Product of the Decade: Climate Change

One of our guiding principles is that “Everything’s a Business Model.” So looking ahead to next year, we have a couple of interesting observations about how this “new business” is doing.

My consigliere made an interesting observation while visiting.  “Just like ESP and paranormal research like remote viewing peaked a number of years back, watch for climate to peak in a similar way…”

Interesting concept – which we will wade into as we beat the bushes looking for macro trends (like climate marketing) to begin changing consumer behavior, possibly by limiting consumer choice. Oh, you didn’t get the memo explaining how fewer choices is one of the fall outs?  Tisk, tisk!

First, though, we get through a few headlines and this morning’s Job Data…plus the ChartPack.

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36 thoughts on “Product of the Decade: Climate Change”


    You know what it looks like to me when Trump says he might wait until 2020 to make a deal with China? It looks like he’s punting. What do you do when you can’t force through the deal you want to make? You stall.

    Either one of two things is going to happen in 2020:

    One, Trump will win reelection and have four more years of leverage to push against a stalling ChiCom trade delegation. 

    Two, Trump will not win reelection, and the next administration will have to deal with China & they will be a bunch of whimps (the give away the store bunch). The ChiComs are stalling on several key trade points just for this reason.

    • It has been reported several times now for what seems to be a very long time – they have a deal if Trump drops the tariffs currently in place and does not institute any future tariffs (
      Dec 15) If Trump caves on tariffs what was this all about anyway. The Chicoms have already filled their soybean needs with other countries – they don’t need any more because half of their pig population is dead. If they do the deal Trump will look like an idiot because it will be laughably it will be incredibly weak. Good luck with the DEC tariff hike. World leaders are laughing at him ……

    • Let’s think about China reasonably.

      Do you think the Americans can beat the Chinese on labor costs? We can’t without a readjustment to legacy costs.

      I was talking to a retired uncle the other day. He told me if he didn’t retire from the UAW he’d currently be pulling $70.00 an hour. New hires get $15.00 an hour. The UAW was already bailed out once. The $70.00 an hour crowd has no hope of the $15.00 /hr crowd paying out the pension benefit payments. They are setup to get their pension systems bailed out.

      The American consumers have been locked-out of buying Chinese cars. Chinese cars cost $10,000. Indian cars from India go for even less. @ 10K that’s $200.00 a month over 5 years to drive new including car insurance and warranty. I’ll take it. For $13,000 GM offers a Chevy Spark.

      Chinese cars:

      • Your right steve in some ways.. the usa cant compete with china. It was designed to be that way..the same way I tr s all been manipulated to discourage individual home ownership.
        We offshore our manufacturing sending valuable funds to another country to support their local economy. Leaving our local economic structures to struggle. Importing goods and services that kept our economic structures secure in years past.
        That’s why we have one of the worlds worst health systems in place. Our infrastructure hasn’t been maintained or upgraded since before I was born.
        Ok so keep your industry in another country but tax incoming goods and services put those funds back into the local economy.
        People snarl and whimper over the tariff.. ok I get it.. the ten dollar face mask at the local sporting goods store will have to pay it.. I did the price from china was 29 cents for the same mask it went up to 34 cents free shipping..on a case of 24
        The c-pap that costs down at the medical supply house at 4300.00 went from 150.00 to 178.00 on sale 201.00 regular price free shipping and they toss in a couple of 150.00 usa masks along with an extra hose and filters .
        So keep it there your still making a fair profit just pay the pennies in extra tariff..


      Yesterday, President Trump appeared to punt the U.S.-China trade deal until after the 2020 elections. Today, however, we’re getting a different story. (And if you’re not used to this back-and-forth by now, you’re not paying attention.)

      Bright and early this morning, Bloomberg reported that the U.S. and China are moving even closer to a “phase-one” trade deal. Where is Bloomberg getting its information?

      Why, the infamous “people familiar with the talks,” of course!

      According to these people, the two sides need only agree on issues including Chinese agricultural purchases and which tariffs to roll back. The “people who shall not be named” also said that the markets were making too big a deal out of Trump’s off-the-cuff comments about stalling until 2020.

      What’s more, a phase-one U.S.-China trade deal is expected to be reached before tariffs rise on December 15. That’s in less than 11 days.



        Wouldn’t you push it out till after th ed next election… I would..

        MSM and the powers to be criticized azz nd mean.mouthed everything he has tried to accomplish in bringing back jobs azz nd rebuilding our infrastructure , securing our borders from illegal transients.
        They haven’t had anything to stand on yet are still pushing their agenda trying to humiliate him and his family..
        The trade negotiations Congress has tried to stop it at all costs even though all of us know it’s a lop sided situation. You cannot just right checks because you have check blanks..
        By stalling it.. if another person is elected then he or she has to either deal with making a good deal or go with what is desired by MSM and the puppeteers. If DJT is reelected then he has a fresh slate because his election will represent the wishes of the nm people and in my mind will have clout. If he makes a good deal now and one of the puppeteers people are elected then they take future credit on the presidents achievements.
        I wouldn’t do anything now until after the election.
        I think our election process is corrupted enough at this point that they will plop whomever they want in office.
        But think about it.. the last thing they did was setup the 29 percent of the top tier to be taken advantage of..
        You cant take anymore from those already enslaved to your wishes..

  2. I upgraded my internet to the ATT fiber optic for more speed. Problem is, it is 5g & smart plugs only work on 2.4g. I replaced my smart plug with 6 led night lights strategically placed so I can aim at any intruders & find my way to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Works great.

  3. George,

    Climate change is an interesting subject in many ways. There’s the obvious ones that have to do with actual science, but there are other things about it that are equally as interesting. These have to do with marketing, human psychology and the degree to which information is controlled.

    I think that it’s another of the genius marketing schemes nearly on par with the automobile. I don’t know who the genius was that was able to convince humans that the car they drive is a statement on their worth as a person and that they need a new one regularly, but the person should either be heralded as a superior being or executed for crimes against humanity.

    In the case of climate change, you’d think that by now you’d be able to see it locally. Even right out your own kitchen window, but no, it’s always in some far away land like Indonesia or the arctic where it can’t be readily verified. The marketers know that there’s only a small percentage of folks who will take the time to verify the data and those pesky folks can be labeled as ‘deniers’ and kicked out of the local bridge club as punishment.

    The information is spread far and wide by so many different outlets that a pattern starts to become visible. Before, what seemed like a diverse media has actually given itself away as one large organization with only the illusion of diversity. It’s like if Walmart named each of its stores something different, but on the inside all the products are still the same.

    It all reminds me of the movie ‘The Truman Show’. As George likes to say, the movie is the message.

    We westerners are well groomed to absorb marketing without critical thought. In other words, we’ll believe anything as long as it’s not true.

    I’m seriously considering writing a book about it all.

    • The free and independent press is an urban myth. All of the major media networks and syndicates take their talking points from common leftist sources.

  4. Bernard has it right…Most of our flooding problems are a result of poor land management, antiquated sea walls, and challenging nature’s path by building near waterways for the views and higher real estate prices.

    But the main reason why we are talking more about climate is that we know more about the ravages of climate. We have a billion times more data at our fingertips than we had 50 years ago. We have supercomputers and AI to track every nano-second of change. We have drones and satellites to document places on earth that were unrecordable decades ago. We have data that we didn’t have before.

    HOWEVER, that doesn’t mean the earth, it’s climate and geography have changed over the years…It’s that our knowledge of the earth, it’s climate and geography has exponentially changed and we are way more aware of our ever changing patterns. What we know has changed perceptions of the weather, but not the weather itself.

    San Francisco is know for it’s many micro-climates. Imagine 150 years ago three people moved to the Bay Area. One that was located to the western Shore of San Francisco would have experienced chilly, foggy summers, mild and pleasant Springs and Autumns and rainy winters.

    Seven miles east on the other side of the SF Shore, another person would have experienced mild summers, hot autumn’s, rainy winters and intermittent spring weather.

    7-20 miles south down on the Peninsula, another person would have experienced hot summers with cool nights, warm autumns, less rainy winters and warm springs with cool nights.

    Then each would have written their experience of Bay Area weather and would have three different accounts. Which one was right? Back then, weather patterns in the rest of the country were consistent throughout entire states and regions. How could a 20 square mile region have such oddly disparate weather? Could you imagine without proper transportation and communication, how one could mistake the overall weather of the Bay Area? That’s how we used to track weather…devoid of real time info.

    Another cause is human intrusion along waterfronts that have historically were vulnerable to weather. Supertides? No problem, we will build a more massive sea wall. The problem is, the more you block off the natural spill patterns of encroaching water, the more vulnerable other coastal inhabitants will be affected. So yes, there are rising waters…but instead of weather, it’s human encroachment of natural spillways. Make sense?

    • @MARKZ

      You are finally right about one thing …..we do have MORE of everything in the last 50 years…more scams and many more Crooked and Corupt POLITICIANS…that benefit themselves…off of the Big Scam…Climate Control….$$$$$$ goes to scumbag politicians and their minions…….Also…you cite ‘human encroachment’…….as a problem…..spoken like a true socialist…..why not practice what you preach…and MOVE to the Arizonia Desert… your case ‘human encroachment’….would be well suited there….

      • Didn’t take your anti-angry pills today d? Did you read what Bernard Grover even said? Didn’t think so.

    • No. It’s absurb. The earth was made to live on. Water will travel to the lowest point, ie, the Mississipi River flows downhill to the Gulf. Also, everyone knows coastal weather is different than weather in the heartland. Oceans have that affect. In addition, when the sun shines it gets warmer, & when the sun sets it gets cooler. Spend a week in the desert.

      • Rape, pillage, and plunder. That’s the spirit!

        Wear your favorite shoes too often and they wear out before the others in your closet. Then what do you wear?

        The laws of physics are immutable — for every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction. I believe Nature has the upper hand and simply hasn’t played it yet.

        It all starts with humans are the only animals on Earth that spoil their own nests. Think about that for awhile…

      • Joe, you said “humans are the only animals on Earth that spoil their own nests.” Negative thinking, it is only a problem to be solved. That is what responsible people do.

      • “It all starts with humans are the only animals on Earth that spoil their own nests. Think about that for awhile…”

        LOL well Joe.. carpenter ants and rodents do to.. shizt in their own nests… we are in the beginning of the sixth extintsion.
        I gave this book away with xmas cards one year when it was first published.. it was a favorite..

        the thing is its a cycle.. it happens over and over.. does mankind have any effect.. absolutely seven billion little furnaces that take and not give back.. but it isn’t the cause.. the cause is a regular cycle.. I had a class once where this book was mandatory reading.. and then discussion of sits by my chair to read often.. then think about it. the fictional one was the Hab theory.. it to was read in class and sits right next to the cayaclysms of the earth..

        There has never been any debate on whether or not there is climate change.. we all know it.. it was taught in grade school.. what brings up the debate is there are some that want to monetize this to get rich.. when you think about it.. that getting rich isn’t going to really make them rich.. just look like it until the great fall of mankind..
        of course I am no scientist or do I have any degree’s ( brightly colored sheets of paper with gold and black lettering on someones wall.. my sheets of paper with bright colors on the wall..the colors seldom match the subject and have an issue about staying in the lines they are free style and are done by some of the best five year old artists around)
        But in my humble opinion the carbon tax is as stupid as putting fart bags on cows.. really … poor cows..

        can the cycle be changed.. No the cycle is going to happen.. can it be slowed up.. possibly.. but then it would take money.. it would fight famine to.. build greenscape cities ..use solar, wind along with the coal filter out the pollutants.. don’t build your house on a mud slide or in a forest that is poorly maintained..
        so far China is the one that is attacking that problem.. but it had to take them hitting rock bottom before they did.. that is what it will take here..
        the tipping point..

        I could give you a ton of studies that I have read but I won’t.. its all the same.. I visit from time to time with people I have crossed that work in the field.. they have the same point I have pretty much.. I believe we have met the tipping point. We have already surpassed the ability of the earth for supplying enough food for all the residents..which means hunger.. and with hunger there will be wars.. you can collect all the shiny metals you want.. but you can’t do a thing without food to carry that heavy crap.. maybe that is why the ancient civilizatons used that as their wealth.

        Oxford has a really good class on this subject.. well worth looking into if your serious about studying climate change..

        … from this point on it will work like time and old age.. it just seems to speed up to the climax.. winters are cold and as I age seem to get colder.. summers the same.. I still love winter and spring and fall but even though my joints are better in hot muggy weather with the mosquitos biting I still hate summer..

      • NC read what Looking out of the box said. Spot on. Balance is the key. Cycles do happen, but there are other issues other than climate that we need to balance.

        The only thing analogy I don’t agree with is the one about ants and rodents. Yes, they freely pillage, but also just as quickly are eradicated for being in our Way. If they weren’t in our way and stayed in their own little world, we wouldn’t care. But we do care, when it inconveniences our lifestyle. Do we want that to be our fate too? We control our future with free will and supposed Intelligence. Mother Nature is a cruel landlord. There are consequences she will deal back to us if we screw with her real estate.

  5. And to go along with the climate change agenda of the MSM and other assorted doomsayers, a Fox News pundit made a prediction for the Time Person of the Year:

    Greta Thunberg.

    Sounds about right.

    • That entire family needed psychiatric help long time ago, IMHO, and the same help is needed for the country, and perhaps the world?!

      You could research this yourself on the internet. ;-)

    • Dammit Paul, you got me started!

      Every PR bite regarding Greta mentions that she’s “autistic.” She is not autistic in any way GenPop has stereotyped autism. Greta Thunberg has Asperger’s syndrome, which means she’s a walking, talking tape recorder with extremely low reading comprehension. She will repeat (and repeat, and repeat) whatever is programmed (spoken) into her. She’s not preaching the Gorical because it is something a rich 16yo Swedish kid was motivated to learn, but because someone else wrote the sermons, then fed them into her brain.

      I would love to see her in-person at a Q & A. I would ask her why she advocates destroying the entire planet by asphyxiating Earth’s plant life. (Yes, I can be a heartless batard when necessary! I have no sympathy for a misinformed {misprogrammed?} kid who gets foist into the adult world like she knows something about anything, then hides, and is hidden by others, behind a non-limiting disability to shield herself from any criticism.) Obviously, none of the information regarding the importance of carbon dioxide has been programmed into her, and the concept that it is actually necessary is foreign to her. (If’fn y’all don’t know why that is obvious, go to a medical source, not wackypedia, and read exactly what Asperger’s entails.)

      She would melt down, be rendered speechless, and break down, probably in that order, and I’d have a million dollar video which no-one on the planet would host.

      I’d also be on her mommy’s sh!tlist, but that’s okay, because her mommy (and daddy) are permanently on my sh!tlist for child exploitation.

      This meltdown fantasy is not new to me. Rarely, but occasionally, being able to (poorly) read the Norse languages is of benefit. Within 24 hours of first hearing her name and her “game,” I knew things about Greta she probably doesn’t know, herself. She is a tool in the hand of her mother, who needs to stop singing Beowulf and vaca in Tromsø for a couple weeks, to get herself “grounded…”

      • “I’d also be on her mommy’s sh!tlist,”

        Dam it Ray.. her mommies HOT… I might alter or pretend to alter my opinion on climate change

      • “Dam it Ray.. her mommies HOT”

        So was JonBenét Ramsey’s mom. I give no quarter to child abusers or child exploiters, period…

  6. I’ve held a disreputable opinion for many years that one perhaps much larger-than-considered source of deep-Earth heating is the dense flux of solar neutrinos when the sun is hitting on all eight cylinders.

    Neutrinos are remarkably NON-reactive particles, having no mass, and no charge, they barely exist, and can pass through more than a million meters of lead without reacting, on average. (It has been calculated.)

    However, this also suggests some neutrinos will react within the first inch of Earth rock, while some — most — will easily pass through the entire Earth without interaction or surrendering any energy into the rock and lava.

    However, however, the solar neutrino flux density is fabulously numerous. Literally, billions of solar neutrinos will pass through your little fingernail in the next second.

    Colloquially, the sun is said to be “off the boil,” or “ON the boil” depending on the activity of the deep and most mysterious regions of its interior.

    Low sunspot numbers suggest the sun isn’t all that “busy” at the moment, and the neutrino flux is relatively low. Higher sunspot numbers indicate the whistle on the solar teakettle is tooting, and it’s “on the boil.”

    It is not unreasonable to conclude the return of an active sun will ramp up solar neutrino flux, and therefore deep-heating of the Earth by the few neutrinos that DO react. The vast, vast majority will pass right through. But the flux is so extremely dense that there is a huge abundance of interactions possible, even so.

    There are, no doubt, some large and slow flywheels at work here, making the cause and effect a bit smeared out in time, with considerable delays.

    Also, the effects of activity deep inside the sun take a long time to “escape” the body of the sun, and various cycles — of varying lengths — express themselves and modify the effects as well.

    • Recommend you read the book, “Not by Fire But by Ice”. Also, the movie “2012” is based on your premise that the Earth is being turbo-warmed by external forces. If you saw the film, it’s the scene where they are at the bottom of the mine shaft and everyone is sweating buckets because everything got so hot suddenly. The lead scientist then had to convince the Presidential Science Advisor what was happening (“the timeline has accelerated”) and he gets push back, etc…

  7. George on the climate change issue I would recommend watching some old TV shows.

    Baywatch starring Erica Eleniak and Pamela Anderson among others is set on a beach in Southern California. Guess what: the beach is still there. Or if you are able to watch even older shows I would suggest the Rockford Files which features a guy who lives on a trailer next to the beach in Malibu. That beach is still there. Or how about a movie called Endless Summer where a group of surfers is searching for the perfect wave: They surf in Malibu. In fact if you don’t like any of the movies or TV shows I suggested there are a lot more.

    California has not plunged into the sea yet. But we are still watching TV and waiting.

    • I don’t disagree with your point on climate change (which is a bunch of “malarky”), but SF has changed quite a bit since Karl Malden and Michael Douglas patrolled “The Streets of San Francisco”!

  8. George, How about a Trade War trading chart. Good news, up big, bad news, down big. The Trade War is the single biggest factor in market volatility. A Trade War Market Golem.

  9. Sir,

    If sports channels can deal up poker tournaments to viewers, there is hope for your CNN. Arkansas Queen isn’t winning your heart? The BBC sports coverage of the snap UK election. BumbleBee-costumed climate protesters with “Extinction Rebellion” glued themselves to the Liberal Democrat campaign bus in south London. In other arts and crafts news, PM Boris was pictured by the Beeb at Austrian billionaire-owned “Red Bull” Formula 1 racing works. B., outfitted in “Red Bull” racing gear, wielded an armed pneumatic air wrench with no black flags in sight. Nitrous levels are good? Let’s segue then from “Maxwell’s Silver Hammer” to “Norweigan Wood”.

    One imagines The Family hasn’t seen such re-vaulting behavior since Matilda Makejoy gave a natural performance for Christmas to Lord Edward and future King at his sister’s wedding engagement festivities in 1295. It isn’t necessary to plumb the depths of history to see mention in the public domain that the modern-day royal abdicator of responsibility’s last brush with majestic demotion from government trade envoy was some eight years ago. That after dueling faux-pas of entertaining unsavoury parties at the Palace as well as having his ex-wife’s household debt arrears be financed by a now deceased hedge fund billionaire intent on loose living whose high society girlfriend was allegedly sired from an acquaintance of the arms dealer to the Saudi royal family.

    One now returns to the program currently in progress: a BBC rebuttal presentation of a wronged woman recorded prior to the telecast of the alleged perpetrator duking up a denial. Prudence suggests a spectre of bureaucracy is at work.

  10. Hi, George,

    I just read that two major Chinese firms just missed $526 million in bond payments. So very interesting for a communist country, ruled by a dictator chairman, that is currently in trade negotiations with the US. Sounds like President Trump has the advantage over China.

    • Interesting! I wonder what the firms produced and who didn’t get paid. We shouldn’t rule out it may have been deliberate…

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