Our New Trump Policy

Ouch!  Day one after hernia surgery and a new idea hits:  We’re looking at a “Trump Policy” for our websites. Don’t panic.  I’m exploring aa proposed policy and putting out some ideas for subscriber-only for comment because they are really who we serve.  There are only a few hundred of them.

Point is, I want a policy to govern site comments so they don’t degenerate into ad hominem attacks.  Call me lazy, but name calling and unrelated Trump bashing has to go.  The last straw has been trying to blame Trump for the recent shootings.

Before we get into the “clean up the web” discussion of whether this is self-censorship or simply cutting down the “noise floor” of our future-scanning receivers and markets Replaying 1929 scenario, we will update our Aggregate Index approach to market charting refine the downside a bit more.  Headlines, coffee, and more.  All as I pencil out a post-surgery summary for Saturday’s report on “Wound Super-Healing?”

Click and learn…

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72 thoughts on “Our New Trump Policy”

  1. Jeffe – Prune Juice and Ducalax are key to a smoooth recovery – trust me on this one, also give some thought to one of James Bonds girlz..Onzetop – not as cute as Honey Rider, but she got/gets the job done.

    3 Wars heating up as I type – China Stopping Ag imports is a MOAB, fixing the Yuan at 6.9996 just another parry at our fortifications..up next the battle for Hong Kong.

    Pak v India – got your goggles & doggles ready..dont forget the Fuzzy Butts!

    Turkey/Israhell/US/N. Syria – who coulda seen one coming..

    Precious Metals Miners and Streamers, SPY Puts, BTC’s – make it and take it while U still can!

  2. “ad hominem attacks” are what happen when someone can not win an argument on the merit of facts. It gets rather annoying and deflects from the real discussion.

  3. If you attack error in another, you will hurt yourself. You cannot know your brother when you attack him. Attack is always made upon a stranger. You are making him a stranger by misperceiving him, and so you cannot know him. It is because you have made him a stranger that you are afraid of him. Perceive him correctly so that you can know him.

    • The REAL discussion is ….Do you want freedom or servitude….and this country is confused and ignorant on BOTH….such that …facts and truth are what …TPTB want you to believe and IF anyone disagrees with same…THEY are the problem…GEORGE puts out FACTS…backed up by TRUTH….and years of ‘doing and testing’……which some refuse to accept ,since their opinions and knowledge have been formed from the ‘lies of decades’…..as anyone that cares to research the CONGRESSIONAL RECORD…would be able to see that the number 1 liar is the US GOVERNMENT….and its many ‘minions…..that is a FACT and TRUTH….recorder and archived….ever since the ‘birth of this nation’…..

  4. 1) Most people’s comments are semi-worthless. ( I include my own in this.)

    2) Much commentary is much VOLUME and OPINION (to which we are all entitled), and less useful fact and informed illumination.

    3) The biggest mouths with the longest screeds are usually the LEAST useful, and upon repeat offense to sensibilities and logic, need to be simply banned.

    4) While all have a right to speak, none has a right to be listened to. (Or to be taken seriously.)

    5) Faux-outrage histrionic hollering helps nobody. It’s annoying.

    6) I (for one, anyway) come here for Light and Education, and not for verbal barroom arguments from drunken aggressive loudmouths.

    • There is a pattern. Your site has been infiltrated. The Mark, Mike, and Jon’s just constantly distract and bash, and diminish the site, and comment section. And, now, there are second layers coming on to support them. It is so easy to spot them. It is an infestation designed to depreciate you, your site, and your readers, subscribers, and commentators. Congratulations, George, people in high places know who you are which is a dangerous place to be in a world of power and intrigue. Back to basics, which is what brought the core to you to begin with. As a long-term subscriber, I have to admit that Bush #2, Obama, and then Hillary never stirred up a firestorm like Trump has on your site. It’s like being beat over the head with a mallet, daily. This is a manufactured division to destroy your site, don’t let it.

      • IMHO,
        Why are people that support Republican Values and don’t support Trump the infestation? That comment makes me feel about you the same as you feel about me and nothing gets solved. I can make the argument that Trump supporters are the infestation. Trumps approval ratings are still only in the minority. 42% is not horrible, but neither is our economy, which boosts those numbers to the ill informed…but they must know the economy has nothing to do with him.

        So…in the future…say…”You bring up a good point, but have you considered this…”…and I will do the same…and somewhere along the way…we can actually solve or at least understand why we think the way we think.

      • G____, the baron sole owner of this publication, has made the following editorial policy determination: “We’re a site about getting ahead, living smart, strategic living as my buddy Gaye labels it, 3D printing and survival gardening”. That’s the stuff I really like. Will all the comments from LOOB, Ray, Andy, Warhammer and the rest of the commenters fit into this new format? I would say yes, for the most part. Will all of my comments fly? Probably not. But there have been a few times when I wished I had not pushed the return key quite so fast. And I have told G____ as much in sidebars. I have thick skin, and I think I can generally defend myself effectively in a public debate, but not everyone wants to participate in constant partisan dueling. This is G___’s forum, and I hope that his long time readers stay on and post more when the partisan animosity and general crazy volume gets turned down a bit. In summary, this isn’t about you M___, it’s about the other readers.

        • I shouldn’t label it so narrowly – how about a site where “Whatever strikes George’s fancy as long-term important – and personally actionable – is fair game?
          That would remove 99% of the filler news (politics and hate) and still leave us looking at the broader, shared reality.

      • Because, Mark, you are the one who (redact) Nah, Sorry Pal, I ain’t negotiating with you. Many people tried to do that on this site the last year and it didn’t work. It didn’t change ONE thing (redact). You can take your c(redact) negotiations up with George.

        • Example of my redactions here. Gotta wean on venom slowly, slowly…
          Trell you what, though: A Redact plugin for WordPress would make a fortunate for some programmer/…

      • G___- Maybe use [ redact ], or in some cases [ sick ] (as opposed to [ sic ]), in brackets rather than parenthesis to replace the unhappy and socially unredeemable portions of an otherwise thought-provoking apolitical comment, such as the example posted for IMHO.
        Your addendum to your original statement of editorial emphasis looks about right.

  5. George,

    The new ‘Trump’ policy is welcomed and long overdue, as you have recognized. I won’t editorialize on the subject, as I’m a merciful person, but I will bring to you and our fellow readers some potential solutions.

    1. A ‘Terms of Service’ agreement of sorts that you add to the legalese at the bottom of the page that states, in the best King’s English, something to the effect that unpleasant and/or ad hom attacks won’t be approved or posted.

    2. Comments are subject to the TOS and are restricted to subscribers only. I suspect that your subscribers are more level headed and less prone to fits of arm chair rage and this will greatly reduce the negativity in the comments section while also elevating the discussion to a level that’s useful and enlightening to all.


  6. George, I highly recommend Manuka honey bandages for your incision. Heals better than anything I have tried, truly miraculous…..

  7. I’ve been hoping for something like this for a while. Contrary thinking is a great tool, but the comments have, at times, reached points where the vitriol of a few are a distraction from the good content you generate. I find myself visiting your site less when these peaks are reached, because I don’t care to allow that sort of venom in my head. As I’ve said to some of these commenters before, if they want to spew their garbage, they should start their own blogs and attract their own readers; there is no reason to allow them to piggyback their message on your platform. They are adding no value to your site.

    • Lol. Sometimes even the Village idiot shines like the sun round here. There aint one person that comments on here that i havent learned something useful from. Yup! Even Bruno learned me some stuff.

      Its key to be open minded while you are steadfast in your convictions. Open minded is a necessity to THINKING.

      • Which is why I said that contrarian thinking can be a useful tool. But I don’t need to sip from the same glass twice to know that the drink is bitter.

  8. This is a very dangerous policy that flies in the face of democracy and first amendment rights. You are not right and I am not right. Our opinions in our minds may be right, they may be wrong, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have them. I think I have very valid points…and so do others. You have valid points…let’s solve rather than fight.

    But let me make my case.
    —- Skip from here down until you read George’s reply —-

    I was listening to a Podcast yesterday in the car and they made a good point. Whatever, Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham say, it is usually repeated by Trump. it reminds me of one of my favorite movies, probably yours too George, given your background…Broadcast News. There was a scene with Albert Brooks giving advice to Holly Hunter to say to William Hurt what to say on the air. After William Hurt says it..Albert says” I say it here and it comes out there”.

    This is Trump…Whatever Carlson and Ingram say, comes out of Trumps mouth later. And they started the anger and the vitriol on immigrants and the hateful words…Trump may have softened it a bit, because Carlson can be a jerk…but the sentiment was the same. You all really need to listen to what everyone is saying. Nobody with a conscience can agree with this type of rhetoric.

    Now there is a saying…the Finger pulls the trigger…but a trigger can pull the finger. That trigger is rhetoric. I can make the argument that hateful and angry rap music triggers violence in our urban areas. Antifa and far left groups cause aggression towards right viewpoints and far right views does the same towards the left. Video games softens our inhibitions and May trigger a reaction towards gun violence, and when combined with the hateful words on 8chan, breitbart, and others, the words of Carlson/Ingraham/Trump provides the extra muscle memory to trigger a violent act.

    You can get charged as an accessory to a crime even if you don’t actually commit the crime. Trump isn’t responsible for the shootings, but in a way, he is an accessory to the hateful way we are positioning the world. His name calling, his branded chants, his insistence to push the envelope rather than solve the problems. He sees Tucker Carlson ratings and see that as a way to boost his. That’s not governing…that’s mirroring. Is that the mark of a leader or a follower.?

    That’s all I am saying. There are better ways to govern. Trump is not that way.

    • There is no case to be made.

      The post topic for me is “should we depoliticize and depolarize Urban.

      Going into a political discourse is not on point.

      This is not a democracy, it’s a democratic republic and someone mus decide. Since I write the checks, I get to call the policy.

      I am not saying Trump isn’t open to criticism when I make comments about how he is apparently stepping into the Hoover (previous glocal buusinessman (miner) and setting up a depression-building collapse.

      But the topic is whether we need a simple “scoring” systems for all websites. It is not anti-democratic. In fact, it’s the opposite.

      A ratings system makes it easy for consumers to choose quality and pass on bullshit. This is a PG-13 website (no one over 9 hasn’t heard the world bullshit, anymore). But we’re not going radical R-17 Trump hating.
      We’re a site about getting ahead, living smart, strategic living as my buddy Gaye labels it, 3D printing and survival gardening.

      One of the skills to help UrbanSurvival? Turn off excess channel noise.

      Search, read, plan and build your own dreams. And 90+ percent of channel noise is useless heavily monetized politics. How many times do I have to write “We have too much news channel capacity!!! Why is China (and India) going to the moon while we’re squandering our future on bullshit social posts? WTF people?

      If one of the political clown posses want to pimp the circus of 2020, or MAGA folks, you can buy ads on this site via Google AdWords. We don’t do free ads for human traffickers in votes.

      We like to keep the criminal politicos at arm’s length.

      They can pay or go elsewhere.

    • But the left has reminded me again and again, it’s not about the 1st amendment. This is a website run by a private citizen, he is not required to give you (or any of the rest of us for that matter) free speech. It’s *his* damn blog. If you want to exercise free speech, start your own. And this argument is rich, coming from someone whose thigh probably tingles every time there’s an advertiser boycott of a conservative news host and is ok with de-platforming anyone he would label “alt-right.”

    • @ Mark

      Do you even realize what you are saying ..even in YOUR explanation as to why you comment the way you do…YOU ONLY WANT TO ACCEPT YOUR POINT OF VIEW AND YOUR CONSTANT BARRAGE OF HATE FOR THIS PRESIDENT…even in your try at a mea Cupa….this site is NOT a democracy and you and I have NO F’ING RIGHTS HERE…

      and by the way..what traits you say Trump has because he says things that are not PC..but are come backs to his attackers .YOU say things about him and others that are not PC……so you are JUST LIKE HIM….in that regard….but you do not see that

    • “You are not right and I am not right. Our opinions in our minds may be right, they may be wrong, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have them. I think I have very valid points…and so do others. You have valid points…let’s solve rather than fight.”

      Exactly… who truly knows which opinion is the correct opinion.. we all judge and evaluate and base our opinions on what we have heard read or believe to be the true facts..

      what scares me is a lot of places that I had always valued as the facts are controlled and manipulated by the very people that I consider to be trying to control the legislators..

      I value everyone’s opinion even if I disagree with it. the reason is those with opposing opinions may have gotten a great deal of information that I am not privy to hear or know..

      I worked with someone from Africa years ago.. they had come to america to get an education..(legally I might add) and the lifestyle came up.. what I was told.. was there if you are in one classification or one economic position.. that you were only allowed to learn certain things.. and the country was split into sections.. the ghetto the hills.. but if a student in the ghetto lets say was in school and the teacher went to teach the students something that wasn’t allowed to be taught there were guards on hand to stop it.. if it got out then the teacher dies..
      we in some ways have the same system here.. only the guards are economic in nature..a college education is available for a price but after deduction of the cost of the schooling etc.. you don’t make a wage that would really put you in an economic section above a fast food worker

      • what you share is usually well thought out.. and may come from a set of information and the angle you look at this information that I may not have access to.. I say Keep giving your opinion on everything…. if for no other reason so we can learn and see the information from your perspective. I love it because I can see what everything I look at from the bottom looks like from the top..

  9. Regulating the Internet will be the perfect time to change history.

    Something “big” will happen before the regulating. Usually the rewrite comes after a war.

    I think history was changed last around 1611 – King James rewriting the bible. He couldn’t do that without the Gutenberg Press, 1440.

    We couldn’t rewrite history without the internet.

    I’ve been listening to AM 910, serving Detroit. The “largest black owned radio station”.

    Loosely, today some dark skinned American folks believe they aren’t African Americans but instead, Native Americans. Their argument is that the DNA of dark skinned folks in the Americas is more diverse then the DNA of light skinned folks.

    We are told most dark skinned folks were taken from Western Africa, if this is the case their DNA in N.A. shouldn’t be as diverse.

    The Civil War was the “false flag” that covered the fact red and black skins were here living together in N.A. befoer the light skinned folks arrived.

    The dark skinned folks reinforce this idea by claims of the Egyptian Empire was dark and Egyptian artifacts buried out in the Grand Canyon.

    • “some dark skinned American folks believe they aren’t African Americans but instead, Native Americans”

      I am on their side.. whats the purpose of asking someone on the census what nationality are you.. if you were born in the USA and an american citizen.. then you are an american..
      I tried the same argument with them as well.. since my family on one side got here long before the revolution and our country became a nation united.. why shouldn’t I be able to say I am a native american.. on the other side they arrived later but still long enough to be called american…
      so why not.. I have no interest in another country or their beliefs or political point of view…. then if you look at the DNA lineage.. there are a half a dozen nationalities in a couple of hundred years in length of history.. so.. why not be able to say I am Heinz 57.. if you take the DNA of all citizens.. back to the roots then we could actually say we are African in origin..
      Now my thought is when doing the census.. and you are not american but an african or was born in africa, etc…. then you should claim you are from another country of origin not someone that has been born and raised here and his family roots go back a hundred or so years.. .. just my take on the whole thing..

      • Then question of race is asked because the racists on Cap Hill use metrics of race and income to tout their bona fides to the illiterate electorate. I will ask again, what is wrong with asking taxpayers only to vote? They are the only ones with real skin in the game. Everyone else is free-riding.

      • ” I will ask again, what is wrong with asking taxpayers only to vote? ”


  10. George: I concur with JT and JAJ13. Invective language is non-productive and destructive. Comments should be supportive, constructive and if they cannot be factual, should be clearly and briefly represented as opinion. I have enjoyed your site for some years and would support banning those who are clearly trolls.

  11. Jesus, Mary and Joseph!

    You ever been to Alaska in the summer? When the sun never sets?

    When you cut yourself off from the opposition, you cut yourself off from 50% of the data. Emotions are part of the descriptor sets of the data.

    I havent been around much, these parts.

    Stocks caving like a mofo. Quick look suprised!!! Are you not entertained??!!


    • Andy, it’s not opposition, it’s controlled, it isn’t logical, sensical, educational, nor informative, it is repetitive and biased. What is there to learn from being brainwashed with molten propaganda?

      • Andy may be using his time-out to work on something as a contribution to the upcoming DSM VI (diagnostic statistical manual – DSM V will get updated eventually) and in it, we expect, political addictions may be either causative or resultant of excess social pharmacology!
        A kind of torpedo level of the playing field…

  12. It’s been to dam busy in the LOOB household to worry about the haters..
    Theres Lots of fires to put out around here..most of the time I’m finally able to slow down around two am back up and tackling the situation at six.. this is really the first time in over a week that I’ve been able to sit have a coffee and relax for a few moments.
    It started out with a dramatic cut in income fifty percent or so..the cut was for all staff due to an increase in company expenses. Across the board effecting everyone..
    Then a nasty storm hit 70mph plus winds and flipped a string of solar panels across the yard tore apart a shed stewing the contents everywhere. The fail point was the new rail brackets.. so I worked my big butt off rehabbing them and doing a little redneck engineering to make brackets for the rails..the same time the dryer circuit board went out cost would exceed the cost of a new dryer..there shoots a grand then the washing machine rips a bearing and the parts to replace it more than a new machine..
    Then the wife tells me ..honey there is something wrong we with the vacuum cleaner..add it to the list. Then the dishwasher quit.. omg not another .. the service tech just informed me the cost to repair it will be more than a new unit..
    So I thought heck I need a cup of coffee before I get back to firefighting..when my wife just came out.. the tv is dead..
    Turns on runs a few seconds and shuts down..
    From my perspective people can hate our president I think hes doing the best he can.. I feel sympathy for his loving family..hes doing the best he can as a firefighter to. He wants to even out the countries checkbook bring back some pride to the laborers by returning some industry .. I totally get his point on violent video games and television shows..how many beatings rapes and murders are there in an hour of prime time tv..
    I approve of his attempts to secure our borders from illegal entry by people not willing to enter it legally.
    Right now I have to many people yanking my chain because I’m not making progress fast enough..I’m hated because I had to let everyone know I cant afford the replacement of the majority of the equipment lost and I’m juggling the best I can with the decrease in income to make utilities alone..i only put out fires one step at a time..I’m good but not a miracle worker.. so far I’ve always been able to pull the rabbit out of the hat..

  13. I stopptd reading the comments / rants awhile ago because i found disparaging the POTUS and FLOTUS distasteful and I’m Canadian, not supposed to care too much about the US politics. The aggressive hate from mostly one political party, distasteful. I live near the US border and have not gone over to Detroit or anywhere in th US since 911, not for fear but cause too many aggressive people on the local news which i watch mostly for the weather. Probably just as aggressive in Windsor too, since all the thousands Islamist refugees have been resettled there. They say it is cause so close to Dearborn MI. And of course our dollar is so low compared to US dollar.
    Stay home for last 3 months since my total replacement right shoulder surgery end of April. Had my left shoulder replacement surgery several years back. Just takes time to heal and the difference in pain is incredible.
    Just like the Americans can be if they come tigether and start respecting their (your) POTUS and each other and stop lying. Eh!
    So George censer the comments about your politics and i likely will read thr comments again.

  14. Hip, hip, hooray for the new policy! Long overdue.The TDS posters have poisoned your comments section long enough. Their toxic venom doesn’t go well with my morning coffee.

  15. Hi George. I hope you heal quickly. My dad had a hernia operation when I was a kid and it took him a couple of weeks to be back in shape. I understand they have better procedures now and hope that means faster healing.
    Far as the Trump question, just ban Mark and Mike and that’ll about cover it as I see it.

  16. Looks like even the bounce fizzled. This could be a severe tariff downtrend signaling a recession in which cause lower rates ahead to steady the ship. Better to get the bad news out in 2019 than the 2020 election year. Anyone notice how well Zillow stock has held up in this decline with earnings expected of -$.14 & strong revenue growth. It is reporting earnings today.

  17. Some of the best and most educational comments are off-topic and long. Long serial off-topic political commentary doesn’t really add anything to the discussion except rancor. Sarcasm and parody liven things up. Use your editorial judgement.

  18. George, This is a great idea. I am so tired of hearing all the hate from [M,M,J] in particular. This is supposed to be a site where adults can trade ideas and act like adults. It’s been a long time coming.

  19. I’m in agreement with the need to impose a level of civility on those who would degrade the site. To the degree possible, elegance is in the simplicity of such rules. Definitely no ad-hominem, and no use of language that would be intolerable around friends. Repetitive rants are really boring too.

    Limiting comments to subscribers is a two edged sword. I’d rather see thoughtful comments from all readers regarding subjects on the public side. Of course, there’s little point in allowing such free access when the articles are not free.

    Regarding AM radio: I very much doubt there are 18 minutes of “content” remaining in each hour. Between commercials, PSA’s, bumper “music”, other noises, “sports” and repetitive intros, I often just end up turning the radio off. Some hours are completely filled with “infomercials” with far more mercial than info. The constant political ranting on those stations is also offputting. It’s like a cross between a football announcer and a drunken preacher. IMHO, KKOB seems to be much worse than WOAI regarding these things.

    I’m thinking that there may be a way to assign a S/N ratio to various sites on the net. This requires more thought. Some sites have terrible S/N but nuggets of genius or info. Others are so loaded with cross-site scripts that the pages will either crash your browser or require you to make breakfast while the page loads. I’d much rather have a simple layout and instant loading within a single domain. I detest those that require me to enable their scripting one site at a time. And yes, I use noscript always unless I’m prepared to actually trust a site.

    Congratulations on your recovery! I’m glad you have Elaine there for you! You’ve reminded me of the absolute necessity of getting my dead letter, keys, codes and other stuff organized by my next birthday at least, and maybe start that before I try my next harebrained attempt to cheat death again! That’s one aspect of life I’ve been deferring too long.

    • Great idea on SNR concept -0 mind if I steal/borrow it?

      Second point is KJR actually machined down the drive of QRK turntables to make then run 7% faster. Then they taunted us with being able to claimn “We play more music than you guys at brand X. Could play a 78 anymore, but they did play a 48.3 instesad of a 45

      For those who don’t remember the rock and roll wars:
      A kfrc aircheck (composite) from 1979 with Dr. Don and others. Paul Fredericks was do9ing news with him by then, my buddy (and news mentor) the late B.R. Bradbury has moved down to LA and was going mornings with Morgan in the Morning at K-100 by then. I’
      d turned down a KFRC gig in 1973 and stayed as ND at KOL until 83… I seem to recall talking to Fredericks a number of times… wasn’t he at The Big 8 – CKLW before moving west, but those were old times and at 70, well, HR details can get foggy.
      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n_UNAbZj2HE Dr. Don at 3:25 in
      Speaking of the Big 8, am I the only one who remember Byron McGregor, their ND doing the read of “The American?”
      Bet today he’s be tarred and feathered, were Canadians not so proper. Casey Kassim intros it (5:21 in length0

    • NM: I listen to radio on my dot, “Alexa, play Ultimate Art Bell Radio” & it is commercial free. Art’s show may be from the past, but basically nothing has changed in the woo woo world. Also, predictions made can be confirmed right or wrong since we are now in the future, like Major Ed Dames Kill Shot. The Major moved to an Island in the Pacific Ocean, but is back now since the Kill Shot did not happen.

      • ????? question.. do they have a channel on satellite for the new car radios that play Art Bell…..

        I loved that show..

      • Art Bell had a poorly ended relationship with Sattelite radio. You can get it on the Tune In radio app.

  20. I have postponed reading your site until later in the day because of the hateful comments that are not based in what I would call facts. Can’t take it first thing in the morning. TDS seems to have found your posts. I know your idea is to be open minded and fair but some commenters are just so far out of control and not at all interested in an open and honest discussion. I get way enough of bias on regular “news” programming and do not need any more. You’re (Ure-haha) a big boy and can post comments that differ from your opinion but are not out of touch with reality. In favor of lively discussions yes, open hostility no.

    • Shhh! Don’t tell anyone, I don’t read it until later, too. Then I see all the errors and promise to do better tomorrow.
      Except the next day…well…you know… lol

  21. George, black molasses dissolved in tea or other beverage has been used decades to get rid of post operative gas…..also second to the manuka honey bandages.

  22. doctors could not believe how fast wounds would heal during Vietnam War, when they saw this used:


    & BTW, G, thanks for your ‘openness’ to all view points.

    ‘The Polarization Dialogues’ of this site demonstrate the nascent social mood traits of the coming Grizzly Bear Market!! (which Trump will be blamed for!!)

  23. The local Walmart I’ve been telling you guys about, the Walmart that was evacuated…..

    They’re down to two main registers that are managed by people and the Garden Center. The electronics department is under construction . A cash register jockey may return there.

    Everything else has been converted to U-Scan. Workers are few.

    • “Everything else has been converted to U-Scan. Workers are few.”

      that is how it is here.. at least now they do have one checkstand open there for a while you had to hunt for an employee… they gave me hell.. I would go back to the breakroom and hunt for an employee.. there was that few.. maybe five in the whole place most working stock.. anyway.. one day I was in a hurry.. needed some cream none in the cooler but I could see it right behind the racks so rather than run all over the store to go get an employee I just ran into the cooler quick to grab the cream.. LOL dam if a stock boy come by and chew my butt.. I asked are you going to fill the rack.. he left..
      Now I am being nice because I am going to try and get a greeter job there.. a couple of days a week.. LOL but after visiting with an old friend that works there they said that was one of the things the store was going to do.. they did have an app… you scan and go.. I asked why they got rid of the app.. seemed that everything was going but no one was scanning and paying LOL LOL… now lately.. the greeter scans your slip and then your items to see if you paid for it.. so I see the app coming back soon..
      the biggest area any company has to maneuver is payroll..

    • We do! Entertain them kid listeners, lol/.
      No, seriously, there’s a privacy option *(illusion?) in set up where you can disable contrkibuting to product development in which case, cross their hearts and yada, yada, they claim they won’t listen.
      On the other hand, as pappy used to ask “What’s an honest guy got to hide?”
      And his point was reinforced with “Honest people stop at stop signs anyway because rules are fulltime, not part-time…”

  24. Grow up people, learn to change the channel, skim past the internet junk, and walk away from idiots.

    George, do what you believe is right for your site.

    And increase the good protein and vitamin c.

    • Damn interesting article in the works for PN this weekend.

      All about my experiments with “super healing” which this surgery is providing a marve3lous test ground for…

  25. YeeeeeeHA !

    Dont come around like I used to. For some odd reason , I felt compelled to check in today. Glad I did. One main reason I strayed is as everybody else has stated. Pardon me George , I let my subscription run out.

    People who own things can do with them whatever the hell they want. That includes you. This is your house and you have been treated very rudely by some of your guests. We , can choose to agree , disagree , tolerate blah blah. But ultimately we have the choice of going to this site or not.

    With your new policy , you’ll get my annual check for membership again.

    When people complained about rap music or garbage on the telly , the typical response years ago was ” change the channel “. Sounds like its time for a few others to follow that lost party’s advice and simply change the channel.

    I would humbly add this thought/idea. As said , people who subscribe , get to post. Nobody else. Just like people who subscribe get to read special articles and tidbits of yours. Makes it very easy to ban them , no refunds , no pro-rating.

    The collective IQ will skyrocket.

    Thank you kindly George.

  26. George,
    Just an historical note. Back in the bitnet era listserve lists were popular in my profession. The unmoderated listserve lists devolved into flame wars after which contributers signed off and the listserve closed. Moderated listservs survived. So for the good of your comments function please keep fractious comments from being. posted. BTW Justice Holmes pointed out so eloquently that free speech has limits.

    Glad your surgery event well. Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

  27. I knew this day would have to come when I first saw the ‘meme-management shills’ appear. I support your decisions, George. Thank you… and heal well. You apparently hit your pain tolerance thresh tolerances with the comments section.

    • The problem Hank is this: There was nothing new. Car falls over cliff? Blame Trump – I just got sick of it.
      Meantime, being less than perfectly well gives me time for ham radio. My self-healing present? ordered a pretty good condition Johnson Kilowatt Matchbox (which will match the Johnson Thunderbolt amplifier) (and the Pacemaker exciter which I get time to put it back together from electronic surgery) which weill make a fine J-line rig for 75 meters.
      Also have enough wire now to put in an 80-meter DEZ fed with open wire which ought to smoke this winter on 75. Need to put up the NW/SE Beverage receive antenna, too, while I’m at it…
      Ready to work stateside on PSK-31 or Olivia yet?

  28. @ Mark

    Time for you to be PROUD of yourself….since YOU have altered history….and are responsible for a NEW Policy…..an accomplishment that no one else has achieved inside of these walls of knowledge sharing…..congrats…..as such you may even get an invite to the White House since the turn over in Policy makers there has been severe…and someone with your steadfast way to “make a good point” that really got you recognized as a stand out type of guy , might go a long way in this country…..again good luck in your future endeavors…

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