of a lot more.  Especially around meal times.

Money Matters

Well, of course it does. Since the market closed up yesterday, we expect to see some follow-through this morning.  Sure enough, early, futuress were showing the Dow opening showed up maybe 80 points.

Major European marts are up on average about one percent,, so at least in the short-term, the market may have found some footing for a Wave 2 rally which would time out to late this month or next before we get into nosebleed position, again.  At that point, a Wave 3 down being possible and political panic in all quarters.  Nickels, too9.

Producer prices tomorrow, Fed balance sheet and money stocks today after the close.  Watch m1 to see how crazy the Fed had to get on money dispersal to keep the markets up.

Madness in the Headlines

Where to begin?

Epstein taking singing lessons? DealBook Briefing: Les Wexner Says Jeffrey Epstein Misappropriated His Money.  Uh-huh….

Hoping for a bowl movement? NFL Pro Bowl returns to Orlando for 4th straight year.  Now that spelling…

Today’s posterchild “story” for insane infotainmen/TMI/Who Carest: “Denise Richards describes her dad’s reaction when he found out he was seated next to prostitute at Thanksgiving.”  Und zo?

Speaking of bizarre, does the NY Times Business Dept. NOT have a calendar as the offer  the weirdly unseasonal “The Secret History of ‘Easter Eggs’”?   Note to NYT Editor: We’ll talk about this over lunch at Sardi’s if you’ll send us tickets to get there…  otherwise, King’s Buffet here and you buy your own ticket.

Electric piggery sows a new breed of hog? An Electric Harley Loses the Growl but Still Aims to Turn Heads.  And finance companies…

Industrial Arts

Let’s toss out some useful stuff now that might enrich your life, a bit.

Know when masking tape was born?  1925 by a 3M fellow named Richard Drew.  Still popular, though in 1946 was “gummed paper” which is referred to in the Popular Mechanics Shop Notes.

Gummed paper, they offered, could be wrapped around a “lumber crayon.”

Yes, you can still find lumber crayons at  Amazon.  Their pick is Dixon Industrial Lumber Marking Crayons, 4.5″ x 1/2″ Hex, Yellow, 12-Pack (49600), but unless you’re marking on walnut, mahogany, or iron bark, might we suggest the more legible on lighter woods like pine, Doug fir, and hemlock something like DIXON Industrial Lumber Marking Crayons, 4.5″ x 1/2″ Hex, Black, 12-Pack (49400) for $10-bucks?  Cheaper and a hell of a lot easier to read…An important consideration for young & upcoming Makers.

Especially those who consider dishwasher use “industrial arts.”

History Lesson

This is the birthday of the late physicist Paul Dirac of Dirac Sea fame.  Says Wikipedia:

“Dirac made fundamental contributions to the early development of both quantum mechanics and quantum electrodynamics. Among other discoveries, he formulated the Dirac equation which describes the behavior of fermions and predicted the existence of antimatter. Dirac shared the 1933 Nobel Prize in Physics with Erwin Schrödinger “for the discovery of new productive forms of atomic theory“.[9] He also made significant contributions to the reconciliation of general relativity with quantum mechanics.

Dirac was regarded by his friends and colleagues as unusual in character. In a 1926 letter to Paul Ehrenfest, Albert Einstein wrote of Dirac, “This balancing on the dizzying path between genius and madness is awful”

As we well know. Writing is therapy.  And returning to this morning’s theme, it’s made easy by “news” operations that stuff our heads with useless sh*t that doesn’t lead to new thinking and doesn’t “move the ball down-field…”

Write when you get rich,

(Comments welcome but this is a TBDO – Trump bash day off and no sickening lefty reverse racism, white hate,,straight-hating  bullsh(t in comments please…Can we just GTF on with Life?  Mr. Click2Trash is standing by…Ameriica is still exceptional and if you choose to lose, we ain’t sending help.)

64 thoughts on “Killing Old News, The Lagging People”

  1. “The idea was simple: We’d plant a ton of tomatoes and squash and check yields. So far, only half a dozen squash, and a single dime-sized hydroponic tomato”

    I got you beat George.. I got six tomato’s.. ( as I sneak over to steal a couple of the kids tomato’s for dinner LOL)

    Bee’s.. I know a guy that transports bee’s all over the country.. I asked him if he would consider dropping a couple of hives outside of town.. not on his life.. why…they are using GMO crops.. that have been bonded with the tobacco plant.. ( hmm makes sense since you buy its products for pest killing.._)

    ( don’t you just Love MIT… great classes great library I love BYU’s library.. a lot of old diaries there.. )

    anyway he was saying that he would loose his bee’s if he set a hive or two down this close to us.. but then the thought comes.. why do the kids have so many coming on the vines.. can’t be that one lowly bumble bee I see around.. ( he is king told the kids to leave him alone) mosquito’s but nothing like I expected.. no wasps either..

    “We have too damn much news in this country.”
    No.. we don’t have to much news.. we have to much corruption.. the day the supreme court legalized bribery of public officials was the saddest day the countries history and the downfall of a great nation. the problem was always there but before they had to do it under the table.. we are the idiots that keep voting them back into office so it is basically our problem. politicians shouldn’t have ever been a life long position.. but a temporary one and a change to keep the thoughts and goals simple..
    they stopped penning their own legislation as well..

    I am doing something wrong.. I am sure with the hydroponics.. especially when I see someone like Larry a stock clerk at Walmart..

  2. $325 / lb for fresh veggies is a bargain compared to $1600. / lb for venison. Figure 50k for the 4wd truck, 20k for the ATV and trailer, and 10k for overpriced guns and hunting crapola. That comes to 80k / 50 lbs of lean (half-starved) doe meat.
    I have been trying to contain cost on the gardening by the judicious use of neglect, using equipment on hand, and the planting of hardy species like okra. The only critters which will touch okra are fireants. They farm it for moisture in really dry periods. They sting holes in it, and crawl inside. You reach down to pick it, and SURPRISE. I wonder if you can freeze dry it? Oh no, more forbidden capital outlay. A solar powered freeze dryer. OMG.

  3. Bees?

    You talk about mowing vast expanses of lawns and growing acres of trees, which from pictures you share, are barren areas no different than growing corn. Essentially sterile.

    And you talk about the lack of pollinators. But make no connection.

    You don’t mention pollinators.

    You need to have several 1000 square foot dedicated pollinator areas proximate to gardens and other pollinator dependent areas.

    Besides that, all those flowers are really pretty.

    And bees are only a small part of it.

  4. We have become a nation of “racial or gender communities”. I guess the Great melting pot theory didn’t work out. These communities only care what is best for them, so attack Whitey as a racist & get more freebies & white sympathy. It is a business model promoted by the left. Jesse Jackson understood it well. What JFK said, “Ask not what your country can do for you – ask what you can do for your country,” challenged every American to contribute in some way to the public good. Notice he said every American, not community.

    As these communities destroy America, let’s see how these communities implode as the money runs out & the freebies stop.Takers & whiners can not successfully run a great nation. Do we need WW III to bring back sanity. I hope not.

  5. Similar issue up here in the NE upper zone, squash leaves yellowing, I tried calcium, miracle gro, everything, they would go green then back to yellow. Most of the fruit was hollow? weird. Tomatoes just starting in now. I have Romas twice the size of Beefsteaks. Crop will be good when it finally arrives in a few weeks. Beans did well as usual, as did swiss chard. Lettuce was ridiculously bad.
    As for bees, have not seen a single honeybee all year. Lots of bumblebee type bees but thats it.I don’t recall seeing any last year either.
    There are NO chickadees this year, which is odd for us, and NO bats, which we usually have plenty of. There are a few marauding bears and coyotes around though, also unusual for us.

    • You know scott.. the Robin’s left a while ago and the birds have been flocking to head south for a week now.. well over a month early..

  6. Morning George and understand the hernia thing. I was back to tossing trees (SMALL) around while clearing a house site years ago. Less than 6 weeks and scared the crap outa my surgeon!

    My tomatoes, in the ground, are doing very well here in Costa Rica. Only problem has been the squash which was fine 6 months ago. Learning to garden in the tropics is a challenge after gardening in various areas of the USofA for so many years.

    Big advantage here is year round gardening and no canning! Wife is extremely happy about the lack of canning.

    When the lights go out what are you going to do for hydroponics chemicals?

    Bees – As an X bee keeper plant ‘Bee Gardens’ and herbs. Herbs are beneficial for the bees, flavoring for your foods and Medicinally beneficial for you. VERY beneficial!

    Cheers – Donaldo

  7. Live in area with many hundreds acres commercial greenhouses for tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers strawberries and they all use bumblebees for fertilizing the flowers. Also know that their workers compensation claims are highest for bee stings. But bumblebees are preferred for pollination. There are a couple of businesses that specialize in bumblebees for the greenhouses.

    • built a garage that seemed to become a snack for bumblebees aside an apple tree, well fed they polinate profusely…scads of plants , root crops, berrys,, lilacs , but,short corn, should go back to see how they are doing in my 18 year absence

  8. I was having a conversation with a Cicadas this morning out on the back deck about a few things. He landed on my knee. After my conversation he jumped off and landed over on the deck by the wall of the house and a lizard i named “Bullet” got him and scarfed him down.

    In the last few weeks i have been offered a job in texas running crude from a fracking site and a job as a project manager on a construction site in mexico city. Both very lucrative offers. I definitely am too old to be doing “roughneck” work. Still, dropping wagons at the rail and picking up empties is light work.

    Never occurred to me to live in Mexico City. Lol

    I am going to be in Palm Springs for a few more months. So i have some time to decide.

    I got the next president to be elected dialed in. However, there is an 89% He wont take office.

    12/18/19 Pakistan is going to stike India. That will be the spark that sets the forest a flame.

    I found an old post over at the God like that i didnt rememeber writting about 10 years ago, about a quake 10/13/19 in San Diego. I was kinda shocked i wrote a date and event that far into the future. I dont remember even writing that. But nevertheless, there it is.

    Off to do cardio and talk to my Palm Springs girlfriend. lol

    See ya around.

    • What the other readers really want to know is when does that global forest fire you just called show up in their neighborhood?

  9. RE: Paul Dirac: the physicist helped model the quantum world through the use of mathematics, which helps scientists understand how particles can logically exist as both matter or as an energy wave. Schrodinger theorized that this was, in fact, normal, and that at the quantum level, subatomic particles exist as both matter and energy. However, once measured in a lab or otherwise ‘observed,’ only one form would be observable. In essence, the act of observation determined the measured state of the quantum particle/wave.

    This strange subatomic Cheshire Cat-like phenomena has been observed in places like CERN and Fermi Lab. Explained by the ‘many interacting worlds’ theory, sub-atomic particles are shared among one or more space-time universes. Basically, the math and our observations lead to a theory which points to the existence of pararallel universes which ” . . . works more like a flock of birds than an infinitely branching tree.”

    In fact, research is pointing to ‘dark matter’ potentially being comprised of matter from other parallel universe(s), the effects of which may be leaking into our own via quantum and gravitational effects.

    The great physicist Richard Feynman once said: “The chance is high that the truth lies in the fashionable direction. But, on the off-chance that it is in another direction — a direction obvious from an unfashionable view of field theory — who will find it?” In light of the implications of the ‘many interacting worlds’ theory, the more important question now may be: “who will believe it?”

    • “In light of the implications of the ‘many interacting worlds’ theory, the more important question now may be: “who will believe it?””

      I believe it! My question is, how may benefit? ;-)

      • Who would benefit. Ideally, “many worlds.” Some firmly believe that we are already in the first stages of intelligently connecting to the first of these many worlds. I’m on the fence about this, but I do not discount the possibility.

    • As I was loading the pickup up with stuff for the dump.. your talk of dark matter potentially being comprised of matter from other parallel universe etc.. the thought came to me..
      could all this testing at CERN actually be opening a portal of some sort. which causes the woo woo effects that so many of us have been noticing?
      I have believed in a multi world and parallels for a long time.. no proof of course.. but it just stands to reason that if you are standing at the bathroom mirror shaving.. what your seeing is the past and experiencing the present at the same time.. put a couple of mirrors together and it seems like you are looking into a complete expanse of time and parallels.
      similar to sliders Netflix had a show Travelers.. I loved the show it was very thought provoking..
      such as .. why do we remember television shows and movies. yet they don’t exist.. or someone dying and yet they lived..

  10. This bounce rally makes you wonder if selling was right. That is what it is intended to do. I am looking for an 800+ drop in the DOW next week. Would I buy SQQQ for a quick profit, probably not, I like the long since stocks go up 75% of the time & it is best to have the odds in your favor. In investing, always plan out your next move based on the available info, since we are playing with real money here, it is beneficial to your financial health. If you screw up, just make the necessary corrections & move forward. Forget the past, only the NOW matters.

  11. George,
    About your garden woes:

    1. Have you tested your soil? Ph is important to nutrient use by plants. It also helps to know what nutrients are available to your plants.

    2. lots of rain can leach nitrates. into the ground water. Have you tested your well lately.

    3. Have you contacted your local extension agent? In my state they can be very helpful with garden problems.

    4. Bee boxes. This goes back nearly 50 years. An article I read claimed that wild bees seek out cavities of a certain dimension for néw homes. So besides planting bee food why not try to give them a home?

    4. Book advice. For the novice gardener Crockett’s Victory Garden. Easy to read and lots of good advice. For the serious prepper Liberty Hyde Bailey’s. Hortus (1st ed only). Its a compendium of the best horticultural information at the time.
    It was published around 1900 before agricultiral mechanization and the advent of herbicides and pesticides.

    Happy gardening.

  12. When we lose the bees we all die.

    We are seeing bees in the gardens at the house in town but not near as many as in the past. Down at the ranch they seem to be OK. I still have the hives my grandfather kept for the fruit trees but I don’t maintain them other than keeping the weeds down around them and having a trusted and wise neighbor harvest the honey. I noticed a smell like Copenhagen chew breath when I was by them a couple of weeks back so I consulted the wise old neighbor I consider an oracle to all things farming and he tells me it is probably “Foul Brood” and the only solution is diesel fuel and a match after dark. He admits to not being an expert on the subject so a second opinion is coming before any scorched earth ordinance is deployed.

    The squash issues you reported are occurring in SW Mizzery as well. Squash and cucumbers will come up and maybe put on a couple of fruits then die. Here at the ranch, both the hydroponic and in-ground plants react the same while up at the house in town we are just dealing with the standard blight issues this time of year. Serenade is keeping it in check. Get it on the Zon. Some Armenian cukes I am trying this year at the house in town seem to be either resistant or immune to the blight. Town hydroponics are using 5 gal buckets and air pumps. Successful so far.

    Point here I believe is to try different things and rotate crops. Not a geneticist or expert in any of those areas but GMO crops seem to be a problem. We are poisoning ourselves.

    Good luck and 73

  13. George

    “So will a lack of bees to do their job.”

    ” Die-off of the poor to set up Uretopia for the rich, just as soon as the AI and robots are ready…”

    Those statements Sir are exactly correct!

    The elites bump us useless eaters off and use Droids to do all the work.

    That works until the elites die out from lack of genetic diversity like King Tut of Egypt who could not reproduce with success.

    Perhaps we could grow our vegetable plants in tight quarters and use fans to disperse the pollen amounge them. Just a crazy idea that might work. Some plants rely on the wind to pollinate so lets use artificial wind.

    Time for another cup of coffee to shake up the neurons!

  14. What ! No more HATRED, Name Calling, Virtue Signalling, Agenda Projections..

    FanF-ingTastic! U go G! More Snarkatude..please.

    Tried to help with the Prune Juice and Ducalax diet suggestion/plan…horses & water..

    A very cool and resourceful “farmer” on you tube – IceAgeFarmer – might want to check this cat out – if U have any concerns about eating any food in the future that is. Or U could always try and grow Digital Tulips – they don’t need sunshine or those horrible, terroristic, anaphylactic shock causing bitches – um I mean Bees..mostly Ladies, with just smattering of male Drones in each hive.

  15. George
    Funny you mention the lack of growth…I am based in south Florida where the saying goes, “If you can’t grow a tomato, hell you can’t grow anything” Everglades Tomatoes grow wild here, in years past my backyard would be overgrown by wild tomatoes. Not this year! Tomatoes, peppers, eggplants and carrots all have been low performers and the only thing that is doing well is my lemongrass bush which is thriving. In years past I have harvested hundreds of pounds of produce to the point which I would give them away to neighbors. This year I will be lucky to harvest 20 pounds of veggies. I have done nothing new same old composting and watering but yields are down by 90%.

  16. I had the same kind of problems when I set up an airponics system here in Folsom, CA. At the end of the season I concluded that the yield was not worth the effort. Everything sprouted, but the leaves always would start turning yellow about the time the meager fruit/berries/melons started appearing. I’m afraid my black thumb struck again. I did have a hard time keeping the ph in range.
    Part of the reason for going airponics was the California water shortage (have to save water to grow all the almonds and walnuts to export.

  17. George, your tomato problem is vexing because I swear, I have produced over two hundred pounds from six plants this year. Just north of Birmingham, Al. and no bees.

  18. So…to summarize…if the Trump Bump doesn’t get us over the hump and we have a big stock dump that kicks us in the rump and our wealth lump goes down the sump, so as not to be a chump, the fall back plan is the tomatoe water pump.

  19. George,

    We got some bad potting soil this year. The brand we usually buy was out and we got a substitute and it was horrible. All the seedlings we potted up into 4″ peats to grow large enough to transplant into the garden failed. They did NOT die, but they just stunted at 2-3″ tall. This happened with tomatoes, squash, peppers, tomatillos, garden flowers like rudbeckia, at least a dozen different species. Anything direct sown into the garden did fine, anything stuck with this garbage soil just went into stasis.

    On the bright side once we figured it out and started transplanting things back into proper soil
    after removing as much of this junk as we could, they grew, despite the extra round of transplant shock and despite being weeks or months behind where they should have been.

    There is garden badness going around, even up in New England.

    • Boy, wouldn’t that be a slick way to kill off all the food producers in America? Our came up in the starting soil OK (MiracleGro) but they were slow for the first 4-weeks either in ground, hydroponics, or contaioners in greenhouse.
      Keep in mind, I got a very late start – getting dirt plants out a couple of days ahead of memorial day. should have been our two months early. I get busy (distracted?)

    • George

      I commercial green house many years ago each one was 3000 sq ft. Grew tomatos year around in northern neb. I used leaf blowers to polenta the plants. You need to do it around noon every day while in bloom. It only took about a half hour for each Greenhouse.

  20. Tons of bees out here in Northern California suburbs…But a big part of that is the switch to dryscapes when we had our drought a few years back. Plus, our climate is stable. A lot of lawns have dryscapes with lavender plants..Bees love that…and other seasonal flowering plants like rosemary, sage, poppy, calendula, creeping zinnia, globe amaranth and more…more flowers equals more bees I guess. Of course, they also have tens of thousands of bee boxes in the Central Valley and wine country to germinate the almond and fruit trees, as well as millions of acres of produce grown here. Bee paradise…maybe they all packed and moved here. Ha!

  21. About the garden issues, I am in S. Indiana and I can commiserate about the lack of tomatoes and such. Here, it isn’t lack of bees or insects, though I have been blessed to see less stink bugs for a change. No, the reason for slacking plants is that it’s been too cool. Sure, it gets pretty warm into hot during the day, but night time temps are really low for summer here. It’s just not getting warm enough for the plants to make good tomatoes, though for some reason, I am swimming in cucumbers.. Can’t speak for anyplace else. But my area is having a tough go at it.

  22. G.

    At $325 for one little tomato, that will make for a Very expensive BLT. ……
    Or should it be …..BLt.

    I’ve also noticed the yellow leaf with my parsley and the rubbarb on my container garden at my apartment in KY. 40475


  23. George,
    About potting soil. Don’t buy commercial. Roll your own
    Recipe is 2 parts peatmoss, 1 part vermiculite, 1 part perlite. Mix with warm eater befote use. Add lime and fertilizer to meet your needs.

    I also kept some Epsom salts and 0-30-0 for times when the garden needed something extra

  24. George, I have a question for you and others, what is the situation with ants? Recent years I have noticed very few ants on my little peace of Heaven in northeast CO but this year, they are all over the place. Numerous colonies and different varieties. They seem to be very active too like columns of them. Recently I kneeled down to work on my truck and in the area I was working there was no free space. We even had to buy traps for the house. I am sure it has been close to a decade since we have had to do that. No problems here just an observation.

    • Actually, this is the FIRST time ever that I have had ants in my house, in the kitchen sink area, that’s in 25 years! The littlest cutest little critters, I guess they are called sugar ants.

  25. The site format update has brought the gardeners out of the potting shed. Hooray. Need to study today’s posts this evening.

  26. For what it’s worth: Long time ago I also had had a “hernia operation.” Some 50 years later I had an MRI done for other reasons and there were no traces lef that I ever had a “hernia operation.” Not even a scar, and the mesh was totally integrated into my body w/o a trace. May yours, George, heal as well. Good luck!

  27. “Temps in the high 90s”??
    I’m not THAT far away from you, but we’re expecting 104 for the high for the next five days. North -Central TX here.

  28. I vote for chemtrails as the culprit. In places where the fallout has been collected and scientifically analyzed, it’s been found to be full of toxins that can harm plant and animal life. The “brew” is found to be different at different times and different places, which would explain why tomatoes grow well in one place but not in another. IMO, any produce grown outdoors can no longer be considered organic because it’s all subject to chemtrail spraying.

    • You know, there’s a lot of questions that no one has linked together, namely, is chemtrailing a homeopathic attack on the food and people chains?

      • ?????…
        From what I’ve read.. the stuff being sprayed absorbs CO2..

        If my suspicions are correct..

        The chemtrails are being done not to harm anyone but reduce the excessive amounts of CO2 that mankind is dumping in the atmosphere.
        If they are using the right chem. It should not be hazardous to plants or animals. It could however alter weather patterns..

        As a side note.. if that is what they are doing…
        Then the whole bunch of them are cheap petty money grubbing azzholes and I hope it doesn’t work..

  29. George you must be a brother from another mother! I too covered my first news story in 1969, a fire which burned down the local movie theater on the town square and damn near the rest. The station I worked for was a daytimer and this fire was late at night, so I phoned it in to WAKY in Louisville.
    Then in ’89 I covered a huge train derailment of a train carrying Trona that lost brakes coming down the Cajon Pass here in SoCal. I phoned it in using my big 5 watt “bag phone” and broke the story on KQLH. Luckily I had already left the scene when the gasoline pipeline under the derailment exploded.

  30. Sir,

    Congratulations on the cherry tomato! We’re green with envy.

    You’re parched for good news? A pair of USA credit cards are forgiving the debts of Canadian cardholders. I guess the metrics weren’t working out. It’s not quite a “Chase the Ace” win, but any port in a storm will do. Thank goodness for the border!

  31. Today’s rally showed me semiconductor stocks are still a hot commodity, & AI, blockchain, I of T, 5G, & robotics will propel a trillion dollar bonanza for the US stock market after this correction ends.

  32. I hope your surgery is healing nicely. I.had a hernia surgery a few years ago.
    I was terrified because the normal joint discomfort I have I didnt even notice the surgical area. Dodnt even take a tylenol..I was afraid I’d overdo it and RIP it open.
    I usually get terrified if they tell me I’m in need of going under the knife..the side reason.. I’m awake..or partially..I may be out and cant feel anything but I am still aware of some of the conversations.. when I had my hernia surgery all they could talk about was a night out at olive garden .. dam when I came to and the doctor came to check on me I had to say..couldn’t you have ppl picked something different to talk about other than olive garden ..I’m starved and have to get italian..
    I have a really odd thing to.. where my stomach will come up a d go behind my heart..dam it’s the most horrendous feeling when that happens.. so periodically I have to go in..they do a scope one time when pulling the scope out the stomach came with..terrified the doctor.. when I woke up she came out tears in her eyes and obviously she had been crying and asked if I remembered any of it.. I told her no but I remember all of it and how bad it scared her.

  33. My CC Radio from C Crane & Co still sits on my night stand. It has AM, FM, weather & TV but has been replaced by the Amazon Dot. Reception on the dot is better & voice control is nice. I can get any channel I want, the weather, & time without moving, only my voice is needed. I left the CC radio there to remind me of the old times & as a backup since it can run on batteries.

  34. I am an avid gardener. Organic gardening takes a lot of elbow grease ,but surely pays off in the long run. Many loads of manure per year and many bags of leaves and any other compost you can lay those grubby little hands on, makes for some dirty black or green thumbs. I have not done any hydroponic gardening, but I understand it takes some in-puts also. Clearly dirt farming in the beautiful sunny outdoors would be preferable. You will get much better nutrients from your food this way. Building the soil takes time and effort, but you will be feeding the earth and yourself. It is a rewarding experience and you will eat well, sleep well, and naturally lose weight from all the sweating. I use the moon signs, and some biodynamic methods as well. This year was cool and wet at first and now is hot and dry, both things it says will keep tomatoes form setting fruit. My tomatoes are loaded with fruit, and it was also a marvelous fruit year for apples, pears, raspberries, strawberries and black berries. I do notice a decrease in bug and bee life though which is very alarming indeed. There was an increase in butterflies back here in the holler ,but less bumblebees. The main thing to notice is the lack of bugs on the windshield of my car. Others are noticing this also.

  35. In Ecuador, it is critical that seeds be planted during the correct phase of the moon. My wife experimented in her small raised bed and numerous pots. She proved it.

    I don’t understand why you folks have such a fetish for tomatoes. They provide the least nutrition and calories of any vegetable. Guess they make gardeners feel good, like signing that check to the IRS, knowing your taxes are paying only for schools and roads.

    I always suggest folks start out with a raised bed and get some books on intensive gardening. Figure out what works and then expand. And know that new critters and diseases to attack your garden will continue to show up for at least 3 years. So until you have a successful garden/producing orchard for three years, you have nothing you can rely on.

    Here in Ecuador we have flocks of marauding parrots, gigantic grubs the size of your thumb, and then the squirrels move in after you develop their food source for them.

    • “I don’t understand why you folks have such a fetish for tomatoes. They provide the least nutrition and calories of any vegetable. ”

      Oh that’s simple Expat…

      They taste great..

  36. The news is like pop music. What was the last news you were exposed to news that made a difference in your life 5 years later? What’s the last pop song anybody listens to one year later?

    Name one government report or statistic that had an impact on your life one year later. It makes good copy to fill a (web) page, but it’s like sitting in a rocking chair, gives you something to do, but doesn’t get you very far.

    It’s clown world. Go to and just read down through the headlines. Then answer truthfully, could normal, mentally healthy people really say and do the things in these headlines? When you go to the circus and the clowns come out, do you expect behavior seen in normal people, like in your home or workplace?

    From my perspective, the struggles of American to try and optimize their suboptimal decisions/options seems quite hilarious at times.

  37. a few months ago.. I helped out a Retired military person that couldn’t get his retirement because the military had misplaced some of his records..
    He went to the senator and the senator put his very best man on the job of getting this cleared up.. after the first year he lost his house and tried to live in a storage shed… after the second year he lost all his belongings and even though he was working couldn’t get into a place because they foreclosed on his house…and without adequate income..( yup after you reach fifty till sixty five your screwed.. no matter what your record it we found that one out) ended up having to live in his car in the Walmart parking lot.. ( god bless Walmart.. they let him at least go in to get warm in the winter.. even helped him with food) well his car broke down and he couldn’t get it fixed and it was towed for being in a place to long.. I wasn’t around for that.. when I had him stay here he was still driving..( he should have let me help..I should have been more compassionate and not make any stupid remarks)… Well as we visited on the street.. he said the only thing he had was an old bicycle that he was using for transportation when he hit a rock.. ( his glasses had slipped and he couldn’t see it.) and he got busted up pretty good and his glasses broke etc.. anyway.. he is finally starting to mend from all the scrapes and bruises and he said… after all these years the senators best and brightest was able to get the senator to sign that sheet of paper to get the people to move on it and because of that he was able to get into a shelter that charges homeless a small amount till they can get into a place so he was pretty upbeat.. MY GOD MIRACLES NEVER CEASE TO AMAZE ME.. Hey and it is an ELECTION YEAR.. does anyone else think that had anything to do about it LOL
    My god the senator has to be one of the busiest people on the planet to not be able to sign his name.. phew must have the hardest job of all

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