Talent? A Contradition in the Bible

Before my surgery this week, I did a lot of research and study of old technology including that found in the Bible –  research that has been ongoing for some time – in an effort to reverse-engineer some practical healing  technology

My friend, Chris Tyreman (of The Chronicle Project) did a tremendous amount of work on this using a technique called Self-Defining Hebrew” or SDH for short.  In other words, it turns out that Hebrew is a much clearer language than most give it credit for.  It is in the  human interpretations where things run off the rails.

Point is, Tyreman found multiple instances in the Bible where there are more than just hints that we are a “planted species.”

There is, in his research (and mine) some evidence that there was a hell of a lot more going on that just what “seems on the surface.”

For one, we have the Nephilim, also known as the Watchers.  Accounts of what sound like automated robots patrolling the Garden of Eden.  A particular lifestyle imparted to humans that is Lunar-centric and now almost universally ignored.  As Crhis builds the case in his book “The Destruction of Sabbath: Tracking the History of Deception.”

Ancients and Watchers Matter

Because some things in the Bible are testable.

The story of the Burning Bush, for example.  Borrowing the text from www.biblegateway.com,  we can see something in Exodus 3:

Now Moses was tending the flock of Jethro his father-in-law, the priest of Midian, and he led the flock to the far side of the wilderness and came to Horeb, the mountain of God. There the angel of the Lord appeared to him in flames of fire from within a bush. Moses saw that though the bush was on fire it did not burn up. So Moses thought, “I will go over and see this strange sight—why the bush does not burn up.”

When the Lord saw that he had gone over to look, God called to him from within the bush, “Moses! Moses!”

And Moses said, “Here I am.”

“Do not come any closer,” God said. “Take off your sandals, for the place where you are standing is holy ground.”

An oil & gas lease?  Since my father was a deacon in our  Lutheran Church in Seattle for a time, and as a voracious reader, it did not escape his notice that in about 1956 an article in Time magazine explained how Texaco oil exploration units had in fact found natural gas seeps in the area of (wait for it…) the ancient Mount Horeb.  Secret of the Burning Bush?

The burning bush as a gas seep?  Well, there was the find and there was the account in the Bible that drove it.

Fast Forward

With an upcoming operation for a naval hernia. since I’d already experienced some good energy results with my Light Crown project, I decided also take on the Breastplate of Aaron.  

Properties?  Well, as one source put it “According to the Talmud, the wearing of the Hoshen (breastplate) atoned for the sin of errors in judgement on the part of the Children of Israel..”  It offered protection.  A fellow can’t have too much of that, now, can they?

Sounded like just the ticket facing surgery.  But, there was more.  The arrangement of the gems seemed critical, but not in the conventional way.  Thanks to reader Nancy for her contribution (as a highly skilled New Mexico jewelry maker) in figuring out the colors, I set about selecting light emitting diodes at the right frequencies..

Naming the stones just didn’t feel right.  It seemed likely to me that there was  likely another reason for their names (after 12 tribes of Israel);  a more “scientific” theory in play here.  In simpler times, perhaps the naming of the gemstones was an early mnemonic. A clever way to remember the stone’s locations.

Hebrew is an RTL language, that is, read right to left.  The first tribe (top right) could be associated with green, and so forth.

As a memory aid….

What better pick-me-up after surgery could there be?  So off to the bench I went.

I have no idea whether this will work any “wonders” but like my father, I think there hints –  widely missed by biblical scholars – few of whom are wide-ranging generalists.  How many scientifically bent people take-apart The Word and look for hidden science?  Can’t be that many, I’m sure.

The idea of “hidden tech” in the bible hit home for me again as the research into Aaron’s breastplate and the various “crown jewels” evolved.  The effect so far?  About nil.  But this breastplate was a proto, not sized to the “correct” square, 1/3rd of a cubit.

Ah, cubits are a problem.  There are “normal cubits” – the length from your elbow to the tip of you middle finger, about 18-1/2 inches.  Then there are both royal and sacred cubits as well.  It’s necessary to use the right one(s) when setting up your “Holy of Holies” place.

To my simple mind, it seemed the “gemstones” were likely “color keyed.” If so, then this “tech”  might be recovered by arranging LED lights of the same spectral manner as in times of yore…

There was one more grabber. I almost feel guilty taking to long to share it with fellow pondering explorers:.

There’s a strong indication that the rulers/gods who ancient people so revered, (possibly giants) were wearing not just crowns but 60+ pound mechanisms of some kind, on their heads.  Helmets with lights and knows what else?

It’s right there in plain view as references to the weight of certain crowns which is given as a “talent of gold” in many verses of Scripture.

Exodus 25:39 tells us about how much gold is to be used in constructing the sacred lampstand that sits by the Ark of the Covenant.  “A talent of pure gold is to be used for the lampstand and all these accessories.”

2 Samuel 12:30 also speaks of the talent weight:  “David took the crown from their king’s head, and it was placed on his own head. It weighed a talent of gold, and it was set with precious stones..”

1 Kings 9:28, too:  “They sailed to Ophir and brought back 420 talents of gold, which they delivered to King Solomon…”  (That’s a lot of gold!)

And 1 Chronicles 20:2  says “David took the crown from the head of their king—its weight was found to be a talent of gold, and it was set with precious stones—and it was placed on David’s head. ”

Not tracking yet?

Let me offer a simple screen shot that should put this big Obvious Secret center-stage for you:  This is about Talent-weight:

“Hold the Phone!”

On their HEADS?  Weighing HOW MUCH?

Didn’t we just read that David took the crown off the head of their king and it weighed a talent?  Was their King a giant/Watcher/Nephilim?  Like, who wears such outlandishly Big Bling?

At the lowest weight in that summary, how much would that crown weigh?

Yeah:  20 kgs would be 44.4-pounds and  that is far more than would be needed to simply hold “gems in place.”

What if it wasn’t just holding “gems” in place per se.  Remember people were seeing colors that they associated with  gems.

In a “heaviest case” we’re talking about a 100+ pound headpiece.  Even at the logical talent weight of 66.6 pounds (33.3 kgs) , that would translate to about one pound per minas and then that would make a  shekel about 1-60th of a pound.  (60  minas to the Talent, 60 shekels to the minas..)

You have to wonder:  What would be  the point of a golden headpiece that might weigh over100 pounds, maybe much more?  Might all those references to halos around religious figure’s heads also be tied into something, too?

Like one of my “light crowns?”  So, I asked myself “How would people without a phone plan or notepads to capture the “look of a halo” pass down this experience for future generations to ponder?”

Halo, anyone?

That’s me, with a single-band LED light crown on.  Which led to this weekend’s  Ure’s Latest Crackpot Theory.  (ULCT)

Wonder and Ponder:

What weighs 66+ pounds and can be fitted to a head is possibly either a) a space helmet or b) a headpiece/communications device containing a large battery.

A GOLD-AIR battery, perhaps?

You mean like the one written up in  Popular Science two years ago?  “Researchers Accidentally Make Batteries Last 400 Times Longer…

Yeah, something like that, maybe.

Because coupled with a gold battery, these ancient high beings may have been from someplace rather unexpected. Not here.

Our future?  There is one where gold batteries and LED light therapy becomes almost commonplace.

Did I mention there are now 105 clinical studies involving different light-healing modalities listed at https://clinicaltrials.gov?  That’s up from 85 trials last time I wrote to you about this on the non-subscriber side.

One last speculative point:  Is it possible there is something about space-time that has to do with scaling?  In other words, if elements of the Bible were from a distant future, would the process of time-jumping (or phase-shifting) between Realms involve a scaling change?

Computers offer us some ideas.  Think of our “world” as a .JPG and another world as a .PNG.  Jumping between then might render beings differently.  Put another way, if you went from a .JPG world to a .PNG world, via an SVG file, well, maybe giantism is a time-jumping scaling vector graphic analog…

All makes for interesting research, wherever it leads.

And that is into a a new area of research involving the relationships (including phase, scales, and frequencies) of adjacent “Dimensions Next Door.”  I’m getting the sense that what bound the MWI (Many Worlds Interpretation) of quantum mechanics is the adjacency and limits to heterodyned mixer products from interacting timelines.

Which is cool because that just leaves us an engineering problem to solve.

Write when you figure it out…I’m still working on it.  But mixed-light modalities are experimentally more efficacious than single frequency light modes and that means mixer products at a very subtle level.  Do photon excitation level mixed products unlock this escape room?  >


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  1. George, I agree that there is a lot more going on than we realize.
    As for the “Breastplate Stones” I read an Edgar Cayce book (in the 70’s?) on the properties of the different gems. Here is an intro on a newer book. http://www.arecatalog.com/Images/previews/671-Sacred-Stones.pdf

    The history of the Creation by the Hopi are very interesting and cause thoughts outside the mainstream, which I believe is good. Here is a provocative book on tying the Hopi and Egyptians together. https://www.amazon.com/Book-Truth-Perspective-Creation-Story/dp/0557125839/ref=sr_1_1?keywords=the+book+of+truth+by+thomas+Mills&qid=1565529236&s=books&sr=1-1

    Keep seeking and sharing. Cheers

  2. We live in an electrical world, George you are onto something here…..we maybe taking medicine from a entirely wrong angle. No different than cleaning a wave for your high end electronics, what that sweet pure wave would do to one who is sick or off the wave if it were.

  3. Dear George,

    You (and, perhaps, your readers) would enjoy Dark Journalist’s interviews with Elana Freeland and Dr. Joseph Farrell. They discuss similar issues as does he in his X series. So much to learn out there.

    Thank you for your good work.

  4. George

    “Because coupled with a gold battery, these ancient high beings may have been from someplace rather unexpected. Not here.”

    I think you are spending some of your spare time listening to what Linda Moulton Howe has to say on the Not Here.

    Apparently the trail leads to what’s under the Antartic ice.

    I hope we find out the truth one day as we are paying the freight on all the research.

      • I just downloaded f.lux and so far it’s running well on my main machine. Reading the FAQ and other pages makes sense. I set the night colors as suggested. Thanks!

  5. Fascinating! Glad to see that Ure up and about. Exploring history for tech makes it interesting again for me, though there’s precious little time to do so now. It’s a strong suggestion for us older folks to build what we can while we can. Having areas to work if/when we become physically limited can let the creative energies flow. I’d strongly suggest makerspaces for assisted living and nursing homes, though most of the owners would probably see it as pointless. Limit TV too.

    It’s time to finish old projects here and try to avoid new ones until the open project list is down to one page! Time is certainly the limiting commodity, though we must be grateful for what we have.

    Original gold crowns are expensive! Perhaps a million plus dollars before adding the jewels and whatever else. I’ll stick to LEDs for now. I’m glad Nancy could help. I used to think I might be talented, though now I’m wondering if I’m just shekeled here.

  6. There are suits because of the two sides of the coin.

    Because this particular timeline Has Fallen on the edge of the two sided coin.

    It will spin slowly and then spin faster and faster until both sides are a blurr.

    Then there will be an .
    opening on each side of the coin ,it becomes a ship’s steering wheel where from each side a path can be seen through.

    This is the first step.

    May all beings be lovingly fulfilled ,May all beings be financially fulfilled ,May all beings be readily fulfilled.
    Do not take it for granted seek proof be suspicious have suspicion,
    Be a rotator for the future don’t get stuck in the past, be like a spear fish 12 fold

    • If pleasantry heads South for the next 2 months ,,,what do you value most to survive that down turn that’s phrenotropic

  7. https://www.themoscowtimes.com/2019/08/10/moscow-acknowledges-mysterious-rocket-explosion-involved-nuclear-workers-a66796

    Must have been that “Chernobyl part 3” i was seeing. Linguistically its a “hit”.

    Banned from GLP again. I think this is the 289th time. Lol

    They ban me because when i start hitting dates and events over and over. they dont know if A) im seeing them or B) im speaking them into existance.

    And thats scary and they dont know how to control that.

    Time for a nap, then meeting my other soul later today.

    Sad about that daycare. Like i said, “God isnt deaf to the crys od innocent children.”

      • Ohhhh im right here. Im just trying to focus on myself and do the next right thing inspite of what i think or feel.

        Im pretty ready to settle down. I got a few chasing me. I went to this convention this weekend with a girl, she is super yummy cute. I ditched the chick i met from Madrid spain. She is kinda trippin. This tall Cat girl who bought me lunch and we hung out at this pool part with a live DJ. We had lots of fun, she rolled out after dinner.

        So, i was sitting on on the back patio of the Double Tree in Palm Springs and out walks this blonde in a white dress and heels. There wasnt a man out there that wasnt staring at her. She is a Dime, if i ever seen one. I think the prettiest woman i have ever seen in my life. I seen alot of pretty women, but you couldnt photoshop a girl prettier than her.

        She comes right over and sits nex to me and says, “So, its like that?” I said, “Yup!” She says, i been watching you all day and you have this golden energy that just leaves its mark on everything you touch and you act like you dont. I only seen that golden light one other time. What star are you from?? I looked over at her, i had my back to her and lightly grabbed her wrist and turne it over and said why do ya have kindness written in Hebrew on one wrist and turning her other other wrist i said, and love in hebrew on your other? She smiles puts her hand on my leg and says so i dont throat punch assholes who touch me when i dont want them too. And laughs. i smiled and pulled out a cigarette handed it to her, and lit it for her. She crossed her leg and her long dress split and her bare leg was about 6 inches from me. I put my hand on her knee and said, sssshhhh! Your making me look bad. She Roard laughing and said where the hell you been all my life???? I said, waiting on the patio for you, silly. We talked for 2 hours, and there was no sense of time. Just connection, then we went and danced our asses off. She took my phone, put her number in it, texted her phone so she had my number and said Wednesday im taking you out to dinner. I said, wait one minute! Im supposed to ask you out, not the other way around. She kisses me on the cheek and says, I do what i want, and i want you. Then turns and walks away. She takes about 10 steps and drops her napkin on the floor and bens over to pick it up, turns her head to look back and smiles. I blew her a kiss. She stands back up and doesnt look back and yells, pick you up at 630 mister!!!! Shave your face, dress casual and bring that golden energy with you! I said yes mam! And she kept walking.

        My buddies said, I never seen a chick that hot in my life. Good job man!!!

        I said, i didnt do anything. Dont blame me! Thats all on the Universe. Hahahhaah

      • Look for Andy’s upcoming book: “How I read an economic web site and turned into a chick magnet” on Amazon. He’ll be on Oprah on the book tour…

      • Hahhahahah! I cant help that i narurally smell like fresh baked cookies. Alot of women have said that. And yes! I know its in the movie Michael. :)

        I have met 4 women here all named Kat. HahahhahHa

        And one flower. Operah?? Hmmmmmmmmm. Intersting!

  8. You are on the right track. For over geeezeee i have studied religions and read i think, almost every story of creation a few times. I have read the bible over 25 times, the koran 4 times, hudreds and hundreds of tibtan scrolls, bhudast stuff, 100’s of zen fables, everything from the Myan Story of creation PapVul to the Law of One, to the ELF transmissions to Hermetic Orders stuff and Herme’s story of creation.

    Ok. First things first. The basics about the Torah. The Torah (first 4 books of the Bible) is one long series of caractures. It has no periods, commas, chapters, indentations etc. It is 304,805 caractures written by a left handed Moses. It is THE BEST example i have ever seen of “conscious stream writting”.

    YHWH is the combination of the first two letters and the last two letters. The abbreviated name for “God”. The totality of the Torah is the FULL name of “God”.

    Correct it is written Right to Left. Please note: there are zero vowels. It is all consonant’s. The Yod or ‘ works like a vowel.

    Most people do not know this and it cant be found on the web, but it is something i discovered.

    There are 304,805 Gnomes in the human body. The only other 3 animals that share that number are The Pig, The Rodent and some shell fish. The 3 forbiden foods. Again the Torah is 304,805 caractures same amount as Gnomes in a Human Body. Coincidence?

    “In the [Beginning] was the word and the word became flesh.”

    Now. Lets look at the word above bracketed. Beginning.

    The Hebrew word Beginning is resh-aleph-shin. It literally means
    “HEAD”. Look at that verse and the one from Genesis 1.

    “In the HEAD was the word and the word became flesh.


    Gensis 1:1

    “In the “Head” God created the Heavens and the Earth.

    Kinda puts a new spin on things.

    If you really really learn some trippy stuff. Check out the Arimaic language. Which from my studies, is the language that they all spoke in Babylon about the time of the “Tower” was built. And could be the the original “language” a few Arimaic words.

    Abracadabra: From what i speak, i create.
    Shbag: Unlock your mind (forgivness)
    0rph: signature of God. (Lighting)
    *thats right, it starts with the number zero. :)
    Sin: Goddess of unmatched beauty. (Venus) but to them the “Moon” was Venus.

    When we go to church and “repent” which means to “turning of the tides, or turning away for our “Sins”. What we are REALLY saying in an ancient language is

    “We are all slaves to “Sin”. We are all slaves to “Moon” . We are slaves to the moon, tunning the tides. “Tides” means “Time”.

    So, you are “Heading” in the right direction. Careful, how you speak. :)

    Off to bed. Gnite!

    • Over 15 years, very very indepth study. I have also collected old books and have over 20 bibles. One from the year 1780, i also have a first addition Christian Science bible and a first addition Book of Mormon. :)

    • Ohhhhh yes! One last thing. Acccording to the Secret Document wtiten by Blavatsky in 1888. On the topic of “Chains, Globes, Rounds and Root Races”:

      The Moon is the last earth in our chain. We all used to incarcerate there. Then when the next globe or apears we will incarnate on it.

      Planet X anyone?? Lol

      She got some stuff wrong, like count order of “relms” and their chains and globes etc. Etc. Is backwards, she counts the order starting at the sun and that is backwards. The count is Sol (1) then you count from the last planet towards the Center.

      You dont think the Himalayan Masters are going to give all their secrets away to a Traveling Gypsy Circus chick do ya? Hahah. That is what Blavatsky was before she became a guru.

      And one must not forget, there is a metor belt between us and mars which was and is a Destroyed planet. Lol

      From my understaning, the Moon or “sin” creates a distortion in the Spiritual relm that we know as “material reality”. Without it, our surface would he “gas” just like all the other planets. Except Mars.

      Notice, mars, surface had pyramids, other stuff and rivers etc that look to be made by “material Beings”. I have empirical evidence that the metor belt that was a destroyed planet, used to be Mars Moon.

      Also, Each planet is its OWN chain. NOT a chain starting from the sun to the Earth counting the Moon as a planet then on to the others.

      Astronomy is definitely not a strong subject with me, and Astrology is…. pretty lame as far as people go on to explain it.

      Lunar Astrology has 13 signs not 12 like the Solar astrology maximum. The Lunar Calendar is FAR more accurate than the Gregorian or Julian Calander. The 13th sign is a Dragon. :)

      The Lunar Calendar measured in “Tides” and has only lost 17 seconds in 20,000 years.

      The Tibetan Calander which is a Lunarsolar calander also has 13 astrology signs and has absolutely NOT leep year and has lost zero seconds since its conception which pre-dates written word.

      SOOOOOO, on the topic of “Talents” of crowns. The Halo is an “altered field state” the original symbol for an “IDEA” long before the light bulb took its place. Divine inspiration.

      • Andy, have you read the Urantia book? Check it out. A big read divided into for parts; The Central and Superuniverses, The Local Universe, The History of Urantia, and The Life and Teachings of Jesus. 2097 pages, way too much for my mind to comprehend.

      • Clancy, i think i read it. I have read sooooo many books. Hmmmm. I will have a look. Thank you!

        I have read “The Way” which is the story of Jesus time in Tibet. I actually have a copy and printed it out. Its translation of Tibetan scrolls of a young 20 year old man who walked into a Tibetan master circle and began to teach them. There was 12 masters gathered. One master stood up and said who are you?? Jesus is recorded saying i am the author of your temple and when he said this all sorts of creatures elephants, cows, tigers, snakes etc. Etc. came out of the forest around them and sat down peacefully around the mastes circle.

        It gets scrubbed from the web everytime it gets posted. So if ya find it, make sure you copy and paste it into a word doc and print it out, right quick.

        @ George, yes! Correct. :)

      • Wait, that wasn’t Brad Pitt doing 8 years in Tibet?

        (Econ note: Used to be 7-years in Tibet but there’s inflation in China, too…)

        (gotta go, there’s are religious zealots coming for me.. I gotta tell ’em how Quetzalcoatl was the same feller, too…no, maybe I better not…)

      • My husband has a beautiful bright light Aura. I love watching it radiate around his head and shoulders. It is so reassuring to see his goodness shine out from him like that.

      • Hahhahaha George.. on this big drop of water, its catch and release. we each get a turn.


        You will have mail in about 3 min and 36 seconds.

    • P.S. Atara is the Hebrew word for Crown. Said phonetically exactly like the Video Game Maker. Atari. Coincidence??? Let that sink in for a second. Hahahah!!!!

      The word Atara is defined as “Gift from God” . It also means “Feminine or girl” in Japanese, Atara means “IF”.

      The more you know. :)

  9. Sharing: I have already shared that I saw 3 very important colors in my coma. Have you seen the Tibetan prayer flags? You are onto something, George. Also, I have shared about my dream with the color red showing a red room healing a person with spinal cord injuries. I wonder if you could wear your red light crown over your 3rd eye, or for small doses over your closed eyes (have to be careful). I have also shared before that if you go outside, CLOSE your eyes, and face the sun, the first color on the inner screen is red…..it starts healing right away. Light therapy, free, every day the sun shines. Very impressive all of the studies on colors of light including red!

    • :) ever watch the daisy’s?? I call them “children of the sun”.

      I watched them for an entire day. Their yellow faces follow the sun even in the night. I was in meditation one day, early in the morning before the dawn. I was sitting out in this field just full of them and i heard only one word. “Behold” so i opened eyes and sat there waiting. As the sun came out i noticed the Daisy’s all bowed, with their little yellow faces pointed down, very humbled. As the dawn approached they slowly turned their little yellow faces towards it. I sat there the entire day, as the sun moved across the sky the Daisy’s stretched their tiny little bodies to full attention with their little yellow faces pointed towards the sun as it moved across the horizon. as the sun set they were all facing it. When darkness came the continued to follow it as it moved around and again with the new dawn, they raised their tiny yellow faces and stood tall again.

      My ex wife came out a few times and said are you going to do anything today????!!!! Do you want any food??? Or something to drink? Did you even come to bed last night? I said no thank you. Im a Daisy today. She laughed and said, well i guess thats better than a petunia.

      Its was a wonderful experience.

  10. Thanks so much for commenting and posting a link to the new book from Chris!! I have actually been thinking about how long it’s been since he published his first book. It was eye opeing to say the least, and I’m sure I won’t be disappointed with his latest offering!! I am also VERY interested in your light crown advances and new ideas/interpretations regarding what the ancients witnessed and documented in their limited ways. Thanks again, and please keep up the great work!!!

  11. The Nephilim WERE from here, born here. The Nephilim giants were children of the watcher Angels and their human wives (possibly through lab work impregnation). The fallen watcher Angels were put on earth to watch over and intercede for mankind to God. They fell from that when they intermarried with humans. In the Book of Enoch, a very important book, God told them they were doomed to judgement and their children’s spirits – when they died – would walk the earth until judgement day. These are the demonic entities.

    So, yes, the fallen watcher Angels were from Heaven, but their children were from here. It is possible that some of them left earth through portals to other dimensions/planets.

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