PT, CPT and Quantum Bounding of Choice

Oh-oh!  Into Prospect Theory (PT), Cumulative Prospect Theory (*CPT) and whether investment choices are driven by quantum bounding or, conversely, give rise to it? A little early to “go heavy and deep” but over the past couple of weeks a strangelet of quantumness has been nagging at me.  Specifically, how free choice may indeed be bounded by a choicing matrix few handle consciously.

Admittedly, this is creepy-strange stuff for a (nominally) lifestyle, futuring, and small-time investor’s newsletter.

But if we can help you scalp better through improved apprehension of decision biases we all hold?  Sure, we’re down with ‘take the money.’

We’ll launch into the morning’s pot of idea stew after our usual headlines and a look at what MIGHT have been “turnaround Tuesday” – which got lost on its way.

Leaving the hard call (“Where is the ideal re-short position?“) for today’s time-in-chair-trading.

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88 thoughts on “PT, CPT and Quantum Bounding of Choice”

  1. Does anyone but me see a red flag event that prevents the mid-terms from happening? Vivid bad dreams last night.

    • Um… We’ve been talking about that possibility and similar events for months. I don’t see a clean-cut, up or down victory in most high population areas that will be published in a timely manner happening even though post-voting polls may show otherwise. Look for the Dims to drag this out as long as possible. NO one seems to be paying attention to our Constitution at all any more.

      • Exactly; they have to do this NOT because they can’t tabulate a vote by election night, but to further behave as if the LAST election was not stolen, just normal NEW operating procedures in the last several non-counted timely states per their last-minute rule change.

        IN other words, they want to do similar delays but not because they are throwing an election, it is to further make people think that 2020 was not stolen, that delays are normal operating procedure.

        Will they still STEAL some elections? YES, same as they have always done, but the whole shebang is not up for a vote this time.

    • Lots of things seem to be heading to potential crisis.

      Biden just killed chip making in Taiwan via back door sanction – China will respond in next week or two.
      Midterms coming in couple weeks and nothing but bad news for Team Obama/Biden.
      Russia will have troops ready and positioned in next few weeks for their next push.

      Those 3 things seem to be coalescing…Maybe need to do word frequency search for ‘next few weeks’ bounded by a few days – there are likely more things….

      • Did I read it here or maybe I heard it on Glenn Beck – that there is not one, single howitzer left in our military’s inventory? They’ve all been sold or shipped out to Ukraine or other country? And that there hasn’t been an approval of a bill to build more coming from CONgress as yet?

        If all this is true given all the other munitions we’ve sold/given/shipped out in the dark of night to Ukraine it’s obvious this is yet another way Bribem is weakening our defenses should we need them in the near future. WHY th’ HELL hasn’t SOMEONE screamed TREASON!!! at this PEE-OH-ESSS as yet??

    • I sure do.. and yes I have a hard time sleeping to .. as things excellerate .. I fear we are in for the roller coaster ride of the history of mankind.. the last nuclear event known to wipe out the majority of mankind was over ten thousand years ago.. and this moron in charge seems to think it is what we want to do so we keep pushing things into the realm of happening rather than deescalating this mess…. and if that doesn’t get us.. then the economic catastrophic event of events is about to happen.. none of which I see is good.. either way I think it is time to get me a pound of the good stuff.. jamaican blue dark roast..

      • …or some just plain ‘Jamaican’. A pound… 16 ounces… ought to get you thru the apocalypse.

      • “I think it is time to get me a pound of the good stuff.. jamaican blue dark roast..”

        Me too LOOB. Best coffee I ever drank. It is about $75 CDN a pound here ($55 US). I am thinking that we should drink it while listening to the orchestral strains of Russian composer Ravel’s “Bolero.” It seems to me that we are at about the 15 minute mark of this 15 minute 28 second masterpiece.

      • Perhaps I’m passing up a major opportunity here. It’s wet out there … I have cows … they’re eating well … maybe there’s some pasture poppers out there I’m not aware of … If there’s anything that’ll give you a better perspective on apocalypse and whatever comes next don’t forget the Psilocybin!

      • I’ll look into the coffee … love anything Jamaican. Good cup of that coffee (and, what Hank In Hawaii suggests) just might do the trick. Lol.

        I remember whan columbian was red and Acapulco was gold … and a few of my friends made Sense’a- Mealia :)

      • “Russian composer Ravel’s “Bolero.”

        LOL I LOVE BOLERO.. LOL.. great composer.. I totally love classical music.. Perfect choice to.. LOL birds in flight.. as it builds to a crescendo.. if it was just the trees dancing in the evening breeze then clair delune

      • 30 years ago it was $6.50 — in Jamaican dollars.

        In 1986 1 USD = 6.50 JMD, so that one pound burlap bag of Blue Mountain was a buck — if you bought it in Kingston or MoBay.

        FWIW 1 USD now equals 152.867 JMD

    • i’ll bet you $100 that the midterms go on as scheduled.

      and no the vote counting won’t be done on election night, not when many states accept mail in ballots up to 8PM on election night and even up to ten days after. this isn’t rocket science.

  2. Simulation/matrix notes..

    martial arts advisor suggested that there is only about a 30 minute window inside a casino – where we can positively influence outcomes. After the initial 30 minutes, ” khaos” takes control to speak.

    *Alcohol (drugs) nullify any and all NRG capabilities/effects..”comfortably numb”.

    Who & what does Zhong Qui teach ?


    • Safety First!
      Strategic..they have “cornered” em in a horseshoe.. slowly destroying anything the ukes throw in there.

      Everything being used by Russian military is old equipment, even when rare newer equip appears – it is earliest version. Disposal of old weapons systems is very expensive, using em up on nazi’s is a win-win situation.

      Russians are slowly and calmly destroying ALL ukey military infrastructure. Troops are pulled back to friendly territory – with no evil “rear” shooting in their backs.

      Nicolaev/Odessa is next . The kraine must be cutoff from the Sea.

      Western devils understands this and will of course resort to dirty tricks – its what USA does anymore- see Slo Obidet.

      We can look towards Transitaria – for the west to eventually dirty up, as Kaliningard is prolly too big to try and “swallow”.
      The immense suffering going in Donesk and the Donbass is soon to end, thankfully.

      The kraine will be cutoff from all western borders – no more deliveries once this is accomplished.

      Suppressed/Occulted War news? Zlensky & nato loaded ukrainian heavy lifter Mria at Gostomel airport ..this is why Russian Airborne landed there 1st -to take the “stuffing” out of her, before they could strike Rostov-on-Don with a detonated in air dirty nuke, while ukey troops attacked Donbass..forcing Russia to send protection/troops to fight on BORDER.

      .. “help the Russian are comming, the Russians are coming”.

      This is why Russian forces also went straight to Chernobyl – to take all the “stuffing out of there, and also why Zaphro nuke plant takeover.

      They know nato will be creeping in eventually, and plan to hold very powerful reserves for this eventuality.

  3. .gov officials trading as they do is corruption but so is .gov bailing unfunded pension plans. The actions of the businesses/business leaders show they never intended on paying out the obligations. Everyone gets a wet beak. It’s a feedback loop and won’t get better.

    Rumor is the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant is going to be blown up soon. Within a day or two.

      • “will escalate with HEMP over UKR” Lids or Kilos? That should mellow everyone out for at least a little while!

    • Nothing new there people of today making guarantees to people of tomorrow, yet have no accountability or responsibility to actually make that happen. Politicians giving into unions for higher pensions even though they know they will never fully fund them. Companies having pensions, when they know there is no possible way to predict the future of their company. Social Security is no difference, making claims of future payments that will never be realized. We should have learned through experience that guarantees like this are meaningless. If you don’t directly control your assets or earnings, then they might as well all be dust in the wind. It is insane though the federal government is backstopping this stuff. Hard to find that authority in the Constitution and putting tax payers on the hook for bad promises.

      • “Nothing new there”

        Same as it ever was but this time we’re in a Grand Super-cycle down.

  4. “3rd Temple War in 2-years, or so”

    My understanding is those people have prefabs ready to go and a building can be built within a day.

    Do you recall any of the post-Vaxx people sticking magnets to themselves? Link below. Perhaps there was something in the Vaxx and an “EMP-like” event will result in them mass-keeling. The Rapture.

    If many folks drop together the remaining people are going to be freaking out. .gov will simple tell the remaindered “you are the damned and this is the way it’s going to be”. Burn the bodies Most Western folk have been conditioned to go along.

    Woman fails to prove the COVID-19 vaccine made her magnetic during Ohio House hearing


      I cannot explain the WOMAN who put a key to her chest or neck unless she was there as false opposition to make it look bad.

      I personally put the razor blade on 2 vaccinated persons. One a mid 20’s Black female and one a mid 50’s White male.

      The female got the vaccine because her family was scared.

      The male got the vaccine because he thought he had to get it in order to keep his job.

      BOTH complained of pain at the injection site, months to over a year after vaccination, and they said they did not feel well.

      BOTH arms, hanging vertically, held flat against their bodies, held up a flat razor blade without assistance.

      The female told me first that a razor blade would stick to her injection site. She shared that with me. At that time, I had only heard about it, but did not know anyone who had tried it. I took a picture of it. IT IS A FACT.

      The male said that after the razor blade had hung on his upper arm, it hurt more and he felt something move further up his arm towards his shoulder. THIS IS ANOTHER FACT. (Everyone was told the injection contents would not leave the injection site.)

      IF I had gotten the non-vaccination, I would do my Last Will and Testament, and organize my personal effects. The male is the Father of a teenager, and that is what I recommended that he do.

      Another person we know, his Mom got the jab, and had a stroke and died shortly thereafter. The Father, got the jab and died one week later.

      They were both in nursing homes and could not refuse the jab.

      I have two family members. Both got all the jabs and the booster. One is struggling with heart failure, the other one is fatigued and unwell, and again suffering through third or fourth rounds of covid infections.


      They show the MEMES but they do not search and show the ACTUAL other people posting their pictures and videos.

      The doctor is a Hero, she is speaking THE TRUTH!!!


      You all are brainwashed, bamboozled, drugged, fogged out, hypnotized, messed up, acting like babies taking medications and food without asking any questions. Do not abdicate your personal God given rights; do not fall sway to APATHY!


      WAKE UP!!!

      • An old co-worker sent me a picture of one of her refrigerator magnets sticking to her injection site. I asked if she was pulling my leg with a “Lick and stick” and she swore this wasn’t the case. She never had any adverse reaction to The Jab but I hope it was the only one she ever got. I read somewhere that the vaxxx somehow aggregated iron out of the hemoglobin and concentrated it at the injection sites.

        I honestly think there were vials with saline solutions in many, if not most of the batches of “vaccines”. The number of real vaccines mixed in had to do with the amount of population reductions required by the WHO for certain areas. Certainly all the high level political people got the saline while everyone else was subject to the Russian roulette of the killer batches.

      • we had to get the vaxx or the boss looses her job.. I tried the magnet trick and a light piece of steel that would stick to the least powered magnet we had.. and nothing at all.. I tried it on the bosses injection site to.. nothing.. no pain nothing.. when I received my jab my doctor (and my friend) and her nurse ( also known her for over thirty years) got the jab right in front of me..
        Now when it came to the booster.. my doctor and her nurse didn’t think it was required and gave me an option of not getting it.. ( I didn’t) but because of all the bio warfare crap they are trying to defend in Ukraine and a few articles I read talking about a move to depopulate .. I won’t get any updated vaccines for a while..

      • I have had 2 vacs and 2 backups and have had no problems and none of the old folks around here have had any problems. Course I am only 87 yrs old and some of my neighbors are beyond that. Maybe its the water.

    • Honestly, I’d have to see the magnetic vaxx to believe in the magnetic vaxx, but with that said: Y’all DO realize stainless steel is generally non-magnetic, right?

    • Thank you for introducing me to Luongo. I see he does crypto (which I despise) but he dredges up info I haven’t seen elsewhere.

  5. Rumor going around…. Norwegians or Swedes (or somebody) has photos by underwater drone of the explosion points in the Russian pipeline. The photos (the rumor goes) indicate the explosions originated INSIDE the pipeline. (The bits are blown OUT and AWAY, and not indicating a triggered cave-in.)

    There is a product separator device called, I think, a “Pipeline Pig,” or suchlike. It seals to the interior walls, and permits control, measurement, and delivering product in controlled segments.

    Product in pipelines usually flows only in one direction — from the supplier to the customer, obviously. Pipeline aren’t normally readily reversible.

    This suggests the Rooskys were the source of the explosions — via a packed pig.

    Highly troublesome conclusion — if any truth to it. Consequences will develop.)

    This rumor tingles my spidey senses…

    (Film at eleven…)

    • I’ve done a LOT of work with underground natural gas transmission pipelines. The big ones. The thing to remember is that these pipelines are containing an enormous amount of pressure. If a pipeline fails even from the smallest rupture or damage it fails catastrophically. So, it would appear to the untrained eye that a massive explosion damaged the pipeline when in reality what you’re seeing is the result of the release of the internal pressure.

      It will take a forensic analysis and investigation to come to a conclusion on the initial cause of the failure.

      • That doesn’t change the fact that the plumbing in NS-2 was completely empty. There was nothing under pressure to rupture…

        As far as an internal explosion goes (if such it were), I suspect an UDT wouldn’t even need to cool their drill before planting the charges…

    • I want to see!!! were the pieces blown away to the left AND the right, or away, as in just to one side! If the explosives were in the ‘pig’ the pieces would be left and right sides of said pipe
      If the charge was laid next to the pipe, it could blow completely through both walls from one side, leaving sea bed debris on both sides but the pipe debris would be mainly on one side. Were the vids clear or murky

    • Curious if you have an opinion here.

      It has been said that the San Bruno California gas pipe explosion was not a random accident. That the software running the P.I.G. was altered ( presumably by PG&E ) so the PIG wouldnt “squeal” when it detected an issue with the pipe. The pipe was known to be old and deteriorating , and , very expensive to replace. The test was run and the PIG never squealed…

      Thoughts ?

  6. I know there is no comment that will ever make you believe a free currency is necessary if we desire true free trade. Government controlling our method of trade will always lead them to debase the currency and use the graft for their own benefit. Currently public crypto is the only thing on the horizon that may put some of that power back into our hands.

    I get it though many think it is a waste, and compared to using power to play games, or edit music or heat your home, I can see people don’t see the value.

    However BC mining is not profitable using shared power at “normal” rates and many miners are adapting to using extra power for their mining when the public generators are producing more baseload then is consumed.
    “The miners could use that unused peak load capabilities throughout the year and stop mining when the utility needed the extra electricity on those hot summer days. Baric sells products that automatically shut down the mining operations when the peak load was used. ”

    Miners in Texas were working toward making power from well burn off where the energy is already being wasted. I think this make some sense where those miners absolutely need low cost electricity to exist. Perhaps some new innovations to create electricity will come from their business and also be a positive action for society.

    • You miss my point: There is NO SUCH THING as a free currency.
      To claim this is a joke.
      How can something “free” – as in made up – have intrinsic value?
      Whover swallowed this monkey turd Idea of “free money” ignores that in order to be useful it hads to be fungible – and it must be tied to tangibles.
      You see the other day when BTC couldn’t process 19,000 transactions due to a glitch? LOL. No mining means no BTC clearing except mano y mano.


      Money is supposed to be tied to values – not “free” as in made-up.

      Ask anyone who claims otherwise if they have a library card and have every used it.

      See in the Dewey 330-339 stacks and look for history of money. Read all the books in 332.4. I’ve read a few.

      Just because people get fucked up and teach a computer to write gibberish hard to hack numbers doesn’t replace the original call of the granary contents which was the tied to tangibles.

      Such people – like politicians – don’t understand that electrons do NOT make one rich or powerful in the long terms. When the power goes out, so does the scam.

      • “Money is supposed to be tied to values – not “free” as in made-up”

        Which has me curious.. Joe told OPEC to take a hike.. and the US dollar was known as the Petro dollar… because of the valuing being put on the Petrodollars are U.S. dollars paid to an oil-exporting country. Petrodollars are the primary source of revenue for many OPEC members and other oil exporters. Oil exporters settle sales in U.S. dollars because the dollar is the most widely used currency, making it easier for them to invest export proceeds. so Now that they are talking of converting to.. Yuan.. In mid-March, the Wall Street Journal reported that Saudi Arabia, the world’s largest exporter of crude oil, was in talks with China, the world’s largest importer of the commodity, to price some of its oil exports in terms of the Chinese currency yuan. The Journal reported that “people familiar with the matter said” that such a “move that would dent the dollar’s dominance of the global petroleum market”.
        Any move that dents the dollar’s dominance will also impact the global economy. Hence, it becomes crucial to understand what Saudi Arabia’s attempt to get closer to China means.
        with this in consideration could that be why members of congress are now saying that we need to put the dollar back on the gold valuation..
        then the news that other countries are going to limit the use of the dollar and impliment other currencies for stability sake..
        in my opinion we should have always had the dollar backed by something.. Peanuts.. NUT BUCKS.. that is what would be good.. every dollar is worth a hundred peanuts.. forget congress .. JIMMY I GOT YOUR BACK ON THIS ONE….

      • Power goes out – All Ure Money scams go to zero, except Bitcoin.

        It is ffffFinite! Who said anything about Free ? Unless of course you are plugging your miner into neighbors Tesla at night..’only fair”

        Snakes, Scammers, Darksouled, financial scumbags ALL hiding behind the Accountability issue. There is NO accountability anymore – especially in Finance…”and its gone” -Simpsons
        2008 saw contract law shredded.. where was accountability ?

        Ures’ hero berNank – gave us Q1,2,3,4 – each one totally displacing any form financial stability – it should take years to unwind just one QE, let alone FOUR. There has been very little to no real price discovery since – Fin high priest berNANK saved the “Baby” and killed the Populace…We are dying a slow financial death, so slow as not to notice..just yet.

        Electrical Engineers make good bucks, as do Coders – someBODY ( Any fortune 500 company) employs them to write new Code, fix old/broken/bad Code. Think they are paying these people in Crickets? They aint Free either, G enius.

        No,no,never BTC 4 GU .

        • So TSHTF and we set up a booth. Two – one for you one more me.

          You get no electricity and no batteries. but you have an sdh card with one BTC on it.

          At the Ure booth we have: Assorted sharps and several calibers of leads.

          Who will sell more or be able to trade more.

          That’s how the SHTF will work, bubba.

          No bullshit software and lots of guns and sharps. Seeds and foods.

      • In SHTF scenario all humans will re-value their currencies. In your case bullets, in another case peanuts, some with spices. Anyone not having some physical assets will have nothing to trade, maybe muscles and smarts. But until then we use intermediary methods to trade, for most in the US that is the dollar, which our government is debasing. I cannot buy from a stove dealer in Kansas using bullets. I have to use some electronic means of transferring value. I certainly get it, SHTF breaks the world, but if/until then we still “want” to trade/buy/sell electronically. Transferring our productivity to dollars is required for most of us. I want to have electronic ways to remove that sword over our heads, knowing, of course, in a grid down world, there will be almost no purpose of crypto, and also no use of dollars.

        • You don’t know the right stove dealer, lol. But my point is that the BCN is just a little over the top. Why he’s more in love with BTC than most men are with their wives. And we know which has the higher return, chosen wisely.

      • Something no one has mentioned:

        The Biden Administration trebled the amount of USD in circulation. Best “professional” estimates of inflation from this action are between 32-33% (which I personally believe is an incredibly conservative estimate.) However, taking it at the economists’ face value, our currency has been debased by 1/3. Shouldn’t this debasement result in a corresponding increase in the number of USD required to purchase a Bitcoin?

        Why then, did the market value of Bitcoin drop by more than half? (It was over $40k when Creepy Joe crept into the printing room — It is under $20k now.)

  7. I am far from an expert on such things, but I think people in the west are doing a lot of mental gymnastics and reading tea leaves trying to determine what ‘Putin is thinking’. Some of this is plain old dumbassery and some of it is an effort to somehow maintain the moral high ground of the west. I don’t think that’s really possible. If you don’t why that is let’s just say that the emperor has no clothes.

    My advice is to read and/or listen to what the man has to say and then go from there. He’s made several written statements and speeches that are very revealing and straightforward, in my estimation. No tea leaves, chicken bones or consultations with Jobu (from Major League fame) required.

    • “listen to what the man has to say”

      Good idea.

      America was asset stripped. We’re in the end phase just like what India experienced after the South Seas Bubble crescendo. America ends up like India.

      From the pipeline burst: “Putin on Friday directly accused “Anglo-Saxon” powers”

      What is “Anglo-Saxon”?


      relating to or denoting the Germanic inhabitants of England from their arrival in the 5th century up to the Norman Conquest.

      America is the enforcement arm for NATO. Happily going into debt that will have to be paid back, or destroyed.

      What is “NATO”?

      “THE UNITED KINGDOM. Ernest Bevin was a skilled orator and a former trade unionist who became one of the British Labour Party’s most prominent leaders. He was the main drive behind the creation of NATO.”

      We’re in debt to protect the asset strippers. Genius.

      • ” “Putin on Friday directly accused “Anglo-Saxon” powers”

        What is “Anglo-Saxon”? ”

        Anglo-Saxon denotes the progeny of the population of the English Isles, after invaders from Saxony raped, pillaged, and eventually conquered & settled, then interbred with the indigenous inhabitants of Angle-Land.

        However, Mr. Putin uses the term as a nod to the Federation Council (upper Duma), to denote Citizens of the U.K. and U.S., whom some folks at the Kremlin believe form a modern-day “axis of evil.”

        When I said last week that Putin was a “moderate,” I was not kidding.

  8. Dateline..sometime after the Financial system/USD crashes.

    “All will be left in a smoldering pile of ashes…suddenly as if out of nowhere – the ashes start move in a clockwise manner, swirling now.. dot-ta-daa!

    BITCOIN rises out of the ashes like, the Phoenix Bird reborn..”

    at least sum peeps with “vision”, will be able to transact business again..”some”..We obviously know what Mr Editor will be transacting in..shiny beads and metals? risk adverse you say ?

    How risky bartering of physical goods in a mad max kinda world?

    got ethel ?

    • Got batteries and a crack driven imagination?
      Mad maxx from thunderdome didn’t have a mac on him did he?
      Nope. I will take a small collection of assorted arms and skills over any number of made up secret numbers any day of the week.
      With a gun I can kill game (or offending people who insist on giving me digital bullshit instead of things of value in the restarting collapsed word.. You hearing me yet, bubba?)
      The collapse won’t begin in earnest till tomorrow though. Still time today to find a greater fool.
      Might be a hard search though

    • You are correct, iff the USD crashes and none of the other poo hits the revolving recirculator. In any kind of serious conflict, or a hiccup by our Sun, your Bitcoins will vanish completely and permanently.

      The only thing which will arise from your ashes is misery.

      BTW, in our hemisphere, there’s a 99.98% probability that your ash-cloud will rotate in a counter-clockwise direction…

      Who’s Ethel… or did you mean Ethyl?

    • Maybe you didn’t notice but a few days ago Bitcoin went 80+ minutes withOUT being able to update it’s ledger books. 13,000+ transactions were in limbo and unable to be verified – ie: as if they had NEVER HAPPEND.

      Finally, FINNALLY a bitcoin miner was able to mine ONE Bitcoin, and the transaction book (who owns what) could be updated.

      For Bitcoin to WORK mining MUST continue … which takes LOTS of electricity even to mine ONE coin (to say nothing of the electricity used to maintain the “ledger” on other machines).

      IF Bitcoin can NOT update it’s ledger books for 80+ minutes when times are GOOD … how are they going to track ANY transactions when times get bad and the Internet gets INTENTIONALLY shut down by governments (ala North Korea, ala Iran a while back, etc. etc.), by War or Natural Disasters, OR, and this is a biggie in difficult times … by the lack of electricity to the mining and bookkeeping entities?

      The not so hidden flaw in the Bitcoin universe is it’s TOTAL DEPENENCY upon electricity being available AND the Internet being up and running (not just a “localized version of the Internet, but the entire World Wide Internet).

      Cut off electricity, as the US did to Iraq in 2002 with it’s bombing campaign … and Bitcoins transactions can NOT be completed (and NO government will have an incentive to get Bitcoin transactions back up and clearing since Bitcoin is NOT a State Sponsered currency)

  9. Nice article on some quantum entaglement –

    Strange things like this is what give some evidence to people that we are actually a complex simulation. In that the simulation does not create or calculate every outcome, only when someone is “looking” directly at a thing is it actually calculated and presented. We have been doing something similar with video cards that do not calculate items in a scene that the user cannot “see” to save on computing cycles.

    Ultimately it does not really matter, as this is our only reality. Though depending if we can actually understand the workings, can we break out of our simulator by “hacking” the code and get incite into our worlds hypervisor?

  10. “It has cost me thousands. I stay in positions too long many times.”
    -Knowing where the exits are ‘before’ entering that building is often times more important than how to get in. In fact, it can be lifesaving. Know where the exits are., and when to get out !

  11. “Joe’s “Special” Kid treatment: FBI has ‘voluminous evidence’ of Hunter Biden’s ‘potential criminal conduct’: Whistleblowers | Washington Examiner”

    I got a chuckle out of the news last night.. they are pushing the evil trump that charged 650 a night.. Oh wait that is the same price I would have to pay if I stayed there..
    but not one word about spending a thousand plus a night to rent a mansion to protect a pedo perv that should be spending time in the concrete resort of his state..
    that doesn’t even take into account whether or not they have to play pimp for him to to get him girls and drugs..

    or that they pay twenty two hundred a month.. whether or not Joe is there for his guest cottage..

    • MK Ultra-ed sex slaves – Service provided to Dept State higherups and such, like the Hildebeast. Stories all over the place regards her appetite (S)…”demons running amuck”

  12. Uber Eats is now licensed to deliver a joint with that munchie. Yep, Toronto citizens can now order a little mary jane along with their food order.
    .., and all is right with the world.

  13. Cracks are forming nicely……..
    Mortgage applications fall to the lowest level since 1997.
    While total volume of applications fell, the share of adjustable-rate mortgages rose to 12.8% of all applications, the highest since March 2008.
    – I have always suspected that most people do no research when buying a house/home. No one in their right mind would sign an adjustable-rate mortgage right now. Insanity abounds !

    • Portfolio is up a little over 3 percent for the day – time to knock off for lunch. May fill back in a bit this afternoon. I’m just old and lazy, maybe?

      • I did a alot better than that.., jumped in when the market was still up over 40. Went a little over-board., but still within my trading-laws. ., and it worked out very well.
        “Tomorrow…, tomorrow…, and shall the Sun rise ?”

    • My first mortgage was 9.05% variable (frozen for the first year), at signing. Fixed mortgages were over 14%. I tried my damnedest to take over the PO’s 6% fixed when my agent assured me I would never see a mortgage that low during my lifetime.

      When people have to choose between really bad alternatives, things like ARMs win, at least in the short term…

    The enclosed DJIA chart dates from 17 June 2022 and shows an interpolated 3 fractal grouping of 18, 38, and 32 of 36-37 days, a simple xy/2xy/2xy pattern with an expected low on Tuesday 25 October 2022. The primary decay fractal series starting at day 60 on 9/12/2022 appears to be a 11/22/15-16 day sequence completing a 24 January 2022 31/73-74/60/45-46 day series. 30 year and 10 year US bond notes appear to be following a 14/33/30 day higher interest rate fractal trading pattern.

  15. Time to put a pig on the bbq , crank up the music and sark mohinos . !!! 73. Sure made a big difference the re short . Stay short till zero . Did anybody hear about the lead storyteller guru Marty socrates

  16. My logic for a market crash . It’s an ABC of a 123!of an xyz of a load of crock in a land of sin

  17. God bless America. Gurus !!! BBQ pig , grog , music , Elliot wave story !!! So good ask bobby pretzel or Socrates or or anyone you can pay for apple pie and old glory . God and Satan bless you all

  18. Bo Polney is saying Monday is going to be IT … or the beginning of IT with the markets headed South smartly.

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